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MEMO TO: FROM: RE: DATE: BILL REYNOLDS Z TEAM ZIMMERMAN AGENCY JULY ACTIVITIES REPORT 8/9/12 Below is a snapshot of public relations, social media and advertising efforts for the City of Pensacola either initiated or completed thorough July 2012. These are top line items and do not encompass every public relations, social media or advertising efforts executed daily. PUBLIC RELATIONS IGNITION Executed deep dive research and planning to prepare the agency to effectively pitch press releases, events, radio promotions, media visits, etc. § Met with and/or discussed partnership relationships/opportunities with local businesses. The following local relationships have been solidified. o Lee House Bed & Breakfast o New World Inn o Noble Manor o Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast o Hampton Inn o Paradise Beach Homes o Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front o T.T. Wentwoth Museum o National Museum of Aviation o Saenger Theatre o Artel Gallery o Pensacola Museum of Art o Pensacola Little Theater o Pensacola Bay Brewery o Jackson’s Steakhouse o Leisure Club o Jacos o Global Grill o Hopjacks o Adonna’s o Fish house Researched competitive set and completed media audit to gauge current position. Initiated or solidiied relationship with local, regional, business, and industry media targets. Created list of storytellers for Storyteller Campaign, and began preparing questions for each interviewee that would directly impact economic development. § § § LAUNCH EVENT Planned and executed launch event to announce the new City of Pensacola brand identity to local influencers and media. § Planning o Created event choreography o Drafted talking points for Mayor o Created Keynote presentation for event o Prepared visuals event including new city assets, logo banner and decor o Developed invitation o Secured event photographer o Wrote press releases and prepared media pitch Media o Pitched and secured 13 local media to attend event o Followed up to secure story placement o Sent all local and regional media press release and images immediately after event o Distributed release to national audience via BusinessWire Execution o Choreographed entire event from check-in to presentation flow and follow-up § § INDIVIDUAL MEDIA VISITS Executed strategic media visits designed to showcase Pensacola as a great place to live, work and play highlighting experiences that promote high standard of living and quality of life in Pensacola. To magnify the potential, journalists agree to post via Twitter and Facebook pre, during, and post visit. They are encouraged to post pictures of their favorite food, activity, etc.. Our social team follows their posts and interacts with them through out the lifetime of their Pensacola specific posts. Social team also creates arrival and departure banners for each journalist. Negotiated and coordinated media visit opportunities with guaranteed story placements for the following outlets: § Atlanta Moms on the Move o Angle: Family Fun in Pensacola o Dates: July 19-22, 2012 o Accommodation Partner: Paradise Beach Homes Birmingham Magazine o Angle: Road Trip to a Mini Couples Retreat o Dates: July 23-25, 2012 o Accommodation Partner: Noble Manor § Cont’d § § § Tampa Bay Metro o Angle: Long Weekend Getaway- Mayor Profile- Local Businesses o Dates: July 26-29, 2012 o Accommodation Partner: Gulf Blue Vacations Birmingham Parent o Angle: Fall Beach Guide o Dates: July 28-30, 2012 o Accommodation Partner: Paradise Beach Homes Gulf Coast Business Review o Angle: City of Pensacola Growth/Mayor Ashton Hayward: Strong Mayor o Dates: August 7-10, 2012 o Local Business Recommendations: World of Beer, Jacos, Global Grill Total Value of negotiated in-kind contributions in July 2012: $15,000 Currently Negotiating Secured interest with target media outlets for upcoming visits. Negotiating story placement and dates of visit. Coordinating travel arrangements as appropriate. § Simply the Sweet Life Magazine § Sweet Life FOOD Magazine § Southern Distinction BROADCAST FEATURES Pitched broadcast television features and coordinated arrangements necessary to execute coverage. § Travel Channel – The Edge of Entertainment o Secured extended interview with the Mayor featuring talking points about what makes Pensacola a great place to live. o Dates: July 2012, to air early 2013 o Partner: Seville Quarter NEWS BUREAU Developed compelling angles and storylines to help position the City of Pensacola as a forward thinking, business friendly city. Aggressively pitched laser focused media universe for each angle. Follow-up continues on all leads in order to secure placement in established story. § Establishing City of Pensacola Profile o CNN Money § Angle: Mayor Ashton Hayward business strategies turned government strategies § Coverage: Negotiating coverage details o Reuters § Angle: Florida Panhandle sees lift from Airbus deal § Coverage: Article released 8/2/12 Recently Secured o Gulf Coast Business Review § Angle: Angle: Potential for Pensacola Growth § Coverage: Negotiated coverage end of 2012 Negotiating o Florida Trend § Status: Negotiating coverage details § Coverage: Mayor Ashton Hayward/Pensacola Growth o Gulfshore Business § Status: Negotiating coverage details § Coverage: Mayor Ashton Hayward/Pensacola Growth § Storytellers o Interviewing Pensacola business people, community leaders and personalities, to be used to bring creative campaigns to life using stories of the people of Pensacola. Executed o Fred Levin o Sandy Sansing o Reubin Askew o Debbie Ciano o Dan Shugart o Jerry Maygarden o Jonathan Pytynia o Patrick Elebash Planning o Katy Mixon o Derek Brooks o Sue Straughn o Norma Murray o Joe Scarborough o Jerry Pate o Bubba Watson NEWS RELEASES AND PITCHES To increase awareness of City of Pensacola progress, partners, packages or news, the following releases drafted or angles pitched to local, regional and national media. Releases § Tankless Water Heaters/Maritime Park o Storyline: Announced installation, highlighting city-wide advantages and installation initiatives. o Status: Pitched local and regional media. Provided release to all target media. Offered interviews and tours as supplemental materials. Cont’d § Mayor Ashton Hayward Re-branding City of Pensacola o Storyline: Mayor Ashton Hayward announces re-branding of the City of Pensacola. o Status: Announced press conference to all target media/exclusively invited all key players/scheduled interviews/provided press release and images to all media after the event. Followed-up with media post press conference for coverage details. o Social Link: Posted press conference coverage and highlights on social media pages to provide third party view to fans. Engaged fans to add feedback on rebranding campaign. BROADCAST MERCHANDISING PROMOTIONS Pitched regional broadcast outlets for partnerships and negotiated resulting coverage (at no cost to brand or properties) including on-air spots, website feature, e-blast inclusion, social media features and event point of purchase displays. Executing o WFSH-FM, Atlanta § Station: #10 in market, adult contemporary § Value: $42,900 § Dates: July 7-20, 2012 & August 4-17, 2012 § Partners: New World Inn, T.T. Wentworth Museum, Jackson’s Steakhouse, Pensacola Little Theater, Global Grill, Artel Gallery, Fish House § Social Link: Targeted fans of adult contemporary music in the Atlanta area via Facebook and Twitter highlights. Encouraged fans to listen in to win. o KVDU-FM, WNOE-FM, WRNO-FM, and WYLD-FM, New Orleans § Station: #5, #3, #4, #2 in market, Variety Hits, Country, News/talk, Urban Adult Contemporary § Value: $69,600 § Dates: July 22- September 16, 2012 § Partners: Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast, National Museum of Aviation, Leisure Club, Pensacola Museum of Art, Hampton Inn, Pensacola Bay Brewery, Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front, Blue Wahoos o WDEN-FM, Macon, Georgia § Station: #3 in market, Country § Value: $28,880 § Dates: July 16-August 10, 2012 § Partners: New World Inn, National Museum of Aviation, Jacos, Artel Gallery, Pensacola Bay Brewery Total In-Kind Value for July 2012: $24,000 Negotiating o WBAM-FM, Montgomery, Alabama § #4 in market, Country o WBHJ-FM, Birmingham, Alabama § #3 in market, Rhythmic CHR o WBHK-FM, Birmingham, Alabama § #1 in market, HOT AC o WJGL-FM, Jacksonville, Florida § #6 in market, Classis Hits o WNRQ-FM, Nashville § #3 in market, Classic Rock o WSIX-FM, Nashville § #10 in market, Country o WZZK-FM, Birmingham § #2 in market, Country ADVERTISING AND SOCIAL MEDIA CITY OF PENSACOLA STRATEGIC PLANNING Finalized and completed the City of Pensacola Communications Plan for FY 2012 – 2013 to better position Pensacola as the up and coming city in Florida: § Brand architecture § Key Communication Strategies and Tactics § Brand Plan § Media Planning § Social Planning CITY OF PENSACOLA LAUNCH EVENT In collaboration with public relations, planned and executed City of Pensacola Launch Event at Saenger Theatre to local influencers and media. In addition, developed a social activation plan to announce the new look of Pensacola in conjunction with the Launch Event. Social Plan: § Social Redesign o Facebook Cover Photo and Monitoring o YouTube Rebranding and Video upload o Twitter Rebranding and Monitoring Social Results: § 150 new Facebook fans o Organic growth § 103 Facebook post “likes” § 55 Facebook post comments § 11 new Twitter followers § 43 Twitter mentions Cont’d CITY OF PENSACOLA BRANDING PROJECTS Developed and/or completed the following projects: § Brand Book completion § Brand Architecture § Gateway Sculpture – sourcing costs for estimation with qualified vendors § Campaign o Video Shoot o Microsite Development o Microsite Copywriting o Print Ad Photography o Media Plan § Downtown Wayfinding design and cost development § Water Tower production sourcing and ECUA coordination efforts § Social Media o Social Monitoring o Search and Respond o Content Calendar o Monthly Social Report o Social Activation o Social Results: § Facebook • 142% increase in Facebook fans • 253,000+ Friends of fans • 3,000+ Weekly reach § Twitter • 173% increase in Twitter followers • 60+ average tweets per week • 30+ average mentions per week CITY OF PENSACOLA ENTERPRISE PENSACOLA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Developed and/or completed the following projects: § Brand Guidelines development and distribution § Summer/Fall 2012 Campaign o Creative concept development o TV Production o Digital creative production o Media planning o Media buying § Social Media o Airport Fare Sale Facebook App o Social Monitoring o Search and Respond o Content Calendar o Monthly Social Report PENSACOLA ENERGY § Brand Guidelines development and distribution § Stationery development and printing § Headquarters and Customer Service Center name change planning and production § E-Newsletter development and execution § Bill Insert creative development § Tradeshow brochure creative design § Blue Wahoos sponsorship materials design and execution § CNG vehicle wrap production § CNG Fueling Station vendor creative coordination § Plumber Program Campaign Development o Program planning and creative development o Outdoor creative design o Radio script development o Collateral materials design and production o Media planning o Media buying § Name Change Campaign o Concept development o Media planning PORT OF PENSACOLA Developed and/or completed the following projects: § Port of Pensacola FY 2012-13 Brand Communications Plan o Brand Promise o Key Communications Strategies and Tactics o Media Plan § Brand Guidelines § Stationery Design § Print Ad Concepts § Website Redevelopment