Altenes Vs Narconon Southern California 2008



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Los Angeles Superior Court - Civil Case Summary Page 1 of 1 Case Summary Case Number: 08K15375 ALTENES, JOHN VS NARCONON SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Filing Date: 06/24/2008 Case Type: CONTRACT (Limited Jurisdiction) Filing Court: Stanley Mosk Courthouse Status: Disposed Future Hearings None History Information Parties Plaintiff: ALTENES JOHN Attorney: HITCHCOCK BOWMAN & SCHACHTER Defendant: NARCONON SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Attorney: None Party Information Histories ( Dates listed in descending order) 09/24/2008 HEARING DELETED - OFF CALENDAR 09/23/2008 DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE-ENTIRE ACTION, FILED & ENTERED 07/15/2008 PROOF OF SERVICE TO COMPLAINT FILED 06/25/2008 CMR CLERK'S CERT OF SERVICE MAILED TO RESPECTIVE PARTIES/COUNSEL 06/25/2008 NON-APP CASE MGMT REVIEW SCHEDULED FOR 11/25/08, IN DEPT 75 * * DELETED 06/24/2008 COMPLAINT FILED 06/24/2008 SUMMONS FILED Case Information | Party Information | History Information 7/25/2009