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what we can do to bring Amazon .COM in pakistan
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    December 1969
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Group Members Iqra Sohail Butt. Alveena Saeed. Rana Shoaib Rashid Khan. Waqar Mubariz. Ali Asif.  History   Founder Jefrey P. Bozes  Founded1994  Just book business  Online 1995   1995 1997 1998 1999 currently Introduction   Industry: Retail business  Area served: worldwide  Headquarters: Seattle, Washington  Online Trading Method  1.Business to consumer (B2C) 2. 3.Business to business (B2B) 4. 5.Consumers to Consumers (C2C) 6. 7.Consumers to Business ( C2B)  Business Model How Amazon works Pakistan  Objective  To establish background information on Amazon. COM  To introduce Amazon in Pakistan.  To analyze and evaluate Amazon’s external and internal environment in Pakistan.   Pakistani statistic about Internet   Pakistan is one of the fastest growing country in telecom sector  Over 25 million user of internet  Mobile phone user 91.44 million (2009)  About 5 lac Broadband connections  Growth in internet user TCS Logistics  Over 265 retail outlets.  Biggest network in Pakistan.  dedicated Charted planes.  187 fully equipped modern satellite tracked vehicles.  2500+ couriers.   transaction B2B & B2C TCS TCS UBL C2B & C2C UBL UBL TCS SWOT analysis  Strengths  weakness vUnawareness vStrong brand name vCRM and IT support vDiverse Products vStrong Distribution Channel vLow Prices  of e- com m erce. vIncrease in cyber crim e vDependency on ext ernal com panies for delivery v SWOT Analysis  Opportunitie s Threat  vIncreasing  v vGrowth of internet vE- commerce expansion t ransport at ion cost vIncreasing com pet it ion vGlobal econom ic slowdown vSeasonalit y in operat ions vHackers problem s vOnline m arket ing not m at ured In Pakist an. v E-Porter model E-Porter model  Threat of new entrance ◦ ◦ Many other company ◦ if Amazon come to Pakistan eBay also can came in Pakistan. ◦ To succeed they want computer literacy. And same for other digital firms.  Threat of substitute ◦ The internet is Global Market consumer can substitute any product by purchasing from companies overseas where products are cheaper, but of good quality   ◦ medium  High E-Porter model   Buyer Power ◦ There is a large verity online shops and comparison website too compare best prices.  Supplier Power ◦ Specialized product and brand increase switching cost for buyer so the supplier have higher power.  ◦  High  High E-Porter model  Competitive rivalry within a online business ◦ Here we disused Amazon tackle their current rivals. ◦ Their already many online business running in Pakistan. i.e.( vanguard online stores)  High PEST Analysis Recommendations  Increase computer literacy.  Alternative method for secure transaction.  Creates awareness of E-commerce.  Increase product line  Amazon should launch in 2012 in Pakistan.  conclusion In conclusion, we recommend that market penetration in Pakistan is most suitable, feasible and acceptable option based on Amazon .com’s core competencies and opportunity in the industry.  Amazon fulfills all the requirements and provide detailed information which influence the customer to purchase.  Have you lot of questions?