Buffalo, Ny Common Council Agenda 9.17.13

A preliminary agenda for the Common Council meeting on Sept. 17, 2013, in Buffalo, NY.
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INVOCATION PLEDGE TO FLAG MAYOR DATE September 17, 2013 MARKED 09/16 11:40 AM MAYOR – EXECUTIVE 1. Cit Serv-Assignment and Assumption Agmt Btwn Lagan Tech & COB APP 2. Cit Serv-Submission of Monthly Report-August 2013 R&F 3. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-2563 Bailey Ave(Univ) R&F 4. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-40 Churchill Street(North) R&F th 5. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-501 7 St(Ell) R&F 6. Plan Bd-SEQR-Negative Declaration-141 Elm St(Fill) R&F COMPTROLLER 7. Audit Report-Contract for Operations Erie Basin Marina-2008 to 2012 FIN 8. Certificate of Necessity-Capital Projects R&F COUNCIL PRESIDENT 8A GBSEC Desires to Develop Buffalo Outer Harbor CD PUBLIC WORKS 9. Change in Contract-City-Wide Curb & Sidewalk Repl APP 10. Change in Contract-City-Wide Street Resurfacing Ph I APP 11. Change in Contract-Ellicott St Gateway Project(Ell) APP 12. Change in Contract-Fire and Police Quick Action Plan(Var) APP 13. Encroachment Within City ROW-91 Hoyt St APP 14. Permission to Enter Supplemental Agmt W/NYSDOT-Bailey Ave Bridges APP 15. Permission to Increase Contract-Humboldt Basin Improvements(Mas) APP 16. Permission to Make Payment to Atlantic Polymers Group-Humboldt Basin Improvements(Mas) APP 17. Permission to Scrap Vehicles-Cd-31,S-22-CD, CDT-20, E-622 APP 18. Permission to Trade In vehicles-CD-34, CD-911, CD-12, CD-17 & 3 Bobcats APP 19. Report of Bids-City Hall Cafeteria-Sue’s Deli APP 20. Report of Bids-Police Headquarters Floor Tile Removal-Asbestos Monitoring APP 21. Request to Purchase Equipment-Street Sweeper APP 22. Response to Audit Report Re Contract for Operations Erie Basin Marina FIN FIRE 23. Appoint Battalion Chief(Perm)(Bossi, Graham, Meldrum, Flaherty, Murphy, Reid) CS 24. Appoint Captain(Perm)(Breski, Mendola, Robertson, Majtyka-Hartman, Muscarella, Donovan, Hoare, Mann, Gooch CS 25. Appoint Division Chief(Perm)(Biasillo, Lamacchia) CS 26. Appoint Lieutenant(Perm)(Prom)(Connelly, Farrell, Eaton, O’Shei, Kelley, Charvat, Sikora, Vivian, Nieves, Smith, Mulderig, O’Donnell, Murzynowski, Flanagan, Wilkinson, Cohill, Flett, Cassel, Bannister, Luthringer, Scanlon, Panaro, Wachowski) CS CORPORATION COUNSEL 27. BRACO-Request refund for Excess Real Property Taxes-2012-2013 Tax Yr APP 28. Request Settlement-Peacock and LeFort for Claims September 17, 2013 PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 29. Food Store License(New)-2502 Bailey(Lov) LEG 30. Food Store License(New)-2906 Bailey(Mas) LEG 31. Food Store License(New)-427 Tonawanda(North) APP 32. Response for Application for Restricted Use Permit-67 W. Chippewa CITY CLERK 33. Board of Ethics Meeting Minutes-04/23/2013 R&F 34. Restricted Use Permit-75 W. Chippewa(09/20/13)(Ell) LEG 35. Restricted Use Permit-75 W. Chippewa(10/04/13)(Ell) LEG 36. Restricted Use Permit-75 W. Chippewa(10/18/13)(Ell) LEG 37. Liquor License Applications R&F 38. Reports of Attendance R&F 39. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 40. L.P. Ciminelli-Board Packet Documents September 2013 ED 41. S. Fitzmaurice-Address Change for One HSBC Center LEG 41AA. M. Holman-Stop the Violence Coalition Inc Pursue Lease at 1532 Genesee St_ 41A. K. Keenan-Resp-Moratorium on Demolition of St. Ann’s RC Church(hrg 9/24)_ PETITIONS 42. J. Daly, Owner, Use 1553 Hertel for an Outdoor Patio with Music at the Rear of Rest In the Hertel Ave Special District(Del)(hrg 9/24) LEG,CPBD RESOLUTIONS 42A Fontana, etc Telecommunications PEG Program Schedule FIN 43. Franczyk Request to Change Name of HSBC From One HSBC to One Seneca Tower ADOPT 1st and 3rd RES, Rem to LEG 44. Franczyk Waive Special Events Permit fee for Central Terminal Restoration Corp ”Mini-Fest” APP 44A. LoCurto Waive Permit Fees for Parkside Oktoberfest 5K 45. Pridgen Prohibit Parking in Front of Bflo City Court ADOPT 45AA Pridgen Trailblazing Sign Request for Bishop James Bowman Jr. 45A Rivera Waiver of Fees-Crossing to Freedom Together Honoring Our Ancestors-Broderick Park APP 45B Rivera Waiver of Fees for People United for Sustainable Housing’s Annual Membership Meeting 46. Scanlon Capital Budget Amendment-Capital Projects APP 47. Scanlon, etc Waive Event Fees for Robby Takac’s Music is Art Festival and Chef’s Rest 90th Ann. Celebration “The World’s Largest Pasta Dinner” APP 48. Smith Comm of Deeds-Public Duties ADOPT September 17, 2013 SUBMISSION LIST OF COMMITTEE ITEMS FOR THE COUNCIL MEETINGS CIVIL SERVICE 1. Com 40 Sept 3 2. Com 41 Sept 3 3. Com 42 Sept 3 4. Com 60 Sept 3 Appoint Laborer II(Temp)(Inter)(Orcutt)(PW) Appoint Supervisor of Street Sanitation(Temp)(Inter)(Driscoll)(PW) Appoint Associate Account Clerk(Prov)(Inter)(Gray)(PW) Notices of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(CS) C. Bannister-Perm to Discuss the New Registration Program for STAR K. Brant-Request to Purchase Computer R. Fontana-T. Barrett-Request to Speak Re Treatment of Injured APP APP APP R&F R&F APP FINANCE 5. No 61 Sept 3 6. No 62 Sept 3 7. No 41 Oct 16 8. Com 16 Apr 2 Firefighters at ECMC(Great Lakes Physicians Response-Urge COB to Reevaluate Relationships With Banks/Lenders(Compt) R&F R&F COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 9. Com 23 Sept 3 10. Res 64 Mar 2 Change in Contract-Coca Cola Field-Sound System(Ell)(PW) Community Benefits Agmt-Canal Side Dev Project (except 1ST & 3RD Res) APP R&F LEGISLATION Sept 3 E. Gelley, Owner, Use 488 Franklin to Convert a Business to a Restaurant in the Allen St. Special District(Fill)(hrg 09/10) APP 12. No 77 Sept 3 K. Kinan, Owner, Use 478 Elmwood to Reestablish Use of A Sit in Restaurant (Nia)(hrg 09/10) APP 13. No 78 Sept 3 J. Kobylanski, Agent, Use 1488 Hertel for a Restaurant in the Hertel Ave Business District(Del)(hrg 09/10) RECOMMIT 14. Com 45 Sept 3 Used Car Dealer-2687 Bailey (Univ)(EDPI) W/O REC 15. Com 49 Sept 3 Restricted Use Permit-69 W. Chippewa-09/19/2013(Cty Clk) W/O REC 16. Com 50 Sept 3 Restricted Use Permit-69 W. Chippewa-10/10/2013(CtyClk) W/O REC 17. Com 51 Sept 3 Restricted Use Permit-69 W. Chippewa-10/31/2013(Cty Clk) W/O REC 18. Com 52 Sept 3 Restricted Use Permit-69 W. Chippewa-11/14/2013(Cty Clk) W/O REC 19. No 85 July 9 Denied Installation of New Awnings at 295 Main St(Fill)(Pres Bd) (pub hrg 7/2)(#3, 06/11) W/O REC 20. No 40 June 25 C. Paladino, Owner, Use 960 Busti for an LED Wall Sign(Nia) (no pub hrg)(#37,5/28) APP 21. Com 29 May 14 Food Store License New-1175 Hertel AKA 1183½ Hertel(Del)(EDPI) W/O REC 22. Com 20 May 28 Second Hand Dealer-1175 Hertel (aka 1183)(Del)(EDPI) W/O REC 11. No 76 September 17, 2013