Pursuant to TItle 18 U.S. Code Sections 2, 3, 4 and multiple Florida Criminal Statutes we reported the web site where proof positive exists the GULF OIL SPILL can be sealed in 8 Hours which was given to BP on 041610 through TODAY 31 days of the spill.
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Ralph C. Whitley Sr. From: Sent: To: Subject: Ralph C. Whitley Sr. [[email protected]] Friday, May 21, 2010 8:14 PM [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 'Branko Babic'; President Barack Obama; [email protected]; [email protected] Following sent to Representative Castor from Tampa 052110 at 8 PM Eastern Pursuant to Title 18 U.S. Code Sections 2, 3, 4 and any Florida Criminal Laws. Representative Castor: In perhaps 041610 I sent to BP, Governor Crist and Governor Jindall plus the President and other officials with USDOJ the undeniable fact that THE GULF OIL LEAK AT 5000 FEET COULD BE STOPPED IN 8 HOURS TOPS. Please see http://www.documento.com/ralphwhitleysr looking for the undeniable fact that a UK Inventor Branko R. Babic invented in 1991 a Counter Pressure Plug both solid and with pipe and shutoff valve. The CPP with shutoff valve could have been made in 2 hours, taken to a POOL and underwater welding sealed in a 21 inch pipe then while pushing high pressure air from the 21 inch pipe now through the 18 inch pipe with shutoff....the divers or ROV could turn the valve and SHUT DOWN THE LEAK. TIME 8 HOURS. Imagine the damage to the Deepwater Horizon Rig, bending of riser pipe then think of Oceaneering ROV with CUT SAW which can slice 26 inch heavy steel pipe like butter, placing the CPP with pipe and valve inside clean cut then welding the WASHER STEEL perhaps 4 inches thick onto the 21 inch plus onto the sealed pipe inside the washer. Flow of oil and gas plus water would push through the CPP pipe release for some 6 feet or so then ROV shuts down the VALVE and the entire leak is stopped. To help BP recover oil the insert pipe valve could have a flange downstream to allow a surface flexible hose with BALL VALVES SHUTTING OFF SAME to be attached then every section using a flange would have a ball valve in case of another accident in the future. TOTAL TIME TO SHUT DOWN WELL 8 HOURS ! As a Decorated American Veteran, former Welder, present State Certified Plumbing Contractor and Professionally certified Backflow Assembly Testing, Installation and Repair I know that the GE pipe in 90 foot sections flanged with side pipes did not have any CHECK VALVES to hold high pressure HYDRAULIC FLUID from Deepwater Horizon to BOP thus you lost the ability to shut it down. Shutdown impossible due to failure of BOP ANNULAR destroyed weeks before (Criminal Negligence or Murder Possibly) plus the TWO modules meant to shut off the BOP had only ONE functioning and that one may have had a BAD BATTERY which was not replaced. BP knew the OIL SPILL WAS SUPER HEAVY yet mis-stated amounts and look where we are NOW that someone looked at the Branko R. Babic CPP and decided this cannot be done. Obviously the people were not WELDER QUALIFIED WITH OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPEIENCE ! Check it out with NAVY DIVERS AND WELDERS IN SHIPYARDS....IT CAN BE DONE IN 8 HOURS. I learned a lot with the Navy building the U.S.S. Enterprise CVAN-65 plus going to many shipyards on Carriers and Destroyers for repairs. I became a WELDER in the 1970's working for 8.5 years at Tampa General Hospital as a Welder/Plumber II plus some tid bit. 1 In 1979 I helped PEMEX AND MEXICO solve the runaway IXTOC 1 telling engineers to use LEAD FORCED INTO THE PIPING TO SLOW IT DOWN AND STOP THE FLOW. It worked and no one ever called to THANK me or my family. The idea was to SAVE THE GULF AND ENVIRONMENT PLUS STOP THE WELL BLOWTORCH since Red Adair BUZZED ME OFF when we told staff how to solve the problem. My involvement in 2010 is again to use PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE to help BP and save Florida but NO ONE IS APPARENTLY TAKING THE IDEA SERIOUSLY or even trying to contact Florida Underwater Welders or Oceaneering in Texas or Gulf cities. THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY Representative Castor. ASK SOME VETERAN SEABEES with the Navy ! Ralph 813-286-2333 or SKYPE ralphwhitleysr 052110 @ 8:00 PM Eastern 2