2.2 Practical Approach To Dc Design

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“A Practical Approach to Green Data Center Design“ An Inflection Point For the Data Center Business …….. 4 November 2009 1 Quick Survey – Why do we even care about being Green ? 1 ConnectedPlanet.biz Because the Government Advices us to look into it and on top of it I get a nice little grant 2 Because it’s the cool thing to do for the future 3 Because I think I can make some money from doing it 4 November 2009 2 Critical “Revolution” in the History of Mankind ConnectedPlanet.biz • Fire Revolution – 1st Control usage of Fire, 200,000 years ago a a site in FRANCE • Industry Revolution – 1st Introduction of Steam power, in ENGLAND in the 18th century • The Green Revolution – Developing a new lifestyle based on efficient used of energy source and the need to use recyclable energy source, present time 2009 4 November 2009 3 My Definition of Green Initiative – “Paying it Forward” ConnectedPlanet.biz Continual human development that meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, a continuous ability to create sustainable development as we know it today ! 4 November 2009 4 New Philosophy for a New Generation DC ConnectedPlanet.biz • A New set of Business Development Principals for a new generation of DC’s • Green Designs philosophy • Scalable cooling Designs • Multi-standard Operating space • Concept of developing operating “campus” instead of “single building”, DC consolidation of into: • North Asia Campus • Central Asia Campus • South East Asia Campus • Virtualization of Managed Services will allow DC operators to extend their 24X7 Operational skills to geographically distributed sites via a “super-HUB” approach • Combination of DC Property REITS and Data Center Operation brands working in close collaborations will mean we can “finally” scale this industry technologically and financially 4 November 2009 5 Key Structural Challenges for DC Industry ConnectedPlanet.biz • The “Go Green” movement is now a major agenda for all corporations, key motivation is to look for significant gain in operating efficiency • Tangible solution will be implemented in next 5 years to address escalating cost relating to • Power • Water • Broadband Networks • Location consolidation to gain Operational efficiency in Asia will make the Industry stronger and move the industry towards a “value added” framework • The internet is going “broadband” globally driven in the next 10 years by content distributors and owners, creation of the Global Content meeting points (Global CIX’s) delivering global knowledge • The beginnings of a new business model which fundamentally change the business scaling challenge encounter currently by the DC industry (move from the Raffles to the Marriott models) 4 November 2009 6 The Data Center Industry Value Chain ConnectedPlanet.biz Key Components of the Data Center Domains Computers, Networks and Digital Equipments CUSTOMERS Monitoring and Management Environment CUSTOMERS/MS Operators Total Operational maintenance of Base Building and DC enhancements DC Operator ID and business and operations management structures DC Operator Major enhancements to operational M&E and FM systems LANDLORD/DC Operator Base Building enhancements to common M&E, civil structure and external security LANDLORD/DC Operator Land and Base Building structure LANDLORD/DC Operator 4 November 2009 7 A “new” Global Market Segment Model ConnectedPlanet.biz By Industry Type By Organization Type Healthcare FSI Electronics Manufacturing Telcos & SP’s Hospitality Broad Band Content Mobile Content MNC Large Companies SME’s SOHO’s RHQ’s Governments 5 new Value Perception Segments Power Guzzlers Groupies Outsourcers Platformers Greenies 4 November 2009 8 Key Components that needs our considerations ConnectedPlanet.biz • The Building • Mechanical Systems • Electrical Systems • Air Flow Systems • Electrical Distribution Systems • Space Layout Design • Networks 4 November 2009 9 Guiding Principals that determines our Decision ConnectedPlanet.biz • Scalability of the feature • Fixed start-up cost VS Long term operational cost • Maintainability • Value Added to my customer • Measurable capability • Managebility 4 November 2009 10 The Building ConnectedPlanet.biz • Orientation of Building to the key climatic influence • East/West Orientation captures intensity of heat • Wind Influences • Shape of Building contributes to the efficient layout of DC utilities • Support of “New Water” provision coming into the building • Percentage of outer wall space with windows and the used of heat sensitive materials on roof • Double skin building which supports insulation and humidity controls • Good ventilation design for the area supporting utilities deployment 4 November 2009 11 The Mechanical Systems ConnectedPlanet.biz • Chillers • Pumps • Cooling Towers • Piping systems designs • CRACS • Humidifiers (standalone or integrated with CRACS) • Monitor the entire Mechanical systems to ensure optimal operation base on dynamic load 4 November 2009 12 The Electrical Systems ConnectedPlanet.biz • Generators • Switch Gears • UPS (D-UPS vs S-UPS deployment) • Batteries (very nasty things….) • The entire electrical systems in essences provides a measurable “resistance” to how electrical power is finally delivered to the rack 4 November 2009 13 The Air Flow Systems ConnectedPlanet.biz • Air Flows Management Approach • Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle • Overhead boosters • In-Rack Water cool • Sensor systems to monitor effectiveness of airflow dynamically • Rack Deployment strategy in a large space scenario • Support for “super” High Power Density (HPD) racks • Pre-provisions of infrastructure to support “In Rack” cooling deployment • Effective use of the external environment to influence cooling (not possible in non temperate climate) 4 November 2009 14 The Electrical Distribution Systems ConnectedPlanet.biz • Electrical delivery systems (effective use of copper) • High Power PDU’s • Dynamically configurable PDUs with Utilization meters • Different products and different quality of raw material will impact the efficiency of the entire systems 4 November 2009 15 The Space Layout Design ConnectedPlanet.biz • Design of Mechanical Corridor around the DC space • Reduce access to stable DC environment – Create remote support center • Smart layout of rack deployment with better understanding of customer equipment installation to maximise the hot aisle/cold aisle deployment • Isolate HPD’s deployment from other normal rack deployment • Remove all unnecessary deployment under floor to improve air flow velocity • Wider cold aisle for higher load deployment area 4 November 2009 16 The Networks ConnectedPlanet.biz • LAN networks within the DC • Efficiently design meeting points within DC for customers to cross connect to external or other internal networks • Public WAN networks (are you GREEN too ???) • All infrastructure will be scrutinized, it’s a matter of time • Again here we will look at “value chain” effect, are these networks design on Green certified equipment and are their location GREEN certified site • Cabling plans within the DC supports good reuse policy ?? Wastage factor 4 November 2009 17 Summary – “FlashForward” ConnectedPlanet.biz • Data Center will all have an “Operating Green Index” way beyond PUE or DCiE and it will be “backwards” compatible • Operating Green Index measures continuous effects of efficient DC operations within a set of agreed global KPI’s and makes the Green Implementation measurable and accountable • Pricing model will change dramatically in support and promotion of Green DC and the Operating Green Index • The Operating Green Index will be used as a determining factor for baseline pricing of a site as opposed to the current Tiered definition from Uptime Instituted • In some countries DC business will operate off Power Grid and with close support of an integrated Tri-Gen and Co-Gen plants • Data Centers and Green Tech are going to be part of a Global sustainable development 4 November 2009 18 4 November 2009 19