Computer Phobia

A hunorous document demonstrating the we the people of America go trunk to tail (like eliphants), blind to reality but energized by propaganda.
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Computer Phobia Our computers are now taking the population of America deep into Orwellian 1984. As the program sophistication for the “newer and faster (upgraded)” PCs slowly increase in density, the system of licensing clamps deeper onto the individuals to force them to pay for the luxuries received; regardless whether it is used or not. This has now become another ladder to successful status, again regardless of personal goals, insuring those that climb will pay all the tolls. Now the PC is bi directional, with the owners freely giving access of their machines to handle virtual reality, in a competitive manner. Folks just don't comprehend the total intrusion, and believe the Big Brother concept that “updates” are here to make their machine work better! Buy hardware and expect free software is now an obsolete dream. In fact the only way I can accomplish operating my machine in this modern world is to retard it; i.e. to use complete programs that were written prior the 21 Century. Yes, I miss out on all the whistle and bells; however I am still personally overwhelmed by “Old Sparky's” capabilities (that belittle mine). The computer “Brownshirts” are alive and well, now disguised as Trojan Horse malware, that corporations have tailored for deliverance of their torture; all done under the title of 'Virus'. Unfortunately they reign terror on the ignorant; ignorance that the more sophisticated (but slimy) individuals, wish to profit from. Obviously the only cure is for the owner of a computer to be leery of the web, and select only things that are within his personal limitations of manipulations. Going beyond them while expecting the internet to make up for incompetence, only leads to potential disasters! Normally the solution for the disaster is to call a friend that has more competence (and has spent the time and money for education) to solve the problem, who's true solution is to educate the ignorant – who is steadfast in his laziness, with a strong refusal to learn. A tactic inspired by Academia's approach to filling student's heads with knowledge, and no way to apply it for the acquisition of wisdom. Working with a highly intelligent friend (and his computer that died) has given me more insight to this dilemma of Orwellian mind control of the population, and the intensity of ignorance. “I don't play games so don't bother with them to make my computer work;” (by my definition). “Yes, I want movies in hi definition, hi fidelity sound, internet downloads, MS office 2010, Open Office 3.2.” This oxymoronic conditioning translates to a Gaming computer software onto PC architecture; but without any concern of physically “playing games.” To handle this situation I called in a PC tech to fix, and condition this client's processor, of which he did very reasonably, while supplying free software to complete a working “licensing” system with constant updates that this client requires. After being forewarned of possible dangers of the system if attempting to update Explorer, and to only use Safari for a couple of weeks to create room for System Restore repairing, my client attempted to update Explorer within the hour after the repairman left. The 'Brownshirts' had their day of reckoning with the clients register, creating dueling firewalls, lockstep DLLs, a real mess that cannot be System Restored! The client verbally abused the repairman when he offered to supply a working PC until he could straighten out the problem. Abuse to the point the repairman will not do anything more for him. So that is how I got called in - because I recommended the repairman. Obviously he wants me to make him a new computer; because he feels software is not materialistic, and that a measly sum for a modern computer should be all that is needed to have the world of the internet in control. Realizing that my expertise is in avoiding upgrades and licensing programs, and that I cannot help this individual without rebuilding his machine my way; which would take weeks of work. [load win 95, upgrade to 98se with 98lite and Explorer disconnected, upgrade to an XP that is not synchronized to his machine meaning reconnecting a slew of drivers]* I gave up to the proposition, and recommended he acquire a new machine. Good; he was going out to buy a Macbook! That would solve the majority of the MS Brownshirt problems. After getting more people involved in his plight, he finds the Apple Laptop he liked was priced at $1300. Still thinking the machine is the thing, he realizes that it is too steep a price to pay, and that a regular laptop with modern operating system would solve his problems. I then find him a reconditioned Aspire with System 7 for $199 to keep him working, while I try to fix up his old machine (a similar situation the repairman offered...but for free); however he has now turned himself into a 'street person' that is too poor to have a working computer, but instead is able to sit in front of Hi D TV with Blue Ray programs, while his Hi Fi system blasts away - fertilizing seething ignorance, while insuring there will be no way to climb out of this paradigm by self education that takes HIS valuable time! Another win for Big Brother! Along with remote assistance for me (I can now enjoy closure with this published story). *The reason for this set up system of reloading a computer: Win 95 has needed components for 98 lite. Upgrading to 98se permits the loading of 98 lite, and then using it to remove Explorer. Upgrading to XP then yields a very forgiving version of MS Operating System, that is now centered upon a (default) Safari browser. I do realize that XP lite is now available, and would be a big time saver, however I am just not into communistic licensing; and overwhelming extras. Alvin December 2010