Brandon Korbel 7305 Sharps Dr Plano,



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Brandon Korbel 7305 Sharps Dr Plano, TX 75025 Cell-972-658-5798 Education  University of Texas-Dallas Bachelors Degree in Arts and Technology Experience  Compliance Depot Starting Position: Data Entry Position upon leaving: Database Management Entered data from insurance documents into database. Managed database, by deleting, and merging duplicate entries. Assisted with data uploads by writing macros for Excel sheets. September 2008 to March 2008  Gearbox Software Quality Assurance Tested Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. Worked with team to locate and document bugs. Communicated with developers to ddrelay bug information February 2008 to September 2008  University of Texas- Dallas Computer Technician Assist students and faculty with computer and software problems Troubleshoot program issues with Microsoft Office Secure Login and password information for students Maintain printers and monitor print servers July 2005 to February 2008 Software Skills  Maya Hard surface and organic modeling Lighting and rendering Low poly mesh creation  Photoshop Texture creation Photo editing    Creating tileable textures Mudbox/Zbrush Sculpting Texture painting Retopologizing Xnormal High to low poly baking Ambient occlusion and normal map creation UT3/UDK Lighting and lightmap optimization Environmental Design Advanced material creation