Examen extraordinario ingles nivel 1
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    December 1969
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core __________ INGLES 1 EXAMEN EXTRAORDINARIO Name___________________________________________________ Choose the correct option Date _______________ 1. A: Goodbye, John. B: ____, Robert. a. Hi b. Thanks you c. ee you a. .ray b. b*ue c. red !. This is my "ather. ____ name is John. a. Her b. His c. #ur /. A: ____ % B: 0t1s $1- --- //2$ a. +hat1s your *ast name% b. Ho( are you% c. +hat1s your )hone number% 2. A: Ho( o*d are you% B: ____ a. 3ine, thanks. b. 01m 1/ years o*d. c. Nice to meet you. $. A: ____ your name% B: &'A'R'T'H'A a. Ho( do you s)e** b. Ho( is c. +hat 4. A: +hat time is it% B: 0t1s a quarter to eight. a. 4:1b. 2:,c. 4:$5 6. He ___ 7eter. a. am b. is c. are -. The a))*e is ____. ,. The banana is ____. a. b*ack b. red c. ye**o( 15.They ____ &e8icans. a. is b. are c. 9s a. on b. in c. at 11.A: Are you &r. Garcia% B: :es, ____ a. 0 do. b. 0 am. c. am. 1/.This is ____house. a. an b. ''' c. a 12.01;e .ot ____ oran.e. 1!.____ he .ot cats% a. Ha;e b. Has c. Ha;es 14.0 am an.*ish. a. can not b. not can c. am not b. )*ayin. c. )*ays b. c*eanin. c. c*eans b. doesn1t c. not !6.A: +hat1s the (eather *ike% B: 0t1s ____. !,.____ you study >n.*ish% a. do b. does c. are a. c*oudy b. rainy c. sunny $5.This is my ____. a. hand b. head c. shou*der