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Neil Gillespie From: "Neil Gillespie" To: "Jessica Kassees" Cc: "Linda Charity" Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 12:51 PM Attach: 2011, 02-24-11, $58.60 payment to John Alcorn, public records, w enc.pdf Subject: public records, Florida Office of Financial Regulation Page 1 of 1 3/8/2011 Ms. Kassees, Last month I sent payment of $58.60 for public records to Mr. John G. Alcorn, Bureau Chief Bureau of Bank Regulation-District I, Florida Office of Financial Regulation, see attached PDF. As of today the records have not arrived. Can your office assist with this public records request? Thank you. Sincerely, Neil Gillespie 8092 SW 115th Loop Ocala, FL 34481 (352) 854-7807 cc: Linda Charity/OFR VIA US CERTIFIED MAIL, RRR Article No.: 7010 0780 0000 8981 6368 February 24,2011 Mr. John G. Alcorn, Bureau Chief Bureau of Bank Regulation-District I Florida Office of Financial Regulation 200 East Gaines Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0371 RE: Payment enclosed for public records Dear Mr. Alcorn: Please find enclosed a US Postal Service money order in the amount of $58.60 payable to the Florida Office of Financial Regulation for U.S. mail delivery of public records pursuant to your letter of January 18,2011 and enclosed invoice dated January 13,2011, copies enclosed. Kindly send the records to me at the address listed below. Thank you. Enclosures 18118603697.­ .................... 0011 1 J FLORIDA OFFICE OF FINANCIAL OFR REGULATIO" PROTECT I REGULATI 'INVieTIGATI , ENFORCE STREET ADDRESS: 101 East Glines Street. SUIte 6]6 • PHONE (8SO) 41O..g800 • FAX (850) MAILING ADDRESS: 0IWsI0n of fk1ande1lnst1tutlons, 200 Eat Glines Street, Talllhassee, FL ]2399"0371 Visit us on the web: WWW,fbOfLCON· Toll Free; (800) 848·3792 J. THOMAS CARDWELL COMMrSSIONER January 18, 2011 Neil J. Gillespie 8092 SW IIS th Loop Florida 34481 ro Re: Community Bank of ManateeIMarcelo Lima Dear Mr. Gillespie: I am writing in response to your January 11, 2011 e-mail. We have assembled the documents responsive to your recent public records request and can send copies to you either by u.s. mail or electronically. I have enclosed an invoice for this service. Upon receipt ofyour advance payment of$S6.60 for electronic transmission or $58.60 for U.S. mail delivery, we will forward the following to you: • Marcelo Lima's Interagency Biographic and Financial Report. • The background checks performed at the request ofthe Office of Financial Regulation. • Our letter to Mr. Lima regarding his employment with ABN AMRO. • Mr. response to the letter regarding his employment with ABN AMRO. It is my understanding from our previous correspondence that you already have copies or access to copies ofthe records pertaining to the public hearing held to consider Mr. Lima's Application for Authority to Acquire a Controlling Interest in Community Bank of Manatee. The documents listed above should help you to complete the picture ofMr. Lima's background. In your original letter of October 14, 2010, you posed what I believe to be rhetorical questions about Mr. Lima. If you have concrete evidence of any wrongdoing on his part, please bring it forWard for our consideration. If not, the OFR considers this matter closed. Please advise how you wish to receive the documents and when we can expect your check. ohn G. Alcorn, Chief Bureau of Bank Regulation Ene. FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION RICK SCOTT GOVERNOR PAM BONDI ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF AlWATER OfIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER ADAM PUTNAM COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL REGULATION Division of Financial Institutions 200 East Gaines Street Tallahassee. Florida 32399-0371 InvoIce Date: 01/13/11 To: Neil Gillespie o COpy Re: Marcelo Lima 1 -----1Q. Photocopies at $0. 15 per one-sided copy $6.00 2 Photocopies at $0.20 per two-sided copy $0.00 3 __2 Research hour(s) at $25.00 per hour $50.00 4 'Certlfication of public records at $1.00' per certification $0.00 5 $1.00 Postage/Handling $2.00 6 Certificate of Good Standing at $25.00 each TOTAL DUE $58.00 The photocopies you requested wlU be prepared upon receipt of a check made payable to t h ~ Office of Financial Regulation. Please mail to the above address and Include a copy of the invoice for reference. Upon receipt of your payment. the copies will be mailed to you. Thank you'. Date Check/Cash Received: Amount of Check/Cash: Change: o Check Number: Copies Provided by: #1 ..5 .Deposit In the following account: Dept. 210 #43843000000..V1-018007 #6 Deposit In the following account: Dept. 234 #43843000000-V1-012022 Home | Help | Sign In Track & Confirm FAQs Label/Receipt Number: 7010 0780 0000 8981 6368 Expected Delivery Date: February 25, 2011 Class: First-Class Mail ® Certified Mail ™ Return Receipt Status: Delivered Your item was delivered at 7:53 am on February 28, 2011 in TALLAHASSEE, FL 32399. Service(s): Enter Label/Receipt Number. Detailed Results: Delivered, February 28, 2011, 7:53 am, TALLAHASSEE, FL 32399 Arrival at Unit, February 25, 2011, 2:12 pm, TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301 Acceptance, February 24, 2011, 3:38 pm, OCALA, FL 34481 Track & Confirm by email Get current event information or updates for your item sent to you or others by email. 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