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Honeywell Automation India Limited 1. Training Services Information of Honeywell Automation Training Centre List of Training Courses offered at Pune, India. Engineering Student Training Details Registration Form for Students 2. FAQs 3. Training Policies Honeywell Training Services Automation College Pune - Your Partner in Exceeding Performance. Honeywell’s global training solutions helps to Maximize the Return on your most significant investment - employees. Our training solutions are designed to help your workforce become more productive, proactive and deliver greater value to your operations. Training solutions provide expert content targeted to your needs and delivered in the most convenient and cost-effective Format. Automation College (AC), Pune ranked highest in APAC region Conducted training for more than 50,000 Man weeks over past 23 years. AC uses sound instructional methodologies to assess your performance needs, test, and skills. We develop and deliver standard and customized courses that fit within your project lifecycle and meet your specific process automation requirements. We can deliver training at training centre or at your site. Automation College provides training to help operators, maintenance, technicians, implementation engineers, system administrators and plant management leverage the capabilities of your Honeywell system to maximize system performance. As a result of the training, your workforce will be able to perform more efficiently, effectively and with a higher degree of confidence in: • Plant operations • System administration and installation • System implementation and Engineering • System maintenance and troubleshooting • System Networking and Graphics building Whether you are new to Honeywell, sustaining a legacy system, enhancing your current system, migrating to a new platform or require a unique skill set, Honeywell’s Automation College, Pune will support your business strategies. Standard & Tailored made courses suits to cater your needs and mostly preferred as unique choice across the globe. Solution Capabilities (Features): Our training solutions experience includes, • • • • • • • • • • Design & development, Operations, Engineering, Maintenance of Honeywell DCS – Experion, TPS, TDC 3000 Integration and Interfacing with third party systems using various protocols. Programmable Logic Controllers & Advanced Networking. Safety System such as FSC, Safety Manager. LNGC & Shipping Process Automation. Improve Employee Performance & Knowledge Prevent loss of revenue due to repairs & unscheduled Downtime Safety of the People, environment & Assets Process Optimization & Efficient Control Rectify the faults & mitigation with troubleshooting techniques Benefits: Note: Automation College (AC), is also known by JRD TATA Automation Training Centre(JRD ATC), Pune. 2 Honeywell We serve the following segments as per the need Customer Onsite Training • • • • • Emphasis on your site-specific architecture & equipments. Focus on your immediate skill enhancement. Usage of site procedures and terminology. Support site schedules, employee availability and experience levels. Training systems can be shipped to your site. Instructor Based Courses • • • Class room Training Environment Interactive with lots of lab sessions System availability with supplicated technology Train-the-Trainer Program • Equips your qualified instructors with latest updates in the field of Automation. Refresher Training Courses • • • Sustain and enhances job skills Provides an effective method of staying in tune with the updates Offers regular and periodic programs for operators, technicians and engineers Training Needs Assessment • • • • Based on personnel interviews, written tests, feedbacks & meetings with Learning Dept. Includes review of commissioned plant equipments and technology Identifies the gap between primary job skills & future requirement Provides training recommendations Customized Training Solutions • • • • • Provides standard course offerings with customization Develops customized training programs to support your Honeywell systems Provides tailored training solutions in a self-paced format. Delivers training at our center or at your site. Computer based Learning packages & Tutorials 3 Honeywell List of Training Courses at JRD TATA ATC TDC 3000 / TPS Operations Skills GUS Operations US Operations OS01 OS07 5 days 5 days Engineering Skills GUS Engineering GUS/HPM Engineering Advanced graphics design – GUS Display Builder AM Control Strategy design and Modification APP Engineering Advanced graphics design – Picture Editor US/APM Engineering US/AMC Engineering LM Implementation HPM- SI Implementation HPM Engineering ES01 ES02 ES03 ES04 ES05 ES16 ES17 ES18 ES19 ES21 ES24 5 days 10 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 10 days 10 days 5 days 3 days 5 days Maintenance Skills Advanced Maintenance Workshop – TPS LCN/AMC Maintenance LCN /APM Maintenance LCN/ HPM Maintenance MS01 MS08 MS09 MS10 10 days 5 days 5 days 5 days Experion PKS* Operations Skills Experion PKS Operations OS08 3 days 4 Honeywell Engineering Skills Experion PKS C200 Engineering Experion PKS C300 Engineering Experion PKS Server Engineering & Configuration Experion C200/C300 Controller Engineering & Configuration Experion PKS Graphics Building and Design Experion CEE, Custom Algoritm Blocks & ACE Experion Custom Algoritm Blocks & ACE Experion PKS Server & Station Installation and Administration On Process Migration Experion HS/LS Implementation ES22 ES40 ES41 ES42 ES43 ES44 ES45 ES46 ES47 ES48 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 3 days 5 days 2 days 5 days 5 days 3 days Maintenance Skills Experion Troubleshooting & Maintenance Advanced Maintenance Workshop – Experion MS13 MS14 5 days 5 days * Similar programs for PlantScape C200. PLC, SCADA and Safety Systems FSC Engineering LCS 620 Engineering Triconex Engineering Allen-Bradley PLC Engineering GE FANUC PLC Engineering ML 200 R Engineering & Maintenance SM Engineering SM Advanced Maintenance FSC Advanced Maintenance Safety certification (TUV) ES11 ES12 ES13 ES14 ES15 ES30 ES31 ES32 ES33 ES34 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 4 days 4 days 4 days 4 days 5 Honeywell IT and Management Skills TPS System Administration Windows NT/2000 Administration Networking Essentials for PlantScape/TPS DCS Overview IS01 IS03 IS04 IS05 5 days 3 days 2 days 3 days Instrumentation Process Control Fundamentals IN01 2 days Electrical Power Integrated Load Management System (ILMS)- Operations Integrated Load Management System (ILMS)-Engineering Transmission & Distribution (T & D) - Operations Transmission & Distribution (T & D) - Engineering Electrical Drives and Control Electrical Grounding & Design Switchgear & Protection in Power plants and substations M.C.C Design and Operations OS11 ES34 OS12 ES35 ES36 ES37 ES38 ES43 2 days 3 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 3 days 5 days 3 days Networking Skills Basic Networking Advanced Networking OPC Implementation Modbus Implementation Profibus Implementation HART Implementation NS01 NS02 NS03 NS04 NS05 NS06 4 days 4 days 2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days 6 Honeywell Others (Associated with DCS,PLC & SCADA) Field Device Manager Advance Alarm Management Asset Manager Foundation Fieldbus LNGC Process Automation & Maintenance Shipping Automation & Maintenance Automation course for Engineering Students Field Instruments & Wireless Transmitters HC900 Implementation OT01 OT02 OT03 OT04 OT05 OT06 OT07 OT08 OT09 3 days 3 days 2 days 2 days 5 days 5 days 4 weeks 5 days 2 Days EST ESVT EST ESVT Operations Experion C200/C300 & TPS Operations EST ESVT Engineering EST ESVT Maintenance EST ESVT Installation, Administration & Configuration OS13 OS14 ES39 MS11 MS12 3 days 3 days 5 days 5 days 5 days 7 Honeywell Engineering Student Training Knowledge enhancer training package in the domain of automation to fill the gaps in between engineering academics & industry needs. This is future job oriented training and is specifically designed for Third Year/Final year degree students. Training program is designed for Four weeks with detail knowledge & hands on Practice sessions on DCS, PLC & SCADA. In this training program of 4 ( 3 + 1) weeks, three weeks you will be trained at Honeywell and one week at RCF Ltd., Mumbai for in-plant training. In Plant Training comprises of visiting fully automated manufacturing units. Several students certified by Honeywell, at its JRD TATA Automation Training Centre Pune, got selected in various prestigious organizations and are presently working at high profile positions. Certification is recognized across the globe within prestigious industries. Fee structure: Payment will be strictly accepted through demand draft mode only. Please feel free to call us for more details. Training Schedule: BATCHES START IN THE FIRST OR SECOND WEEK OF EVERY MONTH Registration Procedure: • Registration Charges: Rs. 1000/ ( This is included in the course fee as mentioned above), DD along with duly filled Registration form (Please ref to attachment) must be received at Honeywell Pune prior to 07 days of the training. • • Entire remaining fees have to be paid on or before first day of the Training Program. Documents required: Final year Mark List / Degree Certificate/Bonafide Certificate photocopy. Benefits of the course Enhance knowledge base Exposure to Industrial Environment Hands on Practical Exposure on the real time system. Acquaintance with latest technological trends Job opportunities within & Outside India. Participants will acquire working knowledge of DCS, PLC and SCADA in an Industrial environment. Placements may be considered in Honeywell based on the performance and requirement from time to time. Training methodology include judicious mix of theory, practical and demonstrations. To give adequate amount of knowledge and confidence to the participants, we ensure maximum practical time on systems. Honeywell trainers have extensive industry experience. 8 Honeywell Accommodation at Pune during training period: • Accommodation Charges are not included in the course fee. However we can assist you in finding the same by providing contact details of nearby hostel room available on sharing basis and hotels. You can communicate to them directly and make necessary payments. Accommodation during 1 week training at RCF- Mumbai. • RCF is providing hostel facility in their campus, on paid basis. The charges per day is Rs.75/- to 150/- Training Venue: Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Training Services SP Info city Building No. 2, III Floor Pune Saswad Road Pune – (Maharashtra State) Pin: 412 308 Tel. No. 020 – 66780367/66780154 Web site: For any further information / clarification please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 9 Honeywell Day wise Agenda of Student course. First week DAY-1 Pre Course Test (Pre Course test will be conducted at the beginning of these modules resp. Basic Instrumentation & Process Control Fundamentals, Masterlogic 200R PLC, and DCS-SCADA) Process Instrumentation 1. Process measurement a) Temperature b) Pressure c) Flow d) Level e) pH f) Conductivity g) Humidity 2. Electronic transmitter & its calibration 3. Controllers a) Two position b) PID c) Tuning of PID d) Process characters e) Single capacity process f) Multi capacity process DAY-2 4. Final control element g) control valve h) solenoid valve i) motor operated valve j) actuators 5. Control schemes k) Feedback l) Cascade m) Feed forward n) Ratio o) Split Range Introduction to Industrial Communication Protocols a) RS-232 b) RS-485 c) Rs-422 d) Controlled e) Device net f) Modbus g) Profibus h) Ethernet i) FTE 10 Honeywell DAY-3 • • • PLC Basic Fundamentals. Identify Honeywell ML 200 PLC CPU, I/O Modules, Communication modules Plan the ML 200R PLC including the selection of appropriate I/O, redundancy and communications • • ML 200R configuration and use of Softmaster Programming tool Understanding memory addressing, variables, and data types DAY-4 • • • • • Building a project, implementing redundancy functions, and downloading to PLC Monitoring basics (Start/Pause/Resume/Stop monitoring), online editing, and force I/O Debugging basics, use of breakpoints, reset and clear PLC Identify function blocks in library Use of PID function block DAY-5 • • • Communicate via Snet, FEnet, and Profibus-DP modules Troubleshooting & Maintenance of PLC. Post Course Test ML PLC Second week DAY-6 • • Orientation and Course Introduction Experion System Overview Navigate Station • DAY-7 • • • • • • Configuration Tools Introduction to Enterprise Model Configuring Asset Model Alarm Groups Flex Stations and Report Printers Station Configuration DAY-8 • • • • Channels, Controllers and Points Configuring Points Quick Builder Functionality Alarm Setup in Server 11 Honeywell • • Assets and Operators Console Functions DAY-9 • • • • • • • Alarms and Event Notifications Reports Algorithms History Archive Options Event Archive Options Groups and Trends Data Extraction for Other Uses DAY-10 • • • • Distributed System Architecture Integrating Non-Experion Nodes Utilities and Basic Administration Post Course Test EPKS Server Third Week DAY-11 • • • • • • Orientation and Course Introduction C200 Controller Architecture C300 Controller Architecture – Part 1 of 2 Control Builder Introduction C200 Hardware Configuration Concepts C300 Hardware Configuration Concepts DAY-12 • • • • • Controller Hardware Configuration C300 Controller Architecture - Part 2 of 2 C300 Template and Performance Calculations Process Simulation for Lab Exercise Data Acquisition Control Module PID Control Module • DAY-13 • • • • PID with Split Range Control Module Cascade PID Control Module Output Reversal and Red Tag Indication Device Control Module 12 Honeywell DAY-14 • • • • • • • MATH Function Blocks Checkpoints Database Search Sequential Control Module - Concepts and Use Sequential Control Module - Basic Sequential Control Module - Advanced SCM Abnormal Handlers DAY-15 • • • • • • Introduction to HMI Web Display Builder Rules for designing of graphics Static objects & their properties Dynamic objects & their properties Linking of dynamic objects to process parameters Shape sequence, Pop up, Dynamic shapes, Display analysis & Display reports Post Course Test EPKS Controller • 13 Honeywell Registration Form Passport Photo Name: College: Qualification: Year of passing: Date of Birth: Postal Address: Contact Phone: E-mail ID: Demand Draft details Bank: Branch: DD. Number: Amount Rs.: • Kindly attach a copy of your degree Certificate / Mark sheet. 14 Honeywell FAQ's 1. What is the Professional Class-room Training Service? The Professional Class-room Training is a service executed by full-time trainers for imparting knowledge & skill. 2. How do I know which course is good for me? Detailed list of program is provided on the site. However, more information will be available by writing on [email protected] 3. Do trainees get Certificates? Yes, upon successful completion of the training course trainees get certificates of attendance. 4. Does JRD TATA ATC provide free accommodation for the stay in Pune during the incenter training? No, we don’t provide free accommodation during for the stay in Pune for the JRD TATA ATC training. On request, we do provide necessary and relevant assistance to get hotel reservations and booking for the stay in Pune. Trainees shall make the payments independently to settle the bill. 5. Does JRD TATA ATC provide free conveyance for attending the training? No, we don’t provide free conveyance for attending training at JRD TATA ATC. 6. Is it possible to get only training material and/or courseware for your training courses? Participants get the relevant course material only after attending the program. 7. What is the Training Cancellation policy? On a confirmed training seat, if the trainee informs three weeks prior to the scheduled course about his absence, alternate schedule can be made available on request. If the trainee doesn’t intimate three weeks prior to the scheduled course about his absence the training, the slot gets consumed and no refund of the training fee or the rescheduling of the training shall be entertained. If JRD TATA ATC has to cancel training the cancellations, the 15 Honeywell rescheduling information of training courses shall be intimated two weeks prior to the scheduled courses to respective confirmed trainees. Trainees will have the choice to attend the rescheduled training or will be given refunds of their training fees. 8. Is it possible to register on-line? Online Registration form is available. Registration is confirmed after receiving DD of Rs. 1000/ towards registration. 16 Honeywell Training Policies A Customer is defined as a party who has purchased Honeywell’s industrial automation Products or Services for intended use, an engineering/ contracting firm who is legitimately acting on behalf of a customer or a party who, in Honeywell's sole discretion is determined to be a potential customer. Classes conducted at customer sites are intended only for employees of the customer or employees of engineering/ contracting firms who are acting on behalf of the customer on the implementation of Honeywell Products or Services unless a separate written agreement has been reached. Any location identified by the customer other than the Honeywell Training Center for training will be considered a customer site. The number of participants permitted to attend a class conducted at a customer site is limited to ten. Honeywell training materials, including materials in documentary or electronic format and audio/visual materials ("Training Materials") are to be used solely for their stated purpose. Training Materials are copyrighted and shall not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without Honeywell's prior written authorization. Training and training materials are made available to Honeywell customers only. COURSE CANCELLATION: Honeywell reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course up to ten (10) working days prior to the scheduled start date. Tuition payments received may be applied as tuition for other classes or refunded at the customer's option. If a customer must leave a class before completion, the customer is entitled to return and complete the class at a date mutually agreed upon at no additional tuition charge. No refunds shall be given in this case. CUSTOMER TRAINING PROGRAMS - TRAINING MATERIAL Training Materials supplied by Honeywell in documentary, electronic and/or audio/visual format for use in Customer-developed training programs shall be prepared in a professional manner and shall be consistent with Training Materials used in Honeywell's training Centers. Honeywell shall not be responsible for the suitability of the Training Materials for the customer's particular purpose. All intellectual property rights in the Training Materials supplied by Honeywell and any modifications or improvements thereto whether or not performed at the customer’s request are owned solely by Honeywell, unless designated as otherwise by Honeywell. All rights thereto shall remain with 17 Honeywell Honeywell. Honeywell does not grant the customer any rights to modify, copy, or distribute the Training Materials for any reason. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION - PROTECTION All Confidential Information disclosed to the customer by Honeywell shall remain the property of Honeywell and shall be kept confidential by the receiving party for a period of 15 years following the date of disclosure. "Confidential Information" means written or machine-readable information (or oral information reduced to writing that Honeywell considers proprietary or confidential). Licensed Software and unlicensed Software contained on the same media shall be kept confidential perpetually. These confidentiality obligations shall not apply to information, which is • Publicly known at the time of disclosure or becomes publicly known through no fault of recipient, • • Known to recipient at the time of disclosure through no wrongful act of recipient, Received by recipient from a third party without restrictions similar to those in this section or independently developed by recipient. Customer may not transfer or disclose Confidential Information or assign its rights or obligations under this section without the prior written consent of Honeywell. All other transfers or assignments shall be null and void. PRODUCTS SUPPLIED FOR USE IN CUSTOMER'S TRAINING PROGRAM Honeywell may, at its discretion, provide the customer with certain Honeywell Products to be used in conjunction with the training classes conducted at the customer's site by Honeywell or the customer (the "Equipment/Software"). Honeywell, shall at all times, retain title to the Equipment/Software. The customer shall assume the risk of loss while the Equipment/Software is in the customer's possession. The customer shall reimburse Honeywell for all reasonable expenses to bring the Equipment/Software to the same condition as originally received by the customer or replace the Equipment/Software. SOFTWARE LICENSE. Honeywell grants to the customer under this Agreement, a non exclusive license to use software provided to the customer under these Terms and Conditions ("Licensed Software") solely for the customer's own internal purposes in accordance with the purchase order or proposal for training ("Licensed Use"). The customer shall not reverse compile, disassemble or otherwise reverse 18 Honeywell engineer any Licensed Software. Honeywell and its third-party suppliers shall retain sole ownership of the Licensed Software. Additional Licenses or Use. The customer must receive Honeywell's prior written consent and pay additional license fees before using Licensed Software outside the Licensed Use. Copies and Modifications. The customer may not modify the Honeywell course material except as authorized by Honeywell in writing. Transfer of Licensed Software The customer may transfer its license to use the Licensed Software to a third-party only if Honeywell gives its prior written consent. In case the customer is not the end user of the Licensed Software, Honeywell hereby consents to the transfer of the Software to the end user provided: • The customer first obtains the end user’s written agreement to accept these terms and thereafter provides Honeywell with a copy of said agreement, if so requested, and • The customer does not retain any copies of the Software unless otherwise authorized in writing by Honeywell. Term and Termination of License The license under this Agreement is effective on the date Honeywell ships or installs the Licensed Software, whichever is earlier. Honeywell may terminate the license under the Agreement if the customer defaults under this Agreement, and does not remedy such default within ten (10) days after receiving written notice thereof from Honeywell, or is in bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution, or receivership proceedings. Upon termination of this Agreement, Honeywell may repossess the Software and all copies without further notice. Promptly upon Agreement termination, the customer shall immediately cease all use of Licensed Software and return or destroy, as directed by Honeywell, all copies of the Software. TRAINING MATERIALS WARRANTY Training Materials delivered on Software media, audio or visual tapes are warranted to be playable for a period of six (6) months from date of shipment. In the event of failure, replacements will be sent upon Honeywell's receipt of the defective media or tape. Before 19 Honeywell returning defective media or tapes, contact a Honeywell Customer Care Specialist to make arrangements at 1-(800)-852-3211. UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED TO IN WRITING, THE FOREGOING REPRESENTS HONEYWELL'S EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY CONCERNING SOFTWARE MEDIA, VIDEO AND AUDIO TAPES AND HONEYWELL EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IN NO EVENT SHALL HONEYWELL BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS The customer shall comply with all local laws and regulations applicable to the installation, use, import or export of Training Materials; Licensed Software and Confidential Information delivered under this agreement. The customer shall not knowingly transfer, either directly or indirectly, Training Materials, Software or Confidential Information. GENERAL Any change to or waiver under this agreement must be in writing; waiver in one case shall not be waiver in a subsequent case. No rights are granted except as expressly granted in this agreement. The laws of Arizona and the United States shall solely govern this agreement and all related disputes, without regard to any conflicts of law provisions. Sections regarding Confidential Information, Software License, Limitation of Liability and Compliance with Laws shall survive termination. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in other documents integrated with this agreement, this agreement shall govern with respect to all Training Materials, Confidential Information and Software delivered under this agreement. 20