Electrical Design Services

G2 Energy is a renewable energy developer, specialising in works within the Energy Sector. Call 01234 905100 for all your civil design services and electrical design services.
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Electrical Design Services Electrical design services concerns every single aspect of electrical operation of all sizes, from the way a simple light switch operates to vastly complicate electrical systems which provide power to enormous buildings. Electrical design services typically study for their field in general engineering programs before specializing in the area of electrical design. They are then able to use their expertise in several industries ranging from small, independent businesses to even nationwide companies within the pharmaceutical industry, the petrolchemical industry and even the oil and gas sectors. There are a large number of independent companies operating within the energy sector who undertake projects involving the engineering design of high voltage electrical installations which are capable of producing voltages up to 132kv. The client base of such companies includes many of the Regional Electrical Companies within the UK and also Independent Power Network Operators. These electrical power suppliers require support on both new as well as existing distributing installations operating at voltages from 11kv-132kv. The electrical design services employed by these independent companies are complimented by the architectural and civil designers also in their employ who are able to ensure that the companies are able to operate a complete service ranging from the initial feasibility reports to the full final design of projects. These electrical designers also have many years experience in working in this specialist industry and are able to draw on this experience in building, maintaining and operating electrical distribution networks. Also, these designers are able to offer a complete Earthing Design Service for substations. This process involves initial site investigations, studies of existing earthing systems and the compete design of a new earthing system using industry-recognised computer software. Such service includes aspects as diverse as scope development, site layouts, providing the drawings for building construction and even SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – a term which generally refers to industrial control systems, for instance the computer systems which monitor and control industrial processes (such as manufacturing), infrastructure processes (such as water treatment) and facility processes for buildings, ships and airports in both the public and private sectors to monitor and control access, HVAC and energy consumption.) The aforementioned independent companies are able to collaborate across markets and disciplines in every part of the electrical design services industry. This allows the firms to oversee the overall design and because they are able to approach the design from so many different perspectives, they have an unequalled ability and an uninhibited desire to innovate. In order to learn more on electrical design services as well as information regarding G2 Energy, head to www.g2energy.co.uk