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The Humorous Meditation Blogs of Flash Mc Cool,as created by Norm Johnson,Actor,Comedian,Short-film producer.
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F L A S H MC C OO L BL OG S HUMOROUS BLOGS OF FLASH MC COOL, A FICTIONAL HOBOCLOWN DETECTIVE- A GREAT SOURCE FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT, INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION AND JUST PLAIN CRAZY CURIOSITY ! FLASH MC COOL GIVES HIS UNCONVENTIONAL ROMANTIC EXPLANATIONS AND COMEDIC OPINIONS FOR THE SIMPLE & COMPLEX ISSUES OF NATURE & LIFE.MYSTICISM LIVES HERE AT THIS BLOG SITE.COME IN AND TASTE IT ! COPYRIGHT 2009 SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 2009 Butter-Fly Pup's Weekend Faux News Digest Woof humans! Since I belong to a fictional hoboclown,I get to write the news as I inspect the fire hydrants in the City of Philadelphia,PA. You get to meet a lotta people out on the corners and get the real low down .This is what I wrote so far : 'The City of Brotherly Love Champions The Underdog While Non-Profit Groups,The Disabled and Dependent Children Get Mauled By a Rabid Budget Plan.' How about this for a headline: 'All Work And No Pay Make Pennsylvanians A Fuss Budget.' Or better yet: ' Politicians Fiddle While Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Citizens' Personal Budgets Burn'. Now hear this: 'Philadelphia Plan C Puts Police,Firefighters and Public Safety In The Line of Fire' Chew On This: 'PA Legislators' Message To Citizenry is No Pain,No Gain As Budget Stalemate Continues' Wow! Not bad for a dog-eared news digest huh ? POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 1:04 AM 0 COMMENTS LABELS: PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA LOCAL POLITICAL SATIRE FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2009 Butterfly-Pup's Leg Up Award The Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Budget Crisis of 2009 led me and my pal,Diogenes the critic, to lead a daylight search for the elected State and City officials and legislators who deserve to be re-elected during election time.The following list of honorable and honest elected officials are being awarded my 'Leg-Up Award' and should be re-elected: What? You don't see any names? Don't look at me.I didn't eat the list ! POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 4:39 PM 0 COMMENTS LABELS: HEROES OF THE 2009 PENNSYLVANIA PHILADELPHIA BUDGET CRISIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2009 Senator Edward Kennedy 1932-2009 Hello everybody!This lazy August morning I emerged from my cave to see a kitten chasing its' tail and two airliners gliding through the clouds.The morning news reported that Senator Edward Kennedy had died .I remembered watching a Presidential motorcade of his brother,John F. Kennedy, driving past my elementary school in Philadelphia, PA in the 1960s. I recalled shaking his brother's (Robert F. Kennedy) hand when I met him in New York City in the same decade. I never met Senator Edward Kennedy.But somehow I felt close to him. As a fictional hoboclown,I believe that the spirits of some people who die get transformed into stars in the heavens. As a fictional character I can imagine and dance about a world, the likes of which real people have never seen! As a young hoboclown I remember the stories about our ancient parents, who navigated their travel routes on land and sea by the position of the stars.Now, air travel and space travel navigation take into account the position of the heavenly stars.I can almost hear the sailors yelling to steer port-side or starboard to avoid a hazard,a tempest or a sea monster or to find a lost legendary island or buried pirate's treasure.I can almost hear the warnings to turn the bow around to avoid sailing off the edge of the world.The sailors and other great travelers (land,sea and air) studied the stars to guide them safely through their journeys. What a great and appropriate place for Senator Edward Kennedy to be - a new star amongst a constellation of greatness that preceded him. I imagine the Stars to be legendary beacons of transformed lives that traversed the earth, made mistakes and yet great strides among mortal men and now guide us all along our paths of destiny ! Shine on Senator Edward Kennedy 1932-2009 . You are now a beacon to be well-studied! POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 5:34 AM 0 COMMENTS LABELS: SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY EPITAPH FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2009 The Stranger Hey everybody! This morning I disembarked from the R8 Commuter Train at the Market East stop.I wore civilian clothes,having left my fictional clown's garb back at the Cave .Note that I now have a full well-trimmed, salt and pepper beard and cut a striking image as I stepped onto the Market East Gallery platform.As I got to the top of the escalator (on a whim) I decided to ditch having breakfast at Mickey D's at 10th & Market Sts. because their loudspeaker music system was down. I like to dine by music. I stepped off the escalator and decided to have breakfast at a fast food chinese Juice Bar & Breakfast.The breakfast spot is in the Gallery,surrounded by round and square cafe'-styled tables. Music is piped in overhead.I ordered bacon,scrambled eggs,white toast and coffee and was deliciously tempted by the counter display of fried chicken breasts, wings & mac & cheese side orders which I did not buy...at least not yet! I think the salesman knew I was a first time customer & he really loaded up the platter with a healthy serving.I paid a bargain, economical price and sat at an empty four seat table.Around me were nearly some 30 or 40 such seating arrangements. Two seconds later, a stranger appeared and sat at a two-seater round cafe-styled table about five feet in front of me. There was one empty table between us. The stranger was an older black male ( around 80 to 85 years old) who sported a fully white beard and an intensely black beret with an authentic French-styled crush. He looked like he could have been my father.The facial features were uncanny! As I warily gave him the once over,a cute little blond passed through the table area thoroughfare.She looked at the old man, then at me and then made eye- contact with me and gave a warm smile. As I studied the old man, I was convinced that he had been a real resident of Paris,France .He had an old briefcase (which I surmised, could contain some sheet music and a will). He had no teeth and his breakfast was a fresh banana and a can of Coke. He seemed to wince with every swallow of the Coke. While the blond had looked directly at me,he did not make eye contact. He perused a Metro newspaper and occasionally looked worriedly past me. He had that old person's 'lost look' in his eyes. Was he looking back to the past or forward to a bleak future? I wanted to chat him up but was reluctant to invade his personal space . He looked like he could be an understudy of a character who plays my father in a movie that I am currently cast in . I wanted to get his card and perhaps contact him later.Then, I backed off as I thought,' Is this my angel or am I his messenger?' By now the Gallery Mall security guards were walking through and taking up their various posts outside the gated department stores. I felt secure that the security guards were now watching over the two of us as we had breakfast in the nearly deserted area. The old man read his newspaper and it reminded me that I had to buy mine . I gave one last glance at the old stranger, who I was now fond of and got up as I wondered about the chance meeting. Then, in the same instance,I wondered who was my angel,the old man or the cute little blond who gave the two of us that warm smile ?? POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 5:06 AM 1 COMMENTS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009 The Infamous Quote ! As an insignificant fictional hoboclown detective and observer of world chaos and current events, I can only conclude that,' If the sky is only falling in my backyard, then it's time to move in with the rest of the world'. POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 4:09 PM 0 COMMENTS LABELS: CURRENT EVENTS, FLASH MC COOL QUOTES, WORLD CHAOS SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2009 Presidents' Jefferson and Obama's Teachable Moments As an old hoboclown detective,I decided to investigate the recent arrest of professor Henry Louis Gates . Oddly enough, my investigation lead me to my own 2007 blog archive and my post ,'July4th Reflections' . In that post, it is obvious that Professor Henry Louis Gates was not around when President Jefferson had a teachable moment .It is fair to say that President Jefferson (as is President Obama and Professor Gates) was a scholar and rendered numerous thoughts about a variety of issues affecting mankind. When I looked into the matter of the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates I actually found President Jefferson's writings, on much larger issues and I am republishing them in this blog post : July 4th Reflections Hi Everybody,I'm Hoboclown.Flash Mc Cool has been in his cave searching for evidence that Thomas Jefferson was a serious student of Nature.Here's what Flash has to say," As the american revolution was uniting the colonies and as the newly- formed government was in its infancy,Thomas Jefferson demonstrated that he was a student of Nature,when he said,"Under the law of nature,all men are born free,every one into the world with a right to his own person,which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will.This is what is called personal liberty and is given him by the Author of nature,because necessary for his own sustenance"-Thomas Jefferson:Legal Argument: 1770 FE 1:376. Thomas Jefferson has also said the following,"I have sworn upon the altar of God,eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Jefferson frequently talked about the condition of man in the world," An equal application of law to every condition of man is fundamental"(Thomas Jefferson to George Hay,1807. ME 11:341). A similar quote was, " To unequal privileges among members of the same society the spirit of the nation is with one accord,adverse."(Thomas Jefferson to Hugh White,1801, ME 10:258 ). Likewise, Jefferson stated,"When one undertakes to administer justice,it must be with an even hand and by rule;what is done for one,must be done for everyone in equal degree." (Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, 1803, ME 10:420). The following quotes were also recorded: "I have supposed the black man in his present state might not be (equal to the white man) but it would be hazardous to affirm that equally cultivated for a few generations, he would not become so."(Thomas Jefferson to Chastellux,1785.ME 5:6,Papers 8:186). Lastly,"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people(blacks) are to be free.Nor is it less certain that the two races,equally free cannot live in the same government.Nature,habit,opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them."(Thomas Jefferson:Autobiography,1821.ME 1:72) . Yep, just when I thought I was the only one kept awake at night by old Mother Nature I concluded that she kept Thomas Jefferson up many a night as well, pondering about the fundamental questions of mankind. As night falls on Independence Day will you have a little insomnia from nagging thoughts ?" _____________ Happy 4th of July ! Love, Hoboclown Copyright,2007 Well, I guess teachable moments will always occur as long as there are scholarly reflections on important matters ! POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 5:08 AM 0 COMMENTS FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2009 The Contract Maker It's a warm overcast day in Philadelphia,PA USA. I,Flash Mc Cool,hoboclown detective, spent the last two days pondering a legal matter for a young attorney. You see,there were two contracts that appeared to be the same but were being upheld and enforced differently by the local municipality.As the matter was an open civil case,the young lawyer decided to petition a judge to do a plain reading of one contract.After I investigated the case a bit,I suggested that the attorney petition the judge to rule on the difference (if any) between the two contracts.This morning,at my usual spot in the woods to board the train, a stillness in the air rattled my awareness.I turned around and looked toward the trees.In the eerie calm there were two slight movements.One was a beautiful blue cardinal perched on a branch. The other was a vermilion cardinal nervously twitching on a branch several feet away. As I turned my gaze to savor their manificence,both flew off to an apparent safety zone atop higher tree limbs. Although of a different color plumage,they were functionally equivalent. Both were skillfully crafted, artfully adorned and obviously protected by their Maker, who enabled them to whisk away to safety from my visual and discerning scrutiny. The insight came to me. These were the live manifestations of the two bothersome contracts that have eluded me for the past two days! I concluded that both contracts are functional; do what they are intended to do and are equally protected by the Contract Maker. Later this morning, I will telephone the young attorney to advise her that everything will be fine ! POSTED BY HOBOCLOWN AT 5:32 AM 1 COMMENTS Older Posts Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) HONORABLE MENTION FILM LAUREL Niceeee! 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What? A Klowne for President ? Butterfly Pup's Leg-Up Award Butterfly Pup's Leg-Up Award ► July (54)  The Invisible Letter  The Sorry Critter !  Nature's Tonic  Butterfly Pup's Leg-Up Award  I Been Blogged !  Butterfly-Pup's Leg-Up Award  Butterfly Pup's Leg-Up Award  Butterflypup's Leg-Up Award  The Stowaway  Butterflypup's Leg-Up Award  ButterflyPup's Leg Up Award  Intimacy  A Fifth For The Fourth  Caught Red-Handed!  Nature's Embrace  The Value of The Mirror  The King Tut Fascination  Battle At Kruger  July 4th Reflections  A Walk In My Shoes  The Father's Day Mystery     • ► 2006 (2) o ► November (2) ABOUT ME HOBOCLOWN Flash Mc Cool is the fictional hoboclown detective created by Norm Johnson,comedian,actor-producer. Norm Johnson's roots are in Mother Africa & more recently Scotland, the land that originated golf where kilted men play bagpipes and where Sean Connery hails.Norm however, lives in a house in Philadelphia,PA USA.Flash Mc Cool lives in a cave in Phila.,PA USA . VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE BLOGGED.COM FLASH MC COOL BLOGS • BLOGGED .COM F LA SH MC COOL BLOGS RA TED CANNES FILM FEST RECOGNITION SH ORT FI LM CORNER REGI STRA TI ON BLOGGED.COM HUMOR BLOG DIRECTORY HU MOR BLOG D I RECTORY FLASH MC COOL BLOGS AF RI CA N AMERI CA N SUBSCRIBE TO FLASH MC COOL BLOGS A TOM POSTS A TOM A LL COMMENTS VIDEO BAR powered by