El Saber Como La Medicina Y La Comida, Con Su Fecha De Expiracion O Vencimiento: 3 Anos ( Pnud, 2001) Y Despues...? Que Sigue?... Que Toca....?, Volver A La Escuela Por Mas...saber Nuevo ( Claro Al Que Le Interese, No Quedarse Sin Empleo)...todo Eso Y Mas Tendra Que Salir A Flote Cuando Se Vuelvan A Dar Cita Los Sabios Y Las Sabias De Este Continente, Este Mismo Ano, 2012... A Discutir : Que Es Lo Que Tiene En Comun, El Estado Del Arte De Las Ciencias Sociales Y Las Humanidades En America Latina Y Caribe, Que Le Une Como Un Puente, Con El Resto De Las Ciencias Del Mundo...? En Fin Despertares Y....zafacones, Para El Saber Inutil... Yoe F. Santos/cciav

El saber como la medicina y la comida, con su fecha de expiracion o vencimiento: 3 anos ( PNUD, 2001) y despues...? que sigue?... que toca....?, volver a la escuela por mas...saber NUEVO ( CLARO al que le interese, NO quedarse sin empleo)...todo eso y mas tendra que salir a flote cuando se vuelvan a dar cita los sabios y las sabias de este continente, ESTE MISMO ANO, 2012... a discutir : QUE ES LO QUE TIENE en comun, el estado del arte de las ciencias sociales y las humanidades en America Latina y Caribe, que le une como un puente, CON EL RESTO DE LAS CIENCIAS DEL MUNDO...? en fin despertares y....zafacones, para el saber inutil... Yoe F. Santos/cciav _____ "Anglo- saxon" trends or Glocalized post fordists trends?: a)U.N. :Orange Day against violence, b)Laszloean (2004: 1-29) personal ethics, c)post Fordist paradigms and the Da-Vincians -cross cultural and multidisciplinary- legacies d) on self education on early XXI century. Some Selected useful readings for open minds, citizens and stakeholders, by Yoe F. Santos/cciav Serie: Time for harvest or time for reality? waiting for november, 2012... Towards digital narrative for children: from education to entertainment, a historical perspective K Madej - Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 2003 - dl.acm.org ... in the mind rich in religious meaning, and children learned about symbolism and allegory bylistening ... while there is a guide for teachers for the Arthur print books, self-directed activities ...Now that education and entertainment are striking a balance, let's add meaning as a critical... PARADOXES OF MEDIA INFLUENCES ON KNOWLEDGECONSUMPTION AND USE C Mazza, JL Alvarez - 2001 - iese.edu embedded in artifacts and composed of emotional, tacit, and explicit aspects (Law, 2000). ... The mass media also produce and diffuse management knowledge by popularizing academic ideas and reporting Glocality, Diversity and Ethics of Distributed Knowledge in Higher Education NSA da Silva, IMSB Alvarez… - … Dilemmas inKnowledge …, 2010 – e-learning is a ...This dilemma is a corollary that resumes the extreme boundaries of knowledge (codified or,tacit ... The Connecticon: learning for the connected generation F Rennie, R Mason - 2004 – (Rhcingold, 2002, p. xxi) If ... This overabundance of low quality information, which Shenk (1997) has called "data smog," is com-parable in its emergence and ... Reflective practice: Writing and professional development G Bolton - 2010 - Sage Publications Limited Mass rape: The war against womenin Bosnia-Herzegovina C Enloe, R Gutman, M Faber, A Stiglmayer - 1994 – badly informed, because the only reading materials they receive... Violence, Democracy, and Education: An Analytic Framework J Salmi - PROMOTING, 2000 – Women, girls, and structuralviolence: A global analysis D Mazurana, S McKay - … and Violence, 2001 - academic.marion.ohio-state.edu ... largest food exporter in the world. However, 80 percent of Filipino children go hungry every day,...against women because economic and political systems rely on them. ... The Hidden Structure of ComtemporaryViolence M Pilisuk - Peace and Conflict, 1998 – The impact of war on women MW Ashford, Y Huet-Vaughn - War and Public Health. Eds. Barry …, 2000 – New and old wars: organizedviolence in a global era M Kaldor - 2007 – Violence Against Women: Reflections on the Past and Strategies for the Future-An NGO Perspective Y Lee - Adel. L. Rev., 1997 – Lessons from Kenya:Women and the post-electionviolence LM Wanyeki - Standpoint, Feminist Africa, 2010 - agi.ac.za Kibaki president. ... responded to by equally organisedviolence in Central and NGO Forum on Women, Beijing′ 95—Look at the World Through Women'sEyes N Abramowitz - Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 1997 traditionally are involved with day care programs for children of working mothers, with ... … Getting Away with Murder Article 340 of the Jordanian Penal C
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