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If you are planning for a business loan, do an extensive market research. You will find a number of companies offering this type of loan in Mumbai. Read more
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Metcon fnance: Leading business loan provider in Mumbai Metcon Finance is an integrated fnancial services provider in India. It ofers a wide array of fnancial products and services under one roof. Every business needs fnancing at some point of time to expand and grow. Therefore business loans are very essential ingredients for sustainability. Metcon Finance is e!uipped with experienced professionals from the fnance and management felds. "part from loan against property home loans car loans loan against securities and lease rent discounting it also provides business loans. To cope up with this competitive environment fnances are a big challenge to start any business. There are two types of business loans# secured and unsecured. $nsecured business loan does not re!uire any %ind of security or collateral. There are a number of benefts associated with Metcon&s unsecured business loan.  Easy and stress free processing  'imple process followed with minimal paper wor%  (easonable interest rates with easy EMI repayments It is a well)%nown fact that before starting any business it needs a lot of funding. $nsecured business loans are the most popular and easiest ways to get funds. They usually have a higher rate of interest as there is no security pledged by the borrower. If you are planning for a business loan do an extensive mar%et research. *ou will fnd a number of companies ofering this type of loan. Ma%e sure you properly analy+e the terms and conditions of the loan lenders. The interest rates currently ofered for business loans are in the range of ,- to .. per cent. 'haurya Mehta /E0 of Metcon Finance says1 2Metcon is among the leading business loan providers in Mumbai with several ban% and nbfc associations. 3ith the ease in the interest rates coupled with 4exibility in the repayments the term of the loan allows the entrepreneur to get a loan which comes in his comfort +one. The options available for the loan ta%ers are from , to - years. "t Metcon Finance the loan ofered ranges from , la%h to , crore and more with syndication.5 Eligible borrowers that can ta%e these loans include self)employed 6 business persons companies and frms with stable or growing business and income. "lso it provides special loan for professionals li%e doctors engineers chartered accountants and so on. "s a business loan provider it has the potential to provide tailored solutions and timely services to clients. Metcon Finance wor%s on the values of transparency passion accountability and integrity. (ead more http166www.metconfnance.com6 For a perfect solution for all your fnancial needs please feel free to get in touch with us1 Metcon Finance Ltd ,7 8.' 9at%ar Marg :emps /orner Mumbai ; <====> Tel1 =.. .7?==?>> Email1 [email protected]