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DUNTES BIROJI Address 6 Duntes Street, Riga, LV-1013 Latvia •Latvia lies in Northern Europe, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING •Concept – modulus principle •Area of floor plate – 19,000 sqm •Architect - Tuomo Siitonen •Parking – at ground floor and basement for 320 cars •No. of floors – 7 •Wide glass atrium •Office building is a two parts building. •Many people work in the offices, which serve for several purposes. DETAILS ACCESS •Main entrance is having revolving doors. •Parking and main building are well connected by corridors at basement and ground level. •The entry doors of the office building are designed to ensure easy access for the physically disabled persons using wheelchairs. PARKING •Parking is situated on two floor- basement and ground floor. •Total 320 cars can be parked. Connectivity with parking Main entrance GROUND FLOOR PLAN LIFTS AND STAIRS •The four central elevators ensure fast floor-to-floor moving. •Two staircases easily accessible. TOILETS •4 toilets for general users. •Drinking water fountains at entrance of toilets •Attached toilets with some cabins. Toilets Lifts Stairs FIRST FLOOR PLAN SECOND FLOOR PLAN THIRD FLOOR PLAN FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOOR PLAN SIXTH FLOOR PLAN TYPICAL CABINETS PLAN OTHER SERVICES centralized water supply and sewerage system individually managed air-conditioning system venting system with energy-economizing effect power supply ensured by two parallel connections fire detection and security systems alarm announcement system three different optical internet connections telephone network TV Network surveillance cameras In the office building, there is ensured the automatic management of the engineering communication and heating system, as well as professional monitoring of electronic and other systems ENTRANCE VIEW ATRIUM VIEW INTERIOR VIEWS