Econ 507-1

Set Theory
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A Download L TEX and use it to complete this assignment. Due date: 01/28/2014 Tell me about yourself... My name is Abdirahman Omar, and I’m currently living in San Diego and attending SDSU. I was fortunate to be able to come to the US and study, because my current homeland was in midst of a prolonging civil war. I would one day like to go back home and hopefully bring change to my homeland. I feel that gaining the proper education will give me the tools to tackle the on-going problems that is plaguing my country in the current time. I hope that this class will give me an insight into the use of mathematics in the field of economics. - Where are you from? I am from Mogadishu, Somalia, but I’ve been living in the US for roughly 6 years now. - What year are you and what is your major/emphasis? I’m a 4th year student majoring in Quantitative Economics - Do you work? No, I do not work at the moment. - What classes are you taking this semester? I taking the following classes: ECON 496, ECON 401, ECON 320, PHIL 464 and this course, ECON 507. - Which math courses have you taken? I have taken Math 150 and Math 151. - Why are you taking this course? I am taking this course because it is major requirement, but also to understand the mathematics used in economics. - Are you considering graduate school? If so, in which discipline(s)? Yes, I’m considering going to graduate school for an MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. - If you’re in the MA program, what are your plans upon graduation? This question is N/A. - Tell me something interesting about yourself – anything! I have visited Somalia this past summer for the first time since my 1 arrival to the United States. It was an enjoyable time, as I was able to visit and reconnect with family and friends. I have a very large family consisting of 4 brother and 5 sisters. Back home in Somalia, my father owns a number of farms where sheeps, goats and camels are raised for domestic agriculture. I also have close relations to the the president of Somalia, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, who is a distant uncle of mine. A This document was typeset using L TEX. 2