Ceo President In Atlanta Ga Resume Ron Divin

Ron Divin creates opportunities and solves problems within the food / CPG (branded & generic); meat / beverage, and agribusiness enterprises moving fast to put a company on a clear path and optimize shareholder value.
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Ron Divin Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563 850.982.0005 • [email protected] • Chief Executive / President/ Interim Leader / Director / Consultant Global and Domestic – Food, Consumer Packaged Goods (branded & generic), Meat, Agri-business, Franchise Networks and Food Service Distribution Private / Public Companies … Private Equity … Venture Capital … Co-ops Create opportunities and solve problems within the food / CPG (branded & generic); meat / beverage, and agribusiness enterprises moving fast to put a company on a clear path and optimize shareholder value. Consistently meet budgets in good and stressful enterprise cycles. Rapidly transition out of distressed and/or stagnant situations and move into growth mode. Documented track record of change management and improving tactical and strategic trajectories while growing top and bottom-line in domestic and global venues. Proven ability to achieve the buy-in of all stakeholders in private, public, P.E., V.C and co-op venues. Performance Scorecard Created almost $1B in enterprise value to date. Turned around, transformed and grew start up, small, mid, large, integrated, and stand alone private and public businesses. Transformed, recruited and mentored world class management teams within multiple enterprises. Converted all companies from singular focus (manufacturing, sales, distribution, cult, etc.) to efficient integrated business enterprises effectively serving all internal / external constituencies and business objectives. Record of designing functional balance sheets and associated positive cash flow plans through revitalization, startup, growth and volatile enterprise business cycles. Broadened and diversified sales channels and product line offerings via new & copy cat product innovation and gorilla marketing – retail, big box, foodservice, chain, private label, military, institutional, and export markets. Areas of Expertise P&L / Revenue Growth ~ Business Development / Expansion / Globalization ~ Corporate Culture Change / Change Management ~ Operational Effectiveness / Execution ~ Creation of Real-Time/Actionable Dashboards ~ Product / Service Development / Rollouts / Gorilla Marketing ~ Organizational / Team Structuring / Mentoring ~ Enterprise Vision / Strategic Planning / Execution ~ Financing / Fundraising / Road Shows ~ Mergers / Acquisitions / Divestitures ~ JVs / Partnerships / Alliances ~ Redeployment of Assets ~ Complex Contracts / Negotiations ~ Risk Management Career Synopsis President / CEO / Director  MOUNTAIN CITY MEAT, INC.; Denver, Colorado • 2007 - 2011 $200 MM two facility, 350 employee stand - alone fresh and frozen food manufacturing company serving retail, big box, food service, QSR, military, institutional and export channels. Transitioned from a distressed privately-owned limited product / channel business in crisis into a broad-based platform investment. Created risk management, processing standards, quality control / food safety / sales / marketing and associated accountability measurements. Designed and networked a platform strategic plan. Trained existing management team and recruited new management. Rationalized, diversified and expanded customer sets, distribution channels, supply chains and developed broad-based product innovation and instituted marketing capabilities. Catapulted EBITA from negative to positive benchmark levels Doubled sales Reestablished product quality credibility in all channels of distribution 1|P a g e Ron Divin 850.982.0005 • [email protected] • Increased multiple product line net contribution margins by over 500 basis points Slashed unit direct costs by 19% - 40% Reduced indirect costs by 20% Improved product yields by 2-7 points Interim CEO & Director  UNITED FOOD GROUP, LLC; Los Angeles, California  2006 - 2007 A $450 million two facility, 500 employee stand-alone fresh/frozen branded / generic food manufacturing company serving retail, big box,, food service, QSR, casual dining, institutional, and food service channels. Recruited to normalize and restore earning streams and facilitate change to a new generation of leadership. Developed structure, policies, and systems directed at attaining accountability and application of planning practices. Generated systemic growth and formation of an acquisition platform. Recruited, promoted, and transformed a talented group of action-oriented upper- and mid-level management. Amplified run rate EBITDA 22% - negative to positive Increased sales run rate by 22 percent Improved integrated efficiencies 12% Coordinated sales with manufacturing / distribution and introduced dashboard reporting Introduced sophisticated planning, budgeting, capital structuring and risk management systems Broadened and diversified sales channels and product line offerings Visualized a platform strategy and mentored an M&A network President / Chief Executive Officer / Director  TOM'S FOODS, INC.; Columbus, Georgia  1995 – 2005 A $280 million four facility, 750 employee branded CPG snack food company with a franchise and company owned direct store delivery network serving retail big box, food service, institutional and co-pack channels. Recruited to turn around a failing brand and company and develop a top-performing team to implement strategies recording the Company’s best year ever. Resolved liquidity issues and refocused an under-performing organization. Met or exceeded all financial budgets for over 10 years, multiplying RONA from 1% to 19% Delivered 32 consecutive quarters of improved operating income, cash flow, and top line growth Developed and rolled out new / higher margin products Took brand from sub regional to multi regional positioning Amplified EBIT at a compounded annual rate of 65%; raised ROE from negative to over 37% Improved pre-debt enterprise value from negative to over $115 million Completed five financings, reduced debt, and paid a substantial dividend Cultivated relationships and groomed company for sale at a substantial premium to earlier enterprise value President / Chief Executive Officer / Director  CHUN KING, LTP; Cambridge, Maryland • 1992 - 1995 A $150 million / 300 employee, U.S. and Canadian stand-alone branded ethnic CPG company serving retail, big box, foodservice and private label and export channels. Recruited to reposition a failing brand in a declining category and position the business for sale. Mentored a world-class team and instituted change management resulting in a dramatic attainment of all tactical/strategic objectives. Amplified enterprise value more than 3X Won new customers/distribution increasing national/regional shares by 4.5 - 7 points Boosted EBITDA from 1.7% to 9% of net sales reinvesting in brand, product, and channels Accelerated RONA from 3% to 27% and met or exceeded all budgets 2|P a g e Ron Divin 850.982.0005 • [email protected] • President / Chief Executive Officer / Director  ORANGE CO INC.; Bartow, Florida • 1989 – 1991 NYSE vertically integrated $500 million three facility/groves frozen & fresh beverage company with 700 FT & 900 seasonal employees serving retail, big box, foodservice, private label, industrial and export beverage, and perishables markets. Associated agricultural production and path of progress real estate development. Challenged to design and implement a distressed refinancing strategy to forgo an imminent Chapter 11 filing. Put in place a new team to execute tactical and strategic revitalization and position the company for divestiture. Grew EBITDA from 2% to 11% of net sales increasing net profit to a historical high Diversified product mix and established a viable added value product line / brand strategy Increased return on net assets 7 points meeting all quarterly and annual budgets Redeployed more than $100 million in assets, slashed debt, invested in core operations, and paid a dividend Corporate / Group Vice President  LAND ‘O LAKES INC., Arden Hills, Minnesota • 1985 - 1989 $6 billion co-op serving consumer packaged goods, agribusiness, livestock, dairy, energy and crop input market co- op. Tapped to provide change management and start up leadership to four independent vertically integrated operating companies involved in branded and generic CPG red and white meat to retail, big box, food service, and institutional channels. Integrated contract livestock production/export and 4 facilities with 2,100 employees and sales of $650 million. Led creation of a highly profitable domestic / international start-up. Sold portions at above market multiple and internally integrated others. Unified four struggling businesses into one successful integrated enterprise format Constructed new teams credited with increasing ROA to 14% from 3% Generated $100 million of enterprise value while meeting or exceeding all annual budgets Consolidated production and distribution reducing break-even points moving from 5% to 9% Expanded national share by 7 points and regional shares from 3 to 11 points President / COO  SPENCER BEEF (a division of Land O’Lakes), Arden Hills, Minnesota • 1982 - 1986 World’s second largest boxed beef processing company with four facilities 5,000 employees and sales of $2.3 billion. Recruited to turn around the Co-Op’s largest business and prepare division for sale. Increased enterprise value over 4 times while exceeding all financial budgets Converted a manufacturing driven company to a customer orientation with a 7% lower breakeven point Expanded return to net assets employed from 1% to 17% Redeployed $150 million of non-core assets to new products, market expansion, and technologies Launched CPG offshore joint venture generating $350 million in highly profitable annual sales Prepared company for sale at an above market multiple Earlier Career History / Current Owner & Investor Initiated business carrier at Cargill, Inc., the largest private U.S. Corporation. Held increasingly responsible positions in areas of Planning, Commercial Development, M&A, Risk Management, International Sales & Marketing, and Commodity Trading. Led the design and management of international business start-ups. Progressed rapidly through domestic / international sales management to positions of Director of International Marketing, C.O.O. at Hergott and Wilson, Inc., an international brokerage house and Transol B.V., a Dutch food / energy multi-national. Positions expanded entrepreneurial global track record in the U.S., Latin America, Asian and European markets as well as integrated food and agribusiness ventures. 3|P a g e Ron Divin 850.982.0005 • [email protected] • Owner  CAPITAL RESOURCES HOLDINGS, INC. (CRH); • 1988 - Present A moderately sized diversified portfolio of commercial and residential real estate including development activities, casual franchise restaurants, co investments with high caliber Private Equity Groups and financial investments – operated by family. Doubled investment pool size every 3.7 years Generated annualized return on net assets employed of 17% Maintain consistent positive cash flow through start-up and revitalization cycles Education / Professional Development Graduate studies in Finance & Statistics • University of Minnesota BS, Business Administration • Kansas State University Corporate Continuing Education Programs Harvard University, University of Southern California, and the University of Minnesota 4|P a g e