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Email from Richard Warner regarding Angela Nunery's estate
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From: Subject: Date: To: Reply-To: Mechelle Youness Fw: Ardolino Estate - updates from Mechelle - Nunery Estate is open as intestate by Bob Miller law firm September 13, 2012 10:30:45 PM PDT "[email protected]" Mechelle Youness 1 Attachment, 14 KB ----- Forwarded Message ----From: Richard E. Warner To: Mechelle Youness Cc: John Parente Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:05 PM Subject: Ardolino Estate - updates from Mechelle - Nunery Estate is open as intestate by Bob Miller law firm Mechelle: Thanks for the update of your address and info. --- I just returned from Sarasota from being out several days. Of your many requests, the quickest answer is as to the Angela Nunery Estate. This is important to you and your daughters as well as Joe E etc. The will Bob Miller Esq drafted for Angela and she signed giving all to Brett Irwin a friend was according to Miller ripped up by Angela before death and therefore revoked. Therefore Angela died intestate and therefore her estate goes to her nearest relatives. Miller opened her estate as a creditor since he says she owes him and his firm money. I am attaching a PDF of the probate docket where Bob Miller is the personal representative. --- You can contact his attorney Lesley Rhyne Esq of the Cunningham firm about this. --- As for your other requests, the big issues are being addressed in a beneficiary newsletter I am putting together to update everyone about the progress we have had in this long fought sale the Overseas. Yes, the sales price is 750K but there are many taxes and claims to be paid first. So that will be sent out during the next ten days. We solved a huge problem with the state over some of the former right of way and also beat the City in its attempt to prevent our sale via land use regulations, among a host of other problems dealing with the property over the years. And we have kept very accurate records. --- The court needs to know everything about this since there are many other beneficiaries, creditors and some persons and entities with priority over your daughter's position as a beneficiary. We may need to petition the court for authority to expend these scarce estate resources and to explain to the court your requests and the person assisting you. We will be back to you shortly with more. REWarner On 9/13/2012 11:35 AM, Mechelle Youness wrote: John and Richard regarding my last email,I forgot to include the tendent in common rules u drew up that allowed Angie to break in and move into the sombrarro home, and force us to live with her nonsense .there are plenty of police reports since they were there so often,all she showed them was the meadeated settlement witch gave her no right to the homestead property. Thank you for attention in this matter. Mechelle -Richard E. Warner, Esq. LAW OFFICES OF RICHARD E. WARNER, P.A. 12221 Overseas Highway Marathon, Florida 33050 305.743.6022 Office 305.743.6216 FAX 305.393-6598 Cell [email protected] E-mail This communication is legally protected and CONFIDENTIAL; its existence and subject matter are PRIVILEGED. If you have any reason to believe that you have received this communication because of the original sender's mistake or are not the person to whom it is addressed or intended, then please reply to [email protected] or call 305-743-6022, and destroy this message in all electronic and physical forms. You may not reveal the names of any of the persons enclosed herein, nor the subject matter hereof, in any way. Any advice in this communication, any attachment to it, or any writing referenced by it related to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, 1) was not intended to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties; 2) was not written to support the promotion or marketing of transaction(s) or matter(s) addressed by this communication; and 3) should be applied to the taxpayer’s particular circumstances. Thank you. Monroe County Records Detail Probate Case Detail Information Case Number Uniform Case Number Date Filed Bond Amount CPM1250 Primary Name 442012CP000050A001MR 8/22/2012 Attorney Name 0 Nunery, Angela Teresa Other Name Attorney Name MILLER, ROBERT K Judge RHYNE, LESLEY Becker, Ruth Scheduled Court Appearances Date Time Location/Court Room Description Docket Information Date Time Description Text 8/28/2012 8/28/2012 8/28/2012 8/22/2012 8/22/2012 8/22/2012 8/22/2012 Letters Of Administration 1 Year To Close Oath Of Personal Representive, Designation And Acceptance Order Appointing Personal Representive Petition For Formal Administration Estate Amount Death Certificate Petition To Waive Bond Of Personal Representive unknown Copyright © 2001 Monroe County Clerk of the Circuit Court. All rights reserved. Disclaimer Close Window 1 of 1 9/13/2012 8:07 PM