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Great News on our Classic RKC Kettlebells! A s most of you do know, Dragon Door and Pavel were the first to introduce kettlebells and kettlebell training to the Western world— after they had been all but forgotten and discarded outside of the Eastern Bloc. Thanks to Pavel’s inspirational vision with the original Russian Kettlebell Challenge book and DVD—and our groundbreaking RKC kettlebell instructor certification program—kettlebells caught on like wild fire since we introduced them in 2001. Dragon Door not only manufactured kettlebells from the get-go that are still considered the Gold Standard worldwide, but insisted on making them in the USA. Pavel, in particular, wanted to express his gratitude to the US for the freedoms and opportunities he has been able to take advantage of as a citizen of the US. We resolutely and proudly held our ground on US-made only. Unfortunately the realities of the new world economy have made it simply untenable for us to continue to manufacture our kettlebells exclusively in the US. Fortunately, we have been able to find a reputable offshore source that is able to supply us with exactly the same quality and design of kettlebell as we are now justly famous for, our classic black RKCbrand kettlebells. This is of course great news for you, our customers, as we can now offer our classic RKC kettlebells for approximately 30% less than before! Same superb quality at highly competitive prices! 2009 is shaping up, in fact, to being our most explosive year ever, despite the rocky recession… Our kettlebell certification workshops continue to attract record numbers and our family of highly-trained RKC instructors is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a whole slew of exciting new training resources for you to take advantage of. Look for an announcement within the next month or so of a new kettlebell book and DVD from Pavel and check out, in particular three wonderful new products from Dragon Door: Kenneth Jay’s amazing—and eagerly anticipated— Viking Warrior Conditioning, a masterly 15-DVD set from Brett Jones and Gray Cook, The CK-FMS Home Study Course and finally Stephan Berwick’s astonishing True Strength Yang program. Very best in your training! Dragon Door Publications presents Hard-Style www.dragondoor.com Publisher & Editor-in-Chief John Du Cane Editorial Training Editor Pavel Tsatsouline Editorial Assistant Dennis Armstrong Art Direction & Design Derek Brigham www.dbrigham.com Internet Architect James McConnell, [email protected] Dragon Door Corporate Customer Service Dennis Armstrong, Tammy Drury, call 651-487-2180, [email protected] Orders & Customer Service on Orders: call 1-800-899-5111 Dragon Door Publications corporate address: John Du Cane Dragon Door Publications 5 East County Rd B, #3 Little Canada, MN 55117 Visit the Hard-Style website today 2 www.dragondoor.com/dd39 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “Based on painstaking, original research on subjects ranging from untrained folks to members of the Danish Olympic team, Viking Warrior Conditioning is a foolproof blueprint for achieving Olympian conditioning in record time—while simultaneously improving one's body composition dramatically. Master RKC, Kenneth Jay, the warrior sage equally at ease with a heavy kettlebell and with a force plate, shows you the way.” —Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell! “Kenneth Jay has produced what may be the most eye-opening work on VO2max training available today. Jay begins by taking the reader through the fundamental scientific principles of top-level conditioning. His downto-earth writing takes the abstractions of calculations and puts them into the tangibles of training. Continuing with a step-by-step description of his Viking Warrior Conditioning regimes, Jay walks the reader through the fine details of his method. His progression of kettlebell training regimens is designed to take you from weekend wanna-be to victorious Viking. Educational, entertaining, enlightening, and inspirational, Viking Warrior Conditioning is sure to be a well read and re-read part of any elite coach, trainer, athlete, or warrior's library!” —Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., RKC Team Leader, Contributing Editor: Black Belt Magazine “If you want to understand the why and the how of kettlebell training for conditioning then this is the book! This is the guide to using the kettlebell for optimal VO2max conditioning. Kenneth Jay's protocols have benefited me and my clients greatly.” —Brett Jones, Master RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS “A great book by one of the best young minds in fitness. Against a bleak backdrop of fraudulant fitness product hucksters and in this era of No Brain - No Pain personal trainers, the Pain Dane does indeed have a brain— a big one —and this book is as welcome as a cool breeze ripping through a room full of stale cigar smoke.” —Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive Viking Warrior Conditioning The Scientific Approach to Forging a Heart of Elastic Steel: An application of The Theory Behind Proper VO2max Training By Kenneth Jay See page 17 for the companion 2-DVD to Viking h Warrior Conditioning, Kennet Jays’s Advanced Strength Strategies #B39 $34.95 Paperback 8.5 x 11 138 pages 56 photos, charts and illustrations To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Viking Warrior online: www.dragondoor.com/B39 3 Here’s what some of the leading RKCs had to say about their experience at that landmark CK-FMS INSTRUCTOR W hen word first got about the CK-FMS, Dragon Door’s top RKCs rushed to sign up. The result was an event that had hands-down the highest quality group of coaches and trainers ever mustered together at one time in one place for one workshop. And the results were of course beyond spectacular…. Mark Reifkind, Master RKC Instructor; San Jose, California The most comprehensive, detailed, standardized and intelligent approach to corrective exercise I have ever seen. Takes screening and corrective exercise to another dimension. Musthave training for the state of the art training professional. Gray Cook is the Pavel of corrective exercise. Amazing, incredible, outstanding. My brain hurts from trying to wrap it around the unreal amount of incredible useful and pertinent data. It will take numerous readings and screenings to understand just how natural this course really is. But, as detailed as the data is, the simplicity of the system provides such a simple step by step guide as to make it foolproof. Fantastic! Franz Snideman, RKC Team Leader, Business Owner; La Jolla, California The most comprehensive and results providing certification I have ever taken. I saw huge changes and results within minutes of trying the corrective exercises. I am so excited to use this information with my clients. Gray and Brett have condensed a lifetime of experience into this certification and it shows. Your movement will improve immediately with this information. Kenneth Jay, Master RKC Instructor, Slangerup, Denmark Absolutely Magnificent! I made the choice of skipping the Olympics to come to this and there is not a single part of me that has any regrets about that. This system will do more for my personal as well as professional goals than any other training out there. Amazing presenters. Not something you see very often with high-level material. Believe me… I have listened to about 100 different professors speak and Gray Cook and Brett Jones rank at the top. I have a degree in Exercise Physiology, which does not even come close to the value of this. Only the HardStyle RKC matches it. Which makes the two systems perfect for each other. The Viking gives the CK-FMS two thumbs up! AWESOME! Jeff O’Connor, Senior RKC; Talala, Oklahoma The natural progression of the RKC community. The future of athletic performance and longevity. The best of the best. A beautiful integration of the two best systems, by the two best people. Second only (and a very close second) to the RKC. Unbelievable workshop. Thank you to everyone that made it happen. Will Williams, Senior RKC, Hard Style Strength Instructor; Philadelphia. Pennsylvania I cannot imagine any organization claiming the ability to teach “fitness” concepts and applications offering a more sophisticated, simplex, and effective system than what we just created. VIVA! Sara Cheatham, Senior RKC Instructor; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina The CK-FMS is the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of the RKC. Complementary to Z-health yet easily digestible by the general population (plus, they offered adequate positive neural chunking through funny stories and slides, making it memorable and easily accessible for future reference in the field) Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader, Gym owner and special education teacher; Marlboro, New Jersey I had already been through the FMS certification… the CK-FMS was heads and shoulders above anything I had expected. The instruction was brilliant and most importantly practical. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough for everyone in the industry. I have heard Brett and Gray speak multiple times either in person or on DVDs. This weekend I was blown away by the brilliance of these two individuals. Until you experience them in person, with your own questions and hear them field other people’s questions it is difficult to appreciate all they have to offer. This material is exactly what I needed at this point in my career. The quality, scope and practical use of this material is easily the most impressive I have ever experienced. Zar Horton, RKC Team Leader, Firefighter; Albuquerque, New Mexico A fantastic experience that gave me the “missing link” in kettlebell training. This course showed the importance of assessment in training people and how as a practitioner and trainer one must not add fitness to dysfunction. With that being the underlying theme Gray and Brett give you the toolbox and the confidence to improve performance and health through the use of kettlebells. Thank you guys so much for sharing and developing this course. Incredible. Amazing instruction and depth of knowledge. There is absolutely no training available like this. Paul Daniels, RKC Team Leader, Personal Trainer; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA The most revolutionary training experience since my RKC. Continuing to keep us on the forefront of the industry. I can only say I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity. As with all Dragon Door courses I have completed, the scope and quality of the material is light years ahead of what I thought I knew. It is like having some time warp from the future and giving you information that will forever change the way you see the world. Order CK-FMS DVDs online: 4 www.dragondoor.com/DVS018 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “FMS is an outstanding system for making an athlete resilient, a perfect complement for the RKC.” —Pavel Tsatsouline, RKC Chief Instructor “The Functional Movement Screen is the foundation of our program. Everything we do builds off of it. We couldn’t imagine not using this program.” —Jon Torine, Head Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts How to Catapult Yourself into the Ranks of the Elite Athlete, Coach and Personal Trainer Plunder and Deploy: Get Complete Access to Historic, Secret-Laden, RKCs-Only Training —And Take Home a Treasure Trove of Tips and Strategies for Moving with Unprecedented Speed, Strength, Grace and Power! magine a GPS system that not only shows you the fastest way to reach your goal—but magically zooms in on, eliminates and fixes every obstacle, pothole, speed bump and detour currently slowing you down. I first, take-no-prisoners battle-pack for the ultimate in enhanced performance systems. The FMS protocols are considered an essential part of training in many of the NFL’s best teams, including four out of the last five Super Bowl champions. Numerous other competitive athletes and their coaches swear in similar fashion to the power of FMS for not only keeping them at play, but performing at the highest possible level— safely. Branches of the military, including many elite units have welcomed FMS as a superb addition to their combat-readiness training procedures. Pavel’s HardStyle RKC protocols have received similar acclaim from an equally broad range of athletes, martial artists and military personnel. Gray Cook has strongly endorsed HardStyle RKC. Pavel has strongly endorsed FMS… Only natural then that Pavel and Gray Cook should join forces to offer RKCs a special program that integrates the best of RKC with the best of FMS. continued next page... The Certified KettlebellFunctional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course With Gray Cook, MS, PT, RKC and Brett Jones, Master RKC, MS Oh, and the same GPS system does doubleduty again by acting as a warning and instant-fix-it system for your vehicle! Well, that’s what you get when you combine the very best of RKC with the very best of FMS: a “Movement-GPS System” that kills ten birds with one stone—spotting the deficiencies, fixing them and fast-tracking you forward —so you can leap into action and perform at the very highest level, NOW… So say hello to your new “little friend”— Gray Cook and Brett Jones’s Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course—the shoot- Item # DVS018 $577 15-DVD set To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order CK-FMS DVDs online: www.dragondoor.com/DVS018 5 How Valuable and Successful Do You Really Want to Be as an Athlete, a Coach or a Trainer? The Key 12 Advantages You’ll Gain When You Master The Functional Movement Screen Fundamentals: M Mastery Advantage # 1: Instantly cut through the clutter—and zero in with uncanny accuracy on what really works to enhance your own and your client’s movement. INSTRUCTOR Mastery Advantage # 8: Scientifically identify your clients’ physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses—then be able to offer a rack of trench-tested solutions to those vulnerabilities. Mastery Advantage # 2: End the wild guessing and vagueness about your clients’ progress—with a scientific, functional baseline to confidently mark their improvements. Mastery Advantage # 3: Own a “Done-For-You”, dummy-proof screen that gives you reliable, specific and above all reproducible specific markers for your clients’ movement problems. Mastery Advantage # 4: Quickly and reliably improve your client’s functional fitness and athletic performance—and earn their undying gratitude. Mastery Advantage # 9: Enhance your clients’ fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises—an immediate “take-home” that will have some of your clients wonder if you practice magic on the side. Mastery Advantage # 10: Proudly toss out the “one-size-fits-all” nonsense that often masquerades as training—now that you can scientifically individualize your clients’ programs for specific results. Mastery Advantage # 11: Understand how to identify potential cause and effect relationships of micro-trauma as well as chronic injuries in relation to movement asymmetries and weakness—this one skill will set you apart from 98% of all trainers out there! M Armed with the , FMS Fundamentals r You’ll Then Discove with How to Merge FMS r e the Immense Pow : m of the RKC Syste • How to properly interpret the results of the FMS and address the “weakest links” first—for maximum immediate impact with your clients • How to address the lowest scores and asymmetries to “clear” people for Kettlebell training—helping your clients avoid unnecessary injuries and making you look darn good in the process. • How to employ the Red/Yellow/Green checklist—so you can be absolutely sure what kettlebell and weight lifting drills are okay and which ones to absolutely avoid when you have spotted an asymmetry. • How to employ the kettlebell as a preferred tool in the Corrective “toolbox”—for far faster, more effective results. • How to optimize movement patterns with kettlebells, once the FMS minimum is reached. • How to integrate Screening, Assessment, and Client Management—the complete package of when to do what, and why. • How to implement Static and Dynamic Assessment and Corrections for the Upper and Lower Body. M M M M Mastery Advantage # 5: Be a longterm hero for an ever-increasing group of devoted clients—as you significantly reduce their potential for training and sports injuries. M Mastery Advantage # 6: Possess a simple, yet amazingly effective grading system to assess movement patterns— and immediately spot the lurking problems. M M M M Mastery Advantage # 12: Understand how to give your client that all-important “Ah-Hah!” moment—that creates utter belief in your ability to identify and fix their weaknesses. M Mastery Advantage # 7: Confidently assess and easily enhance physical performance for the widest range of client—from the athletic to the average fitness buff. Order CK-FMS DVDs online: 6 www.dragondoor.com/DVS018 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 MAKE YOUR BODY “COMBAT-READY”— USING THE MOST POWERFUL SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT CHINESE WARRIORS Remarkable self-hitting system invigorates, strengthens and “weaponizes”—let’s you repel strikes with effortless ease while dishing it out with formidable power… Stephan Berwick’s True Strength™ regimen draws on ancient Chinese warrior secrets to present a sophisticated and highly effective program for developing formidable internal power—without the help of any devices, medicines, or forced breathing. Most Western-based strength training programs concentrate on building “external” muscular strength. But that is only one link in the true strength chain—which according to Chinese internal martial arts should also include strengthening your fascia/tendons/ligaments, your joints, your internal organs, your internal energy system and even your skin. Tangible, true strength helps you ward off illness and injury and allows you to rebound from adversity with supreme resilience. The kind of strength cultivation where you only seem to get stronger as you get older—rather starting to fall apart at the seams as early as your late thirties or early forties… Ancient warriors needed to handle blows, wield heavy weapons, and survive on meager rations, while maintaining their victor’s edge. Their strength was of the hands, feet, torso, neck, and legs— a total body power designed to meet any challenge thrown at it. Body toughening is a key part of building True Strength. The ability to withstand and recover from blows and other related contact-injuries is crucial for any combat style. While many martial disciplines use a variety of sometimes debilitating exercises to toughen the body, True Strength Yang is inspired by the fluid, relaxed body conditioning and power striking concepts of Tong Bei (Back Striking) and Fanzi (Catch & Hold) boxing to produce extremely quick results for any body type. After mastering the instructional component, take advantage of three follow-along True Strength Yang Workouts to rapidly “weaponize”, strengthen and energize your body in just minutes a day. Is your strength package complete? Without strengthening all the links in your strength-chain simultaneously, you remain as vulnerable as the weakest links in that chain. We’ve all see relatively small internal martial arts masters throw apparently way stronger men around like they were rag dolls. Some of this power comes from martial skill, but much, much more it’s coming from the uncanny strength-package the master has developed from a truly all-around approach to strength cultivation. Many of these internal masters demonstrate this astonishing strength well into their sixties, seventies—even eighties. How do they do it? Stephan Berwick likes to call this quality “Tangible, True Strength”. The kind of strength you really need to survive not only a worst-case scenario in combat or years of full-contact sport, but the rigors and stresses of daily life. Tangible strength is the power to survive. Gain a warrior’s formidable toughness with this unique program For the first time on DVD, Stephan Berwick reveals his regimen for healthy body toughening derived from his unique expertise in secret Chinese martial art body toughening methods. Combining hard and soft forms of conditioning inspired from his intimate knowledge of ancient military-origin Chinese martial arts, Berwick’s True Strength Yang™ program offers quick results—conditioning your body to withstand blows, falls, and twists, in an easy to digest, highly intense regimen of warrior conditioning, reminiscent of the best classical martial body practices. DVD 2: True Strength Base: Primers for Natural Strength provides an easy to learn series of mainly lower body exercises to quickly develop overall body control. The goal in True Strength Base is to strengthen the legs, increasing the trainee’s ability to shift the body weight efficiently—all towards the ability to relax while the body exerts. You’ll first strengthen your base, learn to better support your weight, gain control of your waist, and then enhance the control of your limbs. DVD 1: True Strength Yang presents essential body-hitting exercises, in a unique training approach that stimulates and toughens the skin, muscles, and joints using only relaxed, flexible limb movement. Discover how to first toughen your upper body, moving to the mid-section, then the lower, followed by total body, structural toughening executed with a partner. Stephan Berwick is a Western pioneer in the mastery and promotion of classical martial arts from Mainland China. A martial arts mentor to a wide range of client, from the physically challenged to the most seasoned defense professional, Berwick's deep expertise spans Chen Taijiquan, traditional North China martial arts, and Chinese swordsmanship—culminating in his unique approach to body conditioning inspired by ancient warrior practices. True Strength Yang Explosive Body Toughening With Stephan Berwick #DV061 $69.95 2-DVD set Running time: 106 minutes To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order True Strength Yang online: www.dragondoor.com/DV061 7 Praise for Marty Gallagher’s THE PURPOSEFUL PRIMITIVE you can be’. The Purposeful Primitive has been a very interesting journey for me... backto-the-future... “I would venture to say that I have read every book pertaining to weightlifting over the last three decades, and I have probably read the majority of the articles in this area. There are two things I can say unequivocally about what I have read. One, Marty Gallagher is the best writer in the world of physical fitness and strength, bar none, and two, Gallagher's newest book The Purposeful Primitive is the best manuscript ever produced in this field. Teeming with esoteric information on training, biomechanics, nutrition, and sport psychology, The Purposeful Primitive is a wealth of information that every serious lifter needs to read. You are going to like this book. NO! You are going to LOVE it. I promise you that. It's Gallagher's best work, and that means it is strictly world class.” —Dr. Judd Biasiotto, author of 46 fitness and health-related books, world powerlifting champion Marty does a wonderful job bringing out the art and science of training, extracting many of the critical universal and specific principles (guiding rules to action—social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) that are applicable to living a productive life in general, and in training for health, fitness and sport, specifically. In addition, I like the way Marty personalizes the lives of outstanding athletes and shows how they applied these fundamental, can't-miss principles in their training to help them become the best they could be in their sport. My recommendation: if you want to achieve something 'great in your life', add The Purposeful Primitive to your training library… yesterday.” —Dr. Bob Ward, Sports Science Network, former head strength and conditioning coach, Dallas Cowboys “From Olympic lifting to power lifting and bodybuilding, whether muscle gain or fat loss, from cooking to supplements, from changing exercise and eating habits to molding the psychology of a champion (whether one is even remotely interested in competition or not), Marty has covered it all. I only wish I had had a book like this when I was growing up and trying my best to get bigger and stronger. Marty has demonstrated, without question, that he is the current and undeniably best 'trainer of champions' and 'ultimate guide to physical—and mental— transformation.' This book not only provides the simplest instructions and cheapest financial and lifestyle requirements, it is absolutely the single best book ever written on being the best you can be physically and otherwise." —James E. Wright, Ph.D, former Director of Sports Science, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School; former Health and Science Editor, Flex Magazine "I really only have two things to say about Marty Gallagher that bear on his new book, The Purposeful Primitive. The first is that there are two classes of writers in powerlifting: 1) Marty Gallagher and 2) all others. The second is that one day, ten years ago, Marty called to say he knew a Russian guy who he thought might be a good writer for MILO, so we invited the guy to submit an article: It was called Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting and other Russian Pastimes, the author was Pavel Tsatsouline, and rest, as they say, is history." —Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Milo Magazine “For the intellectual athlete who actually thirsts for knowledge and sees content as King, you will get 30 years of genius and experience in the Iron Game mixed with the passion and ability of Hemmingway all wrapped up in one book and the result is The Purposeful Primitive. From me to you—Go buy the book and enjoy!!” —Rickey Dale Crain, IPF/WPC/AAU World Champion, 2000 Powerlifting Hall of Fame Inductee “Absolutely magnificent. What a breathtaking book on a life with iron. Marty Gallagher delivers an outstanding, comprehensive book with a writing style worthy of Hemingway himself. This book takes you on a journey through the ironhistory of the great ones and in the most sophisticated way Marty presents probably the best ever written material on life, iron and mental fortitude. This book is impossible to put down once you start reading it. It should be the first read of any who aspire to lift weights and be healthy. There are not enough words in the English language (or Danish for that matter) to describe how excellent this book is. It is an absolute must to any Strength & Health enthusiast. I give it my highest recommendation!!” —Kenneth “the Dane of Pain” Jay, MSc, Sr. RKC “Marty Gallagher is a brilliant writer who thinks deeply about subjects he knows and loves. His manifesto/encyclopedia contains a ton of wisdom, one-of-a-kind role models, awesome color photos… a truly fascinating read." —Clarence Bass, author of the Ripped series, Lean For Life, Challenge Yourself, and Great Expectations “As a student, athlete, teacher, researcher, professional coach, and businessman I have spent over 60 years in health, fitness and sport, devoted to 'how to become the best Order Purposeful Primitive online: 8 www.dragondoor.com/B37 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “Marty Gallagher has written the Great American Novel of Strength.” —Pavel Tsatsouline “Marty Gallagher has produced an absolute classic! I couldn't put it down... packed with real no b.s info from real ironmen. I am proud to be included with the outstanding athletes and their stories... A breath of fresh air!” —Dorian Yates, 6-time IFBB Mr. Olympia From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and Powerful—Using the Primordial Laws of Fitness to Trigger Inevitable, Lasting and Dramatic Physical Change THE PURPOSEFUL PRIMITIVE based on the received wisdom of the greats who have gone before us. As someone who has trained with some of the greatest strength athletes of the century, as someone who has coached numerous world champions to ever more impressive records and as someone who has had spectacular results applying these same methods to average folk, Marty Gallagher knows whereof he speaks. His inspirational message: simply follow The Way of the Masters—with the necessary drive and desire—and you CANNOT fail, you WILL transform physically. Change—change for the better—is inevitable. The problem with modern day fitness, says Gallagher, lies in the sheer plethora and over-complexity of methods, the fragmented partiality of specialized systems and the general confusion about what really works to gain and retain muscle while losing significant body fat. The great masters of fitness became masters by following a four-fold path: right weight training, right cardio, right eating and right mind-training. All four modes have to be practiced together as a synergistic whole. Then 1+1+1+1=16, or even more… For those who are up to the challenge, Gallagher lays out every detail of this four-fold path to supreme physical greatness—teaching only the methods that worked for his masters, for himself, for his champions and last—but far from least—his every day clients. The purposefully primitive Way of the Masters is deliberately and potently stripped down to the core essentials of truly effective training methods. Cuttingedge science combines with Old School basics—forcing the body to transform, whether it likes it or not. M M M M M M M S ince the birth of the Olympics in 776 BC, humanity has celebrated the struggle for physical transformation—and exalted to almost godlike status those men and women who have succeeded in transcending their "common mortal frames" through a combination of supreme effort and dedicated will. Discover: How to completely transform your body— in 90 days or less How to train for only five hours a week— yet be superbly lean and strong The two best eating plans to optimize your fat loss while gaining muscle Training protocols favored by the legends of champion-level strength How combining an Eastern mystic's mind secrets with a Western scientist's brain train methods can lead to massive leaps in your performance What foods will certainly sabotage your progress and what foods put you on the fast track for glory The very best cardio methods to complement rather than hinder your weight training In the 21st century, this drive, this search for the Holy Grail of physical perfection has climbed to ever-greater heights —but has also plunged us to unforeseen depths. Elite athletes worldwide continue to shatter records that would have been considered inconceivable only decades earlier. Our current stars are unimaginably bigger, stronger and faster than their earlier counterparts. And yet, for the general populace the story is quite different. Obesity and abject weakness have exploded across our land like an all-consuming virus. And the gap between the super-fit and the obscenely unfit widens by the day. While an elite minority seems to possess the secret to supreme physical transformation, our fitness landscape is littered with the road kill of those who failed to make genuine progress in their quest for change. According to leading fitness author, world powerlifting champion and coach extraordinaire, Marty Gallagher, the reasons for this sorry state of affairs are clear and the solution obvious. In The Purposeful Primitive, Gallagher exposes the flaws and myths rampant in the modern fitness community, then reveals what could be termed "The Way of the Masters"—his foolproof program for guaranteeing physical transformation, The Purposeful Primitive From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and Powerful By Marty Gallagher #B37 $39.95 Paperback 8.5 x 11 480 pages 198 photos, charts and illustrations Original drawing of The Purposeful Primitive by Ori Hofmekler To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Purposeful Primitive online: www.dragondoor.com/B37 9 Praise for Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD At age 53 I have regained Strength and Confidence Rated 10 out of 10 Over the years I have tried many types of programs for attaining my fitness goals. Some of the programs did deliver results to an extent, but I never did attain my ideal for REAL STRENGTH. My weight lifting usually consisted of complicated set/rep schemes with more exercises than I could keep track of, and I would often run for miles. As a result I would find myself injured through overtraining and become frustrated and quit. Injuries included shin splints, extremely sore muscles and a herniated disk. At age 53 I have finally regained Strength and Confidence. Enter The Kettlebell! has exceeded all my expectations with regards to becoming strong again. ETK is direct and simple –just follow instructions and within weeks you will be transformed –as I was. Eight weeks ago when I started the ETK program, my waist was 38 inch and I weighed 216 lbs. I now can squeeze into a size 34 inch trousers which I have not been able to do since I left the Marine Corps over 30 years ago, and I have lost 6lbs. of fat. I have much more muscle definition in my arms, chest and shoulders, and my love handles have disappeared. My 8 weeks of progress with ETK have inspired me toward greater effort and although I have not yet achieved my strength/fitness goals, for the first time I feel that those are now attainable. A truly Stand Alone Program for Strength. —Dennis Vavra, Edmond, OK weeks, but the real eye opener was my semiannual PT test. I had not done pushups or situps in the six months since my last PT test, yet I managed to pump out 73 pushups and 70 situps. My total score was my highest in over 10 years. In addition to that, I feel physically better than I have in years. If you put the honest work into the program, I guarantee you'll be blown away by the results. —Bryan Shew, Carlisle, PA like after a year. Do yourself a favor, get the book, and follow it's simple path –you will not be disappointed. –Wayne Rueger, Mount Vernon, IN USA ETK is awesome!!! Rated 10 out of 10 I have lost 45lbs, my chronic back pain is gone, and the days of me being injured EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET THROWN TO THE MAT are gone! I have gotten more raw strength and cardio conditioning out of one year of kettlebell training, than ten years of martial arts training. Thank you, Pavel! —Shane Grubbs, Madison, MS Great guidance for amazing progress Rated 10 out of 10 I am 55 and wanted something to help me build more strength and endurance. I found Dragon Door and Pavel. In 13 weeks, following the instructions given in the ETK book and DVD I learned to do all of the basic moves. I dropped from roughly 19% body fat to 9.8 % during this period and gained 1 lb. Doing it, I have had a great time. This came from studying and applying the materials in ETK. If you want to grow stronger and feel better, this is the most effective way I have found to do so in a short time. What are you waiting for? Come join the Party! —Jon Kasik , Atlanta, GA Pavel Still the Kettlebell King! Rated 10 out of 10 Enter the Kettlebell! is fantastic! …Clearly written and exceptionally well illustrated, it brought everything together for me. I have been using it for a month, and my gains have already been through the roof! I have lost 18 lbs of bodyfat, went down two pants sizes, and am still going strong! Enter The Kettlebell! brought together everything I had previously read on kettlebell lifting, and gave it all a brand new relevance and usability. I am trying lifts with kettlebells that I have never tried before and doing them with confidence. Thanks, Pavel! —Kory Dykstra, Gwinn, Michigan Where Were You 35 Years Ago? Rated 10 out of 10 It took me 54 years to find what I was looking for –a book and a method to get in shape, lose fat, and have the body and strength I always wanted. Thank you, Pavel and Enter the Kettlebell! Direct, to the point, all I had to add was willpower and commitment. I just started my 10th week with Enter the Kettlebell!, and my, oh, my, has it completely trashed all I thought I knew about "being in shape”. I was a D1 baseball player in college in the 70's, and now realize that if I had the secrets of this book back then, I might have ended up in the Hall of Fame. I now realize that I have never been in as good a physical condition as I am now, thanks to this book and the methods within –all within the past ten weeks. I can't wait to see what I am Best fitness purchase I've made in years! Rated 10 out of 10 I've been in the Army for 15 years and have suffered some injuries, plus just normal wear and tear. I was looking for something different, something simple, and something effective. Enter The Kettlebell! meets all three requirements. I could see results within a few A MUST HAVE FOR ANY KETTLEBELL BEGINNER Rated 10 out of 10 In one word, outstanding. The elementary kettlebell routines with a single kettlebell. I lost 20 pounds in a single month just with this basic set of exercises. Best DVD I have ever purchased. —Keith "Pappy" Iseley, Snellville, Georgia Order Enter the Kettlebell! online: 10 www.dragondoor.com/B33 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “Kettlebell Training...The Closest Thing You Can Get to Fighting, Without Throwing A Punch” —Federal Counterterrorist Operator The kettlebell. AK-47 of physical training hardware. Hunk of iron on a handle. Simple, sinister, brutal—and ferociously effective for developing explosive strength, dramatic power and never-say-die conditioning. The man’s man’s choice for the toughest, most demanding, highest-yield exercise tool on the planet. Guaranteed to forge a rugged, resilient, denselymuscled frame—built to withstand the hardest beating and dish it right back out, 24/7. Once the prized and jealously-guarded training secret of elite Russian athletes, old-school strongmen and the military, the kettlebell has invaded the West. And taken no prisoners— thanks to former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor and strength author, Pavel Tsatsouline’s 2001 publication of The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and his manufacture of the first traditional Russian kettlebell in modern America. American hardmen of all stripes were quick to recognize what their Russian counterparts had long known—nothing, nothing beats the kettlebell, when you’re looking for a single tool to dramatically impact your strength and conditioning. A storm of success has swept the American S & C landscape, as kettlebell “Comrades” have busted through to new PRs, broken records, thrashed their opponents and elevated their game to new heights of excellence. With Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel delivers a significant upgrade to his original landmark work, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Drawing on five years of developing and leading the world’s first and premiere kettlebell instructor certification program, and after spending five years of additional research into what really works for dramatic results with the kettlebell— we have Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel lays out a foolproof master system that guarantees you success—if you simply follow the commands! • Develop all-purpose strength—to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demand • Maximize staying power—because the last round decides all • Forge a fighter’s physique—because the form must follow the function Enter the Kettlebell! Enter the kettlebell! and follow the plan: 1. The New RKC Program Minimum With just two kettlebell exercises, takes you from raw newbie to solid contender—wellconditioned, flexible, resilient and muscular in all the right places. Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen by Pavel #B33 $34.95 Paperback 200 pages 8.5” x 11” 246 full color photos, charts, and workouts 2. The RKC Rite of Passage Jumps you to the next level of physical excellence with Pavel’s proven RKC formula for exceptional strength and conditioning. 3. Become a Man Among Men Propels you to a Special Forces level of conditioning and earns you the right to call yourself a man. When you rise to the challenge—and Enter the Kettlebell!—there will be no more confusion, no more uncertainty and no more excuses—only raw power, never-quit conditioning and earned respect. DVD with Pavel #DV036 $29.95 DVD Running time: 46 minutes Purchase Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD as a set and save… Item #DVS011 $59.90 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Enter the Kettlebell! online: www.dragondoor.com/B33 11 “Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! helps you weed out weakness… develop explosive power, strength and never-quit endurance—with his PROVEN system for rapid, spectacular and across-theboard gains in physical performance” T he kettlebell has proved its worth many times over since Pavel has introduced it to America. Elite athletes, fighters, special operators, and regular hard Comrades swear by the extraordinary strength and conditioning delivered by this ancient Russian tool. Now, it is YOUR turn to Enter the Kettlebell! For a kettlebell novice, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. And what you really need to do to get off to a quick—yet rocksolid—start. Pavel delivers. For the Comrade who’s already put in a year or two of kettlebell time, it’s easy to hit a plateau after explosive early gains. Pavel knocks him out of his sophomore slump and helps him take his game to a higher level. Then there’s the grizzled KB vet who’s been around the block and got too arrogant to practice his fundamentals (or never learned them in the first place). Pavel hammers the fundamentals because “it is the mastery of the basics that separates the elite from the rest.” With Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel has done all the work for you— honing a masterplan of essential training secrets that guarantee to make you powerful, resilient, and enduring—if you simply follow the proven guidelines. • An unexpected assistance exercise for achieving a onearm pull up • Smoke your abs and obliques the old fashioned way • A foolproof method for accelerating the curve on snatch mastery • The snatch is a three-stage rocket—how to finesse the stages • How to avoid bruising the forearm when snatching • A crucial warning about shoulders and elbows in your first year of snatches • How to accomplish the USSS Counter Assault Team 10-min snatch test—and be a man among men • How to keep your training targeted while still having fun with new exercises • How to idiot-proof your kettlebell workout—for consistently powerful gains • The little-understood but crucial value of “in-betweenstrength” • Russian research finds the day of the week when you are strongest—and it is not Monday • Work harder? Or do more work? • The “ladder” method for highly effective strength building • The kettlebell rules for conditioning • A gambler’s method for deciding your high-rep workout • How to log your workouts for optimal results • How to use timed sets—for a foolproof and flexible practice • What makes the kettlebell superior to other weights and fitness equipment? • Should you train with the kettlebell as a stand-alone tool or mix it up with a barbell and dumbbells? • How to get superior gains in athletic performance without sport specific training • The kettlebell “what the hell effect”—for improving at skills you have not practiced Lift Your Kettlebell Like a Pro… • Are you making these beginner’s mistakes in your training? • Nine secrets of greater strength and reduced injuries • Get the most technique improvement with the least instruction • How to stop fighting your body and get stronger • These two movements will give you the biggest bang for your KB buck • Discover a “simple & sinister” routine for killer conditioning and muscular shoulders • A common cause of back pain after workouts—you would never guess what it is!—and how to avoid it • How to stretch your back after training—everyone does it wrong • One style of breathing will weaken you and make your back vulnerable—the other style of breathing gives you the explosive power of a trained fighter… know which is which • The top five reasons RKC kettlebell training is great for your back • You have been misled: sucking your stomach in does not protect your back but makes it more vulnerable! How to really protect your back when lifting • Reducing the odds of arthritis—with ballistic loading • A surefire shortcut to loosening stuck shoulders • How to temper your shoulders for sports that trash them • A great visualization for resilient elbows and shoulders • Why cool-downs are important to your heart health • What you must know about your heart rate and kettlebell training • The new prescription for a power pump heart and great body composition • This little-known drill guarantees improvement in your squatting depth, flexibility, technique and power • How to make a simple towel your kettlebell coach— and reach your training goals faster • Get this one foundational drill down—and most of the remaining exercises will be a piece of cake to learn and master • Why most Comrades should choose pulls over squats • How to strengthen your legs and hips without blowing them up • How to time the hip movement for maximum explosive power • How to be the indisputable master of the force you generate • Understand the crucial value of “slow strength” training—the counterintuitive and rarely revealed secret of Russian athletic might • What it takes to be more resilient in the ring • A simple way to increase an experienced fighter’s punching power • How to master the natural athletic rhythm of tension and relaxation • A killer one-two combination for the gym and ring • The key characteristics of a kettlebell pro’s press • Master this skill and you will wield awesome pressing power • How to make the heaviest kettlebell feel like a toy in your hand • Prof. Verkhoshansky’s secret for improving your strength by up to twenty percent • How amateurs “leak” strength from their knees—and how pros fix the drain • How to get the most out of your press while putting the least amount of stress on your shoulders • A unique isometric drill to improve your pressing power • Where to look—and not look—when pressing Order Enter the Kettlebell! online: 12 www.dragondoor.com/B33 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Men, New to Kettlebells? Here’s How to Get the Fastest and Most Effective Strength, Conditioning and Fat-Loss Results with Your Russian Kettlebell… T he kettlebell is the world’s single most effective tool for rapid fat loss, fast strength gains and unbeatable endurance. However, in order to properly and fully reap these benefits from your kettlebell, we strongly recommend you properly educate yourself in how to use the kettlebell correctly. Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book gives you the theory, detailed instructions and superb photography to ensure you know exactly what you are doing. Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! DVD supplies that crucial ingredient that you simply can’t expect to get from a book alone— the three-dimensional movement that fully illustrates the correct trajectories and other key elements that only film can communicate. So, we have put together quick-start kits that incorporate all three of these resources, with your choice of three different weight sizes. (And you save $10.00 over the investment if you paid for these items individually.) The best weight for a strong man to begin with is our 20kg or 44-pound kettlebell with Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD Men’s 44lb Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit Item Pavel Tsatsouline is the fitness expert and author who has single-handedly introduced the United States to the powerful physical benefits of kettlebells. So the best way to ensure you get optimal results is to absorb Pavel’s advice from his groundbreaking book and companion DVD, Enter the Kettlebell! The best weight for a man of average strength to begin with is our 16kg or 35-pound kettlebell with Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD Men’s 35lb Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit Item Special Men’s Kettlebell QuickStart Kits Help Save You Money, Shed Pounds… Gain Muscle, Power And Energy! The best weight for a very strong man to begin with is our 24kg or 53-pound kettlebell with Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD Men’s 53lb Russian Kettlebell Quick-Start Kit Item #KKB009 $129.95 plus $43.50 SH #KKB014 $139.95 plus $50.50 SH #KKB015 $149.95 plus $54.50 SH Save On Your Total Kettlebell Investment When You Purchase a Pair of Same-Weight Kettlebells CLASSIC KETTLEBELL PAIRS (SOLID CAST IRON/POWDER COATING) Price MAIN USA AK&HI CAN ORDER A PAIR & SAVE $10.00 #P10GA #P10AA #P10HA #P10BA #P10JA #P10CA Two Two Two Two Two Two 26lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$136.95 35lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$149.95 44lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$165.95 53lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$179.95 62lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$209.95 70lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$226.95 S/H $57.00 S/H $67.00 S/H $81.00 S/H $89.00 S/H $95.00 S/H $97.00 $177.00 $209.00 $245.00 $279.00 $315.00 $351.00 $112.00 $136.00 $160.00 $184.00 $202.00 $222.00 2 13 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Kettlebells online: www.kettlebellkettlebells.com RUSSIAN KETTLEBELLS The World’s #1 Handheld Gym For Extreme Fitness Use Kettlebells to: • Accelerate your all-purpose strength—so you can readily handle the toughest demands • Hack away your fat—without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics • Boost your physical resilience—to repel the hardest hits • Build your staying power—to endure and conquer, whatever the distance • Create a potent mix of strength-withflexibility—to always reach your target • Forge a fighter’s physique—so form matches function • Be independent—world’s #1 portable gym makes you as strong as you want to be, anywhere, anytime Pavel’s Kettlebell FAQ What is a ‘kettlebell’? A ‘kettlebell’ or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. The ultimate tool for extreme all-round fitness. The kettlebell goes way back – it first appeared in a Russian dictionary in 1704 (Cherkikh, 1994). So popular were kettlebells in Tsarist Russia that any strongman or weightlifter was referred to as a girevik, or ‘a kettlebell man’. “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics,” reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913. “Kettlebells—Hot Weight of the Year”—Rolling Stone Why train with kettlebells? Because they deliver extreme all-round fitness. And no single other tool does it better. Here is a short list of hardware the Russian kettlebell replaces: barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted pullups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment. Vinogradov & Lukyanov (1986) found a very high correlation between the results posted in a kettlebell lifting competition and a great range of dissimilar tests: strength, measured with the three powerlifts and grip strength; strength endurance, measured with pullups and parallel bar dips; general endurance, determined by a 1000 meter run; work capacity and balance, measured with special tests. Voropayev (1983) tested two groups of subjects in pullups, a standing broad jump, a 100m sprint, and a 1k run. He put the control group on a program that emphasized the above tests; the experimental group lifted kettlebells. In spite of the lack of practice on the tested exercises, the kettlebell group scored better in every one of them! This is what we call “the what the hell effect”. Kettlebells melt fat without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics. If you are overweight, you will lean out. If you are skinny, you will get built up. According to Voropayev (1997) who studied top Russian gireviks, 21.2% increased their bodyweight since taking up kettlebelling and 21.2% (the exact same percentage, not a typo), mostly heavyweights, decreased it. The Russian kettlebell is a powerful tool for fixing your body comp, whichever way it needs fixing. Kettlebells forge doers’ physiques along the lines of antique statues: broad shoulders with just a hint of pecs, back muscles standing out in bold relief, wiry arms, rugged forearms, a cut-up midsection, and strong legs without a hint of squatter’s chafing. Liberating and aggressive as medieval swordplay, kettlebell training is highly addictive. What other piece of exercise equipment can boast that its owners name it? Paint it? Get tattoos of it? Our Russian kettlebell is the Harley-Davidson of strength hardware. Kettlebells Fly Air Force One! “There’s a competitive reason behind the appearance of kettlebells at the back doors and tent flaps of military personnel. When Russian and US Special Forces started competing against each other after the Soviet Union broke up, the Americans made a disturbing discovery. “We’d be totally exhausted and the Russians wouldn’t even be catching their breath,” says… [a] Secret Service agent… “It turned out they were all working with kettlebells.” Now, half the Secret Service is snatching kettlebells and a set sometimes travels with the President’s detail on Air Force One.”—Christian Science Monitor “Kettlebells—A Workout with Balls”—Men’s Journal Order Kettlebells online: 14 www.kettlebellkettlebells.com To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Who trains with kettlebells? Hard comrades of all persuasions. Soviet weightlifting legends such as Vlasov, Zhabotinskiy, and Alexeyev started their Olympic careers with old-fashioned kettlebells. Yuri Vlasov once interrupted an interview he was giving to a Western journalist and proceeded to press a pair of kettlebells. “A wonderful exercise,” commented the world champion. “…It is hard to find an exercise better suited for developing strength and flexibility simultaneously.” The Russian Special Forces personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and never-quitting stamina to kettlebells. Soldier, Be Strong!, the official Soviet armed forces strength training manual pronounced kettlebell drills to be “one of the most effective means of strength development” representing “a new era in the development of human strength-potential”. The elite of the US military and law enforcement instantly recognized the power of the Russian kettlebell, ruggedly simple and deadly effective as an AK-47. You can find Pavel’s certified RKC instructors among Force Recon Marines, Department of Energy nuclear security teams, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the Secret Service Counter Assault Team, etc. Once the Russian kettlebell became a hit among those whose life depends on their strength and conditioning, it took off among hard people from all walks of life: martial artists, athletes, regular hard comrades. “… kettlebells are a unique conditioning tool and a powerful one as well that you should add to your arsenal of strength... my experience with them has been part of what’s led me to a modification in my thoughts on strength and bodyweight exercises… I’m having a blast training with them and I think you will as well.” —Bud Jeffries, the author of How to Squat 900lbs. without Drugs, Powersuits, or Kneewraps How do I learn to use the kettlebell? From Pavel’s books and videos: The Russian Kettlebell Challenge or From Russia with Tough Love for comrades ladies. From an RKC certified instructor; find one in your area on RussianKettlebell.com. Kettlebell technique can be learned in one or two sessions and you can start intense training during the second or even first week (Dvorkin, 2001). “…I felt rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. I was sold on the kettlebells, as the exercises were fun and challenging, and demanded coordination, explosion, balance, and power… I am now on my way to being a better, fitter, and more explosive grappler, and doing things I haven’t done in years!” —Kid Peligro, Grappling magazine “I can’t think of a more practical way of special operations training… I was extremely skeptical about kettlebell training and now wish that I had known about it fifteen years ago…“ —Name withheld, Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service Counter Assault Team What is the right kettlebell size for me? Kettlebells come in ‘poods’. A pood is an old Russian measure of weight, which equals 16kg, or roughly 35 lbs. An average man should start with a 35-pounder. It does not sound like a lot but believe it; it feels a lot heavier than it should! Most men will eventually progress to a 53-pounder, the standard issue size in the Russian military. Although available in most units, 70-pounders are used only by a few advanced guys and in elite competitions. 88-pounders are for mutants. An average woman should start with an 18-pounder. A strong woman can go for a 26pounder. Some women will advance to a 35-pounder. A few hard women will go beyond. Am I kettlebell material? Kettlebell training is extreme but not elitist. At the 1995 Russian Championship the youngest contestant was 16, the oldest 53! And we are talking elite competition here; the range is even wider if you are training for yourself rather than for the gold. Dr. Krayevskiy, the father of the kettlebell sport, took up training at the age of forty-one and twenty years later he was said to look fresher and healthier than at forty. Only 8.8% of top Russian gireviks, members of the Russian National Team and regional teams, reported injuries in training or competition (Voropayev, 1997). A remarkably low number, especially if you consider that these are elite athletes who push their bodies over the edge. Many hard men with high mileage have overcome debilitating injuries with kettlebell training (get your doctor’s approval). Acrobat Valentin Dikul fell and broke his back at seventeen. Today, in his mid-sixties, he juggles 180-pound balls and breaks powerlifting records! “Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten.” “Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten. …If I could’ve met Pavel in the early ‘80s, I might’ve won two gold medals. I’m serious.” —Dennis Koslowski, D.C., RKC, Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling CLASSIC KETTLEBELLS (SOLID CAST IRON/POWDER COATING) #P10N #P10P #P10M #P10G #P10A #P10H #P10B #P10J #P10C #P10Q #P10F #P10L Item Weight in pounds 10 14 18 26 35 44 53 62 70 79 88 106 Price $47.00 $55.00 $63.00 $73.00 $79.95 $87.95 $96.95 $114.95 $123.95 $140.95 $158.95 $218.95 MAIN USA S/H $13.50 S/H $16.50 S/H $20.50 S/H $28.50 S/H $33.50 S/H $40.50 S/H $44.50 S/H $47.50 S/H $48.50 S/H $53.50 S/H $58.50 S/H $69.50 S/H $126.50 S/H $50.50 AK&HI $55.50 $66.50 $73.50 $88.50 $104.50 $122.50 $139.50 $157.50 $175.50 $193.50 $211.50 $247.50 $419.50 $195.50 CAN $36.00 $38.00 $46.00 $56.00 $68.00 $80.00 $92.00 $101.00 $111.00 $125.00 $138.00 $167.00 $271.00 $120.00 SAVE! ORDER A SET OF CLASSIC KETTLEBELLS & SAVE $$$ #SP10 Classic Set—35, 53 & 70 lb. Save $15.00 $285.95 #SP11 Women’s Set—10, 14 & 18 lb. Save $10.00 $149.95 ALASKA/HAWAII KETTLEBELL ORDERING Dragon Door now ships to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, via UPS Ground. CANADIAN KETTLEBELL ORDERING Dragon Door now accepts online, phone and mail orders for Kettlebells to Canada, using UPS Standard service. UPS Standard to Canada service is guaranteed, fully tracked ground delivery, available to every address in all of Canada’s ten provinces. Delivery time can vary between 3 to 10 days. IMPORTANT — International shipping quotes & orders do not include customs clearance, duties, taxes or other non-routine customs brokerage charges, which are the responsibility of the customer. • KETTLEBELLS ARE SHIPPED VIA UPS GROUND SERVICE, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED. • KETTLEBELLS RANGING IN SIZE FROM 4KG TO 24KG CAN BE SHIPPED TO P.O. BOXES OR MILITARY ADDDRESSES VIA THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE, BUT WE REQUIRE PHYSICAL ADDDRESSES FOR UPS DELIVERIES FOR THE 32KG AND 40KG KETTLEBELLS. • NO RUSH ORDERS ON KETTLEBELLS! To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Kettlebells online: www.kettlebellkettlebells.com 15 Dragon Door’s Most Popular Russian Kettlebell Weighs 35lb (16kg)— And Is The Ideal Size For Most Men To Jumpstart Their New Cardio, Conditioning and Strength Programs Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline reintroduced kettlebells to the US with the uniquely designed 35lb cast iron kettlebell— and it has remained our most popular kettlebell. Why? Even a man of average initial strength can immediately start using the 35lb kettlebell for twohanded swings and quickly gravitate to one-handed swings, followed by jerks, cleans and snatches. Within a few weeks you can expect to see spectacular gains in overall strength and conditioning—and for many—significant fat loss. Stronger men and more experienced Reader reviews of: Russian Kettlebell - 16kg (35lb) Average Rating: When going to press, 10.0 out of a possible 10, in 16 reviews Excellent Alternative Rated 10 out of 10 “I never even knew that there was something out there that could work all the muscles. A workout program that stimulates your muscles as well as your stamina and endurance. 20 minutes of swinging around my kettlebell and I am drenched as if I ran a marathon. I can hardly wait until my body allows me to upgrade to a second kettlebell. I love my kettlebell.”—JMN - Sayreville, NJ Less is more Rated 10 out of 10 “This is not for the weak hearted. Pure weight, quality product. I wish I would have known sooner, but now is better than never. I can’t wait to go to the next level.”—Tony - Fayetteville (Ft. Bragg), NC USA True Strength Training Rated 10 out of 10 Kettlebell training is the only way I know that builds strength, increases flexibility, and burns off the excess fat. In four weeks, I lost 7 pounds and I’m starting to see those muscles that have been hiding under that extra layer of fat. Kettlebell training is challenging and demands your full attention while lifting. Unlike the linear movements of the bench press and curls (as with the other exercises in the gym), KB training works the whole body with every technique. Great product, very weight-lifters and powerlifters can use the 35lb kettlebell to train themselves effectively in the many excellent drills you’ll find in Pavel’s classic book and DVD, Enter the Kettlebell!. The 35 lb kettlebell quickly becomes a favorite for women too, once they have built up their strength using Dragon Door’s lighter kettlebells. (Women, we recommend you start with either the 26lb kettlebell or the 18lb kettlebell initially.) Visit our webpage http://www.kettle bellkettlebells.com/index.html to see customer reviews of our many sizes of kettlebell. In the meantime, here is a sample of reviews for the 16kg bell: 35lb (16kg) Russian Kettlebell For price and shipping information see page 16 17 helpful customer service.” —Anthony Lang - San Diego, Ca The Right Tool For The Right Job Rated 10 out of 10 “After a long absence from the world of real exercise, due to injury after injury, it’s nice to be back. I couldn’t have made the transition back with conventional free weights and machines. The kettlebell has been my saving grace. After almost a year of rehab and licking my wounds the kettlebell has been instrumental in reconstructing my physique as well as the confidence in my ability to use my body again. I’m finally getting back into wrestling-shape again and have never felt more optimistic about my ability to achieve. I highly recommend this product and its brothers and sisters to everyone looking to make a dramatic change in their life both physically and mentally, this is second to none. Russ, age 23.”— Russell Mesteth - Grand Forks, ND USA Physical Results Rated 10 out of 10 “I bought the RKC book 3 months ago, and started doing the exercises with dumbbells. After reading several testimonials, explaining the difference of using kettlebells over dumbbells, I broke down and got the real thing for my wife and myself. Due to my occupation, I receive a full physical examination each year. The results this year were a little surprising. At age 38, I did not train with KBs, at age 39 I started KB training. Basic results were: Resting pulse at age 38 was 72bpm. Resting pulse at age 39 was 58bpm. Blood pressure at age 38 was 116/70. Blood pressure at age 39 was 102/60. Weight at age 38 was 170. Weight at age 39 was 159. My favorite test: Age of lungs: at age 38, my lungs were recorded as to have aged to 44 years old. At age 39, age of my lungs dropped to 30 years old. Gotta love that! Of course I can’t prove that KBs were responsible for the physical improvements, but KB training was the only thing I did differently between the 2 examinations. I can’t wait to take my next physical examination! Thanks Pavel!” —romzilla - Atlantic City, NJ Enjoying the kettlebell Rated 10 out of 10 “On the box the kettlebell came in, it said ‘Enjoy the Pain’. I’ve been doing just that. Dragon Door was the most reasonable site I could find for the purchase of and shipping of kettlebells. And the product arrived in a timely manner. Thanks again for a great product and great service.”—Mike Haggerty - California Order Kettlebells online: 16 www.kettlebellkettlebells.com To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 THE DANE OF PAIN COMMANDS YOU TO FINALLY GET REAL: Enough Is Enough! End the indignity and shame of modern-day softness—using this ultimate protocol for building a JACK-HAMMER HEART and the INVINCIBLE HARDINESS of an ancient warrior W ith pointers, charts, diagrams, stats and wads of research to back him up, Kenneth Jay delivers convincing proof that a carefully calculated, personalized kettlebell snatch protocol can give us the most outstanding cardio of our lives. And give us a fighting chance to be mentioned in the same breath as those immensely powerful warriors of ancient times. The Level II RKCs got a thorough schooling in Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts and how to massively enhance their allimportant VO2Max. But theory without practice is like decaf coffee—why bother? Well, of course our kind Viking was not about to let his students off with a mere Powerpoint presentation of theory and research, however convincing. So, out to the playing field the RKCs all trooped—and were promptly subjected to one of the most blistering KB sessions of their lives: the VO2Max snatch protocol. Again, we caught it all on tape: every detail of Kenneth’s superb and highly educational presentation and every important moment of the VO2Max protocol in action. Absorb Kenneth’s presentation, watch it through a few times so your mind can understand the full significance and power of what Kenneth is offering you. Follow along and “take heart” from the warriorbuilding workout that follows. Then prepare to kick some solid butt in the world at large. Advanced Strength Strategies An Advanced RKC Training Resource 2-DVD set With Kenneth Jay, Senior RKC Running Time: One hour 42 minutes #DV049 $77.00 RKC Level II Advanced Training Super-Set Get all four programs and “The VO2 max protocol is rapi dly becoming legendary in kettlebell circles, with “Every time I get to listen to Ken good reason. neth, I’m reminded Kenneth ‘the Dane of Pain’ Jay does a great job of of how brilliant he is. This DVD is packed with all presenting the theory and practice the research that any numbers junk behind these ie could want, brutally simple workouts. and then brought home with an easy to learn process and very simple applicat ion. Don’t confuse The information on this DVD will simple with easy, though. make your heart stronger and healthier, improve your recovery time for Adv order NOW call To anced Strength Strategies exposes the myth of Servhard sportsTestfighting and increase your Secret • • •ice Snatch or scor e.” traditional cardio with hard fact 24 hours a day s and research. —David Whitley, Senior RKC, Nas hville, TN Don’t cheat yourself out of thi s d Then it teaches you to bullet-proof your heart with “I have a very simple review proc hard work. ess. Was the product/service worth the money I spent on it? In the case of Kenneth’s DVDs the If you’re looking for a jazzercise answer is a video that’s all resounding YES. Technical, info rmative, and at the about ‘low-impact’ and ‘target hear t rate’ this ain’t end shows the program in practice. How much does it. However, if you want a healthy hear t and a heart attack or bad ticker cost improved recovery time, this is you? The cost of the information that this DVD is a drop in the bucket compared to life. I you need.” would also say that if you’re over —Jeff O’Connor, Senior RKC, Tala 35 I would la, OK absolutely not hesitate to invest in this because it’s an investment in a good life.”— Gumby, USA Viking Cardi o Highly Recommende save $31.00 if purchased individually! #DVS015 $277.00 Contains: 1. Working with Special Populations By Andrea Du Cane, Senior RKC 2. Restoring Lost Physical Function By Mark Reifkind, Senior RKC 3. Corrective Strategies and Movement Screening By Brett Jones, Senior RKC 4. Advanced Strength Strategies By Kenneth Jay, Senior RKC 1 800 899 5111 Order Advanced Strength online: www.dragondoor.com/DV049 17 Proven, “Best Practice” Methods To Take Your Genetic Destiny by the Throat and Force-Feed Greatness Upon It… Gang-Tackle Your Weakness, Elevate Your Game, And Rip Out New PRs— When You Hook-Up with the Best in the Biz! Two “masters of the art” reveal key, but little-known and often surprising strategies to dramatically enhance your performance… C By Charles Staley and Pavel Tsatsouline harles Staley is creator of the now-legendary EDT system, which has helped athletes worldwide achieve remarkable success in every imaginable sport. Pavel Tsatsouline’s landmark classics like Power to the People!, The Naked Warrior and Enter the Kettlebell! have been redefining our fitness landscape for the last decade. The Staley/ Tsatsouline Strength Seminar What more can you ask for than to have both these greats combine their knowledge and skills into one information-packed training? Charles and Pavel have made it a life-long quest to wrestle free the real nuggets from the morass of halftruths masquerading out there as “strength training”. Each man, in his very different way, makes actual, realizable results the bottom line in his quest for superior physical performance. Put the two men’s knowledge and experience base onto the same team—and you’re guaranteed methods that have been proven over and over again where it really counts—the trenches. #DVS014 $247.00 2-DVD set Running time: 6 hours Order Staley/Tsatsouline online: 18 www.dragondoor.com/DVS014 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “Watch The Kettlebell Goddess Workout and you will know why Andrea Du Cane is the leader in women’s kettlebell training.” —Pavel Tsatsouline “Stay Strong, Young, Toned and Vibrant With Andrea Du Cane’s High-Powered, Super-High-Energy Kettlebell Cardio and Strength Workouts” T he ancient Greek Goddesses were famous for their vigorous and vibrant strength, their power, their grace and their physical elegance. Now you have a realistic chance to make even a Greek Goddess green with envy as you match—if not surpass—them for athletic grace and high performance! In this superbly produced, interactive, menu-based DVD, Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Andrea Du Cane challenges and inspires you to seize that ideal of elegant strength and make it your own. Andrea’s powerful array of authentic kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs and stretches, are guaranteed to reward you with greater energy, greater well being, greater strength and a superb figure. Fit for the Goddess you know you are! Choose from a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio workouts, then mix and match to create your own customized training program for godly perfection. Your results will be strictly divine… Or simply follow along with one of the six Goddess Workouts for a complete, carefully targeted session designed to carve away the fat and sculpt lean, toned muscles—ready and willing to take on the world and win it all. Just like Athena… Just like Nike… Once the hard-kept secret of elite Russian athletes, special forces and ‘manly’ men, the kettlebell is now becoming the preferred tool for women who are tired of being merely human and tired of mediocre results—and who demand fast fat loss, high energy and exceptional physical performance, now! Let Andrea show you the way… • Receive inspiring, first-class personal instruction from one of the nation’s top female kettlebell athletes. • Renew yourself with a constant variety of targeted, high-yield workouts that meet your changing needs. • Redefine your body and exceed your mortal limits, with the divine challenge of Andrea’s patented Goddess Workouts. Includes a Special Bonus Section of additional drills to add further variety and power to your workouts. Contents include a PDF on How to Get the Most Out of Your Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD—plus special programming tips. The Kettlebell Goddess Workout Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC with Kristann Heinz, MD, RKC and Nicole Du Cane RKC Running time: 2 Hours and 25 minutes DVD #DV040 $29.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Kettlebell Goddess online: www.dragondoor.com/DV040 19 DID YOU GET YOU Reader reviews of Andrea Du Cane’s The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD—Average Rating: 9.4 out of 10, in 103 reviews on dragondoor.com Finally!!! “I am so excited about this DVD! I have been training with KB’s for three years now off and on, and I have to admit that my motivation has been running low in the past year, and this is just what I needed! Someone to push me, something simple, something sturctured. I have been waiting for a DVD like this for a looong time and now it is finally here! What I like best with it is how it is laid out. It is a complete foolproof way to get your butt kicked a different way each and every day! I love it. And the PDF that came with the DVD shows different ways to schedule your workout or combine different exercises and it gives me absolutely no excuse not to swing that bell! Andrea, great job!” —Ulrika - Detroit, MI there are different workouts given to help add variety to your training. This DVD is a definite must for men and women, beginners and advanced KBer’s.” —Christine Staunch, RKC - Bayonne, NJ I’m newly addicted to kettlebells; I have only been working out with them for a few months now and I think this DVD is excellent for beginners. I’d recommend it to both beginners and advanced kettlebellers alike. If you are looking for a serious workout DVD, this is definitely worth it! I love it! I can’t thank Andrea enough!!”—Jen - Maine The Complete Package Astonishing “If I could I would give this DVD a 20 instead of a 10. Most DVD’s only give you a stripped down version of a workout. This marvelous DVD gives you not only 1 workout, like most DVD’s. It gives you an infinite amount of them, and they include a warm-up portion and a cool-down routine that is out of this world. These workouts will work you out even if you use a light kettlebell. The instructions are clear cut, and concise for all to understand. Guys will love this DVD as well.”—Karen R. Queen - Tampa, Florida The Kettlebell Goddess Workout is the Best! “This is one of the best DVD’s that I have ever purchased. It is so complete with workouts and instructions. The variety is terrific. I really enjoyed Andrea in From Russia with Tough Love, but this is the best. Nicole and Kristann are a wonderful complement to her and very much inspire me to keep working to get better. I tried to just watch the video without picking up the kettlebells, but I couldn’t. I had to jump right into a workout. I am glad I did. First the warm up was one of the most thorough that I have ever had. Then the exercises really hit the mark. I had such a pump in my lower body and an overall rush all over. Then the nice cool down made me feel like I really accomplished something. I plan to keep on doing the workouts. Thanks for the Kettlebell Goddess Workout. Please keep up the good work!” —Robin McGill - Tampa, FL WOW! “I ordered this DVD before I attended the RKC in September and wow has it given me a new perspective on training. It adds a new excitement on working with KB’s. The atmosphere of the DVD creates a relaxing yet motivating theme. I love that Hard Core Workout! “Andrea Du Cane provides some tough workouts on The Kettlebell Goddess DVD. This DVD is not for beginners, but it is a great way for someone familiar with basic kettlebell exercises to get a great challenging workout. Each of the goddess workouts are great no-frills, no-nonsense, kick-butt exercise routines. I really enjoy the relax into stretch segment at the end of each workout. By the way, this DVD is not just for women! My boyfriend loves it as much as I do (though he did complain about not being able to keep up with women wearing pink shirts).” —Mary - Saratoga, CA Save Money with the ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL WORKOUT Kits Nothing but positive feedback!!! “This is a great DVD. I have been getting nothing but positive feedback from my clients. I tried a few of them myself and trust me guys, this DVD is not just for the Goddess’ but the Gods’ can also get worked on these programs as well. The different combinations and ways Andrea shows you how to come up with your own personal routine makes this a must for anyone who wants to get in shape.”—Lance Mosley, RKC, CSCS - Palm Beach County, FL Become the Goddess!! “WOW!! I purchased this DVD at the RKC in October and I am in LOVE!! I will recommend this DVD to EVERYONE!! This has to be the most kick-butt workout I’ve tried. My clients will love it! I love the structure of being able to design my own workout with the formulas provided, or just follow along with the workouts already created for us. Andrea - You are awesome! Thanks so much for this DVD! I feel like I’m back at the RKC. (well...almost!)“ —Rae Chitwood, RKC - Mansfield, OH MMM Item Women’s 18-lb Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Kit #KKB010 $82.95 plus $26.50 SH-A* Women’s 26-lb Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Kit Item #KKB011 $92.95 plus $34.50 SH-A* Women’s 35-lb Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Kit Item #KKB012 $99.95 plus $39.50 SH-A* Outstanding DVD! “This is definitely the best work-along kettlebell DVD I own (and I have several). The pre-programmed workouts are excellent. Most instructors would have stopped there, but not Andrea. The A/B/C programs and the ability to select individual drills within those programs make the DVD even more versatile and more valuable. But she didn’t stop there, either--the Excellent! “This DVD is brilliant! I love the way it is structured to either follow along with the goddess workouts or to create your own. The instruction is great and the workouts are awesome. I can never see myself getting sick of this DVD with all the variety! Order Kettlebell Goddess online: 20 www.dragondoor.com/DV040 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 UR GODDESS YET? bonus drills are the icing on the kettlebell cake. In addition, two or three options for performing many of the drills are shown. The instruction and form pointers are outstanding throughout. I’ll be using this DVD for a long time, and I’ll be using the workout design principles and suggestions in the accompanying PDF to make my other work-along DVDs more effective and more enjoyable.” —Martha E. - Tennessee This video is GREAT!! “I think this video is GREAT because you can move to anything you want to right away, and Andrea does a FINE job explaining and demonstrating the exercises. The fact that they are broken up into upper and lower body and cardio workouts is wonderful. I use the video everyday and I thank you for offering it. I think you’re right to let people choose their own or no music. Also, it is a great buy, for $29.95 you get 2 1/2 hours!”—Anne Clare - Kansas City MO twice a week. I wanted to workout more often so would pick up the KB during the week but would swing for only ten minutes or so. I would do my favorite and easiest swings. This video gives me such a variety of workouts, has a few swings I have not seen or done and I now do some tough stuff I otherwise would pass on when I am working out alone. What a great complement to my classes as a fill-in during the week.” —Kathie - Fair Oaks, CA This DVD is awesome. I like the way it’s arranged into 6 sections. One can pick which workout to choose. It really complements my training with John Rock my Certified Personal Trainer and RKC instructor at Lifetime Fitness St. Louis Park. We’ve recently been working on the Pistolsomething I never thought I could do. The DVD helps with the technique. The constant variety of the workouts will keep it from ever getting old and boring meeting my changing needs. The bonus section will help keep things fresh.” —Judith Hansen Minneapolis, Minnesota The best part is the workout itself. With the kettlebell workout I feel the exercises deep inside not just right underneath the skin. Something I never experienced before and I have worked out with weights on and off for 20 years. I felt that for the first time I’m finally working out the right way. They DO make you stronger, they DO give you that energy kick and they DO melt the fat. Combined 1 inch and 3 1/2 lbs lost in 2 weeks. Never did that with the other tapes!” —Therese R - Poolesville, MD Skip the health club membership and do this instead! “I learned about KB’s through a local trainer and own two 18-lb bells and a 26-lb bell. I was starting to feel ‘antsy’ and anxious to try some new things. A friend told me to return to the source --- Dragon Door --- and check out this DVD. I HATE exercise videos but did it anyway because it had to do with KB’s. Wow!!! I did the Artemis workout right off and was really surprised how much new stuff I learned in 30 minutes. NO ONE, no matter what your level, should be left out of the KB rage! Very pleased to see Andrea’s bonus drills and workouts so that I can put together my own programs. My success has to do with my own creativity, and Andrea and group have encouraged me to go for it. My workouts have moved up a couple of notches. A million thanks! More, please!” —DEBORAH F - DENVER, Colorado This is perfect for what I was looking for! I am fairly new to KB training and own the ‘Tough Love’ DVD. I was looking for some structure in my KB training when I came across this find. I am not one to ‘wing it’. It is like Andrea read my mind. I have only done a few of the available ‘Goddess Workouts’ on the DVD and am very impressed. It was obvious that she really tried hard to accomodate so many aspects of KB training! I also appreciate the low cost associated with this excellent DVD. If you enjoy working with KB’s and are looking for some structured, short, workout routines I would highly recommend this DVD. Thanks, Andrea for taking the time and energy to put this together.” —Diane Belleville, MI Awesome DVD and well worth the investment! “I purchased a Kettlebell last year and only knew a few exercises. As a fitness professional teaching group choreographed aerobics for 23 years I am excited to receive this addition to my home workout!! It is like having my own personal professional Kettlebell trainer in my living room!! I love it. Satisfied in CA” —CJ - Forestville, CA Absolutely AWESOME!!!!! “WOW! I love the mix and match format. I am already seeing results. I would HIGHLY recommend this to someone who needs direction when doing a workout. I love being able to choose if I want to do a Goddess workout - which are KICK BUTT. Thank you to Andrea for this GREAT WORKOUT!!!” —Cathy Sands - Newark, OH A must have when working with kettlebells “This is the best dvd that there is. I received it about 2 weeks ago and I have been doing it everyday. They really can kick your butt with this dvd. It’s a MUST HAVE.” —Justine - Downriver MI Works for the Gods too “Men! Don’t let the ‘Goddess’ title keep you from getting this DVD. The workouts are demanding and complete. You may follow each workout as demonstrated for some great training. The real bonus for me was the build your own workout section at the end. Any ‘God’ can reap tremendous benefits from the Goddess workout. —Steve Gould, RKC - Morton, IL What an awesome DVD “I absolutely LOVE this DVD. I really like how interactive it is, you can pick your workout or mix and match smaller portions to make a whole. I’ve got my husband doing it with me I just haven’t told him the name of the DVD! I like the ‘real people’ doing the workouts, not models, which for me is always a real downer. I like the variety of workouts as well as the variety of different exercises, some I had not done before. I swear I can see a difference already, after two weeks. I love to KB, but I have a hard time thinking what to do, how much, etc. This makes it fun, and is something to work for, I can’t quite keep up on everything, YET.” —Brenda Sparks Monroeville, Oh Superior than any other workout tape I’ve purchased “I can do Andrea Du Cane’s workout or make my own from her list! And her list is organized and well thought out. 10 minutes or an hour. Change it up whenever I want without wasting time. I’ve never seen anything like it! I don’t wait 5 minutes in between exercises for an explanation. All angles of the exercise are shown. This is motivating “I have been swinging the bell since January, love it and am amazed at the results. Results gets me ‘hooked’. I have a certified instructor I work under To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Kettlebell Goddess online: www.dragondoor.com/DV040 21 TRAINERS… COACHES… TRAINERS… COACHES… ANNOUNCING: “A clear presentation of the RKC kettlebell training fundamentals. A must for any strength coach and personal trainer. Highly recommended if you are planning to become a certified RKC instructor.” —Pavel Tsatsouline, Chief Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Brett Jones and Michael Castrogiovanni’s Athletic Achievement Accelerator — The AAA-Rated Kettlebell Program That Supercharges Your Athletes’ Performance — And Guarantees Your Clients Faster, More Lasting Results H IGHLIGHTS OF VOLUME ONE • How and why kettlebells can improve your athletes’ performance • Little-known drills to transform the Kettlebell Swing into a dynamic powergenerator for superior performance • How to optimize the Kettlebell Clean to extract maximum performance-value • Crucial safety tips for avoiding injury • The critical do’s and don’ts that change your Kettlebell Jerk from average to extraordinary • Why the Kettlebell Snatch is the single best exercise for overall body development — and how to make sure you extract maximum advantage for your clients and athletes • How to breathe for optimal power Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers A Two-Volume DVD set with Brett Jones, Master RKC and Michael Castrogiovanni CSCS, RKC Team Leader Volume 1 – Ballistics Volume 2 – Grinds Running Time: approx two hours H IGHLIGHTS OF VOLUME TWO • The secrets of the Kettlebell Windmill — for flexible strength • How to optimize the extraordinary benefits of the Turkish Get Up • How to correctly perform the Military Press • Building stronger legs and a tougher torso — with the Front Squat • The athletic advantages of a wellexecuted Single Leg Dead Lift • Discover the Bear Crawl — a little known, brutal and highly effective routine for strength and conditioning DVD #DV026 $67.95 Brett Jones holds a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine and a Masters in Rehabilitative Science and is a Senior Instructor in the Russian Kettlebell Challenge program. Also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, Brett uses a combination of techniques to maximize the performance of his clients. Michael Castrogiovanni holds a degree in Kinesiology emphasizing on fitness nutrition and health and is a RKC Team Leader, a CSCS and an ACSM health fitness instructor. ABOUT THE AUTHORS BOUT THE UTHORS Order Kettlebell Basics online: 22 www.dragondoor.com/DV026 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Why “Acting Like a Baby” Might Be Your Quickest Ticket to Surprising New Gains in Strength and Power How to Recapture the Perfect Mobility and Effortless Ease You Had as a Kid—For an Immediate Improvement in Your Current Athletic Abilities D o you remember when you were a kid? developmental patterns and show you its vital importance in exercise prescription. These “Primitive Patterns” represent the littleknown key to understanding what can truly help or hinder mobility, stability, coordination, and the functions of the core. Gray and Lee introduce basic screening and corrective strategies as well as in-depth, advanced assessments. This unique information will help you break down movement with greater precision and clarity—allowing you to finally take the guesswork out of your training. The last two tests in the Functional Movement Screen are the trunk stability pushup test, and rotary stability test. Imbalances and asymmetries in these tests betray dysfunction in your primitive patterns. Discover how to screen for these deficiencies and learn the appropriate corrective strategies to end the dysfunction and enhance performance. Gray and Lee then teach Assessments to further enhance the information gathered in the original screening process. Go deeper—and be all the more effective—when you learn the Rolling and Side Plank assessments, with their corresponding corrective strategies. Many trainers and trainees use floor-based exercises, but few understand the scientific complexity and proper progressions of these basic patterns. In early development, children roll and crawl effortlessly in their attempts to walk. Revisiting some of these primitive developmental patterns can be an eye opening experience for clients, athletes, and those involved in rehabilitation. Do you remember how easily you used to roll, squat, leap, crawl and run? Then along came life with a capital L… You got banged up and beaten down. Baked, broken, burnt and bruised. Yeah, you developed your strength, speed and power. But at a hidden cost, as you scrambled to survive the many insults life threw at you. You started to lose that easy mobility and stability you had as a kid… You tightened up and started to compensate for your injuries and imbalances. And perhaps you thought it natural—just part of the aging process—that you could no longer squat, roll and run with effortless ease… Perhaps you thought you’d just have to live with nagging pain, crimped movement and frustrating performance restrictions. And never be quite the athlete you were or thought you had the potential to be… Well, there’s good news, because you can not only reverse this slide into dysfunction, you can experience dramatic new gains in your performance, when you take advantage of the Secrets of Primitive Patterns. end opinion that people sp “I've long been of the fix advanced ing to way too much time try ing back to when they should be go at is movements d finding out wh the building blocks an to begin with. This ation cracked in the found ay and Lee present the DVD does just that. Gr understand manner to information in an easy ns that will fit anyone's several optio and give you ommended.” training style. Highly rec lo Alto, CA - Pa —Jordan Vezina RKC Discover How to Spot—and Quickly Fix—the Once-Helpful but Now Suspect Survival Strategies that May Secretly Be Sapping Your Strength and Power In this groundbreaking program Gray Cook and Lee Burton reveal the concept of neuro- Secrets of Primitive Patterns By Gray Cook and Lee Burton DVD #DV059 $69.95 2-DVD Set To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Primitive Patterns online: www.dragondoor.com/DV059 23 “The information on this video should be required watching by anyone who even thinks of training with weights, or before anyone can buy any of Pavel’s videos.”—James Doolen, Joplin, Missouri How to Dramatically Improve Your Athletic Performance and Safely Extend Your Career What the PROFESSIONALS use to identify and FIX imbalances in their body—and avoid potentially catastrophic injury… Buy it now “This information has mad e an immediate impact on mys elf, and the athletes that I train. I’ve been at this stuff for a quarter of a cent ury and like to consider myself fairl y well informed on how to help someone become stronger and mor e mobile. Well, once again Brett prov es that he’s on a whole other level. The things I learned about my own bod y’s compensations kick start ed my training with gains that I hadn’t seen in years. Best investment I acquired since the kettlebell W hat are we all REAL GOOD at—and what do elite athletes EXCEL at? Compensating for a flaw, deficiency, or imbalance in the body. Option A is not available—our body jumps to Plan B. But plan B comes at a hidden price. In fact, the better you are at switching to Plan B the more surely you will be injured. Guaranteed, your durability will be a joke. Yes, micro trauma. A series of minor stresses to the body resulting in limited area tissue damage or tears each of which alone does not cause discernable damage. However, their accumulation over time can lead to a significant injury. Inefficient movements cause compensations, which move a joint in an unnatural manner. The body will always sacrifice quality for quantity. Movement patterns will follow the path of least resistance. When you stack these compensations on top of each other, screening for movement becomes essential. Well, if the World Champion Indianapolis Colts insisted their players be screened before being cleared to play, we figured our Level 11 RKCs deserved training in this same cutting-edge process. What you get here is every critical minute of the seminar Brett Jones delivered on this protocol to our Level II RKC candidates in June 2007. Brett’s information was so impressive—and the results so spectacular that by popular demand, we are releasing the complete training on this 2-DVD set. The athlete in the photos above is not faking. This is a high school junior several years ago who was leading his team, killing it on the court. He was a countywide superstar. Everybody was afraid of this kid on the court. But this is what he looked like off the court. That was his toe touch. That was his squat. What do you think was going on with this kid? When he moved the way you know he must have moved on the court? Micro trauma every place. Guess what? He got injured his senior year. Missed his window. Didn’t get a scholarship. Non-contact injury. Wouldn’t do the work. Didn’t fix it. This high school basketball star could only manage to squat and toe touch as shown—he declined to fix his imbalances and suffered careerending injuries as a result in his senior year. “I was, at first, reluctant to order this DVD. I did not think I coul d buy another video that would have so muc h life changing information than Power to the People! or Enter the Kettlebel l! had. I figured I had nothing mor e to learn from the RKCs, I was wrong. The information on this vide o should be required watching by anyo ne who even More importantly, it mad e an thinks of training with weig hts, or before immediate impact on my students. I’m anyone can buy any of Pave talking about the kind of l’s videos. I impact that think this video would save has made coaches and pare a lot of nts people some grief and pain comment about the dram . The tests and atic the resulting remedies are improvement in on field well thought performance. out and presented very well These are comments mad . This kind of e about kids information is well worth that were already some of the price. Brett the best Jones and Dragon Door dese player on the field, and thes rve a round e of applause for this new vide improvements showed up across the o. You all board in just 2 weeks. need to take a bow. Thank you for another video that will help me take a If you train others, you owe quantum leap in my training. it to them For all out to get this DVD.”—Jeff O’C there, get this one!”—Jame onnor, s Doolen, Senior RKC, Talala, OK Joplin, MO Corrective Strategies and Movement Screening An Advanced RKC Training Resource By Brett Jones, Master RKC Running Time: 3 hours 2 minutes 2-DVD set #DV047 $77.00 Contents include:  What is a Corrective Strategy?  Movement Screening — The Functional Movement Screen for Kettlebells RKC Level II Advanced Training Super-Set Get all four programs and  Basic history — injury, medical, exercise, sports/activity  Clearance screens — Neck, Shoulder and Back  Basic screens —Toe Touch, Single leg stance, Active Straight Leg Raise  Movement Screens — Deep squat, In-line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility and  Trunk Stability Push-up  Corrective Strategies — Specific to the screens above  Toe touch progression. Active straight leg raise. Crocodile breath  Shoulder/Thoracic spine corrections, Stability work and Deep squat progression save $31.00 if purchased individually! #DVS015 $277.00 Order Corrective Strategies online: 24 www.dragondoor.com/DV047 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Worth 10 times what it costs— at least! “I am a trainer and an RKC, currently recovering from an overuse injury in my shoulder— put simply, I set a bunch of new personal bests but didn't back off afterwards, and I've since been paying the price. I cannot state strongly enough how valuable this DVD set has been to me. Literally every section has included something I simply didn't know before—and all these tips and tricks really work. I do the drills on the DVD, and I can move my shoulder, pain-free, in ways I couldn't just a few minutes earlier. There is nothing quite like instant results to convince you of the value of an approach to training and rehab. Any one of the tips I learned here would have made this DVD, which costs less than a single visit to my orthopedist, a worthwhile purchase. I will be incorporating what I've learned not only in my own training, but in helping those clients who come to me with shoulder problems. I am now armed with a battery of screening procedures and curative measures that I didn't have before - again, to me, this sort of information, presented in a clear, no-nonsense manner by Grey and Brett, is priceless. If you have long-standing shoulder problems or work with those who do, you owe it to yourself to purchase Secrets of the Shoulder.” — Steve Freides, RKC II, NSCA-CPT - Ridgewood, NJ Two top authorities— Two top rate DVDs! “Any collaboration between PT Gray Cook and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Brett Jones would have to be good; this one is immediately useful! From the get go this DVD explains in simple language the whys and how to do for the shoulder from a current understanding of the structure. Not just a how to build the delts and traps plus some rotator cuff band work that is so typical of current fitness journalism but an representation of the shoulder as a complex: the humerus, the shoulder girdle and the scapula. And it doesn't stop there! It flows down to the hip and out to the grip. Given my years of study and work with shoulders issues from athletes to the every person this work shows not just exercises but detection and progression. While I knew much of the material presented it is the application that makes this product go to work. Too often good data in fitness is akin to a list of ingredients posing as a recipe: good contents but no real direction. Secrets of the Shoulder delivers a plan to improve whether you are among the veterans of fitness or to protect your healthy shoulders if they haven't gone south...yet. For the price of a single session of Corrective Exercise you can begin to repair or protect the future of your shoulders!” —Zachariah Salazar RKC, CES, CPT - Colorado Springs, CO Secrets of the Shoulder By Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, Master RKC 2-DVD set #DV043 $69.95 2-DVD Set Running time: 82 minutes Order Secrets of the Shoulder online: www.dragondoor.com/DV043 Discover the PROVEN PROTOCOL of fail-safe steps that guarantee you a GENUINELY STRONG, STABLE CORE—for a FAR more powerful and effective athletic performance “THE CORE” is more than your abdominals! Your back and glutes (your hips) are part of your "CORE." May sound obvious when you hear it, but the fact is—when it comes to that mystic core—most folk are obsessed with isolated abs training. And foolishly neglect the correct training of the back musculature and glutes. Secrets of Core Training: “The Backside” gives you the scientific solution for fixing that weakness from the ground up. Now, it's one thing to teach, say, the correct form for doing the all-important deadlift. But what if the lifter has a lurking, unidentified imbalance that creates dysfunctional compensations and injuries-waiting-tohappen? The special brilliance of Brett Jones and Gray Cook's approach is that they make sure you know how to identify the imbalances that could secretly sabotage your lifting. Only then, once you have the correct movement patterns in place, can you develop the full strength you deserve. Cook and Jones show you how—step-by-careful-step. Just follow the road map and you can't go wrong… Discover screening techniques and corrective movements that progress you through 3 graduated levels of exercise to develop mobility in the hips, core activation, spine stability, and the total body's overall strength. As one of the nation's most renowned physical therapists, as Reebok's first master coach, as a consultant to numerous professional teams and as an author of the landmark title Athletic Body in Balance, Gray Cook has immense theoretical and practical wisdom about what it takes to identify and correct these imbalances and blocks in the body. In this highly accessible DVD Gray Cook teams with premier strength trainer and author Brett Jones to ensure your core training is as effective as you could possibly ever want it. It just keeps getting better “It seems impossible, but Gray and Brett have topped Secrets of the Shoulder. It's full of fantastic information, laid out in an easy to follow manner. No matter what your background, you will learn from this DVD.” —Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC - Talala, OK Secrets of Core Training: “The Backside” By Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, Master RKC DVD #DV045 $39.95 Running time: 82 minutes To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Secrets of Core Training online: www.dragondoor.com/DV045 25 “Pavel’s stuff works — period. His methods — and his kettlebells that are my prized possessions — are simply the most effective combination — by far — that I’ve ever encountered in 30 years of training. This tape, like all of Pavel’s products, is worth every penny.”—John Quigley, Hazleton, PA More Russian Kettlebell Challenges 25 Evil Drills for Radical Strength and Old School Toughness With Pavel Tsatsouline VIDEO #V111 $47.00 DVD #DV005 $47.00 Running Time: 40 min. Here’s just some of the secrets you’ll gain from Pavel—for breakthrough results in your strength and power—when you add MRKC to your arsenal of tricks: The Traditional Bent Press Eight success secrets for safety, strength and optimal performance, including: What two motions are crucial for acing the Traditional Bent Press? The DARC Swing Six success secrets, including: What breathing technique helps you safely unload your spine? The Reverse Floor Wrist Drill Two success secrets, including: What performance-boosting skill to employ with your torso and stomach. The Front Squat Fifteen success secrets, including: What four parts of your body is it crucial to tighten before you descend? The Para Press Three success secrets, including: What not to let happen with your shoulders The Knee Supported Row Four success secrets, including: What is the correct trajectory when lowering the kettlebell in an arc? The One Legged Deadlift Seven success secrets, including: What to lock out and what to contract for best success. The Seated Good Morning Stretch Four success secrets, including: How to best achieve a deeper stretch with correct breathing and tension control. The Floor Seated Press Two success secrets, including: How to correctly bring the kettlebell to your shoulder. The Split Press The key success secret for safety, strength and optimal performance— and one vital warning: How to avoid tearing your groin muscles. “Pavel has done another excellent job in presenting challenging drills that will take your kettlebell practice and fitness to new heights. Pavel’s trademark humor is ever present, and his instruction is no-nonsense and, as always, well done. Multiple camera angles are used, and are very helpful in grasping the fine points of the drills. Pavel’s instruction is pure gold — detailed and meticulous. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information packed into this 40-minute tape. Watch and listen closely, follow Pavel’s advice, and you’ll find something remarkable in the fitness industry — someone actually delivering on what might appear to be the usual marketing hyperbole.”—John Quigley, Hazleton, PA “The video takes you through some new moves with great detail and also revisits some older ones with more attention to the finer points. This tape will give you many more weapons in your arsenal of KB exercises. KB’s offer variety of exercises and great flexibility in program design and this video will give you more to work with. Highly recommended!”—Dave Randolph, RKC, Louisville, KY Order More Russian Kettlebells online: 26 www.dragondoor.com/DV005 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 L “Discover How to Reinforce Your Body— and Snap Back from the Toughest Challenge with Deceptive Ease and Strength” ife has a habit of body-slamming us when we least expect it. And the more active we are, the more likely we’re gonna be wrenched, tossed, torn, torqued, twisted, scrunched, hammered and generally whacked around. Hit your forties—let alone fifties—and you can be reduced to a tangled mess of injuries and performance-crimping tensions. knows what it takes—personally and professionally—to remove flaws and weaknesses from your body armor—so you can bounce back, time and time again, from the toughest challenge. So, in this specialized program, Pavel’s put together 19 of his favorite drills for restoring and reinforcing your body’s “rebound strength.” Pavel’s concentrated on the weak links—the knees, the elbows, the shoulders, the spine, the neck— and shows you how to change a liability-waiting-to-happen into a strength-weapon-of-choice. Discover what it really means to be RESILIENT. Add years of wiry, tensile, pliant strength back into your life—and hurt a whole lot less while you’re doing it. You get sidelined! You can’t do what you want to do anymore. People don’t want you on their team anymore. You can’t compete anymore. You’re... let’s face it…washed up, as a card-carrying member of the active elite. Sometimes all it takes is one sudden injury to that one weak spot you neglected to strengthen and defend….and you’re history. As a former Spetsnaz physical training instructor and as a current subject-matter expert to elite members of the U.S. military, Pavel Pavel’s Resilient program: • Develops a more flexible, yet stronger neck • Restores crucial elbow strength and mobility • Develops spectacular shoulder girdle and upper back flexibility • Boosts performance for girevoy sport, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman events, gymnastics, yoga • Loosens up your spine while teaching you powerful body mechanics • Rewards you with the ultimate in squatting flexibility—a must for military and law enforcement • Helps you move like liquid metal • Conditions your knees in a little-known plane that can spell the difference between true resilience and dangerous weakness • Helps release your tight hip flexors—which act like parking brakes to cripple your kicking, punching, running and lifting • Develops a stronger, more sinuous back • Stretches your spine—for extra “activitymileage” • Injury-proofs your back with a littleknownl drill from Russian contact sports Resilient Advanced Kettlebell Drills and Insider Secrets for Playing Harder & Hurting Less with Pavel #DV017 $47.00 DVD Running time: 36 minutes Praise for Pavel’s Resilient Best thing to happen to me in years “Pavel, I'm an old Infantry Marine. I've had back surgery and more aches and pains than you could imagine. I got Resilient and started seeing results immediately. Without the Kettlebell I can hardly walk. When I practice on a regular basis, I feel like I'm in my twenties again. I own several of your products and I have never been disappointed. I will continue to come to you for my fitness and flexibility needs. Semper Fi.”–Martin J. Knott, Robesonia, PA Bad shoulders? These RKC drills work “After years of damage my left shoulder was so tight and painful I could not reach a wallet in my back pocket. I had to constantly reposition my arm at night so I could keep the pain at bay. I have tried many things and spent over $300 on bands, manuals, and devices to open up my shoulder. The RKC shoulder rotator and arm bar are truly amazing movements that deliver on the promise of immediate improvement. After just a few days of working the movements my range of motion has improved and the shoulder sits much more comfortably and tightly in the socket. I feel more confident extending my arm overhead in a press and believe that with continued application, this drill is going to restore function that has been gone for years. Thankfully I have no other major injuries and plan to stay that way! Another great product.” –Shawn Michael, Rancho Palos Verdes, California To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Resilient online: www.dragondoor.com/DV017 27 Ravaged by Nagging Knee Pain, Hobbled by a History of Knee Injuries or Bothered by Out-of-Whack Hips? These small, but significant adjustments, correctly applied, can help you regain your former function— while protecting you from further injury… “ Gray Cook, and Brett Jones reveal how to screen, and address the major contributing factor to hip and knee dysfunction. This 2-DVD set reveals a systematic approach to general screening, mobility/stability screening and corrective strategies that will lead you to return to effective exercise progressions. I need to limit my running”, “I don’t squat anymore because....”, “My knees are shot”. These are common complaints related to knee pain in the fitness and athletic world. • DISCOVER why the Knee commonly falls victim to weaknesses in other parts of the body. • LEARN specific Screening and Assessment techniques for the hip and knee in order to identify weaknesses in the Kinetic Chain. • KNOW what Movement Prep Techniques to utilize when significant problems have been identified. • LEARN Mobility and Stability Corrections designed to lay the foundation for proper movement patterns. • DISCOVER techniques to create strength and power without losing efficient movement patterns. As one of the nation’s most renowned physical therapists, as Reebok’s first master coach, as a consultant to numerous professional teams and as an author of the landmark title Athletic Body in Balance, Gray Cook has immense theoretical and practical wisdom about what it takes to identify and correct these imbalances and blocks in the body. Order Secrets of Hips & Knees online: Secrets of the Hip and Knee By Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, Master RKC DVD #DV051 $69.95 2-DVD Set Running time: 131 minutes 28 www.dragondoor.com/DV051 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Unleashing a Powerful Force: Become a Leader in The World’s Most Dynamic Exercise Method Participants at Pavel’s Russian Kettlebell Certifications include world champions, elite athletes, special forces, law enforcement, firemen, doctors, personal trainers, martial artists...and regular folk just looking to achieve irregularly spectacular levels of strength and conditioning. The Party is On. The Party is Growing. We invite you to ride the wave. Go to www.dragondoor.com today and sign on! Participants at Pavel’s St. Paul October 2008 RKC Workshop Participants at Pavel’s California February 2009 RKC Workshop To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Register for June RKC cert online: www.dragondoor.com/WPKB42 29 How to Dominate Your Competition, Boost Your Income and Attract More Customers with Kettlebells—The Nation’s #1 Tool for Strength, Conditioning and Resilience Pavel’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Workshop Gives You A Crash Course in Advanced Strength Skills… Ignites New Business Opportunities… And Propels You Into The Front Ranks of Physical Excellence S ince Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door introduced America to kettlebells five years ago, this amazing “gym in one hand” has been redefining our nation’s strength and conditioning landscape. Now, personal trainers who incorporate kettlebells into their programs have watched their client base explode. Previous clients have flocked back, attracted by undeniable gains in strength—and loss of body fat! Kettlebells have opened up whole new vistas of training success for personal trainers and their clients alike. In fact, professionals of all kinds have been rushing to take advantage of the kettlebells’ almost magical ability to strip off unwanted fat and turn wretched physiques into the envy of the neighborhood… Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians, sports coaches, you name it, have also eagerly embraced the kettlebells uncanny ability to snap back from injuries—in particular, back and shoulder injuries. And, of course, athletic coaches at the school and professional level have been falling over themselves to ensure they and their athletes gain the competitive advantage almost guaranteed by proper kettlebell training. Then, the police and military—whose very lives can depend on their physical strength and conditioning levels—have jumped on kettlebells as the quick and very handy answer to fast and lasting strength and cardio gains. With the kettlebells growing popularity as the exercise tool “that does it all”—be it for the professional athlete or simply average fitness-Joe looking for a more effective workout—there’s a rising demand for highly skilled and competent kettlebell instructors. And there’s ONLY ONE KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM in the United States that delivers the depth and breadth of core competencies critical to successful kettlebell instruction…Pavel’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification… The business rewards and personal results from attending Pavel’s Russian Kettlebell Certification have often been spectacular: “I have been a personal trainer since 1987, and frankly, I’ve never seen anything like the excitement generated by Russian kettlebells. This age-old art has infused my business with a new level of passion I’ve never seen before, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Let’s start with the financial benefits. I’ve more than doubled my personal training income since becoming Russian kettlebell certified, which has enriched my career as well as my personal life. This past Thanksgiving I was actually able to leave the gym behind and whisk my wife away on a rugged 2-week trip to Costa Rica, something that simply would not have been feasible before. December 2004 was one of my busiest months ever. Business was up, and clients were in a generous mood. My wife couldn’t help but note the huge increase in holiday tips I received, which nearly covered the cost of our Costa Rican adventure! Success stories like these--and there are many--made for a lot of very happy and fit clients with a renewed interest and commitment to training. Needless to say, these kinds of results also brought a lot of new business my way last year. I now have a physical therapist sending me clients because of the improvements he’s seen in his patients’ strength and mobility after sending them my way. “Beyond the professional gains, Russian kettlebells have really benefited me on a personal level as an athlete…“ I am 46 years old and have pursued a very rugged and adventurous outdoor lifestyle for as long as I can remember. As a result, there were a few old injuries that had really started to dog me in the past couple of years. Since becoming RKC certified, however, things have changed. I have made amazing strength gains, but perhaps more importantly in terms of improving my quality of life, I have increased the flexibility and joint mobility in my hips and shoulders tremendously. Both have been invaluable in terms of increasing my enjoyment of rock climbing, skiing, and hiking, not to mention improving my performance exponentially! My endurance, strength-to-weight ratio, core strength, static strength, grip strength, and flexibility are all markedly greater than before I started training with kettlebells and incorporating Pavel’s other techniques. Pavel has a way of cutting through the B.S., and he gave me the essential information and techniques that work, both for my clients and for me personally. No question about it, becoming a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor is the best move I have made in 18 years as a trainer.” —Gus Petersen, RKC, Denver, CO “What do you attribute it to,” she asked. “The economy isn’t that great.” I immediately summed it up in one word: “KETTLEBELLS!” The bottom line is, my clients were feeling generous because they were grateful for what they’d gained (and lost!) over the past year! I’ve had incredible results across the board with all my clients, male and female, since kettlebells entered the picture. One of my longtime clients lost 26 pounds in six weeks. His sister and her husband, visiting from Ireland over the holidays, were totally amazed at both his fitness level and this odd “new” form of training. A newer client lost three dress sizes and really toned up in the span of two months that she had to prepare for her wedding. A masseuse called me to inquire about kettlebell training because she couldn’t help but notice the change in muscle tone our mutual client had achieved. For more information visit our website at: http://www.dragondoor.com/wpkb42.html To register today call: 1-800-899-5111 Register for June RKC cert online: 30 www.dragondoor.com/WPKB42 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 L Pavel’s next Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Program will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota, June 12 - 14, 2009. Could This Powerful Turkish Wrestling Exercise Be the Single Best Secret for the Cultivation of “Beautiful” Strength? Modern-day athletic performance experts hail rewards of the ancient “Turkish Get-Up”— reveal cutting edge program for both correcting and radically enhancing your physical movement “Kettlebells From the Ground Up is 'an inch wide and a mile deep' exploration of one of the most important exercises anyone can do. The Turkish Get-Up, as taught by Cook, Jones, and Cheng, offers a wealth of benefits: identifying the problems with your movement, correcting them, teaching you to move well, to love to move. I am hard pressed to find a sport or activity which would not benefit from this one of a kind product. Yes, it will even make your bench press go up!” —Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell! C an one exercise sequence do it all? Can one exercise provide insight into how you move? Could one exercise be the key to achieving a balanced and strong body? Well, according to the two of the most highly regarded “Engineers of Movement Mastery”, Gray Cook and Brett Jones, the answer is a resounding Yes! When past Super Bowl champion teams have wanted to ensure their athletes are moving at full potential, Gray Cook has been their go-to guy. When Pavel and Dragon Door wanted similar results with their certified RKC instructors, they invited Gray Cook and Brett Jones to design the CK-FMS certification program to fill that need. Turns out, one of the absolute cornerstones, one of the greatest success breakthroughs Gray and Brett contributed was an astonishingly thorough reengineering of the revered Turkish Get Up. Although the Turkish Get Up has always been a staple, core exercise taught at the RKC, Gray and Jones consider it a vastly under-appreciated and under-used method. A fundamental drill, as important to highlevel performance as the classic kettlebell Swing. So Gray and Brett, with additional masterly contributions from Dr. Mark Cheng, have created a brilliantly comprehensive instructional guide that every RKC and every serious athlete will want to watch and learn from many, many times. Kettlebells From the Ground Up not only introduces you to the basics of the Turkish Get Up, but provides you with all the tools you need to master this movement. In a carefully progressive, 7step process Gray and Brett help you toward Get Up perfection. And as you would expect of these Masters of Movement Engineering, they don’t just stop at showing you how to perform the exercise. Discover why the Turkish Get Up is simultaneously a profound and broad-ranging assessment tool, a tremendously effective corrective strategy and a formidable workout where the sky’s the limit for athletic accomplishment. For lay comrades, the language is kept simple and clear. But for the pros who need the extra background, each of the 7 Steps has a “tips for Pros” section that alone is worth the price of admission. The old time strongmen used the Get Up as an “entrance exam” requiring a 100pound Get Up on each side before beginning any other training. The Turkish Wrestlers used the Get Up to train for combat and grappling. And today the Get Up represents an opportunity for everyone to regain the “beautiful strength” and symmetry that our so-called fitness routines should bring us—but invariably don’t! shoulders and the hips. Modern reductionist fitness philosophy has people attempting to isolate pieces and parts of the body into something called “fitness”. But this is simply not how the body works. Movement is an incredibly complicated concert of agonist/antagonist muscle action coordinated by a web of neurological input. So how about simply cutting to the chase—while maintaining this exquisite integrity— by performing an exercise that requires us to move our body around a stabile shoulder coordinated through mobile hips? Sounds like the Get Up doesn’t it? Correct. Correct… Unfortunately, we often scrimp and shortchange our bodies by neglecting or procrastinating on this crucial selfmaintenance. Ironically, often the more skilled we are as athletes the more procrastinate on fixing our dysfunctions. Bad idea! The Kettlebells from the Ground Up program—designed by two absolute masters of the game—could just be a lifesaver for your athletic performance. Go for it! Getting Primitive… The beginning for the Get Up represents a very primitive rolling pattern. Many of us actually lose this rolling pattern as we age. But loss of this fundamental pattern can— and usually does—create a cascade effect through the body of dysfunction and compensation. If an individual is having issues with the beginning of the Get Up it could be because of a defective rolling pattern—and working on the first part of the exercise can “bring back” this primitive movement pattern. With a welcome upgrade to your overall athletic performance. When you progress through each step of Kettlebells from the Ground Up, you’ll be self-engineering a whole series of similar athletic performance breakthroughs, one building on the next for an ever more elegant and powerful overall result. If you’re currently dissatisfied in ANY WAY, by the quality of your movement, then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy The Kalos Sthenos of Kettlebells from the Ground Up NOW— With Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, and fix what needs to be fixed. Master RKC • Manual co-authored with If you don’t oil your vehicle or don’t put Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader air in a flat tire, you’re heading for serious trouble. It’s not a case of if, it’s a case of 2-DVD set with 36 page when. Our bodies are no different. spiral-bound manual An assessment and an exercise… As Gray Cook has so eloquently stated: “modern fitness techniques can actually allow us to stack fitness on dysfunction.” Meaning that we can actually take a “bent frame” and put a bigger engine in that car. Not a great idea… To perform safely at our peak, year-in, year-out, we need to cultivate a “symmetry of strength and movement”. Enter the Get Up! Because the Get Up can provide us with that crucial Left to Right assessment of movement and strength… At each of the 7 steps on the Kettlebells from the Ground Up DVD you will know if the movement, stability and strength is equal. The exercise actually becomes an assessment. Kettlebells from the Ground Up Shoulders and Hips “Some schools of Chinese medicine…refer to the shoulder and hip joints as the Four Knots and where there is an imbalance of tension or strength in any of the Four Knots problems…can occur…” Dr. Mark Cheng brings us this excellent description of the interplay between #DVS017 $79.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Kettlebells Ground Up online: www.dragondoor.com/DVS017 31 “Comrade, if you liked More Russian Kettlebell Challenges, you will enjoy Full Body Kettlebell Power: Beyond the Basics by David Whitley, Senior RKC. A strong presentation of advanced kettlebell exercises, which seamlessly blends strength, conditioning and flexibility. The ‘Hold My Beer and Watch This’ section alone is worth the price of admission. Dave's truck-like strength and size blends with a kid-like flexibility that is rare and inspiring.” —Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell! How to Use Advanced, PROVEN and EXTREMELY Effective Kettlebell Drills to Vastly Elevate Your Strength and Power—Guaranteed! Discover how to: • Train your body to work as a single, powerful cohesive unit across multiple planes of motion with the Turkish Windmill challenging variations on the standard Kettlebell Clean and Press • Blast your conditioning to mutant status and boost your explosive power with a half dozen Clean & Squat variations in the Thruster series • Develop the power of the old-time strongmen with the bent press and two hands anyhow “This dvd could not be more appropriately named. David is remarkably inventive and his application of the ‘same but different’ philosophy will help you take your training to new levels. The format gives you the added bonus of seeing David in a workshop setting actually making corrections of common mistakes. That alone is worth the price of the dvd. It belongs in the library of any trainee who has mastered the basics.” —Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC - Talala, OK “Full Body Power is an excellent resource for anyone looking to use Kettlebells to improve their strength, flexibility and coordination. David Whitley's reputation as a top notch instructor is well-deserved. He uses thorough explanation and demonstration, bringing unparalleled clarity to the complex, full body movements included in this DVD. David is both an expert lifter and teacher--his unrivaled mastery of the Two Hands Anyhow makes this particularly evident. Whatever your current ability level, Full Body Power is sure to help make you better.” —Name withheld, Army SF Captain - Ft Bragg, NC Full Body Power: • Dramatically increase shoulder, arm and core strength with the Follow the Leader press • Forge your body into a piece of iron when you master these fun and Kettlebells Beyond The Basics With David Whitley, Senior RKC Running Time: 98 min Order Full Body Power online: www.dragondoor.com/DV056 “Advanced Russian Kettlebell DVD opens with an excellent, innovative, yet rooted in traditional martial arts, joint mobility section. Then Phil Ross delivers a tough conditioning workout with a strong emphasis on ‘rotational power’. Enjoy the pain!” —Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell! DVD #DV056 $49.99 Advanced Russian Kettlebell With Phil Ross Running Time: 60 min DVD #DV057 $19.99 Advanced Russian Kettlebell rewards you with dynamic training sequences that FORCE muscular growth, enhance your cardiovascular endurance, develop new levels of critical “reflexive” strength, and strip your body to a harder-than-ever leanness. And yes, expect your beloved “core” to get the brutal attention it eagerly craves… Within the four workout segments, as well as the burnout portion, you’ll see Phil demonstrate moves such as the Kettlebell Swing, Figure 8, Low-, Mid-, and HiHalos, Hand-to-Hand Swing, Kettlebell Push-ups, Cross Renegade Rows, Renegade Side Lunges, and much more. “Advanced Russian Kettlebell with Phil Ross is incredible. I was blown away by his endurance. After I went from the short and informative tutorial to the four combinations Ross puts together, I could not wait to add these routines to my arsenal. But it does not stop there. I clicked on “Warm-up” and Ross takes you through an awesome routine. This information alone is worth the value of the DVD. Double 24kg Quarter Turn HopSquats!?! What?, my glutes are still sore and I did not even come close to 24kg.” —James - Richmond, VA “Having spent the past 20 years training as a fighter, this DVD has had an enormous impact on my preparation. I wish I would have had this when I started out in the fight game.” —Russ Knights - Grand Rapids, MI Order Advanced Russian Kettlebell online: 32 www.dragondoor.com/DV057 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Look WAY YOUNGER than Your Age, Have a LEAN, GRACEFUL, Athletic-Looking Body, Feel AMAZING, Feel VIGOROUS, Feel BEAUTIFUL, Have MORE Energy and MORE Strength to, Get MORE Done in Your Day In Russia, kettlebells have long been revered as the fitness-tool of choice for Olympic athletes, elite special forces and martial artists. The kettlebell’s ballistic movement challenges the body to achieve an unparalleled level of physical conditioning and overall strength. But until now, the astonishing benefits of the Russian kettlebell have been unavailable to all but a few women. Kettlebells have mostly been the sacred preserve of the male professional athlete, the military and other hardcore types. That’s about to change, as Russian fitness expert and best selling author PAVEL, delivers the firstever kettlebell program for women. It’s wild, but women really CAN have it all when they access the magical power of Russian kettlebells. Pavel’s uncompromising workouts give across-the-board, simultaneous, spectacular and immediate results for all aspects of physical fitness: strength, speed, endurance, fat-burning, you name it. Kettlebells deliver any and everything a woman could want—if she wants to be in the best-shape-ever of her life. And one handy, super-simple tool—finally available in woman-friendly sizes—does it all. No bulky, expensive machines. No complicated gizmos. No time-devouring trips to the gym. From Russia with Tough Love Pavel’s Kettlebell Workout for a Femme Fatale With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time: 1hr 12 minutes DVD #DV002 $29.95 By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 184 pages 8.5” x 11” Book #B22 $34.95 Into sports? Jump higher. Leap further. Kick faster. Hit harder. Throw harder. Run with newfound speed. Swim with greater power. Endure longer. Wow! Working hard? Handle stress with ridiculous ease. Blaze thru tasks in half the time. Radiate confidence. Knock ‘em dead with your energy and enthusiasm. From Russia with Tough Love Book and DVD Set Item #DVS005 $59.90 To order NOW call 24 hours a day Purchase Pavel’s From Russia With Tough Love book and DVD as a set and save… 1•800•899•5111 Order Russia w/ Tough Love book online: dragondoor.com/B22 33 Ultimate “Real World” Kettlebell Training Program Turns Firefighters into Near Invincible Specimens of Enduring Power and Shock-Proof Heart… “Do you know how to manhandle a heavy box to the top shelf? How to lift a heavy object that is not directly in front of you? How to be strong in a tight space—without hurting your back? Watch Tom Corrigan’s DVD and you will.” —Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell! s a longtime firefighter, Tom Corrigan has been on a relentless mission to seek out physical-preparedness programs that would truly give him the iron grip, the powerful back, the steely, cable-like muscles, the endurance, the ability to handle ballistic insult and the shock-proof heart that are essential in his line of work. Because Tom didn’t just want to excel as a firefighter. He wanted to survive, whatever he had to go up against, every time. When Tom discovered kettlebell training, he finally found the perfect firefighter fitness solution in one package. He likes to call “I feel like I am cheating my brother and sister Firefighters by not sharing KB Fire with them right away. My department has recently suffered an epidemic of career ending On the Job Injuries, two shoulders, three backs, and one knee. I know the sections on posture combined with Tom’s creative job specific uses of the kettlebell can prevent many of these injuries. KB Fire not only helps to correct poor movement patterns but it also shows you how to toughen yourself to further prevent those injuries. The tips on CPR have already paid off on the job. I was able to get as good or better compressions done without getting that pump in my lower back that is soon followed by an ache. As I began to share portions of KB Fire with fellow firefighters they were immediately impressed with Tom’s ability as an instructor as well as the quality of his physique. Tom puts out what you need to know and then shows you exactly what he told you with great demonstrations. Our training officer loved the graphics superimposed over Tom to reinforce good mechanics. Brother, this DVD will surely save lives as well as careers when KB Fire gets out to the fire service at large!”—Matthew Burleson A kettlebells the “Great Equalizer”, because they give him the perfect combination of endurance and strength. Having experienced these phenomenal training results with kettlebells, Tom Corrigan has wanted to share “fighterpreparedness” program not only with all his other firefighters but all those whose jobs require heavy and sudden physical challenge. While Tom’s KB Fire program will ensure a firefighter is supremely ready to fight, the drills can easily be adopted by a host of hard-living types to perform their jobs more safely and more effectively. By Tom Corrigan, RKC Team Leader Running time: 117 minutes DVD #DV044 $49.95 KB Fire: Kettlebell Training for Firefighters The bumps and bruises come with the job. Reduce or eliminate leaving the job with a bad back, knees, shoulders or cardiac problems. Tom will show you proper warm-ups and exercises that will make you a fitter, more resilient firefighter.” —Bob Ross, RKC, Firefighter/Paramedic. Phoenix F.D “KB Fire is a versatile, comprehensive kettlebell training program for firefighters that understands the diverse nature of our job. Taking a hydrant, pulling an attack line, laddering the structure, cutting a hole on a pitched roof 20-30 feet high with a screaming powered tool or axe, with fire below you and victims that need to be saved can be challenging. Prepare yourself and the your department with KB Fire. “Tom not only does a great job with showing you the basic conditioning exercises you can do with the kettlebell, but the ‘job specific’ drills alone will greatly benefit a firefighter’s ability to do the job effectively while minimizing the risk of injury. Great job Tom!” —William Fish, RKC, Firefighter, EMT-C, Johnston Fire Dept, Local 1950, Johnston, RI Order KB Fire online: dragondoor.com/DV044 Iconoclastic Trainer Debunks Fitness Myths—Inspires and Motivates with Brilliant Artwork and Raw-to-the-Bone Tips for a Dynamic Life Hanzo The Ultimate Self-Help: Body, Mind, & Spirit By Ron Morris, RKC Team Leader 46 frameable 17” x 11” bound art-prints • Special Limited Edition of 250 copies. Book #B38 $79.95 Order Hanzo online: With a combination of charismatic style, personal example, inspirational toughness and creative passion, Ron has transformed the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of women and men in Minnesota. Ron’s success stories have ranged from morbidly obese housewives, to college athletes, to firefighters, to harried executives, to MDs, to notables like the explorer Will Steger and the internationally-renowned author, Joe Bailey. Wild, supremely iconoclastic, funny, massively politically-incorrect and forever pushing the envelope of personal growth, Ron has helped all these diverse folk kindle a new belief in themselves—and their own power to etch out a new life of power and vitality and engagement. Inevitable, then, that Ron’s next step would be to take his entire journey and his entire experience of working with innumerable clients and create an Art Testament to the process he has refined and cultivated. Ron calls his process, his philosophy of life, Hanzo. Think a gene-splice of Gonzo writer, Hunter S. Thompson, Kill Bill, Zen Buddhism and The Power of Now—with Mr. Ron as the final diabolical twist of the helix. The result: a series of 46 stunning art pieces—any one or all of which could be easily framed and hung in a gallery as the instant classics they are. 34 www.dragondoor.com/B38 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 et Rid o our at orever— Lauren Brooks has recently had two babies—yet owns the kind of sleek, firm, perfectly toned body that would make even a competitive female athlete green with envy… In as Little as 12 Minutes a Day! Discover powerful classics like: 1. The Two Handed Swing 2. The Overhead Swing 3. The Suitcase Deadlift 4. The Squat Thrust 5. The One Arm Clean 6. The Front Squat 7. The High Pull Catch, and Squat 8. The Russian Twist and a whole lot more…! “Your instruction is by far the most any of straightforward and easy to follow than for years to the other DVDs out there. I’ve tried and have master some of the basic techniques thank you! You really make this struggled. So ever!” workout much more accessible than —Maya Shackley, Washington, DC ranging “I am a 48 year old mom with 4 girls – 9th grade. I have been doing home from 4th weeks ago workouts since the mid 1980’s. Two quickly I picked up a kettlebell and DVD and hooked. I have been got searching the internet for more and found your DVD which I promptly ordered. I received it yesterday and am very excited to have it – it is the best workout DVD I’ve ever seen and I have had over a hundred!” —J Bonnie, Palos Verdes How did Lauren do it? Well—more than anything else—by her VERY savvy use of the kettlebell’s almost magical power to strip away body fat and sculpt a lean, perfectly toned look. If there is anyone out there who knows how to help you through the frustrations of unsightly extra body fat, it’s got to be Lauren—a real woman with a real life, just like you—who has the skills and knowledge AND personal experience to help you forever lose those final unsightly pounds! Ready to strengthen and sculpt your entire body? It's time to learn how to use kettlebells and to incorporate them in to your lifestyle—the Lauren Brooks way. Lauren Brooks shows you how kettlebells and bodyweight exercises can get you the body and conditioning you always dreamed of—and can now finally attain, in a quick and realistic fashion. The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells With Lauren Brooks, RKC II Running Time: 80 min Then you get: Lauren’s Follow-along Fat Blast Workout, Low to Medium Intensity. 12-15 minutes long and can be repeated twice if you want to really shed those unsightly extra pounds in a hurry. Plus: Lauren’s terrific Follow-along Sculpt and Conditioning Workout, Medium to High Intensity. 40 minutes. And finally: Lauren’s Joint Mobility section for warm up and cool down. The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells will get you in tip top shape no matter what your fitness background is. And, of course, it’s especially great for moms trying to shed that baby weight and get in better shape than before their pregnancy DVD #DV058 $39.99 You get: A Fast-Start Course in 15 crucial fat-burning, body-strengthening kettlebell and bodyweight exercises—so even a complete beginner can rapidly achieve the weight loss and toning she is looking for. Order Ultimate Body Sculpt online: dragondoor.com/DV058 Busy Beyond Belief? Then Gulp Down This “Exercise Power-Snack”—for a Fast, Fun and Above All SATISFYING Workout Experience! Franz and Yoana Snideman are two of Dragon Door’s most dynamic and skilled RKC trainers. Talk about a Power Couple! Nothing like getting two top RKC Team Leaders to inspire you through the perfect “exercise power-snack” when you feel like you barely have time to breathe… As longtime owners of one of California’s most successful kettlebell facilities, Franz and Yoana know exactly what their clients need, when it comes to very fast results in the quickest possible time. Their Quick Results Kettlebell Workout is the Snideman Solution for the modern man and woman who—frankly—wants to eat their cake and have it too. Franz and Yoana lead you through a well-structured, fun, friendly, technically proficient workout that is perfect when you have just a few minutes but still want to scorch yourself into amazing shape! Quick Results Kettlebell Workout is a breeze to follow along with— and will amp up both your endurance, strength AND cardio conditioning in one cool package. Enjoy! “I think the video is great! It's def an advanced video. Quick results for fit people. 2 mins per exercise for the average kettlebeller is killer. I love the format and the different views are the best editing I've seen out of any kettlebell videos. The examples are fantastic. Fast and to the point! Well Done and thanks!” —Victoria Behr, RKC Quick Results Kettlebell Workout Franz and Yoana Snideman, RKC Team Leaders Running Time: 39 min DVD #DV060 $29.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Quick Results Kettlebell online: www.dragondoor.com/DV060 35 Are you frustrated by your lack of stretch and flexibility? Are you losing your range of motion? Is your performance suffering? Are you sick and tired of freezing up and crashing like yesterday’s useless software program? Then Discover How Pavel’s 5-Step, Neuro-Software Upgrade System Can Rapidly DEBUG the Hidden Blocks That Are KILLING Your Performance— RESTORE Your Lost Freedom and REWARD You with Newfound Power, Strength and Speed R emember the last time you got that nasty little whirling symbol on your monitor—signaling an imminent freeze or crash? Remember the frustration and fear as you watched and waited to see if all your hard work and effort was about to be zapped—perhaps irretrievably? SuperGeek’s software was brilliant in relentlessly restoring every valuable function on my computer—and then some. When SuperGeek was done with me and my computer, we were ready to conquer the world. Now, I never did hear the details of what bugs and overloads and insufficiencies caused my computer dysfunction in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have understood anyway—and it doesn’t really matter. But fortunately, you don’t have to fear anymore that you’ll be faced with this inevitable decline in your physical capacities… because the work has been done for you, help is at hand, the complete system you need to protect your most precious commodity is now available: Welcome to Pavel’s masterly bodysoftware program for debugging, unblocking, unlocking and completely restoring your body’s capacity to stretch and flex the way it was born and meant to do! Since his early days when he honed the physical fighting capacity of the legendary Soviet Spetsnaz, to his current incarnation as a bestselling American fitness expert, Pavel has tirelessly researched and then implemented the best-kept secrets for function-based flexibility. Using his own body and the bodies of countless thousands of warriors, athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, dancers and coaches—and more than a few sackfuls of deconditioned couch potatoes—as the proving ground, Pavel has refined his stretching program into a brilliantly simple-yet-powerful, 5-step operating system for ultimate flexibility. The lucky folk who attended Pavel’s Unlock! Seminars in 2005 and 2006 got to absorb this powerful stretching knowledge in person, getting personal corrections and targeting training tips from the master himself. And in his final, never-to-be-repeated Unlock! Seminar in October 2006, Pavel excelled himself, with his most succinct, practical and honed program ever. Participants were wild about the stunning flexibility changes they were able to experience in just a few hours—all by implementing just a few simple but deep and far-reaching Master Principles of Stretching. You’ll see… when you download this neuro-software of Pavel’s into your eager cells and punch the appropriate Command key, then, boom!... your body’ll start releasing and unlocking itself like crazy—EVERYWHERE YOU WANT IT TO! It’ll seem like magic, but of course it’s based on rock-solid, (yet little-known) scientific principles that have been proven time and time again. But what’s really magical is the SYSTEM that Pavel’s figured out for you. And that’s what all great software does—take the most powerful functions and formulate them into the ultimate winning code. Just do it, just follow the simple directions and watch your body reconfigure before your eyes! Fortunately for all of us, Pavel gave permission for Dragon Door to film-andcapture his entire October 2006 Unlock! Stretching and flexibility seminar. We got to film-and-capture every detail you’d ever need to implement Pavel’s amazing stretching system in its entirety. We got to capture every moment of Pavel troubleshooting and fixing a cross section of types from elite martial artists, to athletes, to the relatively deconditioned. (If you are a trainer or coach, these sections will be incredibly valuable to you.) Well, not so long ago a very nasty thing happened to me and my computer. A freeze, a crash, a dead screen… In fact, it was the kind of crash that had my local service store shaking and scratching their heads. If they’d been undertakers, they would’ve been pulling out their casket brochures… The SuperGeek at my friendly computer rescue station wasn’t about to offer hope. SuperGeek wouldn’t promise, in fact, that ANY of my precious data could be retrieved. And it took TEN DAYS—plus a sizable withdrawal from my bank account— before SuperGeek grudgingly admitted that he had, after all, been able to retrieve ALL of my data. Meanwhile, you can imagine the disruption to my momentum, the wasted time and energy, the blown synapses. It wasn’t pretty! So, what’s this all got to do with stretching and flexibility and operating at full tilt in life? Well, it turns out that SuperGeek was a cagey rascal who’d had a secret weapon up his sleeve he wasn’t about to admit to… See, SuperGeek had an IMMENSELY powerful and THOROUGH software program that scanned, checked, diagnosed, THEN debugged, cleaned, restored and retrieved my computer data for me—TOTALLY! What mattered was that there was a Master Software Program available that could restore my computer to optimal functioning. And, of course, our bodies are amazingly similar to computers in some crucial ways… Fail to run the right neuro-software, fail to maintain them with the correct drills, fail to keep them clean of internal clutter—and you can GUARANTEE you’re heading down the slippery slope of reduced capacity, impaired performance and finally, complete breakdown. Let’s face it, life will treat us like a punching bag—and like yesterday’s useless software program—if we don’t jump in and take control of our body’s systems. We need to install and run the correct “software” that’s guaranteed to safeguard us against the destructive impact of life’s challenges. Or else. If you don’t listen to your body’s needs for free-flowing ease of movement—and if you don’t understand what it takes to meet those needs—you’re gonna pay the price big time as you start to degrade into reduced function, slowness, pain and increasing frustration. I could go on and on about the power of Pavel’s stretching system but let’s hear from some actual participants at Pavel’s Unlock! seminars on what they gained from Pavel’s training: Order Beyond Stretching DVDs online: 36 www.dragondoor.com/DVS012 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Pavel continues to amaze! “I've been a practicing martial artist for 30 years. I ordered this seminar hoping that it would facilitate my recovery from injury and help restore my lost flexibility. It taught me safe and mechanically correct assessment and training methods that none of my six previous martial arts teachers ever touched on. I experienced immediate improvement from my first training session. Now I can pass on this information to my students and hopefully they won't have to suffer like I have. I give this seminar my highest recommendation.” —Scott A. Dollinger Psy.D. - Glen Ellyn, IL “They sold me this for only $150?! I had to watch this over a 2-week period, one disk per day, and then revisit each disk afterwards. There is so much information here. It’s one thing to have read relax in to stretch, or watch forced relaxation, but to see Pavel trouble shoot people who are having the same problems you are having, and fix them in minutes, is amazing. It really is like you are there. If you put this on, and just go along with the seminar, you will truly get the "next best thing to being there". I have been overseas for the last 4 years, but with a product this good, it brings Unlock to me. This is not just for the person trying to get a Russian split either, this is for you, your wife, your mom and dad, your co workers who complain of sore backs and necks all day, and your buddy who quit playing soft ball because his knee and hip are killing him. It’s that good. My highest recommendations!” —Adam T Glass, SSgt, USAF - Okinawa, Japan What a rip off!! “If I had had these training methods when I was on the Olympic team, I would’ve captured the gold medal! Bravo! Superior to any seminar I’ve done. Excellent, diverse and thorough. Taught me the foundation of fundamental principles of mobility, which resulted in increases in strength and flexibility. Thank you.”— Teimoc Johnston-Ono, Trainer/Coach, 6x World Masters Jujitsu Champion, US Olympic Judo team 1976, US Olympic Training Center, Coach “I have taken many clinics by experts in the strength and conditioning field. Without a doubt the “UNLOCK!” course is the finest I have attended, I would recommend it to anyone.” —Cole Summers, Strength Coach, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada “The course encouraged me that it is entirely within my grasp to increase my mobility and flexibility as I get older rather than lose it (I’m 47) it also convinced me that the real barriers are self imposed. Extremely practical – a great complement to RKC training.”— Michelle Kilikauskas, Mathematician, 1999 and 2000 APFUS Masters National Powerlifting Championships, 2000 WPC Masters World Powerlifting Championship, RKC “The UNLOCK! course was excellent, very much worth the investment. The principles and techniques I learned will be useful in my own training, my clients training, and with my massage clients.”— David Whitley, Senior RKC, Massage Therapist, Hermitage, TN “Intense, covered everything, every joint, useful immediately personally and professionally with patients.”— Doc Kelly, Chiropractic Physician “Wow! I finally found the missing pieces to unrestricted movement and the ability to achieve pain free range of motion. If I only use 30% of what I learned it will increase my physical performance 200%.”— Lance Allen, Licensed Acupuncturist “With forty plus years in physical culture, (athletics, bodywork, martial arts) as a participant and as a coach, and teacher, this is the most comprehensive, and organized workshop I have attended.”— Michael Reams, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Seattle, WA “This course was fantastic! This is my 5th course with Pavel and he still has information in the vault. I recommend this course to everyone.”—Brad Nelson, RKC Team Leader, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Woodbury, MN “Pavel is truly a genius in the field of human movement and performance. He never fails to amaze with his practical application of science to real-world situation and normal people.”—Keith Weber, Physical Therapist, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada  Pavel’s second master principle of stretching is to FIND SPACE. You’ll be astounded at how Pavel’s brilliant innovation will rewrite the story of your body and make history of your cramps and blocks.  Pavel’s third master principle of stretching is to SPREAD THE LOAD. Discover another magical method for shifting out of hampering stress and strain to release your body’s full potential for stretch and range of movement. And then Pavel gives you two other key principles that are for stretching only:  Pavel’s fourth master principle of stretching is to RELAX. Some of you may think you know how to relax and some of you may think you know how to relax into a better stretch. Well let me tell you that the information you’ll get here about the relax principle is as different from traditional relax techniques as a Yugo and a Ferrari!  Pavel’s fifth master principle of stretching is to PRY. Again, the other experts will be shaking their head and asking “Why didn’t I think of that?”—as you and they both discover this technique’s power to blow through even the most stubborn stretch-block. It doesn’t matter what body part you are looking to make more flexible—hips, legs, neck, spine, glutes, chest, shoulders, you-name-it—just run Pavel’s 5-step neuro software through the offending part and watch it release, open and stretch out! Beyond Stretching: The Seminar Instant Flexibility and The Master Principles of Stretching with Pavel And here’s what you get with Pavel’s Beyond Stretching: The Seminar 5-DVD set: You get the complete breakdown of each key principle and how to properly implement that principle for huge gains in stretch, flexibility and range of motion. Pavel gives you three master principles that will forever alter not only your stretching ability—but every aspect of your movement:  Pavel’s first master principle of stretching is to USE YOUR STRENGTH. Discover how a scientific application of targeted strength techniques can help you immediately blow through your current flexibility limitations! #DVS012 $187.00 5-DVD Set Running time: 4 hours 48 minutes To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Beyond Stretching DVDs online: www.dragondoor.com/DVS012 37 “These are possibly the best fitness/performance related DVDs that I have come across. Rif presents some vital concepts which have never before been brought together and explains how you can identify and treat the postural causes of many aches and pains.” — Chris H., Edinburgh, Scotland Have You Thrown in the Towel Because You Hurt Too Much? “Battle-tested” system by a NATURAL BORN WARRIOR has you snarling in disdain at your old injuries… A series of brutal injuries ended Mark Reifkind’s Olympic hopes in gymnastics, in champion powerlifting, in ultramarathons and in Ironman triathlons. A resurgent Mark battled back to become one of the premier kettlebell trainers in the US. No one has delved more deeply than Mark into what it takes to beat pain at its own game—and remain resiliently functional in the face of the most egregious challenges. Having heard of Mark’s success at restoring his lost physical functioning, we begged him to share his personal discoveries and methods with our elite RKC kettlebell trainers at the recent RKC II certification workshop. Mark’s secrets for restoring physical function would clearly be of immense value to our RKCs, for themselves, but more importantly for their clients. And Mark did not disappoint! In a brilliant, inspiring, impassioned, fascinating and highly practical seminar, Mark blew the assembled RKCs away with his methods for understanding, pinpointing and then releasing blocks in the body. I am so glad we got it all on tape! No way would anyone be able to remember one-tenth of all the methods Mark shared with us in those two hours! Now, you too can benefit from this treasure trove of methods to keep you and your clients in optimal condition. Contents include: relationships—and why they are important to your muscular and joint health? ways most don’t recognize. more prevalent than previously thought—and how they affect parts of the body seemingly unrelated to the painful area.  What are Length Tension  Why fascial restrictions are  The importance of neutral positioning to the joints— and how the muscles help or hinder you in achieving this balanced posture.  Why professional massage is usually NOT enough to deal with myofascial problems.  Tonic and Phasic muscles in the body—and how training or lack of training affects them.  How to use myofascial self release to deal with length tension relationship imbalances. Restoring Lost Physical Function An Advanced RKC Training Resource With Mark Reifkind, Senior RKC Running Time: 117 minutes $77.00 2-DVD set #DV048  How your length/tension relationships determine which muscles to stretch and which to strengthen— and when to do which.  How to use the foam roller to identify and release myofascial restrictions in ANY muscle in the body.  How improper L/T relationships can cause injury—and how to work around and through them with proper program design.  When and where you should NOT use the foam roller.  Myofascial self release as workout modality. Engage and work the abs, back and shoulders while opening up the restricted muscles.  How everyday activities and postures can seriously disrupt these L/T relationships.  Simple stretches and strengtheners to balance out the musculature. Unique information and accessible presentation “These are possibly the best s that I have fitness/performance related DVD presents some vital concepts come across. Rif brought which have never before been tify and explains how you can iden together causes of many aches and treat the postural and pains.  The critical areas that NEED to be addressed—to avoid back pain and injury. will allow weak. The tools presented here tify what you need to work on you to iden things right. I and equip you to start to put anyone.” ld recommend these DVDs to wou burgh, Scotland —Chris H., Edin  How to use the KB to address these imbalances—and build back strength and resilience in the muscles and joints. Learn from Rif’s mistakes!  What is fascia—and why does it matter to you?  The difference between muscles and fascia—and how they are linked in excellent, well “The tools for assessment are When a guy worth the price of admission. has been there, done that, got like Rif, who ry prevention and Janda he the Doctor bill speaks on inju was Building on the work of Chek balanced and repair, I listen. The info on this DVD to be explains how the muscles need LOT of mileage.” —David you must earned through a to maintain function and how n what is Whitley, Senior RKC, TN ch what is tight and strengthe stret Order Restoring Lost Function online: 38 www.dragondoor.com/DV048 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Got a “Challenge” You’d Like to Finally Overcome?—Find the Perfect Tool for the Job Right Here! Regain range-of-motion, restore mobility, reclaim function and renew your energy… M ost of our RKC instructors—and a very great number of our HardStyle customers— are in frankly fantastic physical shape. In the top two or three percent of the nation. And that is what we at Dragon Door pride ourselves on, first and foremost: promoting the highest level of physical excellence and achievement through the most effective and efficient training methods on the planet. expertly “This DVD is a taping of a workshop from the taught by Andrea Du Cane. It is clear presentation and drills that Andrea’s mindbackground in Pilates, movement, and is not fitness takes center stage. Her focus body physically fit, but on the ‘typical unfit on the lation. This client’ coming from the general popu (fit) but would range from the older exerciser training, interested in transitioning to kettlebell o who all the way to your typical couch potat to)! hasn’t seen his toes in years (but longs you with Andrea’s basic kettlebell drills can ‘kill an kindness’ and it’s clear that even with bell audience of well-conditioned kettle enthusiasts those simple drills can be challenging. for Contains a lot of information not only clients who fitness professionals but also for the or will seek them out. If you are older style’ considering transitioning from ‘softfrom exercise, or have simply been away there is exercise and body awareness, then ester, something here for you.”—EGA., Worc MA However, just show up to the free lesson at one of our RKC certification workshops and take a look at the 100+ unsuspecting victims who volunteer to be put through the mill by our RKC candidates. You will see folk who range from having 200 pounds of extra lard on them—to spindly, skeletal geeks without a shred of noticeable muscle. You see the uncoordinated, the injured, the elderly, ungainly teenagers—you name it. And what’s the commonality for all these folk? Despite their individual challenges, they have all shown up with the hope of transcending their current limitations through the use of kettlebells. The great news is that the RKC program has built a system of expertise that can genuinely help what is known in the industry as “special populations”. As a Senior RKC with a multi-disciplinary background and a particular concern for this client-base, Andrea Du Cane has helped hundreds of her clients break through their particular physical challenges—and live more vigorous, satisfied lives. The Level II RKC certification teaches our instructors a multitude of methods to address corrective, preventive and restorative issues for their clients. Andrea Du Cane’s thorough and broad-ranging presentation on Working with Special Populations was extremely well received— and, as with the other Senior presentations at this Level II RKC, we have therefore decided to make it available to the public. Of course you don’t have to be an RKC—or a “Spec Pop”—to benefit enormously from the wealth of amazing information Andrea shares with you here. The material is priceless, whatever your condition or athletic background. Contents include:  Sizing Up Your Clients  Ain’t Got No Swing if Your Joints Got No Zing: Joint Mobility  Building a Foundation: Lower Body Drills Rocking Deadlift Box Squats Figure Eights Step Back Lunges with Kettlebell Working with Special Populations An Advanced RKC Training Resource With Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC Running Time: Two hours 57 minutes $77.00 2-DVD set #DV046  Contemplate Your Center: Abs and Core Drills Neutral Spine Exercise Power Breathing with Knee Squeeze Suitcase Deadlift Abs and Core Drills: The Slingshot RKC Level II Advanced Training Super-Set Get all four programs and  Reach for the Stars: Shoulder Strength and Stability Shoulder Exercises with Balls or Light Kettlebells Bandwork for the Back and Lats Farmers’ Walks Walk Around in Clean Position Walk Around with Kettlebell Overhead Corkscrew Windmill save $31.00 if purchased individually! #DVS015 $277.00 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Special Populations online: www.dragondoor.com/DV046 39 “An IRON CURTAIN Has Descended Across MY Abs” Possess a maximum impact training tool for the world’s most effective abs, no question. Includes detailed follow-along instructions on how to perform most of the exercises described in the companion book, Bullet-Proof Abs Demonstrates advanced techniques for optimizing results with the Ab Pavelizer. • No one—but no one—has ever matched Bruce Lee’s ripped-beyond-belief abs. What was his favorite exercise? Here it is. Now you can rip your own abs to eyepopping shreds and reclassify yourself as superhuman. • Rapidly download extreme intensity into your situps—with explosive breathing secrets from Asian martial arts. • Employ a little-known secret from East German research to radically strengthen your situp. • Do the right thing with “the evil wheel”, hit the afterburners and rocket from halfbaked to fully-fried abs. • “How to smoke your obliques with the Saxon Side Bend. • How to never do more than five reps per set — and replace your soft underbelly with body armor. • A complete workout plan for optimizing your results from the Janda situp and other techniques. Beyond Crunches Hard Science. Hard Abs. With Pavel Tsatsouline DVD Running Time 37 Min Item #DV042 $29.95 As a former Soviet Union Special Forces conditioning instroctor, Pavel Tsatsouline already knew a thing or two about how to create bullet-stopping abs. Since then, he has combed the world to pry out this select group of primevally powerful ab exercises— guaranteed to yield the fastest, most effective results known to man. • Russian fighters used this drill, The FullContact Twist, to increase their striking power and toughen their midsections against blows. An awesome exercise for iron-clad obliques. • Fry your abs without the spine-wrecking, neck-jerking stress of traditional crunches. Bullet-Proof Abs 2nd Edition of Beyond Crunches Item #B11 $34.95 Order Bullet-Proof Abs online: Book By Pavel Tsatsouline, Paperback 128 pages 119 Photos and 112 Illustrations Pavel demonstrates the Power Breathing technique Bending the Fire to develop an extra edge in your abs training. 40 www.dragondoor.com/B11 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Just five reps a day is all it takes... “Unique Ab Pavelizer II SMOKES YOUR ABS more INTENSELY, SAFELY AND QUICKLY than any abs machine in the world—guaranteed!” ™ T he Ab Pavelizer II™’s sleek design guarantees a perfect sit-up by forcing you to do it right. Now, escape or half-measures are impossible. Sit down at the Ab Pavelizer II™ and a divine slab of abs will be served up whether you like it or not. You’ll startle yourself in your own mirror! How sure are we that Ab Pavelizer™ II will work for you? 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The loaded hip stretch using a box, the loaded Russian twist, the loaded RKC clean stretch, and the KB loaded triceps stretch are very powerful tools that I have put in my bag of tricks. The loaded RKC clean stretch has been a real blessing to my football and powerlifting ravaged shoulders. There is a lot more here too for every athlete.” —JACK REAPE, Armed Forces Powerlifting Champion Loaded Stretching The Russian Technique for Instant Extra Strength with Pavel #DV023 $24.95 DVD Running time: 20 minutes “It is interesting that we have all these great minds in America, and a tremendous amount of info from the Easter Bloc, but never really entered that special door of duplicating elite performance. It took someone from the Eastern Bloc, to show where the door was. Now he has given the key to that allimportant first door to creating elite performance. Pavel’s Loaded Stretching DVD is that key. Thank You Pavel!” —JAY SCHROEDER, arpprogram.com “It’s not about flexibility. 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That section is worth the investment for anybody still struggling with figuring out the squat. One thing I really liked about the DVD is the clarity provided by not only Pavel’s explanations but the simple graphics that accompanied the points. I kept having that “Oh” moment where you are convinced you know something, realize that you don’t, then say out loud, “Oh.” The DVD is filled with these and I am a bit humbled today by the realization that I thought I understood a lot of things about flexibility and lifting and realize that I knew little. I loved the DVD. A viewer might discover that they may already be doing several of the Strength Stretches but might quickly discover, as I did, that one additional idea or factor can turn that stretch into a game changer. Good Stuff!”—DAN JOHN, National Masters Champion in Discus and Olympic Lifting, Salt Lake City, UT “When I consume a teaching resource, I look for two things; first does it have something I can use immediately, and second does it mention something that I have been playing with in the gym. Strength Stretching hits both points several times. Things I used immediately are the Wall Squat, the Wedge, the RKC hip flexor stretch, and the GHR back stretch. The Wall Squat has become my squat warmup drill, the wedge changed my dl start routine, the hip flexor stretch and when to use it are now part of my training and meet bag of tricks, and the use of the GHR for learning to arch is ingenious. The press behind the neck stretch and “prying” are two drills that I have been playing with and have enhanced through the DVD. The Wall Squat portion itself would have made the DVD worth it, but the rest of the material is superb and clearly presented. Graphics are concise. Great for both new and more experienced PLers. Very few things have my full endorsement, but this does.” —JACK REAPE, Armed Forces Powerlifting Champion For a Bigger Squat, Bench & Deadlift with Pavel Strength Stretching #DV024 $39.95 DVD Running time: 38 minutes • Gain up to 15% on your pulling strength — by learning how to properly arch your back • How to arch higher — and bench more — without killing your back • Master the Kettlebell Depth Squat — the Russian powerlifting secret for teaching perfect squat and pull form and developing championship flexibility • Discover how to release the hidden brakes that are silently sabotaging your deadlift • How to relax your turtle traps — and up your dead • How to squat with the big boys — without killing your shoulders and elbows To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Strength Stretching online: www.dragondoor.com/DV024 43 I Discover New Keys to Superior Athletic Achievement n his strength books Pavel emphasizes the importance of learning to maximally tense the muscles. Because tension IS strength. But strength/ tension is only half of the total performance package. The other half is relaxation. The body of a karate expert will freeze in total tension at the moment of impact, but will remain totally loose before and after. Mastery of relaxation is the hallmark of an elite athlete. Soviet scientists discovered that the higher the athlete’s level, the quicker he can relax his muscles. The Soviets observed an 800% difference between novices and Olympians. Their conclusion: total control of tension = elite performance. If you can master your muscular tension, a new dimension of athletic excellence opens to you. New achievements. New heights of performance. Some genetically-endowed superstars seem to possess this ability from birth. But according to former Soviet Special Forces trainer, Pavel, a SKILL–SET is available that can transform anyone’s current physical limitations. 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If you're a serious competitor looking for that extra edge, you *must* add these drills to your routine. Thank you, Pavel, for another excellent product. OSU!!” —B, Boston – MA Secrets of the Russian Champions: Dynamic Relaxation Techniques for Elite Performance with Pavel Fast & Loose #DV021 $29.95 Fast and Loose + Rough and Tough = Deadly Force Invest in the “Deadly Invest in the “Deadly Force” set of Pavel’s Fast Force” set of Pavel’s Fast and Loose DVD with and Loose DVD with Pavel’s The Naked Pavel’s The Naked Warrior DVD and book— Warrior DVD and book— and SAVE… and SAVE… Item #DVS008 Item #DVS008 $94.85 $94.85 DVD Running time: 27 minutes • Enhance your physical efficiency • Remove your hidden brakes — to run faster and further • Learn Russian commando “instant readiness” drills • Discover a unique breathing technique — for “super-relaxation” • Recover sooner after hard training • Kick higher and faster • Hit harder • Minimize muscle pulls • Stay loose to go the distance • Improve your technique in any sport “Fast & Loose is another amazing tool from Pavel… Everyone knows that once you really start pushing the envelope on your current abilities, you need those subtle yet all-important tools to move from average to elite performance. They can seem insignificant to the untrained observer, but are better than gold to those who have the faculties to incorporate them. Pavel delivers as always.”—Mark Hanington, Huntington Beach, CA. Order Fast and Loose online: 44 www.dragondoor.com/DV021 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 The Graduate Course In Instant Strength Gains Gains “I went from 5 to 10 pullups in one week.” “Last night I did 15 one-arm pushups with each arm. Two months ago I couldn’t do one complete rep.” “I could do one wobbly one-legged squat… [Two weeks later] I did 5 clean, butt-to-ground pistols.” Have you noticed—the greater a man’s skill, the more he achieves with less? And the skill of strength is no exception. From the ancient days of Greek wrestling, to the jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Fu masters, to the hard men of modern spec ops, warriors and allied strongmen have developed an amazing array of skills for generating inhuman strength. But these skills have been scattered far and wide, held closely secret, or communicated in a piecemeal fashion that has left most of us frustrated and far from reaching our true strength potential. Now, for the first time, Russian strength expert and former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel has gathered many of these devastating techniques into one highly teachable skill set. 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I was trained by Bill Starr in Power Lifting and Weight Lifting(Olympic Lifting to the ignorant.) and was a personal trainer/instructor 26 years, Military Police/Correctional Officer for 11 years and coaching/instructing Judo and Ju-jitsu for the last 8 years, and I was in the Marine Corps, Navy, and the Guard for giggles and grins, so I have some knowledge on the subject matter. I can honestly say that Pavel is 100% correct! Give his DVD or book a shot (hell, I bought both!) and you'll see that you don't need hundreds of reps or dozens of different exercises to become rock hard and strong as coiled steel.” —James Copelin, Texoma Judo-Jujitsu - Wichita Falls, TX The Naked Warrior Master the Secrets of the Super-Strong— Using Bodyweight Exercises Only Invest in the set of Pavel’s The Naked Warrior DVD and book—and SAVE… Item #DVS009 $69.95 with Pavel DVD #DV015 $34.95 Running time 37 minutes To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 www.dragondoor.com/DV015 M Order Naked Warrior online: 45 How to Instantly Increase Your Upper Body Strength With the Irradiation Technique An excerpt from The Naked Warrior by Pavel H it the deck and give me five pushups, Comrade! Only five, but of a challenging variety, for instance with your feet up or on one arm. When you are done with five you should be able to grind out another couple but no more than that. 41 yr old mom using GTG to do something she has never done “My wife has been using GTG (greasing the grove) for a couple of weeks to learn how to do chin ups. She started with 2 assisted chins 3 or four times a day four a week then doing 1 unassisted chin then one more a few minutes later 4 or 5 times a day. 2 weeks later she is doing 3 unassisted chins without leaving the bar and yesterday's total was 15 unassisted chins for the day. This stuff really works, it is pure science for pure results!!!” —Rick Giese - Casper, WY Note: “GTG” or “grease the groove” is the Naked Warrior training program into fighting shape again. If you are ready to suck it up, forget the health clubs, do like I did, order a appropriate size kettlebell& DVD and get busy!! Pavel can put you back in the game!” —Gene Simmons - New Jersey Note the difficulty of your first set. Rest briefly. Do another fiver but with one difference: on the way up grip the deck hard with your fingertips. Don’t go up on your fingertips; just grip the floor so your fingertips turn white. Only on the way up. All the way up or just at the sticking point. You will have to experiment whether you will get the best results by gripping throughout the lift or just at the sticking point. You cannot help noticing that your arms have suddenly gotten a jolt of extra energy, as if your tensing forearms have sent some juice up into your triceps. Which is exactly what has happened. Whenever a muscle contracts, it irradiates “nerve force” around it and increases the intensity of the neighborhood muscles’ contraction. The effect is strongest in your hands. Make a fist. A tight fist. A white-knuckle fist! Note that as you grip harder the tension in your forearm overflows into your upper arm, and even your shoulder and armpit. You will increase your strength in any upper body exertion, bodyweight or not, by strongly gripping the floor, the bar, etc. Power to you, Naked Warrior! Anywhere, anytime. Any time, any place “When I first purchased Naked Warrior and began using GTG, I saw immediate results. I GTG'd military presses with a 65 lb. dumbbell and when I first got my 70 lb. KB, I was able to press it 13 times at a bodyweight of 175 lbs. When I demonstrate the one arm, one leg pushup, people look at me in amazement. I am convinced that anyone using the techniques outlined in this book will be able to perform them in time. Being a law enforcement officer, I am often in need of strength training, but have little time or equipment. I am able to maintain or build strength, flexibility and balance with only my body. When I finish a GTG set, I feel powerful and energized. The secondary effects of hypertrophy are an added bonus. For those of you who are concerned that there are few exercises outlined here, you should know that the principles in this book can be applied to any lift and to many athletic endeavors. It is a powerful system for physical culture. Get this book.” —Douglas Moore – Bangor, Maine Pavel has done a fantastic job on this book, a must read for all “I briefly want to say that I will be forever grateful to Pavel and his real world views and knowledge of the body and what it takes to really get in shape. I'm a 53 year old two tour former Marine Sgt. Listen, I had knee surgery a little over a year ago and have tried everything to get my strength back and nothing has worked -until now! Pavel, man you have blown me away with this program. Not just my knees but my whole body are stronger by the week -- and the side effect for me, from reading this book and following the program as it is written is; I know I am going to lose some weight and get back Master the Secrets of the Super-Strong—Using Bodyweight Exercises Only By Pavel Tsatsouline The Naked Warrior #B28 $39.95 Paperback 218 pages 8.5” x 11” Over 190 black & white photos Order Naked Warrior book online: 46 www.dragondoor.com/B28 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 How to Instantly Increase Your Biceps Strength With the Successive Induction Technique Successive induction is another one of the Sherrington Laws exploited to the max by unscrupulous Commies. According to this law, a contraction of a muscle—say, the triceps—makes its opposite number—in our case, the biceps—stronger than usual. In the early eighties scientists suggested that this maneuver has a disinhibition effect. In non-geek terms, when your triceps powerfully contract, they send the neural centers controlling the biceps a message that your bis do not have to hold back out of fear of an injury; if things get out of hand the tris are strong enough to stop them! An excerpt from Power to the People! by Pavel conventional one. The benefits of antagonist pre-contraction do not stop at immediate performance improvement, but include lasting changes in your strength. Let the basic one-arm curl be the testing range of the effects of successive induction. Perform a set of strict curls with a weight that allows about five solid reps and make sure that your elbow stays at your side and does not drift back. Note how many reps you have done in good form. Rest for five minutes and do another set of curls with the same weight, but employ the new trick. Instead of lowering the barbell with the braking strength of your biceps, try to “push” the weight down and away from you with your triceps. Imagine that you are doing a triceps cable pushdown with a reverse grip. You are guaranteed to squeeze out an extra rep or two with this technique! And these reps will be super strict because now you have two “motors” to control the weight instead of one. Power to you! A year later the same group of researchers determined that a strength training program which employs antagonist pretensing, or successive induction, is more effective than a The Power Points — what you’ll get with Pavel’s Power to the People!: • How to get super strong without putting on an ounce of weight • OR how to build massive muscles with a classified Soviet Special Forces workout • Why high rep training to the ‘burn’ is like a form of rigor mortis — and what it really takes to make your muscles stand out in bold relief • Why it’s safer to use free weights than machines • How to design a world class body in your basement — with $150 worth of basic weights and in twenty minutes a day • How to instantly up your strength with Pavel’s HighTension Techniques™ • How to become super strong and live to tell about it • How to dramatically amplify your power with the proprietary Power Breathing TM techniques (and why everything you know about breathing when lifting is wrong!) • How to feel energized and fantastic after your strength workout — rather than dragging and fatigued Power to the People! Russian Strength Secrets for Every American If there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it.” —Jim Wright, Ph.D., Science Editor, Flex Magazine, Weider Group By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 124 pages • How to get brutally strong all 8.5” x 11” over — with only two oldschool exercises #B10 $34.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Power to the People! book online: www.dragondoor.com/B10 47 How to Develop a “POWER PRESENCE” Turn on Pavel’s Power to the People! DVD and watch in amazement as you rapidly increase your strength by 20, 30, even 50 percent! Do you have a “power presence”? The quiet strength of a man with whom, as Russians say, ‘you would go on a recon mission’. The bearing of an old warhorse who does not need his campaign ribbons to show that he has been around. That look of a hand-to-hand combat expert whose efficiency in violence is advertised, rather than hidden, by his serene composure. weird circus tricks? I didn’t think so. Do you have to lift things? I rest my case. Start side pressing! Learn the barbell Side Press, a classic exercise from the days when broad shoulders rather than breast-like pecs were it. This lift will fill your lats, shoulders, and arms with power and give you that awesome V-look. Due to the unique nature of this exercise, your obliques will be smoked. Back to the old-time strongmen. One-arm overhead lifts like the Side Press is the cause of their gladiator midsections. Power to the People! Russian Strength Secrets for Every American DVD With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time 47 Min You can’t fake it! You can’t fake it with a tough grimace from a cheesy action flick or vain flexing of virtual muscles pumped up with Barbie weights. It must be earned. DVD #DV004 $29.95 The look comes from cultivated power So stop being a mirror-gazing sissy and get strong. And strength has never been so quick to achieve. Just pop in your copy of Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American and hit ‘Play’! What else? — ‘Instant strength techniques.’ It is not just the exercises themselves but how you do them. Power to the People! teaches Pavel’s patented Power Breathing™ and High-Tension Techniques™. These secrets make an amazing, often instant difference in strength. Once Pavel had a Marine deadlift 70 pounds over his previous best in just an hour. Such gains aren’t exactly typical, but you get the idea. Did Pavel invent the ‘instant strength techniques’? — No. All top strength athletes use them, some consciously, others not. These elite specimens figured these things out after years of practice. But for one reason or another they generally choose to keep it to themselves. When Pavel mentioned one of these obscure moves to a world champion powerlifter, the latter thought for a moment and said, “I already do that.” Now, you don’t have to be an elite lifter with decades of experience to take advantage of these incredibly powerful ways of aligning your body for maximum power. Hit ‘Play’! Start deadlifting! The deadlift separates the serious students of strength from the wannabes. Any weenie can answer the question, “How much can you bench?” Ask the poser how much he deadlifts and he will run for cover. No other exercise will work more muscles in five reps of concentrated agony. Your back will fill with strength and vitality. Your legs will harden into powerful pistons. Have you seen photos of strongmen in the presquat days? No chafing, just wiry power. Your forearms will demand an outlet for their new, claw-like power. No other exercise will give you more functional strength. ‘Functional’ implies ‘a function’. Does your life require balancing on rubber balls and performing Power to you! Whatever your current workout program, just download Pavel’s strength techniques for an immediate improvement in your results. Order Power to the People! DVD online: 48 www.dragondoor.com/DV004 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Praise for Pavel’s Power to the People! The Holy Grail of strength training for the everyday gym rat “This is what I sought for 20+ years. As simple and concise as a strength training program can be, it is the complete antithesis of what you read in the glossy muscle mags. You have access to a barbell and plates and want strength? After laying off the bench for almost 5 years I am benching 275 for reps after 2 1/2 months on Power to the People. After laying off the deadlift for almost 5 years I just pulled 505 after the same 2 1/2 months. You want size? My wife has forbidden me from doing Pavel's “Russian Bear” since my XL shirts no longer fit my back and my legs won't fit my pants anymore. Sick of all those nagging little injuries that come with overtraining? Follow Pavel's protocol and those days are over. You'll leave the gym feeling just as energetic as you did coming in. Don't hesitate in buying Power to the People. It costs as much as five of those glossy muscle mags that usually reprint the same complicated routines in so many different words. The difference is that Power to the People's extremely simple program delivers every bit of what it promises. Not only will you not be disappointed, you will be thrilled.” —John Fox “WxHerk” - Ocean Springs, Mississippi and 75lbs. on his bench press. Great results in a short time!” —Scott McCoy - Baghdad, Iraq # # # Secrets are physiologic principles often ignored “This book sets out training protocols and guidelines that are based on sound physiologic principles. It is safe and effective. I have trained for athletic competition for 30 years and tried most training strategies. I have had just about every overuse injury you can imagine. My gains over the years have been good, but with peaks and troughs due to intermittent injuries. The principles in Power to the People will lead to steady gains with no overuse injuries. I believe that the principles put forth by Pavel have made me a better triathlete and enable me to out score most young Sailors and Marines on the Physical Fitness Test. I have never scored less than High outstanding or first class and still max out on pushups, situps and pullups. My 17-year old water polo playing son follows the principles of Power to the People in his training and no one at his high school can touch him in pushups, pullups and situps. Power to the People works--PERIOD.” —Dr. John LaBanc CAPT, USN - San Diego, CA Power to the People! Russian Strength Secrets for Every American Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 124 pages 8.5” x 11” #B10 $34.95 books and journals. That all changed when I started reading Pavel's work. I knew right away that I was on to something good and he is fun to read. My experience in industrial research told me that Pavel uses good theory and he always has immediate ways to demonstrate the value of the theory. His discussion and application of “The Law of Irradiation” validated my gut feeling that Pavel knows his stuff. Strength gains and progress have never been so fast. In the last two months I have added 100 pounds to my dead lift and 150 pounds to my health lift and I have been adding weight very slowly keeping a focus on “safety first,” “greasing the groove,” and “practice not workout." Over the 4th of July weekend, I found an unexpected pay off. We went canoeing and swimming in a reservoir. Past experience told me I would be tired because I have not been swimming for months and haven't been in a canoe for almost a year. I never got tired nor sore and I took my 10-year old son on a three to four mile canoe ride. Instead of getting tired, history!!! Fun and Power are the future. I see people on the street and they say, "You look great, what are you doing?" My 10-year old son told his mom after our canoe ride, "Mom, look at Dad, he looks like the Russian." What a complement and testimony that “Power to the People!” delivers.” —Gary N. Kitchen - Spanish Fork, Utah # # # Fantastic, Immediate Results! “I'm an Infantryman with the Texas Army National Guard deployed to Iraq. Another Soldier and I have used the Power To The People method to make fantastic gains in strength. My training partner is preparing for Airborne and Ranger Schools and needed a solid foundation of strength. In an eight week period, He's gained 100lbs. on his deadlift # # # Words cannot express my gratitude and satisfaction with Power to the People. “This stuff really works. I am 57 years old and have been actively working out most of my life. I have also done a lot of reading about building strength. I have a strong background in research and have never been satisfied with "the junk" I have read in To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Power to the People! book online: www.dragondoor.com/B10 49 “The Do-It-Now, Fast-Start, Get-Upand-Go, Jump-into-Action Bible for HIGH PERFORMANCE and LONGER LIFE” You have a choice in life. You can sputter and stumble and creak your way along in a process of painful, slow decline—or you can take charge of your health and become a human dynamo. And there is no better way to insure a long, pain-free life than performing the right daily combination of joint mobility and strength-flexibility exercises. 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Super Joints Russian Longevity Secrets for Pain-Free Movement, Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 130 pages 8.5” x 11” Over 100 photos and illustrations #B16 $34.95 Super Joints DVD With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time 33 minutes DVD #DV003 $24.95 Discover: • The twenty-eight most valuable drills for youthful joints and a stronger stretch • How to save your joints and prevent or reduce arthritis • The one-stop care-shop for your inner Tin Man—how to give your nervous system a tune up, your joints a lube-job and your energy a recharge • What it takes to go from cruise control to full throttle: The One Thousand Moves Morning Recharge— Amosov’s “bigger bang” calisthenics complex for achieving heaven-on earth in 25 minutes • How to make your body feel better than you can remember—active flexibility fosporting prowess and fewer injuries • The amazing Pink Panther technique that may add a couple of feet to your stretch the first time you do it Purchase Pavel’s Purchase Pavel’s Super Joints book Super Joints book and DVD as a set and DVD as a set and SAVE… and Item #DVS006 $54.90 Order Super Joints book online: 50 www.dragondoor.com/B16 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 “Injuries Flee the Scene of the Crime— When Attacked by Pavel’s Fast-Response, Rescue-Your-Own-Body Super Joints System Super Joints “The "Super Joints" by Pavel Tsatsouline was excellent. After 30 years of practicing and teaching martial arts (Uechi/Shohei Ryu, and Ju Jitsu), and the natural "break down" of the joints with age, the "Super Joints" has helped to restore the flexibility and strength of my joints especially an arthritic shoulder. I have incorporated the "Super Joints" into my Russian kettlebell and functional training workouts.” —Dr. Dan Rinchuse, DMD, MS, MDS, PhD, 6th Degree Black Belt-Uechi/Shohei Ryu, 2n Degree Black Belt - Ju JitsuGreensburg, PA DON'T BE A FOOL “There are two reasons for not doing Super Joints. #1 You don't know about it. #2 You are a damn FOOL. I'm 49 and have had knee trouble all my life. I have done those big squats in my 20's and 30's (500lb+). I gave up squatting at 39 and for the last 9 years I suffered with aching knees and was afraid to squat. I have been doing Super Joints for the last 6 months (have not missed a day). No more pain, no discomfort. This is my second copy. I love the way it makes all my joints feel. 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Super Joints does that job for me.” —Tim Cahill, travel adventure writer and founding editor of Outside 3 Russian Army’s Top Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor Recommends a Unique Stretching Technique for High Kicks An excerpt from Super Joints by Pavel Super Joints 3 DVD With Pavel Tsatsouline Running Time 33 minutes #DV003 $24.95 Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 8.5” x 11” #B16 $34.95 Alexander Medvedev—not to be confused the weightlifting champion and expert Alexey Medvedev—is the hand-to-hand instructor of elite Frunze Post-graduate Army Academy and the chief subject matter expert to Spetsnaz magazine. He recommends the following technique for improving your kicks or splits. Raise your leg as high as possible in the chosen direction and rest it atop a table or another piece of furniture that is barely within your reach. Relax for a minute or as long as necessary, then lift your leg a little higher using only its muscles, no help from your hands or your partner. Have your training partner quickly slide a book between your ankle and the table. Repeat the sequence while it works. Medvedev promises that although this drill is quite painful and unpleasant in the beginning, it becomes quite enjoyable once you get a hang of it. More importantly, you will get more flexible for a change. To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Super Joints DVD online: www.dragondoor.com/DV003 51 “Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure chest of strength training secrets.” By PAVE L! —Larry Scott, first Mr. Olympia “I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Bodybuilding. Every few pages, at least, your book reveals another clever kick-ass, air tight, super-intense training modality that I hadn’t even considered in my own investigative research as a muscle writer. Talk about thinking many moves ahead of us other writers, training modality wise! Beyond Bodybuilding builds the physique page by page.” —DENNIS B. 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You are a credit to the game Pavel. I am better for having known you.” —LARRY SCOTT, Author of Loaded Guns, former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and the first Mr. Olympia Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: 52 www.dragondoor.com/B31 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Smash Your Training Plateaus, Overcome Injuries, Make Unprecedented Strength Gains and Grow More Muscle… with a Classical Education in the Wisdom of the Past — and the Scientific Breakthroughs of the Modern Day Masters T he fight for greater strength and muscle is the story of a constant struggle against conflicting forces… Since ancient times — when strength meant survival — to the more modern goals of competitive excellence and physical culture, we’ve fought a never-ending battle with our own bodies to achieve and maintain maximum performance. Because our bodies don’t want to change! And if we make them, they’ll do their best to sabotage us! Let’s face it… our bodies are reluctant partners in the strength game…Anyone who’s been around the block, knows this only too well: The story of strength training is the story of constantly adjusting, constantly engaging in a guerrilla campaign of trickery and skullduggery against our obstinate bods. A small victory here, a setback there, a sudden breakthrough, another setback, another breakthrough, a long stalemate, another breakthrough … it never ends! And many of us simply give up from sheer frustration. We quit, when perhaps we could have stayed ahead… We become content to slough back into slackness and physical mediocrity… And that’s mostly because we never got the education we needed — to know how to win — and keep winning — the guerrilla war against our own bodies. Of course, it doesn’t help, in this day and age, that we also have to fight the myth-mongering marketers of strength training half-truths, preying on our ignorance to make a quick buck out of the gullible… We have to fight against the machines, the gizmos, the quick fixes, the absurd claims — and the downright foolishness of most of what passes for ‘training advice’ in the magazines and gyms of our country. Fortunately, there is a solution to all the confusion, ignorance and uncertainty… as it applies in the very hard testing ground of both American and Soviet Spec ops, of the US Marines, SWAT, professional athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, powerlifters, weightlifters, Olympic champions and numerous other tough, tough competitors — where results are everything and failure is simply not on the menu. Pavel has, frankly, done the research for you… plundering both the classic and the little-known strength texts from past and present… networking and comparing notes with many of today’s great masters… submitting his own body to the pain of infinite experiment. And Pavel has trained thousands of troops and police whose life might depend on his tips… hundreds of athletes and martial artists with the chance to achieve their dreams thanks to his advice. And of course, tens of thousands have gone to the dragondoor.com strength forum to share the astonishing gains and results they have achieved by employing Pavel’s strength advice… In Beyond Bodybuilding, you get the essence of most-all of the strategies, tips, routines and fine points Pavel has developed over many, many years for these elite men and women of the strength game. (Beyond Bodybuilding represents a compilation of many of Pavel’s best magazine articles over the course of the last few years.) Now, with Beyond Bodybuilding, there are simply no more excuses for not excelling in strength, continuing to gain, continuing to reach new heights in your performance. Pavel has trained thousands of troops and police whose life might depend on his tips… hundreds of athletes and martial artists with the chance to achieve their dreams thanks to his advice. Defeat the enemies of progress Now, as you’ll quickly discover in Beyond Bodybuilding, a close ad-herence to classical strength training principles is the true recipe for strength and muscle building success. What are these key principles? You’ll find them all in Beyond Bodybuilding. But as mentioned, it’s not-by-far enough to just know and employ these key principles. Because without an additional bag of tricks, your body will inevitably find a way to escape… Beyond Bodybuilding By Pavel 8.5 x 11 Paperback 365 pages • 255 Photographs 38 workout charts Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man When all else has failed you… Pavel has spent his life immersed in the study and practice of practical strength and muscle training… #B31 $49.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: www.dragondoor.com/B31 53 “I wholeheartedly recommend Beyond Bodybuilding: I view it as a summation of the accumulated knowledge Pavel Tsatsouline has gathered to this point in his career. Every body part is covered and a blueprint provided for how to build and strengthen every conceivable muscular target. The detail and description is tremendous. The mix between text and photos is spot on; the clarity of the exercise description leaves nothing to the imagination. “Every aspect of training is covered in Pavel’s Beyond Bodybuilding from flexibility to all types of strength development, U.S.M.C. training, R.K.T. training tips from many of the greatest strength experts around the world, plus a glossary of exercises to fit everyone’s needs. I salute Pavel and Beyond Bodybuilding.”—LOUIE SIMMONS, Westside Barbell A Treasure chest of strength training secrets continued from previous page... Beyond Bodybuilding— Discover the finer points of technique… that separate the champs from the chumps What finally distinguishes Pavel from almost any strength author on the planet… is his ability to zero in on the finer points of adjustment to the body’s continuing effort to sabotage your progress. That — and the sheer breadth and wealth of the fine points Pavel has to offer… Because to truly succeed with your strength training you need to become a master at making these adjustments… It’s a Good Cop, Bad Cop kind of thing: You need to know how to cajole, torture, sweet-talk, seduce, beat up and lie to your body… to bend it to your wants! But you also need to know how to feed it, maintain it, make it happy, care for it, sensitize it, protect it… yes, all that good guy nice stuff too. Trouble is, the rules keep changing on you…When’s it time to give the body a good smacking and when’s it the time to lighten up? Pavel steers a path for you through the minefield… Now, you can stop butting your head against the wall and stride through the door Pavel has opened for you…The already highly skilled amongst you will find a treasure trove of new strategies for elevating your game. After all, give a consummate professional the correct adjustments at the correct time and they can surge forward in their gains… give a championship caliber team the right coaching tips and they can win it all… For the regular bodybuilder or strength athlete, Pavel gives you the ultimate road map for progress and success. You’ll be fired up all over again, as you experience one great breakthrough after another… with your new understanding of the skill of strength. Beyond Bodybuilding is a masterplan to eliminate those cheap, cosmetic, skin-deep looks… and move to strength-from-the-insideout. Experience a new level of confidence as your power does the talking for you…. Armed with the new knowledge Pavel gives you, you’ll find yourself with the power-body of a wild animal — but the mindset of a skilled strength-scientist. After all you’ve put yourself through already, you owe it to yourself to get Pavel’s short cuts to strength-skill mastery — and make history of your past failures. Section One: Power Training I The real secret to spectacular strength Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man Beyond Bodybuilding By Pavel gains. I The two strength skills you must have to fortify your power. I The best breathing technique to ensure you I 8.5 x 11 Paperback • 365 pages 255 Photographs • 38 workout charts I #B31 $49.95 I I I I I Fight these crimes against the body If there’s one thing that makes Pavel as mad as hell… it’s the insidious sissification of the body that has been perpetrated in this country, in the name of bodybuilding and fitness. I get stronger in every lift. Find it in your sound system! The basic laws of successful practice -follow these and you can’t help but gain and gain and gain. Page 2 Why practice alone won’t help you make maniacal strength gains -- and what will! Page 2 The perfect number of reps for greater strength. How to finish a workout feeling stronger than when you started! Page 2 Plateaued? Burnt out? Try this simple remedy and watch your strength gains explode. Page 3 The method that did more for a SWAT instructor’s strength in a week -- than conventional training in ten previous years! Page 4 A powerlifting champion’s mathematical formula for real intensity in strength training. Page 6 ‘Neurological carry-over training’ -- the secret technique that resulted in a 1,200 pound squat. Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: 54 www.dragondoor.com/B31 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 I The Russians called him ‘The Wonder of I I The little-known secret of extensor reflex I I I I I How to get stronger, faster by ‘waving’ your I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Nature’ -- learn his special secret. Page 10. Stuck on your bench press? How the surprising addition of a piece of wood can help you blow through your current plateau. Page 12 Hardgainer? -- No way, no how, no more — when you learn the ‘Six Week Hypertrophy Cycle.’ This high-tonnage program will easily pack ten to fifteen pounds of beef on your frame in less than two months. Page 13 A Soviet Special Forces method to pack on the pounds with kettlebells -- despite sleep deprivation, excessive exercise, stress and a limited protein intake. Page 13. HIT not working for you? The four simple steps for best strength gains. Page 16. How the technique of ‘fatigue cycling’ created a veritable army of he-men in 1980’s Russia. Page 18 How to cheat the ‘law of accommodation’ -and gain beyond your wildest dreams. Page 19 The only training structure for consistent physical gains that is reliable in the long haul. Page 19 How to jolt your system into fresh gains -without changing any of your favorite exercises. Discover why the Smolov routine has achieved a cult status. Page 21 Discover the hardest, yet most effective squat program ever -- guaranteed to blast you with incredible gains. How even an advanced athlete can add 100 pounds to his squat in less than four months. A mad commie’s evil promise: survive this program and your legs will turn into car jacks. Page 24 When all else has failed! -- Shock treat ment for unprecedented gains, fast and guaranteed improvement. Page 24 These 3 powerful techniques will help you achieve squatting excellence in the shortest possible time. How to condition your system for peak performance. It can cost them a championship! The critical error even elite lifters can make -- and the special technique to end this problem and surge forward with your strength gains. It’s not just for firing squads! How the use of a simple blindfold can trigger surprising gains. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I training can give you a championship edge. Why you can instantly add two reps to your squat simply by removing your shoes. Be as strong as an ox! How to use ‘aftereffect’ overloads to make you stronger. How to fool your internal ‘governors of strength’ into agreeing to let you be stronger. Discover the bench press training program used by the winners of eight out of eleven gold medals at the IPF Men’s World’s. Page 30 Russian champions consider this the critical component of any strength training. Page 31 Russia powerlifting mastermind Boris Sheyko’s beyond-brutal training plan for building champions. Build greater strength by employing these three fundamental principles of motor learning. How to increase frequency without increasing fatigue -- for greater training success. Page 39 The critical secrets for superstrength Quick! This crash course in the neuroscience of strength may alone be worth the price of this book. Page 41 The most reliable muscle and strength building method… period. Worried you are wasting your time with obsolete routines? Find out which ones work the best, now. How to avoid plateaus in your in your training with this straightforward power cycle. Page 42 How to take advantage of ‘delayed transmutation’ to gain, after going nowhere. Page 44 Feeling burnt out from heavy, heavy lifting? Here’s the perfect remedy -- from Russian world weightlifting champion, Kurentsov. How to avoid burning out your nervous system during your strength training. Build might and muscle with this classic ‘countdown to power.’ “Quick, hard and extremely effective.” -How to overshoot your previous max in less than two weeks, using McKean’s 54321 routine. 7 classic set and rep schemes to build a dense, lifter’s physique. Page 46 Bench press stalled? Jump start your bench with this cool and effective routine. Page 49 Bench press champion Alexey Moiseev used this routine to push his bench up by 45 lbs in just three months! weights. Page 50 I Short on time, but still want to gain? Combine these two methods to still make progress. Page 51 I How even the busiest person can still make surprising gains thanks to the Setchinov principle. Beyond Bodybuilding is a masterplan to eliminate those cheap, cosmetic, skindeep looks… and move to strength-from-the-inside-out. Experience a new level of confidence as your power does the talking for you. I Sarkis Karapetyan set a teenage world record I I I I I I I I I I by deadlifting 3.14 times his bodyweight -using this simple-as-can-be cycle. Page 52 Shoulders going nowhere with your military press? Shock them into life and great new strength/size gains with the ‘RKC ladder.’ Page 54 Why explosive lifting can be disastrous for your strength program -- but when it might increase your max by up to 15%. Page 55 How to correctly use eccentric contractions to stimulate muscle growth. When -- and when not -- to use the ‘touch and go’ technique in your deadlifts. Page 56 This may be the most effective glute exercise in existence. Page 58 Weak ankles bothering you? This one technique will do a fine job of fixing ankle strength. Why the little-known secrets of tendon training are a must for experienced iron athletes of all persuasions. Page 59 STOP! Could your muscle fatigue actually be ligament fatigue --setting you up for injury and failure? Know the solution. How to train your connective tissues to be maximally tough. Why the high-tension techniques give you more bang for the buck than the highintensity techniques. More details next page... To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: www.dragondoor.com/B31 55 Section Two: Training Planning I This unique drill -- an incredible back After all you’ve put yourself through already, you owe it to yourself to get Pavel’s short cuts to strength-skill mastery — and make history of your past failures. I How and why integration, not isolation, is I I I I Are you confused about when and how I I I I I I I I I I I I I I the key to elite performance. How to use ‘active negatives’ for power, muscle and safety. Page 64. The three major benefits of active negatives. Are your joints in agony from so much heavy lifting? Protect them better, reduce pain, with ‘virtual tissue leverage.’ How to injury-proof your shoulders and add pounds to your other lifts -- with special shrugs! Knees killing you? Can’t squat regularly because of the pain, but still want squat-like benefits? Here’s one great solution. Page 70 Try the ‘dead squat’ program -- two fortysomething guys added at least five pounds a week for a year with this. This special breathing technique protects your spine from heavy poundage -- the effects are nothing short of miraculous. Page 75 The seven fundamentals you must know to succeed in the iron game. Page 76 How to sculpt a classical physique with ‘retro’ lifts. Could these be the most important ‘lost’ bodybuilding secrets of all time? Page 81 Exercises you should avoid like the plague -and exercises you should rush to embrace. Why free weights are safer than machines -particularly for beginners. Page 91 3 high-yield, yet inexpensive ‘home gyms” for the champion on a budget. I I I I I I I I I I I I I Armed with the new knowledge Pavel gives you, you’ll find yourself with the power-body of a wild animal — but the mindset of a skilled strength-scientist. often to hit each bodypart? Discover how to customize your iron schedule for greater gains in strength and muscle. Understand the pros and cons of full body workouts versus split routines. Page 99 The most foolproof training schedule for high-yield results. The perfect training schedule… if strength is more important to you than size. How and why you must cycle your loads to keep succeeding in the iron game. Why sharp changes in training volume and intensity are more effective than smooth ones. The best training conditions for high-level anabolism in the body. What is the optimal volume/intensity ratio for strength gains? Page 104 The one rigid rule of load variation -- ignore this at your peril! Page 105 A better way to optimize your body’s strength adaptation. Page 106 How to take advantage of the ‘adaptation lag’ -- and its tremendous impact on your strength and muscle training. Page 107 Want this too? Many bodybuilders have reported sensational gains after using this particular workout. Page 108 The upper body solution for High Intensity bodybuilders who are failing to gain. Page 110 Confused about whether it’s okay to train twice a day? Page 112 How ‘controlled overtraining’ can be gain-superior to ‘total recovery training.’ Page 115 Got a head for figures? This mathematical approach could have you surging forward with newfound muscle and strength gains. Page 116 Are you a dissatisfied bodybuilder? This approach could breathe new life, vitality and progress in to your strength and mass program. Page 117 How a used phone book could help you add 15 lbs to your bench in just one month. I I I I I I I I I I I I developer -- helped Matt Dimel squat 1,010. Page 131 Shouldn’t this vital back-saving skill be made mandatory in our schools? Page 134 This partner-assisted chopping technique ensures a more potent pullup. Page 137 Discover 3 Russian ‘low tech/high concept’ programs for pullup power and exceptional lat development. Page 138 Essential pullup techniques you must know to excel and gain. The single best exercise for developing huge lats. According to Mike Mentzer, this is the King of back exercises. Are you about to disagree? How to smoke your back from top to bottom with one simple but brutally intense lift -- what you need to know to make it work like gangbusters. Marines -- and other ‘put-up-or-shut-up’ professionals -- employ these extra tweaks to guarantee acing their pullup tests. Page 147 Soviet ice hockey megastar, Oleg Fetisov solemnly swore: “this drill cannot be beat for building a powerful corset of ligaments and muscles.” How to take carefully measured doses of ‘poisonous’ exercises to prevent injury and raise your tolerance levels. Are you afraid of injuring your back when lifting heavy? Page 156 Perform this maneuver with a trap bar—and it could spell disaster for your back. Page 158 Section Four: Legs I How to forge truly powerful, traffic-stopping legs. I Try this little-known, killer squat-deadlift I I I I I I Section Three: Back I Nothing on the planet beats this exercise for all-around back development! Page 125 I How to add righteous beef to your traps and neck… with the Hise shrug. Page 130 combo for greater flexibility, better form and surprising gains. Page 165 Do you really know how to squat correctly? Precious few do! Here are the fine points you must know to safely make huge gains. Page 175 Why plyometrics are NOT the answer for building up your legs. Rip your calves to shreds with this barbell calf raise. Page 177 How to avoid setback injuries when squatting deep. Page 190 The quickest way to master proper squat form. Are high-poundage squats murdering your shoulders? Try this unique procedure to rescue your beaten-up joints. Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: 56 www.dragondoor.com/B31 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 I Do you have aching, creaky knees? These two I Why stretching your muscles can make I How to add one inch to your chest in ten tips alone might save you from a fatal date with the surgeon’s knife. Page 195 I 2 great tips for a more powerful Hack squat. Section Five: Neck and Shoulders I Worried about your weak neck? You should I I I I I I I I be! This unique old-timer’s version of the back bridge will give you a resilient, powerful neck -- and perhaps keep you out of the hospital. Page 199 The legendary strongman Paul Anderson had a neck as thick as most men’s thighs. Here is the Wonder of Nature’s personal routine for a bull-sized neck. Page 201 The ONE secret to real success in pressing. How to build muscular shoulders that will truly complement your studly legs. Page 204 On the road again? How to give yourself an extreme shoulder workout with even a relatively light weight. Page 205 How to be hard on your muscles, but easy on your joints. It’s the hallmark of an elite athlete! -- How to own a magnificent neck and traps. The safe solution to sore shoulders. Page 213 A safer alternative to the press behind the neck. Page 215 them grow. I Enlarge and strengthen your biceps with this powerfully simple growth formula -guaranteed to grow your guns by at least an extra inch. Page 235 I Blast your way to thick, ripped tris with this excellent, powerlifters’ favorite. Page 236 I How to reduce wrist problems when you curl. days with pushups. I The NASA Pushup Program -- simple, I I Section Seven: Chest I How to go from average to superior in your I I I I I I I I I I Section Six: Arms I Cheaters will lose! How to stay honest and I I I I I I I I I build truly huge biceps. Page 225 The elite Soviet climber secret to bulging forearms and uncanny finger strength. Page 226 Got elbow tendonitis? Developing your wrist extensors in this way could be the answer. Heavy curls aggravating your shoulders? Here’s a critical safety/power technique to set things straight. Page 229 Are you making these serious mistakes with your curls? -- 3 insider tips help you escape elbow pain. Learn from the masters -- the top ten Russian arm training secrets revealed. Add up to two inches to your arms in just two months with this potent mix of old-timer discoveries and cutting-edge research. Experience unbelievable strength gains when you employ this little-known neurological law. Page 233 Why an esoteric internal martial arts technique can translate into surprising strength gains! Blast your muscles -- not your tendons -- with this unusual ‘control’ technique. Page 234 bench press -- discover the finer points that separate the champs from the chumps. Louie Simmons has saved the pecs and shoulders of many in the powerlifting community with this technique. Page 253 The effect of this martial arts technique on your bench is nothing short of amazing -immediately add 5 reps to your 7-rep max! Page 254 This favorite of many power athletes will quickly pack on slabs of beef on your chest -thanks to the extreme and unusual overload it generates. This tip from strength icon Dr. Fred Hatfield could advance the development of your pecs by light years. Page 261 How to avoid drooping, breast-like pecs Page 270 Three great ways to work your pecs without a bench. Page 271 This dirty little secret of bodybuilding not only blasts your pecs but builds bigger pipes better than curls. Page 276 effective and soundly rooted in science -- good for any and everyone! Page 287 Now you can smoke your forearms and reinforce your finger strength, anywhere, anyhow -- thanks to this drill from Russian Coach Bogdarsov. 2 ultimate hand strengtheners from the ‘ingenious fanatic of bodyweight strength training’, Brad Johnson. Page 291 Steel claws, anyone? How to practice your pinch grip without plates. Page 292 How to develop cut and muscular legs with the Dragon Walk. Page 295 The Lizard, an explicitly evil Soviet Spec Ops drill… delivers driving leg power and a ripped, mean, upper body. Page 298 Tens of thousands have gone to the dragondoor.com strength forum to share the astonishing gains and results they have achieved by employing Pavel’s strength advice. I How to assault your body Section Eight: Naked Warrior I How many times do I have to repeat myself? I I I I I THIS is the surest ticket to muscles and might. Page 279 Discover the Russian Special Forces ladder to power -- it’s common for veteran soldiers to add many reps, in short order, to their pullup max… How to develop your muscles’ ‘vascular network’ -- for consistent, long-term strength gains. Page 282 Get them here! The secrets of proper pushup form to amplify your strength gains. Page 284. Failing to do this during an endurance feat can mean the kiss of death. Discover how to take advantage of the ‘central pattern generators’ in your nervous system -- for longer-lasting energy. I I I I I I with a brutal workout -- yet save your knees to fight another day. Page 301 Why Russian Sambo wrestlers refuse to let their wives wring out the laundry -- just let one of these guys grab your hand… and he’ll squash it like a rotten tomato. Page 304 Learn the key mechanics for max body strength. Earn instant respect! The hellacious tiger bend push up and its variants are for the supremely strong and confident only. Page 305 Some little-known methods to make bodyweight neck bridges even harder. Page 307 How to ace the Marine pullup test with the ‘Russian rest pause.’ Strengthen your neck from every direction and reduce the chances of neck injury, with the Rolling Neck Bridge. Page 311 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: www.dragondoor.com/B31 57 Reader Praise for Pavel’s Beyond Bodybuilding “I N THE TOP 5 OF STRENGTH TRAINING BOOKS are worth putting that sort of effort in to! Thank you once again, Com. Pavel, for an excellent product.” —Felix Niland ("Bleedthrough" on the forums) - Sydney, Australia My 2nd copy “I lent my dog-eared copy to a friend realizing I'd probably never get it back, so I bought a second for myself. This book helped me understand how to build strength. The first regimen I took from the book to build a base was the "Russian Bodybuilding Underground Base Level Pullup Program. It was the first time I experienced significant growth in my biceps, simply through body weight only exercises. I'd spent years struggling with curls for years with lackluster success. Additionally, the squat routines have resulted in gains as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to pursue routines that deliver results.” —John Bergstresser - Los Angeles, CA If you buy 1 of Pavel’s books make it this one! “Using the Modified Delorme Method I gained 40# on my DL and 10# on my bench press over the OF ALL TIME” All Other Authors Should Just Give Up! “This book is absolutely amazing. As far as strength training goes, since I got this book (over eighteen months ago), I have not done a routine I found anywhere else. The principles, programs, and advice given in it are the absolute top available. As a personal trainer, this has also been an invaluable resource. With this book, I have: • increased my bench press over 100lbs... and finally learnt how to perform this movement properly • increased my squat and deadlift over 200lbs each • increased my push-up max from a lame 25 to 76 in just six weeks • gained approximately 20lbs of lean body mass (note that this was not my goal for the full eighteen months) • ... among many other things The push-up program was what I found most impressive. After adding 26 reps to my push-up max in just two weeks on the program, I was of course going to keep the program up... and so when college came 8 weeks. I also gained 7 pounds of lbm. My training partner saw similar gains with a 40# gain on his DL and 15# gain on his bench press. It doesn't matter if you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, this book has something that will benefit anyone wanting to make progress.” —Greg Gonzales - Albuquerque, NM This is a must have for people interested in strength and getting bigger “I keep reading this book again and again, there's so much in it. With the Hit The Deck Program I added about 25 pushups to my max in 2 weeks, and before I knew it I could do 100. There are lots of routines in this book, they will keep you busy for a long time. If you want to get strong, or big and strong than this book is your choice.” —Yoeri - Bocholtz, Netherlands Immediate relief and gratification. “I've been lifting weights since I was 12. As a Martial Artist and Ex USAF PARARESCUE SPECIALIST I have seen all kinds of products and gimmicks through the years. I'm 45 now and what I have read and learned in this book changed my outlook on lifting weights and saved my back forever. In just 3 days of working with a few techniques explained in SOLUTIONS FOR A TIGHT BACK. Eliminated my lower and upper back pain that I have lived with for many years. If it wasn't for this book I would have been forced to cancel a training seminar that was planned for 6 months. A must for all serious athletes and professionals who need clear concise instruction and tips to a STRONGER, PAIN FREE BODY. PAVEL has taken the B.S out and has given us information way ahead of its TIME. It's your choice YOU CAN BE MEDIOCRE OR YOU CAN EXCEL TO GREAT STRENGHTHS!!” —Master David Cogswell - Shoreacres, Texas Beyond Bodybuilding back, I made the effort to talk to each of my lecturers before class, and then sit by the door so I could duck out and knock off my sets. This is the only place you'll find routines which To Order Call Now: 1-800-899-5111 Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man By Pavel 8.5 x 11 Paperback 365 pages 255 Photographs 38 workout charts course of #B31 $49.95 Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: 58 www.dragondoor.com/B31 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Here’s what you’ll discover, when you possess your own copy of Pavel Tsatsouline’s Relax Into Stretch: Stretching is NOT the best way to become flexible Why Americans lose flexibility as they grow older • the dangers of physically stretching muscles and ligaments • the role of antagonist passive insufficiency • the nature and function of the stretch reflex • how to master muscular tension • how to inhibit the stretch reflex • intensive and extensive learning methods. Why you should not stretch your ligaments— and how you can tell if you are Yoga postures and stretches to avoid at all costs • the function and limitations of your ligaments. Stretching when injured Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation • what happens when a muscle gets injured • contracting and releasing the injury • why stretching won’t help a bad back and what to do instead. 20. The Karate Stance Hip Flexor Stretch Page 82 21. The Karate Stance Groin Stretch . . . .Page 84 22. The Seated Groin Stretch . . . . . . . . . .Page 86 23. The Calf Stretch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 89 24. The Shin and Instep Stretch . . . . . . . .Page 91 How much flexibility do you really need? Why excessive flexibility can be detrimental to athletic performance • why old school strongmen instinctively avoided stretching • what stretches powerlifters and weightlifters do and don’t need • warning examples from sprinting, boxing and kickboxing. When flexibility is hard to come by, build strength Plateau-busting strategies for the chronically inflexible • high total time under tension. Two more plateau busting strategies from the iron world Popenko’s flexibility data • the reminiscence effect • the dynamic stereotype • How to exceed your old limits with the stepwise progression. Waiting out the Tension— relaxed stretching as it should be Just relax—when and when not to use the technique of Waiting out the Tension • Victor Popenko’s key to mobility • the importance of visualization • why fear and anxiety reduce your flexibility • maximizing perceived safety in the stretch. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation How Kabat’s PNF fools your stretch reflex • the function of the Renshaw cell • why it works to pretense a stretched muscle. Isometric stretching rules! Why contract-relax stretching is 267% more effective than conventional relaxed stretching • what the ‘frozen shoulder’ has to teach us • the lifestyle problem of ‘tight weakness’‚ • why isometrics is more practical than weights. Extreme flexibility through Contrast Breathing How to breathe your way to greater flexibility • effective visualizations for the tension/release sequence • avoiding the dangers of hyperventilation. The demographics of stretching Why your age and sex should determine your stretches • the best—and worst—stretches for young girls, boys and adolescents • a warning for pregnant women • what’s best for older folks. The details, the schedule Isometric stretches—when to do them and how often • how to know if you are doing too much • Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace’s hardcore stretching schedule • correct order and choice of stretch • why isometric stretching should be the last exercise you do in your day. The Relax into Stretch drills— 1. The Souped Up Toe Touch . . . . . . . . .Page 49 2. The Spine Decompression Hang . . . . .Page 51 3. The Improved Cobra . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 54 4. The Side Bend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 57 5. The Spine Rotation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 60 6. The Lateral Neck and Trap Stretch . .Page 61 7. The Headache Buster . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 62 8. The Anti-Slouch Neck Stretch . . . . . . .Page 63 9. The Head Turner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 64 10. The Chest Opener . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 65 11. The Overhead Reach . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 67 12. The Biceps and Shoulder Stretch . . . .Page 68 13. The Shoulder Blade and Lat Stretch .Page 69 14. The Upper Back Loosener . . . . . . . . .Page 71 15. The Wrist Flexion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 73 16. The Wrist Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 74 17. The Good Morning Hamstring Stretch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 75 a) standing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 75 b) seated on a chair . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 76 c) seated on the floor . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 77 18. The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch . . . .Page 78 19. TheLunge Hip Flexor Stretch . . . . . . .Page 80 Advanced Russian Drills for Extreme Flexibility 25. The Side Stretch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 100 26. The Cossack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 102 27. The Reverse Cossack . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 104 28. The Hip and Side Stretch . . . . . . . . .Page 106 29. The Crawling Lizard . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 108 30. Hamstring Stretches . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 109 31. Hip Flexor/Quad Stretches . . . . . . . .Page 114 32. The Lower Calf Stretch . . . . . . . . . . .Page 117 33. The Front Split . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 118 34. The Bent Press Stretch . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 123 35. The Modified Reverse Triangle . . . . .Page 126 36. The Roadkill Split . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 128 37. The Side Split . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 131 Forced Relaxation— the Russian spirit of stretching How to turn the contract-relax approach into a thermonuclear stretching weapon • determining correct duration • tips for the correct release of tension. The final frontier: why Clasp Knife stretches will work when everything else fails How to cancel out the stretch reflex • taking advantage of the inverse stretch reflex • the last line of defense against injuries • shutdown threshold isometrics • mastering the Golgi tendon reflex. Who says only skinny people can be superflexible? Look at the flexibility Marc Bartley, RKC has achieved following Pavel’s methods. Marc is a world record holding powerlifter (WPO 2562 @ 275 total). To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Relax into Stretch book online: www.dragondoor.com/B14 59 Be as FLEXIBLE as You Want to Be—FASTER, SAFER and SOONER Better Than Yoga “Relax Into Stretch will teach you how to be as flexible as a yoga student while being as strong as you wish, all from a few minutes per day two or three times per week. Relax Into Stretch is for people who want to be both flexible and strong, and the principles it will teach you can help you stay strong and injury-free in all the activities of your daily life, not just stretching. Picture of me in a split - that says it all, and I had a severely herniated lumbar disc a few I owe it all to Relax Into Stretch. —Steve years back; Pavel's "Power To The People!" was the beginning of my salvation, his "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" taught me to add endurance and some flexibility to my strength, and "Relax Into Stretch" was the icing on the cake, teaching me how to go from not being able to touch my toes to being able to do splits within the space of 6 months while almost 50 years old!” — Steve Freides - Ridgewood, New Jersey • Own an illustrated guide to the thirty-six most effective techniques for superflexibility • How the secret of mastering your emotions can add immediate inches to your stretch • How to wait out your tension—the surprising key to greater mobility and a better stretch • How to fool your reflexes into giving you all the stretch you want • Why contract-relax stretching is 267% more effective than conventional relaxed stretching • How to breathe your way to greater flexibility • Using the Russian technique of Forced Relaxation as your ultimate stretching weapon • How to stretch when injured—faster, safer ways to heal • Young, old, male, female—learn what stretches are best for you and what stretches to avoid • Why excessive flexibility can be detrimental to athletic performance—and how to determine your real flexibility needs • Plateau-busting strategies for the chronically inflexible. Relax into Stretch Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension Book By Pavel Tsatsouline Paperback 150 pages 8.5” x 11” Over 100 photos and illustrations #B14 $34.95 Purchase Pavel’s Relax into Stretch book and Relax into Stretch/Forced Relaxation DVDs as a SET and SAVE… Item #DVS007 $79.95 Order Relax into Stretch DVD online: 60 www.dragondoor.com/DV006 M M Relax into Stretch Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension By Pavel Tsatsouline Running time: 37 minutes DVD #DV006 $29.95 Forced Relaxation Advanced Russian Drills for Extreme Flexibility By Pavel Tsatsouline Running time: 21 minutes DVD #DV007 $24.95 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Get More Power, More Energy, More Strength, More Agility, More Stability, More Root, More Explosiveness, More Fluidity and More Vitality—Using These Little-Known Secrets from Chen Style Tai Chi’s Most Prized Qigong System “Revered Internal System Offers the Gift of Enhanced Energy, Rooted Strength and a Cat-Like Grace of Movement— Regardless of Your Chosen Martial Art” Qi Cultivation and the Secrets of Manipulating Energy Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling, Series I DVD w/Jose Figueroa 1 hour 31 minutes The Deeper Secrets of Moving with Strength and Energy Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling, Series II DVD w/Jose Figueroa 54 minutes Fa Jing and the Secrets of Explosive Power Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling, Series III DVD w/Jose Figueroa 1 hour 20 minutes Diligent practice of Chen Style Silk Reeling can reward you with: • Formidable leg strength and an unshakeable root • The ability to move with a seemingly effortless, yet internally powerful grace • A significantly enhanced overall coordination of your body • A heightened sense of well-being • A dramatically improved core balance • The rock-solid structure and stored energy needed to develop striking power in your martial applications • The ability to recruit and suddenly express a powerful surge of Yang energy from many different parts of the body • True waist power for highly effective pivoting, thrusting and striking techniques • A refined economy of movement and highly agile footwork # DV055 $49.95 Jose Figueroa has developed a careful progression of methods that ensure practitioners develop a solid foundation in each step of this powerful system. Individual movement sequences and techniques are demonstrated from three angles, followed by a highly detailed explanation of every key element needed to extract maximum benefit from that method. Series II develops the foundation established in Series I, by progressively introducing more complex and intricate sequences. These more advanced methods help refine your movement, alignment and posture— while further enhancing your strength and your generation of energy. Series III reveals many of the Chen family’s inner secrets for developing Fa Jing—that dramatically explosive release of power, which is considered to be a hallmark of their art. Series III represents the culmination and integration of all lessons learned in the Progressive Silk Reeling program. # DV053 $49.95 Chen, the original Tai Chi style, has long been revered for its combination of fluid grace, high energy, explosive power and devastating martial applications. Yet until recently, the fundamental training required to truly generate these remarkable results remained the closely guarded secret of the Chen Family’s own inner circle. This all changed when the leading modern-day Chen Style representative, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, decided to publicly reveal the true essentials behind Chen’s superiority as a martial art. Extracting and distilling the absolute core principles of Chen Style, he created the now-legendary Silk Reeling Qigong system. To quote Chen Xiaowang, Silk Reeling represents the foundational roots, as opposed to the leaves and branches, of true martial mastery. A focus on mastery of these foundational roots will allow you to more quickly develop high-level skills in ANY of the myriad martial forms you may then to choose to learn. # DV054 $49.95 Grandmaster Ren Guan Yi—Chen Xiaowang’s most senior disciple and his leading representative in the US— in turn passed this knowledge to Jose Figueroa. Master Figueroa is uniquely qualified to convey these essential cultivation secrets in a way that makes them immediately accessible to a Western audience. After over 20 years of dedicated classical Chen Style practice, as the co-author of three Chen Style books and with a highly extensive teaching background, Jose Figueroa is able to break down the Silk Reeling methods with extreme clarity, precision and attention to the crucial detail. According to the Chen Family, both superior movement and the mastery of Qi are grounded in impeccable body mechanics. Immense emphasis is placed on exact alignment, supreme coordination of movement, proper balance and a deep understanding of relaxation and tension in the body. Invest in the complete 3-DVD set of Jose Figueroa’s Chen Style Tai Chi Silk Reeling Secrets # DVS016 $139.00 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 Order Qi Cultivation online: www.dragondoor.com/DV053 61 Featured Product So You Think You’re Tough? Challenge your manhood with this set of ferocious kettlebell workouts—the ultimate package for kickass enduro and lean-to-the-bone strength legs—and the inspiration to take his game to the next level. Lesser mortals: simply use lighter bells to start with, until you are ready to join the serious ranks of the super-conditioned. Become a well-oiled, unstoppable machine and discover what toughness is really all about, with The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout. superbly muscled specimen of righteous manhood himself, physical therapist Keith Weber rips you through a blistering set of ball-buster kettlebell drills designed to raise the bar on your athletic potential—then leap over it. Weber’s pounding Extreme Kettlebell workout will give even the most seasoned athlete fresh A Here's a breakdown of what you’ll experience when you dive into Keith Weber’s brutal shakedown: The Manmaker Bang off with a series of challenging, hioctane drills: 10 thrusters/side, 10 clean and presses/side, then 10 OH squats/side, 10 windmills/side, and finally 10 swings or snatches/side. Do you feel that you haven’t really worked out unless your abs are contorting in pain? Then here’s the perfect Killer drills for you, you devious twisted person… The evil drills span from situps with the bell, crunch variations, lateral leg raises, floor wipers, Russian twists, partial get-ups for the obliques, frontal leg raises, followed by a brief stretching session, to bring you back from hell… The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout DVD By Keith Weber, BScPT, RKC Running time: 58 minutes The Upper Body Blast Continue with a blistering series of upper body oriented exercises strung together in pushpull fashion in order to prevent over-emphasizing one particular movement pattern and to avoid burning out too early. Places deliberate and unforgiving stress on the respiratory muscles. # DV052 Dope. $29.95 Rated 10 out of 10 The Leg Burner You ain’t kidding! If you’re not ready for this you could feel like you’d sucked on gasoline then thrust a burning torch down your throat. Could be called the lung burner as well because of the intensity of this series. Just be prepared… Selected DragonDoor.com Customer reviews of The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout Average Rating: 9.7 in 22 reviews It's Extreme and You Need It! Rated 10 out of 10 “This is a Must for those of you who are serious athletes and kettlebell fanatics. We highly recommend The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout. It will challenge you to your bones even if you're tough as nails and build your strength and cardiovascular capacity fast. It's broken into short segments of high intensity exercises that are very easy to follow. You can feel satisfied after doing just one killer 5 - 10 minute session or you can simply do as Keith Weber does in this nicely shot video by the ocean - and go non-stop like the Terminator. No matter what weight you use or where you're at physically, this will get you into tremendous shape fast. Great Video!”—Creators of CoreForce Energy and Hot Burning Body, Kettlebell Instructors, Garin Bader/ Vanessa Bader - Las Vegas, NV The Swing Workout Still standing? Then pound out a series of swing variations interspersed with the hot potato drill to allow the hip and thigh muscles to recover slightly, while keeping the heart rate high and working the core in a different way. The “This DVD is amazing. All the routines are a fantastic challenge that will get you working up a sweat in no time. The instruction is great. It's simple and easy to follow. The pace is just fast enough. The routines are simple enough that you'd be able to memorize them pretty quickly. It's also pretty easy to mix and match to come up with more workout variations too. These workouts are great if you want a good routine to take outdoors. It's well worth it. So stop reading, and just order it already.” —Joe Feuille - Kansas City, MO WOW!!! Someone Finally Put together a KB Workout for the Masses Rated 9 out of 10 “I have devoured this DVD, it is energetic, challenging and fresh! Simple repeatable sets designed to make a humble man or woman out of you. You can do every exercise in this DVD from the start, nothing new to learn or perfect. Take the simple time proven swings, presses, cleans and squats from your current workout and combine them into a totally new and mind blowing regime. I do a couple sets in the morning. A couple at lunch and then tear it up with the rest during my long workout in the evening. I highly recommend this DVD to all level of users.” —Macs Burke - US Army, Germany The Slingshot But wait, there’s more savagery to be enjoyed: between the legs pass variation of the Slingshot is performed between sets of 2 handed drills including squats, overhead push presses, tactical lunges, thrusters. The Turkish Getup A good focus training as it is difficult to breathe, concentrate on form, and keep pushing through the fatigue at this stage of the training session. Also a dynamite routine done on its own. Core Workout/Cooldown Administer the final smacks to your battered body with this highly demanding routine cunningly crafted to scorch the pre-fatigued core muscles as well as hammer the last remnants of your cardiovascular system. I thought I was tough Rated 10 out of 10 I Was in Awe Rated 10 out of 10 “The title of this DVD does not lie, it is extreme! I thought I was tough but was humbled by Keith Weber. This android has motivated me to reach a new level of conditioning. I have lost five pounds in two weeks!”—Josh Nelson - San Diego, CA “I feel I am in excellent shape. However, after viewing Keith's DVD I have to do some re-evaluation. I was in awe of the conditioning and stamina displayed by Keith. If you are wanting to get in top physical shape, this is a must view DVD. Keith can help you and me push our conditioning to a new level.” —Steve Gould RKCII - Morton, IL Order ExtremeKettlebellCardio online: 62 www.dragondoor.com/DV052 To order NOW call 24 hours a day 1•800•899•5111 O R D E R I N G Customer Service Questions? Please call us between 9:00am– 11:00pm EST Monday to Friday at 1-800-899-5111. Local and foreign customers call 513-346-4160 for orders and customer service 100% One-Year Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any product––we’ll be happy to give you a prompt exchange, credit, or refund, as you wish. Simply return your purchase to us, and please let us know why you were dissatisfied––it will help us to provide better products and services in the future. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. I N F O R M A T I O N Telephone Orders For faster service you may place your orders by calling Toll Free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. 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Prices subject to change without notice. Address City State Zip Our Top 20 Books and DVDs by Review Ranking Reviews Average Type 9.79 156 Rank and Title Book the Kettlebell! 8.95 110 1. Enter DVD ell! 9.15 101 2. Enter the Kettleb DVD ell Goddess Workout 9.65 83 3. The Kettleb Book 9.64 nd Bodybuilding 70 4. Beyo Book rrior 9.38 69 5. The Naked Wa Book oseful Primitive 9.67 49 6. The Purp Book le! 9.62 37 7. Power to the Peop DVD t Kettlebell Cardio Workou 8.74 35 8. The Extreme DVD ssia With Tough Love 9.31 29 9. From Ru DVD 8.93 27 10. Resilient DVD 9.28 25 11. Super Joints DVD ge ssian Kettlebell Challen 9.50 24 12. The Ru DVD ople! 9.90 21 13. Power To The Pe DVD Stretch 10.00 17 14. Relax into Personal Trainers DVD 8.89 ell Basics for Strength Coaches & 19 15. Kettleb DVD or 9.28 18 16. The Naked Warri DVD amanic Tiger Qigong 9.53 17 17. Chinese Sh DVD 8.67 ts of the Shoulder 18 18. Secre Book 10.00 15 19. Super Joints DVD Basics Power: Kettlebells Beyond The 20. Full Body www.dragondoor.com Dragon Door Publications P.O. Box 1097 West Chester, OH 45071