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Identity/ Education - Crooked Creek Neighborhood #1 Comments: Tasked with creating an identity, logo and tagline for the Crooked Creek neighborhood, we visited three classes of fourth-graders at Crooked Creek Elementary School. With worksheets we created about the history of the area as well as a primer on logo design, we took in almost 100 submissions, combining our favorite elements into one visual identity for the neighborhood. Identity/ Event Planning - Crooked Creek Neighborhood #2 Comments: Phase Two of the Crooked Creek identity project was to display the student work alongside our amalgamation of their ideas. We invited people from the neighborhood to view and comment on the proposed identity. Inspired by time spent in the neighborhood and the students, we also created our own logos for the neighborhood. Identity/ Event Planning - ThinkFarm Comments: Think Farm is a program started by Big Car modeled after the Pecha Kucha platform, a Japanese social gathering where participants present an idea to an audience alongside a rapid succession of slides. To make the event less intimidating to potential presenters and attendees, we paired a cartoonish, friendly idea of rural life to the otherwise urbane nature of the platform, evoking a modern-day chautauqua. Marketing Materials - Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Comments: We have worked with the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library since it opened in early 2011 to develop merchandise, promotional material and displays within the Library. Pictured above is a Vonnegut family tree informational graphic; other illustrations were used for bags, sh|rts and fyers to promote the ||brary. Identity - Food Coalition of Central Indiana Comments: The FCCI, an alliance of food growers living in urban, suburban and rural areas in and surrounding Indianapolis, needed a visual |dent|ty that refected |ts m|ss|on and appea|ed to |ts own d|verse membersh|p. The fna| product arr|ved through co||aborat|on and refnement over severa| months, w|th members dec|d|ng by a major|ty vote on the fna| co|or scheme. Identity - Lafayette Square Area Coalition / The International Marketplace Comments: The recent re-awakening of the Lafayette Square area has occasioned a new visual identity for the Coalition as well as the re-brand|ng of the ent|re bus|ness d|str|ct. The bo|d, fag-||ke co|or comb|nat|ons |n these |ogos refect the mu|t|-nat|ona| and mu|t|- cultural appeal of the area. Identity - Made For Each Other Comments: The logo for Made For Each Other was hand-made to emphasize the personal nature of the connection between the organization and the community. Using the hand-made alphabet introduced in the logo, we created self-promotional objects that emphasize an informal, grass-roots tone with the people in the neighborhoods MFEO serves. Identity/ Marketing Materials - Hawthorne Hootenanny Comments: This event is part of a series of Made For Each Other neighborhood projects designed to draw neighbors together through creative endeavors. In this case a folksy feel emphasizes the informality and inclusiveness of the public event. Marketing Materials - We Are Here + Test Fest Comments: These are two events from the Made For Each Other series of neighborhood collaborations. In the case of We Are Here, residents’ drawings of houses in the neighborhood were collected, exhibited and even made into shirts. Both events continue the branding elements established by Made For Each Other while developing their own unique identities. Design/ Event Branding - IndyTalks Comments: For the IndyTalks series “Indy as Super City,” we created a visual |dent|ty and sty|e for the event market|ng (fyers and handb|||s, above left) as well as animated slides (above right) that served as visual aides for the speakers. The style is bold and hand-made to attract attention, project friendliness and encourage participation Animated Presentation - LISC Indianapolis Comments: In this instance we took the client’s initial Powerpoint presentation and “unfolding” theme and put together an animated informational video to accompany a speech. Field Recording / Event Coordination - Irvington Oral History Event Comments: In conjunction with the Irvington branch of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, we helped document neighborhood residents’ anecdotes about Irvington through the years, resulting in a series of podcasts available for public consumption as well as archival ODs g|ven to part|c|pants just m|nutes after they fn|shed speak|ng. ] Activity Planning & Coordination / Eiteljorg Museum Comments: For this event we designed three fun arts-related events: making masks from paper bags, ||ve-act|on 'm|rror" danc|ng and f|||ng a man-sized shape with words on post-it notes. Day-to-Day Flyers, Posters & Handbills Comments: In addition to the long-term projects Big Car undertakes, there are many day-to-day projects that need to be publicized quickly and effectively. These are some examples of marketing materials made on-demand, to communicate with the public and Big Car staffers and volunteers. Plant the Parking Lot Garden VOLUNTEER WORK DAY Saturday, April 14 | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring picnic-style food to share at lunchtime. We'll supply drinks. If you have hand trowels, gloves or basic garden tools bring them along. We have plenty of tools for those who need them. 3819 Lafayette Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46254 * also, if you have extra books you'd like to donate to IndyReads, we have a drop box at Service Center What if & what if you could help make life better in Indianapolis on our downtown Cultural Trail & Canal & in urban parks & public spaces? by supporting playful, surprising & hands-on creative experiences all you had to do was send a text? Text GIVE 10282 to 80088v to donate $10 to Engaging Kids & Adults in Art in Public Places. To learn more go to please support our global giving initiative OUTCOMES PROJECTS & PROGRAMS T H A T A R E : ISSUES FACINGOURCITY HEALTH HAPPINESS EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT LIFELONGLEARNING NEIGHBORHOODS CIVIC ENGAGEMENT TOLERANCE INCLUSIVE INTERACTIVE COLLABORATIVE HAPPIER, MORE CREATIVE &HEALTHIERPEOPLE OFALLAGES STRONGER ARTSAUDIENCES SHAREDSTORIES THRIVING LOCAL BUSINESSES MORE CREATIVES MORETOLERANT &ADVENTUROUS RESIDENTS AGREENERCITY BETTERUTILIZED PUBLIC SPACES IMPROVED NEIGHBORHOODS CIVIC ENGAGEMENT HIGHLYVISIBLE SURPRISING ACCESIBLE ADVENTUROUS MULTI-DISCIPLINARY ENGAGING MEANINGFUL KID-FRIENDLY DIVERSE INNOVATIVE NICELY DESIGNED GREEN FUN PLAYFUL MULTI-SENSORY CREATIVITY CULTURALAPPRECIATION ECONOMY TALENTATTRACTION &RETENTION ECOLOGY CONNECTIVITY W E A D D R E S S T H E S E T H R O U G H .... ...WITHTHE GOAL OF REACHINGTHESE... METRICS Big Car uses creativity as a catalyst for a better Indianapolis. This chart explains how. ‘Creativity’ Self-Promotional Video Comments: This video is a collaborative multi-media endeavor, with video, typographic and musical elements combined with a poem-like narrative about the essence of Big Car. Stills from the typography, were layered atop footage from recent Big Car projects. Big Car Website Redesign Comments: ln 2011 we refreshed the |ook of our webs|te to refect our changing relationship with the city and neighborhoods we serve. We moved the color scheme towards vibrant, earthy greens and used hand-drawn lettering to represent an inclusive, grass-roots organization that emphasizes community-building through the arts. Writer Night - Second Story Comments: Th|s fyer was created for a recurr|ng event put on to beneft Second Story that encourages dialogue and interaction between writers in the community. For the author Frank Bill, we chose to illustrate the author’s iconic and omnipresent mesh hat to appeal to fans of fct|on as we|| as affc|anados of so-ca||ed |owbrow art and culture. Reconnecting to our Waterways Comments: As the name suggests, this multi-year, multi-disciplinary community initiative aims to improve the quality of Indianapolis’ often neglected public waterways. We are pleased to be involved in this massive effort, both organizationally and as coordinators of marketing. Thus far we have partnered with ROW to create the logo, website and mission video. Mayor Ballard’s Spring Fever Bike Ride Comments: For the identity of this event we chose spring colors and a playful nostalgic look to appeal to casual bike riders as well as the more hardcore cyclists to spend a Saturday morning sightseeing with the mayor on the seat of a bicycle. Think Farm - Columbus, IN Comments: We were pleased to help launch this Think Farm event, focused on local food issues in Columbus, IN, by assisting with event logistsics as well as designing the event poster (which was screen printed) and postcards which were mailed to potential attendees. White River Festival Comments: We had the oppotunity to design the logo for this event, and incorporated simple, idealized, iconic representations of our air and water to a||ow for the fedg||ng fest|va| to grow natura||y w|thout outgrowing its identity.