Camera Encore User Manual

Camera Encore Electronics User Manual
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ENCA-CCDN All Weather Color CCD Security Camera With Night Vision NTSC System USER MANUAL and SPECIFICATION ENCA-CCDN All Weather CCD Security Camera with Night Vision INTRODUCTION: Encore’s ENCA-CCDN All Weather Color CCD Security Camera with Night Vision is a high quality indoor and outdoor camera for your Surveillance DVR Setup Box. Safe to place outdoor on any weather type, it features water and lightning proof. It uses a 1/4“ Sony High Resolution Super HAD CCD image sensor for superior video quality. Equipped with 24 Infra Read LED’s for clear and crisp night vision video recording. It perfectly fits the Encore ENXDVR-4C Video Surveillance Kit. SPECIFICATIONS: SPECIFICATION Image Sensor Total Pixels Sensing Area Lens Scanning System Sync. System Resolution Electronics Shutter Minimum Illumination Lens Angle View Mini Focal Distance AGC White Balance Gain Control S/N Ratio Elctronic Shutter  Video Output IR LED IR Distance In Effect IR Illumination Environmental Resistance Operating Temperature Dimension Power Consumption Weight  Regulations & Certifications VALUE 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD 510(H) x 492(V)   2.7mm x 3.6mm 3.6 mm M12 Lens (Optional) 2:1 Interlaced Internal 420 TV Lines 1/60 ‐ 1/100,000 sec 1.0Lux/F1.2, 0Lux ( IR on ) 3.6 mm 90° 20 cm Built‐in Auto Auto 48 dB (AGC Off) Auto, 1/50 (1/60) ‐ 1/100,000 sec 20 mA (IR Off), 400 mA (IR On) 24 Units Infrared LED (φ 5mm / 850mm) 20 Meter (Indoor) / 15 Meter (outdoor) 3Lux 1P66 (Waterproof) ‐4°Fto 122°F ('‐20Ԩto 50Ԩ) 60 x 58 x 96 mm 12VDC / 200mA (IR On 400mA) 280 g FCC, CE, RoHS ENCA-CCDN All Weather CCD Security Camera with Night Vision DIMENSION: Installation Precautions • Do not place the camera where there is an extreme temperature condition. Make sure to place the camera where the temperature is within the -4°F ~ 122°F (-20℃ • • • • • • to 50℃) limit only. Do not install the camera where there is a constant lighting change. Severe light with constant lighting changes can cause the camera to work improperly causing video problems. Do install the camera to a very high humid place. It can cause poor quality image. Do not disassemble the camera. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Opening the camera housing exposes you to a high and dangerous voltage and other hazards. Refer all servicing to a qualified technician only. Do not touch the imaging surface of the sensor. Use only a proper cleaning solutions and materials. Touching or cleaning the sensor using improper cleaning solutions may damage the camera sensor permanently. The package does not come with a power adapter. Make sure that the power supply voltage is correct before operating the unit. The voltage requirement is 12 Volts DC. Check your DVR user manual for the power supply unit. Do not focus the camera while in operation to any extreme light, like directly to the sun, laser light, etc. ENCA-CCDN All Weather CCD Security Camera with Night Vision CONNECTION DIAGRAM: 1. Connect the RCA video cable to your surveillance DVR’s Video-in port, your RCA video input cable connector must be in the Male form. Check your DVR User Manual on how to connect security cameras to your DVR device. Some DVR setup box requires adapter connectors or sometimes called Balun to be able to use to their DVR Setup Box. 2. Connect the power input jack to your DVR Setup Box. Check your DVR user manual for the camera power supply and connection. Most DVR Setup Box comes with multi-connector power adapter intended for cameras. Some requires adapter or Balun to power the cameras. PACKAGE CONTENTS: • One CCD Security camera • Three screws with anchors • One Ball head camera stand • User Manual / Specifications ENCA-CCDN All Weather CCD Security Camera with Night Vision