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It’s Not a Vehicle Electronics Revolution, It’s the Vehicle Electronics Reality! Page 1 of 1 News Spotlight Feature Stories It’s Not a Vehicle Electronics Revolution, It’s the Vehicle Electronics Reality! Changes in Automotive Electronics Change How Technicians Repair Delphi drives vehicle electronics revolution message to encourage technicians remain up-to-date on the latest technologies entering the aftermarket. Change is inevitable, in all aspects of our lives. Nowhere is this felt more evidently than in the automotive industry – from the birth of the automobile to the first in-car air conditioning unit to safety systems monitoring driver fatigue – technology is constantly evolving. Consumers are driving these demands for increased passenger comfort. Manufacturers are responding as quickly as possible. It will be up to the aftermarket to know how to repair these complex electronic connectivity systems. Studies have shown in 1990 16% of a vehicle’s value was electronics. Today that number is 40%. For a $20,000 vehicle that means $8,000 is tied into the vehicle electronics (VE). Delphi is dedicated to help lead this charge to change with its annual vehicle electronics video, an educational documentary, describing the latest technologies in the aftermarket today and what technicians should be prepared to repair in the future. “We’ve been discussing the vehicle electronics revolution for years; how education, awareness and training are the three critical elements to successfully repair technologies of today and tomorrow. Every year the gap between original equipment and the aftermarket shrinks,” said Frank Ordoñez, president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. “It is no longer a question of ‘It’s coming.’ It’s here.” The video, focusing on Safe, Green and Connected technologies of today and tomorrow, also features leading journalists from around the world detailing OE technology trends and how these innovations will impact vehicle repair centers for the future. Safe Delphi details the complexity of repairing various active and passive safety systems, but the multi-mode electronically scanning radar is by far the most unique collection of sensors and control modules to monitor driving patterns. This technology of today uses adaptive cruise control, collision warning and brake support to deliver a comprehensive safety system identifying up to 64 targets in a vehicle’s path! Moving from the outside of the vehicle to the inside, the Delphi drowsy driver alert system helps reduce accidents related to fatigued drivers. This technology of tomorrow evaluates eye closure rate and can automatically apply stimuli equal to the rate of drowsiness. Green Emissions—one area where the automotive industry is heavily concentrating their research and development efforts. Regardless of gas or diesel, downsizing to gain increased fuel economy and reduced emissions is being offset by turbo charging to fill the ongoing demand for increased engine performance. Delphi continues to be a leader in turbo charging technologies, as well as gas direct injection and common rail systems. Turbo chargers represent a big opportunity for service repair centers. By 2020, it’s predicted by some that 37 percent of light vehicles worldwide will be boosted by turbo charging technology. To learn more about turbo charging, GDI and common rail diesel systems, click here to view white papers presented at 2010 SAE Conference. Connected Consumers continue to push manufacturers to help turn their vehicles into second homes – from USB connectivity ports to multimedia audio and video systems to advanced reception, it’s no wonder electronic content has soared. In the near future this could include plug-and-play telematics systems for the aftermarket. The opportunities now become endless. Picture a business model that allows independent repair shops to alert their customers to potential battery issues, vehicle maintenance reminders and health monitoring. It takes the traditional telematics like roadside assistance to a new level. Business models are in development today to make telematics a direct connection to customers. “It’s no longer about the vehicle electronics revolution. The technologies we are introducing transform the revolution to a vehicle electronics reality,” said Ordoñez. “The purpose of the video is to help showcase the reality of the aftermarket and vehicle electronics evolution and inspire technicians to take action to make sure they are prepared. Delphi’s goal is to continue to apply our OE heritage and developmental knowledge of OE innovations to support our customers in sustaining successful business operations.” Delphi unveiled this video in Europe at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany on September 14, 2010 and will do the same in North America at AAPEX in Las Vegas, NV on November 2, 2010. It will also be shown in various industry publications online and at customer events. Find us! 7/1/2013