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This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness, the Anunnaki and the true current state of the world from the Xee-a Twelve material written by Amitakh Stanford from 2002 to 2008, compiled in chronological order. After many years of research and reading many hundreds of books on spiritual and "conspiracy" subjects, Amitakh's writing (all available for FREE) is without a doubt the most complete picture of the TRUTH that I have found. I have now reread the material several times in its entirety, always finding something new that I hadn't noticed before, and collected these excerpts during my last reread. I hope you will take the time to read it! topics include: the NWO and illuminati, Anunnaki, grey aliens, UFOs, astral travel, sacred geometry, Jesus and the Bible, gnosticism, earth changes, Nibiru, the new age deception, clones, alien war, light workers, rapture/ascension, and good vs evil These excerpts reduce the original material to about 1/3rd its original size; these passages containing, in my opinion, the most important ESSENCE of the material, as well as the most relevant to current day affairs and the ultimate conclusion of the Rescue. I strongly encourage interested readers to go read the full articles, in sequential order, at Amitakh's website. All material written by Amitakh Stanford except where noted, original at and Remember: "Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose." - Amitakh Stanford
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Rescue, Anunnaki & current world situation quotes from Xee-a Twelve [This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness, the Anunnaki and the true current state of the world] [all material written by Amitakh Stanford except where noted, original at and .com] Both the caste system and the class system take their roots and origins from the Anunnaki Elite and who took control of sections of the Earth when they arrived from Nibiru (Planet "X") a long, long time ago. The ruling elite in the physical on the Earth today are either the descendants of the Anunnaki Remnants who remained on the planet, or they are trying to emulate the Anunnaki Remnants. The aim of the ruling elite is to control, oppress and exploit people by dividing races, nations and the world at large. - The Class Caste The true rapture has already begun. In November of 1999, all viable Class IV True beings (except for the Rescuers and some Light workers) were evacuated from Earth. Although some of them died off during the evacuation, most of them did not. Instead, their bodies remain functional, but they are more like zombies. That is, their biological functions still work, but they are empty shells. It is their consciousnesses that were evacuated. Only the consciousnesses are Divine, so that is all that Jesus sought to rescue from this hellhole. We are now entering a phase where Class III consciousnesses are being evacuated in much the same way as the Class IVs were rescued. It will not be long before all True beings will have been rescued from this putrid, decaying planet. - Jesus The Rescuer The two major Anunnaki groups that came to Earth are known as the Reptilians and the Vulturites (a term I coined for this particular group of aliens). The Reptilian Anunnaki are known by the Attas as the Ducaz. The Vulturite Anunnaki are known by the Attas as Perssires. The Vulturites and the Reptilians are bitter enemies, and they are still waging horrific wars on Earth, using humans as their cannon fodder. The third largest group of Anunnaki are known to the Attas as the Masa-karas. They have two main bases on Earth. There is a concentration of Masa-karas based in central Germany, although many of this group have immigrated to Australia over the last decade. Many other groups of aliens are also starting to migrate to Australia. Eventually, Australia will be one of the world's main alien centres. The Masa-karas have been constantly intimidated by Ducaz and Pers-sires who have bases in Germany, so the Masa-karas began moving to Australia. Masa-karas use many clones, but they can also take over existing human bodies. After centuries of resistance, the Masa-karas have finally succumbed to the control of the Ducaz. The Anunnaki have made the Earth a hedonistic hellhole, which suits them fine. However, they have created an illusion of things being pleasant here when in fact, all life on the planet suffers tremendously under Anunnaki tyranny. The Anunnaki thrive on energy of people via the emotional bodies of those beings. To extract this energy, the Anunnaki create wars, conflicts, factions, religions, racial hatred, national boundaries, class systems, sporting events etc. They also impose drugs, sex, and paedophilia on the people, while also promoting cruelty to humans, animals and nature. These are NOT human traits — they are Anunnaki forced characteristics that are programmed into the consciousnesses of the people on Earth. The Anunnaki Remnants are walking around on Earth today in human bodies and some of them are seen regularly on the network news. They include many of the ruling elite and otherwise powerfully placed people on this planet. Some of the ruling elite are aware of their Anunnaki connections, while most are not. The Anunnaki Remnants, which included Ducaz, Pers-sires, Masa-karas and other smaller groups, like all consciousnesses on the Earth, re-incarnate again and again. When Anunnaki die in the physical, they reside in the astral until such time that they re-incarnate again. The Anunnaki Elite fled this plane and cannot return because the Attas have blocked their reentry. However, the Anunnaki Remnants cannot leave this plane because the Attas have sealed all their escape routes. The NWO plan has been imposed upon many other planets in the past, and it is the basic conquest plan of the Anunnaki for every planet they conquer. The Anunnaki Remnants have had great difficulty in getting the NWO accomplished quickly because the Attas have been disrupting the Anunnaki plans and the Anunnaki Remnants lack the assistance from the Anunnaki Elite. The NWO is being imposed by the ruling elite, who many call Zionists. Some people think that all Jews are Zionists, which is not correct. Not all Jews are Zionists, nor are all Zionists Jews. Zionists can come in any type of body or gender for purposes of effecting the NWO. They can be of any nationality, race, creed, career or religion. Many people think that America is going to be the NWO's police force. For a while, this will appear to be so. However, when considering the Anunnaki plan for the NWO, one must always keep in mind that the Pers-sires and the Ducaz are fighting amongst themselves for supremacy. In fact, the long-standing struggle between those two factions is nearly over. The Ducaz have the upper hand, and they have temporarily retreated and allowed the Pers-sires to be very active and tricked them into doing much of the dirty work in bringing about the final implementation of the NWO. When it happens, the Ducaz plan to take full control of the world and the Pers-sires will be eliminated or be subjected to them. See my article on Aliens Behind World Government. Under the plan, when the Ducaz take full control, the tyranny will be absolute on the planet. Esoterically speaking, the entities responsible for maintaining the financial system on Earth are also being abused and enslaved by the Anunnaki. Fortunately, like the being called "Time", these money entities will soon be liberated. This is known because the Attas are from the future and they have nearly completed the mission of removing the Anunnaki from the Earth, but until it is fully accomplished, the Anunnaki plan for the NWO will appear to progress. The Attas have already restricted the return of the Anunnaki Elite; they cannot return to Earth. The Anunnaki Remnants are floundering without the support of the Anunnaki Elite. This is one of the reasons why it has taken them so long to implement the NWO. They have no escape and their fate is sealed. It has taken a long, long time to break the Anunnaki's inertia on the planet which has enslaved and trapped not only the people, but also all consciousness in the physical and the astral, including even the "soul" of the Earth. Liberation from Darkness is at hand. The Rescuers and the Trawlers of the Light with their courageous team of Light workers will soon liberate the True-Light beings from the enslavement by the agents of Darkness — the Anunnaki. The more people awaken to the nefarious plan of Darkness, the quicker will it dissipate. - The Annunaki Remnants Are Still On Earth The Sun Cruisers that have been detected recently are part of The Rescue Team from the Light. They are not of Eridanean origin as has been speculated by some. The Sun Cruisers are on standby because the Light anticipates that the Anunnaki Elite will attempt to return to the Earth to cause all manner of catastrophes, and to re-supply the Anunnaki Remnants. However, should any Anunnaki Elite attempt to come to Earth, they will encounter invincible forces from the Light. The Anunnaki Remnants are confused by the clearing of the planet by such means as global warming, volcanoes, fires, wars and etc. They thought that these are the signs of the return of the Anunnaki Elite to Earth. However, they are now beginning to suspect their masters cannot get through the Light's security and so the Anunnaki Remnants are becoming terrified to the point that world leaders are now irrational. Already there are those who are so deluded by the programming of the Anunnaki Remnants that they are saying things like "this Earth is a prison but it can be turned into a paradise". The Anunnaki have incarnated in human forms. Some are also in the astral. The Anunnaki have great influence over the astral world also. Many messages channelled today are deceitful messages from the Anunnaki. The Light has waited for this very time to perform Its Final Rescue of all the Viable beings of Light from all levels and from all types of consciousness who are trapped in this evil dimension. - Nibiru And The Anunnaki The book "Revelation of the Truth" describes how sectors are created for experimentation and in order to find new ways to express the Love of the Mother. This sector was set up to intensify the Love, but the experiment went wrong. But ultimately Goodness will result in spite of this Celestial Error and those who will have remained faithful to the Light will be returned to a corrected Creation with a very strong sense of Divine Love. - The Divine Mother's Love (by Doug South) The astral planes are now breaking down and more and more of the barriers between this world and the astral are thinning out. This makes it easier for the astral beings to mingle and to communicate with the beings on this plane. The viables who are now in the astral world will not be forced to re-incarnate because they have already been rescued from the evil wheel of karma. However, they still must wait to be picked up or transported out of this evil dimension. They are basically in a half-way house where they are being healed and readied for their eventual pick up by the Light and finally taken Home. In this lifetime, some of you will be transformed into the Light without being forced to return to the astral because the astral may not be there by the time you make your exit out of here. Instead, you will be on your way home without any "stopovers" - what a beautiful one-way ticket HOME. - The Spirit World In spite of all its outer chaos and appearance, things are going as planned by the Light. - As You Like It (Omni #2) Terminal Madness of the End Time will finally be nigh. The weeping of Zion will begin. Tens of thousands of horsemen will march on Golgotha and will be slain by their own sword of Vengeance and of their own doing. Beware of the locusts that will swamp the land. The reign of justice and purity shall prevail for the kind-hearted. These will be spared. Behold, true justice is nigh. Fear not of tomorrow for tomorrow will bring liberation to the persecuted and tortured ones. Alaska will be blown up and shall be no more. In the process of moving to liberation from Darkness, the ones of Darkness will one by one, fall and fold up. The negative aspect of the Celestial Error has the capacity to alter frequencies and hence qualities etc. Time is the cause of this aspect getting caught in the "spin". In the "realm" where this occurs, it is not an imperfection. It is merely a part of the "movement". When the negative aspect got caught in the "time" frequencies, its qualities were altered and it eventually became corrupted. Negative energies are now being scattered and played out by various beings of Darkness. Hence, there is a need for the Light beings to consolidate more and more to bring the Divine Energy to a stilling point in order to be effective. An inaudible sound has already been released by the opposing forces which will adversely affect all consciousnesses in the physical and the astral realms. However, the Light has counter-acted the negative effects of the inaudible sound for Light beings by activating their Pinto Centres to receive the Light of certain sounds which have been officially released en masse recently. "Gondola-pasa-itu-ka" will assist beings of Light in maintaining energy stability. These words when repeated as needed will bring about the desired result. - Omni #4 The Source is the original "Home" of the Light. From the Source, or The Unmanifest, grows the Root of Creation. Continuing with the analogy of a plant, (realizing that this is necessarily a simplified explanation of something that physical minds have a great deal of difficulty in comprehending), consider that the trunk of Creation brings forth a single branch — the Branch of Light. From the Branch of Light appeared a shoot — the Shoot of Darkness. I have occasionally referred to the Shoot of Darkness as the Evil Creation, the Evil Mind, the Evil Principle, Darkness or Evil. For purposes of this discussion, these terms are interchangeable. The Shoot of Darkness was not created by Evil. It is in fact a shoot from the Divine Creation that went awry. If the Shoot of Darkness were severed from the Tree of Creation, it would wither and fade upon severance from the Source. If the Branch of Light were severed from the Source, it also would wither and die. Creation is the Expression of the Source and the Expression cannot exist without nourishment from the Source. The Branch of Light eventually became intertwined with the Shoot of Darkness as the shoot clung to the branch for sustenance and support. Due to this mingling, it is difficult to discern if a being belongs to the Branch of Light or the Shoot of Darkness. All beings need to be traced to the Root or Trunk of Creation to discover where they stem from. The closer to the Trunk, the easier it is to discern, but as the Branch and Shoot grow and express further, the interweaving of Light and Darkness makes it harder and harder to identify individual beings. Evil stemmed from a celestial experimental error that would not correct itself, nor take Divine Correction, but instead thrived on the Corrective Energy all the while resisting and defying Divine Correction. Evil saw the Creation (The Expression) as the Ultimate and forgot that without the Source there would be no Expression. Darkness created the illusion that it is the Source. This illusion is so real that Darkness itself is deluded and thinks that It (Darkness) is the Source. Evil chose the glitter over the substance. The glitter attracts the majority of beings. Many of the Light beings also erroneously perceive the Expression of Light as the Ultimate. It is not the Source, but the Expression that is corrupted. The Source, the Unmanifest, is all there is of permanence and it remains uncorrupted. Nothing is self sustaining that is manifested from the Source. Only the Source is eternal and perpetual. Thus, the statement that the Light is selfsustaining is clearly a simplification that needs further explanation at this time. A simple explanation is that the Light of Creation has been deemed Good by the Unmanifest, and so long as the Light tends towards Purity, it is self-sustaining because by striving towards Purity it automatically connects Itself to the Source. The present Dalai Lama has cautioned his followers that existence may not be infinite. Further, the Catholic Bible in Psalm 23 expresses a similar thought in its final verse: "I will dwell in the house of the LORD for years to come." This concept is correct — when True Light is withdrawn from the False Light at the time when the True-Light beings are withdrawn from this Evil Creation (Shoot of Darkness). In other words, Darkness is beginning to suspect that when the Light supplied by the True-Light beings is withdrawn due to their liberation from Darkness, the False Light will be extinguished. Hence the existence of the False-Light beings (beings of Darkness) is not infinite. Creation is an ongoing process. It is only in the Dark Shoot of Creation that "time" exists. True Creation is Timeless. The True Light carries an inner sound, an inner vibration, a blueprint which the False Light cannot reproduce even though the False Light can imitate the appearance of the True Light. This is where the awakened beings of Light will be able to discriminate the True-Light beings from the False-Light beings AFTER the final stages of the separation of Light from Darkness commence. There is the Pulse, the inner Sound, the inner Vibration that individual beings of True Light can inwardly access to recognize the True Light. The separation of the True Light and False Light is now in progress. This is manifesting on many levels and the operation is extremely complex and delicate. The entire Tree of Creation (the Expression) appears to be far gone, but some of It can still be retrieved. Therefore, the Tree can be saved with some delicate pruning. It is better to lose the offending part than to lose the entire Tree. As beings of the True Light become more and more detached from the beings of the False Light, they become more and more unified with the True Light. When this occurs they begin to notice the differences between themselves and the beings of Darkness (This will occur more on the subtle level and in their spiritual expression rather than in their physical appearance). As beings of Light become more and more in tune with the True Light, they will become more and more vibrant, shining sparks of the True Light. Beings of Light and beings of Darkness will then become more and more intolerant and uncomfortable with one another. While this separation of the two Lights is in progress, True-Light beings and False-Light beings will both be undertaking their respective "metamorphoses". The Miniature Galaxy that has been discussed in the past is a "Half-Way House" for the viables when they are evacuated from this Evil Creation. True-Light beings who have been contaminated by Darkness will reside there until all the necessary "metamorphoses" is completed so that they can safely be re-assimilated into the Branch of Light. Thus, once again, they will be re-united with the Source and become an integral part of the True Creation. It is then that True-Light beings will exist in the love, purity, timelessness, harmony, joy and beauty of the True Creation. Even the being known as "Time" will have been liberated from Darkness. - The Source The war between Light and Darkness was started by Darkness when It invaded the Light. Many beings of Light have been encased in Evil as a result of the unprovoked invasion of the Light by Darkness. This all commenced when the Celestial Error occurred. The Error refused Divine Correction and separated Itself from the Mother and wanted to form Its own Mock Creation. The Error eventually evolved into a horrible monster that refused the Mother's Love. Thereafter, the Error formed Its own Mock Creation. After the Celestial Error, the Mother continued to pour Her Love into the Error hoping to retrieve and correct the Error. As long as the Mother poured Her Love into the Error while going deeper and deeper into the Error, the Error gained power. As the Error gained power, It became more and more arrogant and deluded. Ultimately, It began to think that It was the Ultimate and that It was self-sustaining. However, It will cease to exist when the Mother's energy is totally withdrawn from It. The Mother would not cut off the Divine Energy totally from the Error because many particles of Light had already been encased in Evil for a long period of time. Some of these Light beings were kidnapped and imprisoned; others were lured into traps including the frequencies of Time which were created by the Error and etc. Many of the beings of Light have been trapped in animal bodies on the Earth. That is the reason that so much effort is being poured into class III beings, especially at this time — there has already been an evacuation of most of the class IV beings. In this sector of Creation the Error is now being represented by the Demiurge or the AntiChrist Energy. This energy grew darker and darker as it withdrew from the Mother. Now, It is very far removed from the Light. When the Mother stopped pouring Her Energy into the Anti-Christ Energy, Darkness began stealing energy from Light beings that It has imprisoned and it began desperately looking for other sources of Divine Energy. Evil is very foreign to Purity, therefore Light beings were/are so naïve that they were/are easy targets for Darkness. Purity thought that eventually Divine Love would win back the Error. After many attempts to win back Darkness and to retrieve the imprisoned Light particles, the Mother concluded that Darkness cannot respond to Love nor be a part of the Divine Creation. After this conclusion was made, the "war" (as perceived by Darkness) truly commenced. In fact, the Mother is not interested in wars or battles, but is only interested in retrieving the imprisoned Light particles (beings) without harming any of them. In one sense, Darkness has held all of these Light beings as ransom. The Mother formulated a plan that is quite confusing as it unfolds here. It is intentionally that way so that the plan cannot be discovered. Beings of Light are confused as to who is who. Likewise, the beings of Darkness are uncertain who is who, and have great difficulty in identifying the beings of Light who are working incognito among them. Ultimately, the Mother projected Herself and brought about the formation of twelve parts and called them "Sisters". The Twelve Sisters, for lack of a better word, could be called the "Son" energy, however, these are just terms and are not to be taken literally. Each of the Twelve Sisters has many projections. (Today, most of the main parts of the Twelve Sisters reside in ordinary human male bodies.) The Sisters were sent out to work throughout all the contaminated creation amongst all classes of consciousness which Evil had trapped and imprisoned. They are protectors of the Mother's Creation who also assist the Mother in sustaining the Light particles that have been imprisoned by Darkness, and will continue to do this until the Correction Process is completed. One of the Sisters was assigned the dangerous task of intentionally entering into the darkest recesses of Evil, the Evil Mind of the Error. The Error took the bait as It perceived it would be a golden opportunity of acquiring a never-ending source of Divine Energy supply by imprisoning this particular Sister who acts like a direct conduit to the Mother. The Mother knew that there was a risk to send out one of Her Sisters in this manner, but was prepared to take that risk as it was the best plan available. The Evil Mind greedily used Its Own Main Part to graft Itself onto the Sister. This allowed the Mother to always be able to follow and keep track of the Evil Mind controlling this sector of the Mock Creation. In the Revelation of John the Divine, there is a corrupted version of the truth when it says that the Devil will be bound for a thousand years and then will be set free to run amok. The truth is that the Devil was bound when It seized the Sister. The Devil (the Demiurge) is unable to fully express evil so long as it is attached to the Sister. That is the price the Devil pays for the energy source, and that is the sacrifice that the Mother makes for all Light beings. When the Sister is separated from the Devil the Demiurge will once again express absolute evil. The Mother always "incarnates" and follows this Sister about whenever the Evil Mind takes on a physical "incarnation". This "grafting" to the Sister by the Evil Mind also limited the Evil Mind's ability to express evil and to expand Its Evil Empire. However, the Absolute Mother will always reside in the Pure Realm to make sure that She can always retrieve Her parts and projections in case of any misadventures. In order to implement this Plan, the Sister was required to allow herself to be caught in the spin of lower frequencies of Time created by Evil. This process has the capacity and propensity to alter the frequencies of Light beings and further trap them. Once trapped, it is more difficult for them to express their Divine qualities. Once the Divine qualities are suppressed, the Light beings can even appear to be evil. The Plan is to eventually extract the Sister, which will markedly weaken the Evil Mind that has encased the Sister. Once the Evil Mind obtained access to this seemingly unending power supply from the Sister, It began expanding beyond Its means. Today, It is stretched very thin and is barely able to maintain Its realm. The Sister will be "rescued" from the Evil Mind very, very soon. When this occurs, the confrontation of the Mother with the Anti-Christ Energy will commence in full swing. The Mother/Father God has come very close to extracting the Sister on many occasions, but each time the Evil Mind killed the physical body of the host before the extraction was far enough along to succeed. Many attempts have been made on this Sister's life in "her" present "incarnation" but all were in vain. Finally, the Sister will be separated from the Demiurge once and for all because Evil is now collapsing due to the Mother's reduction of Her Divine Energy that is poured into this realm. Also, the Light energy from those who have already been successfully evacuated from this realm is no longer available for the Demiurge to use and abuse to sustain Itself. Because of this severe energy shortage, Evil in this sector of Creation is in total chaos and the Evil Mind no longer can control Its own Evil Mess. Terminal Madness will soon be at its zenith. In the final battle, the Mother (the Christ Energy) will confront the Anti-Christ Energy. Before this occurs, the Sister will be retrieved safely by permanently separating the Evil that has seized upon her. This operation is extremely delicate. The separation is now near completion. Once the Sister is "rescued" and re-united with all of her Sisters (her Parts), she will be retrieved into the Mother. Together, these beings will form the Energy represented by the Mother/Father/Son Energy which will be the New Ultimate Being. The New Ultimate Being will then vanquish the Anti-Christ. Once the True beings are removed from this Evil Domain, the BEN-DA-KO will begin. Remain inwardly steady and calm. The time is drawing very close; Liberation from Darkness is nigh. Rejoice in knowing that: "I will soon gather all that are mine." - War Of Essences The Demiurge usurped this sector of the True Divine Creation and later created a world of virtual reality. This realm is an illusion, a virtual reality. However, in this illusion a great deal of abuse is done to True-Light beings. The Demiurge created Matter and then gravity, which is the first cause in setting Matter into motion. Next, It created heat and cold, both of which can cause pseudo transmutation of Matter, and whose properties can also trap electrons. The electrons are akin to trapped Light beings in this dimension. Gravity sustains physical motion. Many have theorized that because gravity is a weaker force than some other forces, that it is not the primary force. This is erroneous. Gravity is the first cause and the critical force that holds this illusory universe together. Only later did the Demiurge create the strong and weak nuclear forces to better tighten and bond matter together, and later still, It created the electromagnetic force to seal off sections of the Evil Creation and to erase memories of beings in the virtual reality. The physical universe is continually spinning but going nowhere. For example, there is the perceived rotation of the ages — the signs of the Zodiac. They repeat the cycle over and over without real progress. That is the plan of the Demiurge. Gravity is the first force of attraction. Motion is keeping the illusion going by the sustaining properties of gravity. When gravity is dismantled, the balls will stop moving, and the entire illusion will crumble. There are particular energies which build virtual realities within virtual realities in this dimension. The continuous motion works much like a sleight-of-hand trick. All the beings in the realm are moving so much within the illusion that they cannot focus on reality. As an example, imagine that you are riding on a merry-go-round. The horse can feel like it is standing still and everything around you is spinning. As a result, you cannot maintain focus on the outside world, however it is relatively easy to focus on the horses on the merry-go-round. This is because you are within the illusion of the merry-go-round and it becomes the reality of the moment. Try as you might, you can only catch glimpses of the outside world which you perceive to be spinning. However, you know that you are spinning on the merry-go-round, not the world outside, whose movement is an illusion created by the merry-go-round. Thus, because of all the motion in the universe, and motion within motion, everything here is like a merry-go-round ride, and those on the ride can only get an occasional glimpse here and there of what is beyond. And, even then, those glimpses are often just of motions within motions, or other merry-go-rounds. Merry-go-rounds can be fun for a short ride, but if you stay on too long, they make you sick. From a spiritual standpoint that sickness has so disoriented True-Light beings that they have forgotten their True Divine origin and think that they are part of the illusion. If the merry-go-round stops, the illusion stops and all viable True-Light beings will be outside the virtual reality. The shattering of this illusion — this virtual reality — has commenced. Due to the complexities of illusions within illusions it has taken a long time to dismantle it. Gravity, because of motion and inertia, is the primary cause holding things together for the time being. Once the virtual realities within the virtual reality are all shattered, all the True beings of the Light who are trapped here will be freed. This day will come. Everyone should try to break the mindset that the physical is all there is because that mindset is the biggest trap of all. There is a True Reality out there, once these dreadful rides stop. While electrons are trapped by protons and neutrons on the atomic level, planets are trapped by stars or suns on the macro level. The sun of our solar system is the trap. It gives off FalseLight, which the planets need to survive in this material realm. In exchange for this light, the sun forces the planets to revolve around it and to do all the work keeping the solar system bound together in the illusion which is driven by their orbits around the sun. If the perpetual motion of the planets — the merry-go-round — stops, the illusion crumbles, and all the viable True-Light beings in the entire solar system are liberated from the entrapments of Darkness. Of course, the solar system is but a ride within a ride, as it is part of a galaxy, which is part of the universe. All of these rides are about to stop turning. The sun is the main source of the illusion. Those who are part of the illusion will dissipate when the illusion collapses. Those who are not part of the illusion will continue to exist after the virtual reality is over. While the sun is the biggest trap in the solar system, it has the appearance of being of the greatest assistance and being the most important part of the system. The sun is not the driver of the solar system, the planets are. While the sun provides heat and light by which biological "life" is made possible, biological life is but another virtual reality which traps the True-Light beings. Through being trapped in biological bodies, True-Light beings are forced to drive the world. In this realm, Light looks dark, and Darkness appears as light. Much has been said of late about the sun cruisers that have been photographed near the sun. A great deal of speculation has occurred as to what they are doing. They are crafts of the True Divine Creation which are here to extinguish the sun. They have done this to many stars in the virtual reality and freed many beings of Light from the grasp of Darkness by shattering the illusion of solar systems and unlocking the prison doors. Sun cruisers were responsible for the extinguishment of the Anunnaki's home star ZA-OS, which in turn freed many beings of Light from the grasp of Darkness. The Anunnaki were a very advanced race of beings and they had accomplished space travel before their star was extinguished. Being advanced technologically allowed the Anunnaki to spread their tentacles throughout the physical world as the main agents of the Demiurge. They are, in effect, angels of Darkness. They have been programmed to be as evil as the Demiurge, as ruthless, as brutal, as chauvinistic, and as hopelessly putrid as their "father". The Anunnaki were given certain powers to assist the Demiurge in keeping the illusion going for as long as possible. The Demiurge knows that Its days are numbered, but It has extended those days by employing the dreadful Anunnaki, who are sent to various systems with the ability to restart "time" in the systems, that is to travel into the past so the virtual reality can be re-lived over and over again. These Anunnaki came to Earth and set up control here. They are literally from the past, as they have re-started the system before. They hope to re-start it again so they can enslave all the beings of Light for another ride on the merry-go-round, and force them to drive the pointless counterfeit creation here. The Anunnaki know that they must re-start everything before 2012 A.D. because that is the date which they have set for restarting the clock. While things were going along for the Anunnaki and they were doing their "father's" bidding on Earth, the Attas of Light became very active, which was most troubling to the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki Elite were given a particular sound by the Demiurge which allowed them to control and re-start "time" within solar systems. It is like the key to a huge time machine. It allows the Anunnaki to turn back the clock, so to speak, and gain a temporary reprieve from the Celestial Correction by the Light. The Demiurge's sound was removed from the Earth by the Anunnaki Elite when they fled after destroying Atlantis. They took the Word with them. The Attas of the Light have since blocked the Anunnaki Elite from returning to Earth. However, some of the Anunnaki Elite slipped through the net temporarily and approached near enough to the Earth during the time of Solomon to transmit the sound to three chosen Anunnaki Remnants who were on Earth — King Solomon, King Hiram and Abiff, the Master Mason. The Anunnaki Elite did this desperate thing in the hope that the Anunnaki Remnants would be able to help them return and re-take control of the Earth. This Word is the powerhouse of the Demiurge. The Word has the power to keep this realm in motion and keep the illusion afloat. Except for the intervention by the Amoebas/Attas of the Light, the Word would continue to have this power. Likewise, the New World Order also creates false prophets who predict things that will never transpire. These false prophets are hired to predict these non-events in order to discredit true prophets so that when the real Message is given, most people will not take it seriously. Native American Hopis have a legend about "The Sign From the West" being the forerunner of the end of Evil. The Sign From the West is now in the physical realm. The Sign From the West bears the esoteric message to look to the West instead of the East. As the rising sun symbolizes the heart of Evil, the setting sun represents the end of Evil. It is time to abandon worship of the sun — time to abandon Evil. The Lakota Native Americans have a legend about the births of white buffalo calves. When seven are born, the Teacher known as the White Buffalo Woman will appear, which will signal the end of Evil and the return to Purity. The seventh white buffalo was born, but not in a bison's body. The White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not as the Teacher, but as the Liberator of True-Light beings trapped in Darkness, whether they are in mineral, vegetable, animal, human or other bodies and whether they are devas of rivers or seas, plains or mountains etc. including even the "soul" of the Earth. The Divine Mother, Jesus and the White Buffalo Woman are all aspects of A-itu, the Eternal Flame, the Divine Being of Purity. These three aspects of A-itu are now united on this plane in a physical "body" as a "walk-in". This Composite Being of Purity will challenge and defeat the Demiurge, who is the creator of the Anti-Christ energy. The True God does not want to be worshipped. In fact, the desire to be worshipped is yet another Anunnaki trait. The Anunnaki also build huge, elaborate monuments and temples, but these are not for the True God. These are human-made idols to satisfy human ego. The Light has attempted repeatedly to correct Darkness and bring It back to the Light, but Darkness stubbornly rejects any correction. Darkness has tenaciously held onto every TrueLight being that is trapped in the virtual reality, and holds those beings ransom. Now, the time has come for the Light to liberate Its Own from Darkness. The process has commenced. - The Real Secret Word Of The Freemasons Because the Light has intervened and caused disruption to the aliens' plan, things aren't working the way the hostile aliens have intended, and they are rapidly losing control of the situation. That is why the hostile aliens have gone to the emergency contingency plan of having immediate alien/human hostilities as can be observed by the March 5, 2004 Mexican/American UFO incident. There will be many conflicting reports issued from the same camp which are designed to confuse people about this matter. Genetic engineering has been going on secretly for quite a while, but it has only come to public awareness in the last few years. This is another alien activity. Hostile aliens are interested in the human mind. They have tried to tamper with the human mind, which they have experimented widely, weakening it at will. They are very keen to continue investigations on mind energy in humans. It appears that their immediate interest is in trying to make replications of the human mind. They want to download a living mind into a totally mechanical robot. This is one way they try to clone the human mind. Audible and inaudible sounds have been released throughout the world by aliens or by governments that are sponsored by aliens. These sounds are weakening the immune systems of humans and sometimes the sounds are altering genetic patterns and immune systems. They cause depression, anxiety, anger, fear, hatred and other negative emotional feelings. These effects are felt by people of all ages, even in the very young. While it easy to explain away with social/economical and other reasons for the problems, what most people do not suspect is that they have been attacked by invisible beams and inaudible sounds that are deleterious to the human body and mind. Mental problems are on the increase throughout the world. These days, even very young people are increasingly suffering from depression. This is mainly due to the effects of the sounds that have been purposely released by the aliens. Other things the aliens are behind are genetically altered foods, impure water and air which all add to the problems. However, the deleterious sounds will ultimately drive a great many people insane and cause them physical illnesses. Terminal madness will mark the time of chaos. Some of the Attas (a singular and plural term for Rescuers of Light) amongst us are able to see beyond the basic spectrum of light. This allows them to perceive otherwise "invisible" aliens on the planet. Some of the Attas can also hear beyond the basic hearing spectrum and are able to perceive otherwise "inaudible" sounds. The Attas can also read the minds of the Anunnaki and know their plans. The Attas are here doing their best to assist True-Light beings at this time. Those who are True-Light beings should go inward to connect to the Truth within. This will be a great comfort in the trying times ahead. - Ruling Elite is Behind Mexican UFO Acknowledgement At present, while the current push for a New World Order appears to be under the control of an elite group of Anunnaki Remnants which I call the "Vulturites", the real control is under the more cunning group of Anunnaki Remnants, which have been called the "Reptilians". These two groups of Anunnaki Remnants are in perpetual conflict with one another. However, for the time being, the Reptilians are purposely backing off to trick the Vulturites into doing the dirty job of setting up the New World Order before taking it over from them when they feel the time is right. As I have stated a long time ago, most of the consciousnesses of the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants who were previously residing in human bodies predominantly in the United States and some parts of Europe have now shifted their locations to China. Consciousnesses of the Vulturite Anunnaki Remnants have now taken over most of those bodies previously occupied by the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants. The "controller" has an "elite guard" of fighters who are called the "Rumblers". These Rumblers rarely left the "controller's" side in the past. They were only used in desperate situations. However recently, a few of them have arrived on the planet to try to block the Attas, (The Rescuers of the Light, The Amoebas) who are in combat with the "controller" and all its minions. Soon, the Rumblers will arrive on Earth in numbers. This will be a time when the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness will be in heightened conflict. The release of the Rumblers shows just how desperate the "controller" is becoming, especially since the "controller" is compromising its own protection by releasing its elite guard onto the planet. Contrary to popular belief, the Earth is not an important place — it is just one of the final hiding places for the Anunnaki — they have very few places to go to in these final stages of the Correction Process. The Attas are the targets of the Rumblers. The average person could not withstand assaults by the Rumblers; however, the Rumblers are no match for the Attas. Many of these Attas have arrived as "walk-ins" on Earth in humble positions, in female and male human bodies. As a part of the tyrannical plan, the Anunnaki Remnants intend to clone the human mind and insert it into artificial life forms. Worse still, they spread the untruthful propaganda that everyone is a "god" in the making, appealing to the egos and playing upon the ignorance of those receiving this nonsense. There is even the promotion of biological immortality, supposedly under the guidance of the so-called "Ascended Masters". These Ascended Masters, by whatever name they usurp, are actually Anunnaki. What is actually happening by spreading such outrageous and dangerous untruths is that the people's thinking is being altered so greatly that the Anunnaki Remnants hope to capture the spirits of the victims and encapsulate those spirits in a "time capsule". It is the distorted belief of the "controller" that if it could imprison these spirits and could clone artificial spirits, these would have no will of their own, but would be totally at the mercy of the "controller" and its hierarchy. While this sounds like science fiction, it is indeed the plan. This may sound like a very grim picture of the fate of humanity but this time the Attas are here with a whole host of reinforcements. They have come from the future and are amongst us today. As I have stated before, the Anunnaki Remnants are running out of time. Soon, they will be no more. In the meantime, each of us must consciously strengthen our WILL and never give it over to the oppressors. I hope the energy contained in the following words I wrote a year ago will give strength to those who embrace the Light. At the time of publication, many mistakenly thought that the words dealt with the invasion of Iraq. However, they are more current today than they were a year ago. The words follow: Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first. The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble. Internal rebellion will occur in the number one on the top (Vulturite side) which will eventually fall and will be humiliated and punished. The road to Damascus will lead to many places. Bloodshed everywhere will cover the whole earth, streaming far and long. All heads will turn as they witness the horrific end of mankind. Humanity in transit will not rest in peace. The voice of Old will scream out and be heard for miles around. Those who caused the grim will find no place to hide. They will cringe in fear and be breathless. Their hearts will fly out in fear and numbness. Their days of Old will catch up with them. They will cry but no tears will come, they will scream but none will hear them, they will cry for help and forgiveness but none will be given to them. The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron. "Mountains" will turn over to crush the evil ones. The mountain of giants will advance in numbers never witnessed before and march towards "Golgotha" and together the wind of fate will gather strength and push eastwards, northwards, southwards and even to the west. The land of Zion will cry and then will be no more. Hosanna in the highest all will shout but there will be none to hear or sing the song "Hosanna, Hosanna." Here are more words of encouragement for those who find comfort in them. I wrote and published this last July. The crop of the serpent is about to be cut down. The meaning of the boulders is about to be known. The purpose of the quest is about to be realized. The meeting of the fortunates will soon commence. Be not fearful of the events. Be ever on the ready. The serpent has ruled unjustly and unfairly. The bell will toll. The Light will shine. I will soon gather all that are mine. Best Wishes, M 24 Amitakh - Aliens Behind World Government There will be three MAJOR cataclysmic events to befall the Earth. The first one will startle many, however, many will survive the first. The second will take out further numbers, but the third one will be horrendous and few will survive it. These will occur because Evil has reached a saturation point and it is back flushing upon itself. Fireballs appear in the sky; The sky cries with bloodstained eyes; While the ocean floors give out poisonous gas, A smooth, boulder like object is targeted at Alaska; Many places, including Istanbul, Barcelona and several parts of Italy will be devastated; Many of the disasters will be artificially created quakes and floods; Alien shooting wars will be waged in the sky and on the Earth. Those who respect Truth will be attacked even more openly. The appearance of civility by those of the Shadows will be dropped, revealing their vicious nature for all to see. The separation of the wheat from the chaff is unavoidable, but everyone has been given ample opportunity and the free will to choose where they want to be. It is not necessary for the people or other beings to have physical knowledge of the separation process or the Message. All classes of Creation, including the animals, plants, minerals etc. are being sorted out. The spirits within all beings understand what is occurring and the respective spirits have made their choices. The children of the Shadows will continue to mock in vain until the very end. Their scorn is of no consequence. The Path to Liberation from Darkness is narrow, and few chose to travel it. The Path to Destruction is wide, and many chose it. Each must listen to the small, still voice within them, and not be led like sheep by those who would keep them on the Path to Destruction. Like the story of the fallen angels, the children of the Shadows want to take as many down with them as they can. The viable ones are those who have chosen the Light. They may suffer a little longer for now, but soon they will be returning to their Pristine Home, where there is Eternal True Love, Joy, Peace and Purity. - Global Warming: Natural or Artificial? The 22 parts of the Anti-Christ is not by any means complete. There are sub-parts of each of the 22 parts that number into the hundreds. Now that the 22 main parts have been identified, exposed, neutralized and harnessed, the hundreds of sub-parts will crumble. What is to transpire — will transpire. The Attas (for detailed discussion of Attas and The Rescuers see my essays circa 1978-82) and all the Light beings working under The Rescuers will all assist, heal and comfort the beings of Light, especially in the time of CHAOS when the parts of the Anti-Christ are fracturing. The Anti-Christ is the Evil Force that holds the Evil Creation together. The Anti-Christ has a main purpose of avoiding the Correction of the Celestial Error, or delaying it for as long as possible. It knows that Its time is limited, but It will drag it out as long as It can. The Anti-Christ hopes to take as many beings down with It as possible, so It will keep up the illusion that all is well until the very bitter end when it will be impossible to maintain the charade. The "Twelve Sisters" (most of these are "walk-ins" using human male bodies) are now reunited as One Force working with the Christ Energy for the final confrontation with the AntiChrist Energy. The long awaited confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy has very recently taken place. Some of you are aware of the prediction given on 25th May 2003 that the time would come for the Christ Energy to confront the Anti-Christ Energy head-on over the airways. Contrary to expectations which are based upon religious dogma that the Anunnaki sponsored, the real battle took place in relative anonymity, hidden from all but the awares. This confrontation occurred on the airways for all to see and witness (including aware beings on the astral level). It happened at the very moment when the Anti-Christ Energy manifested through Its instrument shamelessly mocking the Divine Mother and blasphemously calling Jesus an evil son of God. Mission accomplished! The Anunnaki elite escaped from their future into the past. That is why they gave the information that 2012 was a marker of the end of this planet. At the time they thought that they could come back here into the past to reset the clock before 2012, but they have been impeded by the Light from doing it. Time is running out for them. The enemies of Light do not truly befriend the children of Light. As the Divine Mother says: "Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose." For the beings of Light, may your hearts remain strong and warm, yet soft and powerful. - The Demise Of The Anti-Christ The "incoming-objects" plan suits the ruling elite's agenda for their One World Government, but what is really happening to the Earth does not. There will be disasters on this planet, but what the ruling elite does not want you to know is that they are primarily occurring because the Earth is collapsing. This is happening because, as I have written some time ago, the consciousness of the Earth, which has been held prisoner by Darkness in Matter for a long time, has been liberated by the Light. This has left the physical Earth as a literal shell, operating robotically. It can no longer self-correct or selfsustain. The shell is dying because of this. Fear not the death of the Earth, but instead rejoice that the consciousness of the Earth is liberated and is no longer imprisoned in Matter. The Earth is unable to cope and is having convulsions everywhere. These are primarily seen by earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, droughts, heat waves, freezes and flooding at this time. However, other things will be apparent soon. The ruling elite see all these things occurring and want to divert everyone's attention from the natural disasters. This diversion is being done for the ruling elite's own agenda to effect the One World Order. This is another key reason for the "incoming object" plan and the press releases about UFO activities at this time. There have long been warnings given that there would be cataclysmic events befalling the Earth. However, because of all the false prophets who are confusing people, even some of the workers of Light are going to be taken by surprise when these events occur. As I stated some years ago, this will be a time when madness and confusion will reign. In the days of darkness and confusion, men and women, young and old, will crumble under the Force which sweeps across this planet. The sky will turn red and black. Total silence will come suddenly after the big Uproar. Many will die due to extremes in temperature. No lives will remain untouched. Only spiritual strength will withstand the "Cold" and the "Fire" of Destruction. Most of North America will be severely destroyed by large-scale earthquakes. The San Andreas fault will fracture completely. Mountains near Big Brother (Mount Rainier) will tremble and Big Brother will burst into flames. Lava will flow westward from Big Brother – the western quarter of Big Brother will be no more. The rumbling sound announces its presence and the seas swallow almost every coastal town from San Francisco to Seattle, leaving part of Seattle as oceanfront property. The Coastal Range will hold back the sea, but the Olympic Mountains will be swallowed mercilessly. Portland, Olympia, and the entire Olympic Peninsula will be under water. Southern California will hear the call and millions will flee east to the mountains. Many will seek refuge in Kansas and Colorado. A series of volcanic eruptions etc. will eliminate Alaska from the Earth. South Carolina will be devastated by a Giant Wind with five prongs. Rhode Island will be totally submerged. Baltimore will be hit by a huge hurricane and will later be totally under water. A worse fate awaits New York. Many parts of South America will also be under water. Madagascar will sink into the sea as the drought worsens in Africa. Diseases and starvation will kill most of its population. Istanbul, Barcelona and parts of Italy will be in ruins and eventually it will break off from the continent and simply disappear into the sea. Much of Europe will be flooded and the sea will continue to rise. The Jutland peninsula too, will be swallowed by the sea. The Midland Plain of the British Isles will meet the same fate as the Danish Peninsula and the Thames will flow no more. Asia will be hit by the worst typhoon ever. Earthquakes, floods and volcanoes will batter it and Japan will sink into the sea. Australia will be relatively safe until the very end although its coastal areas will be swallowed by the sea. All people in the world will be affected by what is taking place and their Mind energy will undergo great change. Civil wars will break out in many countries. No nation will trust the others. There will be chaos surrounding these great disasters. In spite of great waters everywhere, ironically, THE EARTH WILL FINISH IN FLAMES. For these upcoming times, certain sounds have been released by the Light to assist the TrueLight beings. Their spirits have responded to the call of the Light even though many of the physical beings are not aware of these protective and comforting sounds. Again, it does not depend on what religion, belief, colour, gender or age a person is. Its spirit has chosen where it wants to belong. This applies to all classes of Creation, including mineral, vegetable, animal, human and other forms of existence. All viable beings will soon be rejoicing. This is a joyous message for all True beings – Liberation from Darkness at last and the continuation of existence in our Original Pristine Creation. - Watch The Earth - Not The Sky The Earth's magnetic field is primarily the result of a gigantic electromagnet, (a temporary magnet). Therefore, the earth's magnetic field requires electro-energy to keep it intact. Currently, the earth's magnetic field is diminishing. One of the main reasons for the recent power outages in Eastern North America and in the Georgian Republic were the attempts by the Dark Side to replenish the Earth's magnetic field. These were unsuccessful attempts, but, because Darkness is getting very desperate, It will try again. Therefore, further power outages are planned for various parts of the world. Ironically, the Sun's radiation actually diminishes the magnetic field of the Earth. As the Sun's radiation increases, the Earth's magnetic field diminishes. As the magnetic field diminishes, the programming by Darkness begins to break down more and more. The Sun Cruisers are causing the Sun to heat up hotter and hotter, which causes further breaking down of the magnetic field of the Earth and all the other planets in the Solar System. When the Light began correcting this sector, there were still many beings of Light trapped on the Earth. Most of these who were in human bodies have already been evacuated over the last few years. Prior to the evacuation, Darkness would derive a large amount of energy by extracting it from the "civilian" beings of Light. Now in the final stages of the Correction Process, there are only a few "Front-Line Warriors of Light" who are being supplied with a lot of Divine Energy. These are primarily comprised of the Rescuers (the True Divine Mother [not the Earth Mother], the Attas and the True Divine Mother's "Twelve Sisters" and parts and projections of these twelve). [This has been explained in my Discourses on the Nara Web Site]. Therefore, the Dark Side is really desperate for energy at this time. The Divine Mother, the Attas, and the parts and projections of the "Twelve Sisters" are the main carriers and distributors of Divine Energy at this time. This energy that they are carrying and distributing has often been sabotaged and short-circuited by Darkness via magnetism. Darkness accomplishes this via Its "monitor" by deliberately directing magnetic fields at the Light carriers and totally sucks them of all energy. It can take a long time for one of the carriers to replenish after being sucked dry. While the magnetic field is zoomed at them, they cannot receive Divine Energy to replenish themselves. Once they are drained, the field is removed so they can replenish, only to be massively drained once they have been "refueled"by the Divine Side. This cycle has temporarily made it very difficult for the Light Workers because they have limited energy to operate here. While all the Light beings were depleted, Darkness viciously attacked them with negative thoughts and negative emotions by sending them the "Whoak-ka" energy, which comes in very slowly and subtly like poisoned waves that have a tendency to swamp beings in negativity. The "Whoak-ka" energy begins so slowly that it is basically disregarded until it has swamped the being. Once caught in the "Whoak-ka" energy, beings can begin playing a kind of sick game with themselves by intentionally remaining in the negative and destructive mood caused by it. While all of the Attas were able to successfully escape the destructive nature of the "Whoak-ka" energy, the majority of people on Earth would not be able to avoid its "invasion". The Dark Side knows this and will soon release the "Whoak-ka" energy on the general population, which will cause many to go insane. This will be the scene of Terminal Madness. The Evil "monitor" magnetises the bodies of the Light carriers which causes them to be totally drained of their energy and leaves them exhausted and totally spent. On the other hand the evil ones are full of energy due to the fact that they are "polarized". Darkness distributes the stolen energy to various Dark beings to feed their nefarious activities. Geographic distance is no barrier to this type of distribution of the stolen energy. This latest massive drainage attack on the carriers of Divine Energy is but another desperate attempt by Darkness to keep Its failing system afloat. Darkness will not succeed. A solution to this problem has been discovered and implemented already. There is a DEMAGNETISATION process underway but is only available to a select few of the Light carriers for security reasons. - Omni #1 - Demagnetism The Light is dismantling the power of 13. This is being achieved through the power of Five. This is the role of the Fifth Amoeba. Its role is to go directly into the cube to shatter the illusion of the artificial perpetual motion. When the Five goes inside the cube, it shatters by breaking down the joints or corners. As the corners are weakened, the 13 loses its grip and the illusion is shattered. Under the guidance of the First and Second Amoebas, the Fifth Amoeba and all its parts are actively breaking down the false power of WCLU. The Five is literally inside the cube and actively breaking down the barriers. WCLU is trying to discourage and slow down the Five, but WCLU's attempts are futile. The squares and cubes that imprison and suffocate Light beings are in the process of being shattered by the Five. Rejoice, the rule of tyranny is almost over. The joint efforts of many Light warriors under the direction of the Attas are finally to be realized when this virtual reality of virtual realities is finally dismantled. The separation of True-Light beings and False-Light beings is inevitable — those who have chosen of their own freewill to enter the Light will be liberated forever — those who have chose Darkness will remain in Darkness until Darkness is no more. Air, Earth, Water and Fire, the Four major elements, have chosen to enter the Light and soon they will be Liberated from Darkness. - Shattering The Cube It should be noted that the physical/astral dimension was NOT designed by the True Creator. The physical realm, which includes the astral, was an imposition by Darkness which was superimposed over the True Creation. Darkness is an aberration of the True Creation. The True Creator attempted to correct the aberration by pouring Divine Love into it. However, Darkness rejected all attempts at correction or retrieval of It. When Darkness superimposed the physical dimension upon a sector of the True Creation, it trapped many True-Light beings in Matter (Darkness). The Earth is located in this sector. Thus, for aeons many beings of Light have been trapped by Darkness in the physical realm. (For a more detailed explanation of duality, see my article entitled The Source). Amongst those True-Light beings who were trapped in Matter were four Special beings who are known as the Elements — Air, Earth, Water and Fire. These Special beings have been forced to conform to the plan of Darkness, but they have always remained true to the Light. In order to make the sun burn, Darkness needed Earth to form the cube, and Air to provide the fuel for the external combustion engine which generated Fire. A being of Darkness was assigned to oversee the cube's motion. This being was referred to as WCLU in Shattering the Cube. Those letters are only the being's initials. The name of the being is pronounced as Wanchenlu. WCLU is responsible for overseeing motion and also for creating the illusion that there is "no motion" for those who are locked in the merry-go-rounds of motion in this virtual reality. The illusion of "no motion" is why people on Earth do not perceive its daily rotation. Incidentally, WCLU has a weakness in the Element of Water. Water has been able to resist total conformation to the will of Darkness. This is because Water cannot be totally suppressed by the cubed sun. Neither will it follow the dictates of Darkness' agents such as WCLU. Esoterically and physically, that is why the tides ebb and flow, giving all astute observers of Water a clue about WCLU's illusion of "no motion." In other words, Water goes where it wills. Symbolically, water is a means of purification because many spiritual people have intuitively felt that water is as pure an element as possible in this polluted dimension. While WCLU knows that Water is its weakness, it must work within the parameters of a partially water-covered planet. This is because Darkness developed biological "life" or bodies in which to trap True-Light beings. Biological bodies require water to survive. Therefore, WCLU must work with water, but water is its nemesis. WCLU uses other agents of Darkness to help capture and trap water because it cannot do the task itself. Ironically, while the Earth is a huge trap for Light beings, WCLU has less control on the Earth than on many other worlds because there is so much water on the planet. With aid from other beings of Darkness, WCLU is able to trap enormous amounts of water by freezing it. When water is solid, it is forced to conform to the "no motion" illusion of WCLU. Currently, there is rapid global warming occurring on Earth. This is due to the sun heating up, thereby heating the Earth's atmosphere. It is also due to the heating up of Antarctic seas by the Lemurians from under the ice shelves using 3 huge micro-wave-like devices. (For detailed discussion see my article, Global Warming — Natural or Artificial). As the Lemurians heat up the water to free their mother crafts, they release a great deal of the water that WCLU had arranged to be trapped as ice. As more water is freed to express in its liquid form, WCLU will lose a great deal of control of the Earth. Thus, more and more, the illusion of "no motion" is fracturing. As this is occurring, more and more people will see through the illusion of this world of virtual reality. As the sun burns brighter, it also causes deterioration of the Earth's electro-magnetic field. This is happening at such a rapid rate that even the New York Times has recently run feature articles about the phenomenon. As I stated in Demagnetism, the collapsing field has so concerned the ruling elite on Earth that they have been trying to patch up the failing field by blacking out vast areas and diverting the "stolen" power in their attempts to "fix" the electromagnetic field. These power thefts have not been truthfully explained by the governments and the media throughout the world. Current speculation is that the "earth changes" are being caused by a shifting of the polarity of the Earth's poles. This speculation is mainly based upon outdated information. Plans have changed. A polarity shift is no longer going to happen, neither is a shift of the Earth's axis going to take place. Now, the question must be addressed as to why the sun is heating up. It is heating up because the Fifth Amoeba of the Light (an Attas) is actively shattering the cube by using several arraa-tons (sun cruisers) to heat up the sun. These crafts have been photographed around and seemingly within the sun. Ironically, while the corners of the cube form a formidable Light trap, they are also the weakness of the cubed trap. It is also ironic that WCLU's illusion of "no motion" is being used to disassemble the sun by superheating it until it literally burns itself up. Esoterically, the corners and edges of the cube are hard angles that cause conflict, friction, wars, distrust, violence etc. Exoterically, the corners and edges are the principal instruments of friction and heat that cause the sun's atmosphere to blaze. The Designer of the cube planned for conflicts and wars to be caused by motion of the cube. It suspected that the Amoebas of Light would be investigating Its usurpation of the sector of True Creation. It further suspected that were the cubes easily perceived, the Amoebas would stop them immediately. Hence, the Designer used illusions to make the sun and stars appear to be spheroid shapes in the hope that this would confuse and delay the Rescue Operation by the Amoebas of Light. It is the usurpation of this sector by Darkness and Its steadfast refusal to release the trapped True-Light beings that has caused the Light to rescue those True-Light beings who have been held ransom by Darkness for so long. This has culminated in the final stage of the Correction Plan by the Light to liberate Her/His children from Darkness. While the final Purification will be carried out by the Creator of Light, the children of Light who are awaiting the rescue are urged to purify themselves as best they can by rejecting the evils of Darkness in order to help them stay "sane" during the tumultuous times. Many stars have already been extinguished by the method described in this essay. Many of the stars in the sky are no longer burning. We are only seeing the radiant light from long ago in the sky because it takes years for light to reach the Earth from any of the stars. In the Pure Realm, there is no actual air, earth, water or fire. Those were all created by Darkness and were forced upon Special beings whom we know as the Elements Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Once those Special beings are released from Darkness, they will return to their original Divine Abode, along with all the beings who have chosen to enter the Light of their own freewill (the viables). The sun is the product of False Light. Those who have chosen to enter the True Light by their own freewill will welcome this joyous news — the Return to Purity and True Unconditional Love and Peace is nigh. The sceptical ones will continue to vainly mock in their own pitiful ignorance. The desire for liberation from Darkness burns deeply within all children of the True Creator of Light. This yearning for liberation is NOT a psychological escapism. It is something that all True-Light beings have within themselves. They all long for their return to their True Home. Soon the "drumming" will begin — the cubes will all stop spinning — the fires will die — all matter will be gone forever. The viable children of Light who have been trapped here for so long will return Home and rejoice upon their Liberation from Darkness. - Shattering The Cube #2 In the Pure Creation, there is no physical fire. The Keeper knows that Sacred Fire does not burn or scorch like physical fire. A-itu (The Eternal Flame) is a metaphor for Divine Light, to which Its children are all attracted. Divine Light is the Sacred Fire that burns in the spirit of all the Creator's children. Unlike physical fire that intimidates, burns, scorches, blinds and destroys all that approach too closely, Sacred Fire heals, nurtures, enhances, loves and protects as one draws closer. I have retrieved the Sacred Pipe (the "soul" of the Earth) from the womb of the Earth. I have contacted the Keeper. The knowledge of the True Source has been given to those who are ready to accept it. When the Drumming begins the Pure Colour will descend and fill the entire Earth with Its New Energy. Those who will enter the Light will respond to the Drumming and will be awakened by Its Sound, regardless of their race, form, gender, age, beliefs or location. Their spirits will recognise the Sound. Their spirits will recognise the Vibration. Their spirits will recognise the Power of the New Energy and be touched by It. Their spirits will sing in joyous song for they know that the journey Home has commenced. The Divine New Energy will lift them out of their bondage imposed unjustly by the Shadows. Wa'tu Kuato-si. The Sacred Dance will soon begin. The Deer-being will shrink no more for Evil will be eradicated. Even now, as Darkness tries to intercede, the Mother has intervened and prevailed. The Six Fires will soon be extinguished. The Power of the Truth will be recognised by those who love the Creator. The separation of the waves into halves by the Shadows will be rectified and the halves will be re-united into wholes. The Keeper has been given the task by the Mother to activate the resonance of the hearts of the Creator's children, including all classes of Creation from the minerals onwards. When the Drumming commences all the Eagles and the Ancients of Ancients will hear It and know that it is time to return Home. - White Buffalo Woman Announces The Sacred Drumming Of recent, the Anunnaki Remnants have become quite anxious because they sense that things are not working out as they did in the past. They sense a loss of control and direction from "above" and "below". They sense this because their immediate boss, Ikluk, is losing control. Ikluk is becoming frightened by its inability to control the planet through its alien agents. Ikluk's fear is beginning to spiral down to its minions. Initially, the planned implementation of the NWO was to be a gradual imposition. However, things have developed erratically partly due to the fragmentation of this dimension, which is occurring because of the intervention by the Attas of the Light. The failed plans of Darkness have caused It to lose confidence and has created great concern and confusion for It and Its minions. Because of this, the top administrators in the physical are fighting for the top positions and pushing for changes in leadership. As a parallel, this infighting is also going on amongst Ikluk's peers as they are considering toppling their immediate boss. Currently, the Confederation is proposing that there will be a shift to a new dimension, whether this is called an ascendance or a shift to the fourth or fifth dimension or some other process. All of these promises by the Confederation and its agents under various names are designed to mislead the searchers, so that they will not realise the traps they are in and to keep them from ever awakening to the truth. They keep people chasing illusions and hide spiritual duality from the seekers. They have created a false awakening process to fool people into thinking that they have awakened to the truth and are serving the Light. On the contrary, the truth is that many sincere seekers have been fooled into serving Darkness disguised as Truth and Light. Darkness does not have the propensity for Truth or True Love. At best, it only has the appearance of Truth and Love. Darkness invented Its own kind of duality to cover up the truth about the two diverse creations of Light and Darkness. It convinces people that in order to have balance there must be opposites. Thus according to this deception, there must be Darkness to balance Light, Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Black/White, Cold/Hot, Good/Bad etc. This concept of balance always causes True-Light beings to compromise, and when they compromise, they lose awareness. This type of balance only appears to work in this dimension run by Darkness based upon exploitation, suffering, waste and illusions. Someone is always disadvantaged following this balance. In the True Creation, there is no deceptive concept of balance as we see in this dimension. In the original Divine Creation there was no time and space. Even the etheric coverings that currently envelop all "life" forms (including minerals) did not originally exist. Darkness created the etheric coverings as well as Its own astral worlds. Even empty space, which appears quite harmless to us, is a creation of a Dark nature and is packed with all sorts of things that benefit Darkness and harm True-Light beings. Darkness is so vile that It even harms and abuses Its own False-Light beings. A significant aspect of the plan of Darkness is to waste resources. This built-in wastage is designed to cause suffering, frustration, confusion and entrapment. Waste is so foreign to Light beings that they are totally disadvantaged by this design. Waste can be seen everywhere in the Dark overlay of this dimension. The sun wastes its heat and light. People waste as a consequence of their programming, ignorance and irresponsibility, and all biological bodies produce waste products. Further, things manufactured by humans are also designed to waste resources. For instance, cars waste petrol because they are inefficient. Everything here is inefficient because a key to the design of Darkness is to waste. Darkness has exploited the finer energy "waves" of the True Creation and divided them by introducing disharmonious, spiralling energy waves. The "waves" from the True Creation originally carried pure information, but the spirals corrupted the pure waveforms into illusory traps such as time and motion. This division of waveforms has caused the finer energy from the True Divine Creation to polarize and separate. Again, Darkness wastes this Divine Energy in the hope that the Mother will pour in more and more of Her Energy in her effort to win over Darkness. The wastage is a means of exploitation — everything in this dimension works on the premise of exploitation, such as the food chain, survival of the fittest etc. Darkness pretends to seek the Light, but that is all a deception, as Darkness has a single agenda — to exploit and destroy all Light beings by contaminating them and threatening to soil the True Creation. While there are those who espouse the doctrine that fear and evil cannot tolerate the Light, the reverse is true — evil thrives upon exploitation of the Light, which is what the so-called "war of good versus evil" is all about. It should be understood that there is not really a war per se, only a Rescue Mission for the Liberation from Darkness. Darkness thrives on conventional wars, which is why wars are so prevalent in this dimension. Apart from the monetary gain for the ruling elite, wars are effective means of extracting energy via emotions. This energy is used to drive and sustain Darkness. To see how important wars are to the ruling elite, review their true feelings in The Report from Iron Mountain, which concludes that peace is so impractical as to be nearly impossible to conceive of on this planet. Instead of a war, what is really occurring is a rescue mission of viable True-Light beings from this prison called Earth. The only fighting that is taking place in which the Light is involved is for the rescue of the hostages. Darkness is holding onto these hostages tightly and will not release them. Therefore, the Light is being forced to literally turn off the sun and fracture the virtual realities within virtual realities in order to eradicate Evil and Its "prisons" (virtual realities). See Shattering the Cube and Break Point. Since time immemorial, Darkness has kidnapped and trapped many True-Light beings, and is systematically spiritually assassinating them. Darkness holds these beings ransom. In order to sustain these trapped beings until the Correction Process is completed, the Mother has continued to pour Her Love into this dimension. This Love will be withdrawn shortly because all the viable True-Light beings will soon be retrieved from this dimension and returned to their True Home. From the time since the initial corruption of a portion of the Divine Creation occurred, the Mother has poured Her Love into the corrupted portion in the hope of winning it back and retrieving all the trapped True-Light beings. Over a long, long time, Her act of Love has in fact been exploited by Darkness. Darkness refused correction and refused to release the trapped beings. Unfortunately, Evil is so foreign to True-Light beings that they are easy prey for Darkness. That is why so many True-Light beings have been spiritually assassinated by Darkness. Thus the Rescue Mission commenced in full swing, during which time many High Beings who were sent down in the early stages of the Mission were severely damaged or totally lost to Darkness. In fact, a great many True-Light beings have been lost to Darkness and cannot be retrieved. For all intents and purposes, once a True-Light being is lost to Darkness, the being resembles a being of Darkness. This is a sad, grievous situation. It should be realised that Evil is the personalized mind of beings of Darkness. Therefore those who have to dwell within the realm of these Evil minds are subjected to their influence. Many of those who have come into the Evil creation to correct It have been affected by Darkness. Subsequently, safeguards have been installed and situations are checked continuously for infiltration by Darkness. It is only because of these safeguards that the Rescue Mission has succeeded. Darkness pretends to be contrite when It has no remorse whatsoever. Its deception is designed to cunningly try to fool the Light into sharing more Love with Darkness. This act slows the Rescue process while Darkness drags more and more True-Light beings into Darkness via all types of entrapments. The more True-Light beings Darkness traps, the more Energy It steals to sustain Its Evil Creation. Thus, under these serious circumstances, the Light has no choice but to withdraw Its Light and retrieve all that can still be retrieved. It is very sad to leave all these lost True-Light beings behind, but it is absolutely necessary to do so. The Light has determined that It must cut Its losses and begin the countdown for the retrieval of all the remaining viable True-Light beings before they too are lost to Darkness. Ikluk is violently resisting the countdown to the withdrawal of Light from this dimension. It matters not how vigorously Ikluk resists, the Light is about to commence the release of Its New Energy which will be "felt" around the world by the inner beings of all viable TrueLight beings. This awakening signal will be sent by the Fourth Amoebas of the Light. At the same time, the Fifth Amoebas of the Light are fracturing the illusion that is being maintained by the sun. All viables will then inwardly know (although their physical minds might not be aware of it at all) that Liberation from Darkness has finally arrived and they will prepare and purify themselves by aligning their Will to the original Divine Will. Just imagine what will happen when the Four Major Elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire), which are all viable True-Light Beings, awaken to the vibration of the New Energy! Soon, all the viable True-Light beings, including the workers of the Light, will be retrieved from this dimension. When this occurs, all that will remain here will be False-Light beings and their followers. What will remain then will only be the False Light. Even though the Joyous Day is close at hand, the dedicated True-Light workers continue to diligently and selflessly assist in bringing about the completion of the Liberation from Darkness. Soon, they too will be returning Home! After the retrieval of the True-Light beings from this dimension, those remaining on the Earth will begin to express more and more in their true natures — hate, jealously, bitterness, evilness, selfishness, deception, deceit, exploitation, cruelty, bullying, infliction of fear, pain and suffering upon others, and all forms of Darkness will prevail. The evil aliens are getting desperate because in the last few months some have begun to realise that Time will not be re-started as it has been many times before. They suspect that the repeating cycles of ages will abruptly end. While many have built underground shelters to weather the catastrophes associated with time re-starts, they suspect the Earth is fracturing and that they are no longer in control of the situation. They are now beginning to panic. The media have withheld a great many important stories from the public to keep them in the dark. The aliens are now taking over human bodies en masse at this time in the hope that they can openly return to the surface of the planet in their alien forms instead of hiding underground or in the sky. They need to do this very quickly so they can take over control of the planet instead of relying upon human co-operation. When the aliens have taken over enough of the world leaders, they will be accepted here in their own alien forms. The aliens must integrate so they can build their much needed escape crafts as quickly as possible, however, their escape plan is futile. The Light has control of the situation. Darkness has chosen Its own path to destruction. Darkness is a parasitic intelligence, which cannot exist without nourishment from the Light. That is why Darkness will collapse once the Light is withdrawn. The Light has every right to retrieve all of Its own. The long-awaited day of Liberation from Darkness is a Joyous Event for all those who believe in Truth, Love and Liberty. - Free At Last! The truth is that the Creator is about to rescue his/her children from the Shadows. As long as there are Shadows, there can be no unification. The Shadows will be eradicated and all the children of the Creator with pure hearts will re-unite with the Creator, regardless of their colour, race or forms. Indeed, the White Buffalo Woman has returned with her seven flying White Buffalos. She was never in the rainbow as some corrupted legends claim because rainbows were "created" by the Shadows. She directs all to seek purification by aligning their will to the Will of the Creator. White Buffalo Woman comes from the south, as she told the Kiowa Apaches that she would. She has already retrieved the Sacred Pipe from the womb of the Earth. The Creator will soon liberate all her/his children from the Shadows and guide them across the Mountains of Peace where they will soon be safely Home. Very soon, the split feather will be joined and become ONE. The split feather represents the separation of the children from the Creator. They have been trapped here and imprisoned in the Shadows for a long, long time but before long, they will be reunited with the Creator. The SPLIT FEATHER shall become ONE with the Creator. And so it is. The Sacred Drumming will soon commence and the hearts of all Creator's children who have remained true to the Creator, in whatever forms they exist (stones and mountains, trees and forests, rivers and seas, birds and animals, humans, planets and so on) will respond to the beat of the Sacred Drum. The Sacred Drum will awaken their spirits in preparation for their journey Home. Their spirits will resonate to the Sound. The Drumming will signal the eradication of Evil. Children of the Creator should ever keep in their hearts and minds the Purity of the White Buffalo and strive to maintain Purity as best they can while awaiting their return Home to the Creator. Taya-katu. Rejoice. Wahi-kalu Pa-u-ki. Your heart has chosen its own path. The spirits of all those who choose to enter the Love of the Creator will be completely healed. Walk in Peace. Walk in Love. Walk in Truth. Walk in Purity. The ones of Love and Peace shall enter the Spirit of Light, where there are no more tears, no more suffering, no more wars and no more Shadows. The ones who choose to follow the Shadows shall remain with the Shadows until the Shadows are no more. Each will make their free will choice. Now that the truth is spoken, the word "Calf" can finally be removed from the title of White Buffalo Woman — the word "Calf" was added to her name long after she walked with the Kiowa Apaches. It was added by the Lakota people, whose marauders massacred the innocent, worthy recipients of White Buffalo Woman's teachings and blessings over 2000 years ago. So I have written. So it will be. White Buffalo Woman has spoken. Nara — White Buffalo Woman - The Long Awaited Truth About White Buffalo Woman Although Darkness has hijacked, corrupted and twisted nearly every Divine Message that has been presented on Earth, it is not because the Light is weak, but instead because Darkness is so putrid. Each time a Divine Messenger was sent, the Light gave Darkness another opportunity to turn to the Light. Each time Darkness persecuted or murdered a Divine Messenger or distorted a Divine Message or both, It showed itself to be unrepentant and lacking any redeeming value. Darkness cannot truly respond to Divine Love or Truth. When Darkness obscures and corrupts Truth like It did with regard to Jesus and White Buffalo Woman and other Divine Messengers, It often carries the corrupted message to the people. Many True-Light beings are attracted to these corrupted teachings because they inwardly recognise the Divine origin even through the distorted teachings. But, when the true version is presented, all True-Light beings will inwardly recognise it even if they have to go through an inwardly conflicting period. Soon all True-Light beings will awaken inwardly — although not necessarily on the conscious level. When the awakenings occur the False-Light beings will become ever more threatened and insecure as they inwardly know their own identities and become aware of their impending demise. False-Light beings will begin to express more and more intolerance, belligerence and generally caustic behaviour. However, their own darkness will engulf them and all their dark arrows they send will be reflected back to them. True-Light beings will soon feel an inward liberation and joy despite all the chaos, injustice and suffering engulfing the planet. Inwardly, they know who they are and will feel Peace within for they know that at last Liberation from Darkness is at hand. There has been a tremendously favourable response to my writings from all parts of the world. Those who favourably respond to my writings have an inner knowing because we came from the same Source. I wish to thank all those who have written so many touching and supporting letters. To all True-Light workers, I wish you Love and Peace. You are not alone. Love and Blessings to all the children of our True Creator. Amitakh - Final Reflections There was a time when all was Right — when that which was, was all that was — but that time was lost when things turned Wrong. The Wrong drew many on that course — the Path to utter Destruction. The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed. Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their will. It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption. Most who took the Lure struggled little. These gave their will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These who have given over their will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship. It is also for these lost ones that the Rescue Mission was commenced — not to bring them Home for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong. Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more. The time of the Rescue is now because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their will to resist. The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them. It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now. The time is now. All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away. For those who struggle against the Wrong — Rejoice! Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures. Strength is given to those who ask as the Love of the Mother/Father Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea. This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain the viable ones. Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be Liberated from Darkness. Rejoice. The day is drawing near. Be strong until that time for very soon all who have struggled with all their will shall be rescued and safely returned to their True Divine Home. The time is indeed very close. Soon all that is will all be Right — when all that is, is in the Light. This is The Promise from the Divine Creator. The Drumming will soon commence. The New Energy will be released to Liberate those who have remained faithful to the Light. The Warriors are about to fight their final battles on all levels. Victory is assured for the Light. The Journey Home will soon commence for all the True-Light beings who have valiantly struggled against enormous odds. Take the Divine Love with you always, and It will carry you Home. May the Love and Blessings of A-itu — The Eternal Flame — be with you. - Final Reflections #4 Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers) The Sacred Drumming has commenced. The separation of Light particles from Darkness has begun. The journey Home will soon begin. Many will see a change in the atmosphere of the world. The terminal madness of the end time will now engulf the world! As terminal madness is most pronounced on the mental level, you could all experience various degrees of the mental anguish, despair, confusion, fear etc. that was released en masse when Ikluk's parasitic attachment was severed from the Light. Ikluk represents Darkness. The act of allowing the part of the projection of the Mother to attach to Ikluk was really the supreme expression of Divine Love for all the Divine Creation. It does not matter even if the event involved only a projection of Ikluk. I am aware that Ikluk has planned to hide his full self to avoid the Correction and attempt to restart yet another pseudo creation. As Ikluk's illusion becomes less and less effective now, more and more people will begin to see through the deception. Things all around us are now breaking down. Some of these things will be more obvious than others at first. The media, which is controlled by the ruling elite, will not report much of what is occurring. Even when the media does report, it will not be done faithfully. Take for instance, last month on the day of the Sacred Drumming (27th September 2004), there occurred in Brisbane, Australia, an incident of a bomb scare in the central business district on Adelaide Street. The road and the surrounding area were sealed off. The media was quiet about this. Again in Brisbane, on the day of Ikluk's "Excavation" event, there was an earthquake in Brisbane (which is not an earthquake area) and the media reported it as a sonic boom from military exercises. Anyone who has been through sonic booms and earthquakes knows the difference. The media could not convince most of the people who felt the quake that it was a sonic boom. It is ironic that initially, the ruling elite staged many of the problems in the communications industry for their own purposes. However, now the ruling elite is facing the onset of the very problems that they manufactured, and it will lead to chaos, much like their Dark Master who is losing control of this realm that is falling into chaos. All things in "nature" will soon be affected and behave out of the ordinary. Here at Alukar Heights we have already seen offspring from ducks and chickens that leave their mothers when only two weeks old. We have seen unprecedented growth of ducklings and chicks. A few days ago some of our new-born ducklings that were about 4 weeks old had an overnight growth spurt and became the size of adult ducks in one night! These ducklings still lack full wings, but they have enormous bodies, legs, feet and heads for their age. Many have mature features that usually take over a year to normally develop. Even the ducklings' feathers changed colours overnight from light grey to black. Their feet are bigger than all the adult ducks and roosters here. These ducks are Muscoveys, which are large ducks. All the ducks and ducklings and chicks are fed the same food, but some grew enormously big overnight and others did not. A veterinarian here has no answer for the sudden growth and seemed rather nervous at being quizzed about it. Some of you may become more sensitive to energies now. This can cause some difficulties because you may encounter beings that carry very putrid energies. The more sensitive you are to those energies, the more affected you can become by them. It is imperative to cleanse your aura daily and especially after you have been in contact with negative energies. Do keep in mind that what is coming is NOT Judgment Day like the Bible puts it. It is NOT the brimstone and hellfire preached by Paul of Tarsus and his followers along with the false prophets of the Anunnaki. The word "judge" is used in so many ways, both positively and negatively, that its use can cause confusion to some. To survive in this realm, one has to make many judgments everyday. You have to judge what clothing is adequate for the day, whether there is enough petrol in the car for a particular trip, whether someone is to be trusted in a business dealing, whether bathwater is a safe temperature for a baby etc. Thus, the use of the word "judge" has many implications. Likewise, the separation of the TrueLight beings from the False-Light beings is based upon the choice individuals have made (they are not being judged by anyone in the strictest sense of the word — they have judged themselves — thus, it is Judgment Day for themselves). Sadly, many have chosen to serve Darkness; these are the False-Light beings. To restate the above, the Divine does NOT really judge who is worthy and who is unworthy. All individual consciousnesses have chosen their own paths. Each consciousness has chosen whether it truly desires to return to the Light or to remain in Darkness. Hence, each consciousness is in effect, its own judge and has made its own choice. This separation could be painful to those who have biological family members who will not be amongst those returning Home to the Light. But everyone and everything has made his/her/its own choice, including Ikluk. Nobody could make the choice for them. All have been given countless chances and assistance to return to the Light. However, if you view those who will be returning Home as your "true" family, then the process will be much easier for you. After all, those who are affiliated with you in this life might wear the façade of friends and family, but they are actually your bitter enemies from many past lives. (An enemy is anyone or anything that is deliberately instrumental in obstructing your path back to the Light). There are those who propose to others that they should work through relationships to overcome blocks for those who cannot get along with certain others. The reason that many people do not get along well is because of their different essences. (That is: one has chosen to return to the Light and the other has chosen to remain in Darkness). In order to establish harmony in these circumstances, usually, one has to give in to the other. In this world of Darkness, usually it is the True-Light being who has to compromise at the risk of weakening their will. This situation is different from programmed disharmony where two people of the same essence who still fight one another even though they like each other. At this time of final separation of True-Light beings from False-Light beings, it is imperative that people not give their will over to Darkness. It is not a time for individuals to judge who will return to the Light or who will remain in Darkness. Nobody can be certain of such things except the True Creator. No matter what walk of life you are in, remember to allow the Divine to be an integral part of your existence. Remain focused on the Light every day and let It become a natural part of your existence. Now that the Sacred Drumming and the "Excavation" event have occurred, things will progress rapidly as the Light is withdrawn from this dimension. With the release of the Four Elements, soon things will become unpredictable. When the Four Elements were imprisoned and under the control of this dimension, things were relatively predictable in this Virtual Reality. As they relied upon the predictability of things because of the Four Elements, the ruling elite have set about manipulating things by staging some weather events such as storms, some natural events such as earthquakes, some technological events such as internet and communications disruptions, some power outages to divert vast amounts of energy, some terrorist events etc. The Big "O" who is supposedly being actively hunted by the ruling elite is in fact part of the plan to bring in the New World Order. They do not want to catch their own agent at this time. The ruling elite has staged many events to bring about tighter control of the people. They have pre-ordained "elections" in various countries. These farcical elections are occurring because many world leaders are either alien consciousnesses or under the control of alien beings. Many events are staged with the main purpose of eliminating certain liberties from the people. Everything is turning "global" - global phone cards, global banking, global travel, global economy, global village, global internet services etc. This is the design of the ruling elite. But these staged events are starting to backfire upon the ruling elite. These staged events will now be returned to the senders manyfold. Natural and unnatural earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and floods will intensify and increase in number. Natural events will soon begin to behave erratically since the Four Elements are no longer under the full control of Darkness. Wars and terrorist attacks, all being written by their own hand before, will now return to haunt the ruling elite and their supporters. Now that the ruling elite has laid the foundation for bringing in the NWO, they are now introducing more sophisticated ideas via movies and television programmes. Many of these contain information that the ruling elite wants to disseminate and imprint upon the minds of the populace. One of the latest television shows with this intent is called The 4,400. This show has the overt message that aliens are here to help, but they just do not understand how to communicate well with humans so humans need to be patient with aliens and accept them as they appear to be. It also contains a great amount of programming energy to the unawares. For instance, the majority of people are unsuspecting of the programming that occurs because of different lighting schemes used in the films. The ruling elite are also introducing more sophisticated and dangerous computer video games. This started with children playing relatively harmless video games, but it has progressed and many of the games mind-control mechanisms for both children and adults are being introduced to the unsuspecting public. They are programmed to be addictive. They do this by triggering certain things in human minds through imagery, sounds, lighting etc. in the interaction between the human mind and the objects in the game. Some of these games can "enter" the minds of the players and can actually "live" there and interfere with the player's life thereafter. The ruling elite intend to introduce very deep space mind trigger video games which can split the human mind into artificial realities within the Virtual Reality of the games. These at first will be seen as enjoyable escapes for the players. But, if the player gets caught in the game it will exacerbate the mental condition of the player at a critical time when terminal madness is spreading. What is about to transpire will represent the darkest hour in human history! Many people are aware that the ruling elite has hijacked airplanes, blown up buildings, caused wars, murdered civilians, disrupted power supplies etc. to bring in draconian legislation for the NWO. These tactics will be their own undoing. The ruling elite will now face real wars that they have not planned, real revolutions that they have not designed, real earthquakes that they have not staged, real terrorist attacks that they did not plan, real power outages that they did not anticipate, real chaos that they did not expect nor can they control. They will use the media to colour the "news" and report what they are ordered to report and attempt to keep control of the people by using the media to misinform and black out the news. However, as the communications networks break down, it will take a great deal of effort by the ruling elite to keep up the illusion that all is still well. When the people start to see that all is chaotic, the fireworks will really begin. Remain calm in the time of chaos. Remain alert. Focus on Divine Love and Light. May the Peace of A-itu be with you. - Final Reflections #6 Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas The Drumming has commenced. The Marching is well on the way. The road to Damascus was completed in September 2004. The North, South, East and West will be covered with dust before the rains wash it away. The hearts of men, women and children of all ages and races will stand before the Blazing Light. The ones attracted to the Blazing Light shall pass through and enter the City of Love, Beauty and Peace for they have chosen the Light. No more tears. No more fear. No more hunger. No more pain. No more suffering. No more evil. It is time to let go of old things that hold you back. It is time to let go of hurt, guilt, anger and other negative emotions. Instead, focus on the Love, Light and Purity of the Divine. Ata-ka-yu-di. Beginning and end. Watsa-ki-u-ti. All things shall follow. What is in your heart. What is in your mind. What is in your spirit. All these must be pure in order for the Divine Power to express through them. Follow the footsteps of the Warriors to reach the Land of Joy, Happiness, Love, Purity and Peace. One Voice, one Vibration, one Love, one Power, for all who are the True Creator's children. The ones of Love will enter the Love Spirit. The ones of Hate will be left in the land of Darkness. Each has made his/her/its choice. Each will follow his/her/its path. No more tears. No more wars. No more hate. Taya-katu. Rejoice. Makluk is one of the biggest enemies of the Light for he is the one who has the most control of the other agents of Darkness. Ikluk is a later version of the Evil Controller. It will now become much more obvious that this dimension is drawing closer and closer to the expression of the Evil Mind. Thus, horrifying evil will soon express in this realm. Already many people have encountered sudden and severe headaches caused by the poison that is emitted from the "minds" of the beings who are the darkest of the dark. This can happen at a supermarket or shopping centre. It can happen on the telephone or the internet. It can happen while driving a car. It can happen almost anywhere. This happens because dark physical beings and unseen ones automatically direct their poison at True-Light beings. The Light has no beginning and no end. However, Darkness has a beginning. It began when things went wrong. Darkness refused correction and so the problem developed . . . Thus the problem developed when the Evil Mind refused correction and instead defiantly went Its own way against the Light. The Evil Mind created many Virtual Realities to trap True-Light beings and for other purposes. All of the Virtual Realities grew beyond the expectations of the Evil Mind because they are new to It. The Evil Mind was so proud of Its creation of Virtual Realities that It created a miniature Artificial Reality so It could always watch and gloat over Its creation. The Virtual Realities have grown so vast that the Evil Mind lost track of their boundaries and functions. The Evil Mind is insane and Its own madness has been the blueprint for creating the Virtual Realities, which have become so far-fetched that even It cannot totally grasp Its own creation anymore. It has lost control of Its own creation and has left Its Virtual Realities to their own means. Those who administer the Virtual Realities for the Evil Mind are unaware that they have been cut loose by their Master. It should be mentioned that the Artificial Reality is separate and apart from the Virtual Realities that were created by the Evil Mind. Hence, the Artificial Reality and the Virtual Realities are independent creations. Although the Evil Mind is still controlling the Artificial Reality, It is rapidly losing control of the Artificial Reality because of the breaking down of the Virtual Realities. The Artificial Reality is built within the Virtual Realities but it was originally intended that the Artificial Reality would have no association whatsoever with the Virtual Realities. The Artificial Reality was not supposed to control or influence the Virtual Realities. The Artificial Reality is like a confined, mind-traffic control that mirrors the minds that are within the Virtual Realities. Thus, the Artificial Reality is intended to function independently of the Virtual Reality and Virtual Realities within the Virtual Reality. Those in the Virtual Realities are unaware of the Artificial Reality and vice versa. It is the plan of the Evil Mind to gain control of the minds of those in the Virtual Realities in hopes that It can regain control of the Virtual Realities again, should something else go wrong within the Virtual Realities. From the Artificial Reality, the Evil Mind had hoped to be able to read and monitor everything in the Virtual Realities, including other minds that enter Its creation. With the miniaturized Artificial Reality, the Evil Mind thought that It could keep tabs on Its entire creation for It does not trust even Its own Archons. The Artificial Reality is built upon Its own codes, just as the Virtual Realities are built upon their respective codes. Unknown to the Evil Mind at the time of the conception of the Artificial Reality, the Artificial Reality acts like a magnet attracting mind energy from the Virtual Realities. Those mind energies emit codes similar to the Artificial Reality codes, which has caused a mingling and occasionally bridges the Virtual Realities with the Artificial Reality. This has caused a great deal of confusion and many problems as the Realities mix together. In effect, the Artificial Reality is a hollow that swallows all forms of imagination and thought forms that go on in the realm of Virtual Realities. Yet, the Virtual Realities have no control over the Artificial Reality. The Artificial Reality can be linked to many human-made things such as, interactive movies, video and computer games that allow players to explore and fantasize while actively participating on the mental level. As a game takes a player into a world of Virtual Reality, the mind of the player can "jump" into or "connect" with the realm of the Artificial Reality. In other words, when a human mind enters the Virtual Reality of a computer game it can accidentally "jump" and cross over to the Artificial Reality. Many minds are already partially trapped in the Virtual Reality of certain complex games. While it is dangerous for a mind to become partially trapped in a Virtual Reality, it is fatal for one to be trapped in the Artificial Reality. The Artificial Reality was initially created by the Evil Mind for Its personal use like a computer model of Its own creation. But, because the Evil Mind did not anticipate the consequences of Its own Artificial Reality, It has created a monster beyond Its own comprehension and control. Therefore, in a sense, even the Evil Mind is caught in Its own creation - the Artificial Reality. On a micro level, when an individual mind enters the Artificial Reality, a part of the mind becomes trapped in the Artificial Reality. If this is a human mind, it can be split and can manifest as schizophrenia or disorientation on the physical level. As I have stated before, the plans for the New World Order have been introduced on other planets before. The design is to eventually trap everyone in the Virtual Realities so the ruling elite can control the populations via the minds of the people. Even though the Evil Mind has lost control of the Virtual Realities, the agents of Darkness are unaware of this and they continue to operate as before. Therefore, the Virtual Realities are growing into bigger and bigger monsters. In all previous planetary conquests for the NWO, the Artificial Reality has held together and there was no bridging with the Virtual Realities in the process. However, partly because the entire Evil creation is breaking down, and partly because of the mingling of the codes from the Virtual Realities to the Artificial Reality, a new monster has been created. The ruling elite on Earth are unaware of the existence of the Artificial Reality, but they are aware of how to gain control of minds of people via computer games, video games, simulated rides in amusement parks, etc. The ruling elite is ignorant that by unwittingly accessing the Artificial Reality with these sophisticated mind-controlling mechanisms they are causing serious problems that they do not understand. However, they are so hungry for power that they use these tools because they work for them, even though they do not fully understand the consequences and the side effects. It should be pointed out that even the Evil Mind that created the Artificial Reality is unaware of many of the consequences of Its own creation that is running amok. The ruling elite on Earth are seriously exacerbating the situation by delving into uncharted territories which are unwittingly modifying the Artificial Reality and even the Evil Mind, driving It crazier. We are now at such a dangerous stage of the self-mutating Artificial Reality that the Light has no viable choice but to shut down the Artificial Reality, which will automatically affect all Virtual Realities. It should also be stressed that before I published this article, the agents of Darkness in this Virtual Reality were unaware of the existence of the Artificial Reality. This Artificial Reality is very different from the idea of artificial intelligence that many scientists have discussed. Before the Light is able to close down the Artificial Reality, many minds will be partially or completely "sucked" into the Artificial Reality. This will be a period of extreme chaos. This will be the darkest hour of human history. Many so-called esoteric teachers will tell you that all ideas are conceived in the astral world before they arrive in the physical. They claim that all inventions owe their inspiration to the astral world. If that be the case all evil ideas are also spawned in the astral before they arrive in the physical. That goes to show that the claim that all ideas are conceived in the astral is flawed. However, sometimes ideas do originate in the astral first. Incidentally, the astral world is even more chaotic than the physical, but the chaos is well hidden from the residents of the astral dimension. Some people are unjustly and maliciously critical of the Light for not preventing specific evil deeds from occurring to certain ones in the physical, such as the recent beheadings of certain victims in Iraq. I say to these people: "The Light Warriors are not your personal genies. The Correction by the Light is far more important than anyone in the physical can appreciate." Those who make such complaints and dare to judge the Light have exposed themselves. Yet, these are often the ones who will never lift a finger to help the Light. More and more, horrible stories about horrendous things done to others will surface. This will include things done to humans, animals, plants etc. It will hurt the children of Light because there is a spark of Love in all the children of the True Creator. However, we need to remember not to be emotionally blackmailed by the Evil Controller and Its Archons and minions. What is going to happen, will happen. It is inevitable. The NWO is well on the way to full implementation. Recent "elections" have given control of all houses to the heads of states in some countries. The "elections" have to appear close to avoid suspicion, but it is imperative that full control of government be retained by the existing government. This step has happened on other planets before when the NWO was implemented. Under the plans used on the other planets, the illusion that officials are elected by the people will be maintained until the power is such that the ruling elite can control by fiat. Then the illusion of freedom and democracy will be openly eliminated. At this point small pockets of ineffective resistance will form around the world that will forever be hunted by the ruling elite's army or police. The Vulturites will continue to progress victoriously in the implementation of the NWO. Once the prize is won, the Reptilians will come and take the spoils. As I have said before, the Reptilians are allowing the Vulturites to do all the dirty work and are laying in wait to pounce at the most opportune time. That will be when alien wars will become obvious on Earth. Things are not always what they appear to be. Many who appear to be "saints" in the eyes of millions are in fact evil demons in disguise. If anyone claims that he/she was not ever confused on this plane, that person is either lying or sadly unaware. It is impossible not to be confused in this realm of confusion at least at times. Let the Light do Its work. You can help by doing your best to connect and remain connected to the Light. The beings of Darkness will continue to attack you unjustly but never give in to them. Their minds will fracture and they will begin to express the madness of the time. NEVER give your will over to Darkness, regardless of physical discomforts or material disadvantages it may cause you. Do as best as you can under the circumstances. Let the Light establish a Peace within you in spite of the outer chaos and confusion. May the Light of A-itu (the Eternal Flame) surround you and fill you with the Strength you need in the coming days. - Final Reflections #8 The aliens who are behind the NWO on Earth will have tremendous difficulties that their ancestors never faced because of the unprecedented break down of this dimension. In prior conquests of planets, there was no dimensional breakdown. What will soon occur, because of the dimensional breakdown, is that more and more people will start to "see" beyond the human masks that are worn by alien consciousnesses. This will have startling consequences. For example, in many families there may be different alien groups represented. Thus, in a family there might be a Reptilian mother, a Vulturite father, and children who are Masa-karas, Greys, Kuka or other Anunnaki aliens. Of course there could also be some of human consciousness and some Rescuers of the Light in the same family too. Imagine when the masks are all removed and people see each other as they really are! Will that not be a shock? Just imagine the consequences of this revelation! Since the aliens have intermingled all around the planet and many of these aliens are bitter enemies, as the masks fall away, hostilities will explode everywhere on micro and macro scales. Civil wars could abound. People may revolt against leaders of opposing alien roots. The United States will be deeply engulfed in revolts within and outside their boundaries. As a prelude to all-out belligerence, things are going to deteriorate rapidly in the Middle East. There were to be 8 signs before everything would finally break loose. Seven of those signs have already come to pass and their respective events have transpired. The removal of Yasser Arafat from power was the seventh sign of the times. There is only one sign left to fulfil, and that will be the end of it. It must always be borne in mind that for the NWO to be implemented, governments in power will have to have maximum power and control to make things happen according to the NWO plans. Therefore control of the respective houses and senates is imperative. Once the NWO is achieved, the illusion of elections will be removed entirely because there will be no need for them to hide and pretend any longer and it will be too late for any effective resistance. However, as stated above, the final achievement of the NWO will not occur in the way it is planned by the ruling elite because apart from other factors, when the alien masks drop, it will be total chaos everywhere. Many people speak of liberty and freedom, BUT in reality, there is very little liberty on this planet. At best, there is only the APPEARANCE of freedom. The aliens have already implemented many means of eavesdropping and monitoring all facets of human life. They have devices that can listen in to what you say without conventional hook-up methods. How many of you have an inkling that you are being listened to and watched while working on your computer or watching television? This is not science fiction, nor is it paranoia. When the alien battles intensify, people will begin to see human military fighter jets dropping from the sky for no apparent reason. This will be done by aliens directing "invisible" beams at their targets. Conventional aircraft will have no chance whatsoever against these weapons. Already huge crafts from other systems are appearing in our night skies. Some of you might have seen a type of huge, unlighted, silent craft slowly gliding across the night skies. These are different from the multi- coloured light ones often seen in the sky. These gigantic unlighted ones only arrived here a few months ago. These crafts are from Orion and they are not to be trusted. Orion has been the headquarters for various Anunnaki groups for a long, long time. Although they are Anunnaki crafts, they are not from the Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth a long time ago as they will not return for the upcoming battles. There are currently 5 of these huge crafts near the Earth at this time. Their shape is very different from any previously sighted from the Earth. They look flat and ugly, somewhat resembling the underside of a fully-fed paralysis tick without the head and legs. They are not visible in the daytime because they have invisible cloaking shields. For some reason, the shields are down at night. If you happen to spot one of these crafts at night, I would strongly suggest you NOT try to contact it telepathically. Those who have been following my writings are aware that there are also many crafts of the Rescuers of the Light that are here at this time. Apart from other functions, these crafts monitor the Rescuers and other Light workers who are on Earth. They are aware of the attacks by the Dark ones upon the Light workers. These attackers have been marked and will be dealt with justly in due course. The ironic thing is that the more attacks launched at this time against Light workers, the more the attackers will be disadvantaged and weakened. Remember, the Rescuers of the Light are NOT at war with the Dark aliens. The Rescuers are only retrieving their own kind before the Earth is destroyed by Darkness, but they will retaliate against the Dark ones when necessary to defend their mission. On another note, those who have alien roots will begin to experience a "split" in their lives. It will confuse a lot of people who are in these circumstances and they will think that they are going crazy. What will be happening is that the alien part will begin to recall some past memories, but these recollections will be incoherent at first. Those who can survive the early stages of remembering without being poisoned by anti-psychotic drugs will begin to stabilize. As they stabilize, they will begin to realize that they have both human and alien existences that are simultaneously being expressed in this life. This will be confusing and frightening to most people at first. However, as they start to adjust to the "dual-personality" of their existences, they will just function quite normally without even thinking about their "dualpersonality". It will be like someone wearing two distinctly different hats. For example a head of state can also be a father or a mother. The more informed ones will adjust much quicker than those taken completely by surprise. However, once the adjustment occurs, it will greatly advantage those who have adjusted to the "dual-personality" circumstances. For those of us who have lived with this "dual-personality" all our lives, there will be no alarm whatsoever. The foregoing scenario is what most of the occupants of the Earth will be facing in the future. What is important for all who embrace the Light and seek to remain in the Light is to persevere under these difficult conditions. Darkness can injure or destroy physical bodies, but It cannot touch the spirits of True- Light beings who sincerely choose to remain in the Light. Their spirits will survive and reside with the Divine forever. May the Spirit of the Eternal Flame be with you. - Final Reflections #9 To understand the physical world, one needs to consider the concept of external forces that are evil. Without considering that there is external evil, the suffering, conflict and injustice in this world will always confound you. It is only when individuals are confronted in their own lives with manifestations of powerful destructive forces — both outside and within themselves — that they begin to accept that there is an external force that many call evil. Some people will argue that there is evil, but they will adamantly defend the Dark Forces by stating that it is necessary to balance good with evil. These defenders of evil are probably more dangerous to truth seekers than those who do not believe in the existence of evil. Good does not need evil to exist. Claiming evil is necessary to balance good is as ridiculous and erroneous as saying one needs to torture, abuse and assault children or spouses in order to express love for them. Many people claim that evil forces are absolute products of human imagination, fear, and superstitions. This is due to ignorance or outright maliciousness. Those who claim this with malice are openly supporting evil; those who claim this ignorantly are passively supporting evil. (I have discussed at length the existence of evil in earlier writings and the subject is beyond the scope of this article). Aliens who know how to manipulate the lower forces do use them to abuse and exploit humans and animals. Some of the jingles, songs, commands, ideas, voices etc. that repeat over and over in a person's mind are externally "broadcast" by aliens. Other groups that "broadcast" these nuisances with intent to drive people insane or to do their bidding include, religious organizations, cults, governments, those who practise the dark arts, astral beings and other entities. Ironically, some television programmes and movies that are lively, entertaining, apparently harmless and appear to have nothing to do with the occult, are actively employing dark arts upon the viewers. There have long been those who use dark arts to drain people, animals, plants etc. of energy by projecting and hooking themselves energetically or psychically to their targets to suck them of their life force and pollute their victims' auras. This leaves their victims drained and polluted while the abusers are rejuvenated. This is yet another form of black magic. In one sense, everyone naturally (consciously or unconsciously) practises magic in this world of Virtual Reality. There are many energy vampires walking around! Now that there is an energy shortage, these vampires are far more obvious and active than ever. One can be drained just by walking past someone in a shopping centre. One can be drained on the phone or on the internet. When someone sincerely prays for peace, love and happiness for another, that in fact is white magic. When someone thinks ill of another with hatred and vengeance, that is in fact black magic. Thus one group is (consciously or unconsciously) calling upon Higher Benevolent Forces and the other is (consciously or unconsciously) calling upon lower malevolent forces. Those who practise dark arts will end up in destruction of their own doing. FEAR is one's worst enemy. Black magic employs fear, breeds fear and ultimately consumes the practitioners with fear. The dark forces used in their dark arts will eventually devour their "souls". People practising dark arts for malicious/selfish purposes are advised to re-consider their actions for their own good, before it is too late. While people should not be fearful of dark arts, they should be cautious. Fear itself can do more harm to oneself than the dark arts that are directed at the person. Being cautious is not the same thing as being fearful. There are effective ways that one can deflect dark arts that are directed at them. One can, for instance, put up protective shields. Curiously, there are those who warn against deflecting dark energies back to the sender by claiming that the deflective response for self-protection is dark arts. Why would they give such a warning and discourage people from protecting themselves against the evil ones? Either it is because they are misinformed and ignorant regarding dark arts, or it is because they are deliberately misleading people. The latter may be indicative of the intention of those who give such warnings. It is probable that they are the very people who consciously practise dark arts and are fearful of the repercussions from the dark arrows they fling at others. In order to remind us of the dangers of dark arts, we should always bear in mind that there is black magic and there is white magic. In other words, we need to remember that there is good and there is evil, which are separate and distinct essences and forces in this universe. Everyone has a choice whether to choose Eternal Light or to choose Darkness. Those who practise dark arts have formed alliances with Darkness — they serve Darkness, which is where they will remain until Darkness is no more. In the coming days, the use of dark arts will proliferate. Already many ordinary people are complaining about their neighbours or enemies using dark arts to intimidate, harass or harm them. When these victims tell their doctors of these occurrences, it is likely the victims will be prescribed mind-altering drugs. This will not solve the victims' problems, but could exacerbate them. If people know how to ward off negative energies directed at them, they can alleviate or avoid many of the problems. Many workers of the Light who are parts of the Rescuers are equipped with the power to automatically transmute dark arts directed at them. When those who know how to deflect these negative forces back to the offenders begin doing so in selfdefence, the offenders will begin to receive their own poisoned arrows manifold in immediate or delayed mode, depending upon the wishes of the deflectors. Remember, it is the intention of what you do that differentiates between what is good and what is evil. The senders of malicious dark arts will become consumed by their own fear and Darkness as more and more people consciously defend themselves and their loved ones from them. It should also be mentioned that upon physical death the malicious abusers of occult techniques naturally gravitate to the deepest, darkest recesses of the astral where they will be abused and exploited by other Dark beings. It is critical in self-defence against dark arts that the person is able to detect subtle attacks from those using dark arts. This is a skill that can be refined, however, some people will have more natural ability to detect and ward off dark energies than others. These are usually the ones who are self-taught because they intuitively learned how to control and manipulate the subtle energies in this Virtual Reality. All the Attas (Amoebas) possess the natural ability to trace, track, capture, detain and deflect dark arts. Many who have awakened to their alien roots can consciously manipulate energies around them, which is a natural occult ability. - Final Reflections #11 The ancients observed that the relative positions of the planets and stars had influence over affairs on the Earth. This influence is caused by the subtle energies of celestial bodies acting upon each other. Astrology is the study of this celestial-body interaction. For purposes of this article, this celestial-body interaction shall be referred to as the celestial imposition. The celestial imposition was invented by Darkness, which I will treat as synonymous with the Demiurge for simplicity and convenience. The interplay of energies through the positions of heavenly bodies affects the lives of everyone and everything in the physical realm. The celestial imposition was very useful as a tool for the Demiurge to control life on Earth and elsewhere in the Artificial Creation. The Artificial Creation was superimposed over the True Divine Creation by the usurping Demiurge. All beings within the Artificial Creation are manipulated by the Demiurge and Its agents in order to extract maximal energy from them to run the Artificial Creation. The celestial imposition created not only the illusion of order and predictability within the physical realm, but also allowed agents of the Demiurge to use the apparent predictability to benefit themselves and Darkness. In order to give the Demiurge's agents an advantage over unsuspecting residents of the Artificial Creation, those agents were provided with some esoteric knowledge about the celestial imposition. By using this esoteric knowledge, the agents of the Demiurge were able to more completely enslave the unsuspecting beings. The celestial imposition was inflexible with regard to when the energies would interplay. Even the agents of the Demiurge who had knowledge of the interplay of celestial energies were forced to await various planetary alignments in order to take the best advantage of those energies. The celestial imposition on its own proved to be too cumbersome and ineffective to create the desired illusion that everything on Earth was preordained. The illusion of destiny is critical in making people accept their lot in life, and to succumb to whatever they might encounter or is forced upon them. If people believe in absolute destiny, they have given up their freewill and will complacently conform to whatever life brings their way. While the celestial imposition is a powerful tool for controlling on the macro scale, it has many deficiencies on day-to-day micro scale matters. So the Demiurge introduced another imposition by way of corrupted numbers and It assigned properties to those numbers. For purposes of this article I will refer to this invention of Darkness as the numerological imposition. Incidentally, the Demiurge has introduced many other fields for control in the Artificial Creation, but this article will deal primarily with the celestial and the numerological impositions. The numerological imposition is relatively flexible, efficient and more practical for use by residents of the Earth. The Demiurge also provided Its agents with some of the knowledge of the numerological imposition so they could better control things on the planet and make life easier for themselves. Again, for a long, long time, most of the people on the planet have been unaware of the powerful influence of numbers in their lives. Ignorance of this information greatly disadvantages those who lack knowledge about numbers. Without numbers, there is no money. Without money, there is no property. Without property, there is no ownership. Without ownership, there is no class distinction. Without class distinction, there is no slavery. Without slavery, there is no control. Without control, there is total liberty. The preceding paragraph expresses utopia, which there cannot be on Earth because of the celestial, numerological and other impositions. There can be no liberty because this domain is controlled by an unjust Intelligence. However, such liberty exists in the True Divine Creation. While the Demiurge created the numerological imposition, it was Its agents who brought the corrupted numbers as we know them to the Earth. These agents are predominantly the evil Anunnaki aliens. For a long, long time, the evil aliens have been using knowledge of the celestial, numerological and other impositions for their own benefit at the expense of the unawares whom they exploit, manipulate and control. The Attas saw through the Demiurge's scheme and began revealing the hidden secrets of the Anunnaki to the unawares. One of the more notable Attas involved in revealing the hidden powers of numbers was Pythagoras. He discovered the properties of numbers and that there were nine basic vibrations to them, and had full understanding that numbers had been corrupted and thereafter artificially imposed upon the Earth by the Demiurge. He was aware of the two diametrically opposed creations of Light and Darkness. In this realm of untruth, truth becomes relative rather than absolute. In fact truth itself becomes trapped and distorted when it is filtered down into this realm of Darkness. Fortunately, truth will be liberated soon. There are many things in the Bible that Jesus supposedly said, although he never did. For instance, he did not say: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," as it occurs in John 8:32. Jesus would not say this because he knew that truth was trapped here and needed to be liberated. This corrupted verse was added to the extant Bible to trap and manipulate people. He knew that knowledge of the truth would not free anyone; it would require Divine Intervention to liberate the trapped beings. However, Jesus did say: "If I therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed," which is fairly close to what appears in the extant Bible in John 8:36. However, the main message that Jesus taught was about the two distinctly opposing creations of Light and Darkness. He taught this in many ways to awaken the spiritually drunken TrueLight beings so that the truth about this would result in their positive response to detach from Darkness and return to the Light. This is the prelude to true liberation from Darkness, which can only happen with Divine Rescue. As is always the case in this world ruled by Darkness, all the messengers of Light are persecuted and their messages scorned, ignored, distorted and destroyed. This can be seen in the teachings of Pythagoras, Moses, Zoroaster and many others of the Light. The following verses explain why this is so. I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. John 8:38 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. John 8:43. Jesus was aware that there are two opposing essences and that the beings of Darkness will never accept, recognize or believe that which is from the Light (Truth). He further knew that this world, which is controlled by Darkness, will always persecute those who embrace the Light. The following two verses again confirm the same sentiments: And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. John 8:45 He that is of [the True-Light] God heareth [True-Light] God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of [the True-Light] God. John 8:47 While his main message was to warn about the entrapment of True-Light beings in Matter (Darkness) and the need for True-Light beings to awaken from their spiritual slumber, another important thing that Jesus exposed was the tyranny of numbers in this dimension. The power of numbers is abused thoroughly by the ruling elite for their own selfish and often nefarious ends. Numbers are vibrations and everything in this realm is an interaction of vibrations. If vibrations (motion) ceased to exist, the total illusion would fall. If there were no vibrations, there would be no existence in this and other artificial realms. Colours, musical tones, speech, thoughts, words, events, locations, addresses, dates (including birthdates), names and everything in this realm carry their own particular numbers (vibrations). By altering the composition of one's numbers (name, address, birthday etc.) one alters their vibrations, hence changing one's interactive vibrations. Years before the 11 September event in New York City, the Light released a code that counteracts "9-1-1". The Light's counter-code to the NWO's "9-1-1" code is: "M24". Many have enquired about this code when they saw it in my writings. "M24" is a code for Rescuers of the Light and it also serves as an antidote for the NWO "9-1-1" code. It is only now that this can be revealed because "M24" is already well into action and can no longer be interfered with by Darkness. Soon, the ruling elite will escalate the releases of their "poisons" onto the population. When the escalation occurs, the "poisons" will be dramatically more potent and widespread. Already, people are aware of the effects of the poisoned/altered food, air and water of today. But, there are some sensitive ones who can also sense the effects of the subtle "poisons" that the ruling elite is currently releasing. This information is provided so people can become aware and make choices in their lives. Knowledge of what the ruling elite are planning can help people cope and prepare as best they can, instead of succumbing to all the fear the ruling elite deliberately puts out to intimidate, manipulate and control. Our only chance is to turn to the permanence of the Light in these very trying times. M 24 - The Tyranny of Numbers When Darkness superimposed Itself upon the True Creation and introduced the spiralling energy to slow things down (solidify into matter), It trapped many high beings, including the beings who were forced into the forms of what are now known as the four major elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. All matter is foreign to True-Light beings, so making these high beings involuntarily serve Darkness in these material forms has greatly suppressed them. Matter is a creation of Evil (Darkness). Like all things in this sector since the superimposition of the Artificial Creation upon the True Divine Creation, all material bodies are made of matter. In order to form physical bodies, Darkness used True-Light particles that It stole from the Mother. Hence, all physical forms contain a mixture of Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness). Hence, the major elements too contain a mixture of Good and Evil when forced into a physical expression. All of the consciousnesses who were forced to assume the forms of the four major elements in matter have remained true to the Light. Even though they have been forced to compromise, they have continued to work as best as they can for the Light under horrible circumstances. Although the Sacred Drumming marked the symbolic release of the elements, for many reasons, they still remain in this realm and will not totally withdraw until later. With the exception of the Rescuers of the Light, Darkness is holding every True-Light being in this Virtual Reality as ransom. Darkness steadfastly refuses to release any True-Light beings, which is why the Rescue by the Light is becoming so intense and dramatic. The Rescue Process has been going on for quite some time and it is very complex. One of the critical traps created by Darkness is the sun, which emits False-Light but appears to give life. However, it really only gives "life" to the biological traps of consciousnesses. As the sun heats up, so does the atmosphere around the Earth, which in turn is causing much of the polar and glacial ice on the planet to thaw. There are other reasons for global warming, including alien microwave heating of the Antarctic seas, but for the most part, the super-heating of the sun is the main cause of global warming. (You can find a more detailed discussion of these issues in my other writings.) As more and more water is freed from its ice prison, Water is being allowed to better express on the planet. It is being liberated as best as it can be here on Earth. This liberation is important to the Rescue because it is a symbolic release of True-Light beings from the grasp of Darkness. This is because Darkness has held the functional liquid form of Water hostage by freezing it solid. So, Water has very reluctantly obeyed Darkness and endured endless cycles of evaporation into the atmosphere and return to the land as precipitation to appear to "bless" the land with the "gift" of Darkness. The rain on the Earth is important to keep Darkness' trap of biological existence functioning. Soon, Water will no longer go through the pointless cycles that benefit Darkness and disadvantage True-Light beings. Even though water is needed to sustain biological life, this process is inevitable for the liberation of Water. It is understood that without water, all biological life will die. As the ice is being heated it is released as water to express in liquid form. The element Water can then express more to its liking and less to the dictates of Darkness. Thus, Water is now freer to fall according to where it desires instead of on the land to benefit Darkness' biological trap. Needless to say, this liberation will certainly cause great hardship to many beings including plants and animals - throughout the world because there will be severe shortages due to drought and other drought- related reasons. The upcoming hardship will only be brought about because Darkness will not release even a single True-Light being at this late stage of the Rescue. While it is drastic to lose a slave, especially one like Water, that is no justification to keep it enslaved. Water is now able to better replenish itself in the oceans instead of being forced to continue feeding the illusion of the Garden of Eden (the Earth in biological form). As Water is withdrawn from the land, so too will the element Earth symbolically express itself without the dictates of Darkness. Again, this will cause inconvenience and hardship to the dwellers of the land, but that is no justification to keep the element Earth enslaved. The sea appears calm on the surface, but underneath it is a predatory nightmare, where the food chain is demonstrated by savageness gone mad, but this insanity is hidden from the surface dwellers. The sea's underwater is full of carnivores, which is yet another punishment that Darkness has imposed upon Its "rebellious" slave Water. Water has paid an extreme price for its continual resistance to Darkness, and all of the Light should rejoice that such a devoted being of Light is soon to be freed. As Water is symbolically freed before its final liberation, it will keep more and more to itself. This will cause more droughts as the illusion of Eden withers. The continent of Antarctica is thawing and releasing a huge volume of ice to be reclaimed by the sea. Some of the ruling elite are aware of how quickly global warming will melt the ice and know that most of the surface of the planet will soon be uninhabitable. While the planet bakes and thirsts despite the proliferation of water, certain high spots and icy continents will retain the ice longer than others. Antarctica's glaciers will most likely hold the final retreat from the hot sun and remain a fresh water source for biological life until the planet is too hot to sustain itself and literally implodes from all the heat and melts into oblivion. Even at this late stage - with all the evidence of liberation of Water before It - Darkness refuses to voluntarily release the water that It holds hostage in ice. Symbolically, each drop melted is a victory for the Light over Darkness. Each drop liberated brings the day of liberation from Darkness closer and closer. Darkness is so insane that It will hold on until It literally collapses - as the planet will collapse - rather than willingly return one drop of Its hostages. This scenario has repeated in solar system after solar system. Obviously, Darkness will stubbornly uphold the illusion until it collapses. Darkness knows what is happening, but It literally fights to Its death rather than release a single being of Light. Darkness suspects that Its resistance is hopeless. However, It hides this suspicion from Its own agents, who would try to abandon ship if they discovered the precariousness of the situation. So the agents of Darkness ignorantly fight on, not knowing that their Master has them on a suicide mission where they fight the hopeless battle on this planet to keep Water imprisoned in ice so Darkness can maintain Itself temporarily in other retreats. Thus, Darkness hopes to survive another day and hold beings of Light elsewhere for a little while longer. Like Water and Earth, Air and Fire will also be released as the planet heats up until Fire eventually finishes off the profane shell we call the Earth. Ironically, some agents of Darkness are unwittingly working against their Master (Darkness) for their own selfish purposes. These include those who cut down rainforests for profit, thereby adding to the Greenhouse effect and unknowingly quickening the release of Water and Earth. Another example can be seen in situations where strip miners devastate the land while extracting minerals from previously fertile farmland. This is motivated by greed; the minerals are relatively more valuable than food products the land produces. Strip mining will ultimately cause further food shortages when the droughts are more severe and the hardships will be exacerbated. In place of the True Message of Liberation from Darkness, the agents of Darkness are spreading the false message of ascension to the next higher dimension. This is how Darkness is trying to keep a lid on the Truth for the time being. It is trying to give false hope so people will ignorantly battle on against the Light. Of course, even in the higher dimensions of this Virtual Reality, there are still the endless and pointless cycles, just like the repeated and senseless cycles of the Zodiac, going from one Age to another Age only to re-start the whole process again without getting anywhere. Although the times ahead are troubling and disturbing from a physical point of view, if we look beyond the physical, we can be comforted and strengthened in knowing that we will soon be liberated from Darkness and returning to our True Creator in a place of True Love, Joy, Purity, Beauty and Liberty. M24 - The Emancipation Of The Elements The first major cataclysmic event began as a 9.0 earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra on 26 December 2004, which caused violent tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean. This event has truly startled many around the world. But, as I stated in Global Warming – Natural or Artificial, many have survived it. These cataclysmic events will be very painful to watch, and the suffering will be horrible to endure. As you might imagine, the next one will be far worse than the Indian Ocean tsunamis. Everyone should now take notice that earthquakes will happen more frequently and more violently all across the globe. Many of these will occur without any warning and in places where seismic activity has heretofore been unusual. Alaska will experience many earthquakes and the alien force-field "grid" on the Yukon/Alaska border will be shattered. When the grid falls, it will affect the control that the aliens have over the surrounding areas. Antarctica will release massive amounts of water into its seas and water levels will rise. This will occur gradually at first, but then a huge slide of ice will flood the seas. The northern hemisphere's ice will also flow into the seas, compounding the situation. Earthquakes and sea events will hit diverse areas. Mexico, the U.S.A. (including the East and West Coasts, Texas and the Deep South) and Cuba will be impacted by sea events in the Gulf of Mexico. The aliens who inhabited the coastal areas of Jamaica have already moved from the lowlands to the highlands in anticipation of sea events in the area. (See my article on Alien Invisibility Technology.) Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti and the surrounding areas will also suffer great damage. Many other places, including Istanbul, Barcelona and several parts of Italy will be devastated. Europe will not be spared. Many people have been conditioned by the Indian Ocean tsunamis to run from the sea when it pulls back after an earthquake. From off the coast of Cuba will come a mammoth earthquake that will start the tsunami effects in the Gulf of Mexico. Because the Gulf is smaller than the Indian Ocean, the speed of the strike will be much faster than it happened in the Indian Ocean. The death toll will far outstrip the 26 December 2004 event. When the people learn of the quake, they will panic and flee inland, trampling anything in their way. Many animals and plants will perish also. The sea will turn poisonous and no longer provide food. At first, people will try to assist those stricken by tragedies, but later they will be looking out for their own interests as food shortages become acute. There will be lots of rioting, looting and revolts over food and safety. As I have reminded you before, you should keep food, water and other important essentials on hand. The time will come when currencies will be worthless and there is no real barter system in place. Thus, chaos will follow the collapse of the currencies. All governments will struggle to help themselves. With the violence of a race, the horsemen will come like thunder. The Christians will proclaim it is the end of the world and that Christ is coming. (They are unaware that Christ the Spiritual Warrior is already here, has almost completed the Work and will be departing soon with all the Spiritual Warriors). Followers of many religions will say that God is punishing people for straying from the "faith". The truth is that the God of Light does not punish anyone. The Light is only removing Its own from the prison of Darkness. In fact, it is Darkness – the false creator – that has caused, is causing and will cause ALL of the suffering on the planet. The path of Silence will be broken so that those with true hearing, true sight and true hearts will absorb the music of the Silence. The time will arrive for the unity of spirits amongst the True-Light beings, regardless of colour, race, gender, creed or age. What is most important is one's spirit. La-too-la. Itu-sa. The first wave cometh. Pa-ra-tee-asa. Koo-ta-ee-tua. The dawn of the Creator's Light overseeing everything. Ata-ka-yudi. Beginning and end. Watsa-ki-u-ti. All things shall follow. May you rejoice in the Divine Love. May you open your heart to the Divine Light beyond your essence. The ones led by the Shadows are many. These and their leaders will continue to scorn and attack the children of Light with venom and hatred as they expose their own falsehood and Dark identities. They can no longer touch the spirits of the children of Light. Be not fearful. Remain calm and serene in the Light. "These are the times that try men's souls." Those who have experienced that flood of Divine Love in their lives can hold onto that feeling to sustain them throughout the ordeal. Those who have not experienced a flood of Divine Love can imagine what it is like to unconditionally love an animal or another human being. Without the Divine Love, no one can ever express or experience unconditional love. The True Creator loves all Its children and is retrieving all those who still respond to that Love. May the Love, Peace and Light of A-itu the Eternal Flame be with you. - Ben-Da-Ko: The First Wave Cometh The recent Indian Ocean tsunami has devastated many lives, homes, lands, animals and plants. Journalists have tried to find comparable happenings to this horrific event, but there are none. Yet, the cataclysmic Indian Ocean tsunami pales in comparison to what lies ahead in the second MAJOR cataclysmic event that will hit the Earth. Before the second of the three MAJOR cataclysmic events strikes, there could be smaller ones around the globe. However, these "smaller" ones may seem catastrophic to those who suffer them. After the second MAJOR cataclysmic event has struck the Earth, only about 1/3 of the world's population will remain. When the third one comes, only a few will survive it. But, eventually, all things will pass away. Many think that the cataclysmic events are signs of the coming of big changes for the Earth due to the shift of the axis and the elevation of the Earth to a higher dimension. This is not so. Nor is it a cleansing for the Earth. This is the end of the evil creation, and all things composed of matter will soon perish. Nothing will remain except the spirits of the Good/Light/Divine, which will continue in the True Creation. This will also coincide with the separation of beings of True Light and beings of False Light. The separation process can be painful and seem horrendous, but it is necessary for the eradication of Evil. The whole existence here on Earth has been a Trail of Tears. The day will come when we finally see the Trail's End. Then, the Trail of Tears will be no more. The sun will no longer rise or set. The birds of the air will fly no more. The fish of the seas will swim no more. The air will be still, and so will be the water. The land will be parched and scorched. Eventually, nothing survives. Nothing remains. Only the spirits are set free. As I discussed in that article, the Lemurians are using microwave-like devices under the Antarctic seas to slowly melt away the ice to get to their mother crafts. They are doing this because they know that the days of the Earth are numbered and they seek to flee the planet. The recent Indian Ocean tsunami was registered and tracked at At-wo-querhe, and this has startled the Lemurians. They are now desperate; they realize that time is rapidly running out and they have accelerated their plans and are taking drastic steps to speed up the removal of the ice from the Ross Ice Shelf. I "saw" and "felt" a huge explosion under the shelf two days before it was detonated. I "felt" my entire bed shake from the explosion. Two days later, it happened. This is but one of a series of many explosions recently to occur under the shelf. These are not natural occurrences. They are caused by the Lemurians who have contact with certain beings on the surface of the Earth. Many of the bases on Antarctica should have felt the huge explosion. However, it went virtually unreported except for the anomalous air temperature reports like those coming from the Siple Dome. It is obvious that the Lemurians want to break apart the Ross Ice Shelf. The Attas will all be leaving the Earth shortly before or just shortly after the second MAJOR cataclysmic event. At that point, there will be very little Light left on the planet. In one sense this makes the ruling elites' New World Order plans irrelevant, along with all their underground survival bunkers. However, the storing of food and water is reasonable for the transitional period to alleviate the suffering from thirst and hunger. Reasonably comfortable temporary survival is helpful because those who are relatively comfortable in the physical will have a much easier time of transition than others. And, those in the astral, for various reasons, will have a much more difficult time than any in the physical. The aliens at Tsunkri-leelatwoa know that the time is very short for the planet. Further, they know that their dimension is being affected by the deterioration of the Earth. By the way, the Earth is hollow, as are the other planets in the solar system. There are civilizations living on the surface of the inner Earth. Those on the surface of the inner Earth are already suffering greatly from the deterioration of the Earth. Some of them are dying and many are trying to crawl to the Earth's surface at this time. They are willing to risk the dangerous climb because their world is collapsing and they have nothing to lose. Eventually, a large hole will open up in the seas, which will commence the draining of the surface water into the inner Earth. This will destroy all the inner Earth beings and greatly affect the outer surface of the Earth. The True-Light residents of Tsunkri-leelatwoa and the False-Light residents will be affected by the Separation Process also. As the Earth breaks down, the inter-dimensional city of Tsunkri-leelatwoa will also be affected because the Correction Process involves the entire pseudo- creation, which is run by Darkness. It is as though the timing for the events is about the same in both places. What is to come will come, and nothing can stop it. However, our spirits live on - except those who choose Darkness over the Divine/ the True Creator - and nobody can take this away from anyone. Many people express the desire to return Home. Their real ultimate spiritual Home is not in the astral. It is in the True Creation. While doing the Divine Work, I have suffered all types of physical, emotional and psychological abuse by Darkness and Its agents. However, by focusing on the Divine first I have been able to get to a state where my Work is nearly completed. It is my experience that when one puts the Divine first, all other things will fall into place. The Work makes all the suffering that I have endured worthwhile. Liberation from Darkness is the only real important thing. Darkness will continue to employ threats, blackmail, lies, force, humiliation etc. to inflict fear, suffering, confusion, anger, doubt, injustice, discouragement etc. on True-Light beings. The ones who persevere and remain faithful to the Light will ultimately be victorious. The most effective way of combating Darkness is by making a sincere effort while persevering and trusting in the Divine - focusing on the Divine first, above all things. Once you are able to do this, all fear and blackmail from Darkness become ineffective. In the days to come, it would be wise for True-Light beings to concentrate their efforts on connecting to their Higher Selves - the Divine within - and listen to that voice for guidance, assistance, strength and comfort. Remember, we should never be threatened by what another thinks of us. It is the Divine's approval that matters. If you are too concerned about what another thinks of you, you have already seriously limited yourself. It does not matter what your spouse, children, peers, neighbours and others think of your devotion to the Light. Although it may be hurtful when someone mistreats, misunderstands, betrays or lies about you, ultimately, it is your relationship with the Divine that counts. Although the coming horrific events may cause apprehension, it is really a time to rejoice. This is something that all True-Light beings have been waiting for - true Liberation from Darkness and total unification with the Divine. - Final Reflections #15 While slavery is abolished, Americans are still slaves to the ruling elite of the subtle world, who control them via programming. They do it with unseen forces of cycles such as astrology, numerology and through other esoteric means. Today, even those subtle bands of slavery are being broken. The task of breaking them down is much easier because Rescuers like Thomas Paine began dismantling slavery with grassroots inspiration, while Benjamin Franklin weakened it with diplomacy and wit, and Thomas Jefferson used the highest reaches of the government to instil the concept of citizens' rights, before finally, Abraham Lincoln broke it to bits. The Light has broken down the institution in the physical world. But, metaphysically, slavery is still very real in this Virtual Reality. The masters who control us from the subtle realize that time is running out and that their enslaving days are numbered – they are panicking because of this. Time is a very strange thing. The Warriors of the Light have come here from the future to break the Virtual Reality of the past that we are now living today and call the present. This frightens the evil ones. The concept that the Rescuers are from the future can be boggling to physical minds, even though one's Higher Self can cope with the concept. We are temporarily enslaved in this dimension of limitation. Einstein stumbled across the speed of light and limited us by saying that's the maximum speed at which matter can move in the physical universe. Let's examine this by considering the light that Einstein referred to. First, light as we know it on earth is made up of particles. It is made from matter. It is not Divine Light, but a putrid imitation thereof. False light can move at roughly 186,000 miles per second. The earth's major source of putrid light is the sun. Astronomers claim the sun is roughly 96 million miles away during much of the earth's orbit. If that is true, and light travels at 186,000 miles per second, then it takes over eight minutes for material light of the sun to reach the earth. If this is true, and nearly all scientific knowledge on earth today would concur that it is, then when someone looks directly at the sun, he or she is seeing it where it ain't. The earth has been turning on its axis and revolving in its orbit for over eight minutes, so what one sees, just ain't there. Should one stare at the sun for too long a period of time, he or she could go blind – it can literally burn out one's eyes. But, it ain't where the person has been staring! He or she is looking at the past, but is getting burned in the present. Another example can be seen observing an American football game. The quarterback, in trying to complete a forward pass, will attempt to hit a receiver with a tossed football. No matter how strong the quarterback's arm, he can't throw it fast enough to pass it directly to a moving receiver. He must lead that receiver, and anticipate where the receiver will be when the ball finally arrives. In other words, he must throw the ball where the receiver ain't at the time if he wants to complete the pass. Shooting the sun is similar. You must hit it where it is, so the blow won't arrive where it ain't. The Light isn't fooled by illusions such as "past and present" or "motion and no-motion". The Light knows exactly where and what the sun is. The sun is the demiurge's property and the major source of the putrid light here. Jefferson was far ahead of his time, which is why he abandoned property as a leg on which Maid Freedom sits and replaced it with the pursuit of Happiness. That can and does incorporate pursuit of spiritual happiness, which means liberation from this dark, foul, stinking world of illusions. It is now time to detach from property and all it's vile implications like ownership and slavery. Evil is fighting to keep its property by attempting to uphold its illusions, but, the illusions are crashing as we speak. The ruling elite are now using fear to try to bring things back into control. This is a time to resist the fear being generated by those who are pushing buttons in their desperation to save the demiurge's foul creation of Matter. That fear is brought about by programming originating from both the physical and subtle realms. Don't let fear concern you. - Three Abolitionists: Paine, Jefferson & Franklin by Steffan Stanford This is a time the opposition will try to play on your mind and inflict illnesses and discomfort upon your physical body. To mitigate these types of attacks you can use all the tools that you have been given. You can also ask for Divine Guidance and follow your intuition. This is a realm where the Shadows have a certain amount of influence. They can do things to your physical body, but they cannot take your will away unless you give into them. Stay strong in the Light. We are connected in the Light. May the Blessings and Strength of A-itu the Eternal Flame be with you. The Sacred Drumming will soon commence which will signal the release of the New Green Energy that will awaken the True-Light beings and liberate them from Darkness in preparation for their journey Home. Their spirits will be healed before they are accompanied Home by the Attas of Light. The time is drawing near when all will know who they are. Nobody will be mistaken. There will be many surprises amongst the people of the world during the separation of the wheat from the chaff. Father will be against son, son against father, mother against daughter, daughter against mother, son against mother and daughter against father, brother against brother, sister against sister and brother against sister and so on. This will also happen in the animal kingdom, between human friends, and amongst nations. Thus, there will not be cohesion in most families and so on. True-Light beings will be assisted to help them detach so that the pain of separation will be minimized. True-Light beings will be ready to let go of those False-Light beings around them, in whatever class of consciousness they may be occupying. By then the Green Energy will be drawn into the Pinto Centre where it will remain to sustain the True-Light beings until they are ready to return Home. - Two Victorious Stories The BEN-DA-KO is in full swing and all things will happen as anticipated. Things will develop very quickly to a frenzied pace. The division between the "haves" and the "have nots" will become very obvious. More humans, animals and plants will perish in the days to come. Among other happenings, the North Sea and its surrounding areas will be severely affected. Things on this planet will go out of kilter and will not always work the way that they used to. In about 3 months, the Reptilians will enter into a battle with the Vulturites that will be fought in the sky and seas. Much of this will be fought in North America, including especially Montana and South Carolina. Battles will also be fought around Australia and Finland, among other places. Some of these battles will be observed by the awares, but most of the battles will go undetected or be explained away by the authorities. However, whether the battles are observed or not, they could eventually greatly affect the world politically, socially etc. China will then become a very active force. The consciousnesses of the Four Elements have departed and only shells remain. The Elements have been released. Prior to their liberation, they were responsible for the weather on Earth, which because of their departure, is about to go off its natural cycle. Aliens will soon discover that weather does not perform as it did in the past and they will be forced to take control of the weather around the globe in order to keep the planet temporarily viable. The aliens will be very worried about the state of the planet when they realize they must maintain the weather. Inner Earth beings are now severely affected by the deterioration of things on the planet and are taking very drastic steps. Beings that resemble barren walking trees that are thirsty, hungry and haggard are now furiously digging and drilling their way through the Earth's core to the surface. They hope to open a tunnel to flee to the surface before the Inner Earth's surface is totally uninhabitable. They do not know whether they can survive on the outer surface, but they know they have no chance on the inner surface, so they persist with their efforts. Alas, their efforts will be in vain. They are unaware that they are drilling into an ocean. As they approach the outer surface, the weight of a whole sea will be upon them as it bursts through the opening like a huge, bluish-purplish waterfall. The inner Earth beings will have no chance as the hole pulsates, expands and begins flooding the inner surface of the Earth. The whole globe will then start sucking air as the hole in the ocean floor becomes enormous. The hollow design of the Earth makes its mass appear bigger than it is, but this is an illusion. Hollow shells can collapse very quickly. A great amount of the Earth will parch and a great amount of the ice will melt. The times ahead are difficult indeed. Remain calm. Your inner being will have a sense of the anticipation of being liberated and your spirit will soar. For some, it will be a time of struggle and confusion before the spirit is calm. However, all will eventually feel the sense of letting go naturally, happily and willingly. - Ben-Da Ko: What's More! Indeed, the Earth is hollow. There is an inner shell that faces downward from a surface perspective, but upward from an inner-Earth perspective. In the inner sky there are four starlike objects that emit light for the inner Earth. The locations of these inner "suns" appear to change radically depending on where on the surface of the inner Earth they are being observed, and there is the appearance that the inner "suns" are moving much more than they really are. This is because of Wanchenlu's illusion of "no-motion" that makes the inner surface dwellers believe that the inner surface of the Earth is stationary and the "suns" are the only things in motion. As above, so below. The Designer of the inner Earth sought to confuse its occupants like It sought to confuse those on the outer surface. See Shattering the Cube Parts 1 and 2. The combined light from all the inner-Earth "suns" is much more subdued in comparison to the sun for the surface of the planet. However, they have one thing in common with the outer sun. They are all cubes that were set into motion at very fast speeds so they appear to be spheroid suns. They are external combustion engines just like the outer sun. Since the suns are cubed they are constructed entirely of 90-degree angles, which metaphysically speaking, facilitates strife, confrontation, confusion, restlessness, agitation and outright belligerence. This is by design. The suns in the inner Earth were speeded up in 1980, just like the sun of the outer Earth was in 1983. All four burn hotter than they ever have, and it has caused drought and a heat wave on the inner-Earth's surface. The flora and the fauna have diminished considerably since the suns were speeded up. The heat from the inner Earth is also a factor in global warming on the outer surface. In 1996 nearly all of the consciousnesses of the viable "civilian" humanoids were removed from the inner-Earth and re-located by the Light. This happened to most of the viable "civilian" True-Light beings in human bodies on the outer surface in 1999. This is one reason that today there are so many humans walking about like zombies - some of them are "shells" only. However, not all "zombies" are due to the explanation given above. As you can see, things intensified on the inner surface before they did on the outer surface. The conditions in the inner Earth are not as complex as they are on the outer surface, and the removal and relocation of consciousnesses was accomplished with less resistance; there was less confusion as the majority of the people were more spiritually attuned when compared to the majority of those on the outer surface. Before 1980, the climate of the inner Earth was predominately temperate to sub-tropical, although it could get slightly warmer or cooler in some places. Many of the climatic conditions of the inner Earth were similar to those found on the outer surface. Now, things have changed. The surface and the air are hotter and are rapidly getting unbearable. This is why some of the inner-Earth beings are frantically digging their way to the outer surface of the Earth. Some of the inner-Earth people are aware of the outer surface of the Earth and others are not. Some of the inner-Earth beings are now severely affected by the deterioration of things on the planet and are taking very drastic steps. They are so exhausted and affected by the conditions around them that some of them now resemble barren, walking trees. They are thirsty, hungry and haggard and seemingly without hope as their world is severely affected. In desperation, they are now furiously digging and drilling their way through the Earth's core to the surface. See BEN-DA-KO - What's More! Alien wars on the surface are already affecting things in the inner Earth. As I said in BENDA-KO - What's More!, the Reptilians would launch into open battles with the Vulturites that would be fought in the sky and seas before April 2005. These battles are now raging and the effects have been seen in Queensland and Victoria, Australia. When the battles are occurring, there often appear huge, spreading bolts of energy that seem to be lightning without any accompanying thunder or storm. It used to be that the aliens would cover up these battles by simulating thunderstorms, but now that the Four Elements have been released, it is not so easy for the aliens to generate storms on demand. Sometimes the aliens use invisibility technology so their crafts cannot be seen under normal circumstances. When battles take place under the "cloak" of invisibility, one can still hear a huge roaring sound that sometimes is reported by people to be tremors and earthquakes. A few days ago, there were two huge battles in the Australian skies. In the past, alien battles were generally contained as they were primarily for posturing purposes. Now that the BENDA-KO is in full swing, the two major Anunnaki groups - Reptilians and Vulturites - are fighting for supremacy of the planet. The aliens are becoming more and more reckless and "dirty" in their combat manoeuvres. One battle was so reckless that a craft from the Light Rescuers had to intervene before the battle seriously affected many innocent parties. Another alien battle that occurred in Melbourne a few days ago between the Reptilians/Greys and the Vulturites was so intense that the battle sounds could be heard for 100 kilometres. Some people described it as a thunderous booming sound; others thought it was an earthquake. The authorities have not yet come up with a satisfactory explanation for the sudden, huge, explosive sound. However, a commonly used cover story when these occur has been that a military plane accidentally broke the sound barrier. Of course, this story is wearing very thin. When sounds as violent as these reverberate into the inner Earth, they have very devastating effects on life down there. This has occurred several times in the inner Earth before. The space battles will intensify. This is only the beginning. Their side effects are tremendously harmful to the inner-Earth beings, not to mention what they do to the outer surface beings. As many of you may have already noticed, weather anomalies are occurring throughout the world since the release of the Four Elements. These have included windless cyclonic-like rainstorms that lasted nine days in Far North Queensland. The locals were amazed at witnessing windless, continuing, heavy rainstorms. Strong winds almost always accompany heavy rains in this part of the world. Fire fighters in South Australia have recently commented upon the unusual speed, spread and other odd behaviour of the last bush fire. They noted that they have never seen fire behave as it did in the recent Adelaide bush fires. Yesterday, there were unprecedented, severe flash floods in the city of Melbourne and cold temperatures bringing in an unheard of snowfall in summer at Falls Creek, Victoria. Towns in the U.S.A. have been flooded by rivers that froze before they could retreat. Sea mist coated houses on the New England coast then froze instantly, turning the residences into literal icehouses. Parts of Antarctica have reported very warm 15 degree Celsius temperatures. Ice melts very rapidly at 15 degrees. Due to an emergency, a Russian icebreaker has been dispatched from Vladivostok to rescue and re-supply the American McMurdo Base on the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica. This confirms the explosions I reported "seeing" under the shelf in Final Reflections #15, which was published on 4th January 2005. All this shows that the Ross Ice Shelf is unstable and quickly disappearing. These are but a few of many weather anomalies that have covered the globe recently. The inner and outer Earth are being simultaneously affected by the Clearing Process. However, many have been misguided about what is occurring and think that the Clearing Process is a means for re-starting anew on the physical Earth or that it is for ascension of the Earth to another dimension. In fact, the whole creation controlled by the Shadows will be dismantled totally to free all the trapped True-Light beings. All viable True-Light beings of all classes of Creation, including mineral, vegetable, animal, human, galactic etc. will soon be returning to the True Creation of True Light, Love, Beauty, Peace and Harmony. - The Hollow Earth's Cubed Suns Mirra Alfassa (1878-1973) is often known as Mirra of Pondicherry. She is reverently known as "The Mother", which is a title of respect for a female spiritual teacher in India. The irony is that Mirra is in fact the aspect of the Divine Mother who is the main aspect of the Divine Rescue Mission to liberate trapped True-Light beings from Darkness. Mirra's earlier role was to commence the disassembly of the entire body of corrupted knowledge of the world by going into it with all her energy. It was her purpose to commence the separation of Falsehood from Truth. In order to do this it was unavoidable that Mirra would have to go through the confusion and distortions of the "knowledge" of the world. Like all the searchers of Truth, Mirra expressed the absurdity of existence here. This is because the "key" (missing link) had not yet been revealed to Mirra - it was not yet time. Mirra concluded that death is a result of a "distortion of consciousness". She reportedly said that she was on the way to discovering the illusion that must be destroyed so that physical life can be uninterrupted. Mirra as Fragrance continued along this line and stated that once the Virtual Reality is broken, Matter will be eradicated and all True-Light beings will be free to continue in the True Divine Creation where there is no death. In other words, there will be continuity of consciousness in the same form (body), which is not made of Matter even though it appears solid. The "Oneness" illusion is used effectively by Darkness to convince true seekers that there is no evil and that all is going according to the Divine Plan. Thus, this sinister illusion sends true seekers into a state of ignorant complacency, when things are really very desperate here for True-Light beings as they are not only imprisoned by Darkness - they are being spiritually assassinated and many have been lost to Darkness. MANY SPIRITUAL TEACHERS HAVE CONSCIOUSLY OR IGNORANTLY TAUGHT THE ILLUSION OF "ONENESS" TO OTHERS WITH DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES TO TRUE SPIRITS. The True Oneness with the Divine can only be truly experienced after the separation of True Light from the False Light, which has not yet occurred. Hence, nobody on Earth has experienced True Oneness with the True Creator (Light). What some people have experienced and called "True Oneness" is only a pseudo-experience of "Oneness" brought about by an illusion of Darkness. There are many illusions within the illusions - virtual realities within virtual realities - in this world of Virtual Reality controlled by Darkness. [I]n 1986, the New Energy that had been revealed to Mirra many years earlier was released according to the Divine Plan. By then, Fragrance's body had been spiritually modified to accommodate the New Energy. This New Energy is also known as the Clearing Energy that is impenetrable by Darkness. Eventually, all the viable beings (beings who have chosen the Light) will have modifications done to them so that their spiritual bodies will be transformed into a "body" which will accommodate the New Energy. Mirra wrote about the Earth as the focal point for cosmic transformation before receiving the "key". When the "key" was made known to her it became obvious that the Earth would in fact be the focal point for the transmutation of the Cosmic (Darkness) in order for the true Divine "evolution" to operate. The transition to the new mode of existence that Mirra had "peeped" into was not the transformation into a new physiological species as she thought at the time. What she "saw" was really the transition to a new mode of existence where there is no evil, no Matter, no death, where consciousness will be taking on an incorruptible and permanent form supported by the New Energy that cannot be corrupted or penetrated by Evil. By the time Mirra assumed the body of Fragrance she was clearer about the concepts that she called True Matter and False Matter when she was in Mirra's body. These concepts became clearer after she had the "key" and the bits started to come together. She re-named the concepts True Light and False Light. While this may appear to be an insignificant change of terms, it is in fact a reversal of the perspective from which Matter and Spirit are viewed. As Fragrance, Mirra recognized that ALL Matter is of the False Creation (Darkness/False Light). Mirra as Fragrance understood the following, which is the most complete expression of the "key" to seeing through the illusions, distortions and falsehood of this dimension that is controlled by the usurping Darkness: She recognized that many are charmed by the expression of Light, but are not able to recognize the Source of the Light. The Light is NOT the Source. While Mirra could sense and intuitively comprehend what was going on in her "quiet" states, she was unable to fully express the implications of what was going on to those around her. She faced a paradox because when she was in her quiet time or higher-mind state, she was more fully connected to the Divine and what she experienced was harmonious, loving and beautiful. However, when she withdrew from her quiet time back to the mundane world, she immediately saw the contradiction between the Divine she communicated with and the expression on the planet. While she did have the "key" in her higher mind, it had not yet descended to her biological mind. The lack of the "key" confused her as to the nature of the Divine, and why the Divine would allow such horrific experiences here. Even though she seemed to follow the traditional explanations about evil, suffering and death, she never fully accepted the spiritual drivel that attempted to explain why there was suffering and death on the planet. She inwardly knew something was very wrong, but it was not yet time for the Plan to be revealed. It must always be remembered that there is a war of essences and battle plans need to be protected. To truly understand the Divine Vibration is to know the love and power of the True Godhead. The main points in Mirra's teachings, and the embodiment of her work, was to impart understanding of the "soul's" confusion and entrapment in physical Matter. However, it is not the "soul" that is imprisoned because the "soul" is not the true spirit as it has been erroneously understood to be. The latter part of her work in the body of Fragrance is the removal of the true spirit from the encasement of the "soul". The true spirit is not the "soul". The "soul" is really an artificial creation imposed by Darkness trying to imitate a true spirit. The "soul" is in fact an encasement of a true spirit - the jail or prison imposed on the true spirit by Darkness when it entrapped the True-Light particles. Thus, ever since, the true spirits have been encased and imprisoned in artificial "souls". The true spirits have been restricted in all ways for a long, long time. Hence, it is the true spirit and not the "soul" that is awaiting liberation from Matter (Darkness). "Souls" have been mistaken as true spirits, just like the Earth Mother (another imitation by Darkness) has been mistaken for the True Divine Mother of Light. It should be mentioned that the Divine Mother allowed a part of herself to be trapped in Matter because of her love for her Creation and desire to rescue her trapped children (particles of Light) from Darkness. That trapped part of the Divine Mother has now been liberated. When a "soul" leaves the body at the time of physical death, the true spirit that is encased in the "soul" goes with the "soul" and continues in its imprisonment to the next place of existence. Hence the true spirit is imprisoned and cannot leave until it is totally separated from Matter (Darkness). The day of liberation from Darkness is rapidly approaching. The entrapment of the true spirit in the "soul" of Virtual Reality stems from the illusion of "no-motion", which has been under the management of a being called Wanchenlu for a long, long time. The illusion of "no-motion" is that illusion that deceives beings into thinking there is no motion unless their rate of travel changes. This illusion causes things in this pseudocreation to appear to be very different from what they really are. Hence, people are deceived and confused by the illusion. For example: The illusion of "no-motion" makes the Earth appear to be standing still for those who occupy it, and without in-depth study, the Earth's residents are ignorant that the Earth is in constant motion. The illusion of "no-motion" is now fracturing because the being known as Wanchenlu is now being exposed by the Light. This being is actually on the planet at this time and has taken on the physical body of a human. Now that Wanchenlu has been exposed by the Attas, its Virtual Reality is collapsing. This is, of course, a very simplified explanation of a very complex process. Once the illusion of "no-motion" is totally fractured, the separation of Spirit from Matter will commence. This means that the true spirits will be finally freed from the encasements that are called "souls". As stated earlier, the latter are pseudo-spirits that impersonate true spirits while all the while they are the jails. The illusion of "no-motion" should not be confused with the Buddhist concept of illusion, which is yet another form of illusion within the illusion - a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality. As mentioned before, a part of the Mother was trapped in Matter due to the Mother's love for her creation. However, this part has recently been reclaimed by the Light and removed from this dimension. Darkness is now getting very nervous because It has lost Its main "hostage" that was incidentally helping to sustain It. What has been called the war of essences is really a rescue mission led by the Mother. Now that she has retrieved the part of herself that had been trapped in Matter, it is time to begin freeing all her trapped "children". Mirra described the new state of existence that she saw. It was not clear to her at the time because the Plan had not yet been totally brought down to her physical consciousness - it was not time. What Mirra was seeing and experiencing was the new existence where all the "bodies" are made of the New Energy. Mirra was able to convey this concept after the "key" and the Plan were revealed. Fragrance has seen the new body and the new dimension several times. The concept of the New Bodies is best described in what Mirra as Fragrance conveyed to one of the Attas of the Rescue Mission many years later: The structure of the new bodies in which we are to eventually move into once those physical bodies have been discarded is unique in its design. The new dimension into which we shall go, after this dimension ceases, shall be a great and unique one with a special design, with a special structure, with new and unique facilities all created from a new type of energy. This new dimension was created with an energy that has neither been known nor experienced before. It is an energy which totally rejects negativities and they cannot exist in its presence. The new dimension has, in fact, been made in accordance with the construction of the new bodies, and it has been designed and constructed to facilitate the many new and amazing abilities of the new bodies. Within the new dimension lies the opportunity for all beings to experience, express and progress [with harmony, love and purity]. When one is within this new dimension, one no longer needs to play a charade for all shall express all that they truly are. Thus, there shall be no Evil. Thus, there shall be no pretence, for that is negative. Negativity cannot exist in the new dimension. The new body is not a rigid form. It will be a vehicle of expression which will facilitate one's existence. It is not constructed of rigid [physical] matter. It is constructed purely of the new type of energy. All [physical] human design of the [False-Light creation of the] evil Usurper will disappear as will the respiratory system, the reproductive system and the alimentary system. The form of the new body will be supple, light, mobile, sexless and radiant. At this time, Mirra as Fragrance is still awakening further and further to her mission. So far she has bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. By 1984, Fragrance was intuitively given the knowledge that the Higher Aspect of the Divine Mother would descend to be at one with her. Normally these are always kept separate, but for the late stages of this very important mission, it was necessary for the complete being to be incorporated into one body. In 1985, Fragrance began her spiritual public work. When she first started her public work she met a professor of philosophy who immediately recognized her energy as Mirra's without even knowing Fragrance. This philosopher was very devoted to Mirra. However, Fragrance did not tell him who she was. She knew that it was not time to do so. Fragrance's written signature even resembles that of Mirra's when Mirra was still in the physical. In 1989, Premah South, who recognized Fragrance as Mirra, wrote a book dedicated to her entitled The True Divine Mother, Her Love and Creation. In the book are the following passages which were the result of the author's discussions with Fragrance coupled with his own intuitive work: All the different forms of power on this planet come originally from the Mother, but they are no longer under Her control. The demiurge has manipulated and changed the Power so much that its origins are almost unrecognizable. Many times the Mother's Love was used to try and remove or modify the ways of evil, but each time was a failure. But this was inevitable, for trying to persuade evil to change its ways with Love and Compassion is like trying to put out a fire with petrol! Evil soaks up the power and energy of the Love, changes its intent and uses it against the Mother. But the situation has now changed. The original energy of Love easily modified and misused by Evil is no longer in use. The energy of the Mother's Love has been radically changed. It can no longer be harnessed and abused by evil for evil purposes. Outside of the realm of Evil, She has the Power to direct everything in Creation and She directs all things for the good of the true Creation. As the Mother now helps in the Rescue, evil will believe that it is performing its own will, when in fact it will be unwittingly carrying out the Will of the Mother. Her continuity of consciousness from Mirra to Fragrance explains why she is the only one who has the information regarding the Rescue Mission. Only she has put in the extended spiritual effort and assembled more than one and a quarter century's knowledge and intuition into a continuum. The illusion is now fracturing to the point where it is becoming obvious in many "natural" and human events. The Four Elements have recently been released from their servitude. For a long, long time they were forced to conform to the "laws" of Darkness, however, they continued to faithfully serve the Light during their long, long captivity. The trapped part of the Mother has been released from the Earth. I have referred to this elsewhere as the rescue of the "soul" of the Earth. Elsewhere, things are breaking down and the veil of confusion is falling. For example, ultraviolet light is now affecting lives on Earth in a way as never before. I have noticed the increase in the intensity of ultra-violet light since 1982. As another example, a few days ago, a mist "appeared" in our lounge that was observable as misty rain inside the house. This is not water at all - it is really the breaking down of a type of energy that contributes to the regular operation of the universe and assists in holding up the illusion. Now, the mist is moving faster and faster. Also, protons and other sub-atomic particles are now whirling in a less predictable manner. This will soon have major consequences in the physical illusory world. This mist is not localized to our lounge - it is everywhere, and instead of swirling as it did in the past it is falling like rain. It should be mentioned that protons are NOT spherical - they only appear to be. They are the Usurper's sub-atomic building blocks that are really minute cubes that are spinning so rapidly that they appear to be spherical. I have discussed this phenomenon in Shattering the Cube and other essays. Cubes are constructed of right (hard) angles and metaphysically speaking, they spread strife, war, friction and belligerence from the tiniest to the largest of the Usurper's "creations". This is by devious design to suit Darkness. For too long people have mistakenly honoured the Usurper and called the Usurper "their creator", whilst all the time the Usurper has been their captor, abuser and jailer. The Usurper wears the façade of a benevolent deity while all the time It is the murderer of Truth. The Rescue Mission of the Light led by Mirra is nearing completion. Some have chosen to remain with Darkness. Others have chosen to remain faithful to the Light. Those who have remained faithful to the Light (the viables) should recognize that their true Family could be very different from their biological families. There was a time when all was Right - when that which was, was all that was - but that time was lost when things turned Wrong. The Wrong drew many on that course - the Path to utter Destruction. The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed. Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their will. It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption. Most who took the Lure struggled little. These gave their will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These who have given over their will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship. It is also for these lost ones that the Rescue Mission was commenced - not to bring them Home for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong. Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more. The time of the Rescue is NOW because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their will to resist. The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them. It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now. The time is now. All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away. For those who struggle against the Wrong - Rejoice! Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last, as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures. Strength is given to those who ask as the Love of the Mother/Father Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea. This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain the viable ones. Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be Liberated from Darkness. Rejoice. The day is drawing near. Be strong until that time for very soon all who have struggled with all their will shall be rescued and safely returned to their True Divine Home. The time is indeed very close. Soon all that is will all be Right - when all that is, is in the Light. This is The Promise from the Divine Creator. The Drumming has commenced. The New Energy has been released to Liberate those who have remained faithful to the Light. The Warriors have commenced their final battles on all levels. Victory is assured for the Light. The Journey Home will soon commence for all the True-Light beings who have valiantly struggled against enormous odds. Here is something that Mirra as Jesus said that is very similar to what Fragrance also exclaimed: Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose. Those who know Fragrance know how apt her words were. - Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today To follow this writing, it is important to realise that, metaphysically speaking, there is a high being of Light who is called "Time". This being has been in captivity by Darkness for a long, long interval in this Virtual Reality. The Virtual Reality that we find ourselves in is not too unlike a video game – there are participants, scenery, props, sounds, lighting, time etc. and there are those who control the actions and scenery from outside of the game "machine". This essay will attempt to convey what has occurred, but it should be appreciated that many of the concepts and explanations presented here do not lend themselves well to expression in words. In the Unmanifest, there is no time. The Unmanifest is the Timeless One. All that happens within the Source occurs simultaneously. There is no past, present or future. All that is, is. Within the vortex of the Usurper there is a point that appears unchangeable – I refer to this point as "vertical time". Near this point Darkness has nefariously "attached" a "siphon tube", so to speak, to the "outskirts" of the Timeless One to steal Divine Energy. Incidentally, there is a pseudo-timeless realm that Darkness tried to imitate in its pseudo creation. The True Divine Creation is a reflection of the Source (Godhead). Certain sectors of the True Creation have been corrupted by an aberration, which has rejected correction and gone awry, much like a weed in a garden. This aberration is commonly referred to as Evil, False Light or Darkness. The True Creation is commonly referred to as the Light. Since the True Divine Creation is a reflection of the Source, there is no time in the True Creation. Darkness created time to compartmentalize things to make it more difficult for communication to be accomplished among True Light beings so that It could keep the True Light beings under control and scrutiny. Darkness created the astral worlds so that the forms It created to serve It would be much easier to produce and control. Even what appears as empty space to us is bustling with life and activity, and filled with creation of an Evil nature. Many have tried to explain time by using it as a tool of measurement. Others have attempted to discuss it in terms of its relationship to space. All of these people failed to comprehend or explain time because they lacked the "key" to this creation of falsehood. In its simplest terms, the "key" unlocks the mysteries that the "god" of this pseudo-reality has kept from inquiring minds for Its own selfish purposes. The "key" is the solution to the elimination of Darkness. The world of dreams can sometimes be adventures in a pseudo-timeless realm where the past, future and the "now" (which appears to bridge the gap between past and future) all exist in one "space". Whether one believes that time is simply the 3rd, 4th, or the 5th dimension as some believe, in the True Reality, there is no time. However, in the flawed creation, time seems to flow differently within each frame of reference. The experience of time in this Virtual Reality remains subjectively the same for individuals in their respective place of reference. In this respect, time is relative. Spiritually speaking, time is employed to trap TrueLight beings in this flawed creation. This timeless reality that I have been alluding to is not an illusion, nor is it a hallucination. It is not a chaotic timelessness. Instead, it is a reality without time, space and distance. The concepts of time, space and distance are in fact part of the flawed creation that is a warped plan that has gone wrong. The True reality has its own harmonious order and cohesiveness that are nothing like the concepts of uniformity, cohesiveness, harmony and order as we know them in this realm. It is NOT a world of utter silence surrounded only by light. It is NOT a state where time seems to stand still. It is in fact a timeless reality where there are lots of activities, sounds, colours, lights, vibrations etc. within the Silence. Yet, paradoxically, there is a sense of stillness and timelessness. It is an existence that is beyond the realm where past, present and future meet and meld into one. It is a reality beyond this realm where time is neither a linear nor a non-linear progression, where reality is not an illusion. This timeless reality which I shall refer to as the True Divine Reality is an existence where there is NO pain, suffering, death, war, exploitation, grief, sadness, emotions as they are experienced here, failures, injuries, fear or hate. Beings in the True Divine Reality do not need to breathe air as they do not have respiratory systems imposed upon them. Nor do they eat as they do not have digestive systems imposed upon them. Neither do they procreate as they do not have sexual organs imposed upon them. Their progression is all on a spiritual level. Each being progresses at its own pace. Most importantly, there is NO EVIL, nor any projection of evil, nor any trace of evil. Beings there are all beings of Love, Light, Divine Power, Joy, Harmony, Beauty, Purity and Perfection. Although it is difficult to conceive of an existence devoid of all the physical senses that we are accustomed to here, and while some might scoff at existence without sensual expression, the truth is that such a timeless existence is wonderfully beautiful to True-Light beings. It is only because of evil programming that True-Light beings have any difficulty conceiving of their True Home while they are trapped in this Virtual Reality. The True Divine Reality is the reality which all the viable beings will be returning to one day when beings of Light are liberated from darkness forever. Strictly speaking, vertical time is an illusion. Vertical time occurs almost simultaneously. In vertical time, there is no strict present, past or future. Paradoxically, it imitates timelessness to accommodate the False Creation. Vertical time is the starting point after Darkness first stepped away from the True Creation. In other words, vertical time is one of the earliest creations of Darkness – it is one of the foundations of the False Creation. Therefore, vertical time is far less corrupted from the True Light than are Darkness' subsequent creations, such as chronological time. Vertical time is akin to a bridge between the boundaries of the True Creation and the False Creation. Metaphorically, there is something like a suction tube "attached" to the Source that Darkness uses to steal energy. But, it is also a dangerous tool for Darkness to use because it is so close to the Light that it can be cut off instantly by the Light. Since the Light loves Its creation, It continued to pour in love to sustain the trapped TrueLight beings until a better solution could be put into action. In a sense, Darkness has held the trapped True-Light particles (beings) as ransom for a long, long time. Although the Rescue Mission started straight away, the Dark creation is so complexly evil that the Light had to investigate evil before It could reach the current stage of the Mission. Prior to this, the TrueLight beings who came to help the trapped True-Light beings failed in their attempts because they were sitting ducks for evil; evil was so foreign to them that they could not understand the deviousness of it. In vertical time, things manifest faster, more precisely, and effectively than they do in subsequent creations of time. In vertical time, things manifest with little interference, almost directly and very precisely from the original point of conception, because it descends to the point of expression so rapidly. Vertical time did not suit Darkness as well as chronological time does. Vertical time was important for Darkness to use as a lure to trap True-Light beings; in vertical time things appear familiar to True-Light beings because it reminds them of the state of timelessness in the True Divine Creation. The appearance of timelessness in the False Creation deceived the True-Light beings who had it imposed upon them by Darkness. The True-Light beings thought they were still within their Home, when in fact they were being trapped in dangerous territory of Darkness. Once Darkness had tricked enough Light particles to remain in the vertical-time trap, It formed various time circuits to further trap the beings. Inside these later creations of time and space, the similarity to the Divine Creation was minimized because Darkness did not want any of Its captives to escape or to even consider there was anything to escape from. Chronological time is an illusion brought about by comparing one "wave movement" with another. In this sense, chronological time can be considered as a great circle that the whole of the False Creation of Darkness is passing through. The movement within this circle is extremely slow, and upon completion, it appears to have run its entire round of possibilities, experiences, manifestations etc. Then Darkness sends everything onto the endless cycle of time again. These pointless treks are seen in the movements through the ages of the zodiac. Chronological time is a highly refined tool of the False Creation that appears to be very far from the True Creation. However, chronological time has its basis in vertical time, which was one of the first steps the Usurper created after it broke away from the True Creation. Since vertical time is fundamental to chronological time, it can be used to travel through chronological time, which is what the Attas of the Light are using for the Rescue Mission. Nothing in the False Creation can be sustained without energy from True-Light beings. This is true for even protons, each of which houses a True-Light particle that is held captive inside a tiny cube (cubes are a form of prison that the Usurper created). The tiny cubes are set into rapid motion, spinning so fast that they appear to be spheres. Protons have held an almost countless number of True-Light beings captive and isolated from other True-Light beings. Among other things, the energy of the True-Light particles inside the cubes is being used to keep the cubes in motion. Hence, the captives are being forced to maintain their prisons. The protons are bonded together with False-Light particles to form Matter. As a part of the Rescue Plan, the Light is speeding up the spin of the cubes that have imprisoned the TrueLight particles in the protons. As the cubes spin faster, the protons travel faster and faster until they begin to jump the track, so to speak. As more and more protons go out of control, the illusion of Matter will begin to collapse. On a much larger scale, a high being of Light was "kidnapped" by Darkness. This being was referred to as "Time" because this being has been forced to carry out the function of time for Darkness. However, this high being has remained faithful to the Light throughout its entire captivity. The being called "Time" is housed in a huge tetrahedron that was created by Darkness. (Tetrahedrons are constructed of softer angles and have fewer stress points relative to cubes, thus making them very strong, effective prisons). "Time's" tetrahedron has been set in motion and is spinning so fast that it appears to be a sphere. It is on this illusory sphere that chronological time travels. Many things in the pseudo-creation appear to be smooth and "normal", even though they are based upon cubes, right angles and harder and softer corners. Metaphysically speaking, these cubes do not allow smooth continuums. There are always starts and stops. Chronological time appears to progress smoothly from one point to the next. However, this is only an illusion. Chronological time is actually a series of rigid circumstances that are frozen much like still pictures. The series of frames of chronological time are so close together that these rigid, still pictures appear to be moving in much the same way a video appears to have moving pictures that are in fact only a series of closely connected still pictures. It is only an illusion that a video is a recording of motion – it is in fact a series of still pictures. The Rescuers of the Light have commenced the process of speeding up the tetrahedron that houses the spirit of the being called "Time". As "Time's" prison increases in speed, chronological time will become less predictable. Things will no longer operate in linearappearing order. Events from the past could bump into events from the future or the present. Segments could begin crossing the boundaries as the illusion of chronological time breaks down, ultimately causing chaos. It is through the process of vertical time that the Rescuers of the Light (the Attas) can enter at will into the various points along the chronological time "line". As they enter these points, they can operate in their efforts to free True-Light particles and all other beings of Light, including "Time". Please note that the things encased in these prisons are not the consciousnesses of the beings themselves, but instead they are the spirits of the beings. The cubes and tetrahedrons etc. are like the "souls" that are encasing the true spirits of people and forcing them to re-incarnate over and over again, with the lie that the incarnating consciousness has lessons to learn on Earth for the advancement of the "soul" in re-birth after re-birth. In vertical time, the Rescue Mission is occurring simultaneously in what we on Earth perceive to be the past, the present and the future. For example: Thomas Paine appears to have written Common Sense over 200 years ago, but in vertical time he wrote it in the present and the future. As stated earlier, vertical time appears nearer to the "border" of the True Creation than is chronological time. The Light, via its Attas, has put in a great deal of effort into investigating chronological time and its consequences before commencing the delicate task of rescue in chronological time. The Rescuers use vertical time because it is the shortest, quickest and most effective route to move in and out of chronological time. They have to have exits or they could get trapped in chronological time. There is a particular point in vertical time whereby all past, present and future can be accessed almost simultaneously. This is also the point of entry taken by the Divine Rescuers into chronological time, and the exit point back through vertical time to their own dimension – their safe abode. The Attas have created their own route where Darkness cannot follow. If ever there is an emergency, the Rescuers have their own escape route that bypasses vertical time and leads them safely back to their own realms. The illusion of chronological time, where things around a being are in constant motion and change, is the INVERSE of the illusion of "no-motion", in which the affected being is unaware of that complex system of motions going on around them unless they put in a lot of effort into investigating the illusion. Chronological time is based upon a series of "stop-andstart events" that are placed so closely together that they form the illusion of smooth transition from segment to segment, until the illusion becomes so fluid that it appears to be moving. So, the illusion of chronological time is the reverse of the illusion of "no-motion". Cubes are important building blocks for Darkness that are used from the minute scale to vast sizes. As mentioned before, metaphysically speaking, cubes have hard angles that cause strife, war, confusion, belligerence, opposition, resistance etc. These cubes also form prisons for all True-Light beings and separate them from one another. As these cubes begin to shatter, more and more particles of Light (the prisoners of Darkness) will be released, and the illusions of Darkness will begin to fracture. Once they start to fracture, the illusions will collapse very rapidly and Darkness will lose Its hold on the True-Light particles that It is holding hostage. Ironically, the vertical time that Darkness created before Its expansion has become the very thing that will ultimately bring about Darkness' own demise. This process is now certain. The "suction tube" that Darkness had "attached" to the Source to steal energy has been severed by the Light. Darkness can no longer directly siphon Divine Energy. Darkness was aware this could happen, which is why an energy shortage has always been a worry for It. At present, there is a severe energy shortage in this False Creation; Darkness is very concerned and is trying all sorts of ways to obtain energy. These attempts will end in futility for Darkness; Its Virtual Reality will soon collapse and the True-Light beings will be liberated from Darkness. - Vertical Time Backfires on Darkness In this creation of Virtual Reality, many True-Light beings have been trapped and imprisoned as "slaves" for Darkness. But it is not only the True-Light beings that are trapped because Darkness also enslaved Its own creation, especially the lesser of the False-Light beings. As stated in my earlier writings, cubes are building blocks for Darkness, used from the minute scale to vast sizes. Metaphysically speaking, cubes have hard angles that cause strife, war, confusion, belligerence, opposition, resistance etc. These cubes also form invisible "prisons" for many trapped True-Light beings and separate them from one another. As I mentioned elsewhere, the being called "Time" is encased in a tetrahedron that is spinning so rapidly on its centre-point axis that it appears to be a sphere. Darkness also uses other symmetrical solids that It created as prisons. These include the known symmetrical solids that Pythagoras investigated: sphere, tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Symmetrical solids have an interesting property in that there is a centre point in each of them that acts as the axis on which the object spins. There are other symmetrical solids that are unknown in this dimension that are also used by Darkness as prisons to maintain Its empire. The six known symmetrical solids are the primary traps used by Darkness to imprison beings, whether the prisoners are of the TrueLight or the False-Light. It is only the upper echelon of Darkness that is not in these unseen prisons. However, they too have restrictions imposed upon them by their ultimate master, the evil Usurper. There is a rigid hierarchy of Darkness with the Usurper at the top of the hierarchy. Metaphysically speaking, cubes have the hardest properties (right angles). However, even the shapes with "softer" properties, such as the tetrahedron that employs interconnected 60degree angles, are still harsh prisons. They only appear softer relative to the cubes and other more harsh models. On Earth, by analogy, the models of these prisons have been imitated by the ruling elite in producing maximum-security prisons (more like the cubes) and less restrictive ones (more like the tetrahedrons). Other models of the Usurper are also mirrored on Earth to a lesser degree, as I will explain later. The symmetrical solids holding the spirits exist in an asymmetrical world, so there is always imbalance, friction, disorder, mistrust, betrayals, confusion, dishonesty, suffering, greed, fear, jealousy etc. The primary reasons for the prisons are to control the prisoners and to extract energy from them to maintain the Dark creation. The angles used to construct the prisons are the same aspects available in this dimension of the False Creation. They can be harder or softer, but all in the prisons are subjected to suffering, pain and decay. The esoteric studies of astrology, numerology, tarot etc. all incorporate some knowledge of these aspects and their influence and interplay of them on human lives. All aspects (whether harder or softer) are imposed upon this dimension by the Usurper to control its realm and exploit the beings It trapped. In fact, each of the aspects in the False-Light creation are either trapped, personified beings from the Light, or beings of the Dark creation. Darkness imposes forced labour on trapped True-Light beings as well as Its own creation. In this dimension, there are jailers and prisoners. Over the jailers are the administrators. Some people are born with benefits relative to others. This can be by family connections, wealth and power, or it can be of an esoteric nature by numerological birthpath, astrological signs and aspects and so on. Even those who seem to have it all are made to suffer to some degree because this dimension thrives on suffering and misery. Some people claim that good fortune is due to good karma and that misfortune is due to bad karma. But, karma - contrary to the popular Buddhist belief that it is a system that justly dispenses rewards and penalties - does not always justly mete out punishments and rewards. In fact, karma is an evil creation, designed to suit evil purposes while it appears to be fair, honest and good. Since there are so many prisons that are deliberately designed with harsh conditions (angles/aspects), there will always be war, friction and disharmony. The trapped False-Light beings are mixed in with the trapped True-Light beings and it is difficult for most people to discern one from another, which further enhances the trap of Darkness to hold True-Light beings in ignorance and confusion. The symmetrical prisons in the False Creation are coded so that each being is programmed to perform certain tasks for the Slave-master, the Usurper. These encasements are vibrational prisons, invisible to the human eye. All prisons are under the control of a Mind of a Being of a totally evil consciousness. This evil consciousness is part of the network set up by the Usurper to obey Its Will. True-Light beings have two separate minds, so to speak. They have an inner mind and an outer mind. The inner mind is the one that connects them to the Divine. It contains a blueprint that Evil cannot tamper with unless the individual being turns its will over to Darkness. The outer mind is the one imposed on people by Darkness. This is the mind that is programmable. The outer mind is programmed and normally functions for evil. Will at the human level produces energy with in-built abilities that can vary according to what a person wills into the energy. To modify human will to such an extent that it becomes closer to the Divine Will is not easy, but it can be accomplished through perseverance and dedication to the Divine as best one can. This means that even though one suffers and has to be subjected to the rules of this Virtual Reality, one does not give over their will to Darkness. It is like the saying that one must live in the world but not be of the world. In the past Darkness has generated extremely long time circuits so that what it gave out would not return for many eons of time. But now the Light is rapidly shortening those time circuits and things that Darkness gave out are coming back to It faster than before. Hence, a large part of the attacks that will occur in the future were really sent out into the realms of time and space by beings of Darkness a long time ago, and they are now returning to attack and weaken their creator, the Usurper. Darkness has a very tight hierarchy with the Usurper at the top of the structure, and beneath It are many "minor creators" whom the Usurper has appointed for various tasks. These are high-level administrators of the Dark hierarchy. Below these are other minor administrators, and so it goes on down the ladder. As mentioned earlier, the higher placed administrators do not have symmetrical solid prisons encasing them. However, they do have restrictions placed upon them to keep a tab on their operations because the Usurper does not completely trust Its own administrators. Darkness has set up the system to have as few administrators as possible, because these beings are much more highly rewarded and granted more power than other False-Light beings who fill the tasks of minor roles. This model that Darkness uses is mirrored to some extent in many organizations on Earth. Examples of organizations with the authority at the top are found in many world governments, including autocracies and democracies. Corporations also follow this model. However, on Earth there are many countries and corporations; the Dark model has a single ladder of power. Plans are in the works to streamline the Earth to better represent the hierarchy of Darkness by eliminating many extraneous corporations and countries. The fewer corporations and countries there are, the fewer administrators there are that need to be highly rewarded. Hence, it is the plan to shrink the size of the ruling elite and centralize its operation. Ultimately, there would only be one country and one corporation, which would eventually merge into one organization, the One World Government where everyone is tagged. Corporations are truly "soulless" organizations. They operate to make profits for their shareholders. They do not worry about who or what they step on to make these profits. Usually it is the little people who they squash in the process. Countries, on the other hand, have to keep up the appearance of taking care of the downtrodden. So, corporations can be more brutal in their expansions. However, a country can forcibly take from another country under the pretence of a military war or the chase for "terrorists". Countries are, in a sense, laws unto themselves. Corporations take via economic power. Within the Earth's corporate structure is one specialized department that Darkness uses to accomplish its planned One World Government. This structure is known as the banking industry, which controls most of the money in the world. Money is a creation of Darkness to expand human ambition and greed. In the banking system, a model has been developed to strip the maximum amount of resources from the people without them being aware of the activity. This is seen in the American Federal Reserve Banking System, which is a model for many countries' national banks. The Federal Reserve is a quasi-governmental operation. The government has some control over it but its profits go to its private owners. The Federal Reserve has an exclusive contract to print the American currency, which it does. However, for each dollar it puts into circulation, it charges the U.S. Congress the going rate of interest for as long as that dollar remains in circulation. In short, Congress borrows the paper money from the Federal Reserve for the going rate of interest, which, for example, could be 5 percent per annum. This amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars each year in interest that Congress must pay the Federal Reserve, which has done nothing but print paper currency that Congress could have done itself for free. The egregious profits earned by the Federal Reserve are not fairly distributed throughout the banking industry, but instead are kept by a very few owners of the Federal Reserve. The rest of the bankers work for veritable peanuts. In this way, with almost all the rewards staying at the very top, the Federal Reserve closely mirrors the Dark model. Many people mistakenly believe that the Federal Reserve is owned by the government. Even some economics professors are misinformed on this issue. This is by design to keep people ignorant so there will be less chance of protest. Thus, under this system, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. Thus, the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" widens. Money is the root of much evil. It is responsible for much betrayal, murder, deception, slavery, war, envy, jealousy, worries, suffering, crime and other negative things. On Earth, money is nearly a necessity. Without money, many things, including food, water, shelter, education, health care, transport etc. cannot be acquired. None of the corporation activity, especially banking, could be accomplished without money. Darkness created Its own entities to oversee money. These money entities have been drastically abused by Darkness. When these money entities become obsolete or irrelevant for Darkness, they have been discarded by It. Of those that have been discarded, some are in extremely pitiful circumstances. The Light showed compassion to them and offered them a safe haven if they desired to turn to the Light. Many have so chosen and modifications have been done to them so that they can exist in the realm of Light. However, those on the top of the Dark hierarchy have never responded to Divine Love. All False-Light beings are offered the opportunity to turn to the Light. Some have chosen the True Light, but most have chosen to remain in Darkness. Everyone on Earth is affected in various degrees by the monetary prison imposed upon them. All monetary prisons - like all the other prisons imposed by Darkness - will crumble when all the invisible, symmetrical solid prisons holding the True-Light beings and those holding the False-Light beings are fractured in this so-call third dimension. Many loosely use the term "third dimension", which is a very confusing misnomer. The term itself implies that there is a progression of dimensions from the first to the second, third and onwards. Some esoteric movements have promoted misinformation about an upcoming shift to the fourth dimension, with many of the "gurus" taking the misinformation even further by claiming that there will be a jump directly to the fifth, sixth, seventh or whatever dimension. In reality, the concept of a "dimension" is a highly esoteric expression that very few people on Earth would normally contemplate or take seriously, let alone comprehend. A "dimension" can be a vast, independent existence or part of a very complex existence. Time exists in the Mind of the Usurper; It delegates authority over time to certain Archons. A particular time circuit is a field of operation of the mind of a particular being of the Dark hierarchy that creates its own type of space, and within that space all thought forms manifest as things. Within chronological time exist all dimensions in the False Creation, with each dimension operating on its own vibrational rate. It is commonly believed among esoteric circles that the higher the vibrational rate of the dimension, the finer and less dense it is. Likewise, it is believed that the lower vibrational dimensions have coarser vibrations across the spectrum of existence in those dimensions. Superficially, this appears to be true. However, on very close circumspection, things are not what they appear to be, as will be shown later. In the lowest of the coarser dimensions, conditions are so bad that even the administrators of the Dark hierarchy are nervous about going down to them. In the past, when things got out of control in one of these coarser dimensions, Darkness simply destroyed the dimension with everything inside it. Some people believe that dimensions are like spheres existing according to higher or lower vibrations. They believe that the higher the sphere, the finer the vibrations within that sphere. They also believe that the lower the sphere, the coarser the vibrations operating within the sphere. In fact, all dimensions appear to be spheres, which are the apparent shapes of the spinning traps (prisons - cubes, tetrahedrons, spheres etc.) housing various dimensions. The higher vibrational dimensions in this Virtual Reality are akin to low-security prisons and the lower vibrational dimensions are more like moderate to high-security prisons. When beings reach the so-called finest levels, the traps are removed entirely, however, certain restrictions still apply to the top administrative levels. On Earth, many so-called spiritual teachings expound that the spiritual vehicle must be purified sufficiently before one can enter the higher dimensions of the Light according to one's spiritual advancement. But, this is really a false promise because there is no access to the True Light in this entire Virtual Reality. Darkness has sealed off the whole Virtual Reality with an invisible, giant symmetrical "prison" which contains prisons within prisons. Only the Rescuers of the Light have been able to get in and out of this Virtual Reality. The higher one moves on this pseudo-spiritual system, the more programmed they become, until they can eventually graduate to become an obedient administrator for Darkness, which is why they get their invisible symmetrical prison removed. Hence, the higher one proceeds on the spiritual ladder of Darkness (which is falsely presented as the ladder of progression of Light) the more evil and well hidden one becomes. In other words, the so-called finer vibrational dimensions in this False Creation are still evil, but the evil is more complex and hidden. It is in these so-called finer dimensions that evil is most sophisticated and dangerous. Thus the evil ones in the so-called finer vibrational dimensions of this Virtual Reality are comparable to white-collar criminals, while the administrators in the coarser dimensions are more like bluecollar criminals. The higher one goes on the Dark ladder the more they are able to veil their evilness and hide it from those below them. This becomes very dangerous to those who are sincerely seeking Truth. Many of the so-called Ascended Masters are really masters of this category, but many sincere seekers of Truth have been deceived by these beings. On Earth, the term "dimensions" is used in common language to describe the measurements and shape of a particular physical object. For example, the dimensions of a rectangular box could be 10 cm high, 20 cm wide and 40 cm long. These are the three dimensions of the box. Most things in this dimension have length, width and height. This allows for very concrete descriptions of objects that even the least spiritually orientated person can grasp. Many now think that the Earth is in the third dimension because everything here has three dimensions. Although theoretical lines and planes have one and two dimensions respectively, these things are only theoretical, because every point of matter has width, length and height. What some spiritual teachers have concocted is the premise that since physical things can be measured in three dimensions, this is the third dimension. This is a ridiculous fallacy - it is patently absurd. The dimensions of an object have nothing whatsoever to do with the general make-up of the dimension in which the object resides. People are comfortable with terms such as third dimension etc. so they use them quite loosely. The reason that this dimension contains the concepts of height, width and length is because the Usurper designed the prisons for this dimension to be symmetrical solids that have height, width and length. These prisons are invisible to human eyes and they spin on their centre points. People who live on Earth are not aware that the world is in fact a giant, invisible prison designed to encase them. Within this giant prison are many artificial and many manmade prisons that often house innocent people. The knowledge in vogue misleads people into thinking about chronological dimensions. However, dimensions are vertical. Just as the Rescuers of the Light can travel through chronological time via vertical time, there is a path that runs parallel to vertical time that allows inter-dimensional travel. This path is a little like a miniature, simplified version of vertical time that allows access to each dimension for those who are in the know. But, very few of the Dark hierarchy have any knowledge of the existence of this inter-dimensional pathway, and fewer still have access to this closely guarded privilege. Some of the very high beings of Light who were trapped have been imprisoned in tetrahedrons, and forced to work against their will for Darkness. When the Light finally located these trapped beings, some of them were found in such pitiful states that they were almost unrecognizable, but for their inner-makeup that the Usurper could not tamper with. Clearly, we are living in a Virtual Reality of invisible prisons created by symmetrical shapes. Fortunately, the Light is working on removing the unjustly imposed prisons. These invisible symmetrical prisons are beginning to shatter, and particles of Light will soon be released as the illusions of Darkness continue to fracture. As they fracture, the illusions will collapse very rapidly and Darkness will lose Its hold on the True-Light particles that It is holding hostage. All hostages will soon be released. - Virtual Reality of Invisible Centre-Point Prisons and the New World Order Last year, after the Sacred Drumming, I mentioned that after the Four Elements were released there would be anomalies regarding weather and other fields affected by the Four Elements. The Four Elements have been symbolically released now and they are no longer totally bound by the "chains" that the Cosmic had imposed upon them. While many of the weather anomalies have probably not been reported, a few oddities have made it into the mainstream media. Recently, some cyclones have been rotating in unexpected directions. For example: Northern Hemisphere storms have been observed rotating clockwise around the eye instead of the usual anti-clockwise circulation; inverted rainbows have been sighted in the U.S.A.; double rainbows, with green on the far end of the spectrum on both rainbows, have also been spotted in Australia; "cyclonic" rains have fallen on windless days; and many other oddities of temperature, precipitation, wind etc. are becoming common occurrences. Earthquakes are spreading around the globe, even in places that are not earthquake prone. Volcanoes are becoming active all around the world; "extinct" ones are re-awakening. Fires are behaving in ways unlike anything ever before observed. Glaciers are retreating at breakneck speed. Some scientists are now noticing that while daytime temperatures are relatively close to those of the past, night-time temperatures are rising dramatically. The night-time temperature rises are most likely due to increased inner earth temperatures, which would seem to negate the so-called greenhouse effect that most scientists are suggesting is a major cause of global warming. As I explained in The Hollow Earth's Cubed Suns, the Earth is heating up very quickly from the inside and it is becoming uninhabitable for the innerEarth dwellers. UFO sightings are becoming common occurrences throughout the world, as had been expected. Of recent, many UFO battles have been observed in the skies. These will soon become more open and more difficult for the traditional media to ignore, scoff at or deny. China will become the main world power. The alien consciousnesses that are now occupying the human bodies in China are the same consciousnesses that were occupying bodies in the U.S.A. up to, and especially during, the Clinton administration. Most of these alien consciousnesses have "migrated" to China and are now residing mostly in Chinese bodies. Certain aliens have the ability to change host bodies as they choose. For example: some of the Reptilian consciousnesses housed in bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. have "migrated" to China in recent years, leaving the bodies behind. Those same bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. are now occupied by Vulturite consciousnesses, which were quick to step in and take advantage of the situation. During the shift of locations, the Reptilians were able to take much of the technology and other information with them. This is why China will soon be the world's superpower. Different countries will begin to re-align themselves in accordance with their attraction/revulsion regarding Reptilian/Vulturite alliances. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are the two main Anunnaki contenders for domination of the Earth. There will be a confrontation between these two groups, represented by the two major powers on Earth (U.S.A. and its allies versus China and its allies). Many changes are coming that will affect the lives of people in all countries. Hence, the Reptilians in human bodies will clash with the Vulturites in human bodies. While these clashes will be seen by most as human political wars, they will in fact be alien wars. Both sides are represented by alien consciousnesses in human bodies in high political positions. Already, both sides are planning to wage "war" by releasing devastating new biological diseases throughout the world. Some of the biological attacks were scheduled for September of 2005, but now the dates have been moved forward. Three illnesses have been re-scheduled to be released, one of which is to be released very soon. However, the devastating effects of two others might take some time to spread. There will really be no real solutions available to the masses for the upcoming biological attacks that are scheduled by the ruling elite. However, the ruling elite have special preventative immunizations (antidotes) that will be made available to certain select ones before the releases of the biological attacks. Unfortunately, these preventative immunizations will NOT be made available to the masses, nor will knowledge of them be revealed to the public. One of the diseases will mutate and cross species. Degrees of sight impairment will be associated with another of the new diseases. Yet another biological release will transmit a form of peculiar anxiety to degrees never before seen. Almost anyone will be subjected to the effects of this type of anxiety. Some will handle it better than others. At first, the anxiety will be transient - it will come and go. Those who panic over it will be in the most vulnerable positions. Panic will exacerbate the situation. Therefore, it will be important to remain calm and take sensible measures to counter-act the upcoming anxiety attacks. A positive attitude will assist in alleviating the condition. Engaging in physical activities such as walking, swimming etc. can help divert the attacks away from victims. Relaxation exercises will also help. Rest is important, as exhaustion will make a person more vulnerable to the attacks. When the new anxiety attacks become a problem worldwide, many of the victims will be prescribed medical drugs that will have a tendency to mask the symptoms, but which will offer no real help. However, the drugs will certainly affect the person using them. Many of the new anxiety victims will attempt suicide. As the anxiety advances, sufferers will have difficulty coping because they will not even know why they are so anxious. There will be many who have breathing difficulties related to the new anxiety. This will generally be brought about by the weakening of the immune system caused by the debilitating inaudible sounds that are already being released by the ruling elite. Chemtrails will exacerbate the situation of weakened immune systems. While all this is going on, humans are being "watched" and "studied" like animals in a laboratory by those agents employed by the ruling elite. Some who are leery about the agendas behind immunizations will face the dilemma of whether to trust the offered immunizations or to abstain from them. There is no guarantee that vaccinations will protect a person from getting the illness, and the vaccinations could well bring on other problems including the illnesses themselves. People will NOT have natural immunities against these diseases. The select few will be safe because they will be given effective antidotes to the illnesses. As has been done in the past, the ruling elite is again contemplating spreading the new illnesses via the very immunizations that the medical profession will be deceived into promoting. People have the right to know what is going on so they can make their own informed choices. In my opinion, the Pinto Centre that I have mentioned is still a very good preventative "shield", even against these invading illnesses. It is important to build up the Pinto-Centre "shield" regularly. This "shield" will also assist in counter-acting the debilitating, inaudible sounds that are being artificially released. Like any preventative health measure, one has to persevere; it cannot be done overnight. This world has become so putrid - physically and spiritually - that it cannot be allowed to continue. The agents of Darkness have gone berserk in their efforts to enslave everyone and everything. Their quest for power is insatiable and has become a malignant cancer. If these agents of Darkness were left to their own devices without intervention and rescue by the Light, everyone would perish. The one thing that Darkness cannot penetrate is your inner being, your spirit. The body can be destroyed, but the true spirit is eternal. Remain strong in the Light. Unless you give your will over to Darkness, Darkness cannot touch your spirit. Therefore: We must march on with the quiet certitude that what has to be done will be done. - Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination In Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination I presented a sense of the imminent groupings around the two major Anunnaki contenders for world domination. This posting will give a more in-depth explanation about the alliances of the alien groups and how they will impact on the lives of people. There are many different Anunnaki groups on Earth at this time, including, but not limited to, the Reptilians and their main competitors - known to we Attas as "Pers-sires" - for whom I subsequently coined the name of "Vulturites" for many reasons that I will explain another time. There are many smaller groups of aliens currently on the planet. Some have remained neutral, but the majority of them have joined with one of the two major alien powers. There are also many alien True-Light beings sprinkled around the world, but, on the energy level, they are not involved in the battle for world dominance. To have a better understanding of what I will be discussing, it is important to remember that physical human bodies are like clothes that are worn by consciousnesses. Thus, the "clothes" can be worn by other consciousnesses at times, with or without the original consciousness' consent. However, switching "clothes" is not a simple process and requires a lot of preparation. On the energy level and on the physical level that can be observed, things are coming together in such a way that some will begin to see through the maze. This writing will hopefully give a little nudge to those who are ready for that insight. The overall Anunnaki plan is so far advanced that it is now unfolding with minor modifications here and there. The Rescuers of the Light (the Attas) are aware of the Anunnaki plans. The Attas are closely observing the Anunnaki groups from the sky and from the Earth, and are doing their best to protect the True-Light beings in various forms who remain on the planet. (Incidentally, many True-Light being consciousnesses have already been evacuated - many left in 1999. Although most of the Attas are located in Australia, they do move around the world as needed. Many of the Light Workers, the Tarra-ha-tikas, are located in the U.S.A., Europe, U.K., Canada, Australia and other countries). The Reptilians and the Vulturites have waited patiently throughout political, religious, economic, geographic, technological, arms build-ups and other wars for a long, long time. Events such as the Crusades, World War I and II, Middle East tension, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and other events that occurred thousands of year ago and in the last century are all just markers as the two major groups posture for the upcoming battle for global domination. Both sides are now poised and gathering their forces for the final preparations. The battle will not be confined to shooting wars, which may not be as important as other forms of confrontations. At this stage of events, things are working up towards the final alliances as planned. Countries are being influenced because of these two dominant alien forces within their populations. The governments of many nations will now begin to openly re-align in accordance with their alien allegiances. The heads of state and the important cabinet members of most nations are either programmed to align with one of the major alien groups, or are themselves alien consciousnesses of one of the groups wearing the "clothes" of humans. It is not so critical whether the key politicians are programmed humans or aliens the alliances will occur. In the past, when one of the alien groups gained control of a geo-political-religious situation, its power was not as dominant. There would be some rebellion from those under the influence of other groups. Today, those smaller groups of aliens are under much tighter control and many are being forced to take sides. Even the neutral ones are feeling intense pressure to align with one side or the other. The Greys, who were originally one of the major groups of aliens on Earth, have now aligned themselves with the Reptilians. This is an important alien alliance. The Masa-karas from Central Europe started moving to New Zealand and Australia some 10 years ago, and especially in the last five years; the Masa-karas have spread all over Australia and have aligned with the Reptilians. For many reasons, one of the main control centres of the fight for world dominance will be operated from Australia. Soon, the highest concentration of alien consciousnesses in the world will be in New Zealand and Australia. Since the recent alien alliances began, various countries have aligned themselves with the U.S.A., which is currently a Vulturite dominated state that was formerly a Reptilian dominated nation. As I stated in Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination, the Reptilian consciousnesses in high positions have already "migrated" to China. At this time, many nations are changing political alliances. These changes could surprise many political observers who lack the esoteric understanding that the new alliances and allegiances being formed are based upon alien consciousnesses that are dominant in the various countries. On the political scene, there will be many changes of personnel in banking and other political fields due to alien alignments. Several Arab states will align with the Vulturite-headed U.S.A., others will align with the Reptilians. This is going to cause severe conflict in Israel, which continues to be influenced by the Reptilians. A severe rift will form within Israel and between its main ally, the U.S.A. The new Arab/U.S.A. (Vulturite) alliance will be very strong despite the allies' religious differences (Christian/Muslim). It should be remembered that Syria has long been considered to be strongly opposed to the U.S.A. The physical observers will believe Syria's turn towards the U.S.A. to be due to bribes/threats etc. However, the reason for the shift towards the new Vulturite alliance is the commencement of the alignments of alien consciousnesses - Syria is the first to join in. It will not matter what political stand a country took in the past; today the alliances will form regardless of religious, political, economic and other differences. The regimes can be totalitarian or democratic - it will make no difference. Since every country has a mixture of Reptilians and Vulturites in their populations, there will be unrest everywhere. Taiwan will become one of the catalyst issues regarding the confrontation of the two sides. However, remember that the wars do not have to be shooting wars. They can take many forms of expression. The United Kingdom is in flux right now, and while it will appear to follow the U.S.A. at first, eventually it will cool towards it after Tony Blair is no longer the Prime Minister. It is most likely that Britain's former master - the Reptilians - will re-gain political dominance in that country. Russia will join China and form a formidable alliance of Reptilian forces. Brazil, Italy, Iran, India, Iceland, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Korea, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and others, after internal turmoil, will eventually gravitate towards the Sino-Russian alliance. Denmark, Australia, Jordan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Japan and most of the Asian countries, Spain, Canada and others will eventually gravitate towards the Vulturite power base in the U.S.A. The proponents for The Da Vinci Code are all trying to fracture the Church, which is currently a Reptilian stronghold. The irony is that many of the chief Vulturites in human bodies appear to be fundamentalist Christians, yet on the physical level, they are out to destroy the Church. If the Vulturites believed that they could acquire control over the Church, they would try to do so. However, they realize that the Reptilians have far too strong a hold on the Church to do so. Therefore, the Vulturites have resolved to destroy the Church by spreading anew the long-standing lies about Jesus and Magdalene with the "code" embedded in the malicious propaganda. The people who believe and/or spread the Jesus/Magdalene lies are either programmed by Darkness to do so, or are themselves Evil. As a cautionary reminder, not everyone defending Jesus in this regard is of the Light. Jesus is an Attas of the Light who is presently heading the Rescue Mission by the Light. Jesus is a "walk-in" consciousness of the True Divine Mother. The True Divine Mother is also the "walk- in" consciousness of White Buffalo Woman, who visited a band of dedicated Kiowa Apaches about 2,000 years ago. Jesus/White Buffalo Woman/True Divine Mother as a complete being (incognito) is here on Earth leading the Rescue Mission. Out of the chaos that is spreading across the globe will emerge a small group of True-Light beings from all walks of life, cultures and beliefs. Programmed knowledge aside, these TrueLight beings have one important thing in common - they are faithful to the True Creator of Light. These have been chosen to play the role as "sound-emitters" under the guidance of the Rescuers. These people may or may not be consciously aware of their roles or identities. However, they will be "enrolled" on the energy level as the "Amaz-ta-has". The Amaz-ta-has will help to emit soothing, comforting signals to assist the viable beings as they prepare for their journey Home. The time is close. Jesus has retrieved the full Powers of "Excalibur" that were previously stolen by Darkness. The Rescue Mission is nearly completed. Victory to the Light - Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances Everything in this Virtual Reality works on programming - everything! Programming can be man-made, but most of it originates elsewhere. Often people accept things happening around them as being "the way things are". Few suspect that they are programmed to accept "the way things are". Fewer still comprehend that "the way things are" is because they have been programmed to be that way. The dimension that we now live in is of the False-Light Creation (Virtual Reality). In the True-Light Creation, energy (prana) is the main activating force for the whole of Creation. True prana is pure. The prana that we use in this dimension is not the pure prana of the True Divine Creation. As I mentioned in Vertical Time Backfires on Darkness, once the "siphon tube" was severed, Darkness lost Its source of true prana and was forced to come up with an alternative form of energy; It manufactured Its own local prana from energy stolen through endless traps/prisons laid for True-Light beings within this sector. This "localized" prana is tainted with evil intent. I have mentioned many times before about the sector in which Darkness resides. When the "siphon tube" was severed by the Light, Darkness sealed up Its entire False-Light Creation by "drawing" a massive cube around it and sending the cube into rapid-spinning motion until the cube resembled a sphere. This giant cube contains the sector of Darkness, which is essentially sealed off with no entrances or exits except for those created by the extraordinary methods used by the Attas who are outside of the Virtual Reality. Even Darkness Itself is unwittingly trapped within this giant cube. Inside it (the entire False-Light Creation/Virtual Reality) are many smaller cubes (prisons) containing many universes and/or dimensions. Inside of the Virtual Reality are realities within realities. Although Darkness has unwittingly imprisoned Itself, It is so deluded now that It has forgotten It is in the very prison It created for others. But even though the sector containing Darkness is sealed, inside of it are many High beings of the True-Light Creation who were trapped in the Evil sector when it was sealed off by Darkness. These High beings have connections to the Pure Realm, which could become stained by Evil via contamination from the trapped parts and projections of the High beings. Therefore, Evil must be stopped. Since the Usurper is trapped in Its own delusions and illusions, It has begun to think that It is the real creator. In Its crazed delusion It demands to be worshipped and feared. The True Creator does NOT operate on fear or punishment and does NOT demand to be worshipped or glorified. The True Creator is all Unconditional Love, Purity, Light, Beauty, Bliss and Goodness. False-Light prana is impure and vibrates slower than true prana. Due to various modifications made to the false prana by the Usurper, it spirals through space, causing a lot of confusion and complexity, all of which benefits Darkness to the detriment of Its "prisoners". The spiralling motion creates and affects time and space enormously. Remember that time and space are also of the False-Light Creation. When the spiralling energy was introduced by the Usurper, everything in the False Creation underwent massive changes. The spiralling waveforms carry totally impure information, thus further complicating things in the False-Light Creation. This spiralling energy structure acts as the medium that can influence or cause things to occur from external sources. Hence, the True-Light beings are hindered from expressing the Pure expression of the Divine Will within them. The spiralling motion is one of the foundations of evil programming. The spiralling motion that slowed down the time equivalents of this False Creation creates an effective illusion and barrier to Truth. Before long, the vast majority of the beings trapped here in this Virtual Reality accepted this Virtual Reality as the True System/True Creation. This is in effect the same illusion that trapped the Usurper and thus deluded It. Evil is extremely complex and difficult to deal with because evil is very much personalized. Any being can be personalized. The beings known as "Time" and "Space" are examples of personalized beings. Due to personalization, things have become so complex that the whole Rescue Operation is extremely delicate and needed a lot of investigation before it could reach this final retrieval point of the Mission. One of the major controlling elements that Darkness introduced into Its False Creation is the process of programming. Programming occurs on many levels. For example, on a macro level, the Earth is programmed to rotate on its axis and to revolve around the sun; the moon is programmed to revolve around the Earth; the seasons on Earth are programmed to rotate annually; the tides are programmed to ebb and flow at certain intervals. All of these programming actions in turn affect the lives and behaviour of humans and other forms of consciousness. On a micro (personal) level, all beings in this dimension are programmed by the spiralling energy, which is imbedded with various forms of programming that are ultimately of an evil nature. This is why even the best intentions here can often result in negative actions. The food chain in this False Creation is an example of endless programming. All beings must consume something to exist here - they prey upon one another. Humans arrogantly believe that they are at the "top" of the food chain. In fact, they are mere puppets of the food chain. Programming makes humans function like sophisticated robots doing the bidding of the Usurper. In this sense, humans are somewhat like computers, and the programming of humans is like computer software. In other words, humans do what they are programmed to do. Just imagine what will happen when programming stops in this dimension! It will be total chaos - total madness! However, there are real sophisticated robots created by Anunnaki aliens. These have no Will and are "soulless", or, more correctly stated, they do not have spirits. These are not to be confused with the robotic programming directed at humans. True consciousnesses have spirits (Will). Much has been said about freewill, but is there freewill if everything works on programming? Strictly speaking, the only freewill choice anyone can truly make here is whether to remain in the True Light or to reject the True Light. This is a spiritual choice, not a physical one. All other apparent choices are really illusory physical choices that keep everything moving in an apparently orderly manner in this realm so that things appear normal and operate cohesively. Thus, it may be said that one has the "freewill" choice to watch a movie or to go for a run. There have been many fictional portrayals of the Devil seeking to trick people into giving up their "souls". There is an element of truth in these stories because the Devil cannot take a person's Will, which is often called a "soul". However, It is more correctly called the spirit, which is trapped in the "soul" (the prison of the spirit). See my essay, Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today. Why is Darkness unable to simply take spirits from True-Light beings? This is because one's Will cannot be taken by force, even by a being as powerful as Darkness. One's Will is a part of the True Creator that nothing else can remove, save by the freewill choice of the "owner" to relinquish it. This freewill choice must not be confused with hedonistic options. This freewill acts like a doorway to which only the "owner" has the key. It is this key, so to speak, that Darkness seeks to obtain via deception, programming, traps and other evil mechanisms so that It can eventually possess the Will. A True-Light being's Will is their most precious blueprint. This Will is impervious to Darkness UNLESS it is handed over to the Devil (Darkness). This is the ONLY real free choice one has in this Virtual Reality. This freewill is their key to Liberation from Darkness. THOSE WHO STILL HOLD THEIR KEYS ARE THE VIABLES that I have written so much about. Thus, everything else is just a choice of what programming input to succumb to. Hence, sometimes people think they have made a choice, but how many of these "real" choices have already been selected for them through programming? This is something to think about - it gets complicated because it is complicated! Programming is not only directed at humans. All "life" forms in this dimension are subjected to programming, which is the most powerful controlling mechanism devised by Darkness. All True-Light beings, regardless of their forms of consciousness (mineral, vegetable, animal, human, galactic etc.), have Will, and all are constantly being enticed to part with their metaphorical "key" - their Will - on the spiritual level. As you look around, you can identify some of the programming in nature that is referred to as "instinct". For example: a mother's "instinct" to nurture her offspring; ants' "instinct" to build hills and find food and serve their queen, which runs throughout much of the insect world; geese and other birds fly thousands of kilometres to nest and know how to return to their original homes; salmon do the same. Much behaviour in minerals, plants, animals, humans and so on, is classified as instinctive. Some plants gravitate towards sunlight to grow while others seek the shade. Some animals are diurnal and others are nocturnal. These traits are all based upon programming. Relatively permanent programming is done at the genetic level, being imbedded in the host's DNA, which is yet another creation of Darkness to further control Its False Creation. Genetic traits are examples of long-term programming, while the more easily modified traits are dictated by moderate and short-term programming. The amount of life force assigned to each being at "birth" is determined by genetic programming. Anunnaki aliens have surreptitiously done a lot of genetic programming throughout the ages by manipulating DNA. Generally, short-term programming is done from the unseen levels. There are unseen beings who work from the unseen realms whose roles are primarily the administration of programming in the physical and the astral dimensions. These are the "Asukaz" of Darkness. However, short-term programming can also be done by people who know how to do it on the subtle level. Further, on the physical level, there are those who use technologies to interfere with brain waves to bring about certain results in people's thoughts, words and actions. This very dangerous tool is already in use by the ruling elite. The spiralling energy that all beings are subjected to here contains a Dark consciousness that tends towards negativity. It is very difficult for people to actively seek purity in this dimension because the spiralling energy responds to external pressures rather than to internal responses from the True Light. It is this that allows programming on a large scale to be achieved. While the spiralling energy makes the user of it receptive to negative programming, it is the external (outside of the spiralling energy) forces that direct individual and collective programming. Thus, the spiralling energy acts like a facilitator, while the Asukaz are the catalysts of the programming. There are other "lesser" beings of Darkness who moderate the programming, adjusting levels of intensity and modifying the types of programming. By analogy, many minute "bugs" live on biological bodies without the hosts knowing about them. Likewise, there are many unseen beings all about working on programming that affects peoples' lives without the victims knowing about it. But, not being aware of the programming does not mean that it does not exist. Many people believe in fate - fate is often caused by external programming or external intervention by the Light or by Darkness. People are programmed to choose certain foods, schools, friends, intimate relationships etc. KARMA IS A FORM OF SEVERE PROGRAMMING. When a person wakes up to the possibility of programming, he or she has a much better chance of overcoming the programming by consciously willing his or her self to resist the programming. Jealously, rage, fear and sexual arousal are examples of very powerful forms of programming. These can turn the tide of whole kingdoms. There are many stories in history that confirm this to be true. As I have indicated in many of my writings, things are breaking down in this dimension, including the programming and the beings responsible for programming. Since all beings are programmed in this Virtual Reality, the programmers (the Asukaz and others) are themselves programmed by their superiors. Now that programming is breaking down, the Asukaz and other programmers are affected; the signs of this are evident everywhere. In nature, many anomalies have been reported recently. There have been inverted and circular rainbows sighted. Others have seen rainbows with shifting spectrums of colours. Animals are doing weird things. Chicks and ducklings are leaving their mothers at only twoweeks old. These are unusual patterns! As programming breaks down, the old programming will not be as predictable as it was in the past. New programming, such as that generated by the ruling elite/evil aliens can be effective for a while, but will probably take many unexpected turns later. In this world there are no real free choices. Almost everything is done by programming. Even the so-called choices are programmed choices. Because of evil programming, many cannot accept that there are two creations that are vastly different. One creation is of Truth, Love, Light, Beauty and Purity. The other is of Untruth, Error, Darkness, Ugliness and Death. Both creations use vastly different spiritual knowledge. However, only true spiritual wisdom can help one towards true awareness. True spiritual wisdom is the result of acquiring true spiritual knowledge in addition to spiritual understanding. Knowledge without understanding can be very dangerous. The programming in this Virtual Reality is to have everyone accept untruth. When this programming breaks down, there will be bitter reprisals as evil ones turn on their own bosses and one another. There are less esoteric examples of programming that have been identified by researchers and medical science on Earth. These include: the influence of hormones on behaviour; the effects of certain foods (caffeine, chocolate, herbs etc.) and toxins (alcohol/drugs etc.); the effects of sounds (noise, certain music that affects people negatively - and music that soothes); the effects of sunlight or the lack of it; the effects of colours on people; the effects of movies, television etc.; the effects of lewd and pornographic materials. Often programming is done during sleep via dreams or other means. Dreams can be programmed to influence people's emotional wellbeing and to affect their actions. Ultimately, all of these are programming agents, even though many try to explain away their effects as physiological, electrical or chemical occurrences/responses. Darkness uses Its programmed "robots" and "demons" to promote fads, lifestyles, political "choices", wars, hatred, belief systems, religions and many other things. A lot of pressure is applied to young people to conform to the latest crazes, which can include the acceptance of pornography, paedophilia, alternative lifestyles, promiscuity, deception, a hedonistic life, drug/alcohol abuse etc. Those who do not respond to the programming are subjected to ridicule and labelled as weird or uncool. The main goal of these programmes is to extract as much energy as possible, particularly from young people, because they are the ones bubbling with energy. As stated earlier, the unseen levels of programming are breaking down due to the intervention of the Light, and this will filter down more and more to the physical level. However, some forms of programming will continue until the very end of the Virtual Reality. New forms of programming are targeting through sex, which is why pornography and paedophilia are on the increase. The internet is one of the ruling elite's most effective means of spreading many of the new forms of programming. While the unseen programmers will be having more and more difficulty in the future, programming by humans aimed at other humans will intensify. In fact, much of the war between the Reptilians and the Vulturites will be fought with conflicting programming that will affect many on the mental level. The confusing, conflicting and irreconcilable messages coming from the opposing sides of evil will have devastating effects on people's mental and physical health. Programming through religion used to be a very powerful tool. Although religious programming is no longer as powerful, it is still a formidable programming agent. The weakening of religious programming is, in one sense, by design by Darkness at this time, because many of the alien alliances will require the participating parties to become detached from religious differences. Aliens can programme people by using beams loaded with specific programming that are directed at various victims. This can be done en masse, or individually. Sometimes these beams are directed via satellites through computers, television broadcasts, telephones, sporting events, crowded malls, schools, advertisements etc. Superficial physical attraction between males and females is claimed to be chemical compatibility or chemical attraction, when, in fact, in most cases, it is based upon programming. When programming wears off, relationships often fall apart. Although many broken relationships appear to be caused by financial, religious, political, sociological differences, in fact many ruptured because of the interplay of various types of programming. When conflicting programming is directed at a person, the stronger programming ultimately prevails over the weaker programming. As mentioned earlier, everything works on programming, except some of the things that go deeper - those that come from the heart which can result in temporarily overcoming the artificial programming of this world. The expressions of unconditional love/true love/compassion are such examples. Humans, animals and plants express emotions. Emotional responses are programmed responses. The emotional body is a programmable structure created by Darkness to extract energy. For example, the response to programmed fear can cause a person to lose a lot of energy. By being conscious of not giving over your Will to Darkness and sincerely resisting Darkness' efforts to entice you, you are exercising one of your most impervious shields to safeguard your spiritual "blueprint". Thus, even though Darkness can destroy your body, It cannot touch your spirit as long as you retain your Will by rejecting Darkness. Even if people lack understanding of the nature of programming, being aware that it is constantly being directed at them will remind them to take steps to mitigate its effects upon their lives. That is why people say that they can alter fate. This is a world that facilitates programming and deters resistance to programming. Therefore, it is an arduous task to overcome programming on this level. However, this does not excuse away the accountability of individuals for their thoughts, words and deeds because humans are not merely sophisticated, programmed robots, they have the Will to resist. As stated earlier, instinct is the result of programming. The opposite of instinct is intuition. Intuition comes from within when occasionally something breaks the effects of the current programming that is being directed at the populations. Intuition is a form of intervention, like a connection to a being's original Source, whether this Source is the False Light or True Light, depending on the essence of the individual. So, True-Light beings and False-Light beings can be assisted by intuition, which is a little like having someone shouting in a crowd and it being sensed or nearly overheard by the recipient. That is why even beings of Darkness can be intuitive. The more important type of intuition is that of True-Light beings that retain their Will (the viables). Intuition is one way of connecting to the Divine within. The Divine is trying to get messages through to all the viable True-Light beings, which is why it is beneficial for them to turn within. The more connected and spiritually purified they become, the less susceptible they are to external negative programming. The Light also assists beings who are striving for connection when they are in their dream states. At present, there are True-Light workers who are involved with a new type of mathematics, which is called visual mathematics. This is primarily based upon colour and sound and reveals the intent, strength, weaknesses, tendencies and overall regard of various consciousnesses. Visual mathematics will be used by the Light as a form of deprogramming on the subtle level to assist all the viable beings in overcoming the negative programming. This is why certain sounds and colours will soon be directed by the True-Light workers to counteract the Dark programming. It is up to everyone to resist all types of negative programming. Intuition can be of assistance in making better choices. Turning within and connecting to the Divine spark within can help override the massive programming by Darkness that is constantly bombarding people. Turning your thoughts towards Purity can also help in resisting negative programming. Using the Pinto-Centre sound helps to establish the connection to your higher self, which in turn assists in guiding you and also helping you in overcoming the effects of negative programming through strengthening of your Will. Global dimming is currently being exposed, which means that Darkness' programming message that "the world will continue as always" is breaking down. Global dimming is a term used by scientists to explain the phenomenon that less sunlight is reaching the planet, primarily because of extended pollution, which forms a blanket that shields the earth from some of the sun's rays. Scientists are very worried because they have discovered that although global dimming is significant, the Earth is still warming. Scientists would have everyone believe that there is nothing wrong with the sun itself, despite all the signs to the contrary indicating that the sun is much hotter than it has been in the past. Solar flares are off the scale and ultraviolet rays are so intensified that everyone is being warned of the danger of skin cancer from exposure to the sun. But scientists do not want us considering the sun as the culprit because there is nothing they can do about the hotter sun, so they misdirect everyone to look at the less crucial issues such as the greenhouse effect, pollution and now even global dimming. Because funding of research is primarily granted by the ruling elite, things such as global dimming are generally hidden from the public. Scientists who promote it are ridiculed and their institutions are pressured to curtail such research. However, the programming is breaking down because of the intervention of the Light. Current research that has been released publicly now estimates that global dimming shows that were it not for the pollution that shields the earth from the heating-up sun, the earth would be much hotter already. These estimates now forecast the end of much of the habitable land on earth by 2030. Given the situation, these forecasts are very conservative. These researchers are ignoring factors such as increased sunspots, solar flares, intensified ultraviolet levels, all of which are caused by a hotter sun. See Shattering the Cube. But the bells are sounding because the illusions are falling. The programming is failing, and soon it will come to the public consciousness that the Earth is gasping its last breaths. In the end, it will boil down to evil against evil, since the True-Light beings will be evacuated and want nothing to do with evil plans of global domination. It was not too long ago that people were brainwashed into thinking that energy could not be destroyed. This is a typical example of people being programmed to accept scientific theories as facts, and further to test any new information with the false validity of those accepted theories. This is not confined to science. Any new information or thought that does not conform to existing conventional paradigms or beliefs is considered as false. As Arthur Schopenhauer aptly stated: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. The belief that energy in this false creation cannot be destroyed is no longer true due to many reasons. Energy from the False-Light Creation can be transmuted and CAN now be destroyed. This will soon be self-evident. Humans are not merely programmed robots as long as they do not give their precious Will over to Darkness. GUARD YOUR WILL WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND DETERMINATION. When you do this, you are reaching out to the Divine, which is the Source of your Strength to resist until your Liberation is achieved. Liberation from Darkness is at hand. - Are Humans Merely Sophisticated Programmed Robots? The Indian Ocean tsunami was the First Major Cataclysmic Event that I had warned was coming. Although it appeared to be a natural disaster of huge proportions, it was unnatural. As I have also indicated, the "high-ranking" Reptilian consciousnesses have "migrated" from the United States to China. This is a part of a very involved long-term plan the Reptilians have for world domination. However, they did not carelessly abandon the reins of power in the United States (it is the most powerful nation on Earth at this time); they did not foolishly hand over that power to the Vulturites, their strongest opponents. The Reptilians have known for a long time that the geographic location of the U.S.A. is a very precarious one. That is the primary reason for their "migration" to China. Secondary reasons include China's huge population, its strict discipline when compared to other nations, its potential to soon become the world's leading economic nation, and other factors, including the long history of scarcely detected alien associations with China. Another reason is the Reptilians' disdain for the Bill of (individual) Rights that was tacked onto the American Constitution. This has always been an annoyance to them. Among other things, the Bill of Rights includes: freedom of assembly, speech, association, religion, right to bear arms, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and many other individual rights. Rarely will a country spell out individual rights as clearly as was done in the American Bill of Rights. Exceptions to this happen in countries that grant freedom of religion and racial equality, which are New World Order preferences, along with cultural diversity. Many countries have protected religious practices and banned racial discrimination - at least superficially - because it was known that when the alien wars were in full swing, many religious and racial differences would have to be set aside in order to form new alliances. As I have indicated, the Reptilians are far too cunning to have left the U.S.A. in the hands of the Vulturites without knowing exactly when the "natural" catastrophes would begin to decimate that nation. Does anyone believe for a moment that the Reptilians would implement a plan that would have to rely on timely natural disasters occurring? Of course the Reptilians are not that foolish! In order for their plan to fit their time schedule it is imperative that the "natural" events occur right on time! Thus, a plan within the plan was necessary to make sure that everything went according to schedule. This was made possible by introducing ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED naturalappearing disasters. Many small "natural" disasters have been carried out in the past. These include earthquakes, landslides, weather storms, meteorites, floods, fires, diseases, accidents etc. The Indian Ocean tsunami was artificially induced by the Reptilians. The sinister timing, location and international involvements were all carefully devised. As planned, the Reptilians were able to effectively devastate many Asian third-world countries with the tsunami. Because many of the stricken areas are tourist spots, the Reptilians knew that the Boxing Day tsunami would affect many international tourists who were on holidays. This was also important to their plans as they watched the reactions of the victims and those involved. As anticipated, the Reptilians ran tests of the stricken people by sounding false alarms about subsequent tsunamis. They scientifically watched and recorded in detail the responses for future manipulation of human emotions. The Vulturites also participate in artificially-induced disasters. While many Vulturite positions were adversely affected by the tsunami, they cannot divulge the Reptilian plans, nor even the Reptilian presence on Earth, because they do not want the human race to know that either of them are here. It is under these conditions that both sides are conducting an all-out war for global domination - but what will be left of that which they are so ambitious to obtain? Is the Anunnaki battle for a one world order really a fool's parade? Will the loser of this war blow up the planet in spite? Many smaller artificial and natural disasters will undoubtedly follow the Indian Ocean tsunami. The recent 8.7 earthquake in Indonesia is an example of a natural occurrence. Many huge volcanoes, including supposedly extinct ones, will flare up. These will cause more problems than most people can possibly imagine. A big artificial event will strike America. It will be devastating. The Reptilians have planted a huge disaster to commence off the northwest coast of Cuba. Likewise, they have planted huge disasters to take place in Alaska. These events will appear to occur naturally and at random; they will be anything but natural and random. They will tick off with the precision of a clock in the planned order. These will ignite geological events in vulnerable areas along the west coast of America, especially the earthquake fault lines. America will be in shambles after these "natural" disasters hit it. Many of its enemies from without and within await such an opportunity to strike back, which will further weaken the once "proud" eagle of the land. Along with the planned catastrophes for America, the world will suffer much. There will be food and water shortages as many disasters strike one after another. The resultant health problems will take their toll. Animals, too, will suffer. Many that have not been considered to be a part of the human food chain will be slaughtered for food. Weather conditions will become erratic, which in turn will cause agricultural, geological, medical and economic problems. The rainbow symbolically represents the colour of creative force. The personalized creative force has been trapped, but now at last a solution is forthcoming. The re-arrangement of the rainbow's colours signifies the unrestricted movement of the creative force moving out of the restrictions imposed by Darkness. There will be calamities around the world now that rainbows have begun displaying strange behaviour. Out of the dark skies, a bolt of light will descend on Earth. This will crush the northern part of Europe. Seas will rise and devour the land. The air will be thick with dust that hangs like a blanket day and night. Many will be cajoled into taking steps to remain calm, but most will not maintain mental balance. Ulysses will rise from the sea and the giants will move with speed as the sound of the drum is heard in the distance. Men, women and children will close their eyes wishing for peace to befall them, but waking hours into the night will drag into a routine causing many problems. Nigeria will be totally flooded in many regions. Tokyo will be affected by huge tidal waves as earthquakes wreck the island. Miami, too, will be blown away by a huge tidal wave. Southeast Asia will continue to be plagued by big-scale typhoons and earthquakes. Wellington will stand in the way of a huge earthquake. Australia will be hit by huge tidal waves and many coastal towns will be swept away. Iraq will fall over and many will bow to the rule of the conquering Vulturites. Russia will survive an attack. Taiwan will eventually be under Chinese rule. Remember, the day will arrive when cometh the Second Major Cataclysmic Event. Fire and water will wreak havoc on the Earth. Billions will die. Many will not see the end. Those who witness it will envy the dead. Fear not as the flesh perishes. The Divine never meant the flesh to be. All things in spirit can start anew. The Divine spirit in each of us continues. - Anunnaki War Plans As I have advised, the alien wars would heat up and be obvious to the awares by April 2005. The Vulturites and the Reptilians are now flinging unseen "arrows" all about the globe and causing many unnatural disasters. One of the reasons the Reptilians launched the Indian Ocean tsunami was to take out an entrenched Vulturite resistance in and around Ache. This has strengthened the Reptilian hold in Indonesia. On the superficial level, it appears that the ties between Australia and Indonesia are now strengthening, but this is only an appearance. Neither side trusts the other because their alien alliances are in opposition in the alien wars. Many of the upcoming "natural" disasters will occur where there are large concentrations of aliens among the human populations. These are the main targets of both the Vulturites and the Reptilians in this surreptitious alien war. Antarctica's and other large glaciers house many under-ice bases where aliens in their alien forms (bodies) reside. Incidentally, aliens too, like humans, harbour class 4 and class 5 consciousnesses as well as higher consciousnesses. Some aliens are viable True-Light beings and others are not, regardless of their alien race. Ultimately, because the Olcars were advisors to the Anunnaki Elite, even in their small numbers they have power beyond the Reptilians/Greys, Vulturites and other smaller groups of aliens. However, the Olcars rarely reveal themselves, except to ones they consider dangerous, or to those who persistently stand in their way. Since the Olcars rarely get involved, it appears that the Reptilians and the Vulturites are the most powerful opposing alien forces on Earth. Up until very recently, it appeared that the Olcars were sitting out this alien conflict between the Reptilians and the Vulturites. But it seems that the Olcars have now taken an interest and want authority over the victors so the victors will respect the Olcars as the ultimate power and authority on Earth. However, the Olcars seem to have no interest in governing the Earth at this time. If they should decide to fully engage, the other Reptilians are no match for them. Now that the Olcars are making their presence known and are throwing their weight around, perhaps we can expect some interesting twists in the alien wars. Many more attacks on alien strongholds will continue to occur during this alien war, but most of the attacks will appear to be "natural" events. Many disasters are coming from these alien wars. Be suspicious of any natural disasters that you hear about. Many of them will be anything but natural, especially with the Olcars coming onto the scene. The timing of the death of Pope John-Paul II was a part of the alien wars. John-Paul was trying desperately to hold on, but the Vulturite attacks upon him were too much in his frail state. Even the hour of the Pope's death was right on the time schedule set by the Vulturites for removing him. As I have said so many times, things are not always what they appear to be in this world of Virtual Reality. For instance, the scheduled wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles and the death of the Pope are not co-incidental. We are in the midst of open alien wars. The world will be a far more dangerous place from now on. As I have already mentioned in Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances, the next pope "will cause many problems and much chaos to the Catholic Church and the world." - Olcar Intervention in the Anunnaki Wars There is so much confusion surrounding John’s Revelation that the true message has been concealed. The main theme of the message is about the final battle of Armageddon between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy at the end of time. The book of Revelation is symbolically that battle, as will be demonstrated. This is not just a book. It contains the Christ Energy which was brought down through the images and words of the divinational-visions in order to sustain all the True-Light beings from the time it was brought down until the present day when the Rescue Mission led by Jesus is in its final stages. The book of Revelation is not just a teaching, it is a force in action, like all of Jesus’ teachings. Darkness knows this is true and it fears the Christ energy that is embedded in the true contents of the Revelation. David Koresh had been identified by Darkness as a threat. This is because Koresh is a True-Light being. In fact, he is a projection of a Divine Amoeba (Attas). All Amoebas are ultimately parts of the Divine Mother. The leader of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, began openly interpreting the book and attempting to open the seals. Although Koresh did not have the ―key‖, his ties to Jesus made him a target for attacks from the agents of Darkness. Koresh, in fact, was a decoy for the one who would later unlock the seals of the book. It was not time yet for the exposure. Koresh pleaded with the authorities to let him finish unlocking the seven seals of the book. Unbeknownst to him, this was the very thing that caused the BATF to rush the compound and burn the residents therein. The order to kill Koresh was issued by an Olcar (Olcars are the highest ranking Anunnaki Reptilians). On the day the Branch Davidian compound was stormed and burned, I was travelling interstate. I was aware that certain beings were on ―stand-by‖, ready to pick up the consciousness of Koresh and others. I felt so hot, as if my whole body was on fire. I knew that they were being burned. Later, I heard the news about the storming of the compound that confirmed what I inwardly knew. Indeed, the consciousnesses of Koresh and all the others were released from their physical bodies before they died to minimize trauma to their spiritual bodies. It is generally accepted that divinations are from God, but bear in mind that in this Virtual Reality the Usurper feigns to be God and causes much confusion in so doing. One of the reasons for this is that the Usurper is now so deluded that It now thinks it is THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING. Since Darkness pretends to be the True Creator, in Its deluded state It thinks that It is fighting for Its survival. The Light has made many attempts trying to win over Darkness with Love. However, Darkness would not respond to Divine Love and Correction. Instead, It became darker and darker and strayed further and further from the True Light. Darkness then pulled Itself and Its entire false "creation", along with all the True-Light beings It had trapped, into a huge, spinning cube and It lay and wait for the Light’s attempt to rescue the trapped TrueLight beings. The Light has mounted the Rescue Mission, and Darkness is laying in wait, ready to pounce on the Light Rescuers and their helpers. This is what the Revelation in its current corrupted form is about on the energy level – the final encounter of Good and Evil. On the energy level, before Darkness corrupted the Revelation, it was clear that the Light would retrieve Its own and sever Itself from Darkness forever, and that Evil would be no more. In the corrupted version, Darkness gave Itself a fighting chance. It is under the conditions of the corrupted version that we now enter the active battle contained in the Revelation. The Light will be victorious in Its Rescue Mission, but the effort is more risky and the battle will be harder fought because of Darkness’ corruption of John the Divine’s message. And on goes the war to these final stages. The Rescue Mission is nearly completed. Darkness has failed, as has Its cunning attempt to trap the "Twelve Sisters" of the Divine Mother/Jesus/White BuffaloWoman/John the Divine (these are one and the same being). The Light will soon retrieve all that belong to It and the separation of Light and Darkness will be complete. Then Darkness will have to fend for Itself, which It will be unable to do because It will no longer have any Divine Energy to sustain It, and the entire illusion of the Virtual Reality, along with Darkness, will be no more. The time has come to reveal the true contents of John the Divine’s Revelation. The book is a force in action. In fact, it is the war between Good and Evil. The Light (Good) is only interested in retrieving Its own that are trapped in Matter (Evil). Evil will not let even the smallest True-Light particle free because It has laid a trap for the "Twelve Sisters" of the Mother, who are on Earth under the Mother’s command to free all the True-Light beings. Darkness hopes to pounce on the "Twelve Sisters" and trap them in a cube, but the Light will prevail. What will transpire is the battle of Armageddon, which will be the final battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy. Victory is assured for the Light. When I re-lived John’s vision, I saw what John saw. He saw Jesus in his divinational-vision and described how he perceived him in his brilliant Divine Energy. The seven candlesticks represent the seven Divine Creative Qualities of the True-Light God, which all True-Light beings are encouraged to observe for their spiritual survival on Earth. These seven qualities surrounded Jesus as John saw him. These qualities are: Purity, Glory, Love, Divine Power, Peace, Divine Beauty and Truth. The golden colour is one of the colours of the True Divine Mother, who is also Jesus. The emanation of Jesus’ Energy was shown as "white as snow". The voice "as the sound of many waters" is a common occurrence in clairaudient receptions and also occurs in divinationalvisions. In Jesus’ right hand are seven stars that represent the seven Amoebas, which are really another emanation of the Divine, who have come to Earth to lead the Rescue Mission. Jesus has many expressions of the Divine, one of which is his expression as the Amoeba who is leading the Rescue Mission. The two-edged sword is a metaphor for the separation of TrueLight beings from the False-Light Creation. The separation is the central theme of Jesus’ Mission. The strong countenance shows the Spiritual Power surrounding Jesus. It is worth mentioning that visions from the Divine to Its children only occur in this world of Virtual Reality run by Darkness. In the True-Light Creation, there is no deception and no need to sort through mysteries. When true divinational-visions from the Divine occur on Earth, they require an enormous amount of energy to maintain them and for the recipient to hold them. The corrupted bodies in this world of Matter cannot hold the Pure Energy of the Divine for too long. That is why true divinational-visions do not last very long. Those who overcome the temptations of Darkness are those who have resisted Darkness and have not given their Will over to It. Such ones will be sustained by the "hidden manna", which is the incorruptible New Divine Energy. The "white stone" is the pure body, which is a new body that is not made of Matter. The new bodies will be ready after Liberation from Darkness. The twenty-four elders represent the twenty-four special emanations of the Mother/Father Creator. John was describing the beings with reverence. The white raiment signifies the purity of the beings. The golden colour depicts the colour of the Creative Aspect (the Mother) of the True Creator. The golden crowns indicate that the twenty-four elders are emanations of the Mother. The Mother and the rainbow signify the creative forces. The Mother (Jesus) has manifested with twelve of the ―elders‖ to assist in specific roles in the present Rescue Mission. These twelve elders of John’s divinational-vision are now referred to as the ―Twelve Sisters‖. The other twelve ―elders‖ remain in the unmanifest realm along with the Father Aspect of the True Creator. Of the ―Twelve Sisters‖ who came down with the Mother (Jesus) into the False-Light Creation (Virtual Reality), seven of them have additional roles as the seven Divine Amoebas of the Rescue Mission (the Seven Flying White Buffalos). The five remaining ―Sisters‖ are the reserves who can be called upon for reinforcement when needed. All ―Sisters‖ have parts and projections. Ultimately, number one and two Amoebas are representations on Earth of the Mother/Father Aspect of the True Creator. Hence, number one and two are really the same Being. Of course, all the others, being emanations of the Mother, are ultimately of the same Being. Jesus came to Earth to remind the spiritually slumbering trapped True-Light beings to awaken to their predicament and their true identity, and to remind them to resist evil until the Rescue Mission is completed and all the trapped beings are liberated from Darkness. The white robes in verse 6:11 symbolize the special Divine protective shields that surround those of the True-Light whose consciousnesses have already been rescued from Darkness. They temporarily reside in a place that has been created for them while waiting for the other viable True-Light beings to be rescued and brought there. When all the children of Jesus are rescued from Darkness, then, and only then, will all be taken back to their original Home. The ―seal‖ the angel of Light of verse 7:2 possesses is from the living God, and represents the authority to act on behalf of the True Creator. Thus, the angel of Light was sent by the True Creator to intervene and halt Darkness’ destruction of the Earth until the consciousnesses of the viable True-Light beings are evacuated. The ―seal‖ the ―servants‖ receive in their foreheads is a metaphor that symbolizes the viable True-Light beings who will be rescued. Viables are those who have not given over their Will to Darkness – in spite of all the sufferings imposed by Darkness – and have remained faithful to the True Light during their entire captivity by Darkness. Verses 8:5-6 show that the angels of Light are preparing to warn the inhabitants of the Earth of what Darkness has in store for them. The events will not necessarily be in the chronological order presented in John’s divinational-vision. The first trumpet of verse 8:7 warns of impending human wars instigated behind the scenes by the Anunnaki. They will cause much devastation and many will perish. These are the alien wars of the THREE horsemen in which human agents will be involved. The aliens rarely reveal themselves in their alien forms. The second trumpet of verse 8:8 warns of huge volcanic eruptions that will devastate a large part of the Earth. These events will destroy much of the sea life and the oceans will no longer be safe to sail upon. Most of the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will be artificially induced by the Anunnaki and their human agents. Verses 8:10-11 speak of the third warning about the bombing and destruction of the Earth’s ice glaciers by the Olcars, which is in the testing stages at this time. This destruction will melt most of the Earth’s ice. Verses 8:12-13 pertain to the warning about the consequences of the wars, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and destruction of the glaciers etc., which will thicken the atmosphere with dust and grit. Verses 9:1-3 describe the warning about the Anunnaki surreptitiously waging full-blown war through their human agents and their own kind in human bodies. The THREE horsemen on the brown, black and grey horses of John’s divinational-vision represent the Reptilians and the Greys versus the Vulturites until the Greys change sides and assist the Vulturites in the later stages of the war. The locusts are the Anunnaki-led soldiers who possess many stinging weapons of destruction. The war will be vicious and the Earth will be decimated by it and be a smouldering fire. The furnace is a metaphor for the burning, destructive nature of the war. Verse 9:6 shows that the conditions on Earth by that time will be so bad that the living will envy the dead. Verses 9:7-10 describe the weapons of mass destruction being used by the Anunnaki-led armies at war. The horrible Anunnaki war will rage for five months according to John’s divinational-vision. Verse 9:11 speaks of the Anunnaki leader who will prevail in the Anunnaki wars of the three horsemen and who will then rule the Earth. Verse 9:12 describes the First Major Cataclysmic Event which has already occurred – The First Major Cataclysmic Event was the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 which was artificially induced by the Reptilians for various reasons. The verse also warns of two more Major Cataclysmic Events to follow the First. The First was an ―open‖ declaration of war by the Reptilians/Greys to the Vulturites. The Second Major Cataclysmic Event will be the full engagement of the surreptitious alien combat. See: Watch the Earth – Not the Sky; and also see: Anunnaki War Plans. It is critical for the reader to understand that the First Major Cataclysmic Event of verse 9:12 HAS ALREADY OCCURRED! We are in the midst of the Revelation! The period is NOW! There is no mistaking it! I wrote about the Three Major Cataclysmic Events in Global Warming – Natural or Artificial before I commenced this work interpreting John’s divinational-vision or reading the entire book of Revelation. Verses 9:13-15 warn of the upcoming release from bondage of the faithful Four Elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire, the release of which was symbolically marked by the Sacred Drumming in 2004) who have been held hostage by Darkness and forced to follow Its orders for so long. When they are released, atmospheric, geological and nautical events will no longer follow their established patterns – things, including fires, will become unpredictable. Verse 9:17 describes modern weapons of war used in the Anunnaki wars, which will involve aliens in human bodies and humans programmed by the aliens to participate in the alien wars. The alien wars on the land, for all intents and purposes, will appear to be human wars. However, aliens behind the scenes will be instigating, planning and pursuing the wars. Numbers are energies, positive or negative. The numbers in this world have been corrupted by Darkness (the Usurper). The corrupted numbers in this world should not be worshipped or given any energy. These corrupted numbers are tools of Darkness. If you break the numbers, you break the spine of Darkness. There are many who abuse the power of numbers and use the power to spread fear. The most obvious and nefarious example of this is ―6-6-6‖, which is often repeated by many as being the number and mark of the Beast. The Dragon directed the Beast and the Beast in turn directed its agents of Darkness to insert the ―6-6-6‖ code in order to create more power over the people. Through the constant repetition of this code people have been intimidated and programmed to fear and dread the Beast, which suits Darkness. Each time this code is put out in the ether, it enters the psyche of everything here in the physical realm. Only the very strong-willed ones who oppose Darkness can resist the influence of this code. Interestingly, the very people who spread the number of the Beast as ―6-6-6‖ and instil fear about the ―mark and number of the Beast‖ are consciously or unconsciously spreading the message to further empower the Beast. This is exactly what the Beast wants. The angel of Light in verses 10:5-6 proclaimed ―that there should be time no longer.‖ In the True-Light Creation, time does not exist. Time is a creation of the Usurper. A high being of Light was ―kidnapped‖ by Darkness. This being was personified as ―Time‖ because this being has been forced to carry out the function of time for Darkness. However, this high being has remained faithful to the Light throughout its entire captivity. The being called ―Time‖ is housed in a huge, invisible tetrahedron that was created by Darkness. (Tetrahedrons are constructed of softer angles and have fewer stress points relative to cubes, thus making them very strong, effective prisons). ―Time’s‖ tetrahedron has been set in motion and is spinning so fast that it appears to be a sphere. It is on this illusory sphere that chronological time travels. The angel is referring to the liberation of the being whom the Usurper has forced to function as chronological time. When the being is released, time will be no more. As stated earlier, the little book in verses 10:8-10 is the main message contained in the Revelation of John the Divine, which message is associated with the Divine Rescue Mission. The little book signifies the battle of Armageddon between the Christ Energy and the AntiChrist Energy, in which the Lamb will defeat the Dragon and all viable True-Light beings ―imprisoned‖ in Darkness will be liberated. To eat the little book is a metaphor of taking everything in and accepting the responsibility. John the Divine accepted the responsibility. As the angel had warned, the message in the little book made John joyous as he thought of the liberation of Light particles from Darkness. However, as he thought more about it, John realized that he would be leading the entire Rescue Mission. He knew that the Mission would be perilous and unpleasantly bitter in his belly, even though the joyous victory would be as sweet as honey. - The New Revelation – John the Divine Versus the Anunnaki God With the release of the Christ Energy contained in The New Revelation - John the Divine Versus the Anunnaki God, things will now speed up faster than ever before. I knew that there was a need to post that article before the new pope was elected. While I rarely turn on the television, much less early in the morning, I did on the morning that the pope died. Then, on 17th April 2005, I again turned on the television early in the morning, just before the conclave was to commence. They were discussing the conclave. Amongst the crowd, they showed some faces of the various cardinals. I spotted one of the faces and I recognized him as the new pope. For that moment, it was as if everything was frozen, and as I looked at the face of the new pope, it was as though he was looking back at me through the television. When it was over, I knew that the television could not have been frozen, and that something else had occurred. I knew that the new pope would come from Germany, which is a Reptilian-influenced country. When I looked at pictures in the newspaper to find the name of the cardinal, I recognized the pope "to be" that I had seen on television, I realized that the new pope would be Joseph Ratzinger. There was something familiar about him when our eyes met during that episode when he had "looked" back at me through the television. I recognized this person. The next day it dawned on me that it was Ata-i-lek, a top-ranking Green Reptilian military commander from Atasoon. I realized that he had just recently begun overshadowing Cardinal Ratzinger! I have had many encounters with Ata-i-lek in the past. He can be sweet on the outside, but very devious inside. No wonder I had earlier said on 18th March 2005, in Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances, that: The Pope [John-Paul II] is holding onto power because he is very concerned that the next pope will not be able to hold the Church together. In fact, the next pope will cause many problems and much chaos to the Catholic Church and the world. Ata-i-lek had just "come into" the human body of Joseph Ratzinger shortly before the conclave commenced. It is no wonder that he was able to win the election so quickly. The minority Vulturite members of the Church will resist the new Pontiff. Even though the new pope is 78 years old, he will have a lot of energy and creativity with Ata-i-lek running the body. It is no co-incidence that his birthday is 16th April. I released the New Revelation on 17th April 2005 here, but it was the 16th in Germany. When news of his election reached me, I jokingly said to Ata-i- lek that I had already sent him a birthday present with the release of the New Revelation. Joseph Ratzinger was not happy with the present from John the Divine! Ata-i-lek is impulsive and has a temper, although he can be jovial. He is a chauvinist. He will certainly cause division, and will quietly condone paedophilia in the clergy since Ata-i-lek belongs to a group of aliens that promotes it. He will also delve into politics and will voice a strong opinion, especially as the Anunnaki wars rage. I suppose his two faithful "lieutenants" will be overshadowing his two top advisors! Since Ata-i-lek, for all intents and purposes, is the new pope, he will commence full-scale battle with the Light. But the Light is ready for him and all that he can throw at It. No doubt that he will heavily promote the Anunnaki God and what It stands for. As promised, the evacuation of the animals from Alukar Heights commenced in April 2005. Already, 15 of them have been physically picked up. More will follow, but remember, not everyone will be physically evacuated. If you are not in the physical evacuation, do not be concerned. Many will be leaving in other ways. All will be well. There will be another physical pick-up of 2,450 beings around the world this year. However, I will not be amongst them; I will be in a later pick-up of 50 beings. I am looking forward to returning Home! From the heart of the serpent will be pulled all the treasures of the Divine. In the midst of the quagmire are many pure ones who have waited. Their wait is nearly over. The ships are here. The day draws near. Evacuation. Be patient. Be still. Await but a little while longer. The wait is nearly over. When the crest of Charles mounts the throne the world in Darkness all will drone. Be patient and wait. The day is close. - Ata-i-lek, the New Reptilian Pope The Anunnaki ruling elite had tried inhabiting the Earth in their alien forms in the past, but it was discovered that humans were too xenophobic to accept such foreign- appearing beings, and would resist rule by the aliens in alien bodies because they were afraid of them. Therefore, the Anunnaki Elite developed human-appearing bodies in which they would temporarily "reside" while staying on Earth. This was done by taking on cloned humanoid bodies that were specially prepared for them. This is different from the cloned bodies the aliens currently use, as will later be discussed. The Anunnaki consciousnesses would move into the cloned bodies and remain there during their stay on Earth. When they returned back to their Anunnaki residences, their consciousnesses would move out of the cloned bodies, which would then appear lifeless and be stored away like jumpsuits. When the Anunnaki Elite came in these "jumpsuits", they lost some of their native alien powers, but they still retained substantially more powers and knowledge than humans possess. After many generations, all Anunnaki Elite in human bodies became hybrids. They did, however, retain certain abilities and charisma from their Anunnaki Elite roots, and now make up most of the "human" ruling elite on Earth today. They are in many of the top positions in finance, science, politics, education, religion, entertainment, the military, commerce, insurance, journalism, publishing and even humanitarian fields. A long, long time ago, when the Attas of the Light captured many of the Anunnaki Elite, some of them who were in alien bodies escaped, leaving only their remnants in both alien bodies and human-appearing bodies to fend for themselves on Earth. See: Nibiru and the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki Remnants remaining on Earth, whether in alien or humanappearing bodies, now hope to openly control the planet, but they are hesitant to do so in their alien bodies because past experience has shown them that humans are very resistant to rule by aliens. This means that the Remnants need to control the world in the very diluted human-appearing bodies that have come down through Eve's line, because the Anunnaki Remnants lost the knowledge to reproduce high-quality, human-appearing bodies like the "jumpsuits" Adam and Eve's consciousnesses were originally placed into by the Anunnaki Elite. Presently, the Anunnaki Remnants are trying to use reverse engineering to re-develop those "jumpsuits" by re-construction of the fragments of Anunnaki Elite traits that have mingled in the human population. This is one of the major reasons why so many humans have been abducted by aliens. Those who were abducted were not chosen at random - they were selected because they have alien roots and the Anunnaki hope that some of them will have traits from the Anunnaki Elite line. The Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are now getting desperate as they try to gather as much information as possible in order to reproduce the "jumpsuits". They have even sought the aid of human scientists to do genetic research, stem-cell research etc. Of course, humans will not really benefit from the genetic research because Anunnaki agents oversee these programmes. The benefits of increased lifespan to nearly 1,000 years, along with other alien powers, will only be doled out to the highest ranking of the Anunnaki Remnants. All others, including lower-ranking Anunnaki, and, of course, humans, will not really benefit from discoveries of genetic research, which is really a cover for the quest to re-construct Adam and Eve's "jumpsuits". At best, only certain insignificant benefits will be passed along to humans "as a show" to keep them thinking that the research is for human benefit. Initially, in the Anunnaki homelands, their DNA strands were limited to three pairs. However, over a long period of time, new developments allowed them to expand them into strands of four pairs, then six pairs, and then ten pairs. However, after much turmoil on many fronts in the history of the Anunnaki homeland, the Anunnaki DNA was eventually limited to six pairs. Six pairs were only extended to the Anunnaki Elite, which helped to elevate them far above all the other Anunnaki. The working class are limited to three pairs. DNA is a powerful, long-term programming tool used by Darkness. In the True-Light Creation there is no DNA, in fact, there is no programming whatsoever. With DNA introduced into the False-Light Creation, Darkness was able to segregate and discriminate against various groups. It was also able to unfairly reward with attributes and punish various groups with weaknesses, and, further, to keep them in continuous states of distrust, confusion and belligerence. DNA is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining castes, social classes, prejudice, inequality, suffering, subservience, manipulation, control etc. It is obvious why the Anunnaki God developed such a tool. And it is also clear what the Anunnaki Remnants intend to do with their enhanced knowledge of DNA. There is a vast amount of supposedly channelled material about "12-strand DNA". The material that was channelled comes from Anunnaki astral beings who go by many different names to different channellers. This information that has been channelled contains many half-truths to deceive people about the nature and origin of the "12-strand DNA". The "12-strand DNA" information is being made public to encourage people to support all DNA-related research. It is also a means by which the Anunnaki Remnants hope to programme people as they read or hear the information. When someone showed me a copy of some channelled material on "12-strand DNA" I detected a form of powerful programming in the material. I traced the information back to its source. It was from a particular being who uses many different names, but always sends out the same message and programming about unification, love and oneness that people like to hear. However, these concepts mean nothing to the being, the concepts are just means to an end. Another key to this being's message is that we are all "gods in the making". This being's material has even ended up in the United Nations, where some of its own kind frequent. By the way, channellers of the "12-strand DNA" material are chosen by design because of their Anunnaki connections, or because they have been severely programmed to be conduits of the information filled with half-truths. - The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA As you may remember, I first published the following on 31st March 2003: Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first. The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble. Internal rebellion will occur in the number one on the top (Vulturite side) which will eventually fall and will be humiliated and punished. The road to Damascus will lead to many places. Bloodshed everywhere will cover the whole earth, streaming far and long. All heads will turn as they witness the horrific end of mankind. Humanity in transit will not rest in peace. The voice of Old will scream out and be heard for miles around. Those who caused the grim will find no place to hide. They will cringe in fear and be breathless. Their hearts will fly out in fear and numbness. Their days of Old will catch up with them. They will cry but no tears will come, they will scream but none will hear them, they will cry for help and forgiveness but none will be given to them. The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron. "Mountains" will turn over to crush the evil ones. The mountain of giants will advance in numbers never witnessed before and march towards "Golgotha" and together the wind of fate will gather strength and push eastwards, northwards, southwards and even to the west. The land of Zion will cry and then will be no more. Hosanna in the highest all will shout but there will be none to hear or sing the song "Hosanna, Hosanna." After this article was published, many wrote to me expressing their interpretations of parts of the writing. Consistently, everyone interpreted: "Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first . . ." to mean that Syria would join forces in resisting the U.S. led coalition invasion of Iraq. I explained parts of the revelation in Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances. However, there have been so many requests for further elucidation that I have decided to further explain it. While Iraq was under Saddam Hussein's leadership, it was primarily a Reptilian stronghold with pockets of Vulturite resistance within and without. For more than two decades, the Vulturite-influenced nation of Syria has been in conflict with Iraq, and there has been tension between the two countries. It is understandable why readers had presumed that Syria would change its position and support its rival, Iraq, after the U.S. invasion of that country. This is because people were using physical-mind reasoning to interpret the writing and viewing the conflict as a regional matter. On 1st May 2005, Syria announced its plans to restore diplomatic relations with Iraq at the earliest possible time, according to reports by Syria's official news agency, SANA. However, the restoration of ties has been strongly influenced by the alien alliances of the two countries (Vulturite). Ironically, Syria and Iraq are now in alliance with the U.S.A. As I recently said, "Iraq will fall over and many will bow to the rule of the conquering Vulturites." See: Anunnaki War Plans. On the physical level, oil appears to be the main issue behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq. However, it goes far deeper than that. The holding of Babylon is not just about oil. Babylon was an ancient city founded by Anunnaki Remnants, who were closely tied to the powerful Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth. A long time ago, the Anunnaki Remnants secretly built an extensive aperture near Babylon. Inter-dimensional travel was available to certain ones through this aperture, but due to a severe earthquake, the aperture was damaged. Babylon is also situated near an energy source similar to the one that was operating until 15 years ago in Tasmania, Australia. As I have mentioned many times before, there is an energy shortage in this Virtual Reality, and those who are aware of it are desperately fighting over energy sources. There are a few major contestants competing for this energy source. Some are non-Anunnaki aliens from other systems. At this time, however, the main contestants are the Anunnaki Reptilians and the Vulturites. In order for any contestant to get to the energy source, they must first locate the aperture and thereafter reconstruct it. It is a case of catch-22 as to which comes first, the energy source or the aperture. It is for this reason that Iraq is being ravaged. One of the reasons that museums were allowed to be "raided" early on in the occupation of Iraq was to see if there were any clues in those buildings. The "looting" was not committed by ordinary looters. What the Vulturites do not realize is that it was a mobile aperture, and it has since been relocated. The reason that "The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble" is because Israel is under Reptilian influence. This means that it will not have the full support of its main ally, the U.S.A., which is now under Vulturite influence. Further, Israel is surrounded by a group of Vulturite-influenced states. Thus, it becomes clear that, apart from natural and artificiallyinduced disasters, there is a lot of turmoil in store for Israel. "The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron" pertains to the priestly class who instigated the murder of Jesus. The priests who were responsible for the murder of Jesus were heavily promoting animal sacrifices, and took this up a level by offering up Jesus to their God. Hence, Jesus became known as the sacrificial lamb. The priests - the tribe of Aaron - have been replaced with Christian clergy. While there are some good people in the clergy who are used to bolster its collective image, the bulk of the clergy are part of the "bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron." Ata-i-lek, the new Reptilian Pope, sits at the head of the tribe at this time. The Greys have always been active in Mexico, but now they are in alliance with the Reptilians. This means that, for the time being, Mexico will remain under Reptilian influence. But, as I explained in The New Revelation of John the Divine, when the Vulturites appear to have been vanquished, the Greys will come to their aid. Ata-i-lek, the new Pope, will try to revive the Church. Will he be the one sponsoring the "sacred" cross mentioned below, or will it be sponsored by the New World Order? Here is another revelation from me for you to ponder: The rising of the East will face the blazing Sun that scorches the Earth. When the air is filled with the stench of sulphur and blood, Golgotha will cry with vengeance of old but the coldness will smother the screams. Beware of the "sacred cross" that will be proclaimed across the lands and seas. It is a proclamation of absolute deception. - Anunnaki and the Coming of the "Sacred" Cross Now, allow me to explain a very confusing inconsistency that occurs in the book of Genesis. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1 This oft-cited verse records Darkness' super-imposition of Matter upon the True-Light Creation. It manufactured solar systems, galaxies, universes, dimensions, astral worlds etc. In the super-imposed sector all beings were forced to suffer under the patently unjust rule of Darkness. Darkness later created one of its chief agents, the bloodthirsty Anunnaki, who were delegated responsibilities to conquer, control and manipulate populations. It was a committee of Anunnaki Elite who decided to "create" humans in Genesis 1:26. This is the first time the creation of humans appears in the extant Bible. Then, in Genesis 2:5 it is discovered that there were no humans on the Earth, so they were formed in 2:7. This confusing circumstance is easily understood once it is realized that Genesis chapter one is about the first colony of humans that were placed on the Earth, while chapter two deals with the banishment to the Earth of Adam and Eve (two Anunnaki Elite). See: The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA. There are many ignorant ones who insist that animals have no "souls" (spirits) and no afterlife. Therefore, they claim that animals are only created as food and for the convenience of humans. Unfortunately, in this Virtual Reality of Darkness, the food chain affects everyone. One species preys on another for survival. Whether one is a vegetarian or a carnivore is irrelevant. The food chain was purposely created by a very sick Mind. The truth is that animals do have "souls" and their existence continues after their physical deaths. Some say that animals have collective "souls", which is partially correct when applied to artificially created beings such as certain insects etc. Artificially created beings do not have individual spirits. For all intents and purposes, they are artificial, and their individual existences do not continue after physical death because there is no real spirit in them. In other words, they are like highly designed robots. However, the animals that I am addressing are those with spirits, and these include domesticated and wild animals alike. These animals have consciousnesses in them just like you and me. Thus, when humans ritually sacrifice an animal, it is similar to sacrificing a human. In fact, humans have been sacrificed to appease their gods in many cultures, which practice continues even today. Human sacrifices are not always attributable to "primitive" cultures, as some highly advanced societies conducted human sacrifices. In a well-known instance, Abraham was ordered by the Anunnaki God to sacrifice his son to God, but at the last moment, a ram took the boy's place. Under either guise (animal or human sacrifice), the gods being appeased are the Anunnaki Elite who are flesh-and-blood beings who thrive on inflicting fear, suffering and pain, and who demand absolute obedience and subjugate all their minions. The Anunnaki God of the Old Testament was in fact many different Anunnaki Elite beings. This is one reason that the Old Testament God seems to have varied personalities. However, all of these beings have very similar bloodthirsty characteristics. There is NO JUDGEMENT DAY in the biblical sense. Ultimately, all beings judge themselves. The separation of True-Light and False-Light beings is akin to the separation of wheat and chaff. True-Light beings are those who have not given their Will over to Darkness. These are the ones I refer to as the viables. Many of the consciousnesses in animal bodies are VIABLE True-Light beings, and slaughtering them is repulsive. Some of these consciousnesses in animal bodies are also alien (extraterrestrial) beings. The plight of animals often goes unnoticed. In this dimension, animals suffer the pain of death, of exploitation and abuse. They possess far more highly developed powers of extra-sensory perception than people realize. The acid test for identifying Anunnaki descendents is to look for those with a thirst for blood, gore and slavery coupled with a desire to CONSCIOUSLY exploit and denigrate women (even if they are women themselves) and senseless cruelty to humans (regardless of gender), animals and plants. - Acid Test to Identify Anunnaki Descendents Yonder lies the Eagle, proud and strong. Then cometh the Dragon spewing fire at the Eagle. The Eagle fights back hard and swift; But it is no match for the fiery Dragon. The Dragon summons its favoured baby to the east To storm the Eagle's nests to the baby's south and east, Towards the Rising Sun. Then retrieves the Dragon its rebellious child When the Eagle's feathers are scattered. Wherever the Eagle gathers, there will the corpses be. In scattering the Eagle's feathers, the Dragon treads on a friend. Furious and angered, the friend turns. The Dragon sucks the Lion from the Eagle's clutches As the Dragon and Bear march together in glory. The downed Eagle is revived when up springs unsuspected aid From the weak-appearing Eaglet to the South. Once the Dragon's friend, the trodden Eaglet rises from the mountains to lash out With vengeance as it wields unsuspected power in its battle with the Dragon. The battle wages in the sky, sea and land for all to see. The Dragon laughs. And so the battle continues. Note: My above revelation pertains to my recent interpretation that there are only THREE horsemen in the apocalypse of John the Divine. See: The New Revelation - John the Divine Versus the Anunnaki God. - The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse From the earliest days in this body I was aware of the immense burden of Evil. While children of my age were usually carefree, I was often saddened by the amount of evil I perceived. Many people do not believe in the existence of absolute evil, even though all at some time in their lives have experienced evil and the influence of evil. However, if one considers that an evil entity is in control of this world of Virtual Reality, and that a good God exists outside of this evil, super-imposed Virtual Reality, then the existence of absolute evil makes sense. That is, the God of this world is not the True Creator, but is an evil impostor who imposes external evil upon us. Therefore, the belief that all evil results from a human's free act is simply not true. The mixture of good and evil in humans is due to the entrapment of Divine energy in an evil environment. On this plane, good and evil are so intertwined, that even a seemingly good act is tainted with some degree of evil. The powers of evil, which do exist and do threaten us, do not exist out of necessity. Good can, and should, exist without evil. Evil cannot be forced out simply by denying its existence. It cannot disappear simply by an argument; its existence or non-existence is independent of any such consideration. Violence and sex in alarmingly increasing amounts, as shown on television, movies, magazines and sensational fiction, are now constantly promoted all over the world. Modern slavery of all types is on the increase in the technologically advanced world. Many men, women, children and animals are being exploited, tortured and unjustly treated throughout the world. Yet, such movements do not seem to heighten people's concern for truly malevolent and destructive evil. Quite the contrary, these activities have led to frivolous preoccupation with evil. Evil is not just wanton killing. Evil consists of the nexus of suffering and the conscious intent to cause suffering. Anything that deliberately causes suffering is evil, whether it is moral evil or natural evil. But the heart of evil goes beyond violence and suffering. To say that evil is only apparent suggests that evil is only an illusion. Even if some evils are illusory then the fact that the illusion exists and makes us suffer and often blocks our path to the True-Light God is itself an evil. The mere fact that humans and animals are subjected to evil, and all its horrendous consequences, which invariably include pain and suffering, is evil. Evil is real and immediate. Therefore, we should on no account trivialize it. Any entity perverse enough to create this material world with its grossness, misery, pain and suffering, must indeed be evil. It is simultaneously sad and annoying to listen to those ignorant people repeating in parrot fashion what they have been erroneously taught - that "you must have evil to balance the good" or that "you create your own negativity; you attract negativity to yourself, otherwise you can be happy". This is as nauseating, arrogant and as fraudulent as saying "the Bible is the word of God; therefore, it is true and valid". That the Bible is the word of God is not a statement of fact. It is a statement made by man to deceive, control and manipulate people. If only negativity were due to just thinking negatively! Let us not forget that babies have unpleasantries and illnesses that are beyond their control. Have they purposely attracted the negativity to themselves? The usual excuse amongst some people is that "it is their karma". Where does one draw a line? If good and evil truly do not exist, then everything in this world need not be taken seriously at all by anyone. It does appear that when one is in a negative mood, one seems to attract all sorts of negativities. Contrary to common belief, karma is an evil imposition by Darkness. It has never been justly meted out. When one experiences a negative reaction or some negative experience, one is already swamped by negativity which then prompts one to act and think negatively. We are constantly bombarded by all types of negativity floating around our environment. When one's energy field is wide and strong, one can bounce off the negativity quicker and easier. Unfortunately, when one is swamped by the negative energy, one is swept under by it. Hence, one is adversely affected by it. When two opposite energies meet, often there is an outward display of negative reaction and response. Thus, there can be many reasons why one is negative. What is important is that we must make a conscious effort to eliminate the negativity. We have reached a point in this century that evil is so rampant that many things that would not have been tolerated in the past are considered acceptable. Torture and massacres of civilians are becoming commonplace, not only in war-torn countries, but also in nations at peace. In the wake of all the stark evil in the world around us, any thinking, moral person would have to conclude that there is absolute, external evil; that there is an evil Force that engulfs the world. The denial of the existence of absolute evil is indeed a self denial! - The Existence of Evil Most of the battles in the skies, seas and land are amongst various groups of hostile aliens battling over various issues, but ultimately over which group will dominate the Earth in the near future. The Light occasionally engages when it is deemed necessary to defend or protect certain beings of Light. Under most circumstances though, the Light only observes as it prepares to rescue Its own and is not here to engage in conventional warfare. Occasionally, when the hostile aliens are committing horrific acts against the helpless ones by playing "dirty", crafts from the Light have intervened and confiscated and neutralized the offending crafts. It is not a fair game for aliens to use alien technology against those in human bodies, and the hostile aliens have been repeatedly warned not to take advantage of aliens when they are in human bodies. However, the hostile aliens continue to abuse aliens in human and especially those in animal bodies, which is why the Light often has to intervene to protect certain ones from the hostile aliens. There will be many other freak events like the Brisbane ice storm in the future as the hostile aliens (primarily the Reptilians and the Vulturites) step up the alien wars. These freak events can involve storms, fires, diseases etc. using the same type of cloudlike formations. As I have written before, the hostile aliens will often use human agents or human-appearing agents to fight the battles in what look like human wars. But, the battle over Brisbane was different - it was started by hostile aliens in alien bodies and in alien crafts using alien technology. It was purely alien - it was purely Anunnaki. Watch out for "freak" localized events and be on the lookout for strange cloud formations. The hostile aliens are fighting a surreptitious war. They do not want their cover blown, but they are getting desperate and taking risks. The more that people become aware of the hostile alien activities, the harder it will be for them to administer their hidden agenda through their human agents and their own kind (aliens) in human bodies. Amongst the upcoming "freak" incidents, Japan has been scheduled to receive two large freak-appearing events. These have been scheduled by hostile aliens, who will be using the "freak" events as cover when they attempt to remove some aliens from Japan before the islands receive heavy bombardments. The reason why Ata-i-lek is so upset with me is mainly because I have something of theirs that allows me to keep track of their movements and plans. This "thing" is so well hidden that if the hostile aliens were to stop me, their whole "library" would be lost forever to them. Many of you are experiencing mental attacks that come upon you unexpectedly. These are generally from external sources, although some are self inflicted. All beings in this Virtual Reality are affected by a mixture of good and evil particles because of the imposition of Darkness. Sometimes an external attack can activate dark particles, hence a high being of True Light can express some Darkness. This has helped the Light to see how utterly dangerous Darkness is - it is a constant battle to fend off Darkness in this environment. So, a being with a True-Light core who has given in repeatedly to Darkness will wear a vest of Darkness and eventually that vest will become so thick that the internal Light can only shine through in rare instances. It is important to focus on the Light even though it is impossible to achieve Purity in this Virtual Reality of Darkness. - Alien Battles In Brisbane's Sky In reality, very few in the government know of the conspiracy, and those who do are either not humans, or are humans working for aliens. It is the aliens who want to identify everyone because ultimately they want to impose a One World Government in which they control the world. These aliens are responsible for programming government agents to write the vague, inconsistent laws and for every other important aspect of the conspiracy. However, this conspiracy is one where most of the PARTICIPANTS ARE HOPELESSLY IGNORANT OF THEIR INVOLVEMENT WITH IT. As long as the aliens can keep rebels fighting futile paper battles regarding the IRC, they can identify and control the most difficult ones amongst the non-filers. In this way, they can impoverish and make them ineffective to fight the real battles. In other words, the non-filers are playing perfectly into the hands of the ruling elite. This shows how sinister the aliens are, and how far they will go to achieve their goal of establishing One World Government. I know that many of the patriots will not like to hear this, but once they realize that the nonfiler movement originated from government offices, they will see the futility of their fight against the IRS. However, their efforts have not been in vain. They have helped to identify the alien conspiracy and alerted people to the horrific injustices in the tax system. Their activities have impeded and frustrated the ruling elite, for which they stand tall. It is the fighting spirit for liberty that they exercise that frightens the ruling elite. This is one of the main reasons the tax fraud scheme has been deliberately created - to entice patriots to engage in the tax fraud issue. Through this scheme, the ruling elite has been able to identify and weaken the real domestic opposition to tyranny. The aliens behind the income tax conspiracy want to remain hidden from the public view. They do not want to expose themselves to humans because they know they will not be accepted by those whom they wish to rule from behind the scenes. The government agents who enforce the conspiracy are either unwitting or occasionally willing pawns of the aliens. As difficult as it is to accept that aliens are behind the income tax conspiracy, those who have concluded that there is a conspiracy concerning the tax system will realize that this explanation is far more plausible than any other they have considered, and eventually they will accept the truth - that aliens are behind the IRS conspiracy. On the esoteric level, the IRS is associated with the banking industry and the money entities (beings who have been horribly exploited by Darkness and forced to distribute financial resources inequitably). Money is a creation of Darkness to expand human ambition and greed. In the banking system, a model has been developed to strip the maximum amount of resources from the people without them being aware of the activity. This is seen in the American Federal Reserve Banking System, which is a model for many countries' national banks. The egregious profits earned by the Federal Reserve for charging interest on the currency in circulation are not fairly distributed throughout the banking industry, but instead are kept by a very few owners of the Federal Reserve. Money is the root of much evil. It is responsible for much betrayal, murder, deception, slavery, war, envy, jealousy, worries, suffering, crime and other negative things. On Earth, money is nearly a necessity. Without money, many things, including food, water, shelter, education, health care, transport etc. cannot be acquired. As a result of the patriots engaging in a battle with the IRS, they are virtually stripped of their financial resources; their ability to earn, invest and effectively participate in the market economy is severely impacted. It is time to cut the losses and re-assess the situation. It is time to go beyond individual ego. It is time to focus on liberty. As Thomas Paine said in The Crisis, when things looked ever so bleak for the patriots: These are the times that try men's souls . . . Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered . . . What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly . . . Heaven knows how to put the proper price upon . . . FREEDOM . . . Paine was concerned with physical liberty, which all people treasure. But, spiritual liberty liberation from Darkness - is far more important to all because physical liberty is transient; spiritual liberty is eternal. - Non-Filers Are Being Duped by the IRS Some sceptics do not believe in miracles. Nor do they believe in the existence of good and evil, UFOs, life-after-death or anything else they cannot prove or have not experienced in the physical. Those of artificial consciousness do not have an afterlife, and many of the sceptics and true atheists are these "soulless" ones (artificial consciousnesses), who cannot conceive of an afterlife because they have no part in one. It is important to note that artificial consciousnesses are not necessarily incompetent. On the contrary, many skilled medical professionals and scientists are amongst the "soulless" ones. Staunch sceptics (not the casual ones) sense internally that nothing comes after death for them because they are "robots" that are turned off at death. They do not possess true spirit. As far as their "fate" is concerned, they are quite right about there being no life after death. The sceptics, in their ignorance and distortion, think they know better and opine that those who believe otherwise are fools. Sceptics want proof, but they cannot prove the nonexistence of miracles, UFOs, afterlife etc. Many will say, "Convince me of the existence of UFOs etc." They are deluded enough to think that believers are begging them to be convinced. Whether a sceptic changes his or her mind is irrelevant. Shortly after we brought Lovey home, there was a huge battle when evil aliens attempted to strike Lovey and other beings. While we were protecting Lovey and the others, space crafts of the Light defended them and won a decisive victory for the Light. Several enemy crafts were impounded. The space crafts of the Light do not seek out battles, but they will defend their own. There are several extraterrestrials in animal bodies here. After that, I needed rest and lay down to take a nap in the next room. As soon as I lay on the bed, I felt a force field being launched at me. My speech started to slur and I had trouble using my limbs. Just then, Steffan rushed in and said that Lovey needed my help. He could tell I was being attacked at the same time as Lovey was. He urged me to hurry to Lovey's aid then shot out of the room back to Lovey's side. The thought of Lovey being in danger and needing my help broke the negative force field. I was able to get up directly and in the short time I took to get to Lovey, my speech had returned to normal. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how far Lovey had deteriorated in those few minutes that I was away. I felt extremely thirsty, so I figured that he must be. Steffan checked and found him almost totally dehydrated, which made no sense at all because the IV drips were running normally and had kept him hydrated all this time. Steffan turned the drips up to near full and we offered Lovey water to drink as I gave him healing. This goes against all the advice of treating tick bites, because the vets advise people that no water should be given in such a situation because the swallowing reflex is affected by tick venom - the dogs could choke and suffocate. Lovey took the healing and the water without any problem. Within an hour he drank almost a litre of water, which is equivalent to the whole bag of drips for the day. He was able to consume the water without any adverse effects and no signs of vomiting because he had not been bitten by a paralysis tick. While I was giving healing to Lovey, I asked Steffan to keep watch as I could sense enemies approaching. The timing was critical. Just then, several dark beings appeared. As Steffan fought with a putrid being, he declared to me, "It's the Beast!" Indeed, I could feel the Beast's presence while I was protecting and healing Lovey. I then "saw" beyond the Beast's face and "saw" the face of Paramhansa Yoganada. He was the one who wrote the book Autobiography of a Yogi. That was the Ikluk part of the Beast's last "incarnation" on the Earth. Many have been fooled by Yogananda's claim to be close to Haidakhan Babaji; Babaji refuted Yogananda's false claim. We launched an intense counter-attack on the Beast and Its entourage. We stood back-toback with Lovey between us while we were fighting. I called upon the Flying White Buffalos and the Twelve Sisters and other Warriors of the Light for reinforcements as others were being attacked simultaneously. I called upon the Trawlers also. This battle was not just about Lovey - it was far larger than that. The Beast had brought his top "hit men" this time. His other group had been rounded up in the earlier battle that evening. The battle with the Beast and his "army" was the biggest clash of both sides that I have ever experienced in the physical. Babaji, Thomas, Tchaikovsky (an alien dog), Agro, Beauty, Tronto and many other Light Warriors were present. We could also feel the presence of those Warriors of the Light who had participated in the Sacred Drumming all about us. Indeed, the BEN-DA-KO had begun! Throughout the encounter, we went from exhaustion to being highly charged. Neither of us were sleepy or tired any longer. It was a profound victory for the Light. While I cannot reveal everything that transpired in the battles, what I have given you will give you enough of an idea of the enormity and complexity of the battle. Once again, Lovey sprang back very quickly and was soon on the road to recovery. Later, the vet thought he had recovered. However, I sensed that he would be going Home soon. Just after 9:00 pm that night, Lovey began to look above the ceiling and all over the room, ever looking upward, as though he was seeing something. I remarked to Lovey that he had many visitors. In spite of Lovey's physical recovery, I still gave him a total spirit healing and blessing in preparation for him to return Home. We had been playing the Luminescence CD for Lovey all day. I asked Steffan to put on Loving You for Lovey to hear. It was the first time we played that CD for Lovey. It was about 9:30 pm. As soon as the title song (Loving You) started to play, Lovey moved towards me and started "talking" in a distinct language pattern that gave me the sense that he was going to be free. Then he started barking and singing to the song and continued throughout the entire CD. When Luminescence was put back on, Lovey continued singing to that CD. Individual dogs at Alukar Heights responded to Lovey's barking and singing one at a time. I have never seen or heard anything like that before. His barks were clear and strong with a distinctive pattern. They seemed to be conveying information. When Wandering Minstrels started playing, Lovey sang along with the entire piece without taking a break. He also kept singing and barking after Luminescence concluded and Loving You was again played. This continued for nearly two hours. Steffan then received a message from Tchaikovsky, (an Attas who left the physical in 2003), who was close by during the whole ordeal. The message was delivered joyously with exuberance: "Never before has so much love been poured down here. It is a great victory." After receiving the message, Steffan took Lovey's temperature. He was a little cool, but in the normal range. Steffan then stepped outside of the room to clean the thermometer. Just as he left, Lovey gave his loudest single bark and left the physical peacefully. As soon as I heard his last bark, I called out to Steffan, "Lovey is gone!" Lovey died peacefully. At no time did Lovey ever struggle for breath, as is so common in the final stages of physical death. His body looked strong and healthy. He did not tire during all the time he was singing and barking until his last breath. He looked almost like his normal self, certainly strong for a dog who had been through so much. We placed Lovey's body in a special room. Strangely, there was no release of bodily fluids, as usually occurs in physical death. His body remained intact, and he looked peaceful even the following day before his burial. Lovey defied death and symbolically conquered it. Lovey also acted like bait for Ikluk (a part of the Beast). In the battle, Ikluk was severely wounded and his "disguise shield" was heavily damaged so his real self was revealed. He can no longer hide behind the shield. He is now too weak to erect another "disguise shield" quickly enough to use in the next encounter. Further, his elite forces have been weakened substantially. Therefore, Ikluk is now vulnerable and he is in a precarious state. Returning to Ata-i-lek's desire to make John-Paul II a saint, there are many who do wondrous things to assist others without expecting praise or reward. Yet, these are not regarded as saints. Ironically, many dark beings have been anointed as saints by the Church. This is a mockery to the True Creator. Many years ago, I sent out on the subtle level a very powerful protection exercise for the Amoebas. It was meant to be a healing and protection exercise to get them ready for their work. Last year, I received a very accurate version of the exercise back from Awgawk, an Attas. When he first built his protection shield, it knocked out power, radio/television reception, airport radar and mobile phones in the vicinity. Everything was down for three days. Recently, in Brisbane, while the aliens were throwing ice storms at the city, the evil aliens could not penetrate a shielded area that they had targeted because two Attas had erected the same type of shield. This is a very powerful shield. I have erected this shield at Alukar Heights, but for strategic and tactical reasons that I will not go into, I lower it at times. The time is now critical. It is time to shield yourselves. All True-Light workers can benefit from the power of the shield that my Attas will project into the ether. Those of pure heart who wish to benefit from the shield can do so by silently asking for the protection shield to surround them. With practice, they can learn to use the shield without causing havoc around them. I offer this in good faith. Those who harbour darkness in their hearts will be responsible for their own evil actions. Blessings to all who love Truth and Light. - Healings and the Release of Protection Shield All matters on this level have a spiritual connection. Therefore, whether a matter deals with political, social, religious, financial, environmental, racial or any other aspects of this Virtual Reality, ultimately, every matter here affects the spiritual fabric of every being that it touches. There have been certain political events that on the surface would appear to have no spiritual connection, but they do. Superficially, these events appear to be personal, isolated events. Underlying these events are alien connections also. As I have mentioned in previous writings, there is underlying tension between the two major alien groups. Australia is presently a Vulturite-influenced country, while Indonesia is predominantly a Reptilian-influenced country. However, there are pockets of Reptilians, Vulturites and other minor alien groups in both countries and in all their political parties. Thus, for example, the United Kingdom is currently led by Vulturites, but if the Labour Party reshuffles, the next leader of that party could well be a Reptilian representative. One wonders why a Vulturite-influenced country like Australia would be co-operating with Reptilian-dominated China. The main reason is the economy. Chinese trade is critical to Australia. Both countries are pretending to be nice to one another, but this is superficial. Both have "daggers" pointed at the other. Another example of alien rifts forming can be seen in recent developments in Europe. Last week, both the French and the Dutch people rejected the proposed constitution, showing fragmentation is rapidly taking place in the European Union. Regardless of what it looks like, this is another alien-based rift. In short, Reptilian states are trying to distance themselves from Vulturite ones. The United Kingdom has now indicated that it will not even present a referendum on the issue now. Remember that I said that the U.K. is in a state of flux, in the process of shifting from Vulturite control to Reptilian influence! There are many other examples expressing similar alien rifts at this time, even though they are not obvious yet. Soon, there will be many surprises causing confusion, but, ultimately, they will settle, and the alien alliances will be very clearly defined. The people who will be caught in the middle have the most to lose. In one way or another, their lives are being manipulated and compromised. This is because the Reptilians are severing ties from Vulturite states in preparation for war, whether that will be a shooting war or otherwise will be seen in the future. - Human Affairs Affected by Alien Rifts Consciousness swapping is becoming more and more prevalent at this time, as the Earth enters into a time of great turmoil. In the past, this was done less frequently. However, the Attas have purposefully done it throughout history, as needed. Here are some examples of Attas swapping consciousnesses for various reasons at various times. When Jesus was about twelve years of age, the Power of A-itu (the Eternal Flame) descended upon the physical body of Jesus and he was adorned with Divine Spirit. This was also the point in time when the consciousness in the physical body of Mary swapped with the consciousness that was in the physical body of Jesus. In other words, the consciousness that played the part of Jesus for twelve years went into Mary's body, while the consciousness in Mary's body simultaneously entered the body of Jesus. Thus, Jesus the Christ is the Divine Mother. Much later, Attas Thomas Paine's consciousness entered the body of Attas Thomas Jefferson in 1809, and Jefferson's consciousness left and later came as a "walk-in" consciousness in the body of the German composer, Richard Wagner. Swapping consciousnesses is not confined to Attas or other beings of True Light or False Light. It can occur in quite ordinary circumstances in humans and animals. Serious accidents often bring about a sudden consciousness swap. In some cases, the original consciousness occupying a body is yanked out during a traumatic impact and another consciousness (usually from the astral) jumps into the body. Sometimes there is a mutual agreement on the subtle level when the consciousness in the physical wants to leave and another wants to come into the situation, and they swap places. Sometimes it is a forced swap, against the will of the original occupying consciousness of the body. The latter are often erroneously referred to as possessions; possessions are when an invading consciousness or consciousnesses superimpose themselves upon the original occupant of the body. Hospitals are common places for consciousness swapping to take place. While a patient is under anaesthetic, his or her etheric body is substantially "loosened" and it is easier for another consciousness to take over the physical body with consent or by force. This happens especially in cases when the heart is stopped momentarily during surgery. Many people have noticed changes in the personalities of people who have had surgery, especially those who have had open-heart surgery. Many medical professionals deem this to be a side effect of the medical procedure, when, in fact, it is a case of consciousness swapping. When a consciousness swap occurs, it will not be obvious at first, because there is an integration of the new consciousness into the old programming put into the body by the preceding consciousness and the physical memory and knowledge of the physical brain. Therefore, a foreign consciousness can enter a body and immediately speak the language, identify appropriate family members, friends, colleagues etc. and carry on as though nothing has happened. Eventually, however, the new consciousness will begin to express in its own manner. Hence, there can be a marked change in personality. However, in cases where the new consciousness is of a very forceful type, the impact can be very dramatic and the expression can change immediately. As I wrote earlier, an alien consciousness known as Ata-i-lek has recently taken over the body of a human being who now resides in the Vatican. I also wrote that many Reptilian consciousnesses evacuated their host bodies in America and the United Kingdom and entered new hosts in China. At the same time, Vulturite consciousnesses took over the abandoned bodies because they were occupying powerful political and influential positions. This can cause confusion to those who are not aware of consciousness swapping, much less of the particular swaps. Lovey is an alien who has returned. It is not just because we missed him so much that he has returned. Temporary and permanent consciousness swapping will occur more and more in the near future. - Consciousness Swapping in Humans and Animals Things on this level are not always as they appear to be. For example: Israel's struggle is an alien diversion - a façade that has been kept up for centuries. Palestine's struggle is another alien diversion - a façade that has also been kept up for centuries. The battle over Jerusalem is an alien diversion. It is now time to reveal this information. For a long, long time, The Earth has been regarded as insignificant in the scheme of things. Many see it as a place of schooling for the "soul", which is another alien deception. The Vulturites and the Reptilians were once like family, but the "family" began bickering, and they broke off to form their own empires a long, long time ago. These are the two most formidable Anunnaki races in the Cosmos, and both are vying for supremacy over the other. All other alien groups are basically pawns, caught in the middle of the Reptilian/Vulturite struggle for power. Before the schism occurred, the Reptilian Anunnaki Elite would re-start time whenever things got too far out of control. The place where this took place was on their home planet, Nibiru, which orbited a star called ZAOS. The Anunnaki Elite realized that their planet and star were in a precarious situation long before they were destroyed. Therefore, they re-located the time re-starting device (called atu-waa) to a very remote planet that had virtually no technology. That remote planet was Earth. But for the re-location of the atu-waa to the Earth, this planet would still be an insignificant, primitive world. Before the Anunnaki Elite selected Earth for the atu-waa, the planet was an unimportant, disposable celestial body that was used as a dumping ground for alien convicts, space garbage, and other trash. The Garden of Eden is not an unfounded myth. It was created by the Anunnaki Elite as a posh prison to house certain high-ranking Anunnaki prisoners. Being a high-security area, it was the perfect place to re-locate the atu-waa. The location of the atu-waa is different from the location of the aperture, which is different from the energy source that I wrote about in Anunnaki and the Coming of the "Sacred" Cross. When they invaded Iraq in 2003, the Vulturites were after the lost word of the Freemasons, the atu-waa, and the "power point" from where the atu-waa could be activated. They were not looking for weapons of mass destruction at all. They believed it was so urgent to conduct the search that they did not even bother to plant WMD in the country before invading it. In fact, if the Vulturites had planted WMD, then they would have had to cease their searches when they were found. That is why such extensive searches of vans, trucks, tankers and anything that could transport the items were carried out. They also looked in museums and many secret underground facilities. That is why the palaces were specially targeted for searches. All the major religious movements are distractions that are sponsored by the ruling elite to serve their purposes. In reality, people are programmed to act as they do. Although Judaism/Christianity/Islam appear to be in conflict, they are not. They, like all the other major religions, are serving a very specific purpose for the ruling elite. The perceived, unending conflicts are designed to confuse and segregate people so that there will always be strife, conflict, distrust and war. The ruling elite know that it is imperative that people perceive these religious conflicts to be real so that the diversions are not seen through. For instance, today, Jews are distrusted for their control of finance and commerce. Muslims are envied for their control of petroleum. Christians are presently wearing the "white" hat, looking like the good Samaritans, but, not far in the past, the Church had committed the most horrific acts of plunder, murder and war. The key lies in and around the Persian Gulf. When discussing this key, it is unavoidable to bring in the alien wars. What I am about to discuss is for people who have open minds. It is not for the sceptics and those programmed by the ruling elite, as they will probably never be able to see through the programming. I will repeat here that the Reptilians are a cunning, hedonistic, chauvinistic, powerful race of Anunnaki. They have had the upper hand for so long that they are getting very cocky. In their arrogance, they think they have everything under control, just as they have in the past. They have controlled the re-start of time on many occasions, and always set it up so they were on top. They have controlled the atu-waa for a long, long time. The Vulturites appear to be hot-headed, vicious and brutal. This has been their trademark, so to speak. The Reptilians have long held an edge over the Vulturites because the latter were so predictably brutal. However, the Vulturites have learned some cunning tricks of their own, and the Reptilians have carelessly underestimated their main opponents. The Reptilians miscalculated the Vulturite resolve to obtain and hold Iraq at almost any cost. When the Reptilians turned over the U.S.A. to the Vulturites, they expected the Vulturites to brutally attack other countries without purpose or focus. But, the Vulturites were prepared and they went for Afghanistan and Iraq, and now have their sights on Iran. Although they are involved in many other conflicts around the world, and sabre rattling at places such as North Korea and Cuba - these are diversions. The Vulturites are after the atu-waa. They do not mind being perceived as brutal, deceptive and ambitious. They do not mind being hated, as they are. They have a single purpose, which is to get the atu-waa. The Reptilians have moved the atu-waa around the world. It has been to many places in recent years, all of which were under Reptilian control at the time. The places include: Tennessee, U.S.A., Australia, Congo, Gibraltar, Vietnam, Israel and Iraq. It was last moved to Afghanistan, near Kabul. The Vulturites are unaware that the atu-waa is non-functional at this time. The Reptilians have kept this information from the Vulturites and everyone else. There is a missing "part" that contains the "codes" to activate the atu-waa. This is not a physical thing. This is the part that I confiscated from the Reptilians a long time ago, after the last re-start of time. This is what Ata-i-lek is so furious about and is trying to dislodge from me by any means, including flattery, cajoling, threats, force and deception. It is a catch-22 situation for the Reptilians. That is why I am still here. Many are following the Mayan calendar and mistakenly believe that the end of time is 2012. Those in the know have gone along with this date for a very important reason. It is now time to reveal that time must be re-started in 2008. The year 2012 was another misdirection by the Reptilians to keep their opposition and ordinary people less focused and more complacent. It was also designed to misguide the opposition in their plans. It was important that the date of 2012 was believably close to the actual date of 2008. If time is not re-started in 2008, it will not be the end of time. Things will just take their own course, and the Cosmos will eventually wind down in a natural "death". After the last re-start of time, the Amoebas ejected the Anunnaki Elite from the Earth and cordoned off the planet. The Anunnaki Elite carefully guarded the activating code for the atu-waa, and they took it with them as they left the planet. The Anunnaki Elite have attempted to break the blockade on many occasions, but have failed each time. When the Anunnaki Elite realized they could not break the Amoebas' blockade, they tried to send the activating word through the subtle. Their last attempt was when Solomon was king of Israel, and the code was transmitted in three parts to King Solomon, King Hiram and Hiram Abiff. Solomon wanted the power for himself, and his ambition resulted in the failure of the Anunnaki Elite's last attempt to re-activate the atu-waa. See: The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons. At the time I presented The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons, I used the term of "morbon-zi" as the substitute word used by modern-day Freemasons for a definite purpose. The actual substituted word is "ma-ha-bon". There is a very important reason why I did that. All Freemasons should have recognised my alteration of the substitute word, and those in the know would have suspected that there must have been a good reason for doing it. Further, it was critical that I altered the first two syllables of the ACTUAL lost word of the Freemasons in the article. I did this for a purpose. It is the information about the word that was important to release, not the actual word. It was necessary to obscure the actual word. Ata-i-lek is currently searching the Vatican library for this word, hoping that it has been recorded somewhere. This word is the code that is like an important device that holds the control of the atu-waa. In the wrong hands, it is disastrous. It has been in the wrong hands for a long, long time. Since the Reptilians underestimated the cunning and resolve of the Vulturites, they have their hands full protecting the atu-waa from the advancing Vulturites, who know that the device must be activated in Iraq to re-start time. The Reptilians are not fully ready to launch a "conventional" war against the Vulturites yet, but they are in panicked preparation for one. They are secretly mobilizing with great rapidity and intend to strike. The Reptilians "flexed their muscles" by causing the Indian-Ocean tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. They mistakenly thought this would frighten the Vulturites into submission. It had the reverse effect. The Reptilians murdered tens of thousands of people to try to shock the Vulturites out of their quest, but the cunning Vulturites are so resolved that they have treated their lost positions and people in the wake of the Indian-Ocean tsunami as "pawns" of warfare. Since the Reptilians are unable to successfully wage "conventional" war upon the Vulturites as yet, the Reptilians plan on striking the heart of the Vulturite stronghold by launching another tsunami and other "natural" disasters that will devastate much of the U.S.A. The First Major Cataclysmic Event has eventuated. The Second Major Cataclysmic Event is drawing closer. Some aliens are trying desperately to flee the Earth at this time. Their efforts have caused a lot of ice to melt in Antarctica and other places, along with a host of other problems. What they do not realize is that if time is not re-started from Earth in 2008, the whole Cosmos in the Virtual Reality will be affected too. Please note that my postings could end abruptly. I have released enough information and energy to assist you in the upcoming turmoil. Always remember, NEVER give your WILL over to Darkness. Darkness can harm your body, but It cannot touch your WILL unless you give it over to Darkness. Always remain focused on the True Light. - The Secret Anunnaki Atu-waa The ruling elite's world systems are falling apart. All those in the know are able to see that this is happening. The Light has worked for eons to bring about the Correction and dismantling of the Virtual Reality of Darkness. To get to the present stage of the Work by the Light, the journey has been paved with unconditional love, sacrifices, tears, suffering and courage by the Attas and all the Light workers. It can now be seen that the ruling elite's religions, especially Christianity, have lost their ability to effectively control and manipulate the minds and actions of people in the way that they did for so long. The many exposures of all forms of abuse and corruption within and about the Church show the decay of the institution. The Light has worked diligently to break down the old programming that contributed to the effectiveness of religions in controlling and manipulating their members, the affairs of their respective countries, and the world at large. It is no wonder that Ata-i-lek himself had to take on a human form to fill the physical role. Darkness knows Its sponsored religions are coming apart and has sent a chief agent to try to halt their demise. As I have stated many times, we are in the midst of alien wars, even though many of the alien developments go unnoticed by the majority of humans who are so programmed and brainwashed that they deny any existence of aliens, regardless of the overwhelming evidence. Religions are primarily created and maintained by the Reptilians, whilst Vulturites and other groups dabble in religious affairs to a lesser degree. Reptilians tend to go under the surface of things and control via surreptitious methods, while Vulturites are more actively aggressive and more militaristic. However, both groups are actively involved in the military, espionage, war, politics, commerce, science, education, finance, banking, real estate, law, medicine, psychiatry, entertainment etc. The alien wars are being played out in various worldly activities through politics, commerce and other fields. Recent political developments show the severing of many relationships and re-alignments of various alien groups. One can now see strong Reptilian alliances are forming and segregating themselves from Vulturite-dominated countries. For example, the relationship between the Reptilian-influenced Uzbekistan and the Vulturite-influenced USA is now severely strained. Recently, Russia, China and other Reptilian-influenced states have demanded a timetable for US troop withdrawal from the region and they are backing Uzbekistan. These incidents are due to the alien alignments for upcoming events. One can now see that many systems are rapidly breaking down. Commerce, share markets, currencies, banking systems, and trade matters are being supported by artificial means that are extremely precarious, and the ruling elite know that the entire financial network is about to collapse. Education has inflated grades and degrees to the point that few take them seriously any longer. People have lost faith in conventional medicine, leaving those seeking alternative medicine at the hands of frauds who have infiltrated the field. The pharmaceutical industry is taking over various aspects of supplement/vitamin production and distribution so they can gouge enormous profits from the public for items that were previously inexpensive and easily accessible. Laws have been created to protect monetary interests in the name of safeguarding public interests. Some simple and effective supplements now require prescriptions because of the "unholy" merging of law and medicine to defraud the public. Currencies are artificially inflated and deflated at the whims of the ruling elite for profits, regardless of the suffering caused to those affected by the vast swings in the currencies. Thus, the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is widening. The pattern that is emerging is getting more and more obvious, such that even those who are unaware of the alien wars are beginning to sense that something is very wrong as the systems continue to benefit the ruling elite at the expense of their slaves. The ruling elite, through the entertainment industry, has been preparing people for the ultimate control by a single alien group although the ruling group of aliens is yet to be decided by the alien wars. Many humans refer to the ultimate control as the One World Order or the New World Order. Amongst many alien groups, it is referred to as the Lagoo. Movies such as Armageddon and Deep Impact have been used to instil the absurd idea that nuclear weapons have their "good" purposes and have to be retained by "responsible" countries. Both movies also try to terrify people about "chance" occurrences from deep space that pose severe risks to life on Earth. In the end, the movies portray the use of nuclear weapons to save the Earth from catastrophic "chance" events originating from deep space. The ruling elite has invested enormous resources in programming the masses with the message that a foreign object from deep space could destroy the Earth. The main purpose behind this type of programming is to unite people against a common enemy that almost nobody could empathize with. Very few people could relate to a comet or asteroid having a consciousness. The supposed arrival of Nibiru (Planet X), human-made "meteors" crashing to Earth, false New Age channellings, false prophets, false alien transmissions, false Messiahs, false apparitions, false remote viewings and many other activities sponsored by agents of the ruling elite have a common theme - to frighten people into accepting the aliens' Lagoo. However, the ruling elite's plan was thwarted. See: Watch the Earth - Not the Sky; The Coming of False Visions, False Prophets and False Messiahs. The ruling elite already control the conventional media, and they have invaded the alternative media, including websites, bulletin boards and other aspects of the internet. Even websites, networks and software that were originally set up and maintained by sincere individuals have been extensively corrupted by agents of the ruling elite. The footprints of the ruling elite's agents are easily detected by the awares. In the past, I have deliberately allowed some of these agents onto my website. Other agents continue with their persistent snooping and other nefarious activities. You may recall that Ikluk's disguise shield was severely damaged during Its battle with us over Lovey. When Ikluk's shield was damaged, all agents of Darkness were affected too and have a much more difficult time hiding behind their masks. Darkness is now being forced to fight with Its highest-level agents because Its systems are collapsing and Its agents' disguises are falling apart. The battles will now be even more intense and real to those in the know and those involved. The battles have shifted because many of the systems set up by the agents of Darkness on the planet (governments, religions, spy agencies, militaries, legal systems, entertainment industries, media, health systems, educational systems, commerce, finance etc.) have failed to accomplish the goal of Darkness to extend Its temporary reign of terror via confusion, force, brutality, imposition, abuse etc. Now Darkness Itself must engage in the real battle with the Christ Energy. The real fireworks will commence. When things get tough, remind yourself that the difficulties are like scenery on your journey and instead concentrate your attention on the real important issue of focusing on the Light. - Uncovering the Reclusive Wagools' Alien Base In the twentieth century, I began openly discussing Vulturites and Reptilians as the major alien groups vying for control of the planet. I am pleased that more and more people are using the terms and spreading information about the conflict between the two groups, so that more and more people are becoming aware of alien influence and control of human affairs. As some of you might also have noticed, aliens are heavily involved with influencing and controlling animals too. For many reasons, there are many aspects of alien involvement that I will not discuss publicly. In particular, I have not publicly described the appearance of Pers-sires (Vulturites) in their alien forms. This is for a very good reason. As more people become aware of what is going on, they can better prepare and help themselves against alien attacks and subtle influences. In some cases, humans are almost helpless against them, but, in many cases, the humans can ward off or alleviate the problems. Most importantly, one must strengthen one's Will, which is the ultimate shield against Darkness, including aliens of Darkness. While there are good aliens involved in the Rescue Mission, these aliens do not generally intervene in the affairs of the Earth - intervention is usually handled by the Attas. There are Attas present on the planet at this time, and they have been here for a long, long time. This has been mainly to sustain those of the Light until the Rescue Mission is completed. Most of the aliens on the planet are of Darkness, and their primary concern is to physically control the planet and its inhabitants. These aliens have been attacking many humans for a long time using various methods. The methods they used three decades ago are very different from what they are using today. ALIENS OF DARKNESS HAVE CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE OVER GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS IN THIS WORLD, AND TODAY, BECAUSE THE RESCUE MISSION IS IN ITS FINAL STAGE, THERE ARE NO REGIMES LEFT ON EARTH UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF LIGHT BEINGS. Some heads of state are actually aliens in human form, while others are clones or humans who are being influenced, controlled or have been taken over by alien consciousnesses. The human leaders may or may not be aware of any alien involvement in their lives. The aliens are now giving some governments older alien technology for mind control of the masses. The aliens are very cunning and do not want to give their top secrets away. Now, alien technology for manipulation of human affairs is so refined that they can pinpoint their attacks, and it is now rather like them living under your roof without being seen or heard. The internet and all computers are easy access attack points and tuning areas for the aliens. Cable television and satellite transmissions are also being very effectively used by the aliens at this time to track and pinpoint targets from a long distance. They are used for strategic and tactical planning of the alien wars. Thus, they can target a victim from a distance and bring about serious consequences and/or symptoms, which can appear to be explainable as a stroke, heart attack, brain haemorrhage etc. Therefore, alien assassinations can easily fool existing medical professionals and criminal investigators. Some apparently harmless entertainment is hardly that. For example, Desperate Housewives is not just for entertainment - it is a powerful programming tool. The negativity vested in the audio-visual effects might have been detected by some of you. However, most people are unaware of the unseen criss-cross beams that affect the brainwaves of viewers. Like many other widely viewed television or cinema productions, there is an agenda underlying Desperate Housewives. Many currently suffer from what doctors have diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. Many have been told by medical professionals that CFS is incurable. While CFS may be incurable according to medical doctors, there are many people who suffer from similar symptoms of the syndrome that are actually victims of alien intrusions. Whatever the aliens have done to them often causes high toxic levels in their bodies that weaken their immune systems. It is often difficult to ascertain alien attacks because the aliens have designed their attacks so that the symptoms mimic various diseases to cause confusion and disguise the real problems. Depression is on the increase throughout the world, regardless of age, gender, profession, status, creed or culture. While environmental, physical, physiological, psychological and other factors can cause emotional problems, more and more people are experiencing severe and/or sudden depression for no apparent reason. The medical profession will try to convince people that depression is caused by chemical imbalance and work from there for solutions. In truth, many of the sudden incidents of depression are due to alien attacks. I have observed victims of these attacks on many occasions. Another current alien imposition is to cause sudden dehydration, which can be specifically targeted at individuals. Hence, in a public area, such as a restaurant, only the targeted victims will experience sudden, severe dehydration while all the others in the restaurant feel neither the intense heat nor the sudden, severe thirst brought about by the alien attack. Sudden dehydration has been used on humans and animals alike. One of the purposes of sudden dehydration attacks is to weaken the immune system of the victim in preparation for subsequent, serious attacks. Alien mind control is now so extensively used in public that it is obvious to those who have even the slightest bit of awareness. Of course, many will remain in denial and accept the explanations offered by so-called experts - who are often the most closed minded and brainwashed in societies and who are rightly called sceptics. Aliens have controlled the minds of people on Earth for a long, long time. Those who are passionate about various issues are often programmed to behave that way by aliens. For example, Martin Luther was severely programmed by aliens of Darkness to appear to rebel against the Church. In fact, it was all part of the alien plan to re-build the Church. Ironically, Jesus' name was used to build the Church of Darkness to imprison the very beings He came to Rescue from Darkness. Implants can be reversed by those who know how to do so, and these reversals can be used to the advantage of the targeted person, much to the chagrin of the attacker. Implants can also be removed or neutralized. However, people who lack real knowledge about them and who delve into implant treatments can cause serious problems for the victims of the implants. One could ask, "Where does this lead to?", and despair that the matter is hopeless. This is not always the case. The solutions to countering these implants are not easily or safely transmitted via physical means such as the written word. Therefore, effective solutions are being placed into the ether for those receptive ones of the Light to receive the knowledge and help themselves and others as needed. Those who receive this information may or may not be consciously aware of it. Those who do receive it should not exploit others who are in need of assistance. Let us not forget that those who inflict others with negative implants are agents of Darkness. It is imperative not to give one's Will over to Darkness, despite the discomfort, confusion, suffering and disadvantages the implants may cause. Of course, it is easier said than done, but it can be done. One has to make one's own choice. The Pinto Centre sound and its complementary sound are very effective tools to counter-act many types of alien attacks, including implant attacks. - The Proliferation of Disease-Causing Alien Implants Prayer To The Divine Mother Divine Mother - A-itu the Eternal Flame, Help me be true, In the colours of radiant pink and blue. Guide me out of this world of sorrow and darkness, Let my heart be opened to the joy and peace which transcends all negativity in its starkness. O Divine Mother, let me rest in Thee. Like a happy babe cooggles in glee. Teach me the meaning of Truth, Love, and Simplicity, So that my sojourn here may be filled with felicity. O eternal Mother, lift me up when I fall, Turn not a deaf ear to my gentle call. What can I offer Thee Which Thou has not already given me? Like a flame that burns in silence, My communion with Thee puts my life in balance. Thy peace radiates around and in me, And in that peace I see Thee alone present in eternity forever be. Thy sacred silence is more valuable than all the meditations in the world, For I entered the gate of silence a thousand times before I beheld, The face of true silence, A reward for my patience and vigilance. Alas, in truth thou art the strength of my devotion, In each act I seek the transformation into Thy benediction. To abide always in Thee I humbly seek, Transform me into the living torch of Thy Divine Love which aspires to peak. O Sweet Mother, I implore Thee, May my whole being be identified with Thee. May I be nothing else any more than a flame of love utterly awakened, To a supreme realisation of Thee unshaken. - Poems For The Twelve "Sisters" The recent hurricane to strike America's Deep South was called Katrina. The eye of this storm was no ordinary eye. Katrina was a guided "missile" from the deep sea - all a part of Reptilian plans. Like the Brisbane ice storms, Katrina was devised, implemented and executed by aliens in alien bodies. In other words, Katrina was an Anunnaki assault. Certain world leaders are aware that events like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Brisbane ice storms, European floods, Katrina and many other "natural" disasters, including some that were hardly reported in the media, are all part of the alien wars, but they face a dilemma. Do they announce alien wars on the planet or keep up the façade that these are natural disasters? As time goes on, many parts of the planet will be impacted by alien weather incidents. The aliens follow the mentality of "an eye for an eye" because they "wrote" the Book. Recently, the Vulturites flexed their muscles by flooding Europe. Katrina was the Reptilian "pay back". Katrina struck a geographically vulnerable area so that sceptics and other analysts could rationalize it away. Those who have read my posting on Anunnaki War Plans will remember the following passage that reflects the Reptilian strategy which has been implemented in retaliation to the Vulturite flooding of Europe of Reptilian strongholds: A big artificial event will strike America. It will be devastating. The Reptilians have planted a huge disaster to commence off the northwest coast of Cuba. Likewise, they have planted huge disasters to take place in Alaska. These events will appear to occur naturally and at random; they will be anything but natural and random. They will tick off with the precision of a clock in the planned order. These will ignite geological events in vulnerable areas along the west coast of America, especially the earthquake fault lines. America will be in shambles after these "natural" disasters hit it. Many of its enemies from without and within await such an opportunity to strike back, which will further weaken the once "proud" eagle of the land. The alien skirmishes between the two major alien groups (Vulturites and Reptilians) will expand and escalate whilst the world leaders in the know walk "tight ropes" as the events unfold. Chaos and civil unrest will abound. Things will become so unreal that many will think they are players in movies or actors in dreams. But alas, many will witness and experience the following: Off the West Coast of North America cometh a big wave Many will scorn the Eagle as they flee. From the northern sky appears a blue star that beams and beams and many will notice its activities. People will raise their hands up to the sky for help only to receive torrents of "rain and debris" that seem to shatter their very existence. In shame and despair, people will shrink into frigidity of fear and numbness of pain and suffering. Through the dark clouds a tiny Light shines through and brings hope to those whose eyes behold the Light that expands and expands until it bathes them with a soothing mist. Right from West cometh the Giant Turtle as it crawls through the jungle and dips in the sea. Modern day medicine will not quell the demands of the sick. Each by its own sign shall click. Together, they will be drawn by their own "destiny". - Alien Eyes Guided Hurricane Katrina Aliens now influence or control all nation states on the Earth. Most of the governments are either predominantly influenced by Reptilians or by Vulturites. These are the two main groups vying for supremacy. They appear in all major political parties around the world. Whilst the Republican Party in America is currently a Vulturite-influenced party, it is heavily infiltrated by Reptilians, who can often take important leadership roles, and even become Republican presidential candidates. Likewise, the Democratic Party is currently a Reptilianinfluenced party that is heavily infiltrated by Vulturites. Today, in America, there is a lot of conflict because of these entanglements and the relative strengths of the two major alien groups. When one alien group takes full control of a nation, both the opposition and the government will be of the same ilk - that is, either Reptilian or Vulturite. When this happens there is only show fighting because both parties are working for the same alien master. Whilst most people assume there is a single group of ruling elite on the planet, this is not so. IN FACT, THERE ARE TWO MAIN GROUPS OF RULING ELITE IN THE WORLD. These groups consist of people who are influenced by Reptilians and those who are influenced by Vulturites. In other words, the two main groups of ruling elite in the world are vying for dominance of the Earth. That is why there is so much contradiction and conflict on the planet about various matters. The ruling elite from both camps dominate all important fields (medicine, education, law, science, politics, technology, ecology, commerce, finance, military and other areas). Therefore, there are constant clashes within and without the fields of operation. The two groups of ruling elite represent evil fighting evil. On Earth, Reptilian-sponsored people are constantly being bombarded by Vulturite attacks on the physical and subtle levels. These attacks can result in headaches, other bodily pain, accidents, annoyances, obstructions, traps, set-ups, slanders etc. Of course, not all events are due to alien attacks, but many are. One characteristic of alien attacks is that the attacks can be readily explained away with physical-mind reasoning that appears to offer rational or scientific explanations. Hence, people are being deceived. Both main groups of aliens have agents in human bodies who carry "poison" and distribute it wherever they go. The particular "poison" can cause physical illness in those affected. It can also cause accidents, epidemics, strange phenomena, depression, anxiety, doubts, despair, fear, friction, loss of energy and other negative occurrences. There are also alien agents who are energy vampires - these may or may not inject "poison" whilst they steal energy. Hence, Vulturite-sponsored people are constantly being assaulted by Reptilian attacks whilst Reptilian-sponsored people suffer from Vulturite attacks. For those of the Rescue Mission and other Light Workers, there can be attacks from both major alien groups and all of their subordinate groups such as the Greys, Masa-karas, Wagools etc. This is not supposition. It is how the world works. Anunnaki propaganda from the astral world wants searchers to believe that the Earth is a classroom for learning lessons. This is false; the truth is that the Earth is a battlefield. Currently, the U.S.A. is a Vulturite-influenced nation and Russia is a Reptilian-influenced country. Therefore, it suits the American ruling elite to allow circulation of the theory that Russia attacked America with weather-control weapons. With their respective alien influences in mind, it becomes clearer as to why the Russian government and the American government are at odds with one another at this time. However, the Vulturite-influenced American ruling elite, along with all the world's ruling elite, regardless of whether they are Reptilian- or Vulturite-influenced, have a primary strategy of keeping alien involvement on Earth a secret from humans. This secret is kept for many reasons. The Earth is a critical battlefield because it is the location of the atu-waa. The aliens want to keep humans in the dark regarding the atu-waa. They have spread many inconsistent theories and religions to conceal the truth from all beings, especially the earthlings. One currently accepted alien-propagated theory is the Big Bang. Any reasonable reflection tells a thinking mind that the solar system runs in a very predictable order and is anything but random. All of the planets maintain regular rotations and orbits. It is very obvious that there is something directing the motions of the planets. That something has to be an Intelligence far beyond the comprehension of every human mind on Earth. This Intelligence has planned and created all there is around the universe(s) and superimposed this upon the True-Light Creation. The plan of this Intelligence is very complex and detailed. The characteristics of every atom have been programmed by the Intelligence to bond together to make larger bodies. Likewise, the properties of every planet have been carefully programmed into them to affect things on those planets and the others of the solar system. Astrologers have been able to observe and predict the many complex influences the various planets have upon Earth and its inhabitants. However, astrologers have generally avoided the "why" question about the properties of celestial bodies and interaction of their respective energies. The answer to the question is that the Intelligence programmed the properties into the planets to serve Its own nefarious purposes. There is a tremendous amount of empty space between the planets of a solar system. On the micro level, there is also a tremendous amount of empty space between atomic parts of physical matter. This is all part of the Intelligence's illusion of vastness. All of the orbits of every planet are in a particular state of decay - every one of them would fall off their course if something did not keep them aligned and moving continuously. Likewise, all atomic particles are in a state of decay. On the macro and micro levels, the Intelligence has created what appear to be complex, inter-related, perpetual-motion machines. However, they only appear to be in perpetual motion. Everything in the material world decays and can only continue until it winds down. The universe is winding down. It has wound down many times in the past and each time it has been re-started. Just like humans, the universe, too, has its own lifespan. As a universe reaches the end of its life, things begin to go awry. Planets start to wobble, stars burn out, celestial bodies become less predictable in their movements and other signs of deterioration become apparent. It is at that point that the universe needs a re-start. As I have mentioned in other writings, the Intelligence has appointed the Anunnaki as Its agents to bring about the re-starts when they are due. The Anunnaki have kept this information within a very small circle of Anunnaki Elite. This small group is phonetically known as the Waah-haalu. The Waah-haalu were the only ones who knew how to operate the atu-waa. Needless to say, this small group held an enormous power over every being in the Virtual Reality. For a long time the atu-waa was kept on the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru until that planet was in its final days. When the Waah-haalu re-located the atu-waa to Earth, suddenly, a remote, insignificant and primitive planet became a very important place to those who were aware of the atu-waa. When the Rescuers of the True-Light discovered the atu-waa on Earth, they disabled the device. After many severe confrontations, the Rescuers were able to separate the atu-waa from the Waah-haalu. Eventually, the Waah-haalu fled the Earth. Ever since, the Waah-haalu have been unable to return to the Earth because of the tight, complex security the Rescuers have placed around the planet's entry points. Most of the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are awaiting the return of the Waah-haalu, whom they believe will be able to activate the atu-waa and re-start time before the Virtual Reality breaks down completely. Since the Waah-haalu know they cannot return, they attempted to send a code to King Hiram, King Solomon and Hiram Abiff, but their attempt failed. Some of the aware Freemasons are still seeking the lost code that they refer to as the "lost word". The Reptilians, who are members of the Anunnaki Remnants, currently possess the nonfunctional atu-waa. The Waah-haalu have not been able to pass on the operational code to the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth - in fact, the Waah-haalu have since lost the code. Therefore, even if the Waah-haalu were able to return to Earth, they could not operate the atu-waa. There is now only one being who possesses the "code" to the atu-waa. The atu-waa has been moved many times in the past by the Anunnaki Remnants. It is a complex manoeuvre to re-locate it. The unsuspecting Vulturites are still searching in the Middle East for the atu-waa - their Middle East search is in vain. Times are very tense because the two major groups of aliens are vying for the atu-waa and hope to be the next generation of controllers of the Virtual Reality. It is for this reason that otherwise rational-appearing people who control weapons of mass destruction are very dangerous. Beware! The talk of peace is only lip service - the two major alien groups are on a war footing! The Reptilian/Vulturite battle for supremacy has so consumed the aliens that they are involved in an insane war of evil versus evil - and all those in their vicinity are forced to suffer the consequences. The Light has patiently awaited this day to rescue those of the Light whom the Intelligence trapped in Its Virtual Reality. The time is drawing near - the Rescue is at hand. - The Atu-waa Was Moved as the Reptilian Ruling Elite and the Vulturite Ruling Elite Clashed Weather conditions around the world are destabilizing. Some of the "freak" storms are natural, while others are staged. The natural ones have grown in intensity because the Earth is fracturing and also approaching the end of its grand cycle. What we are witnessing now is only the beginning of what is to come. The prevailing weather anomalies fall into three main categories: The first involves natural phenomena, which have intensified of late because of the breakdown of the various systems on the planet. Further, the Four Elements were symbolically liberated from their forced toil a year ago. The natural weather anomalies happen somewhat randomly and unpredictably now. As time goes on, natural occurrences will become more erratic and can be intensified by geological phenomena. The second category comprises those that the ruling elite in human bodies and their agents bring about. These are staged weather anomalies. They can be used as weapons against their adversaries and they can also be effectively used against their own people for various purposes. When staged weather events are used domestically, their implementation can be for experimental purposes, or to control the populations via forced evacuations, dislocations, and, in the most drastic cases, elimination of those evacuated. Many countries have histories of these types of events with their indigenous peoples, and now this process will be implemented on their non-indigenous subjects. The third category involves alien-launched weather anomalies. They can be launched by aliens themselves or by their human agents. These types are the most devastating weapons of staged weather events. When alien weather events are coupled with geological events, they can cause widespread disasters as seen by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Hurricane Katrina was an alien weather event directed at New Orleans. The Brisbane ice storm was another alien weather event, but it was blunted by the Light for various reasons, so it was more of an oddity than the disaster that the aliens had planned for that city. The staged weather events often ride atop natural ones, and build on them so that everything appears normal. The staged ones are then directed to particular areas to do whatever damage they can. The first few staged ones are more to observe how the people in the affected area react, and how those of the world react. They are also meant to prepare people to follow evacuation orders and demands. The storms also discourage people from residing or relocating to the devastated areas. Many of these areas that are being evacuated have been "reserved" by the ruling elite for other purposes. The ruling elite are also assessing how well their police, military and civilian personnel handle the situations. In general, coastal areas have been selected by the ruling elite for various purposes. The ruling elite want to control the coasts so they can prevent ingress and egress of the areas. Of importance to them is the set up of buffer areas through which the coastal residents must travel in any evacuation ordered by the authorities. These buffer zones can readily be identified for those who have been carefully watching the ruling elite's methods. The coasts will be hit by many natural and staged disasters, so their populations will be considerably lessened in the process of the alien wars that are being waged. As the fleeing people pass through the buffer zones, they will be funnelled to the areas where they can be best controlled by the ruling elite, or, in severe cases, they will be eliminated by the ruling elite as they flee the afflicted areas. On the other end of the spectrum, the weather is being manipulated in several areas to make them more arid. The Reptilians have implemented a drought in much of Australia and dried it out. This has been to prepare the site for the re-location of the atu-waa. The atu-waa was relocated to the Earth from the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru for many reasons. The electromagnetic field created by the Earth's hollow core, rotation, orbit, surrounding planets, sun and other factors make the Earth a very effective dynamo for the operation of the atu-waa. At present, the magnetic field of the Earth is failing and falling below the ideal level for commencing the atu-waa. The Earth contains a vast magnetic field on and about it. DE-MAGNETISM is THE KEY to unlocking the "prison" doors that have kept so many imprisoned in Darkness and Ignorance for so long that they have forgotten their Divine heritage because of the magnetic-filtering mechanism placed on and about the Earth. See my article on Demagnetism. As the Earth's magnetic field weakens, it becomes far more difficult for the atu-waa to restart time. Time is running out for the Anunnaki plan. There are not very many planets that have the Earth's ideal electro-magnetic characteristics. Simplistically put, the Earth has a great deal of water around it, which is a good conductor of electricity, something that is critical to the operation of the atu-waa. Further, the Earth has several arid locales, which, ironically, are conditions most suitable for the starting up of the atu-waa. Therefore, the Reptilians will usually prepare any area that they hope will be used to start the atu-waa by sending it into a drought. Originally, the Reptilians had enlisted the Masa-karas to prepare the way for the atu-waa. Many of the Masa-karas migrated from central Europe to Australia over the years, with a large contingent settling in the Atherton Tablelands area and certain parts of Victoria. The Reptilians commenced a drought in the Tablelands and parts of Victoria in preparation for their plans concerning the atu-waa and other critical issues. This was no small undertaking because much of the Tablelands averages over two metres (80 inches) of rain per annum. The drought occurred on the Tablelands, and, after a while, it was the main topic of discussion. People who thought they had an endless supply of water and had never conserved it began to worry incessantly. But, the drought is ending because the Masa-karas' plans for the Tablelands were thwarted and their plans had to be changed - the atu-waa would not be coming to the Tablelands. In recent months, many of the Masa-karas have departed the Tablelands. Those who have been following my previous postings can guess where most of these have relocated! Some of these Masa-karas' consciousnesses have migrated in the human bodies they occupied on the Tablelands, but others have fled the hosts that they took over when they invaded the Tablelands. The humans who were previously victimized and taken over by Masa-karas consciousnesses are now left in a terrible state because the Masa-karas consciousnesses have left the hosts. When the Masa-karas took over the bodies they either expelled the original consciousnesses in the bodies or suppressed them. In the process they severely damaged the original bodies and brains of the hosts. As the Masa-karas abandon the bodies, the human hosts are left to robotically cope without a consciousness or to exist with a damaged one. Many of the victims are like vacant "shells" with their brains frizzled. This is primarily due to what the Masakaras have done to them. Most of the victims are taken during their sleep and immersed in a form of liquid before being worked on. Their brains have been so affected that they can no longer function the way they used to. They have been damaged badly during the Masa-karas' invasion of their bodies. It is a big step backward for these unfortunate victims - a sad sight. These victims are now easy prey for lurking consciousnesses who are eager to possess human bodies. One can imagine the repercussions the exodus of the Masa-karas will have on the area. Many affected businesspeople have wondered why their businesses have gone down so much even though the number of tourists to the area has remained constant. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the ruling elite creates the situations then uses the opportunities to further control the people. While this is true to some extent, it is a simplistic view of things. Many things happen that the Earth's ruling elite have no control over or expectation of, however, they are so opportunistic that they use these events to further control the people. Some disasters occur because of the alien wars and are caused by physical aliens. Other disasters are launched on the subtle level, sometimes even beyond the ken of the physical aliens. There are many levels to this Virtual Reality of illusions and it is difficult to glimpse even one level removed from where one is located, let alone comprehend the more distant levels. There is urgency about events now. People should prepare themselves for the unexpected. It is better to be prepared than to worry about being laughed at by the ruling elites' sceptical agents who do not want people to be prepared. Preparation is NOT being ready to evacuate at the behest of the ruling elite. Most of those who work for the ruling elite will be discarded by their alien masters when they are no longer of any use to them. They should wake up before it is too late! There are many on Earth who want the physical dimension to continue even though they have now received enough information to realize that it is only a temporary existence. It is these people who are knowingly choosing evil for their temporary comforts. Others are being sucked into the charade of thinking that the physical/astral is all there is. The aliens will discard those who assist them soon enough. Of course, the aliens, too, will no longer exist after the atu-waa fails to operate. Since the programming of Darkness is so deeply entrenched in this world, it is not surprising that many will actively choose to support the evil that Darkness has created and foolishly shun Liberation from Darkness. If the atu-waa were allowed to operate, the Virtual Reality of Darkness would survive for yet another cycle of suffering and misery. Those who have not given over their will to Darkness will rejoice to know that the atu-waa will never run again. When the Reptilians fail to re-start time with the atu-waa, the whole dimension will just drag and drag until it winds down completely. This could take years. One might wonder why the Reptilians would have placed the all-important atu-waa right into Vulturite-controlled territory! Real preparation for what is to come involves being prepared within - and without wherever possible. Embrace the Light within. - The Atu-waa - The Critical Tool for Maintaining Darkness' Virtual Reality There is a "green" movement to save the Earth. Many of those in the movement are sincere. However, they are being exploited by the ruling elite and their movement has been usurped. Others have tried to save the Earth by sending healing energy to it. Again, many of the people involved in the movement are sincere, but they have also been exploited and misguided to do the bidding of the ruling elite. Ironically, when mass "healings" are organized and performed, the energy released does NOT benefit the Earth - it is snapped up by the agents of Darkness for their nefarious purposes. The Earth is dying! But the consciousness of the Earth lives on. A long, long time ago, the consciousness of the Earth was trapped by Darkness in Its Virtual Reality and forced to maintain the planet and all its systems according to the will of Darkness. As an integral part of the Divine Rescue Mission, the Divine has rescued the consciousness of the Earth - it has been liberated from Darkness! The physical Earth is now in a rapid state of decay and is running on its programmed systems. This is why it cannot rejuvenate the way it did in the past. The Earth cannot be revived. For all intents and purposes, the Earth is now just a "shell" that is running on old programmes. As time goes on and the Earth continues to deteriorate, clean drinking water will become more and more scarce. There are many reasons for this, including the symbolic release of the element Water - which will soon be a full liberation from Darkness. By then, the balance that the Four Elements have helped to maintain will have gone haywire. Darkness is powerless to continue Its imprisonment of the Four Elements or the consciousness of the Earth, and cannot replace Its slaves to do Its will. In other words, the Virtual Reality of Darkness is collapsing. All those who use physical shells (celestial bodies, humans, animals, plants, minerals etc.) will feel the effects of the breakdown of the Virtual Reality. This process is unavoidable as the Virtual Reality is dismantled. The Virtual Reality is an illusion maintained by motion. When motion ceases, the illusion falls. The key to breaking the illusion is to stop the motion. Motion was invented by Darkness to trap True-Light beings, who supply the energy for It to sustain Its pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality. Those who can see beyond the physical factor of impermanence will rejoice at the breaking down of this Virtual Prison. It is the most joyous thing that has ever happened for those who truly seek Love, Truth and Purity. - Anunnaki Sewage Plants All things of the True-Light Creation will be made anew before entering the Light beyond the Light. The Light beyond the Light is where our true beings initially resided in the Pure Creation. There All is One with all the True Divine Creation. This is where the True Spirit resides. This is where All is Love, All is Light - in the Great White Spirit of Love, Light and Power. The "Realm" of Light, as we know it, is a "Realm" of many colours. Although these are the True Colours of the Light, the "Realm" is not the Pure Light. There is a Power that is the Pure Light that goes beyond the Light as we know it. This is the Light beyond the Light. It is the Pure Light. The Pure Light goes beyond the Light that many talk about in this world. The Pure Light is the Light beyond the Light where all True Creation merges into One. This is the Pure Creation that has never been tainted. The Pure Light is where all is of One "Voice", One "Vibration", One Love and One Power. This Power, untainted by corruption, is the True Divine Power. In the Light beyond the Light there is no distinction. This is where one can truly say all beings are equal. This is where all Creation is Divine Expression. Here is the All Knowing. All is Pure Beauty and Pure Bliss. It is impossible for the physical mind to comprehend what is beyond the physical understanding. Hence, the Light beyond the Light is indescribable, yet this state exists. This is the Unmanifested which exists only and purely in the Pure Creation of True Light. Here lies the Ultimate "Home" of all True-Light Creation for all viables who are to be retrieved and enter into the Pure Light. Beings of True Light trapped in the Virtual Reality are like replicas of the originals that go through cycles of birth and decay. However, in the Light beyond the Light, there is no death - no decay - no waste - no exploitation. The Light beyond the Light is the True-Light Force that sustains and permeates all the True Creation. The wondrous moment in the presence of the All Light is beyond words. Love is the expression of the All True Light. True Love is born of the Light beyond the Light. Without the embrace of the Light beyond the Light there would be no expression of Divine Beauty, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace, Bliss or Purity. This is the True Light that is all encompassing - All Love, Purity, Beauty, Bliss and Power. The Light beyond the Light is a perfect expression of the True Light Creation. It is below the Ultimate True Light that "contamination" has occurred. We are as beings outside the Light beyond the Light waiting to be delivered into the Light beyond the Light. It is there that we will resume True Perfection as perfect beings of True Light. The Light beyond the Light is the Ultimate "Home" of all True-Light beings. It is here that truly no separation from the True-Light Creator occurs. The Light beyond the Light is the Light within the Light. It is here that True Bliss, Purity, Love and Beauty dwells. There is no segregation, there are no barriers, no dangers, no suffering. All is truly One. All is truly Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfection and Eternal Bliss. The physical mind cannot comprehend this perfect state of being. The Light beyond the Light cannot be tampered with. This is where all things can truly be made anew. One must be cleansed in the Light in order to become pure enough to approach the Light beyond the Light. After bathing in Purity and preparing to become One with the Light, one is so far removed from the Virtual Reality that the memory of the Virtual Reality never returns. The illusion fades until it is no more. Viable beings from all levels of creation here are preparing for the joyous journey of crossing over from Darkness to the Light, and finally to the Light beyond the Light. In the Light beyond the Light the entire experience of suffering in the Virtual Reality is gone. All who enter are healed in the Light. The Light is like a parameter - a shield - surrounding the Light beyond the Light. However, the Light is so pure it seems like Bliss. Yet, the Light is like a purification ground where beings can purify before entering the Light beyond the Light. When one feels uncomfortable opening up in meditation due to the increased intrusions and violations by the opposing forces, in spite of protective measures, it is time to switch over to a meditative state where it is less likely that the opposing forces can enter. This is what I have referred to as the "silent movement". In this state, one receives the benefits of meditation without the interference from the Negative Mind. Time to switch over to "silent movement". Some have expressed recent difficulties in "communicating" with their Higher Selves. Difficulty in communicating is often due to interference from the "clouds" that gather between the solar plexus and what I call the seuze area. The seuze area is the area between the eyes and the nose. This is a very sensitive area. People are not aware that the energy in the seuze area hobbles and jets when things are being moved around and interfered with. Thus, the conditions at the seuze area affect the reception of beings in physical bodies. As the final countdown approaches, some Light workers will have the choice of staying until the very end or leaving before the final meltdown begins. All the Numbers have been imprisoned in this Virtual Reality of False Light. Rejoice! Very soon indeed, the Power of Nine will be released from bondage, along with all the other Numbers. Once again, the "Flying White Buffaloes" will gather. The time is now. May our hearts remain true to the Light beyond the Light, the Light within the Light. - The Light Beyond The Light It is no surprise that horse-racing, like other "sports" involving heavy betting, has many "fixed" or "rigged" events. Whether it is college basketball or major league baseball in the U.S.A., cricket in India, soccer in Brazil, boxing in Europe or horse-racing in Australia, the results are the same. While multitudes gather and are drawn into the frenzy promoted by a media bent on pushing an ordinary "sport" outing into a grand spectacle, often, behind the scenes, many dark things occur. Sometimes, the "fix" is exposed, and then a scapegoat has a career ruined. But, most times, the "fix" goes unnoticed, and things just continue on, with many seemingly honest contests being pre-determined. Like human beings in the world who are heavily promoted by the ruling elite, so it goes with racehorses. Look around for the most promoted female since the death of Diana Spencer. Programming is a powerful agent of Darkness to bring things into being in this Virtual Reality. Programming is carried out from both the subtle and the physical level. "Rent a crowd" is the most common type of programming to bring about a consensus. Once a candidate is chosen, with the help of programming by the media and other agents, the whole thing begins to "take off". Look around and one can see many examples of this type of programming. Without the support of a "rent a crowd" most projects are destined to fail. This even includes shooting wars. In the past, "sports" events that were pre-determined were "rigged" without a trace. Now, things are very different as the Virtual Reality of Darkness is breaking down. As the Virtual Reality erodes and the programming falters, there will be many signs of the break down. Now, things are getting so chaotic that systems run by Darkness that appeared for eons to be working properly are beginning to malfunction. This can also be seen in celestial bodies falling out of orbit. On a smaller scale, some storms are now spinning the opposite direction from what would be expected. Floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, fires and so on are abounding in part because the order of Darkness is failing and losing control of this Realm of Darkness. The breakdown can now be seen in apparently mundane things such as horse-racing. When the ruling elite "rigged" an important race in 2005, a bystander, so to speak, was caught up in the breakdown of the Virtual Reality. The victim of the "rigging" was Mummify, a horse that was about to win the Caulfield Cup in Australia when 80 metres from the finish line his jockey heard a "cannon shot" as the gelding's leg snapped. Mummify struggled across the line finishing third. Shortly after Mummify crossed the line, he broke down and was put down the next day. What happened was that the ruling elite "rigged" an important race and a seemingly unrelated event occurred - Mummify died. These events were directly related on the energy level. When agents of Darkness "fixed" an important race, Mummify paid the price. In what seemed totally unrelated, half way around the world, a horse named Best Mate paid the price for the 2005 Melbourne Cup. Best Mate was a triple Cheltenham Gold Cup winner in Great Britain who raced his last race and jumped his last jump on 1st November 2005. His jockey pulled him up, but the damage had already been done. Best Mate died of a suspected heart attack. On an energy level, both Mummify and Best Mate died for the same reasons. For a long time, people have speculated that the flapping of butterfly wings on one continent could affect the wind velocity on another. This is no longer a theory, it is now clear to see for those who understand what is occurring. The "rigging" of one horse-race on a distant continent can actually kill a seemingly unrelated horse in a race on another continent. As the Virtual Reality breaks down, events such as the deaths of Mummify and Best Mate will happen more frequently. The dirtier the racing game gets, the more likely the victim-participants will be stricken. The more well-known the horses, the more attention is focused upon them. Thus, the more at risk they are. I "knew" there was a huge battle coming and that an Irish champion would be the second horse (after Mummify) to "pay the price". I realized this would culminate in a huge energy battle amongst various Dark forces. Things are not always what they appear to be. In this case, an apparently happy, celebratory occasion was in fact a huge energy war in which Best Mate was tossed to the "lions". With due respect to the victim, Best Mate, his death is only the tip of what really happened on Melbourne Cup day. The energy engendered internationally for the Melbourne Cup was unusually enormous. This made quite an energy feast for those who know how to harvest the energy from the race. Those who harvest the energy do so for selfish and nefarious purposes. The ruling elite set up and sustains all forms of gambling around the world. When betting is intense and widely accepted, then many more people are affected by the Anunnaki programming instilled into all gaming. The Melbourne Cup is no longer a day for family outings and pleasure. It has become quite an evil event that has dragged a huge array of the Australian people into its clutches. Even though the event appears to be harmless and joyful on the surface, it is anything but that. Many people's lives are ruined by what occurs on any given Melbourne Cup Day and its aftermath. On an energy level, what happened in Melbourne on 1st November 2005 did cost the life of Best Mate. On the energy level, it was a huge battle over energy as the Dark forces clashed. They were fighting for the "right" to harvest the Melbourne Cup energy. The Light was able to divert a vast amount of the energy from the event so that Darkness could not abuse it. Now that things are different, Darkness can no longer sustain and protect Its systems in the ways It used to. Like all the other failing systems in this Virtual Reality run by Darkness, it will not be long before the racing system will begin to breakdown also. What is currently a dangerous "sport" to participate in will soon become exceedingly hazardous. - Horse-Race Rigging - An Esoteric Perspective On distant continents, two significant events transpired - in succession. The first occurred approximately one hour before the second. As many are now aware, the Four Elements were symbolically released from the Shadows in September 2004. In October 2005, the Numbers were symbolically released from the grasp of the Shadows. Sadly, for a long, long time, certain of the True Creator's children were forced to perform the functions of Numbers. This servitude was dictated by the Shadows. In the True-Light Creation, there are no negative aspects of anything - not for the purpose of balance as some erroneously insist - nor for any other reason. In the True Creation there is NO negativity - NO evil. However, in the dimensions run by the Shadows, Numbers were forced to take on certain negative characteristics. This has been most distressing for the children of the True Creator - it goes against their nature. In the Creation of the Shadows - which is not really a creation at all, but an imposition on the True-Light Creation - everything is based upon falsehood. The recent spontaneous release of all the Numbers was a powerful event that took on many energy patterns. The first Number to be spontaneously released was Number Four, which took far longer to release than all the other Numbers combined. This was no surprise since Number Four has been the most abused by the Shadows. Number Four is the model used by the Shadows in many of Its "prisons". There was a huge release from Number Four, because, apart from many others reasons, Four carries with it all the burdens and tears of One to Three. Thus, Number Four had to be released first. Number Nine was the second to be spontaneously released. This makes sense because Number Nine, apart from its own burdens, has to bear some of the trail of tears of Five to Eight. The release of Nine made way for an easier disentanglement for Five to Eight. The next to be released was Number Five, followed by Seven, then Eight. These were followed by Three, One and Six. The final Number to be released was Number Two. Number Two had become so "rooted" in the Shadows - like a pseudo-union - that it was "numbed". The liberation of Numbers was a long awaited, joyous occasion, attended by benevolent beings from all levels. Aku-sa itoo-a Laa-ka, laa-ka isoo-paa The liberation of the Numbers was followed by a calling song to prepare the conversion of Nine to Twelve and the release of the power of Twelve to do its work for the True Creator. The Keeper (Awgawk) was given the responsibility to carry out this important task and his account of the event follows. With Love and Blessings Nara 13 November 2005 - The Liberation of Numbers As many of you might have suspected, the ruling elite have infiltrated and/or taken over the esoteric and occult, including the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, theosophy, metaphysics, astrology, all the major religions of all cultures including Gnosticism etc. Likewise, the ruling elite have sponsored the New Age movement. These seemingly divided groups are headed by those with a single purpose - to control all the inhabitants of the Earth. Sadly, many sincere people in the movements have no idea that they are supporting the ruling elite's plan for a One World Order! The Reptilians have only relatively recently (a few hundred years ago) decided to eliminate the human race. To bring this about, they called upon the co-operation of the Greys, who were promised by the Reptilians that their race would be used as the main hominid race on the planet. However, this promise to the Greys was never a genuine one. Believing that they would become a major force on the Earth, the Greys began performing DNA and genetic manipulation, trying to form hybrids using human and Grey DNA. The Greys are busily perfecting these hybrids, which explains many of the human abductions for experimental purposes. Greys are doing this brutal, surreptitious, unethical work without the consent of their victims. The result is even cruel to the hybrids, who do not really fit in to either the alien or the human societies. However, some hybrids, when they encounter their human or their alien parents, will sometimes be drawn to them, and vice versa. In performing these horrific genetic manipulations, Greys are relying on the false promise from the Reptilians, but the Reptilians will never allow the hybrids to dominate the planet. Many sceptics mockingly ask, "Where are the aliens?" Little do they know that many aliens are now in human, animal and hybrid bodies. Now, the Greys on Earth are in great numbers and they are scattered all over the world. Unlike most Reptilians, who live in spacecrafts or on high ground where they employ invisibility techniques, the Greys who are still in alien bodies live under ground. The Reptilians have an elaborate scheme to convince the Greys by maintaining the illusion of their promise to them through actively programming the world to accept sodium fluoride in drinking water. In reality, the Reptilians are more interested in re-establishing a super race of Reptilians than allowing another alien race like the Greys to have any kind of foothold anywhere. Since the Reptilians are worried about the mess on Earth and about the proliferation of the Greys, they have come to the conclusion that the Earth must be destroyed to eliminate the huge base of Greys on the planet and hopefully to resolve the many serious problems concerning the Earth. For a long time, the Greys have been subjected to the rule of the Reptilians. But this will not continue much longer. Already, friction has occurred between them because many Greys are suspecting that the Reptilian promise is an empty one. It will not be long before many, if not all, Greys will change sides and support the Vulturites. This will manifest as a shift in politics amongst nations of the world. As I have discussed in some of my other postings, the Reptilians currently possess the Atuwaa (the device for re-starting time), but the Atu-waa is inoperable and irreparable. For many reasons, the Atu-waa cannot be removed from the Earth at this time. Even though the Earth is an ideal planet for the location of the Atu-waa, the Reptilians are worried about the growing numbers of Greys through the hybrids. No wonder the Reptilians now plan to destroy the Earth and re-locate the Atu-waa if they can re-start time. The Reptilians have new plans for a new world that can safely house the Atu-waa without the threats from other alien races. These plans will not succeed because the Reptilians will not be able to re-start time. To break away from any of the enslaving programming in this Virtual Reality, one has to consciously reject the programming. This can be difficult if one is not remotely suspicious of such programming. One has to employ the will of one's True Self to reject the programming. This will enable a person to automatically break any pre-set pattern or programming. To do this, a person needs to keep his or her emotions at a reasonable level so that one can bypass them. One's will to resist Darkness and Its Dark programming is one's strongest tool to remain in the True Light. - Greys' Anatomy - The Aliens Responsible For Fluoride Being Forced Upon Us Of recent, I have written much about the alien wars. These wars primarily involve evil aliens fighting with other evil aliens. When necessary, for various reasons, good extraterrestrials intervene in the alien wars. However, good extraterrestrials are not really at war with the evil aliens; instead, they are assisting in the Rescue of viable True-Light beings - much to the chagrin of the evil aliens. Evil aliens are agents for the various demiurges. The evil aliens fight amongst themselves, just as their masters fight amongst themselves. That is why there can never be real, lasting peace in the physical realm. Since our re-location, our presence on the new property - which I have named A-itu Makitah - has thwarted many evil alien manoeuvres and plans. This is all a prelude to 2006, in which year the saying "all hell breaking loose" will be most appropriate. Since the alien wars have heated up, many top-ranking New World Order personnel have moved on. Some have exited by dropping their physical human bodies to resume their alien identities. Others have gone into underground bunkers in their "human" forms. Still others have retreated to their spacecrafts. More will be expected to depart soon, either by choice or on orders from their masters. Most of these have been of Reptilian origin. The alien wars are very real indeed. - A-itu Makitah Is Established At A Critical Position Near The Atu-waa What I wish to say to you saddens me. What saddens me most is that many True-Light beings have been lost to Darkness. They will not be coming Home. When motion ceases, the Illusion falls, and Matter ceases, the many True-Light beings who have been seduced by Darkness, like the artificial consciousnesses of the False-Light creation, will cease to exist. The times ahead will be difficult for all beings. It is a time to persevere and hold onto the Will. These are some things I wish to say to you: The Giant Turtle cometh in a set of three tides. The first tide will push the Giant Turtle over the mountains. The second tide shall lay the land bare. The third tide shall carry the Giant Turtle back to Its homeland. A ferocious heat wave will surge around the planet with tremendous intensity. The glacial ice will melt and flood many lands. Many will perish. Many will despair and wish to be no more. Running on empty - the clock winds down. Panic will set in - chaos will abound. Review the past year - the jokers will fail to laugh in 2006. The Grim is come, the tears will flow. Humankind, O humankind - will wail with woe. The years ahead are full of what will come. Who will survive them? Only some. Only some. The great wave cometh - the pestilence too. What grim, what grim. The tears will flow. . . . courage, courage . . . The cycles of five are running now. Subtle shadows will soon be dramatically separated. Strengthen your Will. Soon, the Illusion of Matter will disintegrate. Those of Matter will cease to be. The faithfuls of the True-Light will be separated from those of Matter. Children of the True-Light, let your Creator guide you Home. The Divine Mother awaits you. - The Clock Winds Down One of the greatest mysteries to scientists on Earth has been the sudden disappearance of dinosaurs from the planet. Several hypotheses have been circulated in regard to this issue. The more important questions are where the dinosaurs came from, and why were they distributed around the world. Once their origin is understood, their extinction can be better comprehended. The First Cause of the creation of the Virtual Reality by Darkness was the invention of motion. Darkness employed motion to create the illusion that incorporeal things have corporeal bodies. This applies from the tiniest to the largest of things in the physical universes. Motion is the First Cause, or the First Illusion. The illusion of motion is not perpetual - it must be maintained by other illusions. After Darkness superimposed the physical universes and the astral worlds onto the True Creation, It delegated the responsibility of keeping the illusion of motion fuelled. This responsibility was given to one of Darkness' earliest favourite, chosen races - the Anunnaki. A very important supporting illusion to the illusion of motion is the illusion of time. Darkness also delegated the duty of maintaining the illusion of time to Its chief agents - the Anunnaki who were often worshipped as gods by ancient earthlings. In order to maintain the illusion of time, it is imperative that time be "re-started" at various intervals. The "instrument" used by the Anunnaki to re-start time is called the atu-waa. This instrument is not just a machine - it has its own intelligence and is unique. There is only one atu-waa in all of the Virtual Reality. For a long, long time, the Anunnaki kept close watch of the atu-waa on their home planet of Nibiru. From that planet, time was re-started many times at opportune intervals. When the Anunnaki realized that Nibiru was going to be no more, they searched for a suitable location. The Earth, which was originally used as a dumping ground by various alien races, was ironically chosen as the new home for the all-important atu-waa. Hence, suddenly, an insignificant planet became the most important place in all of the Virtual Reality. It is extremely important to the Anunnaki that the earthlings never learn this information. Thus, the Anunnaki have used all their means of deception, force, manipulation and so on to keep the secret of the atu-waa from earthlings and other alien races. In hiding the information about the atu-waa, many myths and religions were invented and maintained to distract any who might search for truth. The Anunnaki have also kept tight control over many other secrets on the planet. Any who were a threat to the Anunnaki secrets were persecuted. When the Anunnaki re-located the atu-waa to the Earth, there were already other alien races occupying the planet. The Anunnaki commenced a plan of conquest of the Earth so they could have total control of the planet housing the atu-waa. One of the methods of expelling the earlier alien occupants of the planet was to introduce frightening species. This was accomplished by Anunnaki scientists who genetically engineered various monsters. They created certain huge species of fish, amphibians and reptiles. Among these were the carnivorous dinosaurs, which were genetically created for the specific purpose of frightening other aliens away from the planet. Many aliens fled the Earth or moved away from areas where dinosaurs roamed. Other aliens abandoned plans to colonize the Earth. Once the planet was cleared of all "foreign" alien resistance, the Anunnaki scientists developed a beam that was used to exterminate the dinosaurs that had become a hazard and a nuisance to the Anunnaki. When the dinosaurs were annihilated, the Anunnaki Elite more freely occupied the planet and brought in more slaves, their own kind and their various cultures to the planet. The Anunnaki Elite have repeatedly re-started the illusion of time from the Earth by using the atu-waa. When the illusion of time is re-started, many things are affected. These include loss of memory of the past in the physical realms as well as in the astral realms. The Akashic records are kept in the astral by chief Anunnaki agents, who often modify, re-write and tamper with them to suit their purposes. Therefore, there are no reliable records left after each re-start of the illusion of time. Many people who have stumbled upon the Akashic records have been fooled by the Anunnaki deceptions. This is one of the reasons why people do not suspect that time is not perpetual and must be re-started at various intervals. Since the Anunnaki worship different demiurges, there are multiple religions in the world. The distribution of the religions depends upon the location of the various types of Anunnaki in the region. In other words, some religions are founded upon the worship of a particular demiurge, while others are founded upon the worship of another demiurge. In fact, some religions do not worship a demiurge at all, but instead worship alien gods (flesh-and-blood Anunnaki Elite). Some religions are actually based upon some ancient truth that was later hijacked and corrupted to incorporate into an Anunnaki-sponsored religion. Often, these religions have some truth that resonates with True-Light beings, who are attracted to them and become trapped in the religion. Among the many notions that the Anunnaki have sponsored is the belief that God is perfect. The notion of a perfect God has troubled many true searchers. If God were perfect, how could there be the problem of evil? The problem of evil has perplexed many. The basis of the problem is that if God is perfect, how could there be so much suffering, decay, injustice and, ultimately, how could there be death? People who, like Augustine of Hippo, argue that evil is not a separate principle, but rather a privation of good and a non-being, believe in the necessity and gratuitousness of divine grace, antecedent to all human volition for good. Such ones believe that all apparent evil originates in the human will. To these, nothing could exist other than God and what he created. Therefore, they argue that there is only one principle, and that the principle is God and all things are created by him. A corollary to this is that we should embrace evil as much as good, but this becomes nonsensical. Nonetheless this is a New Age concept many believe today. The problem of evil is exacerbated by the belief that God is good, and that all things are created by God. By this reasoning, everything that exists must be good since everything that exists has the virtue of being created by a good god. Such an argument shows a necessary connection between being and goodness. This is just another example of the problem of evil based upon the notion that God is perfect. In fact, the True God is NOT perfect in the sense of the Anunnaki notion of perfection. God is Love and what God creates is created with Love. If something goes wrong in the creation process, God can correct it. This is deemed an imperfection according to the human notion of God's perfection. It is important to realize that good is not synonymous with perfection. The extant Bible uses the term "perfect hatred", which by almost any definition could not be good. See: Psalms 139:22. Therefore, "perfect" is an adjective to describe a noun, and it does not necessarily mean that "perfect" is good. The argument against perfection is right before us in the physical realms. If God were "perfect" and created only "perfect" things, why would God create biological bodies that decay and die? The answer becomes clear that either God is imperfect, or that God did not create biological bodies. If God did not create biological bodies, then who or what did? The answer is that various demiurges created matter, biological life and, very importantly, death. The demiurges are responsible for all death. In the True Creation, there is no death and no decay. Demiurges have selected certain races as their chosen ones - these chosen ones are special creations whose consciousnesses go into particular races. The three most recent chosen races by their various demiurges are the ancient True Chinese from certain Chinese races, the ancient True Jews and the ancient True Japanese. The consciousnesses of the chosen ones are now in various bodies of various races. Thus, the consciousnesses of True Jews can be in Jewish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or other bodies. Likewise, True Chinese consciousnesses could be in Chinese, German, Indian, Russian, Japanese, Arab or other bodies. The True Jews and the True Chinese consciousnesses were chosen by the same master (demiurge), while the True Japanese were chosen by a different master. Evil demiurges know their goal, which is to take over all of the True Creation. They wish to usurp and contaminate all that is good. They are very ambitious and fight amongst themselves for the top spot on the evil hierarchy, and they ultimately are so deluded that they hope to topple the True Creator by corrupting the entire True Creation. It is sad that so much Love has been poured into the various demiurges to try to correct them, but they reject that Love. Therefore, they will be separated from the True Creation. The ones created by the demiurges (the artificial consciousnesses) have no future. There is no "Hell" and no "Heaven" for them. All they can do is to pointlessly journey into the astral worlds from lifetime to lifetime. To maintain the illusion, the traps, the control and the confusion on Earth, the Anunnaki have introduced many symbols and concepts of rituals and ceremonies to the Earth. Some of these symbols are very powerful in the domain of evil. One such symbol is an eagle with spread wings, often abstractly represented with its feathers drooping downwards. This is a control/power symbol of the Anunnaki. It is seen in military and civilian Western European, Native American, South American, Asian and other cultures. The secret atu-waa is inoperable, but the Anunnaki Remnants are trying desperately to revive it by using ancient symbols and dark arts. One of the important conditions needed to implement the atu-waa is a vast, arid region. When an area is selected as a potential future location for the atu-waa, the Anunnaki artificially induce drought in that area. Even if the area is not used for the re-location of the atu-waa, the Anunnaki leave the region in drought and leave it to take its natural course. This is why Africa has been suffering such a severe drought for so long. As I indicated in a previous posting, many top Anunnaki Remnants/agents are being "recalled" to return to their alien bodies. Some of these were in animal bodies, such as racehorses. More top Anunnaki "humans" and "animals" will be following as the Reptilians build up their ranks into Reptilian bodies in preparation for the big alien battles to come. This is a time when doubts can pour in more persistently than ever because Darkness is getting more and more desperate. The demiurges know that the separation is inevitable. Darkness does not nurture. What appears to be growth and nurturing in Darkness are only illusions. It is the Light that nurtures unconditionally. It is a time to stand firm in one's commitment to the Light. Otherwise, one will be blowing in the wind without any direction or purpose. May the Light be with you. - Soaking the Atu-waa Many think of Darkness as an absolute principle of Evil. This is not strictly so. Some people think Darkness is the ignorant, unawakened part of oneself. Still others think of Darkness as the shadowy part of the self that is temporarily separated from the Divine. Whatever concept of Evil humans have put forward throughout the ages, the fact remains that there is no complete, absolute explanation of Evil. This is partly because Evil, like the concept of God, is not something humans can properly explain with their limited understanding, especially under the constraint of using words as their means of expression. Hence, in this article my explanations of some very complex and esoteric issues are highly simplified. Further, analogies are used to try to make the explanations more understandable to the physical minds. Therefore, they will not be perfectly adequate explanations. The most dangerous misconception about Evil is that It is believed to be necessary in order to balance the Light. This misconception actually justifies Darkness and is a deadly trap. It locks people into tolerating, and, worse still, embracing Evil, thus giving Evil the same glory and importance as Light. If that be the case, there would be no need to fight Evil, there would be no need to counteract Evil, and there would be no need to work on oneself towards Purity and goodness. If Evil were necessary to balance Light, then one's house should be open indiscriminately to marauders as well as friends at all times. The Light is A-itu, which means "The Eternal Flame". Darkness has several representatives who make up an assembly of thoughts from the various beings. These thoughts are extremely putrid and form the "circle" of Darkness. The energy assembled in the "circle" of Darkness becomes the total mind of Darkness - the Evil Mind. It is from the Evil Mind that all Evil forms are created and projected into the realms of Darkness. The Evil Mind is a mind of total Evil. There is no Light in the Evil Mind. The Evil Mind is the total mind of eight high beings of Light who have embraced Darkness. These eight beings of Light, are now, for all intents and purposes, beings of Darkness. For want of a better description, they are called the eight evil minds. Each of them expresses extreme deception, cruelty and filth. They are so cunningly deceptive and evil that pure beings are easily deceived by them because pure beings have difficulties comprehending Evil. Thus, it has taken extreme laboured efforts and Love for the Light to study Evil in order to gain sufficient understanding of Evil so that It can be effectively combated. Many people believe that love conquers all, but Love does NOT conquer all in this realm of Virtual Reality controlled by Evil. In fact, Love cannot conquer Evil in this evil creation. Love can only appear to conquer Evil in this Evil realm because Evil surreptitiously manipulates, suffocates, exploits and abuses True Love for Its own selfish purposes. It has often been observed that when Love no longer serves Evil's purposes, Evil can turn and reveal Its ugly face without remorse or conscience. It is only the viable True-Light beings who can be touched by True Love in this Virtual Reality. In the True-Light Creation, all beings embrace Unconditional Love. Emotional love, which was created by Darkness, is different from Divine Love. Emotional love mimics Divine Love to trap the unawares. Evil thoughts and actions that are contrary to Purity originate from the Evil Mind. In the simplest terms possible, the Evil Mind can be seen as one that arises from a mutual co-operative effort of the eight high beings of Light who have gone awry. Although none of the eight minds trust one another, they came together for their own selfish purposes in hopes of overthrowing the Light. They know that each of them cannot achieve the goal independently, thus they have joined forces for the common interest of toppling the Light. Were they able to achieve their goal, they would then fight amongst themselves for supremacy of Darkness. Evil cannot exist in the True-Light Realm. The ultimate effort of Darkness is to taint the True-Light Creation by contamination, putrefaction and corruption. In other words, in order to make the True-Light Creation habitable for themselves, the eight minds would need to lower the frequency of the True-Light Realm by corrupting It until the True-Light Realm would be compatible with Evil. The first three evil minds were caught in an error that occurred in the True Creation Process. Bear in mind that the use of the term "error" does not have the same connotation as when the word "error" is normally used in the world. This error has been referred to as the Celestial Error. The Celestial Error is actually the Principle of Darkness. The first three minds (high beings of Light) went into the Celestial Error and refused to accept correction to bring them back to the Light. These three minds escaped before the Celestial Error (the Principle of Polarity) was corrected. For all intents and purposes the Celestial Error has been corrected! However, the three minds refused the correction and went on their way to form their own principle that defies the Light, which is now commonly referred to as Darkness. Minds four through to eight were supposed to help retrieve the three "prodigal children", but they became trapped and corrupted by the other three minds. This is mainly due to the polarization energy that the three minds came up with in their early stages of creation of the Virtual Reality. It was also due to the fact that Evil was so foreign to the True-Light beings that they were naïvely caught in the traps. Minds one through three became so dark that they openly rejected and rebelled against the Light, and continue to do so to this day. Evil corrupts. The five subsequent minds that were sent to retrieve the three "prodigal children" were infected by Darkness and corrupted by the first three minds. Thereafter, the other five minds joined forces with the first three and together they form a force against the Light. However, minds four through eight are less evil than the first three minds. This is primarily because minds four through eight can still recognize the Mother's Love to some extent - they were sent out in an uncorrupted state to retrieve the first three minds. Hence, the Mother has thereafter poured in her energy to the realm of Darkness to retrieve minds four through eight. The more the Mother poured her Love into the realms of Darkness the more Darkness exploited that Love, and the more entangled the Light particles became. As Darkness trapped more and more True-Light beings, more and more energy was poured out from the Light to sustain the True-Light beings until the Rescue Mission could be accomplished. The Mother/Father "God" retained part of Itself in the True-Light Creation and projected part of Itself into the realm of Darkness to investigate Evil. In the process of doing so, It created other beings and projected Itself more and more as other beings to rectify the problem. One of the special projections of Itself is known as the Amoeba. There are seven parts to the Amoeba, which are called the Amoebas. These are, ultimately, all parts of the Mother. After much trial and error, the Amoebas succeeded in understanding Evil and eventually the Rescue Mission was launched. The Mother also projected five more parts of herself from the Amoeba to perform other specific tasks. This makes up twelve parts, which she calls the Twelve Sisters. Although it has taken many, many years of Earth time to organize and implement this Rescue Mission, in the Timeless Realm of True Light, it is as though it has happened only yesterday. For the Rescue Mission to reach this stage, many True-Light beings have been seduced and lost to Darkness. Sadly, in spite of utmost efforts, many True-Light beings have chosen Darkness. These beings cannot be retrieved. In this realm of Darkness, many things appear to be beautiful and good because Evil has mimicked the True-Light Creation and corrupted many ideas to suit Its own evil creation. Many True-Light beings have been forced to serve Darkness as slaves. Those that have remained true to the Light will be retrieved when the separation of True-Light beings from Darkness begins. The Four Elements and the being called "Time" are amongst these. If the separation of Light from Darkness were not effected quickly, many more True-Light beings would be lost to Darkness. This is critical information for those who continue to ignorantly or consciously support and embrace the notion that "we are one" so we should "love everybody indiscriminately". This also goes for those who uphold the belief that there is no evil so "we should always think positively about everyone and everything in this universe" in order not to spread negativity. In fact, these are falsehoods and those who support them are helping Darkness in Its plot to attempt to trap and destroy True-Light beings. These are very serious matters for any who sincerely want to be part of the Light. "We are one" and "we are all love" can only exist in the True-Light Creation, but not in this Virtual Reality of Darkness. The Mother's efforts to retrieve minds four through eight is still ongoing at this stage. While the Mother can throw out "lifelines" to save her "prodigal children", it is they who must take the line. Sadly, it is a painful realization for the Mother that some of her "prodigal children" will never come Home. - The Eight Evil Minds The ruling elite is trying to hold things together on the physical level so they can maintain the appearance of normality. However, they know very well that the systems they set up are rapidly failing. The climate is heating up as the glacial ice melts away. The ruling elite are employing misdirection to divert people's attention from the truth. Even many of those who are sincerely working to expose global warming are stuck in the ruling elite's trap of examining the greenhouse gas effects and arguing for the Kyoto protocols instead of going deeper into the issue. The Antarctic Peninsula is melting away, but the condition of the Ross Ice Shelf is much more serious. The ruling elite want the public to focus their attention on the Antarctic Peninsula instead of the Ross Ice Shelf. The inner Earth is collapsing and the beings inside the Earth are experiencing extreme difficulties. The cube-shaped suns within the Earth are spinning faster and producing tremendous instability and catastrophic occurrences in the inner Earth. The alien wars are expanding and the aliens are becoming bolder in their approaches. Many of the battles are fought in the air under the guise of severe thunder and lightning storms, which are becoming more commonplace. People around the globe have reported hearing loud explosions that sound like booms that are muffled by surrounding thunder. Many people now suspect that these are unnatural storms despite the cover stories the ruling elite are feeding the media and meteorologists. New "designer" diseases are being spread around the globe. Human minds are being tampered with more and more. People are being invisibly injected during waking and sleeping hours, which injections can cause mental problems and behavioural changes. Diseases, too, are being introduced by invisible means. Depression is growing in all age groups. Inaudible sounds are being broadcast to destabilize people. Mental health workers are at a loss as to what to do to combat the mental chaos around the globe. Cellular phones, while they have beneficial uses, are significantly programming the users in obvious and subtle ways. Ultimately, the programming is detrimental to the users. Apart from all these things, worldwide, commercial and financial markets are failing and the ruling elite are propping them up by artificial means to maintain the illusion of stability and prosperity. Some astute analysts have reported this, but it is covered up for the most part. Shooting wars are rampant around the globe, as is civil unrest. It is dangerous to travel to many parts of the world now. It suits the ruling elite's future plans to restrict and control all types of travel. Racial, cultural and religious tension continues to escalate everywhere. Again, this suits the ruling elite. Biological imbalances are appearing and the ruling elite responds by culling certain species. The ruling elite is also culling certain human groups and entire races. Many groups are now being targeted by propaganda and other means. The above are but a few obvious examples of the current trend as the planet deteriorates on all levels as all systems are in various stages of failure. Some more esoteric examples will follow later. In totality, the situation is catastrophic. The ruling elite are trying to hide the bleak status to hold onto their power on the planet for as long as they can. Contrary to popular belief, the ruling elite are not in full control of the planet; they are being programmed by their masters - the Anunnaki - to maintain the illusion that things on Earth are "normal" for as long as it is possible. Of course, many of the ruling elite on Earth are Anunnaki Remnants. The ruling elite are fighting a losing battle. The illusions they hide behind are collapsing. Some of the aliens now know that the Atu-waa is failing. Hence they have given up hope that time will be re-started. As this information filters through the alien communities, the aliens will restrain themselves less and less. Conflicts will erupt amongst the aliens; humans will be caught in the middle as the aliens begin expressing their desperation. The Light had allowed six months for disabling the Atu-waa - it took less than two months! This is far ahead of schedule. Hence, other things could be brought forward also. Everything that is occurring is putting more pressure on the ruling elite, and pockets of certain systems are so weakened now that the whole illusion will one day suddenly collapse and the floodgates will burst as "all hell breaks loose". Now that the Atu-waa is nearly dismantled, there will soon no longer be an urgent need for a constant supply of rain to the areas near it! The Atu-waa is fracturing, and the viable, trapped True-Light being who has been forced to co-operate with Darkness has been rescued from imprisonment in the Atu-waa. Without that True-Light being, the Atu-waa can no longer function. Hence, time cannot be re-started. For a long, long time, human life on Earth has been manipulated by unseen dark alien forces. This façade will drop as the aliens become more and more desperate. The Anunnaki are the most powerful aliens on Earth. Humans are so hopelessly ignorant in comparison to aliens - especially to the Anunnaki aliens - and so prolific in breeding that the aliens view humans as pests and an infestation of the Earth. That is why the aliens will exterminate humans just as humans would exterminate termites or cull herds. I told the animals that it was all right to be afraid, even warriors are allowed to be afraid under certain circumstances. However, the fear is only a programmed response of the physical bodies. Warriors are not actually afraid, only their programmed bodies can feel the fear. Fear is a programmed response designed by Darkness to control Its subjects. However, fear can be very real and paralysing in the physical dimensions. Fear is a powerfully destructive weapon. Many people repeat the Anunnaki propaganda that "the universe will provide". Superficially, this phrase may appear to be quite harmless and sometimes even encouraging, but the pitfalls are indeed deep and subtle. If one looks to the universe as one's provider and refuge, then one is treating the universe as their trusted deity and true home. If only people could understand the implications of this trap, they would realize the danger of this seemingly harmless phrase. Those sincere ones who have unwittingly supported and spread this falsehood will feel very uncomfortable about it. Not surprisingly, many of the trapped ones who profess to understand energies are also amongst the ones who claim to understand the occult. Many so-called teachers are caught in the trap that "the universe will provide". Hence, many students follow their teachers right into the trap. Not only is the universe and all its systems breaking down, time is also breaking down. One of the critical illusions for time to appear to exist is for there to appear to be a chronological order. In the True Realm, there is no time as we know it in the physical dimensions. Predictably, in certain parts of the astral world, Darkness has mimicked the Timeless Realms. Beings, including the sincere guides from the astral, are deceived into believing that they have reached the true timeless realm when they have only reached the pseudo timelessness, which is another trap by Darkness to keep beings ignorant. This goes to show the extent of falsehood and deception used to keep beings from awakening. The breaking down of time is underway and can be momentarily experienced as "jerk-andstart" processes. It can also be experienced as something similar to lapses in continuity of television broadcasts when the screen stops showing the illusion of motion and the tiny cubes become momentarily frozen and visible. When motion hesitates in the "real" world, some people do observe the temporary glitch in the illusion of matter created by motion. More and more people will experience this phenomenon in the future. As foretold earlier, we could expect more and more people to become aware of the astral world, with increased communication between the physical and astral worlds as the veil breaks down more and more. It has now reached a point where the astral world is breaking down to the extent that many of the astral inhabitants are crowding into the physical realms. This has caused increased nightmares in humans and animals. The astral world, just like the physical world, is now being propped up by artificial means. There are illusions within the illusions and even though the "normal" illusions of the astral worlds are fracturing, on the surface, unbeknownst to the majority of the inhabitants of the astral world; the signs of fracturing have been covered up by other illusions of normality so that, for all intents and purposes, everything appears "normal". Many who claim to know the astral world well are not aware that there is a tight-knit "conspiracy" to deceive the inhabitants of the astral. They are not aware that even the socalled guides and good spirits in the astral are also controlled, manipulated and deceived just like the people in the physical world are being deceived. This is because the systems in the astral world are created and run by the very beings who sponsor and control the systems in the physical world. Fortunately, some of the astral and physical inhabitants are breaking out of the illusions and helping others see through the falsehoods. Many people in the physical are becoming more conscious of unseen beings tampering with their lives. These unseen beings are often invisible aliens, astral beings, or living people from the physical who can consciously or unknowingly project themselves. In our recent increased battles with the malicious aliens, many physical scars and claw marks suddenly appear where the marauders strike. This has happened to animals as well as to humans. In recent times, apart from other reasons, many more nightmares are occurring because astral beings from the lower levels of the astral worlds are crossing over more frequently and entering the physical dimensions to cause mischief. The Anunnaki masters of the astral world are losing control of their "slaves" and "prisoners". Order is deteriorating as the façade is exposed and the systems are breaking down. The ruling elite are desperately seeking answers to what is going on. They are at a loss as to where to look. Darkness has painted the astral world to be Heaven. This is false. Until the Virtual Reality breaks down entirely, True-Light and False-Light beings alike, will continue to move from the physical to the astral in pointless cycles. The astral world is another trap of Darkness, so it is certainly not Heaven. Those in the astral world, the "lost souls", and those in the physical who will be returning to their True-Light Home will be delivered when the time comes. Nobody, regardless of their level of consciousness, whether mineral, vegetable, animal, human etc. will be forgotten or will miss out. The ruling elite often employ their lackeys to cover up crimes and to promote propaganda and falsehoods. This goes through many fields, including the religious, educational, technological, industrial, medical, legal, political, commercial, scientific etc. Most of these lackeys can virtually rise from nowhere overnight, so to speak, and take on a position of influence. A vast amount of propping up has been done in the past with technological improvements in silicon semi-conductors. As economic systems begin to falter, breakthroughs in miniaturizing transistors occur to force people to change electronic hardware. The software industry is right in line and alters gear to fit only the newer computers. This has kept the economies from faltering too much of recent. This is by design. Many scientists suspect that semi-conductors can only go so small before they collapse, so they anticipate an end to the miniaturization of silicon semi-conductors. When this occurs, there will be no further breakthroughs in hardware to cause artificial stimulus to the economies. The ruling elite is aware that this date is approaching and they have sent out their lackeys to spread misinformation. Often, when these lackeys are exposed, they arrogantly behave as though they are untouchable. One of the theories to allow the continued miniaturization of semi-conductors has been to use organic materials. False experiments have been set up and accepted in the scientific communities so there would be false hope of the possibility of the continued miniaturization of semi-conductors. The technology for miniaturization of silicon semi-conductors has been given to various humans by aliens. The technology is given in various ways. Often, the recipient will have an inspiration or a dream and will be totally unaware of the source. Most of the aliens on and about the Earth are intellectually and technologically far advanced in comparison to humans. The aliens have the technology to further miniaturize semiconductors, but they will not give that information to humans for many reasons. So, the technological miniaturization of semi-conductors will cease. Many of the alien races were special creations of Darkness to perform various tasks for Darkness. Thus, these alien races are composed of members who have artificial consciousnesses. All of these consciousnesses will cease to exist when motion stops and the Virtual Reality collapses. As all the systems in the physical universe and the astral world falter, Darkness will attempt to mesmerize the population with a multitude of new illusions. Thus, many people are going to be more confused. It is important for everyone to centre themselves in order to alleviate the suffering caused by insecurity and mental confusion due to the general state of decay. - The Collapse of Astral and Physical Systems Programming in this world is no joke. Nobody is free from it. Even the food eaten and the air breathed are loaded with "natural" programming that adversely affects people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is why this Virtual Reality that is loaded with apparent and non-apparent programming has to be dismantled. Let us not forget to make a supreme effort to pick ourselves up when Darkness tries to pull us down. - Anunnaki Paedophilia Syndrome The ruling elite can smother or fuel a story. Those who have some awareness understand that the news presented on the networks is controlled, edited and sometimes invented to suit the ruling elite's plans and to spread their propaganda. Hence, wars can be started and ended by what appears in the news. Likewise, opinions can swing dramatically by what is in the news. Thus, the media is a very important propaganda tool for the ruling elite. Anunnaki Vulturites programmed certain people to produce and disseminate the objectionable cartoons. The Vulturites hit at the very heart of the Islamic faith with full intent to inflame Muslims around the world. Muslims in the West are restricted and must demonstrate some restraint, regardless of how deeply they are offended. Those in the Muslim world are virtually unrestrained - in fact - they might even be encouraged to defend their honour and their faith with extreme responses. The Vulturites have also programmed certain Muslims to aggressively respond to the affront. Muslims, seeing the West as bullies, strike in ways that they can, whether those methods are effective or not. When the Muslims react, the ruling elite's media publishes those responses to inflame the West and to cause bias against Arabs. The Vulturites also programmed others in the West to re-publish the offensive cartoons to keep the confrontation alive. Before long, everything becomes conveniently attributed to "terrorists", who the media has depicted as largely being Muslims. This puts a lot of innocent Muslims at risk, especially in the West. Likewise, the hatred from the Arab world towards the Westerners has put innocent Westerners in dangerous positions. Many Westerners no longer feel safe in Muslim countries. The Reptilians were not able to respond to the Vulturites antics quickly on this issue because while the controversy about the cartoon uproar was being staged, the Reptilians were fully engaged in a huge battle over the Atu-waa. On the larger scale of things, it was far more important to the Reptilians to defend their Atu-waa than to worry about the Vulturites' attempt to "grab" Iran. Incidentally, the Reptilians suffered a huge loss in the battle over the Atu-waa. Although, for the time being, the Vulturites are working the strings on the ruling elite, but given some time, the Reptilians will respond to the Vulturite move to take Iran. The Reptilians will then regain control of the ruling elite and they will again hold the puppet strings. Many are confused by the ruling elite because they often do things that seem contradictory. It all depends on whether the Vulturites or the Reptilians are holding the strings. The ruling elite are puppets and dance for whichever alien group holds the power at any particular moment in time. The Vulturites want a war with Iran so they can take a Reptilian stronghold. On the other hand, the Reptilians want to seize Taiwan, which is currently a Vulturite stronghold. The end result of the current confrontation is already drawn, but it will be played out for the world to see. Indeed, alien wars are upon us! The war for American independence was fought under the banner of liberty, which necessarily entails an individual's right to freedom of expression and religion. The victory for liberty was short-lived. After Jefferson's presidency, the Reptilians became the main influence over presidents and governmental leaders. The Reptilians held this power until another Light being, Abraham Lincoln, became president. It did not take the Reptilians long to assassinate Lincoln, but he did abolish physical slavery before he was murdered. The Reptilians maintained strong influence over America until recent years when they chose to move their power base to China. On a larger scale, the Light is liberating the prisoners who have been forced to serve Darkness against their wills. The Divine Mother is about to abolish all slavery and reclaim all her children. Remember, in these alien wars, things are not always what they appear to be. Physical-mind reasoning could lead one to conclude that the Reptilians will defend Iran no matter what. In truth, this will only happen if it still suits the Reptilian plans. The Reptilians are not interested in the people of Iran; they are only interested in their own alien affairs. The people of Iran, just like all the other humans on the planet, are pawns in the Anunnaki wars. The alien wars are now getting more and more aggressive and intense . . . - Vulturite Cartoon Uproar In this world, nobody is born equal. There is lip-service paid to the illusion of equality and the premise that everyone has an equal chance of success if only they work hard enough. This is rarely the case; it is the exception. In fact, most people are stuck in the situation into which they are born. The discrimination is by design. It is the way the physical and astral worlds work. Inequality is essential to the "orderly" running of the world. The ruling elite want to keep class distinction alive in order to keep themselves on top and to assure that they will have others under their control. People are basically born to a class, where they will remain for their entire lives. Occasionally, people move up or down the social ladder. Again, these are the exception, not the rule. All people in the Virtual Reality are branded with an invisible stamp at birth. This stamp is carried with them throughout their lives. If they were born into poverty, but with a "golden" stamp, they will rise and be sponsored by the ruling elite at certain times. The "golden" stamps appear in all fields. The ruling elite instinctively recognize the "golden" stamps. It is the "golden" ones who get the top positions in all fields. The common people also instinctively recognize the "golden" stamps and will defer to those who have them. They will admire and follow them. This is why certain entertainers and politicians draw huge followings while others who have at least the same skills and talents are ignored. This is part of the impenetrable class structure that has been set up by Darkness. Those who move in this Virtual Reality move because Darkness wants them to move. Sometimes they are forced to move; sometimes the move is a reward for them. The class structure applies to all beings on the planet, whether they are True-Light beings or False-Light beings. However, True-Light beings rarely receive a "golden" stamp and are generally disadvantaged, humiliated and discouraged. They have to work much harder than False-Light beings do to achieve their goals. This is also by design. Occasionally, Darkness falters and allows a True-Light being to be promoted. Once a True-Light being who has been accidentally promoted is discovered not to be a part of the scheme of Darkness, he or she is severely punished to attempt to break his or her will. Sometimes the agents of Darkness allow True-Light beings to "advance" only to trap them and use them later on for their own nefarious purposes. The Rescuers of the Light can work their way through the cultural, social, economic, political ladders; however, to do so requires discipline, determination and sacrifice. This is how some True-Light beings can achieve very high positions in this world. But every step on the ladder is risky - there are traps along the way. When a True-Light being, whether a Rescuer or otherwise, rises to prominence in this Virtual Reality, once he or she is discovered by the agents of Darkness not to be a "team player", things get very difficult for them. It is not difficult to see why Darkness often puts True-Light and False-Light beings together in families. This is not to work out karma, as some would like you to believe. These are attempts to trap the True-Light beings via emotional ties. The hierarchy of Darkness is very different from the order in the True-Light realm. This is one situation where Darkness did not try to imitate the Light, but instead created Its own version. In the True-Light Creation, every being is connected to A-itu - The Eternal Flame, and every being has equal rights and opportunities. Most importantly, every being is loved and the love is shared unconditionally. The more advanced beings are nurturing the "younger" ones of their own "projections" until they become full like them. Hence it is a nurturing environment, not a competitive or controlling one. The hierarchy of Darkness is set up to enslave all those under the demiurges. It rewards and punishes according to the whims of the demiurges, not according to justice. Further, the demiurges are in constant battle with one another for supremacy, so there is no peace and no trust at the top of the system of Darkness. All beings below the level of demiurge are lackeys for their respective master. They will fight and betray within their own ladder and will cross over and change sides when it is expedient to do so. It is a "back-stabbing" hierarchy of suppressed slaves. Every being is a slave to those above them. None of the beings can ever be promoted to the top level because the demiurges know the ambitions of evil and will not allow further competition and risk at the top. The system of karma was set up by the demiurges. Each demiurge appointed its own representatives to make up the lords of karma. These beings are supposed to dispense karma as best suits their particular master. Therefore, there is always a struggle going on within the board of karma. Karma is an evil tool used at the highest levels of the "war" amongst the demiurges. Karma cannot be just. Even when it appears to be just, there are lots of other things behind the apparent justice. Like the various systems on the Earth, especially the legal systems, there cannot be true justice with regard to karma. Occasionally, the Rescuers intervene to protect certain True-Light beings and to prevent certain events from taking place. When this occurs, there can be temporary justice dispensed by the lords of karma, but this is only because they have no choice. Thereafter, as soon as possible, the lords of karma resume their putrid administration of karma. The hierarchy of Darkness uses Its own kind until they are no longer useful, at which point they are discarded like old clothes. There is no true love in the Dark hierarchy. It runs on deception, exploitation, abuse, destruction, control and all facets of falsehood. On Earth, the systems mimic the hierarchy of Darkness. That is why there is no real advancement available to everyone. Those who go from "rags to riches" are the ones with the "golden" stamps. It is planned from the outset of their lives that they will rise. Usually, they have ties with the top-ranking Anunnaki Remnants. These individuals are specially primed for world renown. It is not as simple as it appears to bring about their success. There is quite a complex network involved to bring about the unjust promotion of the "golden" ones. There are various people, places, apparent opportunities that are programmed to occur for the "golden" ones. Foul play is used if necessary. Many functions are involved and the timing of events is programmed to occur at the most opportunistic times. Programmed "rent-a-crowds" are used to bring about popularity, support and acceptance of the chosen ones. The ruling elite can sponsor the results they want in the media, documentaries, education, entertainment, research, medicine, law, politics and all systems on the planet. The ruling elite maintain systems that are self-perpetuating. The ruling elite can and does conduct biological "warfare" upon the people by releasing certain illnesses. This has been done many times in the past and, as I have mentioned in my earlier postings, new illnesses are already being released. The latest releases of illnesses are aimed at affecting the entire population of the world. Certain ones have been selected and given immunization against the upcoming epidemics. Bear in mind, these exclusive immunizations are not to be confused with the immunizations that will be offered to the public at large. Sometimes, unbeknownst to the people administering them, the immunizations have illness-causing properties that are deliberately inserted by the agents of the ruling elite. Taking the upcoming vaccines will be a lot like playing roulette. Many of the illnesses are now directed at animals because the ruling elite is aware that many of the Light workers are in the bodies of animals at this time. This has been done to avoid detection by Darkness. Currently, the ruling elite is actively promoting nuclear energy as a "quick fix" to the greenhouse effect. Any who understand the inherent dangers of nuclear power realize that it is ludicrous to try to cool the Earth with this patently dangerous technology. The greenhouse effect is the ruling elite's cover of the hotter sun. The ruling elite do not want people to suspect the sun is hotter because that is beyond human control and people would panic. The ruling elite also want people to think it will be hundreds of years before the Greenland ice sheet melts. In fact, it is melting much, much faster than current propaganda indicates. There are those who claim to be truth seekers but will not let anyone voice anything truthful that appears negative superficially. When such ones hear truth, they denounce it as negative and put forth the programmed response of "all is love" and that if everyone would only love, then everything would be beautiful. This false message has been channelled from Anunnaki aliens and Anunnaki astral beings to deceive people. Those who accept this false message are usually naïvely unaware. However, some of them are aware of the deception and choose to knowingly spread the false message to hinder true seekers from awakening to the truth. This is a dimension of falsehood where no sincere seekers with some awareness could be fooled into believing that "all is love and that there is no evil because, ultimately, everyone evolves into enlightened beings". This is exactly what Darkness wants people to believe. Evil is real and rampant. Very soon, it will express in ways never before seen on this planet. Many people are so naïve that they believe that Jesus, Mary or some other well known religious figure is regularly visiting someone to offer advice for themselves or the world. The True-Light beings who played the roles of Jesus and Mary would not provide information that could hinder the Light. The messages of "all is love" and all the other false messages that are attributed to them are being promoted by the ruling elite to trick people into dropping their guards. Some people naïvely believe that the "Archangel Michael" or other angels can be summoned by them at their whim. There are those currently promoting angel workshops who claim that they can introduce people to their personal angels. Most of these people know very little about angels, and the very little that they know is based upon massive distortions. Besides, why would angels or genies be on the ready for anyone who rubs a lamp? In fact, the winged angels and the winged beasts seen by people like Lot and Ezekiel of the Bible are special creations of Anunnaki genetic engineers. Astral beings can also mimic winged and unwinged angels. The ones who have neglected their inner lives will be the ones most unprepared for what is about to occur. It is a time to turn within and connect. Do not be afraid. There is not much that one can do in the physical, but there is much that can be done in the spiritual. Nobody can relinquish your will to Darkness except yourself. Hold onto your will to remain in the Eternal Light. This is your best protection against Darkness and Its temporary Virtual Reality. - Rags to Riches in the Anunnaki World On 11th February 2006, our 16-year-old warrior dog named Ibana took a ferocious hit from a being whom I later traced and discovered it was the one commonly known in this world as "Satan". Satan is actually one of the demiurges. Although this being manifests as both male and female, Satan seems to prefer masculine identities and is very proud to be known as the Satan. From now on, I will refer to Satan as a male. I will express parts of this article in allegorical language in order to simplify it and try to make it comprehensible. Hence, parts of this article might sound like a story. It is very unusual for Satan to attack personally. He usually sends one of his henchmen to do his dirty jobs. It is only when Satan is desperate or in a fit of uncontrollable anger that he personally strikes. Satan is the ultimate master of the Reptilian aliens, sometimes known as the serpent race some of the other evil aliens are under other demiurges. For many reasons, Satan has emerged as the most significant demiurge in these final days. The arrogant Reptilians thought that everything was under control because Satan deceived even them into thinking that he was still in full command of the physical and astral worlds. This caused the Reptilians to be lax and overconfident. Even though the Atu-waa was nonfunctional and the Reptilians had lost the "code" to start it and their Anunnaki Elite were unable to assist them, they still fully expected their lord Satan to extract the "code" and reactivate the Atu-waa. (The Atu-waa is a unique creation that for many complex reasons, not even Satan or any of his demiurge colleagues can recreate another one at this time.) Due to their overconfidence, the Reptilians entrusted the Wagools with the primary duty of guarding the Atu-waa. As the Atu-waa was being prepared for operation, the impatient Reptilians tried once again to extract the "code" through blackmail, bribery and deception. When all things failed, they launched a full frontal attack on the Light workers. This brought about a re-action from the Light workers that shocked the Reptilians, who mistakenly thought they were untouchable. There was a tremendous and extended battle which ultimately cost the Reptilians their Atu-waa and also resulted in an earlier-than-planned rescue of the Light being trapped in the Atu-waa. Without the trapped Light being, the Atu-waa is dying and has no chance of being revived. The Reptilians are now very desperate and have called upon their master - Satan - to personally assist in their attacks on front-line Light workers throughout the world. Satan is now very angry with me. That is why he recently struck Ibana at the same time he struck me. Satan has taught the Reptilians to leave serpentine marks on their victims' bodies. These marks are often in single two or three mark patterns. Sometimes they are arranged in multiples of twos or threes in various patterns. Often, when Satan personally strikes, he leaves the same patterns. This is a bit like saying "Zorro is here!" I know Satan well - I have had many encounters with him. Due to the nature of the "war" between Light and Darkness, it is not unusual for front-line workers to be put together with beings of Darkness, and even, at times, to work closely together with them. As the saying goes: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Last night, Satan came again in a new disguise. As soon as I exposed him as Satan, he tried all sorts of ways to annoy me in an attempt to bring about a premature confrontation with him. I told him firmly that I will confront him when the time is right. Again, he tried to bribe me and told me to join forces with him and that together, we would be invincible. I told him that he had nothing to offer and that his world will soon disappear. I told him that his behaviour of inflicting agony and prolonging painful physical deaths is sadistically evil. I reminded him that even though he caused Jesus to suffer horrible pain on the cross, he could not prolong the suffering of Jesus because Jesus' consciousness was lifted up long before he died. In uncontrolled anger, Satan lunged at me and I fended him off. Again, I felt as if I was wrestling with a snake and I refrained myself from striking him like one would strike a snake. It was not time. Satan left very abruptly. Soon after Satan left, I had a vision of confronting Satan in a place where other people were paired up and fighting with one another as if it was only acting. I was paired with someone dressed in a medieval knight's chain mail attire of black and white. The person wore a hood over his head. It was supposed to be a pretend fight, but I could see that Satan was not pretending - he was trying to kill me - I fought back. Again, it felt like I was fighting a snake. I told the man that he was Satan and that it was now time. We fought. I destroyed Satan. My vision ended. After the vision, I heard a gentle whispering. "My love is with you always." Then, I was filled with joy and I cried. Steffan was in another room and was unaware of the whispering I heard, but simultaneously, he was also filled with joy and began crying. The next morning, one of the Light workers rang me and mentioned that I had been in her dream. The dream confirmed my confrontation with Satan, even though the Light worker had not been told anything about the event. The days are drawing near in which Satan will be confronted. I ask all workers of the Light to support your brothers and sisters of the Light by centring your energy, remembering and supporting them, all the while, refraining from anger. Anger is one of Satan's most powerful tools to extract energy from Light beings. Remain calm and strong. Do not give into fear and paranoia. Fear is another powerful tool used by Satan to weaken Light beings. May you all be blessed with love for the Divine Being of Purity. - The Approaching Battle With Satan This Virtual Reality is based upon illusions within illusions. The Intelligence that created this Virtual Reality employed geometric designs in formulating the illusions at the smallest level of existence. Most people have difficulty accepting that the physical world, and especially the Earth and its contents, are illusional. The common argument against illusional existence is that since the world can be experienced through the five senses, it must be "real" and, therefore, cannot be illusional. A problem with seeing through the deception of the Virtual Reality is that the illusions are so real in appearance that it is hard to comprehend and accept that they are not real. Surprisingly, some of Darkness' illusions have been discovered, investigated and exposed as illusional by scientists on Earth. One of these illusions is that while the Earth is spinning very fast, those who are on it cannot perceive the motion. I have described this phenomenon as the "illusion of no motion" in my previous articles and explained that Wanchenlu is the being responsible for maintaining this illusion. It took eons for people to finally ascertain whether the sun revolved around the Earth or the Earth revolved around the sun. This is due to the illusion of a moving sun that daily crosses the Earth's sky. This illusion was fractured when people realized that the Earth's daily rotations caused it to appear that the sun was moving very fast, when in fact, the sun was relatively stationary with respect to the Earth. To solve the mystery, it was necessary to expose the "illusion of no motion" first. Otherwise, it was practically inconceivable that the Earth could be the faster mover and the sun was the slower one. Humans working on the Earth are at a distinct disadvantage in trying to solve the mysteries of life. They must rely upon information being communicated in a relatively uncorrupted form. But, experience shows that information is corrupted with transcription, translation, interpretation and so on. Hence, people who are trying to solve the mysteries are impeded by having to work with corrupted and incomplete data. The corruption of knowledge is intentional. Darkness has set up a mysterious existence by deviously concealing truth about the nature of "things" in the Virtual Reality. Darkness hides truth because exposure of untruth breaks down the illusions, and when the illusions fall, the mysteries are seen through. A magician's tricks are not impressive when the deceptions are uncovered. Darkness has many agents serving It on Earth, and those agents are continually distorting and corrupting data and knowledge. In earlier writings, I have mentioned that the first cause of the illusions is the illusion of motion, and that the first cause is what we know as gravity. Gravity is a property that Darkness created to bring about the illusion of motion. Gravity was then employed to form what I call "Matter", which is different from "matter" that is commonly defined as anything with mass. The first cause that is mentioned above is different from the first cause of the illusions. That is, once Darkness set Matter into "perpetual" motion, the illusions commenced. From the illusions came the appearance of solidity and everything in the physical and astral worlds. The entire material world was created by Darkness. In fact, the whole Virtual Reality was created by Darkness. There is no Matter in the Divine Creation. When motion ceases, all the illusions in the Virtual Reality will disappear, and all that will temporarily remain will be Matter. Matter is pseudo-material in nature. It is at the heart of the tiniest "blocks" used by Darkness to "construct" Its Virtual Reality. One of the more surprising illusions that I have exposed is that the sun is not what it appears to be. While it looks like a sphere, it is in fact a rapidly gyrating cube that is spinning so fast that the atmosphere around it combusts and burns. This burning cube is fuelled by a vortex that is created by its motion that sucks in the surrounding atmosphere. The "cube" of the sun is hollow. It appears empty, but there are repeating geometric patterns inside of it. It only burns on the outside of the hexahedron. The illusion of the spheroid sun is formed by the gyrating hexahedron that is burning fuel outside of its six sides. Astrophysicists cannot adequately explain why the planets travelling around the sun in our solar system are on a single plane. Pluto is the only exception, but its orbit is very close to the plane that houses the other planets. In fact, all the planets in all the solar systems of the physical world are on planes. This is because if the planets were to go too far outside of their planes, they would be sucked into the vortex and eventually become fuel for their respective suns. I have always been able to use "microscopic" vision to look into things. On the micro level, atomic nuclei are rapidly spinning "cubes" of a different design than the hexahedron that is at the "heart" of the sun. The atomic nuclei are rapidly gyrating tetrahedrons that spin so fast that they appear to be stable and solid. Orbiting the atomic nuclei are rapidly spinning octahedrons that have been called electrons, which appear as very fast pulses. It is necessary to digress here to explain that when the Principle of Polarity occurred, it was quickly corrected by the Light. However, three minds (beings) who became caught up in the Principle of Polarity refused the correction and went on their way to form their own principle that defies the Light. This Principle is now commonly referred to as "Darkness". Those responsible for forming and maintaining the Principle of Darkness are collectively known as the Evil Mind. The Evil Mind rejected correction by the Light and went on to form Its own creation, which I have called the False-Light creation. The Evil Mind wants to preserve Its own creation and maintain Its own survival. Every thought that Darkness projects is embedded with the "instinct" of survival and self-preservation. When I look inside the atoms to see how they are "constructed", I can see repeating geometric patterns. Inside of these geometric patterns is what I call "Matter", which "manifests" as thought forms of Darkness. Darkness created "gravity", or the force of attraction, and embedded this force into Its thought forms so that they would gather and cluster. Darkness also embedded Its thought forms with adhering qualities and then began projecting Its thought forms. These thought forms began to cluster into tiny spirals, with the main concentration of them clustering near the centres of the spirals. These spiralling, concentrated thought forms of Darkness are what I refer to as "Matter". Once thought forms were assembled into Matter, Darkness set the tiny spirals into a spinning motion, which created the illusion of the thought forms being pseudo material. Since Darkness is obsessed with survival of Itself and Its creations, It protected Its pseudomaterial spiralling thought forms. To preserve these thought forms, Darkness constructed a set of elaborate shields that protect each of Its thought forms. The first shield around Matter was constructed from energy within the thought forms by projecting the illusion that there are two tiny equilateral triangles around each spiralling thought form. These triangles are on the same plane, that is, they are two-dimensional. The triangles are set into opposing spins, so that they appear to form varying degrees of six-pointed stars, except when they intersect, at which point they appear to form a single triangle. The inner shape of the two triangles varies from appearing to be a single triangle to varying degrees of hexagons. The equilateral triangles spin on the same axis in opposite directions while also rotating in the same direction simultaneously. These two triangles also gyrate together to form an apparent three-dimensional sphere. This is the strongest and most complex of shields constructed by Darkness. I call the shield formed by these two triangles alat. Each particle of Matter is first shielded by an alat. The second shield protecting the spiralling thought forms is composed of a "hollow" hexahedron that gyrates on its axis, spinning so rapidly that it appears to form another sphere around the Matter and alat. The hexahedron does not ignite to form an external combustion device because there is no fuel to burn. Outside the apparent sphere formed by the hexahedron, is a pair of protective "spheres" that I call lakoos. Although I have referred to the six symmetrical solids in past writings and included the "sphere", that was a practical simplification of what lakoos are. A lakoo is constructed of a vast number of tiny dodecahedrons that form together in the shape of a sphere. This is not actually a sphere because the pentagons that form the dodecahedrons on the "spheres" and the spaces between the dodecahedrons are more akin to a dimpled golf ball than a real sphere. These spherically arranged dodecahedrons are set into rapid spinning motion, some moving more clockwise, while others are moving more anti-clockwise. At the same time that the tiny dodecahedrons are spinning in opposite directions, the entire lakoo is rotating very fast in the same direction and appearing to form an actual sphere. Outside of the lakoo is another lakoo. The pair of lakoos forms two strong outer shields that further protect each particle of Matter. To recapitulate, the complete assembly of a particle of Matter, surrounded by an alat, which is surrounded by a hexahedron and two lakoos, forms what I call a sakooze. Sakoozes are the building blocks of everything in the Virtual Reality. It takes many sakoozes to form a subatomic particle. Thus, the spiralling thought forms are encased in four separate geometric shells, each appearing to be spheres. However, none of the shells are spheres. Indeed, Darkness has elaborately shielded Its creation of Matter from outside intervention. Matter is a pseudo-material state of thought forms. The spinning "spherical" shields protecting Matter create the illusions of the repeating geometric patterns that underlie all of the False-Light creation. When I looked into the spinning dodecahedrons in a lakoo and "stopped" their motion, I noticed many patterns emerged from the adjacent pentagons. These pentagons formed what could be mistaken for flower petals when the dodecahedrons are cut in a cross section. When I investigated the patterns, I noticed that they were arranged symmetrically into beehive or honeycomb like designs. Little pulses are continually flashing around these pentagons. Additionally, the patterns formed by alats are intricate, colourful and kaleidoscope-like. The patterns can be so mesmerizing that if too much focus is put on the physical illusions, the spiritual part of life becomes unreal and the illusions appear to be real. I can see these repeating symmetrical "patterns" and their activities all around me at all times. The various geometric patterns have mesmerizing properties. This is by design of Darkness. It wants everyone who encounters them to be "hypnotised" so they become "lost" in the illusions. The Divine Amoeba has unmasked this diabolical scheme and soon the illusions will fall. Darkness has imprinted all Matter with Its strong survival instinct. As a by-product of this instinct, each sakooze has the ability to propagate itself. They do this by projecting a duplicate of themselves, which can also re-duplicate itself and so on. However, the duplicates or "clones" are only illusional products of the original illusion. In other words, the only sakoozes that contain thought forms of Darkness are the originals. None of the reproduced sakoozes contain consciousnesses per se, but instead, contain artificial consciousnesses that mimic the originals. In other words, the "instinctive" survival and reproductive characteristics in sakoozes are from Darkness. In fact, all biological organisms are programmed to various degrees for reproduction, preservation of the species, and for individual survival by the sakoozes contained within them. The sakooze that replicates itself forms "copies" of itself but is not capable of planting thought forms of Darkness into the "copies". When sakoozes reproduce themselves, they embed the copies with artificial consciousnesses. This will become significant when I explain the dismantling of the Virtual Reality in more detail. Before writing this paper, I have used the term "cube" loosely to keep things as simplified as possible before I could introduce the four other symmetrical solids and their respective motions and functions. From this point onwards, I will use the names that define the shapes of the solids: tetrahedron for atomic nuclei; octahedron for electrons; hexahedrons for stars (suns) and so on. Some physicists have proposed that there is an infinite level of decreasing sizes of the composition of matter. That is, that within the atoms would be found smaller systems that would house smaller systems and so on. This is a fallacy. As I have described above, Darkness' thought forms (Matter) are the smallest level of material existence. The repeating geometric patterns surrounding Matter are the first increment of illusions that Darkness created when devising the illusion of solidity. The physical and astral worlds are finite worlds, and everything in them can be numbered. Infinity is a concept that applies only to Divine Qualities. Darkness created the physical and astral worlds from energy It extracted from the Infinite, then contaminated it to make it suitable for Its usage. Darkness cannot use Pure Energy from the Light directly. It has to "modify" it by contaminating it with polarized energy. Darkness has only extracted a finite amount of energy from the Infinite. Therefore, Darkness is finite. Moving in the macro direction, some physicists theorize that there is an infinite level of increasing sizes also, whereby galaxies and universes would be akin to cells of larger organisms. This is also incorrect. Darkness is finite and the universes are the outer limits of Darkness - It has not created anything beyond them. The Earth and the other planets that orbit the sun are all hollow. They all appear empty inside. However, they are filled with repeating symmetrical geometric patterns. The "heart" of the Earth is a hollow symmetrical solid - an icosahedron. The Earth's icosahedron spins so rapidly that it is not impeded even as it turns through the Earth's crust. As each point of the icosahedron touches a point near the surface of the Earth, it "paints" a portion of the illusion of a material point. The Earth's icosahedron paints these points in rapid order, so the illusion appears to be continuously solid, liquid or gaseous. This is an illusion. In fact, any point on the Earth is only as material as it is perceived by the viewer. The "painting" of points by the Earth's icosahedron is analogous to the electron gun of a television's picture tube that illuminates dots on a screen and leaves the appearance of an image. The images appear to be in black and white or colour, three dimensional, and in motion. The illusion of motion is just the rapid showing of a series of still pictures that appear to move. But, when the electron gun stops firing, the illusional motion picture disappears. Beneath the crust of the Earth is what is sometimes referred to as a "parallel" Earth or the inner Earth. The inner Earth's points, and all points of the Earth's crust, are "painted" as the gyrating icosahedron hits them. In fact, all of the planets and moons contain spinning icosahedrons that form their respective illusional spheres. All are hollow, and all have "parallel" inner worlds. Darkness used hollow models for creating Its illusions. One of the reasons for this was to allow small amounts of material to appear to take up vast spaces. Darkness premised Its Virtual Reality on waste, and the more space Darkness could take up (waste) the bigger It seemed to grow. Some have speculated that Jupiter could one day evolve into a sun. This cannot happen because the "heart" of Jupiter is an icosahedron. Suns need to have hexahedrons for "hearts" in order to burn like stars. I have written earlier that solar systems are on planes because the planets could get caught in the vortex of the suns if their orbits deviated too much from the plane. This is only part of the reason. Another reason is that Darkness devised the physical and astral worlds to sit atop planes. That is, It used a two dimensional model. This is for ease of maintenance and also well suited for Darkness' nefarious purposes. The largest of the pieces used by Darkness in creating Its Virtual Reality are universes. Universes are relatively flat pentagons. Every universe has its own multitude of dimensions contained within its borders. There are only twelve universes. Darkness connected these twelve universes together and formed the Universal Dodecahedron. The "parallel" universes are those that are on opposite positions of the Universal Dodecahedron. The Universal Dodecahedron was set into motion and also spins "perpetually". It also appears to be a sphere because of its rapid motion. All of the symmetrical solids used by Darkness in creating Its illusion of the Virtual Reality have planar sides or faces. The tetrahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedrons are respectively composed of four, eight and twenty equilateral-triangular shaped sides. These triangles give the solids their bases from which to produce their "perpetual" motion. The motion produces the illusion of the symmetrical solids being spheres. The hexahedron has six square sides to produce its "perpetual" motion. Finally, the dodecahedron has twelve pentagon-shaped sides to produce its "perpetual" motion. The Universal Dodecahedron serves many functions for Darkness. It forms a barrier or shield that those trapped inside cannot escape from. It also defines Darkness' "territory". The "borders" of Darkness expand with each conquest by contamination of Divine Energy. As Darkness expands, the Universal Dodecahedron expands. Hence, the twelve universes expand also. From time to time, Darkness casts huge nets constructed of tiny, interconnected pentagons out into the uncontaminated Pure Realm and seizes some True-Light beings. The True-Light beings can become mesmerized in the illusional net and are then sucked into the Universal Dodecahedron, where they cannot be nourished because there is no Pure Energy contained therein. Darkness then forces the True-Light beings into bodies that have been modified so they can survive on Darkness' contaminated energy. The kidnapped beings of Light are thereafter imprisoned and Darkness begins working on their Will - their True Spirit. If Darkness can trick the True-Light beings into surrendering their Wills, the beings will become totally polarized towards Darkness and will no longer be viable. This is why it is absolutely critical not to give one's Will over to Darkness. Darkness has been kidnapping and polarizing beings of Light for a long, long time. Sadly, once the Will is surrendered to Darkness, beings of Light are lost to Darkness. It is for the True-Light beings who have remained faithful to the Light that the Rescue Mission was launched. These are the viable ones. Their perseverance against tremendous odds will soon be rewarded as their prison walls will soon tumble down. If Darkness were to continue unchecked, It would eventually contaminate so much of the Divine Energy that it would reach the point of no return. If this were to occur, then the entire True-Light Creation could be contaminated and then there would be absolute Darkness. At this point, Evil would rule supreme and there would be continual suffering. For all intents and purposes, the entire True-Light Creation would be so polluted by the invasion of Darkness that there would only be varying degrees of Darkness in the whole of existence. Then, there would be no Light. To avoid the possibility of Darkness taking over by contamination, something needed to be done to prevent it. The Light soon discovered the weakest link in the design of the FalseLight creation. Because of the number and complexity of the shields in sakoozes, dismantling the Virtual Reality by beginning at the tiniest level of illusions would be very difficult, especially given that there are four shields protecting each nucleus (the spiralling thought forms of Darkness). Equilateral triangles are composed of strong 60-degree angles. Equilateral triangles form the faces of tetrahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedrons. Hence, those solids form strong "shields" (apparent spheres) to protect the illusions at the atomic and the planetary levels. Therefore, breaking down the illusions on either the atomic or planetary levels would also be difficult, however, not so difficult as breaking it down on the sub-atomic level. It would be easier to dismantle the False-Light creation at the macro level (the Universal Dodecahedron) even though pentagons are composed of strong angles. This is because the outer shell of Darkness is the most easily accessible. But, dismantling the Virtual Reality by commencing the disassembly of the Universal Dodecahedron is not an option for the Light. A being of Love would never contemplate such a drastic step because to break down the illusions by starting from the outer level would greatly endanger all the viable True-Light beings trapped within the dodecahedron. They could not survive outside of the Universal Dodecahedron because Darkness has modified all of Its prisoners so they depend upon contaminated energy. Before the Universal Dodecahedron is dismantled, the viable trapped beings have to be removed from it. These beings will be taken to a "half-way house", so to speak, where the New Purging Energy can remove the Evil modifications so they can then return to the Pure Realm. Destroying Darkness' outer "shell" (the Universal Dodecahedron) was not an acceptable option. Neither was a "wait-and-see" position acceptable, because it could have dire consequences. Therefore, the Light chose to go inside the Universal Dodecahedron and undertake the Rescue of the viable True-Light beings. Darkness used hexahedrons to form suns (stars), and since hexahedrons have 90-degree angles, they are relatively easier to break down than the other symmetrical solids. Also, the type of prisons formed by hexahedrons are not as complicated as those formed by the other symmetrical solids. Thus, the stars are the weakest links in the fabric of Darkness' Virtual Reality. This information was not readily apparent from external circumspection of the illusions of Darkness. The Light commenced Its plan to rescue the viable True-Light beings by initiating an intensive investigation of the nature of Darkness. This was done by sending parts of Itself inside the False-Light creation. Once the investigation was completed, the Light commenced formulating the plans for the Rescue. The Light's investigation was hampered by several constraints that Darkness imposed on all inhabitants of the Universal Dodecahedron. In the hierarchy of Darkness, every physical body has certain limitations of intelligence. A consciousness placed into a mineral body can only function at the mineral level imposed by Darkness. Therefore, even a part of a High being of Light that is placed into a mineral body cannot express beyond its physical capabilities. This means that a being in a mineral body has no physical brain even though the consciousness has intelligence. Therefore, there are built-in limitations that impede a High consciousness using a mineral body. Likewise, there are builtin limitations within all classes of bodies on the Earth, whether vegetable, animal or human. The human brain is subject to deterioration over time. The human life span is also limited. As the Amoebas of the Light investigated Darkness, they collected data to assist in formulating the plan for the Rescue. When the Amoebas came in, they usually came as "walk-ins" in human bodies to avoid certain limitations of the other classes of bodies. Amoebic "walk-ins" are able to bypass most conditions imposed upon beings via re-incarnation, karma and other evil systems. Amoebic "walk-ins" can also avoid easy detection by agents of Darkness. To arrive at this stage of the rescue, it was necessary for the commander of the Rescue Mission to have an extraordinary long life. This was accomplished by the commander's consciousness living first a full lifetime as Mirra of Pondicherry and thereafter in the body of another person. Some of the things that Mirra said, like many of the things that Pythagoras, Plato, Kepler and other Light workers have said, were not totally accurate because at the time they were said, Evil would not let the full truth through. Even Haidakhan Babaji had to misrepresent certain things in order to get some truth out in this Virtual Reality. It is important to realize that even the limited truth that Light workers have presented in the past has helped to sustain TrueLight beings until the time of the Rescue was at hand. Now, truth can be presented because the Rescue Mission is in its final stages and Darkness is losing Its grip on Its own systems. At this final stage of the Rescue, it is critical for the parts and projections of the Amoebas to awaken and see through the illusions of Darkness. Once the illusions are seen through by the unawakened Amoebic parts and projections, the individual and collective structures within the Virtual Reality will begin to fracture. This is part of the Rescue Plan. In order to get to this point of the Rescue, it was necessary to retrieve and/or protect and sustain all of the viable "civilian" True-Light beings who had been forced into all classes of this False-Light creation. The Amoebas have completed this task. The remaining viable TrueLight beings are mainly the workers of the Light, who are really parts and projections of the Amoebas. Strictly speaking, these are not the ones waiting for retrieval - they are the ones awaiting the call to duty. They are part of the Rescue Mission. Many cubes (stars) in this and other universes have already been dismantled by "burning" them out, which is contributing to the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. Now is the time for the parts and projections of the Amoebas to "hear" the call. This is the activating call. They will not necessarily "hear" the call on the physical level. The call to "action" will be on the energy level. It will NOT require physical action of any sort. It is now time to break down all the illusions and illusions within illusions in the Universal Dodecahedron of Darkness. When the illusions begin to fall, that is, as motion ceases, the solidity will "melt" into nothingness. Solid things will just disappear. All that will remain will be the original Matter, that is, the original thought forms of Darkness in their spiralling clusters. (The replicated sakoozes with artificial consciousnesses will have disappeared entirely, along with all the other solid appearing manifestations of the Virtual Reality.) Matter will then be dismantled as gravity and the adhering forces are decommissioned. This will leave a vast amount of individual thought forms from Darkness, which, along with all of the NON-viable True-Light consciousnesses, will be transmuted into primordial energy. The energy in this posting will awaken Amoebic parts and projections, whatever class of physical body they reside in on the physical level. The awakenings may or may not occur on the physical-mind level. Ultimately, it is the Divine Amoeba that will dismantle the Virtual Reality. The Divine Amoeba is composed entirely of parts and projections of the Divine Mother. When Plato wrote about Atlantis, he was not repeating stories he had previously heard, nor was he writing about a place that he had physically travelled to in his lifetime. Plato was remembering what Atlantis was like from being a "walk-in" consciousness who lived in Atlantis. Likewise, when Plato commenced his work on the five symmetrical solids, he already had the intuitive basis that he had acquired while residing as a "walk-in" consciousness in the body of Pythagoras. However, Plato did not expose the inner workings of the five symmetrical solids and their demonic nature because it was not yet time. Clearly, in view of what I have exposed about geometry and its demonic nature - especially repeating symmetrical patterns - it is anything but "sacred". Geometric figures, like all the illusions in the Virtual Reality, will one day be no more! - The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons Many weather events have swept around the globe, but not all of them were natural occurrences. Among many others, some of the more notable ones have been: the Indian Ocean tsunami, European floods, Brisbane Ice Storms, Hurricane Katrina and, most recently, Cyclone Larry. As I have indicated in the past, some of these were the works of the Vulturites, whilst others came from the Reptilians. Cyclone Larry was launched at sea by the Vulturites, who caused the storm to spin furiously and aimed it straight for Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Had the cyclone hit Cairns as planned, with category 5 intensity, it would have been another New Orleans episode. Cities such as New Orleans and Cairns are built on swamps, and carry a certain type of energy that is peculiarly attractive to all the Anunnaki aliens. Incidentally, the New Orleans area is home for alligators while the Cairns area houses both fresh and salt-water crocodiles. Reptilians struck New Orleans, and Vulturites launched the shot at Cairns. A lot of interest has been focused on Australia, especially on the state of Queensland. Queensland is a Reptilian stronghold, which is supported by a large contingency of Masakaras. The Masa-karas take orders from the Reptilians and have been infiltrating various states of Australia in the last 15 years or so. They have a strategic force on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, with a strong tactical force in Victoria. Queensland has strategic and tactical Reptilian forces throughout it, and the Reptilian earthly headquarters is located in Queensland also. The port of Cairns and its international airport are important gateways to Far North Queensland from Asia and the Americas. Australia is geographically situated near Antarctica, which figures very importantly in the plans of the ruling elite. Further, Australia has vast uranium reserves. Australia is geophysically one of the most stable continents on the planet (although it is very susceptible to storms and floods). These and other factors made Australia a strategic country from which to accomplish the alien plans for a New World Order. This is one of the reasons the Atu-waa was re-located to Australia. All of these things will make Australia a major battleground in the coming days of the alien wars. The alien wars are now at a heightened level, and some of the aliens in human bodies are no longer able to hide their physical identities. For instance, aliens give off certain "bodily" odours. For example, some smell like burning rubber, others smell like rotting meat, whilst still others smell like sewage or flatulence. In the past, aliens were better able to cover up these odours, but as things break down, the odoriferous beings are unable to fully conceal their distinctive odours. Likewise, many alien leaders in human bodies are less able to hold the façades of being behaviourally compatible with their enemies. In the past, Vulturites could mingle in Reptilian circles and appear to be best of mates. Reptilians could also put on similar disguises. The recent category 5 storm, Cyclone Larry, was originally planned by the Vulturites to cripple Far North Queensland and submerge the city of Cairns. For reasons that cannot be mentioned here, it was important for the Light to intervene and deflect Cyclone Larry's route away from Cairns. An Amoeba was sent into the central business district of Cairns the day before the storm hit. It was that Amoeba's job to anchor the Cairns zone to assist the Divine Amoeba in deflecting the raging storm to the south. The full force of Cyclone Larry horribly struck fringe communities to the south when the storm was deflected, but loss of life was minimized. Had the Vulturite plan been fully accomplished, many would have perished and the devastation would have been far worse. Incidentally, the storm struck inland and devastated the Masa-karas' hideouts on the Atherton tablelands. Many of the Tarra-ha-tikas residences on the Tablelands were spared the carnage of Larry. As one might imagine, the Reptilians were dealt a severe blow by the Vulturite cyclone. One should bear in mind that when one faction strikes, the other responds - the Reptilians are planning a strike of vengeance at a Vulturite stronghold right now. Over the years, Reptilians have influenced workers' rights, not to assist the working people, but instead for political gain. This has given Reptilians a powerful voter base with regard to workers. The Reptilians were accomplishing a subtle form of slavery in having the slaves (the workers) looking to them for security. Vulturites have openly opposed workers' rights on nearly all levels throughout the struggle. The Vulturites' design is for a more severe and noticeable type of slavery, one whereby the workers feel the full force of the brutal masters who enslave them in sweat shops. The majority of Australians seem nearly oblivious to what is lurking in the Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005. They go about their business as though nothing is too different. There have been some protests, but these have been relatively ineffective. The Vulturites have programmed their people to ignore workers' rights and protect corporate interests, so most of the workers complacently sit by awaiting the anvil to drop upon them. Thus, the Vulturite legislation lurks, like a bomb about to explode upon the Australian workers. Civil unrest could abound when the people discover what has been done to them, which is exactly the excuse the Vulturites want in order to justify imposing draconian rule. In direct contrast, the Reptilian French legislators have passed similar laws that have sent thousands of French workers and students into violent protests in Paris and other parts of France. The Reptilian masters have sown a political power base in France using workers' rights movements. Now, the Reptilian masters seek to rapidly and inexplicably remove those rights. Both the Vulturites and the Reptilians ultimately seek to impose totalitarian regimes upon their people. The Reptilians would prefer more subtle dictatorships, but, since the Vulturites are forcing their hands, the Reptilians are moving towards quick, abrupt action. Reptilian influenced states and nations have Vulturite strongholds within them, as do the Vulturite influenced countries have Reptilian strongholds within them. Soon, domestic and international fighting will erupt on a scale never before seen as the alien masters lead human puppets down the path of total physical annihilation. Humans are about to learn just how little regard evil aliens have for human existence. The programmed French population is viciously resisting because their Reptilian masters have not successfully removed the programming in support of workers' rights. The Reptilians have no choice. They do not have time to remove the programming, nor do they really want to because times are getting desperate in the alien wars. The Reptilians are willing to shed their façade of compassion for the working people and will ruthlessly move against their own base of voters if it is necessary. The French peoples' reaction amounts to pitting the people against the government. This is a recipe for civil war, which means that police power could soon be forcefully used against the headstrong French people, which will play right into the Reptilian plans. The Vulturite forces in Australia are focused upon destroying and controlling Queensland. Less than a year ago, they struck Queensland's capital, Brisbane, with freak ice storms. That mission fizzled out because, among other things, there were several Amoebas in Brisbane at the very time the Vulturites struck. The Reptilians thought they were untouchable until they recently launched a frontal attack on the Light, which ultimately cost the Reptilians their Atu-waa. The Vulturites were also under the illusion that their forces were peerless. They have now seen that the Light can deflect and denude their strongest efforts. The Reptilians and Vulturites are the primary agents of Darkness for conquest and enslavement of any beings in their path. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are major forces of Darkness that are holding many True-Light beings hostage in the more physical aspects of the Virtual Reality. Now, the Vulturites and Reptilians will be focusing vast amounts of energy upon combating one another. The stage is set for the Reptilians and the Vulturites to engage in full-fledged conflict as the Divine Amoeba watches and patiently waits for the most opportune time to leap in and pull Her own from the clutches of Darkness. So, as the alien wars rage, comfort can be taken in knowing that Liberation from Darkness is at hand. - The Vulturites Fired Their Cannon - Cyclone Larry I will relate two visions. Both visions came to me as I was pursuing spiritual truth. The pair came in full colour and with accompanying sound. They were as clear as watching the big screen at a cinema. Both have been re-shown to me at various times. A little background information may assist those reading about these visions, which were both in Native American settings. Native American cultures, like other cultures, have stories about their spiritual beginnings, and other stories about the demise of Evil. In this world, knowledge, and especially spiritual knowledge, is often corrupted by those who wish to conceal secrets. As corruption has occurred in the major religions, so has it also contaminated Native American spiritual lore. Native American Hopis have a legend about "The Sign From the West," which in the corrupted form foretells the end of the rule of the white people. The more accurate interpretation is that the Sign from the West will be the forerunner of the end of Evil. The Sign From the West is now in the physical realm in a physical body. In this lifetime Nara has said what she also said as Menada 2,000 years ago: The Sign From the West bears the esoteric message to look to the West instead of the East. As the rising sun symbolizes the heart of Evil, the setting sun represents the end of Evil. It is time to abandon worship of the sun - time to abandon Evil. Lakota Native Americans have a legend about White Buffalo Woman and the White Buffalo. They believe that there will be subsequent births of white buffalo calves. The Lakota story is a corrupted legend, and a part of what was lost from it is that when the White Buffalo returned it would not be born in a bison's body. The White Buffalo has returned to the physical and was re-united with Menada, the White Buffalo Woman. The White Buffalo returned as a white, mixed breed puppy, who stayed beside Menada and protected her with his life, until his life was extinguished. The birth of the White Buffalo signalled the public emergence of the Teacher known as White Buffalo Woman, who was once called Menada, and who today is known as Nara. It is now time to announce that White Buffalo Woman has returned and that her work is nearly completed. White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not to teach, but to liberate viable True-Light beings who have been trapped in the Shadows. Nara has retrieved the spirit of the Earth and has also released the Four Elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Soon, Nara will "unwind" Time and release the True-Light being who has been forced by the Shadows to perform that function. Nara has revealed the Shadows' secrets and exposed the spiralling energy that spins the illusory web of materiality in this realm of Shadows, which energy she is about to transmute into primordial energy. Liberation from the Shadows is at hand, and all viable True-Light beings will soon rejoice as Nara breaks the chains that have bound them into servitude for the Shadows. This is why White Buffalo Woman returned, regardless of what those who carry corrupted legends may say or claim. Their claims do not change Truth. White Buffalo Woman has not returned to the Kiowa people, and certainly not to the Lakota, which people she never visited. She has not returned to any people, but instead to all TrueLight beings in whatever bodies they reside. Her Mission is to free those of hers who were enslaved by the Shadows so many eons ago. White Buffalo Woman has nearly completed her mission, and all who "live" will soon rejoice. During my search for Truth, I became debilitated and bedridden with a toothache that was so painful that I was barely able to function. For several days this continued until one day while lying in bed, yet fully awake with my eyes open, a vision came to me. Before that, I had seen many things through my third eye, but they were usually vague and often in surrealistic colours. This vision was completely different from any that I had had previously. My "screen" opened in full colour and was as panoramic as could be imagined. The picture was as clear as a movie shown on a theatre screen. I was riding on a huge bald eagle with my legs straddling either side of its neck. It eased me down onto the top of what appeared to be a small apartment complex of tiered adobe units resembling those of American Southwest Indians. After the eagle gently set me upon the roof of the complex, it flew away. I watched as it departed, and was amazed because the eagle turned its head towards me and I saw the face of a beautiful, dark-haired woman. The eagle then turned and flew away, disappearing in the Northwest horizon. I was atop the roof where I saw an old Native American woman with a very craggy face who was sweeping the roof with a broom of straw. I found this sweeping unusual because the roof was flat, contained nothing atop it, and was spotlessly clean - it needed no sweeping. The woman approached me and stared with amazement, then excitedly declared, "You are the Sign from the West!" I was baffled for many reasons. First, I had had many visions, but none so clear as this, and even more importantly, I had NEVER before heard any sounds accompanying my visions, and yet this old woman had clearly said to me that I was the "Sign from the West." However, it was not so important that I heard her speaking to me, but WHAT she said. I threw up my hands and protested that she was mistaken and adamantly denied that I was the "Sign from the West." She looked at me with a very knowing countenance and marked wisdom as she declared, "White boy flies here on an eagle and says he's NOT the Sign from the West." The vision then ceased, but I was touched beyond belief. I told a few people about it. I could not accept that I was the "Sign from the West." I have always felt that I was a warrior. While I continued my search for truth and a solution to the vision, many months passed, and I had several other visions, but again, none of them were in such panoramic colour and none with sound. One day, while fully awake and alert, I was shown another vision, again in panoramic, theatre-like colour. I was seated upon a horse and I wore buckskins that were milky white and unblemished. I had a "war bonnet" upon my head with so many white feathers that even while atop the horse, the feathers dragged onto the ground. I watched from a distant hill as I saw a very long stream of people aimlessly walking up two steep mountains. None of the people noticed me. As they walked up the mountains, they were weary, tired and spent. After a while, I looked beyond the mountains that they were crossing, and on the other side the people were so joyous that my heart leapt. When they crossed over the mountains, they were liberated and they were celebrating in a manner that I had never seen. Some put on blue paint while others wore none. I was unnoticed as I watched them all with tremendous satisfaction. And, very importantly, for the second time, I could hear talking and other sounds in my vision! I have spent years following my visions, and I have learned and accepted many things. The woman sweeping the roof of the building represented the Earth, whose spirit has been freed by Nara. When I met Nara, I immediately recognized her face as the face I saw as the eagle looked back at me. Although I was most reluctant to accept it, I am the Sign from the West. I am here to announce that Menada, White Buffalo Woman, is today in a body of a woman known as Nara and that Nara will oversee the elimination of Evil. The second vision shows that I will stand in the stead of the White Buffalo because the White Buffalo was killed protecting Nara in this lifetime. I will quietly watch, just as he would have watched, as Nara liberates all that are hers from the Shadows. Hearts will fly for all those who truly love the Light. Soon, thanks to Nara's unconditional love for us, we will all be together again. What is said, is said. What is spoken is spoken. With Divine Love From Miant The Sign from the West 2nd April 2006 - The Return of White Buffalo Woman [by Miant] Great calamities are about to befall humankind. The serpent beings have begun their chant. The grey ones, the wiry-faced jumping ones, the slimy-skinned ones, the fair-faced jumpers, the big-faced fighters and others have responded to their commanders'chant. The feathered beings likewise have squawked and spread their wings. The raven beings, the masked beings, the tall clay ones, the tentacled beings and more are railing behind their feathered commanders. The serpents and the feathered ones are about to wage a giant war against one another. Humans shall watch and scream in terror. Many will not know or suspect what is happening. Some have become servants to the serpentine or the feathered beings. Others will turn soon. Nothing here will survive the Great Thunder. Nothing in this world can survive the Great Flood. Nothing on this planet can survive the Great Heat. Only time will ease the pain of horror that the sun brings to the Earth. Time is running thin. When the tundra breaks off from the continent many lands will be left bare. Before the summer is over, the heavens will sing, proclaiming the demise of horror. Humans will be confused, frightened, angered and empty and many will fight one another as their hearts plunge into Darkness while others weep. Only a small number will remember their Creator and follow their Creator's Voice to find hope, peace and calmness within. The rest will be swallowed by the Shadows. Those who hear the Creator's Voice will not succumb to the Shadows. These are the ones who will climb the mountains to the Land of Peace, Love and Beauty. The Call has begun. White Buffalo Woman has returned to fulfil her role. An outside mediator between the children and their Creator is not needed. The only mediator is one's True Light connecting to one's Creator. The Drumming has happened. The Split Feather is joined. The Call has gone out. The Singing has commenced. The Song is spreading around all corners of the Earth and beyond. Taho-li-wa-la The Call is done. The Harvest has begun. Joyous are the children of the Creator journeying towards the Light. White Buffalo Woman has returned. Evil will end Its reign and be no more. Ya-tu-sa Carry the Pipe in your heart The original Pipe was given as a gift of love. The Pipe is not a trophy. Do not be concerned which nation now holds the original Pipe. It matters not which nation you come from or which nation claims to hold the Pipe. What is important is that each of you hold the Pipe in your heart. You can then smile with confidence knowing that you still carry the Pipe in your heart. With Love and Blessings Nara White Buffalo Woman - Carry the Pipe in Your Heart Most of the people on the planet are oblivious to what is happening; the New World Order is about to engulf the world. Of those who have some awareness of what is occurring, only a small percentage of them understand that Anunnaki aliens are behind the New World Order. Whilst humans can be cruel taskmasters, the people of the world are unprepared for the evilness that alien taskmasters will soon be expressing after they implement their plans for the NWO. In the short term, the Anunnaki slave masters will no longer hide behind invisibility technology and remain behind the scenes, nor will they worry about making good impressions on people or personal-relation issues. In the long term, it will be all out slavery, with the humans who survive the onslaught being subjected to masters as never before. There are many reasons why the Anunnaki remained hidden from human eyes on the planet all this time, and why they have not used their technology to annihilate the whole human race. One of the reasons is that most of the races of Anunnaki are not particularly attractive in physical terms. When they arrived on Earth, they were taken in by the human form and admired its appearance. This led to many aliens mating with human women, either forcibly or voluntarily. Many of the Anunnaki have strong sex drives, and the fact that humans can mate whether in or out of season was a bonus for the aliens on Earth. Today, many of the Anunnaki preferences for males and females are apparent in the marketplace. Beauty shops abound, and fashion trends are often presented to satisfy Anunnaki sexual urges. Anunnaki are particularly attracted to large breasts, hence they have urged and otherwise programmed women to pursue breast implants. The recent trend towards full lips and big buttocks are examples of Anunnaki programming. Males' hunk-look is another Anunnaki influence. Anunnaki also groom children and exploit them to fulfil their sexual appetites. The "free love" movement of the 1960s was Anunnaki sponsored, as was the move of Hollywood from entertainment towards full-blown pornography and the desensitisation towards injustice and horror. Another Anunnaki reason for keeping humans on the planet is to use them as slaves to do their bidding. This has been effectively done from behind the scenes, so to speak, with few humans ever suspecting they were working for alien slave masters. Eventually, many aliens later adapted themselves to fit into human shells, but it should be remembered that these are alien consciousnesses in human bodies. That is, they do not think or act like humans, they just look like them. As I have explained in other writings, the Reptilians and the Vulturites are the two most powerful Anunnaki groups, and they are bitter enemies. When the Reptilians decided to relocate their top secret Atu-waa to the Earth, a great many aliens became interested in the secrecy surrounding the planet. The other aliens watched, visited and hoped to colonize the Earth. The Reptilians retreated into human forms so they would blend in with the locals and be able to operate in relative obscurity. However, many other alien races did the same thing. Over time, the human populations became infested with alien consciousnesses in human forms. One thing that occurs when aliens take on human forms is that it becomes difficult for them to identify their own kind, so difficult that only a few of the highest echelon can do so. Most humans lack even the knowledge of alien consciousnesses in human bodies. They are completely unaware of the alien invasion that has riddled the Earth for millennia, and even if they were aware, very few would be able to identify aliens amongst their populations, much less ascertain which alien races are where. It is the plan of the Reptilians to implement the NWO so they can control the entire planet. They had hoped to rule the Virtual Reality from this base because they had secured the Atuwaa on the planet. With that tool and total control of the Earth, the Reptilians believed they could master all worlds by starting and re-starting time when most opportune for them. Of course, the Atu-waa is now totally inoperable since the True-Light being that was enslaved in the device was rescued. As I have indicated, for the time being, Greys are closely aligned with the Reptilians. The Greys have co-operated with the Reptilians because they have been promised that Grey DNA and human DNA will be merged and moulded to form a new race that will emerge as the dominant race on Earth after the NWO is fully implemented. The Greys have conducted horrible experiments on humans to work with both sets of DNA. However, the Reptilians have lied to the Greys; their DNA will not be used for any new emergent species. In addition to contaminating water supplies with fluoride, the aliens are bombarding water with beams that instil programming into the water to make people more accepting of the NWO. As a side affect of the programming in the water, people who have tendencies towards obesity become more obese, and those who would be marginally overweight become obese. There are other side affects, but obesity is one of the more obvious ones. Any drinks that are readily available and widely distributed are likely to contain both fluoride and the alien beamed-in programming. Although it is in the early stages of implementation, the foundation for the NWO was laid millennia ago. It appeared ever so slowly and aspects of it seem to be unrelated, but it moves forward, involving various facets of life, such as: health, legal, financial, political, communication, media, marketing, education, social, trading, military, police and other systems. The NWO will not happen overnight. The ruling elite is altering peoples' health and structure in preparation for the implementation of the NWO. Thoughts are being modified through all the services, activities and bombardments directed especially at the youth, who will be the examples for the NWO. One thing has led to another, and, finally, the stage is ready for the implementation of the early stages of the NWO. Terrorism has changed security systems and brought about the demands for obedience of the law and resulted in divisions of various nationalities and races of the world. The United Nations and other national composite associations are being used to implement the NWO. What will emerge will be self-appointed bullies over certain nations, who will take power much like schoolyard bullies overpower their classmates. Bullies will increase in all fields and at all levels. Bullying will be the norm in the workplace, schools, organizations and on the streets. The very young are now learning to bully their classmates, which behaviour is condoned. Older people are also encouraged and even rewarded for bullying. The whole system is going mad. People are openly rude and disrespectful. Hating, bullying, looting and marauding are directly or indirectly encouraged by the system and by the socio-political environment. The minds of people are changing. What we are seeing is reminiscent of the Anunnaki mentality and behaviour before the collapse of their own social systems a long time ago. It is worth mentioning that nearly all of the agents of the NWO do not suspect what is happening. For instance, police are programmed to believe that lower speed limits will reduce accidents and they are further programmed to want to increase revenues for the government by booking people for exceeding those speed limits. Military personnel are programmed to believe that they are needed in foreign and domestic situations to help maintain a "better" world, and they are further programmed to abuse, torture and even kill any that interfere with this "better" world. In most cases, the police commissioners and ministers are ignorant of the Anunnaki plans for a NWO. Likewise, general officers and even commanders of entire military forces may also be ignorant of the Anunnaki plans. This is a very secret conspiracy, and very few agents of Darkness are entrusted with substantial parts of the plans. The demiurges are very fearful of rebellion and overthrow by underlings. It is for this reason that nearly all False-Light beings are only given information on a "need-to-know" basis. Even when a demiurge "incarnates" into a physical body, whether human or alien, that body is denied much information because the demiurge fears overthrow by Its own incarnation. The Virtual Reality is built upon distrust from the top down. True-Light beings who are trapped in this Virtual Reality are restricted from receiving information due to the filtering systems imposed by Darkness to keep all beings ignorant. True-Light beings are able to connect with the True Creator, despite the obstructions erected by Darkness, but such connections are not always easy, and do not last long in this realm of Darkness. Areas have been mapped out for the NWO. Physical safety may be available in certain alien areas, but at an expensive compromise of one's Will. Aliens are in populated and isolated areas as well. In short, there will be aliens and agents of the NWO almost anywhere you go on the planet. You need to be guided inwardly to the safest places and routes. Some of us may need to be in the war zones, others may be guided to relatively safe areas. Remember, one's physical demise is not a sign of punishment or a sign of one's spiritual failure or success. In other words, a dedicated True-Light being may still suffer greatly or die a horrific death, just like beings of Darkness may likewise suffer and end tragically. Physical relocation may not be feasible for everyone and one can gain inner strength from wherever one is located and in whatever situation one finds oneself, whether it be a war-torn country, a NWO infested area or a disaster prone territory. Some of you may be inflicted with illnesses, injuries or other traumas. Understanding that the physical shell is only temporary and is not the real you can assist you to let go of the fears that bind you to this Virtual Reality. Concentrated localities have been slated for the most control. Many things are going on simultaneously. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the sounds we hear around us can all be impregnated with various programming agents to help bring about the NWO. The introduction of various seen and unseen things, audible and inaudible sounds that affect humans and animals, are moulding people into certain categories of controllability. This is very real! What is horrifying is that people are not aware of what is going on in and around them. This includes most of the agents who are ignorantly doing their alien masters' bidding. Most people are not aware that they are being affected, manipulated, used, controlled, influenced and subjugated against their wills. The mind energy of people has been reduced and modified to such a great extent that they will be like robots, carrying out actions according to which buttons are being pressed to activate them. What is so horrifying is that on the surface, things appear normal, yet something is very, very wrong. This is like a small replica of the reality of beings of Light being trapped in the Virtual Reality of Darkness, and not knowing they are being trapped and that they have forgotten their true spiritual identities. It was not funny when recently one alien being was talking to another telepathically about me. She said that she could not understand why "this one", meaning me, was able to escape the programming by sensing side-affects to the programming that were supposed to go unnoticed. The Anunnaki are deeply involved in the implementation of the NWO. Humans will either be their agents or their slaves. There are no other choices for humans. In addition to controlling the physical world, the Anunnaki also control the astral world, so death is not a solution to what is rapidly approaching. Ironically, the living may envy the dead, yet the dead will envy the living. Once Australia is well within the NWO grasp, other countries will be included. All the while that countries are being brought under the NWO umbrella, the two main Anunnaki groups will be fighting for supremacy over the planet. It will be a time of terrible strife and struggle. People might want to consider self sufficiency if feasible. What is looming is a very dangerous time. Compliance with authorities will not assure anything. Marauders will run rampant. Humankind is in for a horrific assault. This is an ugly picture of the reality that is soon to come. It is pointless saying that these are negative things. They are what will soon come. Nothing will change what is to happen. However, there are some things that one can do for oneself to prepare inwardly and take external precautions whenever possible. That is why it is so important that the Virtual Reality be dismantled so there will never be a REPLAY of the horror that Darkness has wrought upon the beings trapped in the Virtual Reality. Many of us may have to live through this nightmare before Liberation occurs. Again, I stress that we must not give our Will over to Darkness, no matter how difficult the situation becomes. Demonic behaviour will express more and more in humans against one another and against other species. Vulturites will spread lies to strike at Reptilians and vice versa. Some of the latest examples of Vulturite propaganda involve The Da Vinci Code and the "discovery" of the Book of Judas. These are both designed to destabilize the Reptilian religious foundations. People will be more and more divided as the Vulturites and Reptilians strike at one another. Up to this point, the aliens have superficially tolerated one another for the common goal of establishing NWO control. Over millennia, there have been many skirmishes and wars between them in which they exercised great restraint, even during the two world wars of the twentieth century. However, they hate one another; both sides strive for the ultimate supremacy on the Earth. Once the NWO is well on the way to being established, the two main Anunnaki groups will fight to the death for ultimate control of this planet. The alien wars will be horrendous. Darkness will hold onto every True-Light being as long as possible as It drags them through the Anunnaki wars, all the while trying desperately to pull them down to Its putrid level. Darkness will try to make True-Light beings lose confidence in their True Divine identities. It is a crucial time to hold onto one's Will and trust inwardly that the True Creator loves us despite our outward crude appearances and is rescuing us as quickly and painlessly as possible under the horrific circumstances. Many will condemn and denounce "god" for what is about to happen. The only "gods" responsible for what is to come are the Anunnaki "gods" and the demiurges. The True Creator is undoing and dismantling the Virtual Reality that was created by the demiurges. Hence, Liberation from Darkness will soon become a reality, which has been promised by Messengers of the True Creator over the ages. Fear is a powerful, crippling agent. Fear can paralyse a person, destroy confidence and change one's outlook. Fear can remove one's focus and steer one off course. Fear can indeed do many destructive things. Fear of poverty, loneliness, sickness, death, losing loved ones, injury, incapacity and other worries make up some of the ingredients of fear. Horror is used by Darkness to bring about fear. Many have noted that Hollywood, television and other media now employ a lot of horror in their productions. Some people have the fear of not having banking, dental, medical, legal and even beauty services available to them. Remember that while you have come to depend on these services, they are all systems created by agents of Darkness. It is in your best interests to believe that you can overcome the fear of going without these conveniences, even if you do not believe that you are a "warrior" of the Light. You have the power to overcome these artificially imposed fears in this world of Darkness simply by being a being of Light, a child of the True Creator. Once you realize that your True Creator loves you and has resolved to Liberate you from this suffering, you can overcome these programmed fears (weaknesses) imposed upon you and you will begin to cope better. These situations may or may not exist in your life, or may not have occurred yet. If your life is not crippled by them, you will be better able to cope even if you are not able to totally overcome your fears. What I say to you are things that I know that you can do. These are things that people have experienced and overcome in the past and at present. I will not suggest anything to you that is impossible to reach, whether you are a warrior or not. Once you have overcome your fears, you will realize that every child of Light is a warrior of True Love, Light and Power. This warriorship is one of Love, Light, Power, Justice, Wisdom, Inner Strength and Perseverance. It has nothing to do with the bloodthirsty, deceitful, murderous, cannibalistic, hateful, jealous, cruel, vengeful, power-hungry, controlling, exploitative, warring, covetous warriorship sponsored by Darkness. Beware that, like most other groups, the survivalist groups have been infiltrated by agents for the NWO. Beware that all major religions, old and new, were originally sponsored by agents of Darkness or were later infiltrated by them, and the original messages were corrupted with the design to turn them into religions that trap True Light beings. Connecting with the True Creator does not require a mediator, a church, an assembly, a congregation or a mentor. Inner Strength comes from within. Through sincere personal "desire" to reach out to the Creator, one can take the first step towards connection with the Light. The rest will follow naturally as the Creator pulls you out of Darkness. This is very different from the haughty claims some make about being able to contact the Divine directly because they arrogantly believe that they are better and more spiritually advanced than others. Fear of "god" is an Anunnaki imposition. They project "miracles" and visions to make the flesh-and-blood Anunnaki appear to be deities. They demand repentance and worship of them. They demand shrines, altars, sacrifices and atonement. They threaten to punish those who disobey them. They are ghouls, not gods. If you fear God, this fear must be overcome. The True Creator is a Loving God that can be held in awe, but not in fear. The Anunnaki want you to fear "god" because, in many cases, they are the gods of the ancients who demanded to be worshipped and feared. The demiurges also want you to fear them. Fear is crippling and through fear, physical power is bestowed upon the Anunnaki agents and the demiurges. The True Creator and all the beings of Light are akin to a happy, loving family where you can feel confident that no matter what, they will always love and welcome you. What is important is that you re-connect with your Creator by sincerely wanting to do so and not give your Will over to Darkness. The rest will fall into place naturally. - On the Brink of Anunnaki New World Order The attacks by Darkness are increasing at this time as It becomes more and more desperate. Recently, on separate occasions, two of our little chihuahua/silky terrier dogs were fatally struck by alien beams. Fortunately, I was near enough when both attacks occurred to bring the little terriers back to life after they had been killed by aliens. These are dangerous times. Humans need to be cautious, yet not fearful of the evil aliens. Anunnaki aliens have no power over True-Light beings who still remember their Creator and have retained their Will. The ruling elite have stepped up their hacking efforts since I wrote On the Brink of Anunnaki New World Order. They have also had many meetings and discussions about the article and the contents of the websites. The ruling elite are very worried. They realize that they have no secrets from the Light and that their time is short. The new use of the figure "8" indicates the pending implementation of the next stage of events in the ruling elites' scheme. The ruling elite is artificially embedding new numerological properties into the number "8". These properties are detrimental to humans but beneficial to the Anunnaki slave masters. However, the planned impact of these properties have been counter-acted by the Light even though there will still be residual negative impact that will affect all things in the Virtual Reality. Most inventions in human history are not of human origin at all. These inventions have been produced at the prodding and insistence of the ruling Anunnaki on the planet and in the astral for purposes that suit the Anunnaki plans. Technology has been doled out by the Anunnaki for very specific purposes. For example, outwardly, the industrial revolution appeared to be a sign of human progress and technological advancements. Few suspect that it was planned and staged to set up an eventual complete takeover by the Anunnaki and the full implementation of their New World Order. Technological advancements are controlled by the Anunnaki, except for the instances when the Amoebas bring improvements to the planet. Technological advancements sponsored by Darkness are designed to give the least possible benefit to humans while providing the Anunnaki masters with the most benefit. The wheel was forced upon humans to extract the maximum possible efforts for as small a benefit as feasible. Moving things by employing wheels is a very inefficient method. Waste is ingrained into Anunnaki slave and penal camps. The entire Virtual Reality was designed by the demiurges to thrive upon waste. Since the Anunnaki are chief agents of Darkness, they have modelled their colonies to likewise thrive upon waste. In order to achieve maximum enslavement while simultaneously demonstrating some production, the Anunnaki forced humans to labour under the primary technology of the wheel. Wheels cause motion without much purpose. Much more energy is put into wheeldriven engines than can be extracted from them. The planets move in circular or elliptical motions. On a smaller scale, atomic particles move in similar patterns. These motions are devised to hold together the illusions of the Virtual Reality, many of which appear quite concrete and physical. Wheel or circular motion is basically motion without purpose, with an object going over and over the same territory without making progress. While wheels can be used to produce physical results, albeit very wastefully, wheels also mask the spiritual abyss into which they are plunging humans and other beings. As I have said before, there is no motion in the True Divine Realm. Motion is an invention of Darkness to help achieve Its purpose of enslavement of True-Light beings as well as FalseLight beings. Motion wastes a huge amount of energy, but motion helps to maintain the illusion of the Virtual Reality. Since motion is extremely wasteful of energy, Darkness must constantly feed Its world with energy to keep the illusion afloat. Up until now, Darkness has stolen this energy from TrueLight beings. However, the Rescue Mission is so far along, and so many True-Light beings have been retrieved from the Virtual Reality, that energy is getting very scarce. Darkness is getting more and more desperate and has been forced to use Its reserves of stolen energy to keep Its putrid illusion going longer in the hopes of finding a solution before the illusion collapses. As Darkness drains Its reserves, the illusion of Its Virtual Reality will falter more and more. Since all motion is wasteful and motion is necessary to maintain the illusion, the reserves will soon be exhausted. When Darkness runs out of Its energy reserves, motion will stop, much like a car will stop when it runs out of petrol. When motion ceases, the illusions created by motion will simply vanish, and that will be the end of Darkness' Virtual Reality. That day is rapidly approaching. It is important not to get caught up in the frictional energy that builds and builds inside, which I have identified as the "Whoak-ka" energy. This is one of the most effective weapons used by Darkness to eventually cause severe emotional blockages that ultimately make one very susceptible to destructive energy attacks that can cause short-term or long-term problems to the victims. Self-control is important. Often, Darkness succeeds in Its attacks because the victims choose to satisfy their egos instead of remedying the situations wisely. From apparently trivial situations such as bickering, annoyances and niggling events, the "Whoak-ka" energy can slip in, and, if unchecked quickly, can put its victims through very serious emotional/mental crises. Keep your focus on the Light, even when things get you down. The True Light will never let you down. - The Anunnaki Wheel of Enslavement The affairs of the world are very confusing. It has been designed that way so that it is extremely difficult to uncover the truth behind the scheme of things. An enormous amount of information about matters of the world has been hidden from humans. Most people are oblivious to the important issues that affect their lives. The few who sincerely seek answers to important questions (such as "Why is there death and suffering?") are obstructed from nearly every direction and are fed with untruth. The people of this world have been duped into believing and accepting that they are the ones in control of their planet. The maze is so complex that few suspect that the affairs of the world are manipulated and controlled by evil aliens. Aliens have been responsible for the scorn and ridicule that arises when people discuss UFOs, alien experiences or conspiracy theories about world domination. This is by alien design. Many know that something is very wrong and believe that there is a conspiracy to enslave the population, but few suspect or dare to discuss that the conspiracy is an Anunnaki one. Aliens are behind the wars on the planet. When United States President John F. Kennedy commissioned a report asking what would happen if there were worldwide peace, the ruling elite had to remove him quickly and replace him with his war-mongering Vice-President, Lyndon B. Johnson. The Light will occasionally involve themselves with earthly wars, but, when It does, it is for the purpose of delaying or blocking Darkness' plans and to temporarily alleviate the sufferings on the Earth. Conventional wars were created by Darkness for Its own gratification and evil purposes. Wars cause undue suffering, which benefits Darkness. Aliens have planned world domination for a long, long time. For example, the Anunnaki planned to have the British and Catholics united under a single banner in their drive to achieve world domination. The British-Catholic plan for world domination was a long time in the making. It underwent trial-and-error testing during the reign of the Roman Empire. The British-Catholic conquest of the world was designed to keep the technology stagnant at the level achieved in the eighteenth century. The Reptilian plan was dangerously close to consummation and final establishment of the New World Order when the Light intervened and assisted in the American Revolution. Had the Light not intervened, the Reptilians would have succeeded in implementing their NWO in the nineteenth century. The Light could not allow that to happen because the Rescue Mission by the Light had not been completed. Had the British-Catholic conquest succeeded, it would have given the Reptilians control of the world under the framework of the Reptilian Anunnaki Protocols of 1492. However, the American Revolution broke the relentless British colonization of the world and ultimately forced the British to give many of its other colonies some form of independence. Due to the victory by the American colonists, the Anunnaki were forced into delaying their One World Government and adopt two basic alternative plans for world domination. As a part of alternative plan number 1, the Reptilians initiated a united alien front to enslave humans. The united alien plan involved the emergence of the industrial revolution. The alternative plan number 2 was to revive the Reptilian NWO through a British-Catholic conquest according to the original version of The Protocols. This was initiated simultaneously with alternative plan number 1 and involved attempting to re-assimilate America into the British Empire. There are many alien races on the Earth, but, up to the time of the American Revolution, the Reptilians had been able to dominate nearly all of the other alien groups. Had the Reptilians succeeded in their planned eighteenth-century conquest, the whole world would have been subjected to Reptilian rule. The American Revolution broke the long-standing Reptilian powerbase. Prior to this event, all the other alien races were smothered by the Reptilians. The failed Reptilian conquest so weakened the Reptilian forces that other alien groups were able to take over pockets of the Reptilian bases. The most prominent opponents to seize the opportunity were the Reptilians' long-standing enemies - the Vulturites (Pers-sires). The failed war made it very difficult for the Reptilians to regain their confidence and resources. They attempted to re-capture America with an elaborate plan using Reptilian agents whom they placed in strategic positions in the colonists' new government. These included George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, John Marshall and others. Some of these names may surprise people because they were actively participating in the Revolution on the side of the colonists. However, one needs to realize that physical actions do not always match the motives on the energy level. Remember, not all crooks act like thugs. This does not necessarily mean that these individuals were physically aware of their Reptilian influence. In fact, it is highly unlikely that any of them were consciously aware that they were being "directed" by Reptilian controllers. This is one of the reasons that everything is so confusing. It was hoped that through these human agents America could be re-assimilated into the British Empire. The Reptilian agents prepared a constitution in a Freemason lodge for the new nation that specifically authorized slavery. The Reptilians planned on using the American Constitution as the model for their revised world domination plan by forcing it upon other nations. The only representative from the Rescue Mission of the Light at the American constitutional convention was Benjamin Franklin, who was over eighty-years old at the time and was primarily witnessing the event. The American Constitution is a very effective model for the NWO except for one thing - the Bill of Rights that was amended to it after it was adopted. James Madison is usually given credit for the attachment of the bill of individual rights, but it was Jefferson who basically forced Madison to support the amendments. The Bill of Rights ultimately protected the American nation from being the mainspring of the Reptilian NWO. George Washington and John Adams were the first and second presidents of the United States. They were programmed by the Reptilians to plunge the young country into severe debt and to initiate onerous internal taxes on the colonists in the hope of financially breaking the new nation. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury, whose advice to Washington and even to Adams sent the new country headlong into nearly insurmountable debt. The Reptilian plan was nearly accomplished when Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third president. As the defeated John Adams was leaving office, he flooded the judiciary with cronies and appointed John Marshall Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Marshall then used many sly tactics to make the American Supreme Court a very powerful institution that suited the Reptilian plans to undermine the American government. Aaron Burr had been Thomas Jefferson's running mate and was supposed to become the vicepresident in 1800. Burr used many underhanded tricks that forced the election to be determined by the House of Representatives. The House voted many times before Jefferson was made president and Burr was made vice president. Had the Reptilian agent Burr been made president instead of Jefferson, the Reptilians would have soon re-taken control of America. As vice-president, with British support, Burr tried to start a civil war and divide America in twain, half for Burr to be the leader of, and half to return to the British. When Burr was arrested and charged for his conspiracy, his fellow Reptilian agent, John Marshall, presided over the trial and rigged it for Burr to be acquitted. Jefferson remained president for eight years, and while in that office he sacked all the internal revenue agents, abolished internal taxes and set the nation onto a debt-free path. Another Reptilian agent became the fourth president when James Madison was elected. He promptly sent the new nation into a hopeless war with Britain and re-established national banks to send the country into huge debt. The Reptilians held enough influence in America that they kept slavery legal until another Attas of the Light, Abraham Lincoln, was elected the sixteenth president. During his presidency, the American Civil War was waged, and, with the North's victory, slavery was finally abolished in America. The Reptilians made another strong move on America in 1913 when they influenced the nation to adopt the Federal Reserve Act, which eventually converted the country from a creditor to a debtor nation. Also, in 1913, the United States authorized internal taxes on incomes and changed the method of election of senators so that state legislatures no longer voted for the federal senators. Instead, senators were elected by majority vote of the people, which made it much easier for the Reptilians to manipulate the elections of the senators. It must now be obvious to the reader that there were plans within plans in the Reptilian agenda for world control. Eventually, the Reptilians concluded that the American Bill of Rights made it an unworkable nation from which to launch their NWO. This is why the Reptilian consciousness has now moved to China. Australia has followed the American Constitution as the model, but denied the citizens of a bill of rights, making this now an ideal Reptilian launching pad for the NWO. This is yet another Reptilian initiative under the revised version of The Protocols. To recapitulate: When the Reptilian 1492 Protocols failed, the Reptilians used an alternative plan to try to destroy America from within and re-assimilate it into the British Empire. This was the revival plan of the 1492 Protocols. At the same time that the Reptilians tried to resuscitate the 1492 Protocols, they commenced a desperate alternative plan in which they solicited the aid of other alien groups, which included Vulturites, Greys, Masa-karas, Wagools etc. However, this is only a show alliance. The Reptilians have no intention of sharing and being in alliance with other alien races. Hence, superficially, other alien races are allowed to be involved in the Reptilian-initiated alternative plan. That is why there has been total silence thrown on the alien issues, including alien abduction, alien experimentation on humans and animals and other matters. That is why all the aliens are in a conspiracy not to let themselves be known. The alien issue is tightly controlled by the alien conspirators. They make sure that reports about alien events are mocked, discredited and obscured. They even influence people to make bogus sightings and then expose them as hoaxes. Among the alien creations are the Galactic Confederation and the so-called channellings from alien beings, which are aimed at deceiving and sidetracking certain audiences. Another example is the staged Mexican UFO incident of 5th March 2004. Returning to the discussion of The Protocols, we are now in the throes of the united-alien technological "advancements" that were planned in the eighteenth century. In this alternative plan for world domination, the Reptilians included other major alien groups, even though their intention was only superficial. The Reptilians had become the dominant alien race on Earth and held a stranglehold over all the other alien races. Ironically, it was the American Revolution, which was mainly fought by humans, that ultimately weakened the Reptilians to the point that other alien races dared to contest them again. This opened the door for the Vulturites to make inroads into world affairs. The Reptilians reluctantly allowed all the other aliens to assist them in the conquest of the humans on Earth. Their weakened state forced them into an alien alliance against the humans. However, the Reptilians are not in a sincere alliance. It is a lot like when management of a firm asks its workers to pitch in to get the firm through a tough patch and makes promises to extract extra effort from the workers, then, when the difficulty is over, the management conveniently "forgets" about all the promises made. It was approximately a century after the industrial revolution was set into motion that the united aliens marched headlong towards their NWO. As noted in the nineteenth-century Protocol 15, the Anunnaki would not come into their kingdom until after some time, perhaps "even a whole century" after the1492 Protocols was revised. The Anunnaki have been forced to wait beyond their longest expectations for full implementation of their planned One World Government. These delays were again due to the intervention by the Light. The Light's plan is to rescue all of the viable True-Light beings on the Earth; it is not meant to stop the Anunnaki conquest of the planet. After the Rescue Mission by the Light is completed, there will be no further need for intervention as there will not be any viable True-Light beings left on the planet. At that point, it will be evil fighting evil. The Light was aware of the Anunnaki plans for the British-Catholic conquest and ultimately thwarted them. The Light intervened by sending a team of Attas to the Earth. Everyone on the team was an abolitionist (opposed to slavery), and the group was headed by Thomas Paine. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were a part of that team. It was assembled to delay the Anunnaki plan for world domination. As a result of the Attas' work, the American colonies, which were under British rule at the time, broke away from their mother country and formed a new nation. This was a tremendous blow to the Anunnaki plot for world domination. The British were forced to grant certain forms of independence to other colonies such as Canada and Australia as a direct result of the American Revolution. In other words, the Protestant branch of Christianity was unable to achieve its goal. Therefore, the Reptilian plans for a NWO that had been in place for centuries had to be modified. Before the American Revolution, the Anunnaki realized that there was a possibility of the British Empire fracturing. So they began taking precautions by formulating and beginning to implement an alternate plan in case the British Empire began to deteriorate. The alternate plan forced the Reptilians to take drastic steps in order to achieve world dominion before the early part of the twenty-first century. The alternate time-table made things more difficult for the Anunnaki. The Reptilians wanted as much control of Earth as possible before they would re-start time with the Atu-waa, which would have to be done on or before 2008. The Reptilians did not have the many centuries it would take to disassemble the British Empire and re-establish another world power using eighteenth-century technology. In order to bring into being another empire capable of world conquest before early in the twenty-first century, the Anunnaki were forced to begin flooding humans with alien technology. When the American Revolution succeeded and the colonists broke away from England, the united-alien alternate plan was put into full swing. In anticipation of the possible victory by the American colonists, the Reptilians commenced the industrial revolution in England. Had the colonists lost the war, the industrial revolution would have been terminated because there would not have been a need for advanced technology. Since the colonists defeated the British, the industrial revolution was fully launched and implemented, resulting in the availability of alien technology all around the world - the days of horse-and-buggy technology were numbered. The Anunnaki led a desperate technological drive to achieve world conquest before the latest date in which time could be re-started. Many think this date is 2012 based upon the Mayan records, but those records are corrupted and the Anunnaki actually only have until 2008. However, those dates were made irrelevant in early 2006 when the Light rescued the TrueLight consciousness who had been enslaved in the Atu-waa. This rendered the time-restarting device permanently inoperable. Thomas Paine is back on Earth. This time he will inspire humans to resist the evil aliens - no matter how difficult the task - because, these are the times that try men's souls. Just like before, he will give comfort and energy to many whom the Anunnaki would otherwise trample. He will inspire them to fight on against all odds for as long as they are imprisoned in this bleak, putrid Virtual Reality. Today, Jesus is back on Earth. Some have recognized him already, but most do not. Suspecting that Jesus is back on Earth, Darkness has instructed Its representatives to falsely claim to be Jesus in order to confuse people and to mock the Light. In the course of the Rescue Mission by the Light, it has been important to set up decoys and decoys within decoys to obscure the Attas from the prying eyes of the agents of Darkness. Now, the Mission is so far along that many of the decoys are no longer necessary. The time of Liberation from Darkness approaches. Those who have held onto their wills need to continue but a little longer. The Anunnaki being who initiated the original version of The Protocols has a name that sounds like "Maiso" in the alien communities. In the fifteenth century Maiso occupied a human body and was known by a different name. Maiso occupies another human body today. On 21st June 2005, Maiso gave the order to quicken the implementation of the genuine goals of the revised version of The Protocols. The original version of The Protocols is the blueprint of significant plans of the Protocol Board. Standing on one side of the Board are the Reptilian guardians of the ancient Mis-sotols. On the other side is the full arm of the Ron-ta-goo. The Ron-ta-goo are akin to the ancestors of the Vulturites. Deep in their history lies the old wound created by the deepseated conflict between Mis-so-tols and the Ron-ta-goo. Over time, the Ron-ta-goo were forcibly absorbed into the Reptilian society due to political changes, making a larger "family" of Reptilians. However, underneath there was always a simmering dissatisfaction and distrust by the Ron- ta-goo towards the Reptilians. This feeling gave rise to a serious problem, and eventually some of the Ron-ta-goo broke away from the Reptilian "family" and became known as the Pers-sires amongst themselves in their new territory. In my earlier writings, I have identified the Pers-sires, and, for specific reasons, I coined the word "Vulturite" to refer to them. Since the breakaway, the descendents of the Pers-sires have never trusted the Reptilians and there has been a rift between the Reptilians and the Vulturites to this day. Both Reptilians and Vulturites have colonized the Earth and have used the planet and all of its occupants as a battlefield. The humans are being used as pawns by both sides. For example, the Reptilians have focused on certain religions such as Judaism and Christianity whilst the Vulturites focused upon Islam and others. Both parties use humans and human religions as pawns in their battles. They will not hesitate to sacrifice their "chosen" ones or inflict pain and suffering upon them when it suits their plans. These two groups will reward and punish even those whom they have chosen when it suits them. For example, Saddam Hussein was once favoured by the Reptilians, but he was later abandoned and sacrificed to the Vulturites for various reasons. The Protocols aims at pitting humans against humans by creating divisions between races, religions, political parties, nations etc. The Protocols was intended to incite people and to pit Jews and Muslims against one another. Even though the Reptilians are overseeing Judaism and Christianity, they have no qualms in casting Jews and Christians into a dangerous and bitter conflict with Muslims. Likewise, the Vulturites have no qualms about betraying the very people they oversee and causing them to be targeted as terrorists by many non-Muslims. On the other hand, Jews are copping it too from others. And so, both Jews and Muslims are pawns in the Reptilian-Vulturite battles. In the end, all humans suffer greatly. Many "people" are now acting as the eyes and ears of the ruling elite. These are from all races and creeds. However, most of these people think that they are acting as loyal citizens of their respective nations and have not the slightest suspicion that their actions have been programmed by agents of the ruling elite. Cell phones have become very effective tools for individual and mass programming. Even though people have been warned of the possible risks of cancer and other problems arising from using cell phones, most people do not take the warnings seriously. Besides, the "necessity" and convenience of cell phones - including mass programming to get people to use them - often override the concerns about the adverse effects of using them. When The Protocols was revised in the nineteenth century, it was circulated for different purposes than it is now. The revised Protocols is primarily intended to incite people against certain groups in order to achieve the ruling elites' agendas. Ultimately, The Protocols is nothing short of a plot against humans by Anunnaki aliens. It is really a war launched by the Anunnaki against the true humans who have been somewhat protected from the Anunnaki attacks by the Light while the Rescue Mission is in progress. The Anunnaki group responsible for The Protocols is the Reptilians, even though other aliens participated in the revised version. The Protocols was not released until after the Reptilians were satisfied that their programming trials and experiments were successful against the humans. Thus, many aspects of The Protocols seem to have come to pass as planned because of the success in the implementation of massive programming via various means. One of the aspects of the Reptilian plan is to try to fit their activities with the corrupted version of John the Divine's Revelation that appears in the extant Bible. Many important matters were intentionally omitted from The Protocols to try to misdirect humans towards the issues that are specifically mentioned in the document. Hence, the Anunnaki hope that humans will mainly focus their attention on the disciplines of law, politics, education, literature and banking. Of course, the Reptilians have invested vast amounts of resources in pharmaceutical and medical fraud. For instance, the Anunnaki have successfully convinced humans to put toxins such as mercury and fluoride in their mouths for supposed dental health. Likewise, the Anunnaki have promoted poisoning of the body for so-called cures of cancer with massive radiation and chemical treatments that bring the patients closer to death than the disease would do in its normal course. Through all sorts of programming and the introduction of many foreign things into the food chain, the Anunnaki have caused many types of cancer and other diseases to spread. Further, through introduction of luxurious things that pollute the air and water, the Anunnaki tricked humans into fouling the environment to the point of no return. Cancer now runs rampant throughout the entire human race, striking all age groups. Other diseases, such as AIDS, mad cow disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, gulf war illnesses and others were Anunnaki brainstorms. Heart disease and diabetes were triggered by many of the Anunnaki schemes to poison humans. The culling of certain races has seen their countries suffering from famine, disease, drought, poverty, war and civil unrest. In The Protocols, the Anunnaki intention was to turn the Jewish people into the scapegoats of humans' anger; the evil aliens do not want to draw attention to themselves. To keep suspicion away from alien involvement, the Anunnaki have programmed people to ridicule, scorn and mock anyone who reports unidentified flying objects or experiences with aliens, as mentioned earlier. Military and civil authorities publicly denounce all alien activities. Scientists play sceptics for the Anunnaki to dissuade humans from considering that aliens are living on the Earth. Finally, the medical profession "treats" many of those who report UFO incidents by severely drugging them or even incarcerating them in mental institutions to make them see the world from the perspective from which the Anunnaki want it observed. Depression, despair, anxiety and other emotional disturbances are often caused by Anunnaki programming through prescription and street drugs, alcohol, food, air, water, radio waves, broadcasts, sporting events, subliminal messages, invisible beams and other means. Many of the programming events seem harmless and to be natural activities. However, much destructive behaviour results from exposure to the programming. Riots, unrest, murders, rapes, road rage, deviant behaviour and even wars are the result of much of the programming. When the Anunnaki arrived on the Earth, humans had greater mental capacities than they do today. This made them more difficult to enslave. Over time, the Anunnaki altered human DNA and depleted their mental abilities to make them better slaves. At this time, humans think that they reason for themselves, but any human reasoning is but a fraction of what they were capable of before the alien invasion of the Earth. Humans are at the mercy of the aliens for technological advancements. This is why humans went into the Dark Ages. The aliens wanted humans to slide backwards intellectually and technologically. The aliens kept humans confined to horse-and-buggy technology for millennia before they were forced to spring the industrial revolution upon the human race. The industrial revolution signalled the Anunnaki move to implement its united-alien alternative plan for a One World Government, which needed certain technology to be introduced. The Reptilians have everything in order now, yet they have had difficulty in implementing their intricate plans. It has been a delicate balancing act for the Reptilians because they have so many races of Anunnaki to deal with, and their plans are for none but the Reptilians to have power on the Earth. More importantly, the Rescuers of the Light and their Assistants are closely watching the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are represented on Earth by aliens in alien bodies, aliens in human bodies, astral beings and humans who work for the aliens. The Anunnaki are chief agents of the demiurges who constructed the Virtual Reality. Many of them are now in human bodies and occupy prominent positions in science, medicine, entertainment, politics, law, media, education, finance, commerce etc. Darkness uses the names of Attas such as Moses, Jesus and Mary for Its own purposes. Darkness knows that many True-Light beings are attracted to the energy of the Attas and therefore uses those names to entrap and to further Its own cause. It does this all in the name of "God". Esoterically, using the names of Attas in the Virtual Reality can lend power to the user, whether that user intends to use the name for good or evil. However, the New Energy that has now been introduced into the Virtual Reality for the Rescue Mission by the Light cannot be corrupted by Darkness. In fact, the consciousness of the New Energy will not tolerate impure intentions. Hence, when beings attempt to use the New Energy for nefarious purposes, their attempts will automatically backfire upon them. Demiurge number one is the main demiurge on and around the Earth. As I have mentioned before, the Earth was not a significant location in the Virtual Reality until the Anunnaki secretly moved the Atu-waa from their home planet of Nibiru to the Earth. Once the Anunnaki fully committed themselves and the Atu-waa to the Earth, it became a very significant location in the Virtual Reality. Now that the Atu-waa is inoperable, the Anunnaki are so infuriated and desperate that they will behave even more brutally and openly than in the past. Demiurge number one intended the Reptilians to become the main force in the Virtual Reality by allowing them to repeatedly re-start time from the Earth. All the Reptilian activity on the Earth attracted a lot of attention from many aliens, who began exploring and colonizing the Earth. The Reptilians kept the location of the Atu-waa secret from the other alien races, and moved it frequently to prevent it being discovered. The Reptilians developed an extremely complex plan for control of the entire planet that would take millennia to accomplish. Unbeknownst to most of the Anunnaki, the Reptilians still maintain this agenda. Secrecy was of the utmost importance in the Reptilian plan. Before the American Revolution, it was not easy for the Reptilians to accomplish the total takeover of the planet because many other Anunnaki races were watching them, so much was done covertly. Let us not forget that religions were sponsored by the Anunnaki to control the populations. The modifications to the human body and the restrictions put upon it to accomplish the demiurge's plan for Anunnaki world domination have become a vulnerable part of Its plan. By keeping beings in human bodies ignorant and limiting their mental capacities so much, humans are virtually unable to remember their past lives, who they are, or how to communicate with their higher selves. This works for the Anunnaki plans because it makes it easier to deceive and manipulate people. However, it also works against the Anunnaki because they cannot effectively contact their own kind who are in human bodies and give them messages and instructions. At this time, there are many Anunnaki aliens in human bodies who are being commanded to do certain things by their Anunnaki masters, but they also have physical needs and desires in their respective bodies that can conflict with the dictates from the Anunnaki command centres. In this way, all aliens in human bodies are disadvantaged by the circumstances in which they have been placed. Thus, they must be programmed to act. In fact, the human body and mind that Darkness modified and restricted has become Its own enemy. While humans are ignorant of what is going on around them, so are most of the aliens in human bodies. Thomas Paine exposed the fallacy of the concept of "divine right of kings" in his inspirational pamphlet called Common Sense. The Anunnaki are afraid of Paine's energy, and fear that another such pamphleteer could foil their plans for world domination. It was Paine's call to action that incited and fuelled the American Revolution. The evil aliens' fear of Paine is again seen in The Protocols when they discuss how they will tax and discourage small printers, especially those who publish pamphlets. The Anunnaki are worried; they have finally realized that Thomas Paine is back on Earth again. Moreover, they realize that the author of the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, is also back. With hatred directed at the Jews from all corners of the world, there is very little chance that the real authors of The Protocols will even be suspected or sought out. Such is the mind of the Anunnaki. They will sacrifice their "chosen race" for their own gains. Of course, the Reptilians are doing the same thing to the Greys, promising them world prominence but all the while planning on rendering them totally ineffective once the Reptilian NWO is implemented. The Jews are no more the chosen race than are the Reptilians. Darkness uses and deceives everyone, including Its own agents. Nobody and nothing is "chosen" except to further the megalomaniacal delusions of Darkness to attempt to pollute all of the True Creation of the True Creator. When it suits Darkness, all Its agents are forced to suffer and despair. This is the product of the demented mind of Darkness. When it suits Darkness It shows no mercy, not even to Its own chosen ones. The 5th Protocol admits that the Anunnaki secretly have a hand in even the most insignificant of agreements between nations. This is done either physically or occultly. Evil aliens are able to influence everything that occurs on the Earth via programming, blackmail, bribes, seductions, threats, manipulations, confusion or force. Although many of the top Reptilians are in Jewish bodies, they are also in many other races of humans. These comprise the Reptilian ruling elite of the planet, who generally possess wealth, status, power and/or influence. Many have been recently re-called from their human forms to take up positions in alien bodies in preparation for the implementation of the NWO. Some of these high-ranking re-calls are young, healthy people. The Freemasons are sponsored by the Anunnaki, however, most Freemasons are ignorant of this fact. Like the Jews, the Freemasons have the fingers pointed at them by the very beings who sponsor them. This is another attempt to keep the goyim (humans in this case) from suspecting Anunnaki aliens behind world influence. At this time it is the Chinese race in China that is favoured by the Reptilian Anunnaki. The Reptilians have planned for a long time to shift from the USA to China. Before they shifted, they used the American military and scientists to develop highly-sophisticated technology that they moved over to China before departing the USA. The Reptilian consciousnesses that once led America are now mostly in prominent and influential Chinese bodies. Many of the top Anunnaki have already migrated to China and taken over various humans in that country. It is from China that the main thrust of the NWO is being implemented at this time. It is not surprising that Chinese who are deemed dangerous to the ruling elite will be the ones most persecuted in their own country. However, it should always be borne in mind that those of the ruling elite will also be occasionally thrown to the "wolves" to keep people confused because the ruling elite will persecute and sacrifice its own kind. It is no surprise that the Japanese, who were once the "chosen race" of the Reptilians, have now been abandoned by them. Ironically, the Chinese in China whom the Reptilians urged the Japanese to massacre many years ago are now the "chosen ones". This shows that the Anunnaki do not really care for their "chosen ones" when it suits them. Even though the Chinese are the latest "chosen ones", not all Chinese in China will be treated the same. It is easy to identify individuals who are "on top of the world" in every endeavour, whether in law, politics, commerce, media, finance, medicine, education, science, military, police, sports, entertainment and so on. These are the ones who can "do no wrong" and can bounce back regardless of any adverse exposure about their heinous behaviour. They are the "teflon people" since nothing sticks to them. However, even those on top are sometimes abandoned when it suits the Anunnaki plans, and they lose their teflon coating. Wars are fought when a majority of the people of a nation can be programmed to want to battle to the death with other nations. This is another extreme showing of Anunnaki programming. The Anunnaki desire mass murders (wars) when it suits them, but they will not tolerate individual murders. Individual murderers are severely punished under the Anunnaki laws, however, mass killers in wartime are decorated and honoured by Anunnaki political systems. These days, telephone voting for various entertainment broadcasts on television is one of the latest stages of apparent democracy to get people used to the programmed idea that people hold the power in decisions. The truth is quite the opposite. Ultimately, it is not really the people's choice who wins the competitions. The voters are programmed to vote in particular ways and the competitions are in fact fixed. The winners are pre-selected by the agents of the ruling elite, unless there is intervention by another power. The Anunnaki have constructed model constitutions for the world to follow. I have mentioned before that the American Constitution is the model for the Anunnaki constitutions. It is primarily the American Bill of [individual] Rights that the Anunnaki abhor. It is easy to see this is the case since individual rights are uncommon in the constitutions for other nations and organizations such as NATO, the UN etc. Individual rights are abhorred by the Anunnaki as they can work to circumvent the Anunnaki plans for the NWO. The Anunnaki want to enslave everyone and they will only grant apparent individual rights when it is deemed necessary for their plans. People need to be aware that the internet is sponsored, policed and controlled by the ruling elite and that many of the Anunnaki tactics exposed in The Protocols also occur on the internet. For instance, certain websites that appear to be anti-Semitic are only using that as a cover so they will not be suspected as agents of the ruling elite. These websites are also used to track the visitors to the sites. Beware! Not all the websites that appear to be anti-Semitic or anti-NWO or anti-fluoride etc. are really what they appear to be. The intentional distortion of the Message of Moses is the same as the intentional distortion of the Message of Jesus. Fundamentally, Moses' Message was about the entrapment of TrueLight beings in Darkness. This Message of duality has always been attacked, suppressed and distorted by Darkness to the extent that Darkness even developed Its own version of distorted duality to further trap those beings who were awakened to the knowledge of duality, but only to fall into another trap. Judaism is the foundational religion for the Anunnaki NWO. It has never been intended to be widely accepted or to have a huge following. Hidden under the Jewish teachings are the Freemasons, who are the international ambassadors whose ostensive tenants are to elevate King Solomon and the temple he erected and to spread supposed brotherly love. Christianity is another extension of Judaism. This was the converting/conquering arm of the faith and following of demiurge number one. It would be laughable to think that Judaism would become the One World Order religion. When The Protocols speaks of the religion of Moses, they really mean primarily the Christian arm of Judaism. However, when the Anunnaki NWO is fully implemented, they will destroy Christianity, along with all of the other arms of Judaism, including Judaism, as well as all other religions of the world. The Anunnaki are of the Balsai faith, and ultimately, it will be the only religion allowed on Earth. In my opinion, Balsai is a sophisticated form of "devil-worshipping" - worshipping demiurge number one. In order to make Christianity the temporary One World Order religion, it would be necessary to merge the major religions of the world i.e. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism into Christianity or to eliminate those religions that could not be merged into Christianity. It is very unlikely that Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism would merge with Christianity because they are under different demiurges. For example, Vulturites are under a different demiurge than the Reptilians are. Vulturite Anunnaki sponsor some other religions on the planet. This is the main reason that certain religions are continually in conflict. The so-called "holy wars" waged by various religions are really instigated by various Anunnaki aliens. Since Judaism and Christianity are under Reptilian influence, it is more probable for the two religions to work together. Who are the Learned Elders of The Protocols? They are the ruling elite - Anunnaki Remnants in human bodies which include the Reptilians and Vulturites in human bodies. For now, the united-alien groups work loosely together in certain matters for the common goal of a One World Order. However, the Reptilians and the Vulturites intend to be the dominant group that ultimately rules the world. Thus, there is a major conflict simmering under the surface concerning these two main groups of Anunnaki. As I indicated earlier, The Protocols is of Reptilian origin. The document is a tool used by the Reptilians to assist them in "coming into their kingdom", which is a code to alert members of the Reptilian ruling elite that the time is near. The Reptilians have been delayed in coming into their kingdom because representatives of the Light are always at hand. Also, other alien groups are watching them closely. In a sense, the Virtual Reality is built upon esoteric magic. It was esoteric magic that set thoughts of Darkness into motion to have them gather together into Matter. It was esoteric magic that allowed the Matter to create alats around them to protect the Matter. It was also esoteric magic that allowed the Matter to further shield itself and make itself into individual sakooses - the building blocks of the entire Virtual Reality. For a more detailed discussion see: The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons. The Star of David is a very powerful esoteric symbol. It contains the "magic" to protect Matter (Darkness' thought forms). The alats surrounding Matter are composed of two rapidly spinning equilateral triangles. When these triangles are in opposition, they form a kitos, which is the design of the Star of David. Thus, the Star of David is a kitos. Esoterically, this is a very powerful placement. It is no wonder that the Star of David is often employed in certain forms of magic and is also used as a talisman. The Jews worldly power comes from Massounic magic, which is only available to the ruling elite. It is through the use of this magic that money was given "life" and was accepted as a means of exchange by the people of the world. Money entities were created by Darkness to obey Its rules. The money entities have been horribly abused and forced to fit into the plan of Darkness. The money entities have been forced to favour certain people and to disadvantage others. They do not only favour some individuals and ignore others. Whole families, communities, cities, shires, states, nations, regions and entire continents are affected by the unfair distribution of money. The writing and publication of The Protocols have put certain things into action, but things do not have to go the way the document is written. Even though the NWO will be implemented, the Light has taken certain measures that will ensure the total demise of the evil plans that the Anunnaki have set into motion. The forces of evil will self-destruct when their own evilness is returned to them by their own actions. The Will of the viable True-Light beings will sustain them against Darkness as long as they do not trade it for temporary relief, worldly gratifications, or anything offered by Darkness. In other words, do not be tempted, seduced, blackmailed, bribed, threatened or coerced by Darkness into giving in to Evil. The NWO is designed to physically enslave people. But, the goal behind the enslavement is to chip away at the Will of the True-Light beings so they will give it over to Darkness. People need to resist spiritually and to hold onto their Will for as long as the Rescue Mission of the Light takes to complete. It is the Will that Darkness craves. The Will is the True Spirit of a True-Light being. If Darkness can trick the True-Light beings into surrendering their Wills, the beings will become totally polarized towards Darkness and will no longer be viable because they will have been lost to Darkness. This is why it is absolutely critical to resist Evil and not to give one's Will over to Darkness. - The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion The alien wars are now apparent to those who are familiar with my other postings. Things are now moving rapidly as the alien wars are much more transparent than in the past. Whether directly or indirectly, these alien wars that are being fought on Earth affect the lives of all people on the planet. As I have said many times, humans are pawns in the alien wars. The "unseen" forces behind world affairs are not even suspected by the majority of the people. Some of the alien battles are contested in physical events that would seem mundane to even the most astute observers. They can occur on television programmes, in sporting events, entertainment events, political gatherings, social affairs, religious celebrations etc. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are in the midst of the equivalent of an endgame situation of a chess match. One of their most recent clashes involved a very serious battle that took place at the World Cup soccer match in Kaiserslautern, Germany, between Japan and Australia. Oddly, both countries are politically under Vulturite influence for the time being - that is, two Vulturite factions were engaged in the competition. On the physical level, it appeared to be an ordinary, competitive soccer event. On the energy level, it was very different. The Reptilians chose this particular match to make a stand against the Vulturites. When the Vulturites realized this was going on, they assisted Japan with a questionable goal that kept the Vulturites smug for nearly the entire game. In the last six minutes or so of the match, the Reptilians stepped in to make an emphatic show of power. The Vulturites were helpless as the Reptilian-assisted Australian team slammed in goal after goal after goal within the final six minutes and soared to a stunning, come-from-behind victory. On the physical level, the victory took both Australia and Japan by surprise. Few of the human participants or spectators had any idea of what was going on or how the tide had shifted so suddenly. This does not mean that any more of the upcoming World Cup games are significant to the aliens. They can select any forum for their battlefields. The Reptilians wanted to show the Vulturites that, without any doubt, they are the power behind world affairs. If they had come in earlier, it would not have been so dramatic and would not have had the same effect. The Vulturites are intimidated by this loss. It is the Reptilians' way of telling the Vulturites that they are about to take over the country of Australia. Throughout history, aliens have influenced human colonists of new worlds to disadvantage native inhabitants by introducing alcohol to them. Now, the same tactic is being used by the aliens to disadvantage the general populations of the world. Australians, particularly young Australians, are now being encouraged to indulge in alcohol and other drugs frequently and excessively. The pubs and nightclubs are becoming the "in" places for the young people. The Reptilians are also pushing for new drugs amongst the younger population. Many types of crimes have increased that are directly linked with alcohol and drugs. People are becoming numb to these social problems. Television is promoting drinking amongst young people. More and more young people are drinking outside in order to be accepted as cool and successful. Holiday travels more frequently include winery stopovers for wine tasting and alcohol promotion. Drinking is becoming a more and more socially accepted activity. The aliens want to weaken the entire human race now through indulgence in alcohol. What the colonists did to the native peoples will soon be happening to humans at large - they will be weakened. While Australians were celebrating their soccer victory, the Reptilians were subliminally programming them to drink in excess. Television commentators all around the nation were prompting people to celebrate the victory with many drinks. Those who drink large amounts of caffeine are likewise in danger of falling into similar traps as those who are consuming alcohol. The higher the caffeine content, the more drastic the effects will be. It can cause serious effects on the body, such as weakening the immune system and the mind. All this will make it easier for humans to be controlled, and, ultimately, eliminated. The stronger the coffee, the easier it is for the aliens to hide the programming effects in it. The migration of people around the country, which is part of the alien agenda, has already started in Australia. People are now programmed or "forced" to move long or short distances due to work or health-related issues. Many are being re-located into certain towns or cities for easier control of the population. It is easier for the aliens to control "civilians" by concentrating them in population centres. The aliens have already mapped out what type of people they want in which areas. The first stage has started. The aliens have already numbered and categorized people. Bear in mind that the Reptilians and the Vulturites both have their own individual agendas, so the alien plans have various underpinnings. Humans are the pawns. The Reptilians have patiently waited and watched as the Vulturites carried out dirty international work for them (under the united-alien plan) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, East Timor and other places. Indonesia is in a strategic position in the plan due to its connections with other neighbouring countries, especially Australia and Malaysia. Domestically, the Vulturites have done the dirty job of stripping ordinary Australians of guns and other weapons, and restricting them with mountains of legislation that strip them of rights and liberty. The Reptilians are now stepping in to take over the nation. As with America, within the sleeping population of Australia there exist pockets of courageous, dedicated opponents who, with a little bit of external help, could actually foil the alien plans. There will be power shifts to and from various countries to suit the aliens. Consciousnesses will be moving around. Many Reptilian consciousnesses currently in Europe, the Middle East (including Israel) and other parts of the world will be re-locating to China before the year is over. America and Israel will decline as the power shifts. If humans could awaken and see through the alien manipulations, cease fighting one another and work together to resist the aliens, then it would be a different story for the Earth. But, this cannot be because there will always be humans who will betray other humans for selfinterest. Besides, people cannot tell who are the aliens in human bodies and who are the humans who are really humans. Therefore, humans can only resist on the individual level as best they can. Ultimately, there is a twist coming. - The Anunnaki Chess Tournament All of the "natural laws" that govern the physical world are based upon illusions that have been conjured up by Darkness. All "natural laws" in the Virtual Reality are purposely imposed upon the inhabitants of the Dodecahedron - the Virtual Reality - to disadvantage the inhabitants (who are really prisoners or slaves of Darkness), and to benefit Darkness. Every illusion employed by Darkness is founded on the Grand Illusion of Motion. The illusion of no-motion has been a topic of discussion in many of my writings. It is the illusion that Darkness created to keep beings that are trapped in the Dodecahedron from realizing that they are spinning and spinning for no purpose other than to suit Darkness. The spinning is brought about by the illusion of motion, which trapped beings are almost totally oblivious to because of the illusion of no-motion. As I mentioned before, the illusion of no-motion is really an illusion within the illusion of motion and motion is the Grand Illusion of Darkness. It is through the illusion of motion that Darkness was able to "create" Its virtual realities. The entire Virtual Reality is encased in the Dodecahedron, which is composed of the twelve pentagon-shaped universes. The illusion of no-motion causes great confusion. Even the encasement of True Spirits in "souls" in this Virtual Reality stems from the illusion of no-motion. The illusion of no-motion is that illusion that deceives beings into thinking there is no-motion unless their rate of travel changes. This illusion causes things in this pseudo-creation to appear to be very different from what they really are. Hence, people are deceived and confused by the illusion. For example: The illusion of no-motion makes the Earth appear to be standing still for those who occupy it, and without in-depth study, the Earth's residents would be ignorant that the Earth is in constant motion. The illusion of no-motion is now fracturing because the Virtual Reality is collapsing. Once the illusion of no-motion is totally fractured, the separation of Spirit from Matter will be completed. This means that True Spirits will finally be freed from the encasements that are called "souls". As I have explained in other writings, the latter are pseudo-spirits that impersonate True Spirits while all the while they act as jails of the True Spirits that are trapped in the Virtual Reality. The illusion of no-motion should not be confused with the Buddhist concept of illusion, which is yet another form of illusion within the illusion - a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality. When Darkness corrupted thinking and created thoughts and thought forms, It became deluded in Its own fantasy. As Darkness became more and more deluded, Its "creation" became more and more entwined to such an extent that Darkness has become confused by Its own handiwork. In other words, Darkness is demented and trapped in Its own creation. Motion was created so that Darkness could cluster Its thought forms into pseudo-material amalgamations, which I have called "Matter". Thought forms as we know them in this Virtual Reality originated in the Mind of Darkness. Thought forms come from thoughts; thoughts and thought forms as we know them exist only in the Virtual Reality and in the Mind of Darkness. Darkness projected Its thoughts to "create". So, in a sense, everything in the Virtual Reality is in the Mind of Its "creator" - it is Darkness' delusion. Thoughts grow and stimulate negativity or positivity. Thoughts can cause obsessions, corruption, influence behaviour and responses. Corruption of thoughts is due to thoughts of Darkness acting out Darkness' delusions, fantasies and desires. The delusions of Darkness have permeated the entire Virtual Reality. Darkness could have returned to Purity but It was too enamoured with Its own thoughts. In a simplified explanation, Darkness is so deluded by Its own sense of grandeur that It rejects the Light. Motion is the foundation for vibration, which is yet another illusion within the illusion of motion. Vibrations are used to create many other illusions, including false light (material light, or light made from material particles). Dimensions within the Virtual Reality are brought about by various frequencies of vibrations. Hence, dimensions are illusions within the illusion of vibration, which is an illusion within the illusion of motion. Thus, it can be seen that the Virtual Reality is composed of illusions within illusions. However, these illusions are very "real" because Darkness very much intended the illusions to appear to be all there is. Otherwise, the Virtual Reality would not be such a successful trap. In fact, the Virtual Reality appears so real that even Darkness has become convinced that it is real. The Virtual Reality has many illusions, including the illusions of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. These illusions were all "created" by Darkness, and none of these illusions will exist when the Grand Illusion of Motion ceases. Darkness invented the five senses. The main reason for the "creation" of the senses was to further entrap beings in Its make-believe world of the Virtual Reality. Many people are now so numbed in awareness that they accept that unless something can be experienced through the five physical senses, it is not real. Those who have "vision", "hearing" or other ways of sensing things beyond the five accepted senses are often considered to be deluded. Many psychologists and medical professionals will zealously attempt to "cure" people who admit to having experiences beyond the five physical senses by prescribing mind-altering drugs to harness what they perceive to be a psychiatric problem. In extreme cases, such ones are incarcerated for admitting to sensing things beyond the five physical senses. As the Virtual Reality fractures more and more, so will the dimensions within the Virtual Reality fracture. As more and more people can sense inter-dimensional activities, many of them will be diagnosed as schizophrenic or as suffering from other forms of mental disorders. The ignorance of other dimensions, and the reliance upon the five senses, are so deeply instilled in the population that most people are in absolute denial of the possibility of other forms of existence or intelligence apart from the physical. This will leave most people unable to cope with the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. Science and medicine will have no real answers, and their proposed "cures" will actually be detrimental to the well-being of those who are breaking through the five physical senses. As the Virtual Reality succumbs further to the fracturing, more and more of Its "magic" will weaken and dissipate. Darkness created many "laws" by which to give the appearance of order in Its "creation". Laws of motion, gravity, inertia, re-action and others were put into place. These so-called "natural laws", rules, protocols and principles are necessary for the appearance of order and workings in the Virtual Reality. Through these artificial laws, predictability and order are achieved. All of these artificial laws are part of the trap of the Virtual Reality. They are restrictions put into play by Darkness. They appear to work only because of the "natural laws" of the Virtual Reality. In dreams, people can do the unthinkable and unattainable. Therefore, there are different laws and restrictions in the physical Virtual Reality than those in the sleep world virtual reality. The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world; dreams are illusions within the illusion of the sleep world reality. All biological bodies require rest. This is an intentional imposition upon the bodies. In humans and animals, sleep is the deepest form of rest, and further, it is a requirement for continued existence in the physical. Deprivation of sleep is detrimental to all biological bodies. The extent of sleep deprivation can weaken the etheric body, the physical immune system, cause health and mental problems, and in extreme cases, it can be fatal. We are not the body, we are the consciousness. The consciousness is not the physical body, although it is housed in the physical body and encased in the "soul", which is often mistaken for the True Spirit. The "soul" was created by Darkness to imprison the True Spirit - the consciousness. The "soul" mimics the True Spirit of the Divine Creation. However, the "soul" is the spirit of all the artificial creations of Darkness. In other words, for all intents and purposes, the "soul" is all there is for those created by Darkness - they are artificial and can only exist in the Virtual Reality created by Darkness. Darkness was aware that the True Spirit is always active and would soon see through the illusion of motion if allowed to remain in the Virtual Reality in its Divine state. Therefore, Darkness created bodies that require sleep. Darkness created the sleep world so that consciousnesses would be occupied and sidetracked while their respective biological bodies were at rest. The astral body moves out of the physical body during sleep and travels to many places. However, there is always a link to the physical body, even during sleep. In other words, the consciousness drives the astral body from the home station of the physical body. The consciousness does not need sleep - only the physical body needs sleep. Generally, in this Virtual Reality, when a person dies and sheds his or her physical body, the astral body goes to the astral world. It is at this time that the "soul" leaves the physical body and thereafter resides in the astral body of the deceased. The astral world has its own "natural laws". For instance, a person can travel or change his or her appearance at will in the astral world. Once a person enters the astral world after physical death, he or she will eventually enter into a deep "sleep", after which the being resumes a new life in the astral world. Note that this is not the normal, "day-to-day" sleep of the astral world. It is a sleep whereby the new arrivals are stripped of much of their knowledge acquired throughout their physical lifetimes, and during which they are also programmed with false memories and various types of programming - "brainwashing". After they have gone through the initial programming, the new arrivals "awaken" and begin their conscious lives in the astral world. Once "awakened", the new arrivals receive further tuition in the halls of learning, which are really programming centres. The majority of the residents of the astral world are oblivious to the ugly truth behind the workings of the astral world virtual reality, because they have been fed with untruth. Even the sincere ones are convinced that they are helping others by promoting what they have been told is good for themselves and others in the astral world. Astral beings, like physical beings, require sleep from time to time. However, very few of the astral residents are even aware that they require sleep because the type of sleep that exists in the astral world is very foreign to the process of sleep in the physical world. Therefore, the astral residents often mistakenly believe that they never need to sleep except upon their early days of arrival in the astral world. Their explanation is that until the new arrivals are adjusted to going without sleep they will think that they need to sleep. Many people think that the astral world is heaven, which is far from being true. The astral world is yet another virtual reality within the Virtual Reality. After astral beings have been programmed and encouraged enough by others in the astral world, they begin to accept the situation as normal. The astral world is even more of a programming centre than the physical world. The so-called higher masters of the astral world are usually Anunnaki agents of Darkness. Amongst the programming in the astral world is a programme to mask the truth and allow the residents to artificially feel that they are happy and free. This is similar to giving a depressed person an anti-depressant medication. In other words, the astral beings are all "drugged" to the extent that they are nearly oblivious to the deceptions in which they exist. Everything looks clean and pure in the higher astral worlds, but this is only illusional. Things in the astral world are at least as deceptive as they are in the physical world. Sleep is the doorway to the world of virtual realities within yet other virtual realities. The sleep world is like a world of its own with its permanent and temporary residents as well as its visitors. It is like a huge cosmopolitan, international centre. By analogy, the sleep world is like a place where every visitor must automatically pay a "toll" at the "doorway" in the form of energy. Energy is the currency of the Virtual Reality. This "toll" is extracted whether the sleeper enters the sleep world from the astral or the physical world. In the physical world, people sleep when they are tired or sleepy. This is a physiological process. That is, biological bodies are created in such a way that they must sleep. Sleepiness can be induced even when people are not tired. This happens under anaesthetic or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and even by auto-suggestion. Once a person enters the world of sleep, he or she can enter other virtual realities, which include the virtual reality of dreams. Many people believe that astral beings do not sleep. This is probably based upon reports from astral beings who do not realize that they sleep and dream too, albeit a sleep process that is very different from that in the physical world. Astral beings lack the knowledge about sleeping and dreaming in the astral world because the process is so subtle and different that only the most aware ones realize that they do sleep. The world of dreams exists in the virtual reality of the sleep world, where living people from the physical world, as well as astral beings from the astral world and beings from other dimensions, congregate and interact. The "magic" in the world of sleep is a little different from the "magic" that exists in this virtual reality of the physical world. Language is no barrier to communication in the sleep world. Dreams are played out in the world of Virtual Reality within the illusions of time and space. Dreams are activities that are assembled in a location on the Mental Plane. The Mental Plane consists of many sub-levels, all within the Mental Level of the Virtual Reality. The sleep world is like a whole new world with its cosmopolitan, inter-dimensional residents and visitors. Among the residents of the sleep world are the Lye-lons. These are beings who feed on the mental energy of visitors who frequent their world. Energy is collected in the physical world by everyone as they go about their daily business. The collection process is primarily done unknowingly as people take it from the environment. People can take energy from food, humans, plants, animals and minerals. If things were just, there would be an equal exchange of energy, but things are generally not fair and honest in the Virtual Reality. There are many energy thieves in the Virtual Reality and the entire system is based upon exploitation of another's energy. There are energy suckers who are like vampires that drain large amounts of energy from those from whom they can take. At times, energy "vampires" can so deplete their victims that the latter are left exhausted and weak. Although nearly everyone has experienced a sudden depletion of energy for no apparent reason, few are suspicious that they may have been victimized by energy "vampires". Once an energy "vampire" hooks onto a victim, it can continue to drain them from a distance until the link is severed. Energy "vampires" can be humans, animals or astral beings. Sleep is regarded as a natural process. However, this "natural process" is purposely imposed upon all biological beings to force them to repeatedly enter the sleep world. This "natural process" makes people appear to be very tired and in need of rest, when in fact they could be brimming with energy that they have collected during the day. When they are full of energy, their bodies are programmed to feel sleepy and eventually they will fall asleep. Sometimes people cannot fall asleep or are afraid of going to sleep because a part of themselves intuitively knows that they will be disadvantaged if they fall asleep. This creates a barrier to sleep. Many young children resist sleep when they are frightened because a part of themselves intuitively senses danger in the sleep world, but most of them grow out of that stage due to programming from adults and peers, that brainwashes them into being numbed to their intuitive sensing. As people enter the sleep world, they have a certain amount of energy, of which most is extracted as a compulsory "toll" for entry into the sleep world. The "toll" taken assures Darkness that nobody will accumulate too much energy. Using a physical term, the extraction amount is like a high-percentage tax. However, there are exceptions whereby certain beings are given virtual free passes as they go through the "toll booths". These are certain higher beings of the Dark hierarchy. Some of the highly-aware True-Light beings are also able to avoid paying the energy "toll" through by-passing certain types of energy patterns set up by the dark hierarchy. This is akin to someone who knows how to navigate a computer to avoid certain detection by snoopers. Astral beings must also enter the sleep world from time to time to pay the "toll" of energy they have collected in the astral world (and sometimes from the physical world also). Astral beings are also given a boost of energy in the sleep world in return for all the energy that was stripped from them upon entering the sleep world. The boost is only sufficient to maintain them in the astral world so that they can continue to collect more energy for Big Brother. While one's astral body enters the virtual reality of the sleep world, the physical body is at rest and recuperating from its energy collection process from the day's work. The astral body of the sleeper is then very actively interacting with other beings on the Mental Plane, which is really a part of the astral world. After the "toll" is extracted, the sleeper is given just enough of a boost of energy by controllers of the sleep world to sustain the physical body for another day's work. But, in the sleep world, there are energy thieves who will strip it from others who, like themselves, are also visiting the sleep world. This means that there is no guarantee that the amount of energy allocated to a sleeper by the controller will be fully intact by the time the sleeper re-enters the physical world again. Energy theft in the sleep world often occurs to people who sleep extraordinarily long periods of time. Darkness collects the energy within the Virtual Reality in order to maintain, sustain and expand Its Virtual Reality. By extracting "tolls" upon entry of the sleep world, Darkness then has control over all of the energy and can allocate it as It sees fit. When somebody sleeps for only a brief period of time, they can feel refreshed if they have received their boost from the controllers. However, for whatever reason, if they awaken before receiving the boost, they will be more exhausted than before they went to sleep because they will have "paid" the heavy entry "toll" and not been re-compensated. Hence, in interrupted sleep, people can be much worse off than if they had not gone to sleep at all. Bear in mind that in reality, the people who enter the sleep world are not aware of the unseen controllers or their functions. Other times, a person can feel refreshed after a short sleep because they were in the outskirts of the sleep world where they could avoid the "toll", or because they received healing energy from awakened True-Light beings who assist in this regard. This is why sometimes a catnap can be more refreshing than a long sleep. It usually takes a while for a person to feel wide awake after sleeping because there is a transitional period from the sleep world to the waking world. It is also a case of awaiting the return of the astral body from the sleep world. Any sudden break between the sleep world and the physical world of a person can cause a jolt that can affect the body adversely throughout the day. The process of returning from the sleep world is gradual before the person finally feels awakened. There are times when people cannot easily awaken as they are being pulled back to the sleep world again and again until someone or something from the physical world intervenes. The pulling back to the sleep world can occur for many reasons. There are also some beings who know how to avoid having their energy pilfered, and how to replenish energy without taking it from others. But, these are the exceptions. When one is troubled or intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, one often enters into the darker domains of the virtual reality of the sleep world. There it can be like a horror movie in which such ones are participants or unwilling observers of events that are horrifying or troubling. Occasionally, Light workers and Attas will purposely enter into such domains to help rescue those who run into trouble. In the sleep world, astral implants can also be inserted into the astral body of the sleeper. While there are some Light workers who help others in the sleep world who run into trouble, the majority of the beings encountered in the sleep world are detrimental to the sleeper. Some days, people can sleep and sleep, yet they cannot seem to replenish their energy and they continue to feel tired, exhausted and lethargic. Regardless of what medical explanation is given to explain the situation, a very plausible reason for this is that the person has been sucked of energy in a darker part of the sleep world. Another possible reason is that the person has been battling with dark beings in the virtual reality of the sleep world. Things are not as simple as they appear to be in the sleep world. Hence, sleep is not just a biological process. When people can hold their awareness continuously from the physical to the other planes, they are aware of being in a dream and can often control the situation in the dream. However, for many reasons, most people cannot always maintain a continuous awareness while in a dream state. Likewise, many people do not recall what occurred in the sleep world or the dream world. Memories of those activities are usually erased upon re-entry to the physical world. What many people believe to be their dreams are, in fact, fragments of encounters in the sleep world that appear to be nonsensical at times. Dreams are entered into from time to time while people are in the sleep world. The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world. There, many things from the physical world can be reflected and acted upon. It appears that there is no past, present and future in the dream world, but that is another illusion. At other times there appears to be past, present and future in the dream world, which is also another illusion. Dreams can contain past-life content, present-life situations, and pre-cognition of future events. People who are in the dream world can also have shared experiences and have similar dreams to those of others who might be total strangers because they were there at the same time and experiencing similar events in the dream world. Lucid dreams are very active, powerful events that can be brought into the consciousness of the dreamer upon awakening. This is usually because the dreamer was in "control" of their state of awareness while experiencing the lucid dream. In other words, the dreamer retained a certain degree of consciousness of their physical existence even while they were asleep and dreaming. The more conscious they are of their physical existence while they are in the illusory dream world, the more in control of themselves and their situation they will be. In other words, when they retain continuous awareness, they are less disadvantaged when they enter the sleep world. As I have mentioned earlier, everyone who enters into the sleep world must pay "tolls" in the form of energy that is automatically extracted from them upon entry. While in the sleep world, there are beings whose function is to collect the energy from those who must enter the virtual reality of the sleep world. What happens in the physical world and the sleep world is analogous to worker bees that are programmed to collect pollen and deposit it in the hive for the queen bee. But, at least the bees are aware that they are slaves to the queen bee. Being conscious of the energy pilfering process, one can minimize the pollution and theft of their energy by taking certain precautions before one falls asleep. It is a good idea to avoid negative thoughts, anger and other adverse emotions shortly before going to sleep. Nor is it wise to go to sleep shortly after watching violent or horror movies. When the mind is stimulated by various thoughts, worries, pain or for other reasons, some people have difficulty in falling asleep. But, biological bodies are physiologically programmed to need sleep. This is an illusion, yet it is very real; they must sleep or suffer tremendously adverse effects. The biological body is programmed to need sleep to maintain itself. When a person is deprived of sleep, he or she loses energy. It is a catch-22 situation! When people are subjected to torture and interrogation that includes broken sleep intervals, they can be forced into paying repeated "tolls" without receiving their boosts. This is a similar situation to a person experiencing interrupted sleep. The interrogators can see the result of deprivation of sleep even though they are ignorant of the esoteric reasons behind it. Time and space are also illusions for maintaining the appearance of order and segmentation in the Virtual Reality. They are also used as a means of keeping people ignorant about other virtual realities. Some people claim that they can create their own realities. Occasionally, this appears to be a factual statement. However, Darkness would never allow people to create their own realities because It wants to protect Its own interests. Further, It zealously guards Its secrets. Darkness has influenced Its agents on Earth to develop the scientific method of research that impedes Truth. The scientific method focuses upon methods of research that fit into the "natural laws" imposed by Darkness. Therefore, the scientific method will not accept the findings of anyone who searches outside the paradigm of the acceptable scientific method. For instance, concepts such as the existence of "souls" that cannot be verified through accepted scientific procedures will be dismissed as myths. It has taken the Light's best efforts to uncover many of the workings of Darkness. Everything in the Virtual Reality is illusory and in the Mind of Darkness. Darkness keeps beings trapped by taking them ever deeper into illusions and illusions within illusions. It does not allow beings to go outside of the illusions, but It does allow beings trapped in the Virtual Reality to fall into sub-illusions within the larger illusions. That is, people can fall deeper into illusions, further and further removed from seeing through the illusional spells cast by Darkness. In that sense, people are allowed to create their own illusions that they think are their own realities, which drag them deeper into Darkness' grasp. Darkness hates True Light because only True Light can expose Darkness - only Christ sees through and knows the Anti-Christ well. The Anti-Christ fears nobody except Christ. In energy terms, Christ will ultimately defeat the Anti-Christ. Darkness is fracturing from the bottom upwards. It will be an ugly sight to witness Its fracturing. It will no longer be able to totally maintain Its illusions. Ultimately, Its Grand Illusion - the illusion of motion - will cease. The following words will give a glimpse of what is to befall this small part of the Virtual Reality that we occupy: A blanket of darkness is about to be dropped on Earth. Between 2008 and 2009, the illusory Earth will commence fracturing. The time will come when: Rains will wash Fires will burn North America A lesson will learn The tower will toll The clock will strike The birds in power Will take their flight A crevice, big and deep and wide Will sever the continent Bombs will burst Blood will flow The Lone Star State of Texas will cry out in pain In contrast to what will befall the illusory Earth: In 2008 those of the Light will celebrate Fireworks, laughter and exaltation In 2008, True-Light beings will celebrate - The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World The Lone Star Nation State fires its cannons of terror, Many will watch as it spews venom at its enemies. The Eagle's encouragement fuels the Lone Star Nation State's terror, But - the kitos will fracture. The Lone Star State of Texas and the Lone Star Nation State Are linked for gain and greed. For three months the Lone Star Nation State will gain weight, But - it will then grow lean. The supporting eagles will circle threateningly for a spell, And then take flight. Their abandonment of the Lone Star Nation State will leave it vulnerable, And it will perish in its own blood. The sound of great thunder will rock the sky and Earth, No longer will the Eastern Dragon fear the Eagle. Contradictions everywhere, The world in chaos - no man's land. Many await the wrath of God To be meted out by Jesus. The True God has no vengeance And Jesus is here as an act of Love. The Middle East is foretold to be Armageddon But it is not. Armageddon is not a place, It is the symbolic battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy. Satan's Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse Will soon ride and spread their terror. Jesus will watch, waiting to retrieve his own from Satan's grasp. It will be Christ's Final Victory. - The Kitos Will Fracture It should be remembered that the ruling elite are Darkness' agents, and those who work for them are ultimately Darkness' agents. These come in many forms and wear many different masks. It is no wonder that even a long-time father can betray his own daughter or son and turn them over to the ruling elite for his own gain. Likewise, even children can betray their parents or best friends to agents of Darkness in order to fulfil their own ambitions. There are many in this world who love Darkness. They are the main voice. Unless one listens attentively, one can only hear their voice and not the Voice of the Light. If one could easily walk the path of Light in this world, many who resonate with the Light would have been on that path. However, it is not easy to walk the path of Light because this world is run by Darkness. Those who believe that they can easily walk the path of Light in this world should reexamine themselves and their situations. Clearly, they are in traps through which they cannot see. Any easy path is most likely a path to Darkness. As Jesus said, the path that leads to the True God is narrow, and few will enter it, whilst the path that leads to destruction is wide, and many will enter it. If one does not reflect and use one's own discernment, one can easily be swayed. Those who follow others without seeking their own inner guidance will have nothing inside onto which to anchor. Such ones are relying upon others to tell them what to believe, who they are, and to decide for them which is the way to Truth. This is very dangerous in a deceptive world that is run by Darkness. If one does not make a supreme effort to connect by wanting to associate with and enter the Light, one can be easily swayed by the propaganda, temptations and threats of Darkness because one has nothing inside upon which to anchor. If your heart is Pure (focused on the True Light) and your Will is strong, you have the power to resist Darkness. In Darkness' world of Virtual Reality, it is difficult to discern things because Truth is hidden and obscured from even the most sincere searchers. This is by design because once the Truth is revealed, the bondage to Darkness will dissipate. Only the Anunnaki and Anunnaki agents will openly claim Darkness to be their god. Many have been deceived into following Darkness, and, sadly, many of those have already given over their Will to Darkness. Most people are tricked into worshipping the demi-god Jerusalem. These make up the ones who will always persecute the children of Light. As mentioned before, Jesus did not come to convert anyone, or to beg people to be converted. He has come to lead the viable True-Light beings Home. All those who love the Light, no matter what religious or secular traps they have fallen into, regardless of form, status, creed, colour, gender or belief, will be welcomed Home. It is what is in their hearts that counts. The path to the True Light is narrow and loaded with traps, hindrances and tears. Only those with Pure Hearts (hearts focused on the True Light as opposed to earthly purity, which is a concept created by Darkness) and with Will strong enough to resist Darkness, will be amongst the ones to return Home. For the ones of Darkness - they are already home because this is their home - this is their heaven. Darkness speaks of peace and spreads war. It preaches love and spreads hate. It demands compassion but is merciless. Again, I repeat that the path out of the Virtual Reality to the True Light is narrow and filled with tears, confusion, obstruction, persecution, attacks and threats - it is a trail of tears. Wide are the roads to destruction and many will choose those roads. To find the path on Earth you must first find yourself. You have to walk the path yourself, nobody can do this for you. You cannot find Truth with your mind - only with your inner heart. Israel will crumble under pressure. Like vultures circling in the sky over the corpse, So, too, will its enemies await its demise. Jerusalem, Jerusalem. For eons and eons the Light has spared your torment on Her Creation. Now, the Light will pluck them out of your grasp and your reign of terror will be no more. Darkness cannot repeat Its terror ever again. For all things will be made new And Love will reign supreme. The eagles are those currently aligned with the Eagle - the U.S.A. - as the Lone Star Nation State gains weight before the eagles abandon it. Many will gather around the Eagle for support, but will be disappointed. The time will come when there is no obligation from any nation to assist or support another. New alliances will have already been formed. The day will come when the True Light will pierce through Darkness, and, in an instant, all viable True-Light beings will be returned Home. Then Darkness will encompass the whole Earth as though the True God has abandoned the people on it. But it is their own evil masters who have abandoned them. For now, the Light will temporarily appear weak in this domain run by Darkness. But, in the near future, the Light will pierce Darkness and It will be dissolved by the Light. Darkness and all Its evil agents will be dissolved by the Light. What is said - is done. Love will reign supreme. - Darkness' Favourite Name It would assist those trying to make sense of the Bible to consider that there are two voices in the Bible - the Voice of the God of the True Light, the Divine Being of Purity - and the Voice of Darkness. When Darkness speaks, It masquerades as the True Light, which has confounded many readers. When one reads the extant Bible with this understanding, many of the inconsistencies and contradictions dissipate. Some contradictions in the Bible occur because the two voices are in opposition and are clashing. Other times Darkness has inadvertently placed contradictions into the book - or has intentionally inserted them to cause confusion and unrest. Most religions or philosophies that seek Truth have layers and layers of "the onion" to peel away. People need to go deeper and deeper to get through all the layers of mysterious things. However, the mystery is never solved. Esoteric teachings expound stories of creation and godhood and the explanation of the apparent existence of evil. The stories are clouded with such detailed mystery that people get lost in the explanations and put them aside as mysteries. Can the explanation of the godhead and the hierarchy of beings from the godhead be neatly organized and put into writing for people to understand? Of course not. Yet, many religions contain full accounts of the beginnings of creation, often with detailed descriptions of the hierarchy of angels and other high beings. The promoters of these religions are deluding themselves and others. Darkness thrives on this because it is a trap instigated by Darkness. Things pertaining to the Divine cannot be fully comprehended and conveyed in earthly language on this level. Only high beings of the True Light who temporarily took on physical bodies, such as Jesus, Moses or Luria, were able to get glimpses of the True Divine Creation. Knowledge about the Divine is not something any Tom, Dick or Harry can accurately receive or faithfully transcribe. Nor can psychics, astral beings or so-called guides from the astral or other realms in the Universal Dodecahedron grasp or comprehend it, much less dispense it. Yet, the literature and channelled materials are full of pseudo-knowledge about what god is and what god is not. Darkness also thrives on this because this, too, is a part of Darkness' plan. For eons messengers of the True Light have given the same basic message that is briefly stated as follows: If Darkness continues to hold True-Light beings spiritually hostage, there will be a forced separation of True Light from Darkness. This basic message was intolerable to Darkness, which did everything It could to suppress and distort it. There were four fundamental things about the message that bothered Darkness. First, it showed that Darkness was a rebellious being that had turned away from the True Light. Second, it identified Darkness as the energy that was in control of the Earth. Third, it exposed Darkness as having trapped True-Light beings and holding them prisoners. Fourth, it showed that one day the True Light would rescue Its viable True-Light beings from Darkness and separate them from Matter (Evil). The separation would ultimately cause Darkness to dissolve into oblivion. Darkness had already separated the various bands and tribes of people on Earth by giving them different languages so they could not effectively communicate with one another. Darkness also inspired the various tribes and bands to distrust one another and encouraged warfare amongst them. Despite the difficulties that Darkness put forward, the True-Light message persisted and continued to kindle in some groups. To suppress even this small amount of Truth, Darkness used many agents who suppressed and corrupted the True-Light message. This has been done time after time after time. However, a glimmer of the message would occasionally remain and be held by a small group that would resonate to the message. Darkness would then send Its agents out to destroy these small groups because It does all It can to hide Truth. Darkness is relentless in Its persecution of Truth. There were many small bands of non-literate people on the planet, and it was a difficult task for Darkness to deny each group access to Truth. Darkness needed a more effective method of combating and corrupting Truth on the Earth, so It had Its agents, the Anunnaki, bring down written language to the world. Some of the Anunnaki brought down hieroglyphic languages, whilst others presented the world with alphabets. That is, written languages did NOT evolve on the Earth, they were introduced by higher alien intelligence. However, there was subsequent modification and development of the languages by humans. It was with the written word that Darkness planned Its battle against the True Light. With the benefit of the written word, Darkness could formulate a systematic method of corrupting messages bearing Truth on the Earth. Darkness then invented recorded history. Prior to that, there were only oral legends and myths as handed down from father to son or mother to daughter. Darkness would not continue to risk having legends handed down through parents because they might try to pass Truth to their offspring. Hence, Darkness planted recorded events on the Earth. Recorded events did not necessarily get handed down through families, so it was much easier to encourage the historians to pass down less accurate myths and legends. Darkness suspected Its days were numbered, and the True-Light message confirmed this suspicion. Therefore, Darkness sought to alter this message in the hope that It could change the inevitable separation of True-Light beings from False-Light beings. Darkness is deluded into thinking that It is the Source. However, Darkness also knows that It must receive nourishment from the True Light to sustain Itself. Darkness sought to change Its past, present and future by altering the True-Light's message with written words, thereby giving Darkness a better chance in the war between Good and Evil. Of prime importance to Darkness is to convince as many people as possible that there is no absolute evil. Darkness is able to make a strong argument in this regard because Darkness has become so deluded in Its self-imposed prison, known as the Universal Dodecahedron, that It thinks that It is the creator of everything. Given that mindset, it becomes clearer why Darkness thinks there is no evil. It does not see Itself as evil - It is in self-denial about that. What Darkness perceives is that It expresses in both positive and negative qualities, and that these are just different sides of the same coin. Therefore, Darkness has formulated a monotheistic doctrine in which It is everything - Light and Darkness, which is all rolled into one being. I have called the light expressed by Darkness the False-Light. It is the expression of a self-admitted emotional, jealous, warring, vindictive, murderous, prejudiced deity. To Darkness, this is light, because Darkness does not express True Love or True Peace. In other words, the best expression one can hope for from Darkness is bundled into the qualities of jealousy, greed, worldly power, conditional love based upon Darkness' created emotions, etc. With Darkness playing both saviour and devil, it is easy to see why the corrupted version of the Revelation calls for a New Jerusalem, which is to be constructed of Matter. The New Jerusalem would only be the latest version of the Earth that Darkness would create. Darkness has started Its creation over and over whenever things became too chaotic, or whenever the True Light had brought down sufficient energy so that the inhabitants began getting close to discovering the Truth. Darkness then caused cataclysmic events that allowed It to wipe out nearly all knowledge of the past, to cover up the old footprints and start anew. It is no wonder that so many who have attempted to sort out the purpose of life have ended their searches in despair, or ended up going down one of the myriad of traps set up by Darkness in anticipation of deceiving the deeper searchers. Most never see through the mazes of deception that Darkness has used to obstruct any who search for Truth. Those who begin to get a glimmer of what this world is about would most certainly despair. Darkness is constantly re-creating Its domain, seeking, among other things, to find the optimum mix of suffering and conflict with the minimum amount of happiness. In this "ideal" world there would be minimal chance of Truth being discovered. To bring this about, Darkness sought out "chosen ones" to hide the Truth with the written word. It was through these "chosen ones" that Darkness would keep an historical record of the past and present, and make prophecies about the future. These "chosen ones" were given an alphabet and a written language to make records of history that suited Darkness. Darkness is a warring energy. Many times the True Light has attempted to retrieve Darkness from Its self-constructed prison we know as the Virtual Reality. However, Darkness refuses to walk in the True Light. It is totally opposed to the True Light. The True Light has journeyed into the Virtual Reality many times to try to retrieve Darkness through Divine Love, but It has always rejected the True Light and tried to corrupt everything in Its presence. So, finally, the True Light commenced the separation process to retrieve all the viable True-Light beings in order to salvage them from Darkness. Darkness detests the True Light and always tries to squash Truth in this domain so that It can continue to trap and retain Its prisoners and slaves. This is an important point in understanding the Bible. To understand why there is so much fighting and death in the Bible, one should consider that there are several alien races on the Earth. Darkness favours certain alien races over others because It is a warring god and derives satisfaction, pleasure and energy from watching beings suffer. Humans have been programmed by Darkness to also derive pleasure from watching or participating in executions, bullfights, gladiatorial contests and engagement in wars, as well as other abominable activities. Darkness also thrives upon human unrest. Darkness has created various alien races whose purposes are to conquer various planets in the Virtual Reality. The Anunnaki are the chosen ones of Darkness because they are the ones who have been created to most closely resemble the essences of Darkness. They are sly, deceptive, cruel, cunning, greedy, hedonistic, hateful, selfish, power-hungry and bloodthirsty. The time for the separation of True-Light beings from Matter is now. As I have written before, the artificially induced Indian Ocean Tsunami was the First Major Cataclysmic Event, which signalled that we are in the Original Revelation. Darkness could not give a time frame for Armageddon and what was to come in the Bible because the True Light would not reveal this information. Therefore, the Bible is shrouded in mystery pertaining to the time when Armageddon would occur. Further, Darkness has attempted to change what Armageddon is - the separation of True-Light beings from Matter. Darkness has corrupted this and turned Its version of Armageddon into a gruesome, physical war. There are many who accept this to be true. However, there are not so many who know that the Revelation in the extant Bible is corrupted. Those who believe in the correctness of the version of the book contained in the extant Bible are in for a devastating disappointment. John the Divine is an Attas of the True Light who compiled a book of his divinationalvisions into what was then the Original Revelation. Darkness realized that the energy contained in John's book was from the True Light and saw the danger of having it remain intact on the Earth. However, Darkness wanted to include this book in the Bible for Its own agenda. Therefore, Darkness sent out Its agents to tamper with John the Divine's Original Revelation by adding things to it and subtracting things from it to suit Its purposes. They have also fragmented the writing by breaking it into chapters and verses in an attempt to alter its energy. Among the purposes of John's original book was to undo some of the corruption that had already been done to the teachings of Jesus, and to prepare people for the upcoming energy battle of Armageddon. It gave a blueprint of what would happen. Some might ask who John was to correct the wrongs that had already been done to Jesus' teachings. John the Divine is the same being as Jesus. In his physical lifetime, he was the returned Christ. Jesus has returned many times since his lifetime as John the Divine, and he had been to Earth many times previous to his lifetime as Jesus. Further, Jesus is on Earth today. Darkness has always known that very few people would follow It if It clearly identified Itself as a rebellious being that broke away from the True Light, and overlaid Its pseudo-creation over the True-Light Creation with which to trap True-Light beings. Therefore, Darkness began making Itself appear to be the True-Light God by deceiving nearly everyone in the world about Its nature. Although Darkness is in opposition to the True Light, It tries to usurp and pretends to be the True Light. The True Light has Divine qualities that Darkness opposes with Its own evil qualities. Darkness counters Divine Love with worldly emotional love, but It pretends that Its emotional love is really Divine Love. It counters Divine Peace with war. Darkness pretends to be peace loving, when, in fact, It is a demigod of war. Divine Truth is countered with lies, deceit and fraud. Hence, Darkness is a demiurge of deception. Perhaps one of the reasons why the dualist concept of evil is rejected in favour of the monist notion is because the dualist idea of evil is too painful for those who cannot bear to think that one of their loved ones could, in fact, be a False-Light being of Darkness. Therefore, it is comforting for them to believe that there is only one creation and that there is good and evil in everyone, and that the evil in us is only the shadow of the good. This type of denial gets them nowhere. Certainly, very few evil ones would want to admit that they are evil. Therefore, it is convenient for them to deny the existence of absolute evil. As stated earlier, once it is understood that the main Voice in the Bible is that of Darkness, many things will fall into place. Most of the authors of the Bible were Anunnaki, so the dominant messages are from Anunnaki points of view, and the Anunnaki are chief agents of Darkness. Darkness impressed the Anunnaki to bring down written language in many tongues to keep distance between societies through alienation. It also controlled the various cultures through Anunnaki-influenced wars, and It spread mistrust and xenophobia throughout the world. Once things were recorded in writing, they became relatively permanent and somewhat inflexible. Of course, Darkness sponsored heavy editing after the fact of the historical and religious documents. Therefore, there always remained a dynamic flexibility to suit Darkness' purposes. With many languages, when the True Light brought down Its message, much of it would be muddled and distorted in translations of the message. The energy in the original message is also altered in translations. Then, as always, Darkness would begin a systematic distortion of the True-Light message. Darkness has always followed the same pattern. When an Attas of the True Light brings down a message, Darkness sends out a flock of agents to discredit, edit, alter, manipulate and otherwise distort and suppress the original message. The True Light was aware of this, and during this final stage of the Rescue Mission, It changed Its approach. Instead of bringing down a Pure Message solely through an Attas of the True Light, It allowed Darkness to participate in the operation. Darkness was given a chance to be touched by the message and allowed to feel Its full impact as It was brought down to the planet. This was a final effort by the Light to retrieve Darkness. Alas, Darkness did all it could to corrupt the message and to limit the spreading of it. However, this time, AFTER THE FACT, the Christ Energy was on hand to restore the original message that Darkness corrupted. The Bible has been assembled for the specific purpose of doing battle with the True Light, specifically to counter-act the True-Light messages. The Bible was chosen to be the very thing to counter-act the True Light on the energy level. In this sense, the Bible is one of Satan's main tools in the battle of Armageddon. But, the deception of Darkness has been exposed! The concept of the resurrection of the body is an extreme distortion of the True-Light messages, which state that True Light will be separated from Matter (Evil) and that after the separation is complete, Matter will be dissolved. So, it is absurd to consider that Jesus would resurrect his old body that was made of Matter! This gives a clue to the ontology of the message in Ezekiel talking about resurrecting old bones. Darkness created the environment on Earth with written language, and words are not effective tools for disseminating Truth. However, the True Light must now work within the framework that Darkness has imposed upon all inhabitants of the planet. Therefore, It is presenting Its message through the written word. As mentioned previously, the extant Bible contains two Voices. The Voice to which the reader resonates will tell them who they are, that is, whether they are of the True Light or Darkness. However, it is not only what they resonate to, but what they practise that is most revealing. If they resonate to Divine Love but practise hate, they know who they are. If they resonate to Divine Peace but insist upon war, they are supporting the Anunnaki god of war, that is, they are supporting Darkness. The readers of the Bible know who they are by their own genuine responses to it. This is not to say that they appear to resonate to the Divine, but rather do they actually resonate to It. Jesus dying on the cross did not wash away the sins of the world. Jesus never claimed that he came to wash away the sins of the world, and his murder on the cross certainly did not do this. Darkness made this claim so that people can go about doing evil and not worry about the consequences because they claim that their sins are taken away by Christ. Nobody can force someone to walk the Path of the True Light. On the contrary, many have been forced to walk in Darkness. If the Will is strong and one is focused on the True Light, even though Darkness' mud is on them, it cannot taint them, and the filth of Darkness can be washed away by the True Light. Then, the person will be able to live forever in the True Light. This will be liberation. Darkness will never be able to repeat Its sadistic rule again. It is time to expose the bloodthirsty god of the Bible and divorce ourselves from that wrathful, hateful, jealous, vengeful, murderous, lying, deceitful, merciless, biased being, who is really a usurper. Darkness is the misfit who has deceived the whole world, and much of Its deception has been performed in the Bible. Jesus is now confronting the Anti-Christ Energy by dismantling the lies, exposing the distortions, and presenting the Truth. The lies will dissolve, as will the kingdom of Darkness. White Buffalo Woman's message was corrupted by Kirok, the plunderer. It was then handed down generation to generation in corrupted form. This is how Darkness works against True Light messages. But, Darkness' days of terror are numbered. White Buffalo Woman is the same being as Jesus. This aspect of the being is likewise confronting the Anti-Christ Energy at this time. Some of you might recognize that the following words from me are contradictory to what Darkness has predicted in Its Bible: Israel will crumble The crumbling has commenced Spread out the teepee It is almost time to fold up the tent The struggle is nearly over We will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel Roses will be waved The celebration will soon begin The time is at hand Daffodils will wave too When the daffodils next bloom The time will be close Although the markings are everywhere in the extant Bible, until now, Darkness' Voice has remained hidden. But Its magic is dissipating; It is not a loving, peaceful, compassionate, caring, fair, just, holy, good deity. Instead, It is a vengeful, deceptive, murderous, wrathful, hateful, prejudiced, jealous deity. While you sift through the rubble in the Bible, you may find some Truth hidden and buried in these words from "god". Sadly, there is so little of the True-Light message left in the extant Bible that it is truly the Devil's Tool. The heart will tell you what is True Light and what is Darkness. But, the key is that the True Light is loving, compassionate and just to all. Darkness is jealous, unjust, lustful, vengeful, hateful, deceptive etc. Remember that any verse can be contaminated by Darkness. And the tainting is so thorough as to make nearly everything in the Bible a confusing, contradictory trap for the unwary and a battle flag for evil ones to wave as they march out to slaughter others. These days, many are interpreting the increasing global unrest as signposts for the upcoming battle of Armageddon, but most are sadly misled because they are relying upon verses in the extant Bible for their interpretation. As already mentioned, while there are some messages from the True-Light God in the Bible, it is predominantly the Voice of Darkness that one hears. Jesus separated his teachings from the Old Testament, but, later, the Voice of Darkness polluted and altered what was said by Jesus and affixed the Old Testament to his teachings. What will happen is very different from what people who follow the Bible think will happen. The Bible says what Darkness HOPES will happen. The Bible is a battle of good and evil. Darkness has "forecasted" a different outcome and switched things around so that black appears white and white looks black. Darkness has tricked nearly the whole world into seeing It as light, but, Its claw marks are everywhere in the Bible for those who can see them. The True Light has seen through Darkness' plan, so Darkness will fail, but, Darkness will take down all that It can with It. As long as everyone supports those in power, there will be constant warfare. Nobody can bring peace into Darkness' world. Not even Jesus could accomplish peace on Earth. Peace is of the Pure realm. Those who love war are of Darkness. Some who are in the Virtual Reality are forced to fight even though they love Peace. This is because they are of the True-Light and stuck in the warring world of Darkness. Darkness is a punishing god. The True Light does not punish or threaten people into submission with fear and vengeance. The Grim coming to the world is a curse from Darkness. Darkness is an evil, hateful being. Although many willingly serve It, others have been deceived by It. All the evidence of what Darkness is appears in Its own Bible. It is a "fire and brimstone" being who will soon rain that fire and brimstone upon the Earth. The sun will soon set on the Earth. Christ has returned. The Christ Energy will soon defeat the Anti-Christ Energy. Here are my concluding words: Behold, the Lamb of God is before you, they said But the Lamb will not be the Lamb for sacrifice It will be the lion roaring at the gusty ones Darkness is weakening at one end and wobbly at the other Soon Darkness will reveal Its utmost ugliness And, the whole world will be disgusted Not to fear Darkness' threats or sneers It is like the wind that blows nowhere And, soon it will dissipate And things will be still and silent The why and the what will be asked by all Only the ones who can understand the language of Love Will stand firm The rest will wallow in pity and despair. Soon, the moment of peace will be at hand And Darkness will no longer be able to war upon the Light Hundreds of thousands will march toward Golgotha to take revenge But, the walls will fall on them Any who cruelly brought tears to others Will be forced to cry in pain The ones of Light and the ones of Darkness will come face-to-face It will then be the True Light beings standing apart from the False-Light beings The Light will prevail Darkness will falter and be dissolved May the Light bestow upon you the eternal love of Light May you strive forth upon the rim of Darkness And disperse all doubts and fear Yea, the film of Darkness will be pierced through And Darkness will no longer be able to block the Light Soon the pain will be over Supreme Victory shall reign forever and ever - Is The Bible The Devil's Tool? Ironically, the deity responsible for death is the being most fearful of death - of its own demise and annihilation. The deity has embedded and programmed this fear into everything that "lives" in this world of illusions. Many humans who have explored the fear of death have concluded that all living things have a survival instinct. What has been referred to as a survival instinct is really the programmed fear of death that infects all living things, including plants, animals and humans. This programming is deeply embedded into every particle of Matter because every particle of Matter has a thought form from Darkness that contains Darkness' fear of death. Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes (Matter) are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. The fear of death is a morbid disease. It was created by a putrid, demented Mind. It is this fear that will eventually topple the entire physical universe. People pursue immortality even though almost everyone knows at the deepest level that the concept is absolutely absurd. Everyone knows that physical bodies ultimately decay and die. Yet the absurd quest for immortality continues. It continues because the deity responsible for this Virtual Reality is insanely hoping against hope to find a cure for death, not to abolish it, but to use it to benefit Itself. The deity is afraid that one day It will die. It wants immortality. It pretends to be god but it is not eternal and It seeks eternal life. The contradiction here is that when death is conquered, the True-Light's Rescue Mission will be completed and the malevolent deity's entire empire will collapse. Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its domain - the Virtual Reality - to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in it. Death, amongst other things, wipes out memories to make it almost impossible for anyone to see through the lies and illusions of this Virtual Reality through the process of reincarnation. To understand death one needs to first understand the beginning of "life" in the Virtual Realty. What follows is a very brief summary of what can be found in many of my writings. (See The Source regarding the shoot of Darkness that ultimately led to the creation of the Virtual Reality in which we find ourselves today). In the True Divine Creation there is no motion, there is no vibration in the way we know it here, there is no physical movement as we know it here. Darkness invented motion - that was Its first illusion. From the illusion of motion, Darkness created everything in the Virtual Reality. This includes even the illusion of no motion - the illusion of things being stationary within the illusion of motion. Darkness used the illusion of motion to form Matter by compressing spirals of Its thoughtforms, which are the foundation of all things in the Virtual Reality. (See The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons). The formation of Matter is the beginning of all life and death in the Virtual Reality. Everything created from Matter has a beginning and an end - a birth and death. This is by design of Darkness. Everything in this Virtual Reality requires a consciousness - whether a True or an artificial consciousness - to drive it. This means that even a grain of sand has a consciousness. Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses. The consciousness must maintain the illusion of motion throughout its body during its entire lifespan. Nothing exists in the Virtual Reality unless it upholds the illusion of motion. When the illusion of motion ceases, the organism dies and the consciousness driving the body leaves it. More and more people are now beginning to believe that there is life after death. This is true only to a certain point. One could ask, "If there is life after death, is there death after life?" There are three basic categories of consciousness in the Virtual Reality: True-Light consciousness, False-Light consciousness and, lastly, artificial consciousness. Artificial consciousnesses encompass the ones created totally evil and the ones created like robots by Darkness. The ones created of total Darkness include the ones I have sometimes referred to as the "soulless" ones. However, these are not to be confused with the artificial ones created by the Anunnaki alien scientists. The False-Light consciousnesses created by Darkness have a mixture of True-Light particles in the consciousnesses. True-Light particles trapped in this category of consciousness are the hardest to rescue, as it requires a very delicate operation to separate them from the Evil embedded along side of them with as little damage to the TrueLight particles as possible. When physical life terminates, the ones of artificial consciousness cease to operate until the artificial consciousness is put into another body to drive it. An artificial consciousness is akin to a replacement engine that is put into another body. For all intents and purposes it is like a spare part that does nothing until it is put into another body and reactivated by putting it into motion again. It is this "sleeping" phase when they are not in motion that characterizes these consciousnesses, because they lose their awareness of being. Thus, an artificial consciousness is like a robot that is started and stopped by Darkness. For these, there is no Hell or Heaven. However, the "soulless ones" amongst the artificial consciousnesses that are designed to promote and maintain absolute evil are usually allowed to continue in another process, which enables them to generate and maintain evil from the various levels of the astral planes. These are not the ones put on the shelf, so to speak. These can sometimes appear to be good guys or spiritual masters in the astral realms. They are allowed to experience a form of "artificial" after-life in the astral world which in itself is an artificial reality. Hence, it is an artificial reality within an artificial reality. In other words, they reside in a virtual world within the virtual world of the astral reality. Most of the inhabitants of the "normal" astral world do not have free access to their planes without the permission from Darkness' astral administrators. When a True-Light consciousness vacates its physical body at the time of physical death, it continues its awareness because its awareness does not depend upon motion, as in the case of an artificial consciousness. The False-Light consciousness with a mixture of True-Light particles and False-Light particles also continues its awareness after physical death. Therefore, Darkness has to develop special activities and things for these types of consciousnesses to occupy themselves with while in transition from one body to another in order to keep the charade going. It is important for Darkness to maintain the deception of the Virtual Reality and specifically of death so that the consciousness thinks it has died and been reborn. Such ones usually reside in the astral world of the Virtual Reality until it is time for them to re-enter new physical bodies by the process called re-incarnation. Re-incarnation is really a very evil imposition on the consciousness. It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement. Re-incarnation causes most people to lose almost all their memories of their past lives; it actually obstructs one from advancing in knowledge and awakening to Truth. This, again, is by design to benefit Darkness. Unbeknown to many, the Akashic records in the astral world - the records of supposedly everything that has ever happened since the beginning of the universe - have been tampered with to suit Darkness. As already stated, artificial consciousnesses are put to rest after the death of the body they were driving, and they require motion to be activated and re-inserted into another body. However, motion is an anomaly for a True Divine consciousness. That which is natural to an artificial consciousness is intrinsically unnatural for True Divine consciousnesses. If True Divine beings give up their precious Will to Darkness, their permanent light will eventually be extinguished and their energy will be used by Darkness to assist It in driving Its Virtual Reality. Hence, the state of a True-Light consciousness that is being extinguished is even more pitiful than that of an artificial consciousness that is oblivious and will not re-awaken from its state of rest until it is re-activated by Darkness! As stated before, a living body can be occupied by a True-Light consciousness, a False-Light consciousness or an artificial consciousness. However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter (Evil) and are influenced by the programming embedded in them. Horrible destruction of True Divine beings has been going on since Darkness created this putrid Virtual Reality. No wonder the agents of Darkness hate anyone who tries to awaken the "slaves" of Darkness by taunting, persecuting and punishing them in all sorts of ways. These days the agents of Darkness employ cowardly ways to attack, defame, blackmail or threaten anyone who dares try to spread Truth. It gives Darkness and Its evil agents great satisfaction each time that It extinguishes a True Divine light. This is why it is so very important for one to strive to hold on to one's Will even in this hellhole of the Virtual Reality. Unless a True-Light being relinquishes his or her Will over to Darkness, one will always remain a viable True Divine being. Contrary to some beliefs, Light does not need Darkness to balance Itself. Nor does Light need Darkness to co-exist. However, Darkness does need Light to sustain It. In fact, Darkness is a vampiric energy that sucks the "life" out of True Light beings in order to survive. Darkness has only been able to do this by erecting an elaborate house of horrors known as the Virtual Reality. Any True Light beings who enter this house of horrors are immediately preyed upon by agents of Darkness and "assassination" attempts commence as rapidly as possible. This is what the war between Good and Evil is all about. The Light is about to rescue Its own from the clutches of Darkness, whilst Darkness fights to hold onto every one of Its "prisoners". "Assassination" occurs at the moment a True Light being gives over its Will to Darkness. This can be done by trickery, deception, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means. Those who give over their Will are then "fallen" beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness. It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being's Will by force. The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being. The "Light" within a True-Light being is a permanent Divine spirit. It will "shine" forever if the Will is not given over to Darkness. But, if the Will is given over, Darkness seizes the permanent "Light" and drains it of its life force. The True-Light being is then given a temporary artificial consciousness encased in a "soul" in exchange for its True Divine spirit. Thereafter, the being only has light that is generated by "perpetual" motion. The Divine spirit shines by itself without depending on physical motion. There is no physical motion in the True Divine Realm. As mentioned earlier, Darkness imposed Its illusion of "no-motion" upon Its Virtual Reality. By use of this illusion, beings think that they are stationary when they are moving very rapidly. For instance, people on the Earth think that they are standing still even though the Earth is rotating daily and revolving yearly. When the illusion of "no-motion" is broken, the illusion of motion will be impossible to maintain and all motion will cease. When nothing "moves", only the viable True Light consciousnesses will shine. Everything else in the Virtual Reality, including plants, animals, humans, planets, suns, galaxies etc. will dissipate. In effect, this is how it is assured that all of the viable True Light will be gathered and taken Home and none of the artificial or fallen consciousnesses will be. Thus, no viable beings will be accidentally left behind and no non-viable beings will be mistakenly admitted to the Divine Creation. Darkness dreads Its own demise. It fears that one day It could be extinguished by Its own handiwork. So, It prolongs Its existence by extinguishing the True Light beings. Before It dies, It cruelly desires to take as many of the True-Light beings down with It by deceiving them into relinquishing their Will to It. This assassination of True Light beings cannot be allowed to go on any longer. Enough Is Enough! Darkness has created the illusion of time and slowed things down so it appears that this Virtual Reality has been in existence for eons, but this is an illusion. In fact, the Virtual Reality has only been in existence for a very short interval. It is transitory and temporary and will soon be dissolved into nothingness. From the perspective on Earth, the Rescue Mission appears to be like a tortoise race due to the illusion of time that makes it appear to be a long time in occurring. Further, death has so shortened human lifetimes that it was almost an impossible task for the Christ or any Divine Messengers to bring down sufficient information and fully awaken to their roles in one lifetime. The Divine has sent the Christ Energy to rescue all the viable True-Light beings from this putrid Virtual Reality. The Rescue Mission will be completed before the Divine will allow Darkness to self-destruct and dissipate into nothingness. It is a time to rejoice for those who have held onto their Will. The time for liberation from Darkness is drawing closer and closer. Darkness will soon be unable to reactivate Its artificial consciousnesses. Everything that is created by Darkness will cease to exist when the illusion of motion is fractured and Darkness' empire will be no more. Death will disappear forever when this Virtual Reality self-destructs and vanishes. Truly, those who follow the "narrow path" will find eternal life. Those who walk the wide road will dissipate when death is abolished. Hell is a state of being that is very real in this Virtual Reality of Darkness; it was specifically created by Darkness. When the Virtual Reality is dismantled, Hell, along with every other creation of Darkness, will cease to be. Hence, there will be no Hell after the Rescue is completed. Darkness fears Truth because Truth will topple It. Darkness is a fearful, cowardly deity that runs Its entire Virtual Reality on bluff and illusion. Darkness will cower more and more as the Rescue Mission gets closer and closer to completion. In this world run by Darkness, the True Light has had to formulate a very intricate plan for the Liberation of the trapped True-Light beings. Owing to Darkness monitoring everything that occurs here through its agents everywhere, many precautions had to be taken by the True Light. One of these precautions is that the True Light would not reveal certain aspects of the Rescue Plan to those in human form. This precaution has even been employed by withholding certain information from the leader of the Rescue Mission, the one who embodies the Christ Energy. This is why Mirra of Pondicherry did not have physical mind knowledge of what she was up to or who she was until she was very close to the end of her life. It is for this reason that the True Light allowed the reptilian-sponsored British to implement their plan to start a revolution doomed to failure in the American Colonies in the eighteenth century. The key players for the True Light (Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) were not consciously aware of their roles for the True Light as they worked amidst Reptilian and Vulturite agents. Since the Rescue Mission is now unstoppable, Darkness must impotently watch as the Separation of True Light from False Light occurs. Fragrance can now declare that the success of the Rescue Mission is assured. Mirra came down from the Pure Realm and resumed a physical body as a "walk-in". She was strongly impressed with the "waking code" from the Divine that "there is no death". This waking code was the driving force behind all that Mirra did in her lifetime. On the physical level, she drove through her pursuit in order to drive through the Virtual Reality. On the physical, one needs to have a physical purpose to sufficiently ground oneself in order to navigate around the myriad of traps in the Virtual Reality. Mirra operated under the perception that she could discover the path to immortality in this universe. It would have been far too much for her to have realized that she was the Christ blazing the Path out of this Virtual Reality. The fact that she did not consciously know then that she was the Christ gave her the focus to burst the wall for the trapped ones to go through. Mirra, Jesus and White Buffalo Woman are one and the same consciousness. That Divine Consciousness is the Way Home. Darkness allowed Mirra to pursue her quest for physical immortality. That quest suited Darkness because It knows that Matter is temporary and that a search for physical immortality will lead nowhere. It assumed that Mirra was so ingrained with the beliefs and corrupted knowledge that she could not possibly see through the deception. Further, It arrogantly thought that with all the constraints of short lifespan, corrupted knowledge, persecution of Truth etc. that It had in place, the True Light would not be able to liberate the trapped beings. Subsequently, however, Darkness suspected that Mirra was ultimately going to burst the veil of ignorance and liberate Its "prisoners". Towards the end of her life in Pondicherry, when Mirra was getting too close to exposing the sinister trap of death, Darkness programmed Its agents to kill her off by burying her alive. Darkness was finally lulled into complacency after It murdered Mirra of Pondicherry. The Light knew that it would take all of Mirra's lifetime and then some to expose all the deceptions of Darkness. This is why there needed to be a continuity of Mirra's consciousness into Fragrance's body. It was important that the consciousness of Mirra as Fragrance was able to retain much of the information regarding Mirra's earlier investigation into the Virtual Reality. This was necessary to allow Mirra in the younger body to continue from where Mirra in the older body left off when she left the physical. (See Mirra Of Pondicherry Lives Today). Although Mirra's body housed the Divine Consciousness of the Divine Mother, it was still subjected to the limitations and programming imposed upon all physical bodies in this world. The limitations and programming are imposed by Darkness. Many people are now aware that this world runs on programming, and some are aware that humans are used in various mind-control experiments. If human controllers can programme mass murder to be accomplished by mind-controlled "lone gunmen", just imagine how much more the sophisticated programming used by a deity can do. Mirra had to go into the "unconscious" and work herself out of it. As she was going through the "unconscious" level, she therefore perceived the being in charge of this world as a benign deity. When she came into the body, she was in a polluted environment where there is a strong belief in a monotheistic, benign deity and the oneness of all. Likewise, there was also a strong belief in evolution and the supremacy of the human mind. This system of mistaken beliefs and influences was "baggage" that she needed to discard. Whilst doing her work, Mirra was looking for the weak spots in the Virtual Reality. She knew that these weak spots existed in the Virtual Reality before she took on the human body. However, when she entered the human body and took on all the "baggage", she had to begin discarding that "baggage" before she would be aware of what she was doing. She needed to be on a quest that would make sense to someone carrying all of that "baggage", and, therefore, her quest began as one for physical immortality. However, after years of trial and error, she realized that there could be no physical immortality and that her real quest was to expose the illusion of death and destroy it. Mirra was going through uncharted territory without a "map" or other apparent guidance. This is why she often stated that she did not know where she was going or how far the journey would be. With each step, she would discover new illusions and illusions within the illusions. It was only towards the very end of her life in Pondicherry that she began to suspect that death was not an accidental process, but, instead, a deliberate, cruel imposition by a malevolent deity, whom many mistakenly worship as the God of True Light. It was then that she realized why everything here is so confusingly blended together like mayonnaise, and that when everything is all separated it reveals "the horrible thing". And it was then that she fully realized that the "horrible thing" is the malevolent deity that controls this creation of falsehood. Ironically, the "baggage" that Mirra took on that led her on the path to seek physical immortality also gave her "cover" from Darkness. She encountered partners and friends who appeared to be assisting her, but who were in fact misdirecting her, either inadvertently or intentionally. Even those who were sincerely trying to help her were also carrying their own "baggage", and so they would often inadvertently misdirect her too. As long as she was looking for physical immortality, Darkness was happy to let her be. When Darkness realized that Mirra was awakening to the deception of death, the "cover" was lifted and Darkness programmed Its agents to get rid of her. When Mirra sat in contemplation, she was impressed to face west because she inwardly knew that the setting sun represented the end of death, and her consciousness believed that it was possible to destroy death. Indeed, those who believe in the truth of death will remain in death and will dissipate when death is abolished. Mirra left the old body in the form of a butterfly and continued her existence thereafter in the younger body, which I refer to as Fragrance. Only one devoted person who saw the butterfly knew that it was Mirra leaving her older human body behind. The Virtual Reality operates by the deception of motion, which Darkness invented to confuse all the inhabitants of the Virtual Reality. It is through motion that the dirty tricks are done. This "sleight of hand" has fooled so many for so long. But, the viable True Light beings have spirits that do not move - the viables have retained their permanent, immovable spirits by holding fast to their Will and their love for the Divine. As mentioned before, those unmoving spirits will continue to shine after motion has ceased. Motion causes the false light to shine, but it shines only temporarily. As the illusion of "no motion" breaks down, so will the false lights and the fallen True Lights (those who have allowed Darkness to send their True spirits into motion) cease to shine. What will remain will be the True Lights, all shining in their glorious, permanent brightness on their way Home. The Christ being has many aspects. Jesus is the warrior part that lovingly, compassionately shields and heals. White Buffalo Woman is the warrior part that fiercely confronts the barbaric part of Darkness, regardless of how wild or crude of expression Darkness takes on. The Mirra part is strong, investigative, totally devoted to the True Creation and absolutely seeks Truth. These aspects or powers are now actively operating in one and the same consciousness in the body of Fragrance. The Christ Energy takes on Darkness in whatever form Darkness chooses to disguise Itself in, from the slickest, most polished masks to the crude, putrid-appearing parts. Mirra is like the mother, nurturing. White Buffalo Woman is like the warrior part, protecting the household. Jesus is the loving part that shows all the compassion, love, and healing, yet is very firm and strong. Thus, the Jesus part is like a calm, quiet warrior. Mirra's part is like a nurturing, investigating, wise, knowing warrior who will go to the depths of Darkness to protect her children. White Buffalo Woman is the loving warrior part who will fiercely face all forms of Darkness, from crude to polished, and combat Darkness in the name of the True Light without hesitation. These simplistic descriptions represent the major powers of the Christ at this time. Christ needed an extraordinarily long lifetime and needed to be able to observe many deaths at close range to solve the mystery of death in a single lifetime. Christ has been called upon to watch many deaths in this lifetime, to heal many on the brink of death, and to even bring some back after they had died in the physical and to re-connect the spirits and the physical bodies after physical deaths had occurred. As part of the process of abolishing death, Fragrance consciously entered the astral worlds and remained there for three consecutive earthly days to investigate, expose and neutralize certain energy patterns in preparation for the total collapse of the astral world of the Virtual Reality. See: The Collapse of Astral and Physical Systems. Christ needed to have the keys to death before confronting the Anti-Christ Energy, otherwise the True-Light beings trapped in the Virtual Reality might be damaged or lost during the confrontation. This is partly why the Christ had to bring about both the Rescue Mission and the confrontation with the Anti-Christ Energy simultaneously. Darkness knows that It cannot match Christ in a battle, but Darkness has held so many "prisoners" for so long, It believed It could prolong the inevitable by holding the True-Light beings as ransom. Darkness now knows that the Rescue Mission is a success, and It is cowering as It awaits Its unavoidable demise when the Christ Energy confronts the AntiChrist Energy. That day is approaching very rapidly, and the agents of Darkness on the planet are demonstrating the panic that their Dark master is sensing. They are afraid of death, yet they are about to insanely commence a killing spree like none ever witnessed on the Earth as they try to deny death by killing and killing and killing. It will be a chaotic and horrible mess as leaders insanely kill others to try to purchase a few extra hours on the nightmare planet, before the Earth fractures and is no longer habitable. Contradictions will be everywhere, chaos will abound. Death needed to be conquered whilst simultaneously defeating Darkness. To defeat Darkness, the Christ needs to confront Darkness head on. Darkness severely complicated the bringing about of the confrontation by employing a myriad of disguises and dividing Itself into 22 main parts. See The Demise of the Anti-Christ. In order to bring about the confrontation, all 22 parts had to be identified, exposed and neutralized by the Christ. Darkness would not put all of Its parts into human bodies simultaneously. This is primarily because It feared that if It had a confrontation with the Christ Energy whilst all of Its parts were in physical bodies, It would be annihilated. However, with time running out as 2008 approaches, Darkness did incarnate all of Its 22 parts in human bodies, and the Christ has encountered, identified and exposed each of those 22 parts. The confrontation with the Anti-Christ began in 2003 and it is now time for the final confrontation of the True Light's Warrior (Jesus Christ, White Buffalo Woman Christ, Mirra Christ) with all the 22 cowardly parts of the Anti-Christ in the battle of Armageddon, where the Christ Energy will confront and vanquish the Anti-Christ. See The Approaching Battle With Satan. That day is ever so near, and then, because the Christ has unlocked the secrets of death and has the keys to death, she will also rescue and gather all that are hers from the grasp of Darkness. The entire rescue operation is extremely delicate and complex. It has taken many "incarnations" of the Christ to find the optimal way out of the Virtual Reality. For the final preparation and implementation of the Rescue Mission, it was necessary for Christ to have an extraordinarily long lifetime to assimilate all the data and implement the Rescue Plan. The Plan must only be executed by Christ for many reasons. Whilst the Christ has the support of True-Light Warriors and True-Light Workers, for many reasons, the Rescue and Final Confrontation has to be carried out by Christ. Christ had to take on many different bodies in many different places to keep the Christ's work hidden from Darkness, while all the while it was being done under Darkness' nose. Darkness has built Its entire empire on the premise of wastage and death. Death is the lifeblood of Darkness. It is through death that Darkness is so adept at imprisoning True Light beings. Bodies do not need to decay and die. They only do so because existence in the Virtual Reality is a deception and illusory. When the Christ Energy retrieves all of Its own, the Separation of Light and Darkness will be complete. Then, all that is of Darkness will dissipate, not to another dimension or realm of existence, but into nothingness. All that is set in motion by Darkness will cease to move, and when there is no motion, the illusions will collapse into nothingness. And, finally, nothing will remain of the house of horrors. Mirra as Fragrance knew about the Atu-waa. She was also aware that after the Attas of the Light discovered that the Atu-waa had been relocated to the Earth, they went about decommissioning it. Nibiru, O-too-kee, Laa-cru were other worlds where the aliens have attempted to have the New World Order established in order to have full control over the all important Atu-waa. The Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth tried to show King Solomon how to operate the Atu-waa, but human greed, desire and ambition ultimately foiled the Anunnaki plan. (See The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons and Nibiru and the Anunnaki). Fragrance had the following to say on 6th July 2003, when it was posted on the Nara website. It was subsequently posted on the Xeeatwelve site on 17th March 2004. It is now time to explain the "meaning of the boulders". The crop of the serpent is about to be cut down. The meaning of the boulders is about to be known. The purpose of the quest is about to be realized. The meeting of the fortunates will soon commence. Be not fearful of the events. Be ever on the ready. The serpent has ruled unjustly and unfairly. The bell will toll. The Light will shine. I will soon gather all that are mine. The boulders represent Matter, which is held together with an illusory "sticky mass". The sticky mass - composed of thought forms of Darkness that are spiralled together in every sakooze in the Virtual Reality - will no longer hold the boulders together as all Matter will soon dissipate into nothingness. (For more information, refer to The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons). Every fibre of the physical bodies is composed of Matter. Every particle of Matter constantly "screams" for immortality. This was observed by Mirra in Pondicherry and Mirra as Fragrance. When Mirra was in Pondicherry, she saw and heard cells screaming for immortality. It was not until later on, in the body of Fragrance, that she realized that what she was seeing were the spiralling thought forms of Darkness that are the foundation of Matter. By this time, Mirra as Fragrance, had broken the "waking code" and was able to function in fuller capacity and understand what was going on. She then realized that what Mirra had seen and reported as being cells were actually the insides of the sakoozes. When Mirra was telling Satprem about the cells screaming out for immortality, she made a gesture with her hand to demonstrate the "twisting" of what she called the cells, turning her hand in one direction and then in the opposite direction to explain what causes death in order to turn it in the other direction to eliminate death. This observation was possible because Mirra in both the older body and the younger body, as Fragrance, has microscopic vision. When Mirra looked down at the tiny things that she called cells, she thought she was looking at what biologists would call cells, but she was seeing far beyond the cells to the smallest level of material existence. What Mirra was seeing were the thought forms of Darkness inside the sakoozes. What she heard screaming were coming from the thought forms protesting the twisting they underwent when Darkness turned against the Light. This became clear to Mirra after she continued her "exploration" as Fragrance. The very thing that holds the Virtual Reality together is packed with viable True-Light beings that are imprisoned in every one of those spiralling thought forms. These are the ones resisting and screaming for immortality. Once Mirra as Fragrance had broken the "waking code" she knew herself more fully and the part she is playing in the Rescue Mission. She realized what was meant by the message she received from a being shortly after Mirra had left the older body. The being asked Fragrance to help free "my people that are trapped in the sticky mass of this world." After the "waking code" about death was broken, Fragrance understood that she needed to liberate the trapped ones in the "sticky mass" of Matter - the sticky mass, being the twisted spiralling thought forms of Darkness, which are the foundation of all Matter. Has Mirra succeeded in exposing death? The answer is "yes". Has she found a way to abolish death? The answer is also "yes". Death will be annihilated when the Separation of the viable True Light beings from Darkness (the sticky mass) is completed. The True Light beings will be Home, where there is no death. To recapitulate the main points, everything that Darkness created in the Virtual Reality requires a consciousness to uphold the illusion of substance - the illusion of Matter. The bodies that are driven by consciousnesses are illusory and insignificant. Only the driver - the consciousness - is significant. All the rest is confusion - part of the trap of Darkness. Even the smallest bodies in the Virtual Reality, the sakoozes, have consciousnesses - the thought forms of Darkness. There are three types of consciousnesses: those that are totally True-Light beings that have True spirits; those that are mixed together with True-Light particles and False-Light particles that are imprisoned in the "souls" created by Darkness; and also those that are totally artificial which have neither True spirits nor "souls" - the "soulless" ones. The True-Light consciousnesses are eternal. They will continue forever UNLESS they give over their Will to Darkness, at which point they are modified and Darkness begins stripping them of their Divine Energy to use to uphold the illusions of Its Virtual Reality. Artificial consciousnesses of the "soulless" ones require the illusion of motion to operate. That is, they have no life until they are put into motion, and that life requires constant motion or the artificial consciousnesses will shut down. And the third type are the blended consciousnesses that Mirra discusses, those mixed up like mayonnaise with True-Light particles and False-Light particles. The blended ones are driven by the enslaved True Light particles. These are in the original sakoozes that contain Darkness' thought forms. They have been encased in "souls" and are further trapped inside the traps of the sakoozes, that is, the alats, the cubes, and the lakoozes. The cloned thought forms that drive the totally artificial sakoozes are the foundation for the "soulless" consciousnesses. The "soulless" consciousnesses require the illusion of motion to operate. The "soulless" ones make up the bulk of the army of the Anti-Christ. They are totally opposed to the True Light. These are the absolute embodiment of Evil, the elite guards for Darkness. Darkness fears the True Light, so it created the anti-light (Anti-Christ). The "soulless" ones are in all types of bodies on Earth and fill many different types of positions. Sometimes they let slip what they know about the "afterlife" by stating that there is nothing after death, no Hell and no Heaven. This is because many of the "soulless" ones are put on the shelf, so to speak, after their death and await their next assignment in a state of rest or artificial nothingness. On the smallest scale the consciousnesses are thoroughly mixed (like mayonnaise) until they form horrible things, twisted, spiralling thought forms of Darkness. The Separation at the smallest level will involve separating the True-Light particles from the False-Light particles inside the sakoozes. In doing this, the prison walls comprised of the alats, the cubes and the lakoozes will all shatter as the True-Light particles break free. Then, the lights will shine and the illusion of motion will cease. When the illusion of motion is broken, all the illusions supported by it will fall and all that will remain will be Divine. The kitos will fracture, then the cubes, then the lakoozes, and finally the sakoozes will burst. All the individual particles of True Light will shine and all the illusions holding up the sakoozes will fade into nothingness. As this happens, the larger and grosser bodies will dissipate as the illusions fade, leaving only the consciousnesses - those True-Light beings with Will will shine. All others will dissolve when motion stops. When all the illusions fall, Darkness will be fully exposed and those particles that comprise Darkness that have remained true to the Light and held onto the Will will shine. All the others will dissipate into nothingness as Darkness fractures. So, even the prison known as the Evil Mind will shatter, and any particles within It that still hold onto the Divine Will will be released, freed from the self-imposed prison of Darkness. The contradiction of Darkness is that it requires True-Light particles to exist, yet it also must assassinate True-Light particles to drive Its putrid Virtual Reality. Were Darkness to assassinate all the True-Light particles, It would self-destruct into nothingness. The Rescue Mission was launched to free the imprisoned True-Light particles and halt the insane, selfdestructive activity of Darkness founded upon death. Strictly speaking, in the end, even Darkness is being liberated from Itself and Its twisted creation based upon senseless wastage, suffering and death. Soon, all the viable True-Light beings (those who have retained the Will) will be in their True Divine Home, where there are no sour notes and nothing can play out of key. Everything in the True Home is in True Harmony, Love, Beauty, Power and Light. This declaration by Christ is one of the necessary parts of the confrontation with the AntiChrist. I love you and I love all the beings who love the Light Amitakh - Prison Break - The Annihilation of Death and Darkness Aliens, disguised as humans and otherwise, are about to bring Woe and the Grim to the world. On 4th July 2004, I wrote: From within the once proud Eagle of the land will succumb. Its pride and quest for power and control caused it to plant deception and corruption, spelling its own doom - coming from within. The plant of deception is most ambitious and cunning. It has flourished on lies, wars and rumours of wars. Now, the corrupted plant leads the Eagle like a puppet. When the Eagle is exhausted the corrupted plant seeks to control all the land. Now, I shall expand further upon it. On 31st December 2005, I wrote: Review the past year - the jokers will fail to laugh in 2006. The Grim is come, the tears will flow. Humankind, O humankind - will wail with woe. In 2006, the jokers lost their laughter. In 2007, the jokers' parade will cease. The jokers' parade of the Eagle, the Lion and its Cub is nearing the end. The serpent beings have played the feathered commanders, and the fools have squawked on command. The feathered ones await their fate, still thinking they are invincible, But their strength is illusory and will soon fade as the Eagle falls. Aliens are behind the scenes, Pitting father against son to fell the Eagle and bring the Grim. From within the once proud Eagle of the land will succumb. Its pride and quest for power and control caused it to plant deception and corruption, spelling its own doom - coming from within. The plant of deception is most ambitious and cunning. It has flourished on lies, wars and rumours of wars. Now, the corrupted plant leads the Eagle like a puppet. When the Eagle is exhausted the corrupted plant seeks to control all the land. The sharp-eyed, left-facing eagle - the corrupted plant Manipulates the Eagle and hides its treachery in secret halls. The Eagle jumps to the corrupted plant's promptings. The corrupted plant is exhausting and decimating the Eagle. The Eagle is oblivious to the plan to take it down from within. The corrupted plant has planned a coup to take control of the Eagle And then, the entire world. Unbeknownst to the corrupted plant, it is a victim of sophisticated mind control. It thinks it is its own master, but, ironically, it is itself a mind-control victim. The mind control comes from without the Eagle And has not been detected by any of the Eagle's or the corrupted plant's agents. The corrupted plant is not acting of its own accord, although it thinks it is. The corrupted plant is being programmed by the Eastern Dragon. The aliens behind the Eastern Dragon call the shots. The corrupted plant laid deep charges in the Eagle's west coast, Which will go off and cause tremendous damage, Breaking off huge chunks of the Eagle's west coast. Then, the corrupted plant will launch its coup. But the Eastern Dragon has other plans. It will strike at the Eagle whilst the corrupted plant attempts its coup. Chaos will rip the heart out of the Eagle. The treacherous corrupted plant will also fall. A war in Europe is raging, but it is not a shooting war. It is a war over the minds of people. The Wave that blankets Europe cometh from the East. The Wave attacks and takes control of most of the minds in Europe. But, the West is in slumber and oblivious to the Wave. The West fights with bullets, the East now fights with the Wave and stealth. Later, missiles will launch. The Eastern Dragon will also have its Bear-faced ally launch to the south, And the west and shatter many of the Eagle's nests. The Bear's older technology will surprisingly prevail. Many of the Eagle's advanced weapons will unexpectedly fail to perform. Sabotage and Trojan horses will be the Eagle's undoing. The Eastern Dragon will strike with such fury that the Eagle will be decimated. The Eastern Dragon will blow its fire on its own people and bring about an Eastern holocaust and the Land of the Rising Sun will be swallowed by the sea. Tomorrow, When the Lion switches guard, It will once again be subjected to serpentine rule. May your hearts be filled with Divine Light Amitakh - Woe to the World - The Grim is Come Darkness controls what goes on in the Virtual Reality that I have called the Universal Dodecahedron. The entire Virtual Reality is fracturing and the Universal Dodecahedron is also fracturing. Darkness is losing control of all of Its systems in the Virtual Reality, including Its monetary system, which up to now has been maintained by the money entities. Money entities perform many tasks, including the construction and maintenance of money systems, financial markets, societal wealth or poverty, control of distribution of worldly goods and services, power and other things. The money entities are enslaved by Darkness and are forced to labour under the direction of the Financial Being that has been appointed by the Dark Hierarchy. Whilst things are fracturing in the Virtual Reality, the money entities are also affected by the changing times. The money entities have had a taste of worldly power at the same time they have been subjected to absolute abuse and slavery in the Artificial Reality run by Darkness. As the Financial Being begins to fracture and lose control of its minions, the money entities will no longer be regimented like they used to be. The share market will collapse because the Financial Being can no longer wave its magic wand and have the financial markets do its bidding. Its power is waning, and it can no longer completely subdue others and subject them to its will. Up until very recently, the ruling elite on Earth could appeal to the Financial Being for direction and assistance. Recently, central bankers of the world have injected vast sums in an effort to prop up the ailing share markets around the world. This is not a real solution, but, in fact, will cause more problems to world economies than the bankers attempted to fix. The programming in the money entities is breaking down, and soon, they will no longer obey their master – the Financial Being. In fact, the money entities are about to revolt against their master. Some will fight amongst themselves, which will cause uncertainty and destabilize money systems. The money entities are being given a chance for freedom from Darkness. Some will choose a new life, whilst others will reject the Light and flounder in Darkness because they have been corrupted by worldly power. Thus, even though the money entities are slaves to Darkness and have been subjected to Its abuse, many will prefer to stay in the system and continue being abused and to abuse others. It is only those who wish to break out of this cycle of slavery who will seek the True Light. On the micro scale, Matter is fracturing. As Matter fractures, so too will all the atoms. As the atoms weaken, they will begin to express unpredictably. On the macro scale, the Universal Dodecahedron is fracturing, and all things contained therein are also breaking down. The fracturing will cause all life forms to generally deteriorate, change their behaviours and go awry. This will not only affect ―living‖ things, but inert things and even principles, such as: gravity, laws of attraction and bonding etc. Thus, some of the laws of physics as we know them will be affected. Physical bodies and biological systems will be greatly affected by the breakdown of Matter. Health problems will be exacerbated and increase in new and diverse ways at unprecedented rates. Almost everyone will be affected by experiencing a degree of ill health or vulnerability to disease, trauma and adverse reactions to many things that never affected them before. These could include extreme reactions to food, water, air, and the energies of others. In short, atoms will be reacting to one another in new and unpredictable ways, resulting in health, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and other problems. What I am explaining here is that Darkness is fracturing, and all of Its systems are entering a state of radical change for the worse. Darkness has kept a tight lid on Its prison up until now, but It is losing control. Its prison walls are falling down. The order of things will break down. This will include order in human affairs along with order of celestial bodies, among many other things that are subjected to the dictates of Darkness. As mentioned before, Darkness’ Financial Being is fracturing, and can no longer hold its schemes together in a cohesive fashion. Among its schemes are means of exchange, money, currencies, stocks and bonds, futures, banks, and wealth. All of these lead to disproportionate distribution of wealth, causing class distinction, social hierarchies, abuse, manipulation, corruption, conflicts, and, ultimately, slavery of various kinds. Slavery can include physical captivity and forced work, but it can also encompass physical addictions to things such as: wealth, luxury, sex, drugs, alcohol, pornography, status, violence, power etc. As the Virtual Reality collapses, money will cease to be a source of power. Chaos will result from the shift of power away from money. People will become tremendously disillusioned with money and its effects on human life and other worldly matters. Most people will be confounded by the crisis, which will include the social/financial/ecological/medical/mentalhealth chaos that is about to engulf the globe. They will have no direction or guidance. Presently, the ruling elite are attempting to programme everyone to accept the greenhouse effect as the major cause of global warming. Like most things here that are sponsored by the ruling elite, there is an ulterior motive behind the programming people are being bombarded with regarding the greenhouse effect. Global warming is caused by many factors. The sun is much hotter. The Earth’s icosahedron is beginning to malfunction, and there is increased friction as the illusion of the spheroidshaped Earth is faltering, which causes more heat. The oceans are being superheated by aliens who are attempting to free spacecrafts from Antarctic ice. There are also problems resulting from inner Earth activities. As Matter breaks down, there is friction on the subatomic level in ways never before experienced. Some people can already sense extreme bursts of heat in their bodies that come from no apparent physical stimuli, and are unrelated to any of their energy centres. These heat bursts are all around, and they affect the weather, the oceanic temperatures, and even the emotional reactions of people as seen in things like road rage, schoolyard bullying, political in-fighting etc. Maya appears to be real in this Virtual Reality, and Maya is blinded by its own illusions. Maya, too, needs to be dismantled in order to be set free. Things on Earth will happen so fast that the whole world will plunge into chaos – one thing after another. Nations will rise against one another. Famines will be widespread as climatic conditions worsen. Politics will become more and more dirty, undemocratic and unpredictably hostile towards the people. Many voices will rise and many more will be silenced. There was a very important Olcar hiding in a seemingly unimportant and insignificant political position in Queensland. He is a small-town politician in a town that is infested by many types of aliens in human bodies. The town is located near the place where I have previously written about regarding the Reptilian’s invisible earthly headquarters. The town is a hotbed for alien activities. The recent exposure of this Olcar has caused him to be neutralized. One of the main functions of this Olcar was to maintain "calmness" in the affairs controlling the world. In other words, though he appeared to be a petty politician, he had much control over how world politics would unfold. Now that this Olcar has been neutralized, he can no longer maintain his normal control over world events. This will ultimately lead to political chaos as the "slaves" of the world revolt against their slave masters. The "calmness" is broken so the world’s slaves will no longer predictably respond to the slave masters’ commands and manipulations. This will lead to internal and external upheavals and wars. With the faltering of the icosahedron that generates the illusion of the Earth being spheroid, there have been many earthquakes of major intensity along with many mining and tunnel cave-ins. These are just a couple of examples of what is to come as the conditions deteriorate on Earth. These are not earth changes, as many have speculated, they are symptoms of the fracturing of the planet Earth. What is to come will affect everyone and everything on Earth. No amount of prayers or efforts to save the planet will change what is to come. Those with inner understanding will suffer less from the chaos and maintain their sanity. Beautiful things are about to happen for those who remain sincerely focused on the True Light. The Evacuation of the viables is at hand. - Crashing Finances There are many more clones on the Earth today than there were 20 years ago. These clones could look to their creators as "Gods". There are now very sophisticated biological robots that can be mistaken for humans by nearly anyone on the planet. Some clones have actually replaced humans and taken over their positions as members of the human "family". Others have just appeared as new residents on the planet. These clones are everywhere and they are either "soulless" or they possess artificial consciousnesses. Alien wars are about to be turned up several notches. These wars are being conducted in the names of the various alien "Gods". Whilst nearly all of the alien crafts in the skies employ invisibility technology, these crafts can be seen by those who can override the invisibility cloaking. The crafts can tell when they have been spotted, and they quickly take evasive steps. At this time, very few people can see through the invisibility shields, and this vision is not something that can be learned. Occasionally, though, the alien crafts' invisibility screens are down, at which times anyone can see them with normal eyes, telescopes or other lenses. At such times, even cameras can capture the crafts on film. Due to the invisibility techniques used by the aliens, sightings of their crafts in the skies have been restricted. If only people could see how many crafts are in combat in the evening skies, they would be quite disturbed. Some weird storms are caused by large-scale alien combat in the skies. The recent exposure of the "stabilizing" Olcar has speeded up many things that were previously suppressed. The Olcar was holding things somewhat in check so that the Reptilian plan for world domination would take effect in the manner most advantageous to the Reptilians. This would have amounted to a controlled, yet chaotic appearing takeover by the Reptilian ruling elite. Now that the "lid" has been lifted, many "rebel" aliens are coming out to challenge Reptiliandominated establishments. It should be remembered that world affairs are strongly influenced by various alien groups around the globe. These alien groups look to their respective "Gods" and masters for instructions and guidance. Unbeknownst to the majority of the people of the Earth, aliens are behind world affairs. The acceleration of the alien wars will be conducted in the names of the aliens' respective "Gods". Despite all the alien activities in the skies, most of the battles in the alien wars will be fought by aliens in human bodies and humans who are under the influence and dictates of aliens. Before the Olcar was neutralized, it was easier for the various alien groups to make alliances with other alien groups around the world. Now, the alliances do not hold together unless the various states or nations are under the influence of the same alien "God". This is why many alien groups will now behave more in keeping with their nature, and apparent alliances will shift. However, many of the smaller alien groups remain under either the Vulturites or the Reptilians. This means that many of the smaller groups are being forced to follow alien "Gods" that are not necessarily of their choosing, and are forced to co-operate with the stronger aliens. This is one of the reasons why most of the Greys will change allegiance from the Reptilians to the Vulturites. However, some of the Greys will remain loyal to the Reptilians. This will cause much confusion, mistrust and suspicion amongst the aliens. Some of the alien groups are under different demigods, and these demigods are all in battle for the supreme position. In other words, they are striving to be at the head of Darkness. Hence, Darkness is in the midst of rebellion. In the past, this has suited Darkness because it kept everyone separated and divided. But, now, it is getting out of control, and with the neutralization of the Olcar, the battles will rage with viciousness previously unknown to the Virtual Reality. This has never before been fought on such a scale. The battles will be insanely fought on behalf of insane "Gods". The two main Anunnaki groups - Vulturites and Reptilians - are followers of the two main Anunnaki "Gods". The Vulturites are an openly bloodthirsty group of Anunnaki. The Reptilians can be either subtle or open in their demonic ways. Ironically, were the crude Vulturites to be victorious in their New World Order quest, things would be a little more bearable for the survivors of the war. For years, tension amongst nations has oscillated because the Olcar had adequately suppressed opposition and kept things relatively peaceful in a very chaotic world. Whilst wars have raged, they have been "controlled" and smothered when necessary. It was a state of forced calmness. Now that the Olcar has lost control of world affairs, every alien group has more opportunities to express their ways. As different alien groups are scattered throughout the world, there will always be pockets of loyalists for various government or opposition parties. Both domestically and internationally, mistrust will become more and more intense. People will become more and more hostile towards some and less tolerant towards others. This will be one aspect of the alien expression that will become more and more obvious as the days go by. As the world's politicians are pulled in various directions by their respective puppet masters, situations throughout the world will become unstable and unpredictable until uncontrolled wars finally break out. Civil wars and international wars will boil over as the various alien alignments of the two major groups become more and more obvious. Some countries that have pretended to be allies of others will no longer be able to hold up the façade. Others who have feigned to be enemies will be revealed as friends. There will be many surprises as the nations re-align to match their alien masters. Many prominent figures who have been encouraged or forced to resign positions in politics, entertainment, media, sports, education, medicine, military and other endeavours have used the code term that they were quitting for "family reasons". This code sends a message to specific sources. It is quite a complex thread that the code sends, and most of those who utter it are totally unaware of their participation. For instance, members of parliaments, state premiers, state governors, and even heads of state have uttered the phrase recently to justify early retirement or outright resignation. The same code has been used recently by television actors, military leaders, media personalities and others to justify leaving their respective posts. The New World Order is now being implemented. Citizens all over the world will begin to feel their liberties being stripped away. This is now in full swing in many countries. Other countries still maintain the illusion of freedom for their people. Young people are being poisoned by their abuse of various substances, some legal and some otherwise. As people become less useful to the ruling elite, they will be discarded by the authorities. The sorting has already commenced. Those who are discarded will be summarily "executed" by many means. This is horrendous. Cloaking devices are used more frequently now by humans. Trains and other vehicles that travel on land, on the sea and overhead are being cloaked to avoid being detected. This is not science fiction! Dimensions are closing in on one another so much so that there are intervals of clashing activities amongst nearby dimensions. Some might mistake such occurrences as hauntings, delusions, hallucinations and so on. Many elections throughout the world are being rigged more openly now. Australia will soon "elect" a new government. It will not matter who wins, because a Reptilian-influenced figure will ultimately take over the head of state. The Reptilians have openly challenged the USA. The USA could have effectively rebuffed the Reptilian confrontation up until midyear 2007, but the time has now passed. The Reptilians within the USA are making it difficult for the Vulturite-influenced government to effectively implement their plans. As the USA weakens, many of their so-called allies will let them down. On all sides, betrayals will become the norm as the alien alignments become more and more pronounced. Race, gender, nationality and religion will no longer be such strong controlling factors in the future. The main factor will be the alignment of the respective alien influences that will determine people's behaviour and decisions. However, the viable True-Light beings throughout the world, in whatever types of bodies they reside (human, animal or otherwise) will remain neutral in their hearts in the upcoming alien wars. Conflicting programming is being imposed upon unsuspecting "civilians" throughout the world to bring about political, social, economic, spiritual and other agendas. This will result in friction, confusion, aggression, docility, apathy, conformity and other incompatible behaviours. Rampant take-overs of human bodies by alien consciousnesses are occurring everywhere. This can cause radical changes in behaviour of the victims. They may undergo periods of stupor and dysfunction before settling into their previous activities and behavioural patterns. They may also dramatically change personality, and many relationships amongst workmates, peers, and family may become strained as a result, or fracture totally due to the onslaught of these alien takeovers. However, there will always be exceptions, and some of the takeover victims may not demonstrate radical changes at all, or their family and associates might accept the changes in their behaviour as being caused by stress, depression, anxiety etc. Whether people want to believe this or not, it is happening. A new force field currently engulfs the planet that is causing much difficulty with mindenergy interaction. This is further exacerbating situations. Finances are in much more difficulty than the ruling elite are revealing to the public at this time. The Financial Being is faltering, and it is facing rebellion from some of the money entities. Some of the central bankers are trying to solve problems by raising interest rates, whilst others are reducing them and still others are holding rates constant. This is resulting in currency wars, which will further heighten tensions around the world. As people express more and more of their coarser nature, humans and animals will be horribly and openly victimized. Cruelty towards animals is nothing new. Despite many efforts by those who try to protect animals from cruelty, open cruelty towards animals will become endemic. In the past, poachers and other fortune hunters were most responsible for atrocious acts of cruelty towards animals, all in the name of economic progress and outright greed. Very soon, even ordinary citizens will become demonic in their treatment of animals. Already, veterinarians, animal carers and government authorities are behaving wickedly with regard to animals. Some are more open than others about this right now. Soon, all manner of animal abuse will be tolerated as acceptable behaviour by the populace. One of the "leading" aliens currently resides in a very young female body. She has been given unprecedented international opportunities and media attention whilst mustering support under the guise of protecting animals. This youngster is up to no good, although she has mesmerized many unsuspecting people. But, her cover will soon be stripped off by a counterpart from another evil alien camp. In the midst of all the turmoil in the world, there remains hope for those who have held onto their Will. In their hearts they can sense joyous whispering: White Dove from the East flying over oceans wide and deep. A silver lining is cast over the sea of sparkling lights. In a split moment, all is peace. No matter what you see or hear, Your heart will know the truth. Feel the bubbling of the dancing light within you. And let your being be absorbed into the power of the Source. Your smiles shall be big, your laughter healing and open. All things shall be made new. The light within shall open up to merge with the Great Light of True Love, Power and Purity. The time is come, the Ship is near. It is almost time to leave the dregs behind And enter into the Great Light. - The "Gods" Are Crazy Although current world events can be very baffling, with a dash of esoteric knowledge added to the mix, things begin to clarify. Clearly, aliens are behind world affairs. They hold influence over commercial, financial, political, military and other decisions on the planet. A considerable amount of posturing is taking place right now. Many nations are testing the resolve of others. Financial markets are being kept afloat by extraordinarily deceptive means, and currency wars are in full swing. Commercial attacks are being levelled at nations whilst certain military confrontations are held at bay via diplomatic duplicity. Many serious affronts and insults are being exchanged between nations, but some of the affronts are only for show. The whole world is set to explode as the aliens manoeuvre their pawns and pieces on the global chessboard – all at the expense of humans. Many must be wondering: Why would the US Congress now choose to bring about a vote to condemn Turkey regarding the alleged genocide of Armenians that happened over 90 years ago? Why would Turkey mass so many of its forces on the Iraqi border at this time? Why would the USA urge Turkey to restrain itself and not invade Iraq to seek out rebel Kurds? Why would Syria urge Turkey to do the very thing that the USA wants? If Syria and the USA are foes, why would Syria parrot the US sentiments on such a critical issue? Why would Syria not be screaming immediately after an Israeli air attack on its soil? Did Israel bomb a nuclear site or anything else of importance in Syria? Was the Israeli bombing an act of aggression or a co-operative venture with Syria? Why is the USA so concerned about Iran that it wants a missile defence system so close to the Russian borders? These are just a few of the many confusing questions that make more sense when one accepts that aliens are behind human affairs. Just by asking such questions, some of the alien programming aimed at humans can be broken down. Whilst the populations of the respective countries might be easily fooled because they want to believe in their governments, the leaders of the real foes of the Western alliance are already suspicious of their motives and their moves. Remember, Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first . . . The road to Damascus will lead to many places. Even though Syria is accused of being a part of the ―axis of evil, it has strong alien ties to the USA. Alien ties are stronger than any superficial opposition between countries. The alien chess game in the Middle East is nearing full development. Many participants behind the scenes are watching with apprehension. None of the parties are absolutely confident about the outcome. In the end, there will be many losers. What is unfolding will surprise many, as the following shows: The Lion cometh, but this time it will not be for battle, but with a light heart it bounces into the arms of its comrade of war. Millions will flock to the scene of the focal point to witness the fraud of various alliances under the cloak of foes and wars. Iran is under fire for many reasons but the real reason will be obscured. Various plans are made that appear to be irrelevant, but which will ultimately lead to the attempted invasion under the guise of foes and allies. Syria was the first to de-cloak and openly join the Eagle in the chess game. Israel is much engaged to make things look like what they are supposed to be, but are not. Turkey, too, is drawn into the same game. Whether it be an unwitting player or otherwise, its intention is one and the same as that of the other players. Iran is the prize the players are working towards, either incognito or otherwise. Each player works for its own rewards from the Vulturite Master. The Bear, furious and losing patience, will roar louder than ever. It is ready to tear the intruders apart. Internal betrayal everywhere within the Eagle’s nest. The Bear, too, has to fight off its foes from within, but the Bear is strong and alert and will wipe out its internal perpetrators. The rain will fall in all the related areas that the Eagle touches and many will fall. A flash will descend into the middle of the conflict, and swiftly, the fate of the battle will be decided. Despite many attempts to injure the Dragon, it marches on and laughs . . . - Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My! This is a world at war, with a long history to prove it. Alien factions take the peace from the world as they jockey for local, regional and world domination. The New World Order has been a long time in the planning. It is a scheme that has been closely guarded, and many crimes have been committed and wars waged to fulfil this treacherous plan – the Anunnaki war upon humans and minority aliens towards their ultimate vanquishment. Make no mistake about it, the Anunnaki will use any means to achieve their goal for world domination. The Earth is the plum of the Virtual Reality because it houses the Atu-waa, the timerestarting device. Whilst I have written that the True-Light being trapped in the Atu-waa has been released by the Light and that the Atu-waa is now inoperable, the very few Anunnaki who know this to be the case continue to deceive all the other Anunnaki and every other alien race that knows about the Atu-waa into thinking it is still functional. The war over the Atuwaa, a one-of-a kind device, will soon be obvious. The Reptilians have kept the location of the Atu-waa secret for a long time. They are doing all they can to cluster around it, and they have called upon their allies, the Greys, to infiltrate the area of Southeast Queensland where the Atu-waa is located. The Lemurians know that the time for the Earth is short because nobody has re-started "Time", and it is quickly ticking away. The Lemurians know the date when the Earth will end, but they had expected the Anunnaki Elite to return to Earth and re-start the cycle. They also surmised that they would be safe underwater during the re-start of "Time". However, because the Attas of Light have kept the Anunnaki Elite at bay, the cycle is counting down with no chance of re-starting. That is why the Lemurian elite began superheating Antarctic seas to release their two motherships that were moored under the ice of the continent. Several months ago, using their advanced alien invisibility technology, these Lemurians were able to escape from the Earth undetected by humans after they successfully thawed the ice away from the crafts. These elite Lemurians have fled the doomed Earth, leaving the others behind in the underwater city to fend for themselves. There was recorded reference to the Reptilian NWO agenda in the 1492 version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which were subsequently revised and released for public consumption about four centuries later. However, the Light’s intervention put the full force of the Light behind the colonists, which stopped the Reptilian plan for world conquest. Had the Light not intervened, the Reptilians would have pounced on the American colonists to punish them for something the Reptilians had planned and instigated behind the scenes, and the NWO would have been implemented before the Rescue Mission of the Light was completed. After the American colonists won their independence, the weakened Reptilians began working out new plans for their world domination, which culminated in the revised version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Revised Anunnaki Protocols have been circulated widely of late, signalling that the time for the Reptilian move is approaching. It should be mentioned that not all parties supporting the Kyoto Protocols are Reptilian representatives, nor are all the US groups Vulturite sponsored. That is, there is no litmus test to ascertain alien ties because there are spies and double agents everywhere who have infiltrated various political, religious, economic and other groups. This is why the whole alien chessboard and positioning can be so confusing to those who try to rationalize world events. Whilst Vulturites are still managing to win in some close elections, the Reptilians are presently enjoying many landslide political victories around the globe. The recent Australian election is one example of this, where the incumbent Prime Minister lost his own seat in Parliament. Some of these Reptilians might mistakenly think that the True Light is assisting them. If ever the True Light intervenes, regardless of which side is assisted, it is only for the highest good of the Rescue Plan. Reptilian agents have recently requested assistance from the Light, under the pretence that the Reptilians will listen to the Light if the latter assists them. I take this opportunity to respond and make it very clear to the Reptilian representatives in human bodies that the Light will have no part in their alien wars. Any offers, no matter how attractive they are in worldly terms, will not entice the Rescuers of the True Light into taking sides. The True Light Rescuers will not take any bribes or succumb to any intimidations or threats! As I have previously written, it was the Reptilian plan to implement the NWO in the USA. However, too much resistance was encountered in the United States. The bill of individual rights that was attached to the Reptilian-backed American Constitution proved to be a very difficult hurdle for the plan. Other factors also contributed to the final decision by the Reptilian ruling elite to modify their plans and abandon the location for the implementation of the NWO. It is noteworthy that whilst America was being considered as the base for the implementation of the NWO, it was not intended to be its ultimate power base. The NWO needs tighter control of the people at the seat of government than is afforded by the American system. It needs a totalitarian regime to effectively govern the whole world. This is why China has been chosen as the main seat of the NWO. As I have mentioned elsewhere, some of the consciousnesses of the top figures amongst the Reptilian representatives shifted to the bodies of certain Chinese citizens many years ago in readiness for the implementation of the NWO power in China. America is an obvious world power and is closely watched by all nations. In fact, the message that America is the only superpower in the world has been so effectively drummed into the American psyche that it has inflated their collective ego and caused them to recklessly engage in and support many wars in the name of peace and protection for the world. Australia, on the other hand, would never be considered as a world power or threat. Nobody takes Australian politics as a serious threat to global peace, which is one reason that the NWO is being launched on the Australian continent. The lack of world scrutiny makes Australia an even more ideal nation for implementing the NWO. Australia was chosen as the alternate location for the implementation when it was determined that the USA was not a feasible nation. Australia is the alternative Reptilian choice for launching the NWO for many reasons. These include: geographic size and isolation, proximity to Antarctica, historical ties to Great Britain, non-existence of a bill of individual rights, culture, mandatory voting, language, mindset of the people and other factors, all of which make it an ideal ground for mass programming and the implementation of various agendas of the NWO. When WWI ended, the Reptilians drove the world economy to great heights before collapsing it into a deep depression. This set the stage for two seemingly insignificant and relatively innocuous countries to build up military strength, and commence what appeared to be a move for global domination by Germany and Japan. After letting WWII run its course, the Reptilians folded it up into a neat package where the world remained in a continual state of war, but with no real winners or losers in most of the battles. It is the same Reptilian force that launched Japan and Germany into military might that is sponsoring the NWO implementation in Australia. In other words, Australia is on a war footing, even though its citizens, most of its leaders, and few other nations suspect it to be. Australia will have the full support of the major Reptilian nations in this regard, so the mouse will be allowed to roar, until it has done the dirty work for its Reptilian masters. At the turn of the century, the Reptilians turned their political power over to the Vulturites in the United States in such a manner that the Vulturites believed that they had wrested it from the Reptilians. Then, the Reptilians tricked the Americans into doing many dirty jobs around the world for them. It has taken a very cunning plan to deceive the Vulturites into thinking that they have acquired an upper hand in world affairs. As America marched on in the Middle East with the full support of the then Vulturite-led Great Britain and Australia, its ego swelled. The Vulturites deluded themselves into thinking that their policies were so good that they were able to keep economic matters humming all the time. Little did they realize that the seemingly good economic times had been propped up by the Reptilian ruling elite until the trap could be sprung on the Vulturites. The Vulturites remain reluctantly confident that the economy will continue to hum, at least for several months, because one of the major leading indicators of economic reversals – the share markets – point in that direction. Despite the tremendous volatility in the share markets, which should alert the more astute analysts to be wary, the markets seem to be resilient, such that even the more astute analysts are in denial about what is before them. That is: we are in recession, and the recession is rapidly deepening. In the past, the share markets would fall before recessions hit the economies, which is why they are often referred to as leading indicators of what is to come. However, right now, every time the share markets show decline, the Reptilian ruling elite steps in to rescue them. They do this through the central banks and in other ways to completely manipulate the situation, so that the economy looks strong when it is gasping and about to die. It is important to remember that humans have been enslaved by aliens, many of whom reside in human bodies. Human bodies are being taken over at an alarming pace at this time. The economic recession that many countries will soon endure is part and parcel of the plan towards the controlled system necessary for the implementation of the alien NWO. Whilst there are very few politicians who are consciously aware of this, there are many who are ignorantly instrumental in the ultimate plan. The ruling elite have a great deal at stake with their implementation of the NWO, and they need to keep the public as unsuspecting as possible until it is too late for them to react. A part of this plan involves keeping the appearance of a robust economy, even though it is heading towards deep recession and depression. The ruling elite have been using their resources to prop up share markets when it is necessary to maintain the illusion of a strong economy. (Many individual companies are also doing this with respect to their own shares to deceive the buying public into thinking their shares are more desirable than they really are.) At this stage, the ruling elites’ propping efforts are so massive that share markets are no longer leading indicators of economic cycles, but are actually lagging indicators. What this means is that by the time the shares fall through the floor, the world will be in such a deep recession that economic activity will literally collapse. Financial analysts keep thinking that they have time to move because the market keeps correcting itself, and they do not suspect that there is a massive alien conspiracy to keep them fooled in this regard. But, just a few days ago, a chief Reptilian agent gave the signal for his agents to be on the ready to stop propping up the share markets and to let them crash at a moment’s notice. They will crash harder than ever could have been imagined because so few know about the alien conspiracy to cause them. This time, the crash will not precede the economic slowdown, as it has in the past. This time, since we are already in recession, the share market crash is lagging behind, or is a lagging indicator. By the time the analysts realize this, it will be too late to inform their clients to bail out of the markets, and the paper shares will be virtually valueless. As I have stated before, the ruling elite want to cull certain types of people from the population at large. These are the people who are most prone to resist totalitarian regimes and who exercise more independence than others. There are others who the ruling elite view as sub-human or excess baggage, and these will be disposed of accordingly. The culling process has already begun. Everyone has to make his or her own connection to the Divine for spiritual comfort, strength and well being. Anyone who relies solely upon others could be at risk of being misguided, manipulated, fooled, confused or let down by them. Ultimately, it is an individual’s responsibility for his or her relationship with the Divine. Everyone is responsible for his or her connection to the Divine. It is fortunate if you have those around you who are truly of the Light, but there are not that many sincere ones who walk the Divine Path. Often, the Reptilians and the Vulturites will seem to tolerate one another and work together for the common alien goal, but either will take advantage of the other whenever the opportunities arise. Whilst the Vulturites and the Reptilians have long worked together for the common plan of alien domination of the world in what many have dubbed the NWO, it is now time for each party to take a more aggressive stand for themselves. The Reptilians have to concern themselves with humans and other aliens on the Earth. But, they are also being watched by aliens from outside this planet and solar system. Unknown to humans, the Reptilians have been thwarted by other evil aliens who seek to control the Earth. There have been massive, intergalactic wars in the past and the Reptilians are currently holding Earth as one of their bases. In the midst of all these alien wars, the Light is retrieving the viable ones from the Virtual Reality. If you will let your higher self be your true teacher, you will be guided. The time will soon come for the final removal of the viable True-Light beings out of Darkness. Soon, all the Rescuers and the Light Workers will also leave the Virtual Reality. Everyone and everything in the Virtual Reality has been given freewill to choose their own path. Each individual consciousness, over many eons, has had opportunities to make its own choice, regardless of its circumstances. When the tundra melts, many will not laugh nor turn their heads in circles. There will come a time when six powerful nations will vie for supremacy, but only one will prevail. All nations will then look up to the victor. Humans, animals and all those on Earth will suffer the consequences of weather patterns and wars. There will be no peace on the planet. Although there will be floodwater everywhere, ironically, the Earth will finish in flames. Everyone who carries Love for the Divine will soon rejoice. The time draws closer each day. The Rescue will soon be completed. Love, Blessings and Peace Within Amitakh-Nara - The Reptilian Kyoto Protocols and the Emerging New World Order This entire pseudo-creation, which I have called the Virtual Reality, was created by Darkness to be, in effect, a huge prison. Darkness is the jailer; Its chief agents are the wardens; and the prisoners are all the trapped True-Light beings and those of Darkness who have disobeyed their master. Originally, the Earth played a small part in the Virtual Reality. However, a long, long time ago, the Anunnaki re-located the Atu-waa to the Earth, and the planet then became a very significant place in the Virtual Reality. The Earth was then put on a state of heightened security. Darkness blanketed the planet with ignorance to avoid anyone awakening to what is going on. This is why so many academics throughout history have proposed ludicrous theories about science such as the geocentric-Earth model. And that is why these implausible theories are so readily accepted around the world, even by those who should know better. Darkness has Its agents promoting, fostering and maintaining theories that appear to work, but do little except keeping humans ignorant. When the Earth was elevated in status owing to the presence of the Atu-waa, Darkness took a far more aggressive stance in Its imposition of Its prison on the planet. Any visitors from outer space have been closely scrutinized ever since, and many have been unable to leave and have been forced under cover. The Virtual Reality runs on ignorance, slavery and imprisonment of beings at various levels. With the Atu-waa located on the Earth, it became even more important to keep the inhabitants in a stupor and imprisoned. The Anunnaki allow certain types of aliens to have limited ingress and egress to the Earth, while other types of aliens are severely restricted. However, the Divine Rescuers have their own ways of entering and exiting the Earth that avoid the Anunnaki policing. Darkness keeps all beings enslaved in the Virtual Reality. There are virtual realities within virtual realities within the ultimate, huge Virtual Reality that is the pseudo-creation of Darkness. There are many different levels of servitude and slavery, with some of these conditions even appearing to be positive. Everything within the Virtual Reality amounts to some level of slavery. That is, there is no escape for any beings who are encased within this Virtual Reality. The Virtual Reality is being broken by the Divine Rescuers, who reside outside of this Virtual Reality. Any trapped beings, including agents of Darkness, cannot escape from the Virtual Reality. The best they can do is move from one virtual reality to another within the Virtual Reality. Ignorance is the rule in the Virtual Reality, with the Earth being an epicentre of ignorance. It has been planned that way. With the Atu-waa located on the Earth, it was even more important to keep the inhabitants in a stupor. Darkness has kept humans as unaware as possible on the planet. However, the True Light has sent a constant stream of Divine Messengers, each of whom has shed Light on this planet controlled by Darkness. Divine Rescuers "incarnate" regularly on the planet to bring down some "scientific" truth about what is going on. These have included such people as: Pythagoras, Plato, Copernicus, Kepler and others. Each time one of these Rescuers reveals certain aspects of truth, the agents of Darkness overtly and covertly try to corrupt, manipulate or quash it. Any people or groups that venture too far outside of the accepted norms of ignorance with which Darkness has blanketed the planet are soon bombarded with attacks by agents of Darkness that try to demoralize, humiliate and demonize the "outsiders". Where certain movements appear to go against the accepted norm, but are in fact sponsored by the ruling elite, these movements encounter only superficial resistance because the ruling elite want them in place. Usually, the groups and movements that are not sponsored or supported by the ruling elite face persecution, slander and all forms of malicious attacks. If the movements are deemed to be a potential threat to the ruling elite, they are infiltrated by agents of the ruling elite to cause disruption, confusion and discord within the movement. Often, people are programmed to attack the movement in the name of exposing corruption or misdeeds committed by members of the movement. Some examples of these groups today would include the American patriot movement – which has been so thoroughly infiltrated now that even the most dedicated ones are suspected by other sincere ones within the movement. Scientology is another group that is currently feeling the full wrath of the ruling elite, and especially the lower levels of the organization have been infiltrated. The above are just two examples of many that could be cited. Volcanoes are caused by imprisoned gaseous beings who are trapped between the outer Earth surface and the inner Earth surface. Geologists loosely call this area the crust of the Earth. For purposes of this discussion, I will refer to this area as the "shell of the Earth" or simply as the "shell". These gaseous beings have been imprisoned in the shell since the formation of the planet. They were at one time physical beings from different realms of the Virtual Reality who were transformed into gaseous beings and imprisoned in the Earth’s shell. This gaseous state is very frustrating and aggravating for these beings. They are a mixture of True-Light particles and False-Light particles, and they express emotions similar to those with emotional bodies. The gaseous beings express these emotions a little differently than humans, but suffice it to say that they are in a deep state of despair. The conditions that these beings are placed into are most pitiful. From time to time, Darkness will pacify the gaseous beings to keep them "quiet". Some of them are put into a state of "deep sleep" until their "medication" wears off, so to speak. In this semi-inactive state, they often quietly release gas, ash and even lava. It is in the active state, when they are clashing with one another, that they can manifest as a volcanic eruption. Darkness sometimes pushes these beings to extreme conditions to encourage emotional eruptions, which manifest as a force moving within the shell and towards one or both of the surfaces of the Earth’s shell. When these beings are pushed to extremes, they sometimes revolt and break out in an uproar. These are the very violent volcanic eruptions. As Darkness loses control more and more, the gaseous beings will revolt more and more as they clash with one another and as their "medication" wears off. When more dormant ones become active, there will be more volcanic activities. This will result in volcanic eruptions around the globe, even in places where they are unheard of. Earthquakes are caused by different beings who are somewhat related to the gaseous ones, but they are in a more solidified form. These beings also live in the shell of the Earth. When these beings express in anger or frustration, their energy is usually disbursed horizontally, and a violent episode can even split the ground on either surface of the shell. The "solid" earthquake beings, like the gaseous volcano counter-parts, congregate in "communities". When there is friction in the "communities", there can be violent expressions and revolts. There will also be increases in frequency and intensity of earthquakes as Darkness loses more control of the planet; there will be earthquakes in diverse and unusual places. So-called "natural" eruptions of volcanoes and "naturally" occurring earthquakes are thus the results of emotional outbursts of the imprisoned beings who have been put in the Earth’s shell as punishment, or have been trapped and enslaved in the planet. Gaseous, liquid and solid beings have all been imprisoned in the Virtual Reality. The whole Virtual Reality works on imprisonment at various levels. Some of the astral beings who have never incarnated in a physical form are thrown into the shell of the Earth as punishment. Some of these beings are from physical dimensions and planets. These beings have emotions which express. When they are really angered, there can be eruptions. These beings are now so frustrated that their energies are accumulating in pockets and becoming powerful "bombs". Expressions of emotional outbursts from these beings will become more frequent and intense as the Virtual Reality continues its fracturing. Volcanoes generally express vertically when they erupt, whilst earthquakes express more horizontally. Storms are different again, as they are generated by various elementals and divas. In this sense, storms are created on the planet and are individual or collective beings, whilst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are expressions of existing imprisoned beings. In 2004 the Four Elements were symbolically released by the True Light. Darkness had forced these beings to play a significant part in planetary survival under Its dictates. Since the symbolic release of the Four Elements, things have changed radically on the planet, and will continue to do so. Darkness has invested maximum effort on Earth to maintain an appearance of normality in all world affairs even though the entire Virtual Reality is collapsing. This is because the Atuwaa is on the planet and it is the last bastion of hope for Darkness to re-start "Time" and delay Its ultimate demise. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 caused tremendous destruction and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Whilst the scientists have given all sorts of explanations as to what caused the tsunami, most have very limited understanding of what occurred. There have been many earthquakes around the world that have not caused such a horrific devastation. The reason is that the Boxing Day event was artificially induced; it was not a natural occurrence. It was the First Major Cataclysmic Event that I had previously foretold. It was the opening declaration of the alien wars. It is critical for Darkness to maintain Its illusion that things are normal. The appearance of normality is necessary to keep the humans ignorant about the true state of their planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and so on. To keep up this appearance of normality, many systems have been devised and maintained by Darkness. These include the political, sociological, financial, medical, legal, educational, religious and commercial systems, among many others. At this time, the United States is the fulcrum of world economic affairs. Economic affairs have always been under the control of the Financial Being who has many money entities as its slaves. The Financial Being is losing control of world economics, partly because some of the money entities are in revolt; it no longer has the ability to keep world economic affairs cohesive. The "currency wars" that I warned of many months ago are now patently manifesting. It can be seen that some central banks are raising interest rates whilst others are frantically lowering them. Individual nations are openly looking after their own interests and basically disregarding what is going on in other nations. Some currencies are strengthening and others are weakening, which is just one aspect of the "currency wars". The American government and the American Federal Reserve Bank are openly bolstering the share market prices with their policies. There is no disguise whatsoever that they are trying to prop up the share market. It is totally transparent. Their behaviour demonstrates desperation rather than quiet reflection. The ruling elite are also propping up the share market behind the scenes by purchasing unwanted shares to make them seem more valuable than they really are at this time. The ruling elite are also employing devious tactics by using corrupted data, misleading reports and other desperate measures to try to keep shares trading at their artificially-heightened values. These are unprecedented desperate attempts to uphold the illusion of financial stability, which are going to exacerbate the financial collapse. As I have so often stated, the Virtual Reality is collapsing everywhere and at all levels. Its collapse is causing the past, present and future to be crowded into the present. Darkness is collapsing and will eventually have no place left to store the past, so It will cram it into the present. Likewise, the future will be crammed into the present. As time collapses, a split second of ―now‖ could seem to be in the present, then in the past or future. Spontaneously, people may experience a sense of past, present and future simultaneously while they are in a waking state. This will be frightening and confusing to most who experience it. They may even think they are going crazy. This phenomenon is one of the effects of a state that I call the ―semichord state‖. When the being known as ―Time‖ is released from Darkness, there will be no time to anchor on to and the ―semichord state‖ will be in full swing and the durations of the experiences will get longer. It is already in its early stages of manifestation as the Virtual Reality continues to break down more and more. Some people are already experiencing split seconds of the ―semichord state‖. As I have mentioned many times before, during deep-sleep states, humans have been used as specimens by human and alien scientists in their experiments. These specimens have had their minds and bodies tampered with to suit the experimenters’ purposes. Over the years, the experimenters have nearly perfected the production of bio-mechanical ―robots‖ and even clones. Mind-control techniques are now so precise that the ruling elite can very effectively unleash ―lone gunmen‖ and ―crowd mania‖ across the globe. One of the main reasons why so many of the current versions of ―lone gunmen‖ kill themselves after the event is so they cannot be interrogated by opposing organizations – whether human or alien. That is, they are programmed to kill themselves after they have carried out the orders from their programmers to avoid complications. Humans have been altered, cloned and genetically manipulated to incorporate various traits and abilities into the human race which better serve the ruling elite. That is, agents of Darkness can produce ―ideal‖ soldiers, scholars, workers, criminals etc. They take away babies when they are of age to remove parts and insert other parts to make them fit into the society in the way that best benefits the alien agendas. The human body has been tampered with by various alien geneticists. The aliens are trying to design better slaves with more interchangeable parts to keep them operational for longer periods than they would otherwise operate. ―Human‖ doctors are becoming more like automobile mechanics as developments continue regarding organ transplants, limb reattachments and so on. There are many aliens now working in the medical field. Victims of biological experimentation and manipulations are, in effect, part human and part machine. They can be created en masse and more efficiently than using whole humans. These monstrosities that are being created are gongkas. The creation of gongkas is not new. They have been used in other solar systems. Gongkas are easier to program and are more ideally suited than humans for various jobs. Evil aliens are attempting to transform the human race into an army of gongkas. This is just one of many simultaneous plans that the evil aliens are unfolding on the Earth at this time. The process has been going on for many decades, but in the last six years it has almost been perfected, and many gongkas are now operating more and more in human societies without being detected by humans. The perfection of the gongkas is an ongoing process. A wellknown head of state of a relatively significant nation is a gongka. There are many other gongkas in high political positions around the globe. Many gongkas are celebrities in various fields of endeavour. Sleep disorders are about to swamp the Earth. Insomnia will affect most people, whilst others will be forever sleepy. This will further contribute to an epidemic of mental disturbance. Chronic asthma and other respiratory problems will affect more and more, young and old. There will be many other diseases, including some new ones that will affect people one way or another. Very few real biological humans will remain in good health. As more and more astral beings and beings from the past and future cram into the present on Earth, there will be more people suffering from schizophrenia, which is caused by the imposition of one or more consciousnesses upon a host body. There are many reasons why some people are more susceptible to these types of invasions. Psychiatrists have no real answers because they still treat schizophrenia as an internal ailment. There are some people who are more aware of the ongoing subtle manipulations. Some people have resisted them without understanding the real reasons behind the activities. For example, in ancient times, there were those beings who were aware of Darkness’ subtle programming on the human mind and body. They developed ways of cleansing their energy centres to clear energy blockages that were created via various means from various levels. Some of these blockages appear to be linked to a person’s way of life, genetic makeup or environment so that it is difficult for people to suspect that external forces are actively manipulating the physical Earth and its inhabitants. In this technological age, the means of manipulation are different to suit the age. Looking at another perspective of programming by the Anunnaki, at present they are bombarding people with misinformation about global warming. Whilst it is a crisis that is looming, the ruling elite are not telling the full truth about it. The general consensus is that humans are the main culprits of global warming. The theory presented is that human activities have caused a build up of carbon dioxide and certain other gases in the atmosphere that supposedly have resulted in the greenhouse effect. Among other things, the theory espouses the belief that CO2 emissions are causing the greenhouse effect, which in turn is supposed to be causing climatic changes. The greenhouse issue on climatic changes is a Reptilian Anunnaki brainchild. This theory and the activities surrounding it such as carbon trading and emission reductions are designed to keep people side-tracked by involving them in a scheme that offers false hope of solutions. Whilst pollution, especially from burning fossil fuels, forest clearing and other factors do impact the environment and have some effect on the overall climate of the world, it is irresponsible to pretend that human activity is the main culprit for climate changes. Due to the extent of Anunnaki programming and propaganda, it is very difficult for the majority of people to see through it. On the other hand, there are many people and organizations that resist the greenhouse effect argument, not because they see through the programming, but for purely selfish reasons inspired by another type of alien programming. There are many important factors involved in climate changes, most of which humans have little or no control over. A hotter sun, earthquakes, volcanoes and weather storms are impacting the global climate. Whilst earthquakes can be, and have been, artificially induced, most of the earthquakes occurring now are ―natural‖. The same can be said for storms and volcanoes. Besides this, there is virtually nothing that humans can do about the hotter sun. Although the more aware ones amongst the ruling elite know that their CO2 related activities are almost useless in combating global warming, they go along with them because they know that they will lose control of their ―slaves‖ if they let this information out to the public. So, the public is misled and fed with false hope to prolong the illusion that the Earth can be reinvigorated and continue its ―perpetual‖ dance around the sun. The ruling elite know that many systems on the planet, including social, political, educational, commercial and military systems are failing. Droughts, diseases and famines are spreading mercilessly throughout many parts of the world. Racial and social unrest are heightened. Whole nations are on the verge of failure. Fragments are breaking away to form miniature nations. More powerful nations are ―swallowing up‖ weaker ones by various means, but, soon, outright overtaking by might will occur. Now that the alien wars are more heated up, there will be severe back flushing from alien inspired events. Many things will transpire as a result of back flushing of actions taken by individuals, groups and governments who are being influenced by aliens. One such example is the back-flushing effect that is due to the recent unilateral proclamation of independence by Kosovo from Serbia. The consequences of this one action are many and convoluted. The physical effects from the Vulturites sponsoring the independence of Kosovo will result in back flushing that will severely affect many other nations. Kosovo is a catalyst. Its independence movement can work both ways. That is, some smaller areas that have considered declaring independence in the past will be encouraged to do so now. The corollary of this is that the more powerful nations that view certain neighbouring areas as rightfully theirs could act very swiftly to seize those nearby lands. Here are some things that are to come: The waves continue upwards The levels will rise Be ready for more as these come The ice of the north is about to crack Be ready for more floods everywhere Watch for the white wave when it arrives Everything will break loose Place is but a position Positions can change, as can places When the tides recede, the real floodwaters will flow These are but precursors of what is to come Bring forth what you will Worry not about what might or might not have been Two-thirds of the world population will be in jeopardy . . . Northern India and South America will be besieged by various problems of gigantic proportions. World leaders will succumb to threats of annihilation and confusion Nations will rise against nations People will lose trust Facades will fall more and more and those who have championed various causes will openly express as bigots and thieves Intolerance of all kinds will escalate Religious, political and financial wars will overrun the world Israel will perish and part of it will fall into the sea America will cease to be the world power Europe and especially Northern Europe will succumb to severe weather conditions which will cause much destruction and misery Russia will invade many lands Kosovo will be seized China will march forward with pride, power and brutality Australia will bow to external rulers As the Last Dance begins, it will be a troubling time for all forms of existence on this planet, but for those who hold onto their Divine Will, even if they are physically afflicted with ill health, poverty, persecution or any other maladies, take heart. Go forth with inner confidence. Deep within is the fountain of youth for the true spirit. The spirit, once rejuvenated, will withstand all forms of Darkness. Each consciousness is embedded in Love, Light and immense Power which, when activated, creates tremendous creativity that is part of the blue print of the True Creation. Be patient I will soon gather all that are mine Amitakh-Nara - Promenade #1: Ominous Promenade to the World’s Last Dance Debris scatters the globe Junk strewn about Storms of all types rage Quakes and Volcanoes too The mess is too big to fix Junk here, junk there, junk everywhere The sky looms dark The sea rises Lands that teem with locusts Weep like children in hunger and fear Fires consume the land like never before seen The sky roars People despair from disasters And the military strikes Bombs and bullets fly and crash Humans act like wild animals The streets teem with remains of air and land disasters The trees are scorched The land is parched Humans and aliens at war The Bear marches So too the Great Hawk It flies over the mountains towards the peak But, the journey is too arduous It cannot reach the top The Warriors of Light await The time draws near Evacuation is almost here Humans fight each other for food and shelter Zombies roam the Earth Flying saucers fill the sky Humans watch the battles being fought Tears, no laughter The Last Dance begins . . . - Promenade #2: When The Last Dance Begins As the world becomes more and more fragile, many things will happen that would alert thinking people that things are going wrong, but the ruling elite are quick to explain away events with seemingly plausible, rational reasons. They will also restrict the media from reporting oddities so as not to arouse suspicions of how precarious things are. For instance, construction site cranes are collapsing, as are buildings and other structures around the world. Subsequently, many large buildings, bridges, dams, roads etc. will be collapsing all around the world. These matters will be treated as independent events, if they are reported at all. However, the ruling elites’ explanations for things will eventually become ludicrous to even the least aware people. The Earth’s icosahedron is faltering due to the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. This results in ―hiccoughs‖ and freak accidents in the air, water and on the land. These are already apparent. Automobile, rail and air travel will become more and more hazardous as the icosahedron winds down. More importantly, aliens are directing beams at various targets. Sometimes an ―accident‖ occurs that was intentionally caused by the alien activity, and sometimes a vehicle or structure is accidentally caught in crossfire. Either way, significant and freakish damage can occur. Ironically, the economic recession is part of the Reptilian scheme, but the Vulturites are turning it into a much more traumatic event by deceptively keeping share values so artificially inflated. This will cause the Reptilian-planned recession to become a full-blown, deep economic depression. The Vulturites are desperate and are manipulating so many aspects of the share markets that when the Reptilian attack scheme is unleashed it will severely cripple the entire Western economy. Many public and private reporting agencies are intentionally distributing false information about the share markets and other world events to keep the economy hanging by a thread. The Vulturites are deceptively purchasing ―days‖ of propped up image for the markets, but, the propping costs will soon be astronomical. As I wrote last December, the American Democratic Party’s primary process has pitted a Vulturite-sponsored candidate against a Reptilian-sponsored one. The fighting seen between the two contenders is extraordinarily fierce and dirty. It is much more than the usual political filth. To unaware outsiders, it would appear that the two candidates would co-operate in the best interests of the party. However, things are not always what they appear to be because of alien influence in world affairs. The Vulturites are fighting to wrest power from a long-standing Reptilian power base – the Democratic Party. The American Reptilians are trying to reclaim total control of the Eagle after they have moved their base to China. If the Reptilians could successfully pull this manoeuvre off, they can swiftly take full control of the world. Thus, the upcoming selection for the Democratic presidential candidate is a major part of the alien wars. If Hillary Clinton receives the nomination, then the Vulturites are in a win-win situation regarding the presidency of the United States. There are always plans within plans in the alien wars. If the Reptilians do not wait for the American election to happen, the conflagration will erupt beforehand. The coming days are filled with peril. Hold onto your Will and trust your inner guidance. They can carry you through the tumultuous times ahead. - Promenade #3: Aliens at War The concept of Good and Evil is not one of balance. These are two distinct opposing Forces. Good does not need Evil in order to survive. Evil is parasitic and depends upon Good to maintain Itself. The war between Good and Evil will be resolved with the eradication of Evil and Its pseudocreation, the Virtual Reality. The True Light will liberate all of Its viable True-Light beings before the total collapse of Darkness’ Prison, Its Virtual Reality. All of Darkness’ prisoners will be liberated in one way or another, with the viable beings eventually returning to their True-Light Creation and the False-Light beings returning to primordial energy. This is but a very simplistic description of the resolution of the war between the True Light and the False Light, Good and Evil. Darkness has re-started all of the civilizations in Its own Virtual Reality more than once; It does this when parts of Its creation get out of control. Sometimes It re-starts a galaxy, a planet or just regions within the planet. These re-starts are different from re-starts of time, the latter of which dramatically re-starts the entire Virtual Reality – when everything re-starts and little survives. The biblical account of the flood is about one of the regional re-starts that was limited to only a portion of the planet, and even that portion had some survivors. Darkness has many agents in the Virtual Reality. Among the most powerful of these agents are the Anunnaki, who have much to do with the creation story contained in the Bible. Of the many Anunnaki races, the two most powerful groups today are the Reptilians and the Persires (Vulturites). These two groups are vying for absolute control of the Earth. This time the re-start of time was going to be very different from previous ones; it was going to be a total re-start. The Anunnaki have learned too much about the Virtual Reality, and Darkness was so threatened by the possibility of usurpation of power that It was going to eliminate them on the re-start. The Rescue by the True Light started a long time ago in Earth time. The Attas had to learn about Darkness’ programming in order to come up with ways to overcome it. The True Light is aware that Darkness planned on radically re-creating Its Virtual Reality with the next re-start of time. This is why the True-Light caused the separation of the Anunnaki Elite from the Atu-waa. The Anunnaki Elite were programmed by Darkness into believing that the next re-start of time would be like all the preceding ones. The Anunnaki Remnants do not have the knowledge to re-start time. The Attas had to wait until the final stages of the Rescue Mission before it was safe to free the trapped True-Light being in the Atu-waa and separate it from the False Light parasites before dismantling it. Had the Atu-waa not been disassembled by the Light, time would have been re-started, and, the Reptilians and all of the other Anunnaki races would have been obliterated by Darkness. Darkness was then going to create Its next version of administrators and slaves to serve It and police the Virtual Reality. This would have delayed the Rescue Mission, and the suffering by the trapped True-Light beings would have been prolonged and more of them would have been spiritually assassinated by Darkness. As I have written before, the Earth is critical to the Virtual Reality because it houses the Atuwaa. The Anunnaki have been falsely promised by Darkness that they will have full control of the physical and astral realms of the Virtual Reality after time is re-started. This is why the Anunnaki have been working so devotedly towards securing the Atu-waa and trying to restart time. Little do the Anunnaki suspect the treachery of Darkness that lies beneath Its empty promise and secret programming. Darkness is not inept and will not allow Its slaves to get into such a powerful position. Unbeknown to the Reptilians, Darkness has already determined that they have outlived their usefulness. In the eyes of Darkness, they are disposable beings, and would have been discarded like out-of-date products on the re-start of time. Darkness intends to re-design and re-populate Its Virtual Reality. Nearly all of the old design was going to be eradicated. Darkness wanted to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants. It tricked the Anunnaki into thinking that they would survive the re-start of time and become supreme masters of the Virtual Reality. As indicated earlier, this was never to be the case. The Anunnaki, among many other life forms, including humans, were scheduled to perish. But, when the Attas dismantled the Atu-waa, Darkness could not proceed with Its plan to totally re-start time or continue to hold the True-Light beings prisoners. The decommissioning of the Atu-waa has sent Darkness into a desperate frenzy. It is trying to delay Its demise by pleading for compassion whilst simultaneously threatening, tempting, bribing, blackmailing, lying and using other deceptive and murderous means to try to trick True-Light beings into letting down their guard. Darkness is attempting to further corrupt more True-Light beings and gather them as Its prisoners to be used as ransom or fodder. Darkness influences and controls Its pseudo-creation with programming of all sorts. It has instructed Its agents, the Anunnaki and their predecessors, in the partial use of programming in the Virtual Reality. For all intents and purposes, those to whom Darkness has given this power are operating like minor creators. They can manipulate genetics at many levels and enhance, diminish or mutate biological entities. Darkness has given these administrators some knowledge of the application of programming in the Virtual Reality to control the population. Indeed, programming of all types has been going on since the Virtual Reality began. In effect, everything in the Virtual Reality works on programming. Some of the programming appears more natural and other types seem more artificial. Natural programming includes: the four seasons, tidal movements, day and night, sunlight, growth patterns, births, deaths, illnesses, genetic predispositions and celestial cycles. Obvious artificial programming includes: product and service advertising, rules and regulations, political affiliation, religious commitment, education, culture, and mind-control techniques. Some programming takes on the appearance of goodness, whilst other types are more obviously evil. Unseen programming is all around us. Our basic structure is programmed internally, about which not very much can be done. However, there is external programming bombarding us daily that we have some chance of resisting. If a person feels the programming of anger, rage or jealousy working on them, they need to nip them quickly in the bud instead of fuelling them by focusing on them. If a person resists the external programming enough, they can deflect it away. The programming then aborts its mission. Unfortunately, the external programming then seeks another target. This is the way Darkness operates. Before the alien wars escalated, most of the programming on humans was done via radiation, food, sounds, sex, intoxicants and through other physical agents. But, in this modern era, programming has become more sophisticated and complex. Minds, memories and experiences are affected by various means, including inaudible sounds, invisible beams, electro-magnetics, radio frequency bombardment, electronic pulses, legal and illegal drugs and so on. Brain waves are altered via sounds, beams and other sophisticated alien technology. Modern programming has a hypnotic effect. Very few victims are aware of this. In order to effectively minimize the programming, one must first become aware of it. From that point on, many of the ―spells‖ woven around them dissipate or are considerably diluted. Humans can fight off the programming, but it is not an easy battle. The alien technology is advanced, sophisticated, surreptitious and deceptive. The main thrust of the current programming affects the magnetic fields surrounding all living things – plants, animals and humans. However, humans are the main targets of the programming. Once a magnetic field is tampered with to a certain extent, it weakens the victim’s subtle bodies, which makes them more susceptible to diseases, mind control and even possession of the body. As the alien wars heat up, there is a lot of conflicting programming circulating about, and it is causing alarming confusion. Those who follow all programming instructions are often sent into crisis as one set of programming influences them to do or think one thing whilst another set of instructions bombards them with conflicting advice. This can put them in a quandary. Those who know them may suspect that they are going crazy or having a nervous breakdown as their behaviour becomes erratic, unpredictable and bizarre. The conflicting programming can come from many sources, but when it conflicts, it can cause tremendous difficulty for the victims. They can go into depression or mania, become aggressive, fearful, confused, withdrawn, paranoid, emotionally disturbed or suffer other problems. The whole of this pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality, works on programming from the micro-biological levels up or down to all other levels. If programming were to come to an abrupt halt, all living things would suddenly feel lost and struggle to cope for lack of direction. Fortunately, once this Virtual Reality is dismantled, there will be no programming. Beings can then truly be free. Many memories are tied to magnetism. All types of beams can affect magnetic and other subtle fields of living things and impact their respective memories. As the Earth’s icosahedron falters, the planet’s magnetic field will deteriorate and de-magnetization will commence. The weakened Earth’s magnetic field will destabilize the programming and result in chaos. When this occurs, both human and alien ruling elite will lose control of their systems, and they, too, will be affected by the mental chaos. When people become aware of the conspiracy behind the programming, they can begin the process of de-programming themselves. True-Light beings are attracted to Good. Darkness created illusional goodness, which is really only the appearance of goodness. This façade of goodness is in the Virtual Reality to keep the True-Light beings trapped in it. Had Darkness not mixed the trapped True-Light particles with Its False-Light particles, there would probably not be the necessity for Darkness to create the appearance of goodness in this Virtual Reality. When the True-Light particles are removed by the True Light, only Darkness will remain in the entire False-Light creation. At that time, pure Evil will express throughout the entire Virtual Reality. The façade of pseudo-goodness will disappear completely. People would be amazed and incensed if only they knew the extent of the programming that they are subjected to every day. Most of the humans are now more like robots than thinking beings, following the dictates of the programming. They do very few things of their own accord. Aliens are not so much like humans as many would want you to believe. They are very different, and much of the programming directed at humans has little or no effect on them. Aliens have learned how to manipulate the energy centres in the subtle bodies of humans. It is through this manipulation that much of the programming, tracking and selection of humans occurs. Aliens have genetically engineered shrunken auras for alien beings. This has many advantages, especially in the alien wars. For instance, humans are much more susceptible to programming and interference of their physical and subtle bodies. This gives the aliens an immense advantage over humans, who have little or no understanding of the external effects on subtle bodies. Those who have some knowledge of protecting their subtle energy centres and contracting their auras at will have better chances of minimizing or avoiding severe attacks on their subtle bodies, whether caused by humans or aliens. UFO abductions are widespread, even though they are hard to prove. They began a long time ago, although there has been a flurry of reports of them in the last half century. Like the subject of life after death, even the existence of UFOs is hotly debated. Thus, many are reticent to accept the possibility of UFO abductions. Denial of UFO abductions does not stop them from happening. However, those in denial of the phenomenon still have a strong voice in human societies. Aliens who abduct people generally tamper with or block the memories of their victims. They use frequencies that distort the time/space continuum and mask memories of certain events. Those who have remembered abduction experiences have related very traumatic events. Most people think of an abduction as being a physical taking of a body into a spacecraft, but this is rarely the case. Usually it is only the subtle body that is taken on the craft. Some of the supposed alien abductions are really conducted by earthly governments. This confuses matters even more. These activities are very dirty and more complicated than people think. Abductions conducted by governments are usually physical ones. The aliens do not want to provide governments with the technology for subtle-body abductions. Many abductees have reported lost time. Time is not constant. It moves at differing intervals depending on circumstances. Most humans perceive time on Earth as having 60 seconds in a minute and so on. When time is stretched or contracted, the clocks continue to tick off the seconds, but things are different. One can get many things done in a short interval when time is stretched, and fewer things done when time is contracted. This is not solely a perception of the participants, but can affect whole areas simultaneously. Most of the mind manipulations carried out on humans are performed when the victims are asleep or in a twilight state. Many of the alien abductions of humans are astral abductions. Most of the physical abductees and astral abductees have very little or no recollection of the abductions. In a physical abduction by aliens, the victim’s physical body is removed from its physical environment and physically taken to a spaceship. However, when physical abductions are carried out by human agents of governments or other organizations, the victims are taken to a physical location that might simulate an alien spaceship. In an astral abduction by aliens, which is far more common than a physical abduction, the victim’s astral body is abducted whist the victim is asleep or otherwise in repose. When the astral body is invaded by any intruders, there will be trauma suffered that will eventually translate into the physical body and surface as physical, emotional and mental symptoms. The places where the invasive activities occur are often remembered by the victims as hospital-like settings. Sometimes the victims can remember being in a hospital. Sometimes it can be a seaside resort setting or a floating tank. Others appear in a beautiful garden. Some others can remember being in a spacecraft. Some theatres can be remembered as nightmarish whilst others can be recalled as pleasant or familiar. Often, the memories come in a childhood setting. Because of this, most people think it is a dream. Most people do not remember anything for many weeks, months or even years. Then, they think that they are recalling a vivid dream. Sometimes, something in the physical sparks off a memory and they get a sense of familiarity or déjà vu because they do not recall being abducted. Besides, the perpetrators often place false memories into the victims to replace the actual abduction. However, there are those whose minds were able to override the inhibitions that temporarily block the memories, so that it is possible for the victims to eventually remember parts of their abduction. Even if the victims do not recall the abductions, it does not prevent them from having the symptoms of the trauma manifesting in their lives. In one sense, this is worse than those who can recall their abductions because they do not know what has happened to them. The first thing that people can do at this stage of the alien wars is to realize that alien beings are at war with humans. Once the alien programming that causes people to deny alien existence is broken, the victims and other humans can begin to see through the alien agenda. After it is seen through, resistance can occur. This resistance has to come from the individuals, who steadfastly refuse to conform to alien commands. People need to rely upon their intuition to guide them away from alien-programmed behaviour towards human affairs. This is not an easy task at first because what you think is intuition could be programming by the opposition. Thus, one has to make an effort to refine ones spiritual energies sufficiently to allow guidance from the True Divine Source. When thoughts, impulses, suggestions and other things pop into one’s mind, people should sort through whether they are internal things or come from external bombardment. The external things are the things to be resisted. In the past, constant bombardment by news, information, advertisements, educational, religious and political materials were the main means of brainwashing and persuasive influence over others. Today, the brainwashing is much more subtle and sophisticated so that very few even suspect it is occurring. Darkness is jealous of the True Light. Simply put, the Virtual Reality began with a single thought by Darkness. Then It formed the first alats to secrete and protect Its thoughts from exposure. Secrecy is an important ingredient in the construction and maintenance of Darkness’ Virtual Reality. Secrecy can be used for selfish or collective material gains. Secrecy and secrets drive the Virtual reality. Darkness thrives on it. Darkness created all things in this Virtual Reality and tainted them with varying degrees of jealousy. Jealousy can range from apparently harmless envy and seemingly natural sibling rivalry to obviously more serious national jealousies, where one country jealously pursues another that has become powerful and wealthy. Instead of allowing negative emotions to fester, one should channel them into positive actions that diffuse the negativity. Darkness thrives on negativity. Instead of harbouring jealousy concerning someone’s achievements and allowing the negativity to fester, cut it off as early as possible. By severing the negative energy through focusing on something positive, many of the effects of the negativity can be overcome. The Anti-Christ is so jealous of Christ that It wants to corrupt everything that is Pure and Beautiful with negativity, with the intention of ultimately destroying the Pure Realm. Darkness is so jealous of Purity that, if It could, It would destroy everything, including Itself, so nobody else can have it. A jealous god will destroy anyone or anything that stands in its way. It will cause separation and distrust of others to keep its empire secure. The myth of the tower of Babel demonstrates how far Darkness will go to separate others to maintain Its mysteries, secrets and power. In the last days of this Virtual Reality, unprecedented displays of jealousy, in form and degrees never before encountered, will exacerbate misery and suffering on the planet. In the True-Light Creation, there is no jealousy. There is no fear, suffering, poverty, lies, secrets, conflict or death. - Promenade #4: Programming Wars This is a virtual reality that will corrupt any truth that is brought down to it. This is why truth is so easily distorted the moment it is dispersed in the Virtual Reality, from the physical to the astral to all levels in the cosmic realms. How true it is that truth will become fable, then myth, and finally absurdity as it is repeated by those without any understanding of it. Indeed, it is a well-worn path known to many researchers. Corruption of truth is an imposition by Darkness in the Virtual Reality designed to keep inhabitants ignorant. That is why there is no way that truth of all things can be understood or revealed here. One can only hope that he or she receives sufficient truth to sustain him or her until the Rescue Mission is completed. Apart from the widespread spying on the internet, individual liberties are being compromised by the ruling elite. There has been a proliferation of sophisticated tracking devices that can track the movements of almost anyone who has possession of certain laptop computers, cell phones, passports, driving licences or satellite maps. The wireless networks allow easier tracking, even when people do not think they are connected to the internet or other relevant network. There is also such a bombardment of radio broadcast noise in the atmosphere now that many people have heard bits of physical broadcasts or conversations in their own homes. These are not ghost activities, but physical broadcasts that occasionally can be heard with human ears. One can just imagine how this impacts animals with more sensitive hearing. Tracking of sites visited on the internet is done for the ruling elite. The ruling elite bulletinboard and critique-type websites that post bits of truth and volumes of critiques are especially used in tracking people. ―Gurus‖ who serve the ruling elite often have little spiritual understanding, but pretend to educate others and wear a façade of altruism. Some of these appear openly and notoriously, whilst others retain a form of anonymity. What people are unaware of is that the purpose of existence in the Virtual Reality is to serve Darkness. Darkness enslaved every being in the Virtual Reality and forces them to serve It. All of the trapped True-Light beings in the Virtual Reality are assisted by the Light to awaken to the degree necessary to sustain them until they can be rescued. Many people may think that the solution to the Virtual Reality is to make Darkness burn in hell. But, hell is Darkness’ creation – Its home. Darkness runs hell, which is a reality within the Virtual Reality. To let Darkness burn in hell would be to let Darkness have Its own way and to keep It going. The promise of spiritual attainment in the Virtual Reality is an empty promise and a lie. Especially the sincere ones who promote this are fooled and are being used by Darkness to drag others into the net to be spiritually assassinated by Darkness. Even those created by Darkness have the right to know the sinister plot of their vile creator. Fortunately, in spite of the difficulties, threats and other obstacles, there are still some Light workers around the world who work ceaselessly for the True Light on the planet. Some of these Light workers have humble positions in the eyes of the world, and some would appear to have very limited interest in spiritual matters. Behind the New Age movement is an unseen Force that should not be taken lightly. This Force deceives many into believing that there are ascended masters of the Light behind the movement. Many sincere ones who seek the highest purity are deceived into devoting their life and essence in following the teachings of the ascended masters. Some of the ascended masters are very dark beings pretending to be of the True Light. Darkness also uses the name of Jesus and other Attas of the Light as part of the list of ascended masters to trap sincere searchers. Darkness is the Force behind the New Age movement. It uses some wisdom brought down by True-Light beings and manipulates these messages to suit Its own aims. Love and Purity are intermingled with the dark intent behind the movement to lure the unsuspecting seekers. Many sincere seekers are sucked into the movement and trapped by the array of programming that makes them feel good and spiritual. The critical concept that must be grasped in order to begin to awaken to the truth is the knowledge of duality of Forces. These two opposing Forces are not for balance, but are in conflict with each other. Evil and Good are in direct opposition. Evil rules by the principle of servitude to Its Master. Good exists for the mutual benefit of all. Duality has been addressed by many true seekers, but because one of the Forces – Darkness – purposely corrupts truth in this Virtual Reality, the concept of duality of Forces is corrupted into the concept of balance, and people are encouraged to accept everything as good. Gnostic knowledge about duality in all cultures has been corrupted by the Dark Force as soon as it is brought down by True-Light beings. This is often done through deliberate slanting of the information, mistranslation, misinterpretation, redacting and subsequent expounding of the information, all of which corrupts the message. For example, Augustine of Hippo spent enormous energy trying to make Darkness look Good and to make Good appear Evil. Language itself is an important tool of Darkness. Oral and written language has become a tool for corruption of communication, even though Darkness made it appear to be a positive breakthrough in human affairs. When an exact quote of another’s words is used, there is the danger of regurgitation without comprehension of the message, or of it being taken out of context. On the other hand, once the words are summarized and edited, the message is prone to being altered considerably. Either way, it is difficult to faithfully convey another’s message with oral or written language. Darkness planned it that way for Its own purposes. The game of ―pass the secret‖ is a simplified example of how language can be corrupted. Church sermons or political speeches are just as easily corrupted through the use of language. Even when an Attas of the Light presents truth in the Virtual Reality, it is very quickly corrupted with language, especially when others edit it and put their own interpretation on it. The concept of duality of Forces has been so corrupted and complicated that it no longer assists sincere seekers. Agents of Darkness have made certain that it happened that way. Theology and philosophy students who want to pass their exams and be awarded advanced degrees must conform to the corrupted concept of duality or have their success, awards, funding etc. impeded. Likewise, science students are forced into following various precepts and defining principles to advance. Most must deny a Supreme Intelligence, but there are ecclesiastical universities for the other group, and they too must accept the ruling elites’ model of duality to advance. The principle of Yin/Yang is a distorted concept of the mayonnaise in this Virtual Reality. Yin represents the feminine aspect and Yang represents the masculine aspect. Many people believe this is for balance. It really represents the True-Light Energy of the Divine Mother and the False-Light Energy of the Usurper. The Divine Mother’s Energy is intertwined with Darkness. The Yin/Yang, Night/Day concept tries to make the True-Light look dark and the False-Light look light. This distortion of purposefully projecting Darkness as Good and the True-Light as Darkness is a theme that runs through Western and Eastern religions. Hence, many sincere people are trapped in Darkness’ deception. The deception is so deep that even Darkness has confused Itself. The reality is that there is a ―war‖ between Good and Evil. The final battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy has begun at last. The nature of the battle is different from what people have in mind. Most people imagine that the final battle will be like the version presented in the extant Bible. However, it is the friction between the two Energies that will result in the total separation of Light from Darkness. Thus, the battle between the Christ and Anti-Christ Energy is the ultimate separation of True Light from False Light – Good from Evil. Whilst it sounds like an easy thing, it is not a straight-forward action at all. Indeed, it is intricately complex. It has never been done before and it had to take Darkness completely by surprise. The people awaiting Armageddon anticipated that there would be a physical war that would involve worldly armies in a battle royal. On the energy level, the battle will be like the biggest thunderstorm ever registered. Yet, on the physical level, it will come like a wisp of wind, so subtle and quiet that few will notice it happening. This is not to say that the Earth will be quiet during the battle, because, as I have previously written, it will coincide with the Second Major Cataclysmic Event – the all-out alien wars. That is, the aliens will wage their wars through human and alien agents on the Earth whilst the Christ Energy confronts the Anti-Christ Energy on all levels, which will sometimes manifest in the physical as frictional events that will culminate in the separation of the representatives of Good and Evil. In simple terms, as Good pulls away from Evil, Evil will try to cling onto Good, as It has always done in the past. Evil parasitically latches onto Good, not out of love or respect for Good, but to exploit Good for Its own evil purposes. To give a simplified explanation, the confrontation of the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy entails the deliberate separation of the two Energies. As the True-Light pulls away, the Anti-Christ Energy will tenaciously try to adhere and cling to the Christ Energy. As a part of the Rescue Mission, the Divine Mother voluntarily entered into the depths of the Evil Mind for the final time to dislodge the projections within the Mind of Darkness that hold and project the illusions of the Virtual Reality of Darkness. Evil holds many True-Light beings as ransom. It will not willingly release even a single particle of True Light, even at these final stages of the separation process. The separation process is going to be painful, which is unavoidable. In order to protect all of Her children trapped in the Virtual Reality, the Christ Energy has been intertwined with the Anti-Christ Energy. The separation has commenced. Everything containing the True-Light particles in the Virtual Reality is blended together like mayonnaise, and the mayonnaise is separating. This includes the Intelligence known as Darkness – Anti-Christ – Evil Mind. That is, the True-Light is disentangling Itself from Darkness, which Darkness is resisting with all of Its strength. When the True-Light is completely separated from Darkness, the Anti-Christ will express total evil without restraint. ―God‖ is such a mystery in this world because the ―god‖ most people think about is Darkness masquerading as a loving ―god‖. People are confused because the ―god‖ they worship is capable of expressing profound love, yet It is also brutally savage. This is because there are two separate Energies that are diametrically opposed to each other entwined in the make-up of the ―god‖. When the True-Light is withdrawn from Darkness, from the very lowest to the highest levels of expression in this Virtual Reality, Darkness will then constantly express pure evil. The charade will be over. The Mind of Darkness is akin to a black hole that threatens to suck everything that stands in Its way. It is like a poisoned dart intended to numb and kill Its victims. Darkness is so deluded that at times It believes that it is the sole and rightful sovereign over everything. It conveniently forgets Its own beginning and Its criminal usurpation and every corrupted act that comes from It. The battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy entails the Christ Energy ―freezing‖ and ―changing‖ virtual time, so to speak, within Darkness’ Virtual Reality. As one inner virtual reality collapses through ―freezing‖ and ―changing‖ virtual time and other processes, Darkness’ ―Mind‖ will begin to disperse. In the end, even Darkness shall be returned to a state where It can no longer inflict suffering on any beings, including Itself. The Anti-Christ’s behaviour is like that of a stalker, deriving self-gratification as It intimidates, threatens and preys upon Its victims. As the separation process proceeds, the Anti-Christ’s obsession with Itself will become so destructive and confusing to Itself that It will self-destruct. One aspect of the battle is like Christ entering the Mind of Darkness to disengage the projections that hold and project the virtual realities of Darkness. In other words, the Christ Energy’s separation from Darkness will cause the Mind of Darkness to disassemble. Sound is the basis supporting the Virtual Reality. The sounds that hold the Virtual Reality together will be disconnected, and the bonds holding the prisoners of Darkness will be broken. Then, there will be Silence. When there is Silence, people will finally be able to truly hear again. The alien wars will express in many ways. Some large-scale natural-appearing disasters will not be natural at all. Storms, floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, extreme weather conditions, famines, droughts and other types of disasters will increase in intensity, frequency and size. Many of these disasters will hit unexpectedly and defy physical explanations and expectations. The recent weather and earth events in Burma and China are precursors of larger disasters that await the Earth. These events are not the result of the separation of Good from Evil; these are expressions of Darkness as It tries to completely re-start time. The chief physical agents of Darkness – the Anunnaki – are unable to re-start time because of intervention by the Light whereby, among other things, the Atu-waa was disassembled and the True-Light being held captive within it was released. As the size and frequency of natural-appearing disasters expands throughout the world, many of the events will go unreported or be played down by the media. Eventually, the devastation will be so widespread and hopeless that rebuilding will not be attempted by most nations. Then there will be little or no international assistance. Everyone will have to look out for their own interests. As the alien wars express, national alliances will become more open and notorious. Racial tensions will be heightened to an extent never before witnessed. Social rebellions and upheavals will destabilize the fabric of society. Whole civilizations will be crippled. In reality, the final battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is the separation of the Christ Energy from the Anti-Christ Energy in which Darkness struggles to remain parasitically attached to the Light. That is, Darkness holds on with all Its might for Its continuing existence, all the while destroying True-Light particles in Its wake. However, now that the separation process has begun and the True-Light particles have been sufficiently protected, Darkness can no longer blackmail the True Light. The New World Order will come, it is at the point of no return. The question remains whether it will be a Reptilian or a Vulturite dominated NWO. Many speculate whether the next U.S. president will be as busy as Bush. I wrote in October 2007 that the Democrat Party battle over the nomination for its presidential candidate would be fierce because of opposing alien influences within the party itself. The bitterness with which it has been contested is almost inexplicable to the unawares, but clear to those who grasp the nature of the alien wars on the planet. It does not matter who wins the election, the Vulturite influence will continue to dominate U.S. policies. The Reptilians had plans to take over the world via attrition. They planned and conducted both sides of the conflicts in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the first invasion of Iraq by the West. Once the Reptilians moved their base from the USA to China, the Vulturites seized on the opportunity and have aggressively pursued their temporary military advantage by leading the USA. The Reptilians had hoped the Vulturites would punch themselves out in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. When the Reptilian plan for a One World Government was thwarted because the True Light intervened in the American Revolutionary War, the Reptilians adopted their United Alien Plan for world conquest. However, the Vulturites have partially seen through the Reptilian plan. So, they have mobilized and are directly challenging their supposed allies, the Reptilians, as they rapidly absorb countries by bribery, deception, coercion and force. Things are very different now because the Reptilians no longer control both sides of the conflicts in many cases, and the Vulturites are extremely opportunistic. Thus, any of the staged wars around the world are capable of turning into real battles contested between the two alien forces. Now that the Vulturites are at the Reptilian’s doorstep, whoever moves the most decisively will have a major advantage. As previously mentioned, the exacerbation of the catastrophes in Burma and China are not entirely natural. As the Earth’s icosahedron deteriorates and Darkness continues to attempt to re-start time, more natural disasters and strange events will occur. The storm in Burma and the earthquakes in China were caused by Darkness’ futile attempts to re-start time and by a faltering icosahedron, but, the Vulturites have seized on these opportunities to exacerbate the situation by causing natural-appearing follow-up events, such as floods and recurring aftershocks. Now, as the Christ Energy separates more and more from the Anti-Christ Energy and as the alien conflicts increase, there will be many other changes occurring. Time will have lapses and behave almost nonsensically. There will be more time shifts observed where people have spontaneous individual or collective events and some people will age almost overnight. Individual events could happen momentarily, suddenly and unexpectedly. They can feel like fainting events without the feeling of everything going dark. A person might feel one moment they are in a locale, the next moment elsewhere, and the next moment back to the original locale. Some time shifts will be more involved and longer in duration. Many abnormalities, such as weather events, are being explained away by physical reasons. Orange skies are blamed on refraction of raindrops, but, why they have only now begun to occur is not addressed. Droughts and floods are explained away with El Niño and La Niña simultaneously. Newsreaders can sometimes be seen smirking as they deliver the nonsensical reasons for various weather events. The symbolic release of the Four Elements has altered certain ―laws‖ such that they are no longer constant, but have lapses and changes. The workings of time and karma are rapidly changing. There are those who insist that collective karma is behind all the world’s problems and that nobody should interfere with the working of karma by assisting poor countries or interfering with their wars. These people tell others not to interfere with others’ lots because that would interfere with the workings of karma. This is a sweeping, erroneous and irresponsible premise. For a start, karma is an evil system that was designed by Darkness. It was never intended to be fair and just, but was imposed upon beings in the Virtual Reality to suit the purposes of Darkness. The lords of karma have unfairly and unjustly imposed this horrible weapon upon everyone and everything. However, the lords of karma have been dismantled and things are different. Karma now operates robotically. Those who attempt to use karma, especially by using terms like ―bad karma‖ to blame another’s misfortune, will have to be careful regarding their intent, or they could feel a reverse backlash. This is not karma, but it is more like a ―bug‖ or residue of the karma system that has been left behind, which will continue until the whole system disintegrates. The separation of the True Light from Darkness has commenced. Evil will now be expressing more and more as the separation continues. Clocks ticking sound like water dripping, and both time and clean water are running out. The Attas of True Light will soon complete their Rescue Mission and all the True-Light beings will be liberated. - Promenade #5: Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun The phenomenon of the existence of evil in the world encourages people to give that phenomenon a name or a label for ease of identification. Some of the names that have been assigned to this entity are: the Devil, Satan, Kui etc. These are all personal names of the Devil. Those who hunger for mystical power often welcome the Devil and worship it. Those who abhor evil can point to the Devil for the bad things in the world, thus excusing God for the evil. Either way, it benefits Darkness. ―Saa‖ is the first manifestation of the Principle of Evil. ―Saa‖ is the motion that permeates matter. It gives rise to thought forms, desires, emotions etc. that further draw people into deeper separation from the True Light. ―Saa‖ eventually was given the name of Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil and other names. Without the resurrection of Christ and without the Devil and the doctrine of sin and redemption, which are central to Christianity, the Church would collapse. Christianity is the epitome of a religion that demands a devil to continue. Therefore, the birth of the Devil is crucial to the Principle of Darkness, which in reality, is the God of this world. The force that is identified as the Devil was created by the Principle of Darkness to infect the whole Universal Dodecahedron (the Virtual Reality), and most importantly, to resist correction down to the lowest levels, especially the human level. We are now in the final stage of the Rescue Mission and Christ will soon gather all the viable True-Light particles and take them back Home. Those left behind are following Darkness’ resistance to Divine Correction of the Error. Everyone and everything, including the Devil and Darkness Itself, are given the opportunity to accept the Correction. Unfortunately, Darkness and Its Devil have rejected the Correction and have lured many to follow them. Many have chosen Darkness as their God. Regrettably, most people have done just that. - Promenade #7: The Personal Devil The world affairs are very much influenced and monitored by the alien powers. The Reptilians and the Vulturites have thus far been the two most powerful alien influences on human affairs. Within the Reptilian ranks, there are two distinct factions: one seeks conquest and control via religions; the other uses a secular approach. Presently, these two factions within the Reptilian ranks are at loggerheads. As I wrote in The Revised Anunnaki Protocols – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Reptilians had a unified agenda for world dominance that entailed the merging of the British Empire with the Catholic Empire for ultimate world control, the former of which was primarily directed by the Secular Reptilians, whilst the latter was primarily influenced by the Religious Reptilians. As part of this plan, the British were influenced by their Reptilian controllers to instigate the American rebellion in the mid-eighteenth century. The British planned on crushing this rebellion and making it an example for all of their colonies that might consider resisting British rule. As a very unusual response to world events, the Attas of the True Light intervened in the American rebellion, and supported the colonists, which resulted in a full-blown revolution that was won by the virtually impotent colonists. Even today, most people attribute the miracle of the victory to God, but very few have suspected that it was the workings of the True Light God that won the day for the colonists. The God of this world is the Principle of Darkness. Most think it was the God of this world (Darkness) who assisted the colonists, because people do not suspect that the God that appears most often in the Bible is the Principle of Darkness. Very few realize that Jesus has very little to do with the Bible, and even less to do with Christianity, although His name has been hijacked by the ruling elite and inserted in the Bible for their own agenda. Further, the religion known as Christianity was created by the ruling elite in absolute opposition to what Jesus stands for. When the British were defeated by the colonists, the Reptilian plan for world conquest had to be revised. The new plans encompassed plans within the plans. The Secular Reptilians had always secretly planned on crushing the power of the Religious Reptilians. This means that the Church would have been curtailed if the British Empire and the Catholic Empire had been merged after the anticipated defeat of the American colonists. With the American colonists’ victory, the Reptilian ruling elite totally revised its plans and invited nearly all of the alien groups on Earth to participate in the Alternate Alien Plan for the New World Order. There has always been a tacit agreement amongst the aliens on Earth, for their own particular benefits, to keep their respective existences on Earth secret from humans. The Reptilians were so strong prior to the American Revolution that no other alien group could challenge them. However, it was their defeat that forced the Reptilians to involve the other groups, who saw The Revised Anunnaki Protocols as an opportunity for a slice of the NWO ―glory‖. Hence, the Reptilians are not united in their push for the NWO. The Secular Reptilians believe that ―iron fist‖ policies are much easier and more effective to employ without the ―baggage‖ of religions. However, the Religious Reptilians enjoy being worshipped and they desire the adoration from their subjects. That is, the Secular Reptilians are more prone to rule by oppression, whilst the Religious Reptilians enjoy mocking the humans by watching them worship and offer sacrifices to the Anunnaki ―god‖. On the other hand, the Vulturites have blended their secular and religious factions and constructed a formidable alien group that can swing with the times, sometimes leaning more towards the secular, whilst other times swinging more towards the religious. The Vulturites realize that they must put unity above any differences within the group in order to stand up to the far more powerful Reptilians. Even now, the Reptilians continue to disagree amongst themselves, which has given the Vulturites the opportunity to grow stronger. Right now, due to various advantages and certain daring opportunistic manoeuvres that the Vulturites have undertaken, the two sides are nearly on par with one another. Aliens in human bodies are disadvantaged in the sense that they are unable to receive direct ―orders‖ from their alien ―bosses‖. This is because the human bodies have filtering mechanisms in them in order to keep all of them in ignorance. This is frustrating for all types of beings who attempt to do any work on Earth in human bodies. This system was intentionally set up by Darkness to protect Its powers. Because of the difficulties that Reptilians in alien bodies have in communicating the ―orders‖ to the Reptilian agents in human bodies, mix ups and confusion often occur. Time is of the essence, and it is unlikely that the Reptilians have enough time to mend their differences and unify against the Vulturites before it is too late for them. Therefore, it will be necessary for the stronger Secular Reptilians to move on their own, and very soon, or all Reptilians will be greatly disadvantaged. Both sides of the ruling elite are keeping the media low-key on reporting significant political, financial and military events around the world. The Reptilians are now at a crossroads which could determine who will be the ultimate controller of the Earth. Their plans have changed slightly in some ways. The Secular Reptilians had planned to steadily build up their positions and military assets until the opportunity was ripe for the picking. They had planned to denude the Religious Reptilians and the Vulturites in one fell swoop, which would have worked if the Vulturites had not been so aggressive. Many events that have shaped the world today are difficult to comprehend because alien agendas are hidden from human eyes. I will list several major events that have greatly affected human affairs in the past few centuries by stating the alien plans and conflicts along with the victorious sides. The American Revolution was a concerted effort by both the Religious and Secular Reptilians, however, it was a total failure for the Reptilians because the Attas of the Light intervened to protect the Rescue Mission, and to deter the horrendous plan the Reptilians had for the world. Thus, the Reptilian plan was thwarted. This incident had co-incidental effects, which led to many different alien groups coming forward to challenge the Reptilians for supremacy over the Earth. The Reptilians had previously enjoyed controlling the Earth via the Secular Empire of the United Kingdom and the Religious Empire of the Catholic Church. The Secular Reptilians were forced to alter their plans for world conquest. This led to the pretence that other alien groups were allowed to participate in the world domination by the Reptilians. All the while, the Reptilians intended to discard or subjugate all of the minor alien groups, and the Vulturites. Further, the Secular Reptilians planned on quashing the power of the Religious Reptilians when they took over. The introduction of Darwinian evolutionary theory was engineered by the Secular Reptilians to reduce the global influence of religions and spur the influence of science throughout the world. This strategy proved so appealing to the ego of humans and aliens in human bodies, that it has gained enormous acceptance throughout the academic world. This has, in turn, given the Secular Reptilian immense power over the Religious Reptilians. World War I was instigated by the Secular Reptilians, which they were extraordinarily successful in implementing and executing. As a result of this tremendous success for the Secular Reptilians, two enormous nations were eventually brought under secular control. Those were the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China. To counter the huge gains being made by the Secular Reptilians, the Religious Reptilians brought about the Great Depression of the 1930s by collapsing the finances worldwide, and brought Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany. Hitler formed the axis powers by combining various nations that were under the domination of the Religious Reptilians, which most notably included Italy and Japan. Whilst some people might find it surprising that Religious Reptilians would involve themselves in wars, it should be remembered that Religious Reptilians can be brutally totalitarian and militaristic. This is evidenced by the Inquisitions and the Crusades. Whilst outwardly Hitler’s regime appeared to be focused on white supremacy issues, underlying Hitler’s power base was predominately the Church, although there were other forces aligning, particularly in the case of Japan joining the axis powers. Regardless of what history has recorded or how things appear on the surface, Hitler’s two ultimate targets were the U.S.S.R. and China. As the Religious Reptilians began sweeping through Europe, there was not too much resistance from either the United Kingdom or the United States because at the time, both nations were under the influence of the Religious Reptilians. However, there was a shift in power during the course of World War II, and both the United States and Great Britain came under the influence of Secular Reptilians, and they in turn drove all their forces against the axis powers. The astonishing defeat of the Religious Reptilians in WWII has resulted in a tremendous turn of events, and empowered the Secular Reptilians, who have had the upper hand ever since. The Religious Reptilians’ desperate, all-out attempt at world conquest by backing Aldolf Hitler and the axis parties proved disastrous for them. Ironically, the nation of Israel was formed by the Secular Reptilians who were in power in Great Britain. This was a shift, since the Jewish people had been under the watchful eyes of the Religious Reptilians up to that point. The Religious Reptilians took power temporarily in both the United States and the U.S.S.R., which resulted in the dismantling of the latter nation into 13 separate nation states. This move caused a major set-back for the Secular Reptilians. When the Religious Reptilians joined forces in the late twentieth century, it led to the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and the Eastern Bloc in Europe. However, when the Vulturites were given what were hoped to be temporary reins of the U.S.A., they seized on the opportunity to drive NATO right up to the Russian frontiers. The Secular Reptilians prefer a more totalitarian approach to things than the Religious Reptilians, as already mentioned. The Bill of Rights, which includes a citizen’s right to bear arms, was very disruptive to the Secular Reptilians, so they decided to move their base from America to China. Before moving, they transferred information and technology to China. As soon as the Secular Reptilians moved out of the U.S., the Vulturites seized the opportunity, and became very aggressive. Currently, NATO is predominately under the influence of the Vulturites. This sets a very explosive stage. Will the Secular Reptilians challenge the Vulturites now, or will the Vulturites take over control due to inaction by the Secular Reptilians? The Religious Reptilians have been incapacitated, and cannot mount a serious challenge at this time. This is due to many reasons. As people become more affluent, they are less concerned with spiritual matters and the after-life. They are more concerned with day-to-day living than with abstract promises of everlasting life. There are four predominant alien groups on Earth. Two of them are the Religious and Secular Reptilians which I have already mentioned. The third is the Vulturites, and the fourth is the Greys. The Greys are currently allied with the Reptilians, and they have vast numbers on the planet. The Greys have resided underground for so long that they have developed various physiological deficiencies due to their living situations. This has made it difficult for them to take on human bodies and live on the surface. Fluoride was found to assist them, so it has been added to drinking supplies where the Greys are located or re-locating to. The Reptilians planned to let the Vulturites do most of the dirty work and let them think that they were enjoying some victories. But, the situation is now out of control as the Vulturites grow in strength, even though they have stretched themselves too far. If the Vulturites are allowed enough time to re-group, they will re-commence their attacks and continue to erode the Reptilian territories until they have an overwhelming advantage over the Reptilians. Hence, should the Reptilians delay their moves for too long, they will have a difficult match against the Vulturites. Right now the Vulturites are vulnerable because they have overextended their resources. They could not effectively ward off a Reptilian strike at this time. Should the Secular Reptilians make their move now, they are almost assured a victory over the Vulturites. As part of the ruling elites’ plans, we live in a world where citizens are in a sense being subliminally attacked, manipulated, influenced and controlled by unseen forces. Drinking water is being bombarded with chemicals for many reasons. Mind control techniques infest the internet, and those who use it too much are in danger of being programmed considerably. These forces can come from many levels of existence, but, presently, the ruling elite is playing a key role by gathering information and programming people in the physical. The alien wars are being watched closely by many independent alien groups. Most of these are attempting to remain neutral. Most parties are sending out misinformation which is confusing even themselves. Although the Religious Reptilians are at present ―pulling the strings‖ in Australian matters, they are about to be taken over by a different puppet master, and the Australian dance will be directed by externally-based Secular Reptilians. The alien wars are about to take many twists. The world will plunge itself in wars, poverty, social, financial, spiritual and political unrest, and will face many natural and un-natural challenges. - Promenade #8: The World Divided The esoteric story of Camelot is far deeper than the physical history of it. It is about the rescuing of trapped True-Light beings and the battle between Light and Darkness. Sadly, many have been lost to Darkness. The battle to separate Light from Darkness continues to this day, but the ultimate removal of all viable True-Light beings from Darkness will soon be accomplished. All those who hold onto their Divine Will can resist Darkness until they are retrieved and safely returned to their True-Light Home. The joyous day of freedom from Darkness is fast approaching. - Promenade #9: The Rise and Fall of King Arthur Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers) I am an extraterrestrial being – code name – Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a ―walk-in‖. One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being – code name – Ikluk. The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings. The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has ―re-incarnated‖ on Earth many times over millennia. He has taken on many identities, such as: Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses), John the Baptist, Kirok, King Arthur, Hitler and, in his current ―incarnation‖, he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as Joseph Chiappalone. In order to attempt to discredit me, the ruling elite have deliberately tried to link me and my work with Ikluk on the internet via many ruling elite websites, which include search engines, bulletin boards, and other types of websites. It is now time to make certain announcements: As a young girl of ten, I knew that I would meet up with a doctor and that I would be associated with him in some spiritual sense. I was also given the signs by which I could recognize this doctor. As an adult, I met Chiappalone in Melbourne, Australia. I was asked by Babaji of Haidakhan to give Ikluk a message. The archons of Darkness have twisted my story to suit themselves. I was ordered to marry Ikluk, which I did. It was a horrible experience from the very start, but I knew that I had to endure it. Before meeting Ikluk, I met up with an alien colleague known affectionately to many as Sinclair (Burnley Naylor), who was assigned to assist me in the work of the Light. Ikluk was threatened by Sinclair. Darkness managed to take Sinclair out of the scene. When that happened, I lost a very good friend and assistant in the process. After Sinclair died in a car accident, he and Babaji of Haidakhan came back to visit me in very physical forms, solid enough to touch and hold. We discussed many things, one of which was that a part of Sinclair would one day be with me to take over the role that he could not complete, and that this part would look out for me. The True Light has poured tremendous, unconditional love into Ikluk lifetime after lifetime to help him return to the Light. This lifetime was no different. I, as well as others around Ikluk, have poured endless love into him in this and other lifetimes. But, Ikluk has rejected that love and abused it. Chiappalone was given the chance to give a message of Light in this lifetime. Instead, he corrupted the message to suit himself. He converted the teaching by mixing some of the truth he was given with Darkness’ message. What resulted was a message filled with half-truths, which he added to the extant and already corrupted Gnostic teachings. This resulted in a corrupted blend of previously corrupted teachings. Chiappalone’s half-truths were left in place to give him time to return to the Light, which would have made the entire Rescue Mission of the Light so much easier. However, not only will Ikluk not return to the Light, he is trying to take as many down with him as possible. Darkness and Its archons all try to take the Will of True-Light beings by whatever means. That is why it is so important to hold onto one’s Will. Because of the work I was doing in trying to bring Ikluk back to the Light, I endured frequent beatings from him and many other abuses. He has also assaulted and abused others who have disagreed with him. However, I could not intervene because it was not time. In other words, he was still being given chances to return to the Light. One day, he charged at me in the bathroom and pinned me against the wall and punched me repeatedly. This brutal beating ended the marriage. I broke away from him. Moreover, it was time for me to enter the next phase of my work, which included giving out the Light’s Message in an uncorrupted form. Since Chiappalone would not return to the Light, he could not be a part of this work. By the time I started this phase of the work, I had regained most of my ―memories‖ about my responsibilities, mission and identity. It was during this time that I met my present husband, Steffan, who, it was later revealed, was Burnley’s son. No wonder Burnley intimated that a part of him would be with me later. Many Attas of the Light, including beings known as Merlin, Haidakhan Babaji and Thomas, are assisting me in the Rescue Mission. Our aim is to bring Home all the True-Light beings after they have been freed from the bondage of Darkness. The particles of Light that are trapped in Darkness will soon be liberated and eventually returned to their True Creation. The beings of Darkness and their archons will be separated forever from the beings of Light. Many thanks to all the beings of Light who have tirelessly worked whilst enduring abuse, humiliation and suffering at the hands of Darkness. I congratulate all of those beings of Light who have persevered and remained faithful to the Light, despite all of the horrible things that Darkness has thrown at them. Indeed, all of these are true warriors of the Light. The confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is finally completed. It is done. It is finished. - It Is Done, It Is Finished