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The Candida Treatment Revolution How You Can kill Candida And Prevent the fungus that causes most cancer! wINTRODUCTION Our Recommended Protocol. There are similar products out there that claim to treat candida using the chitin synthesis inhibitor method. The problem is most, if not all, provide far too low a dose to fully rid the body of the fungus. Your body needs a treatment that covers you for several weeks to allow your immune system to fluctuate. This is why we STRONGLY recommend the 5 days on 10 days off x 3 protocol which totals approximately 45 grams spread over 45 days. By taking the single dose option you are highly unlikely to rid yourself of all the fungus in your body. I hope this book will help you and encourage you to rid your body of Candida. With this treatment it is simple and easy and you will be amazed at how many aches and pains you regularly suffer will disappear as their true cause was Candida! To add to that you can also feel reassured that you are protecting yourself from going through the trauma of cancer. Happy Healing and look forward to a Candida Free Life! 3 w w W INTRODUCTION “All truth passes through three stages. ...First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860) hen we look at our history we can see that the ‘truth’ is ever evolving and changing in all areas of civilisation, but in this book I am going to concentrate specifically on the medical ‘truth’ Hundreds of years ago the idea that plague and disease in general could be spread by tiny little micro organisms we could not see was unbelievable! The suggestion that you could stay healthy by washing and using soap would have you laughed at for hours! People laughed at the idea as everyone knew that the only way to protect yourself from the demons that caused diseases would be to buy special protection amulets, potions and even to attach leeches to suck out the evil demons causing the illness. Ah, how we laugh now at these ridiculous ideas but the fact of the matter is that these ideas were once believed by the mass of the population! It was only through the work and determination of dedicated scientists such as Alexander Fleming(inventor of penicillin) and Louis Pasteur (germ hypothesis and inventor of pasteurisation) who ignored the laughter - that searched for the evidence for their discoveries 4 wINTRODUCTION and finally proved they were correct - the truth was finally accepted and old ideas were dismissed. In this book I are going to tell you about a doctor who has made it his life’s work to prove that cancer can be prevented quite easily. Yes he was ridiculed when he first suggested it twenty years ago. Today more and more scientists, doctors and patients are coming forward to stand up and say this man is correct! I am going to show you how you can protect yourself and your family from the unnecessary suffering and trauma that is faced by the patient and their friends and family by going through the ordeal of cancer. Does this involve any punishing lifestyle change you ask? –No Is it going to be painful? –No Ah, I bet it is going to be expensive, right? – No What’s more, this book will prove you with scientific evidence and references! At the end of this book you will find a multitude of references to scientific papers and articles that are now surfacing that are challenging the way we think today about cancer. Feel free to browse these and read for yourself how doctors and scientists are now challenging the truth we believe to be true…. And it is now time for ideas about cancer to change. These doctors and scientists are now showing us that we can protect ourselves from cancer by simply eliminating the precursor to the illness - known as Candida Albicans. 5 w The story behind this book Firstly, my name is Clare Davidson and I come from the north of Scotland. I did not just stumble upon this preventative treatment which I am going to discuss purely by chance; it was a long and sometimes painful journey. I have tried to keep the technical and medical references in this book as easy to understand as possible so that anyone reading will be able to follow the principles discussed...I have added chapters with the real science for those who want to understand more but in essence I have tried to keep the information in this book as easy to understand and follow as possible. I myself have come from a family with a long line of cancer sufferers, some that have made it through and some that have not and were taken from us long before their time. This was probably what drew me towards doing a medically related degree. Early on in my life I wanted to be a doctor and decided to study biology and genetics with a minor in business studies at The University of Sussex to which I passed a 2.1 BSc Hons. I found the science of genetics fascinating and at that time it was a relatively new field so it was exciting to be learning such cutting edge knowledge. However, I did already at that stage 15 years ago, see a rather dark side to the medical ‘industry’ during CHAPTER ONE 6 wINTRODUCTION my business part of my degree. The idea then being proposed of genetic testing for insurance quotes for example was tossed around for ethical argument sickened me….I could also see just how much power and money is made by the medical industry for the treatment of the sick – NOT or the prevention of becoming sick. I could see that the medical industry was going to be a powerful Goliath that no David would dare to stand up to in the years to come. This made me question if the medical profession was really a career choice for me. Moving on, I like anyone young and healthy didn’t put that much thought to cancer. Isn’t it funny how in our youth we all believe ourselves to be indestructible? Then the crunch came. My mother found a lump in her breast. She was devastated, as were we all. Her sister had died from this disease at a young age and we all were facing this journey with fear for the worst. Luckily my mother had been vigilant and we caught it at stage one. She had it removed quickly and radiotherapy followed by five years of hormones to suppress oestrogen. We moved to a different warmer climate for both recovery of my mother’s health and just plain defiance of the English weather. Due to the island Koh Samui (in Thailand) being very much into holistic healing and alternative medicine, I became interested in the various treatments that were available for a whole range of illnesses Many of my friends had stories to share of miracle cures they had taken and to be honest I was somewhat sceptical –I probably still am to be quite frank. You may be asking why I am telling you this little story and the reason will become clear later when I introduce you to the simple way to protect yourself from these cancers. 7 wINTRODUCTION Then it was my turn. I discovered a lump in my right breast. I faced a choice of returning to the UK or having it removed in a somewhat less advanced second world country hospital. After much thought and tears I finally chose the latter and went through the operation with no sedation and minimal anaesthetic, something I would not recommend to anyone! I remember the doctor removing the lump and showing it to me and seeing immediately it was white in colour. I had always imagined cancers to be somewhat of a horror and was expecting to see some kind of rancid black or green monster in front of me....but no, this small chewing gum sized lump of flesh looked harmless....and to my great relief the biopsy came back as a benign tumour. After this ordeal I was determined to find a way to keep myself as healthy as I could and take all precautions against cancer. I approached my holistic friends who all had a multitude of suggestions ranging from a complete raw food diet to ingesting my own urine everyday! I was then introduced to a very interesting young man called Jason. We chatted for some time and met on occasions at a local restaurant in the nearby natural health spa and became good friends. One day out of the blue he contacted me to say that he had found an amazing new treatment he had to discuss with me. And this is where the real story of ‘how you can prevent cancer’ really begins... 8 w Beauty And The Yeast On meeting Jason I could quickly see that this was a person who liked to know what he was talking about, and by that I mean REALLY know it. The depth of knowledge he had on subjects of all sorts astounded me. We spent weeks talking about various topics and themes that affect us and where we lived. I should say at this point I was living on an island that is very much geared towards the spa and healing market. This place had plenty of holistic treatments to suit all sorts of ailments and to improve a person’s beauty both in and out. The majority of the practitioners I met were through a local spa resort, which had one of the best restaurants I had come across in the world! This particular spa specialised in detox treatments varying in intensity for both the experienced and the beginner. You could relax and be pandered to, as every effort to de-age and refresh you was made. The practitioners were all amazing at what they did, and so many people who had come to be rejuvenated left feeling years younger. It was the spa that had first brought Jason to the area we both lived in and he then fell in love with it just as I had. CHAPTER TWO 9 wINTRODUCTION Continuing on with his voracious thirst for knowledge on healing and general wellbeing, he had begun studying what is known as a Candida cleanse the spa provided. Jason had long suffered some health issues and so began his usual in depth examination of this cleanse and even more in depth examination of what a Candida was, and why were people at the spa concerned about removing it? Upon talking to his female friends it was quickly established that the women were more aware of Candida as most had suffered from a form of it and knew it as thrush or a yeast infection. It was at this point that Jason started discussing Candida with me. Rather than put you through our long and rambling research and discussions that followed, I have condensed this information into the next few chapters. 10 w Curious About Candida Candida Albicans is a fungal yeast that is present naturally in the human gut; everyone has Candida albicans living within them to some extent. Our gut is also full of natural bacteria that feed on the yeast and so keep levels to a low number and stop it from becoming a problem. The yeast becomes problematic when it grows beyond normal levels and spreads throughout the gastrointestinal tract, into the bloodstream and from there throughout the body. The yeast then does something remarkable and changes into fungus This fungus now settles itself into the tissue and a fungal colony quickly spreads. The fungus is protected from the environment as it has now left the gut and does not have the challenge of the gut bacteria trying to consume it. The risk for the Candida fungus is the human immune system. The immune system would normally identify and fight off this fungal intruder without too much effort. Sadly more and more people suffer from low immune systems due to stress, bad diet or general ill health. This means the immune system is not as strong as it needs to be to fight the Candida fungus colony. The Candida fungus is protected from the immune system attack by its cellular membrane. CHAPTER THREE Candida Albicans in culture 11 wINTRODUCTION This membrane is comprised of a layer formation called chitin. Your own cells when the immune system is strong and healthy fight Candida by producing an enzyme called chitinase which breaks down the yeast cell wall exposing it and making it vulnerable to attack by the body’s immune system. In a system wide infection there is simply too much of the yeast for the body to fight and it is at that point we begin to see symptoms of the yeast infection. In simple English - imagine the fungus is wearing a suit of armour that your immune system cannot punch through if it is weak. 12 w The Usual Suspects There are several reasons for Candida to spread and become problematic. Diet Over the past few decades the diet in the west has changed dramatically. We now consume far more sugar and refined food than we ever have before. Even those of us that have strict diets do succumb to fast food and sugar treats! Candida thrives on sugar. With a diet high in sugar and refined food it will grow exponentially, it is almost as if our diet in the western world is a super food for the yeast. Items such as sugar, alcohol, chocolate, bread, pasta, coffee, tea, fast food and any refined food all contribute to Candida growth. Antibiotic Use No one is disputing the need for antibiotics – they are one of the greatest medical discoveries made and without them we would be in a lot of trouble! However, broad spectrum antibiotic use does have a profound effect on our natural defences against Candida infection. These antibiotics kill all bacteria, including the good bacteria in our gut that maintain a healthy balanced state. Without these bacteria the yeast is free to grow and spread within the body. CHAPTER FOUR 13 wINTRODUCTION Immune Compromised system Our cells naturally produce a substance called chitinase. This enzyme breaks down the protective layer around the yeast and allows our immune system to attack the yeast if it is growing out of control. When an immune system is in a weakened state then it does not have the capability to attack the yeast and so its growth is not regulated. Any single or combination of these elements provides the Candida yeast with the perfect breeding ground within the human body and results in you becoming sick. 14 w The Symptoms I know when you read the following you may be sceptical and say ’oh, but these symptoms can be caused by many different things’ and yes you would be right. A quick search on medical website or wiki for example will these symptoms and more, in fact there are thought to be over 100 different symptoms that can be expressed in someone with candida. They will not have all the symptoms as there are different symptoms to where the fungus is located. For example expression of depression and psychological symptoms usually symptoms related to the fungus being located in the brain....similar situation with other symptoms and the location of the fungi colony. The initial stages of a Candida infection will very often involve the gut, mouth and urinary tract. Most common symptoms that indicate a Candida infection are: · · · · · · · Thrush Sore throat Bloating Gas Constipation Diarrhea Ear ache CHAPTER FIVE 15 wINTRODUCTION · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Once the infection has reached the bloodstream it can travel all round the body to other vital systems. These include the brain, the reproductive system, the nervous system and more. As the infection becomes more widespread the symptoms become more varied and include: Sugar and alcohol cravings Migraines Anxiety Depression Fatigue Vaginitius Foggy thinking Itching Acne Hyperactivity Sinus inflammation Irritability Dizziness Low sex drive Ear ache Skin infections such as athlete’s foot Chronic pain Muscle weakness 16 wINTRODUCTION · · · · · · · · · · Alcoholism Asthma Addison’s disease Chronic fatigue syndrome IBS PMS Depression Anxiety disorders Psoriasis Arthritis As more studies are done on Candida infection, it is being realized that this yeast is a serious contributor to many illnesses that now include: The medical profession is now much more aware of the problems Candida causes and will urge you to take action quickly if you have a Candida infection to prevent serious complications. 17 w Time For Us To Become Candida Free! It was at this point Jason decided to go for the cleanse. He did the total body cleanse that the spa did but he also decided to try an alternative Candida treatment. During his studies on line of the Candida organism he had come across a substance call Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. This compound had been used for years in a much lower does in farming as a fungicide and also in a higher dose in pets to combat insect pests. The correlation between both small insects and this fungus was that chitin is used by both fungus and certain insects as a suit of armour, a type of exoskeleton to protect them. The type of chitin synthesis inhibitor used however is very different for both. In farming it is a low grade concentration made with organic solvent that is not suitable for consumption by animals or humans. We consulted with the scientists at the production company and they confirmed with us there was a different type of chitin synthesis inhibitor compound made that was the one approved by the FDA for pharmaceutical grade. The way the second compound is made is very different to the one used in farming. Firstly it is made using natural oils, NOT solvents. Another differential is that with the second chitin synthesis inhibitor there must be a purity level produced of 98% whereas the one used in farming was 5%. CHAPTER SIX 18 wINTRODUCTION He took the protocol that we will discuss later and within 8 weeks we had a new Jason! He felt cleaner and healthier, more life in him than he had in years he told me. Astounded by the change I could see in him I agreed also to take the course. I had a few of the Candida symptoms and was curious as to see if they would dissipate after the treatment. I was amazed at how much healthier I felt both physically and mentally after a month or so. My memory improved and I found my thinking to be clearer. I also suffered from depression at times and felt that fog lifting from my brain. I was more than overwhelmed with the results and so Jason and I discussed spreading the word of this treatment out to other people. This was about one year ago. The story continues from there basically in us testing the formula on ourselves and tweaking the formula. This went on for several months and then we came across an article about an incredible oncologist in Italy called Tullio Simoncini. I was amazed at how much healthier I felt both physically and mentally after a month or so. My memory improved and I found my thinking to be clearer. I also suffered from depression at times and felt that fog lifting from my brain. 19 w Some Basic Knowledge About Cancer Before we discuss Mr Simoncini we should take a closer look at the problem of cancer. At the beginning of the 1900s, one person out of 100 died of cancer; today it is one out of three. We foresee that within a few years one out of two people will die of cancer. Why has cancer diagnosis and death rates soared in this short time? Of course some cases are genetic but they are actually only a small percentage of the vast numbers diagnosed. Cancer is the most important problem in medicine, not only because of its size, but especially because of the long symptomatological line that comes with this disease, especially in its more advanced phases, and the state of extreme psychological suffering which both the patient and their relatives are victims of. A fungus infection – that of the Candida species – could supply the explanation for why a tumour occurs. In recent years, we have observed a crescendo of voices addressing this terrible fungus to the point of defining it as ‘the most important and most urgent problem that oncology has to solve’. CHAPTER SEVEN 20 wINTRODUCTION R.L. Hopfer: 79% Kaben: 80% W. T. Hughes: 91 % T.E. Kiehn: 97% Here is some more in-depth and technical information on cancer. The following figures concerning the coexistence of Candida and cancer have been collected by several authors, the following figures show the percentage of tumours that show Candida present in cancer tumours post mortem: The percentages observed are truly impressive, especially when considering the difficulty of seeing Candida in the organic materials to be examined. The positive results quoted allow us to confirm that Candida is almost always present in the tissues of cancer patients. The phenomenon is usually interpreted as a consequence of the weakening and of the exhaustion of the organism because of neoplastic lesions. This means that they are suggesting that the Candida somehow makes its way into the tumour through the fissures that appear during its growth. However, we have to believe that the aggression of Candida takes place in the carcinogenic sense. The positive results quoted allow us to confirm that Candida is almost always present in the tissues of cancer patients. 21 wINTRODUCTION We can follow the pattern of development of Candida yeast to fungus to cancer below: Rooting in the deep connective tissue (in the various organs) Expansion with evoking of an organic reaction that attempts to encyst the fungi colonies, with the outcome being the formation of neoplasias. i.e. a tumour develops around the fungus. Growth both in the surrounding tissue and other areas of the body (metastasis). Progressive exhaustion of the body with consequential total body invasion. The answer is to prevent this fungus from invading our bodies and provoking cancerous growths. We are on the verge of a medical revolution; it is possible to prevent you and your loved ones developing cancer! 22 w The Fungal Hypothesis - How Does Candida Relate To Cancer? Italian oncologist, Tullio Simoncini, has long been an advocator of the fungal hypothesis in regards to cancer. Although he may have been one of the first, he is certainly not the last as more and more evidence comes to light from scientists all round the world regarding the correlation between Candida albicans and cancer. Dr Simoncini is well aware of the epidemic of Candida in the world that is going untreated. He believes that the fungus is underestimated as so little is understood about it. His research began when he decided that there was a somewhat strange correlation with all cancers in that they all behave in the same way despite them occurring in the widest variety of locations and systems. He then began to search for a common denominator within all these different cancers and believed he had found it when he saw that most cancers appear white in colour. These white masses are fungi. White – just like Candida albicans. The literal translation for Candida albicans in Latin is ‘glowing white’. CHAPTER EIGHT Italian oncologist, Tullio Simoncini 23 wINTRODUCTION The presence of these fungi in all tumours’ is nothing surprising in the medical world. The official word from mainstream oncology is the reason this happens is that the Candida is an opportunistic organism that finds root within the existing developing tumours and grows. This belief, however, is contradicted by the study of the effect of Candida within the bloodstream when it progresses into candidiasis. The problem is that these yeasts get everywhere. Whilst they might start off in your gut, they soon pass into the blood stream and then, like Alien, they are loose in the mother ship. And they make an alcohol as a by-product of their very existence, and this alcohol feeds cancer cells. Moreover fungi are anaerobes - they don´t use oxygen to metabolize and survive. If they move round your body and colonize an area of your breast or prostate they set up anaerobic conditions. And cancer thrives in situations where oxygen levels are lowered. In simple plain English - Candida Fungus creates an environment in the tissue that it inhabits that causes mutation of cells and cancer tumours to develop. 24 w Candida Is The Primary Killer Of Post Care Chemotherapy And Radio Therapy Patients Surprised? I was! Try this for size: ´Cancer patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy did not finally succumb to the cancer itself, but to an infestation of Candida albicans´. That was taken from Contemporary Oncology Magazine 1993 in the USA. Doctors rarely, if ever, stop to think about Candida, or parasite infection. And as a result their medicines only treat part of the cancer equation. In other walks of life it would be called: “Neglect”. There, I´ve said it. After a recent trip to a cancer clinic in the USA, and to the Dove Clinic in the UK, I discovered one thing when I talked to the nurses. Every Cancer patient they see, man or woman, has bad Candida. They were unanimous. CHAPTER NINE 25 wINTRODUCTION Whether it is breast cancer, liver cancer or prostate cancer. It does not discriminate. And the real kicker is - Cancer Treatments Make Matters Worse! I cannot stress this enough so I will say it again: “cancer treatments make matters worse!” Steroids and chemotherapy, for example, both heighten the effect of the yeasts, worsening the cancer cell feeding. It´s like throwing babies to the sharks. Add to the problem your weakened immune system due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and you have a disastrous and possibly lethal situation IF YOU HAVE HAD CHEMOTHERAPY THEN YOU MUST PREVENT CANDIDA INFECTION AT ALL COSTS! 26 w The Epiphany At this point Jason and I had completed our testing and had finished our product to wage battle for Candida sufferers. The article we came across involving Dr Simnocini was a revelation to us. While this doctor was developing a way to treat existing cancers under the belief of them being fungus. We had amazing feedback and results from people who had tried our new Candida product. One single woman who had been a sufferer of Candida for many years returned to us and bought our entire stock that we had left for her friends! Upon studying the research and many medical texts we realised that we basically had a potential preventative treatment for cancer sitting in front of us! It is quite a simple equation Candida yeast = Candida Fungus = Cancer CHAPTER TEN Candida yeast = Candida Fungus = Cancer 27 wINTRODUCTION This was a revelation to both of us. By taking our treatment you would be dramatically attacking the Candida fungus throughout your entire body, and so you would in effect be treating any sites for potential tumours to grow due to the fungus. We had initially developed this product to kill the Candida fungus and we just might have found a real treatment that prevents most cancers! We could see that by eliminating the Candida from a person’s body we were also preventing a cancer development due to that Candida fungus. Before I go on to talk about the treatment that we developed, I’m sure that you want to ask me one very important question – how can I get tested for Candida! 28 w Available Tests If you suspect you have a Candida infection then you will want to be tested as quickly as possible to get confirmation. The trouble with this is that as I have said everybody has Candida present in their bodies to some degree. By far the most reliable way to be tested for infection is to see your doctor. They will be able to give you a Candida Immune Complexes blood test. The other option from your doctor will be the combination of IgA, IgG and IgM tests. Unfortunately these tests will likely be expensive if you are not covered by health insurance. They range between $100 and $300 plus the doctors charge. It can also be a battle to get your doctor to do the tests with many making the patient believe they are a hypochondriac! Be insistent if you feel you really need medical confirmation of your infection. Spit Test The second option available is the spit test or saliva test. It is not reliable or conclusive and should not be taken as a guaranteed result, but for many it is the first stage of suspecting their infection. CHAPTER ELEVEN 29 wINTRODUCTION First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, get a clear glass and fill with water. Work up a bit of saliva, and then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water after 2-3 minutes, then every 15 minutes. A Candida yeast infection will have specific signs after you have spat in the glass of water. The saliva will develop strings, like cloudy legs, travelling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top. Another possibility is that the “cloudy” saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass. A third possibility is that cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water. All of these indicate the possible presence of a Candida infection. The more strings and cloudiness there is and the faster it develops, the greater the overgrowth. If there are no strings and the water is as clear as it was before you spat in the glass and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you are likely to not have a Candida yeast infection. This test is not 100% reliable, please see your doctor if you feel you need 100% confirmation. 30 w Traditional Options For Treatment Of Candida Candida Diet A special diet can be tailored to reduce the infection though you will have to be prepared to give up many foods that you eat on a regular basis. This diet involves no sugar, alcohol, bread, coffee, tea, pasta and refined foods. Many find that this diet simply is not realistic to fit in with their lifestyles. Sometimes people even suffer from some degree of malnutrition with long term use of the Candida diet. Unfortunately the Candida will flare up if you do stray from this diet. This makes this option one for only those who are very dedicated and have strong willpower. CHAPTER TWELVE Antifungal Medications If your doctor has diagnosed Candida then he will probably offer you antifungal medications and also recommend the diet as a method of maintenance. The problem with medications such as azole anti fungals is that they place a great deal of stress on the kidneys and liver. The side effects include headaches and nausea and it is simply not practical to take these with any frequency as you will risk liver damage. 31 wINTRODUCTION AND NOW OUR REVOLUTIONARY NEW TREATMENT Finally I hear you say! We are going to talk about how I can prevent cancer! I know a lot of people are not interested in understanding how something works – they just want to know it works! It has, however, been important for me to explain how we got to this point. Our discovery is not a vaccine or a cancer cure. We have discovered a simple safe and affordable treatment that kills Candida quickly and easily..... oh and it just so happens that Candida albicans causes most cancers so without Candida poisoning your body you have no chance of developing Candida based cancers!. So let me tell you about Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor It involves no special diet or restrictions though a diet high in vegetables/antioxidants will help assist the body to fight off the fungus and die-off It is completely safe on your liver and kidneys It is a fraction of the price you would pay seeing doctors repeatedly and being on continual medication. 32 w What Is Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor? Chitin synthesis inhibitor works by inhibiting the production of something called CHITIN. Chitin is found in insects and fungus and it is created by these organisms as an exoskeleton. Think of it as a natural armour suit. The yeast Candida also produces its own layer of chitin in its cell wall; this is the reason why it can be so hard for the human body’s immune system to attack it. Chitin synthesis inhibitor is a compound that prevents the yeast from producing this layer of chitin to protect itself and without this protection your body can naturally attack and kill the fungus. What makes this compound such a great solution to your Candida infection is that it is a totally inert chemical that has no effect on ANY of the human systems. As humans have no body processes that involve the creation of chitin, then taking a chitin inhibitor will have no effect on the human body - it will however make the yeast vulnerable that’s infecting your system. The compound has been tested for many years on mammals and has shown consistently to have zero adverse effects, even when taken in massive dosages. CHAPTER THIRTEEN 33 wINTRODUCTION Chitin synthesis inhibitor also has no known drug interactions as it is an inert compound. Even if you have not had a test for the Candida yeast but still suspect it is causing you ill health, taking chitin synthesis inhibitor will not affect you negatively if you do not have Candida. If you think you have the slightest chance of an infection of this yeast then to go ahead and take the chitin synthesis inhibitor as it is completely safe and harmless to humans and mammals! Chitin synthesis inhibitor really is the safest and easiest treatment that you will find for Candida albicans. In plain English – The fungus that previously was protecting itself from your immune system has now lost its armour and ready to be knocked out of your body. We have provided some more in depth material below on CHITIN SYNTHESIS INHIBITOR There is a field-proven, safe, over-the-counter offlabel treatment available to those who need help in their battle against Candida albicans infection. When Probiotics and essential oils don’t do the job or even prescription antifungal medicines have failed, Chitin synthesis inhibitor will be able to remove the chitin layer from the fungus allowing your immune system to finally be able to attack the fungus. In plain English – The fungus that previously was protecting itself from your immune system has now lost its armour and ready to be knocked out of your body. 34 wINTRODUCTION Chitin synthesis inhibitor has for decades been widely used over-the-counter as a veterinary remedy available in pet shops under the name ‘PROGRAM’ and is given to dogs or cats once a month and it prevents flea larvae from growing into adult fleas by interfering with their Chitin synthesis. Chitin is the hard substance the exoskeleton of insects is made of. In actuality you could actually buy ‘PROGRAM’ and use this to treat yourself as it is approved for human consumption. However, in order to buy the correct dosage for your weight it would end up costing you thousands of dollars. The interesting fact about Chitin is that it is not just used by insects and arthropods; it also is a key part of the fungal cell wall of many fungal species. Fungi - including Candida albicans - quickly die when there are holes in their cell walls, and that is what quickly happens when their Chitin production is stopped. The fungus “bleeds” to death: Its protoplasm simply escapes due to the intracellular pressure. Candida forms long mycelia strands in human tissue but it is under constant environmental stress. It has to constantly replace damaged cell wall due to mechanical friction, chemical degradation and immune system action. If Candida is prevented from repairing its cell wall, holes will ensue within hours. What happens is that 35 wINTRODUCTION instead of producing a strong Ergosterol - Chitin cell wall matrix, the Candida produces a weak, “leaky” Ergosterol cell wall with holes where the Chitin should have been, quickly leading to catastrophic failure of its cell wall in multiple spots, causing its contents to run out, killing the Candida fungus. In some serious cases, a chronic Candida infection merely becomes temporarily suppressed and will come back less virulently, because the Candida, when it manages to acquire resistance, is forced to mutate into a form that does not use Chitin, resulting in a weaker Candida version, easier to get rid off by the immune system or with Ergosterol-targeting antifungals (the “azoles” such as Diflucan). 36 w The Evidence Chitin synthesis inhibitor is increasingly used to treat all kinds of fungal infections in animals such as dogs, cats, horses and chimpanzees and finally now humans. Chitin synthesis inhibitor works against fungal infections in mammals, and humans are mammals so it works in humans too. US patent nr. 6110971 that mentions Chitin synthesis inhibitor as an effective antifungal in humans, including against Candida albicans infection: US Patent 6110971 - Fungicide composition comprising a benzoylphenylurea Chitin synthesis inhibitor was designed to prevent the production of this chitin compound that is found in insects and fungus. By preventing the chitin layer from being created the yeast becomes weak and exposed to your natural defences that will attack and kill the Candida. The Candida yeast protects itself from your own body’s defences by producing a layer of chitin around its cell walls. It is this chitin layer that makes it so difficult to kill the yeast without taking some very strong medications that put your liver and kidneys at risk. CHAPTER FOURTEEN In plain English – The fungus that previously was protecting itself from your immune system has now lost its armour and ready to be knocked out of your body. 37 wINTRODUCTION There are other fungicides out there but THIS chitin synthesis inhibitor is the only one that is proven to be uniquely non toxic to humans! The chitin synthesis inhibitor is absorbed into your fatty tissue and released slowly over several weeks. We all have a small level of this yeast in our bodies - it does not harm us as long as it stays at those small levels. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL AND, IN FACT, ESSENTIAL TO HAVE CANDIDA YEAST IN SMALL AMOUNTS IN OUR BODIES. Our diets, antibiotic use and lifestyles mean, although it is unlikely, Candida can return. However the big bonus with chitin synthesis inhibitor is that you can take it again. 38 w Things You Must Know About Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor The Candida fungus CANNOT survive after treatment with Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. The treatment is taken over several weeks to allow for complete absorption. Chitin synthesis inhibitor is an inert compound that works on Chitin only – no system in the human body uses chitin so it has zero affect on our vital systems. No side effects! Why has this treatment not been available till now? That is something to be asked of the pharmaceutical companies. It is far better for them to treat the symptoms than cure the disease. A simple one time treatment would deprive them of selling multiple prescriptions of expensive anti fungal medicines and creams. This shameful truth of profit over a person’s health and well being is one that big pharmacy has no problem living with. Years of research and testing of the chitin synthesis inhibitor has proven its effectiveness. I talked earlier in the first chapter about how I could see a future where it would be more beneficial financially to allow a person to become sick than to keep him healthy. CHAPTER FIFTEEN This shameful truth of profit over a person’s health and well being is one that big pharmacy has no problem living with. Years of research and testing of the chitin synthesis inhibitor has proven its effectiveness. 39 wINTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest industry on the plant and one of their mainstream cash flows is the treatment of cancer. Can you imagine their horror at a treatment becoming available for under one hundred dollars to treat Candida and as a result destroy what is now being thought to be the protagonist to cancer mutations! 40 w Is Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor Safe To Take? Absolutely! The chitin synthesis inhibitor will begin dissolving the protective coating of the fungus within the first few days of you taking the course. Quite often at this point you will experience something called a healing crisis which is explained below. This occurs in people who have extensive fungal infection throughout their bodies. Once the healing crisis is over (usually in a few days) then you will feel more energy and better health than you have in a long time. The Candida yeast protects itself from your own body’s defences by producing a layer of chitin around its cell walls. It is this chitin layer that makes it so difficult to kill the yeast without taking some very strong medications that put your liver and kidneys at risk. There are other fungicides out there but THIS chitin synthesis inhibitor is the only one that is proven to be uniquely non toxic to humans! Humans do not produce chitin anywhere in their body. Taking this inhibitor will have the equivalent effect of taking flour or charcoal – zero effect on biological human functions – it will only affect the fungus. CHAPTER SIXTEEN 41 w What Is A Healing Crisis? As we have said, chitin synthesis inhibitor is completely non toxic to humans and has no side effects at all. That been said, many people who have a serious Candida infection do find that when they take the chitin synthesis inhibitor they find that they feel worse before they feel better. This is completely normal and is known as a ‘healing crisis’ or a ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer’ reaction. What is basically happening is that the chitin synthesis inhibitor is doing its job and destroying the chitin protection of the fungus. This means that your body now is able to attack the fungus and kill it. This rapid killing off of the Candida means that toxins are released into the body which can make you feel a bit poorly. This is only temporary as very quickly the treatment will have killed the majority of the fungus and within a few days of the die off reaction you will be feeling a LOT better than you did before! CHAPTER SEVENTEEN 42 wINTRODUCTION First Example Well, firstly was myself. I felt no healing crisis other than a bit of tiredness for the first few days. Second example Well this would be Jason. Jason had a real Candida problem. He had many of the classic symptoms of Candida fungal infection. He then did the spit test which did indicate a large infection. Finally he had it confirmed by paying for a private test to be done at the hospital. He felt the healing crisis quite substantially. It took about 2 weeks to clear in which he felt almost flu like symptoms. After that however it was nothing but leaps in bounds in his health both mentally emotionally and physically. Third example I want to give you a clear idea of the range of healing crisis people face when taking Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. After much testing I gave my own mother who had had breast cancer previously the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. The following healing crisis was quite extreme. Within a day she started to feel nauseous and tired. After 7 days she experienced a complete thrush/yeast infection breakout in her mouth and vagina. The reason for this extreme reaction was that the Candida fungus has 43 wINTRODUCTION spread many colonies throughout her body and as the chitin synthesis Inhibitor was removing the armour protecting the fungus and my mother’s immune system had launched an all out war on the fungus. This had resulted in the release of spores (the yeast and thrush infection. It became quite severe and we decided that an over the counter yeast treatment was needed to treat the external expression of the fungus dying. Inside her the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor was killing the fungus. Within a few weeks the yeast infections had all dissipated. Within 8 weeks her arthritis had improved 90% and her sleepless nights had gone.I am sure that this treatment has extended my mother’s life dramatically and will reduced the chance of reoccurrence of her cancer. 44 w Testimonials “ Testimonials I have been working with this product for three months now, and I have had over 30 patients go through the 35 day protocol, these patients have had different levels of symptoms from Candida and Fungal Infections. I have had clients who have had Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibroid Tumours, Thrush, Depression, Obesity, Post Natal Depression, Infertility, Diabetes, Mental Illness, the list goes on. The results have been somewhat incredible. Even though there has been a healing crisis to work through, the improvement in overall well being and the first signs of health have started to come back for all of those people, it has meant alot more energy and stamina, natural weight loss, improved eye sight and hearing, warts disappearing, memory retention, less joint pain, reduced sinus pain, no headaches and migraines, Thrush totally clearing, fungal nails and athletes foot clearing, bowel motions returning to normal, hormones rebalancing, PMS and PMT disappearing, For all of my clients it has been well worth it. All my clients are now tested for systemic candida and if they truly want to get rid of it, this is the only product I now “recommend”. I have not had one client disappointed with the results it has given them. Jo-Anne, Naturopath, Australia ” 45 wINTRODUCTION “ “ After taking a course of antibiotics I developed a slight rash under my beard which would get flakey and red when I did not shave regularly. I tried a topical antifungal cream which seemed to help but the rash would return as soon as I stopped applying it. Also, applying a cream to your face three or four times a day is a little awkward. A friend recommended I try Lufenuron and I reluctantly tried as I was not even sure the rash was fungal. After one day the rash seemed more aggravated and inflamed than ever which I took as a sign that the medicine was definitely doing something and this could be a “die off” reaction. I continued the course and after two days the rash was looking much better. On the third day it was almost completely gone and a couple of days later there was absolutely no sign of it. It has now been two months with no return. I also noticed a couple of other small itchy patches on my body during the course which also disappeared and I assume they were lesser fungal infections that I had not noticed before. It is too early to tell if the fungal infection in my toe nail has been cured but it seems a lot better and is growing back healthy and strong. The only side effects I noticed were slight diarrhea on the first morning of the course (only once) and a lethargic feeling when I took the medicine during the day. Taking them at night may actually have helped get a good nights sleep. I tried treelac, fivelac symbion and a bunch of herbs. I went for the pharmaceutical drugs as well. I did fasting and colonic’s. zappers and candida diets. I even had a shaman working on me at one point. I was that desperate. Saw the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor product and thought to myself its just another scam. ordered it with the words I have nothing to loose. its better than to do nothing. I got so sick from first round of dosage I thought I had maybe made things worse. all symptoms where magnified but after about 10 days it happened. My brain fog slowly cleared and I had the most insane die off ever. white stuff came out of my rear and my tongue. I had to use tongue scraper every 2 hours. did 2 colemas a day. die off went on for a week or so. got my life back and energy levels is off the roof. thank you so much for this product. it WORKS. it really does. my friend took it too but he had no candida. only fungus in between toe nails. cleared after 15 years of not being able to get rid of it. Finally a product that tackles systemic candida. thank you thank you thank you. Martin, Denmark “I had two yellow toenails (same toes different feet) for a long time. I have done all kinds of processes, fasts, and detox’s and the fungus held on easily. I always found that impressive. ONE BOTTLE of Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor and it got knocked out ... its been 15 years since all of toenails looked the same. This stuff is for real.” ” 46 John, UK ” Mark, USA w How do I know if I have Candida? Common Questions and Answers What do I do if I forget a dose? If you miss up to a day’s treatment it will not have too much effect. Just continue the course as usual. Any more than 1 day’s treatment missed and it may give the fungus opportunity to ‘raise its shields’ again. What is Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor made of? Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor is a laboratory created inert compound that acts solely on chitin based organisms such as Candida fungus. It is not broken down by the human body into any other chemical form and it does not cause any reaction in human body systems. It is made with natural oils and basic chemical elements to create a completely non toxic fungicide that is pharmaceutical graded. Everyone has Candida yeast in there gut, it is natural and should be there. The problem arises when the Candida yeast in the gut manages to invade the bloodstream and develop into another form which is Candida fungus. Due to Candida being ever present in our bodies in the yeast form it makes it more difficult to test for as the test must be able to differentiate between fungus and yeast. This results in only blood testing as a reasonably reliable testing method. Our advice is that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck! If you have several of the signs and symptoms of Candida infection then you most likely have a Candida infection. Chitin synthesis inhibitor works on the fungal form not the yeast form, as the yeast does not have a chitin cell wall. As the treatment is safe and has no side effects we often say it is better to treat as if you have it, than to ignore because you cannot do a reliable test.... Do I need antifungals also? You do not have to take antifungals with the treatment. Many people however do suffer with a strong die off reaction which can involve yeast infections flaring up. If this happens then a standard ázole’ treatment will help relieve the situation. Why is the treatment in three parts? The treatment is designed to keep the chitin inhibitor working in your body even during the 10 day rest periods. We feel that as this treatment is not killing the fungus but is in-fact making it vulnerable to your immune system – then we need to give your body as long a time as possible to launch its attack on the fungus. Is it suitable for children? As a child’s immune system is still developing we would not recommend this treatment for anyone under 18 years of age. Is it suitable if I am pregnant? We would not recommend this treatment for pregnant women or women breast feeding. How does Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor kill Candida? Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor does not kill the fungus, what it does is make the fungus vulnerable to attack by your immune system. It is after the treatment that your own white blood cells will finally be able to lay siege to the fungal colony. The treatment removes the fungus ability to generate the chitin layer which makes the fungus so difficult to treat. Is it a pesticide? There are two forms of this compound, one of which is used in agriculture(5%) as a pesticide. However, the compound that is used as a treatment for candida is pharmacy grade (98%) and is created using an entirely different process. 47 w Total Heavy metal per day = 0.003mg Iron Total Heavy metal per course = 0.045mg Iron Common Questions and Answers What diet should I follow? You should follow a healthy low sugar diet, but one that does not restrict you too much. The goal is to have your immune system strong, and the best way to have a strong immune system is to have an overall balanced healthy diet. Why do I need to take it with fat rich content food? By taking the treatment with fat rich food you ensure the uptake of the compound into the fat cells. This means that during the ten days rest from the course of tablets your fat cells will slowly release the treatment into your bloodstream. This means that there is a constant maintained level in your body. We recommend the following foods to take it with: Please take mid meal. See guideline for an example Avocado, full fat cheese, full fat yogurt or full fat milk. Animal fats works fine as well. A dish cooked with lots of oils is a very good way of making sure chitin synthesis inhibitor is taken into the fat tissue. Can my Candida be resistant to Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor? Should resistance ever develop it would mean that the fungus is not using chitin anymore in its cell walls, and would therefore be more vulnerable to the immune system anyway. So far there is no record of a strain of Candida that does not use chitin based defences. Are there any heavy metals in the treatment? Yes there are trace amounts of Iron and this is unavoidable. The exact amounts are below and clearly show that levels are massively below any kind of toxic risk. In fact one would often find more iron in a glass of water. Heavy Metal in Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor – results and analysis 20ppm in 1gram = 1g/1,000,000 = 0.000001g of Iron to a gram = 0.001mg Iron in a gram Total consumption of Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor needed to reach Toxicity level = 310 full courses = 13.95 kilos of Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor What are the side effects? The treatment has no side effects – however, a die off reaction can occur which is often confused with being a side effect. Candida die off, sometimes referred to as the Herxheimer Reaction, occurs when the excess candida yeasts in our system literally “die off”, producing toxins at too rapid a rate for our bodies to process and eliminate. As the body works to detoxify, you may experience symptoms including dizziness, headache, “foggy” headedness, eye floaters (the little blurs in vision which can be detected when the eyeball moves back and forth), depression, anxiety, heightened anger reactions, gas & bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, joint pain, muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, exhaustion, need for more sleep, sweating, chills, nausea, skin breakouts, or other symptoms. Will I need to take a second course? As long as you have taken the course correctly you will be Candida free. The treatment will only work on existing fungal colonies and does not leave you immune to new ones developing after the treatment. People do sometimes go back to a diet and lifestyle that can result in new fungal colonies developing over time. 48 wINTRODUCTION REFERENCES: After reading through our pages you will no doubt now understand why it is so important to rid your body of Candida fungus. Below are many independent references to this topic further expanding and verifying the information we have looked at in this book. Chronic Candidiasis | source: | The book Cancer is a Fungus by Dr. Simoncini Breast Cancer Conquered Without Toxic Drugs | source: Fungi and Disease | source: Nexus Magazine | by Nexus Chemo drugs destroy brain cells | source: BBC UK Is cancer a fungus? | source: International Medical Veritas Association | source: IMVA Breastcancer2008 | source: On-line reference to all things mycological | source: Dimorphic fungi | source: How the Cancer Industry Suppresses The Truth | source: dynamic connection between fungi and cancer by Phillip Day | source: Mycotoxins by Charles P. Woloshuk | source: Purdue University The fungus link – a book by Doug Kaufmann | source: Scientists at UC Santa Barbara about cancer and fungus | source: 49 Systemic candida is probably one of the biggest worldwide unseen epidemics. With the onset of the high sugar diet, candida has now become more common and increasingly uncontrollable as traditional medications fail. The devastating effects and related illnesses often go misdiagnosed and now it is coming to light that there is a distinct relationship between candida infection and cancer development. One in one hundred people died of cancer one hundred years ago – now it is one in four! The correlation with candida infection is the same. In 95% of cancers the majority of the tumour is candida fungus – why is this? This book will help you understand the nature of Candida fungus, how it invades your body and can lead to dire consequences to your health. We will also introduce you to a revolutionary new method of ridding your body of candida fungus. It is safe, easy to take and has no side effects. This book will put you on the path to becoming candida fungus free and living a long and healthy life. Chitin Synthesis inhibitor has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This book is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.