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TILOS Individual Training Courses Our training concept is based on a 2-day program. This allows for the proper in-depth study of the various TILOS applications. The goal of the program is to enable the user to work independently immediately after completing the training course. The second day of the training course focuses on the individual clients specific working requirements i.e. templates and standard processes. Each session includes an exercise where the participant applies the functions. Day 1: Basic Knowledge Creating TILOS project files / template concept Understanding and using the graphical user interface (GUI) Creating objects Creating tasks including task calculation, color scheme, annotation and structure Creating and using task templates and task groups Inserting and positioning of graphics Linking tasks and rescheduling Layout and cell concept Creating own views and cell systems Cell contents: Time Distance diagram, scales, grids and distance profile diagrams Commenting the view: legends, logos, stamp fields Printing Day 2: Individual advanced knowledge A. In-depth basic knowledge Creating and using calendars Library elements Layer and filter techniques Gantt charts B. Individual / optional modules Data exchange Cost and resource library Assigning costs and resources Assigning income Evaluation: cost and resource histograms / resource bar charts Creating and working with own project templates Baseline: comparison of planned and actual data Progressing tasks Individual project / company tasks C. Individual exercises Based on individual examples, the applied functions of TILOS are utilized in communication with the trainer. Linear project GmbH G.-Braun-Straße 14 76187 Karlsruhe Telefon: +49 721 - 46 47 – 280 Telefax: +49 721 - 50 96 – 1042 E-Mail: [email protected] Geschäftsführer: Dipl. Ing. Hubert Geier Registergericht: Mannheim, HRB 105733