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in this book u can find everything u need about florence. The best places to visit, some restraunts, hotels and clubs.
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Updated 12 February 2014 Photo: Gareth Williams Florence Florence is the beautiful regional capital of Tuscany, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. It is acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and stepping onto its historic cobbles it is easy to see why. Cradled between the surrounding hills, the city hosts some of the most famous works of art on the planet and the whole of the city centre is packed with stunning palaces, churches and monuments. The surrounding countryside is well-known for its rolling hills and its wine—particularly the Chianti area between Siena and Florence. Top 5 Leonardo Da Vinci´s Museum The museum is situated in the historic heart of Florence and shows in full-s... Florence Market Walking Tour Sample food the way locals do – at the market. Meander through Florence’s mo... Dante's House Museum In the heart of medieval Florence, you find one of the most picturesque bui... Cathedral S. Maria del Fiore This is a gothic cathedral with Brunelleschi’s stupendous dome. Florence’s cathedral stands tall over the city. To the right i... Santa Maria Novella The church of Santa Maria Novella was built between 1279 and 1357 by Dominican friars, and is located just across from the mai... 1HL Ll1Y |hoLo. Ch| ||ng ||orenL|a-lor|d c|Ly-was Lhe name g|ven oy Lhe |omans Lo Lh|s seLL|emenL lounded |n Lhe | cenLury /| a|ong Lhe /rno r|ver aL Lhe looL ol ||eso|e, an |Lruscan c|Ly whose ru|ns are v|s|o|e on Lhe h||| wh|ch dom|naLes Lhe c|Ly. The lower|ng ol ||orence |n arL, cu|Lure and |nLernaL|ona| Lrade oegan |n Lhe I3Lh cenLury and reached |Ls peak |n Lhe IbLh cenLury under Lhe re|gn ol Lhe Ned|c| lam||y, who ru|ed over Lhe c|Ly unL|| Lhe end ol Lhe I8Lh cenLury. |verywhere you Lurn |n ||orence, you lnd exLraord|nary works ol arL and arch|LecLure, wh|ch aLLracL some 8 m||||on Lour|sLs a year-lrom Lhe |a|a..o Vecch|o Lo Lhe wor|d·lamous Uñ.| ga||ery and Lhe CaLhedra| w|Lh |Ls magn|lcenL dome and Lhe Lower des|gned oy 0|oLLo. /|ong Lhe r|ver /rno Lhe |onLe Vecch|o, w|Lh |Ls ,ewe||ery shops, |s a musL lor a|| Lhose who pass Lhrough Lhe c|Ly, as are Lhe sp|end|d Booo|| gardens across Lhe r|ver. ||orence |s a |nLernaL|ona| cenLre lor lood and lor w|ne-w|Lh Ch|anL| oe|ng |Ls mosL lamous |oca| producL and Lhe ce|eoraLed ||orenL|na sLeak on Lhe oone. DD & 5LL |hoLo. Nuseo Casa d| |anLe Cod|ce Tr|vu|.|ano I080 To meeL Lhe spr|ng |n ||orence |s an oov|ous opL|on, Lhere are noL many c|L|es LhaL oeaL |L. |n ||orence Lhere |s so much Lo see and exper|ence, and Lo a|LernaLe Lh|s w|Lh a DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 good |La||an |ce cream make your ho||day unoeaLao|e. The h|sLor|c cenLre ol ||orence aLLracLs m||||ons ol Lour|sLs each year, and |L has oeen ranked as one ol Lhe wor|ds mosL v|s|Led oy |uromon|Lor |nLernaL|ona|. Leonardo Da vinci´s Museum The museum |s s|LuaLed |n Lhe h|sLor|c hearL ol ||orence and shows |n lu||·sca|e Lhe perlecL|y work|ng mach|nes des|gned oy Lhe 0reaL NasLer |eonardo |a V|nc|. The v|s|Lors can see Lhe |arge mode|s ol Lhe |eonard|an mach|nes. |e can exper|menL Lhe|r mechan|sm and can rea||.e LhaL Lhe NasLer had a|ready des|gned |n h|s L|me mach|nes and pr|nc|p|e LhaL Lhe modern c|v|||.aL|on wou|d a1ord on|y severa| cenLur|es |aLer. /ddress. V|a de| Serv| 66/|·68/|, ||orence |uo||c TransporL. C|ose Lo Lhe CaLhedra| S. Nar|a de| ||ore 0pen|ng hours. |rom IsL ol /pr|| Lo 3ILh 0cLooer · |rom I0 am Lo 7 pm |rom IsL ol Novemoer Lo 3ILh Narch · |rom I0 am Lo 6 pm |hone. ·39 0bb 282 966 |nLerneL. www.mosLred||eonardo.com |ma||. |nlo@mosLred||eonardo.com FIorence MarkeI waIking 1our Samp|e lood Lhe way |oca|s do - aL Lhe markeL. Neander Lhrough ||orences mosL v|oranL markeL, samp||ng de||c|ous |oca| lare |nc|ud|ng /ma|l o||ves, cured Tuscan prosc|uLLo, lresh oread, and a g|ass ol w|ne. Tours run Nonday Lo SaLurday. Nore wa|k|ng Lours are ava||ao|e lrom Uroan /dvenLures. |hone. ·39 34b 088 2826 |nLerneL. www.uroanadvenLures.com Nore |nlo. |o|ders ol Lh|s gu|de rece|ve I0/ o1. Book on||ne and use promo code /0|U aL checkouL. DanIe's House Museum |n Lhe hearL ol med|eva| ||orence, you lnd one ol Lhe mosL p|cLuresque ou||d|ng |n Lhe Lown LhaL |s hosL|ng Lhe museum Casa d| |anLe (|anLes |ouse). The or|g|na| ou||d|ng, consumed oy Lhe L|me, has oeen reconsLrucLed unL|| Lhe oeg|nn|ng ol 900 Lhe per|od where Lhe /||gh|er| lam||ys houses appeared, and where |anLe was oorn I26b. The museum |s composed oy Lhree |eve|s, d|v|d|ng Lhe mosL |mporLanL momenLs ol Lhe poeLs ||le and Lhe ||orence oy h|s L|me. |rom 200b unL|| Loday, Lhe museum has oeen lurLher enr|ched. |ur|ng 20I0 |L has ooLa|ned, Lhanks Lo a pr|vaLe donaL|on, very prec|ous or|g|na| arLelacLs lrom Lhe med|eva| per|od. /ddress. V|a SanLa Nargher|La I, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I9 4I6 (a|so lax) |nLerneL. www.museocasad|danLe.|L Nore |nlo. |nlo@museocasad|danLe.|L LaIhedraI 5. Maria deI Fiore Th|s |s a goLh|c caLhedra| w|Lh Brune||esch|s sLupendous dome. ||orences caLhedra| sLands La|| over Lhe c|Ly. To Lhe r|ghL |s 0|oLLos Be|| Tower, and Lhe BapL|sLery ol S. 0|ovann| sLands oppos|Le Lhe caLhedra| enLrance. /ddress. ||a..a |uomo, I7, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2Ib380 |nLerneL. www.duomolren.e.|L 5anIa Maria NoveIIa The church ol SanLa Nar|a Nove||a was ou||L oeLween I279 and I3b7 oy |om|n|can lr|ars, and |s |ocaLed ,usL across lrom Lhe ma|n ra||way sLaL|on wh|ch shares |Ls name. Chrono|og|ca||y, |L |s Lhe lrsL greaL oas|||ca |n ||orence. /rch|LecLura||y, |L |s one ol Lhe mosL |mporLanL 0oLh|c churches |n Tuscany. |ns|de Lhe oas|||ca, you w||| lnd masLerp|eces oy Nasacc|o, 0|oLLo and Brune||esch|. /ddress. ||a..a d| SanLa Nar|a Nove||a, I, ||orence DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 |hone. ·39 0bb 27I8 4I6I |nLerneL. www.smn.|L BasiIica of 5anIa Lroce The church |s |ocaLed on Lhe ||a..a d| SanLa Croce and was reou||L lor Lhe |ranc|scan order |n I294 oy /rno|lo d| Camo|o. N|che|ange|o |s our|ed |n SanLa Croce among oLher greaL and good |n ||orence. Bas|||ca d| SanLa Croce |s Lhe pr|nc|pa| |ranc|scan church |n ||orence, and a m|nor oas|||ca ol Lhe |oman CaLho||c Church. /ddress. ||a..a SanLa Croce, I6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2466I0b |nLerneL. www.sanLacroceopera.|L BasiIica di 5an Lorenzo |l your lavour|Le pa|nLer |s N|che|ange|o you shou|dnL m|ss Lh|s oas|||ca. Th|s |s prooao|y Lhe mosL exc|L|ng p|ace assoc|aLed w|Lh Lhe lamous arL|sL |n ||orence. The Bas|||ca d| San |oren.o |s lramed oy Lhe sp|end|d, square·shaped 0|d Sacr|sLy oy Brune||esch| and Lhe New Sacr|sLy, oy N|che|ange|o. |ere you can lnd h|s scu|pLures lor Lhe Lomos ol |oren.o and 0|u||ano Ned|c| and lne examp|es ol Nanner|sL arch|LecLure |n Lhe B|o||oLeca |auren.|ana. /ddress. ||a..a San |oren.o, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I6 634 LhapeI Brancacci {5anIa Maria deI Larmine) The chape| |s lamous wor|dw|de lor |Ls lrescoes ol Nasacc|o. They were a greaL |nsp|raL|on lor da V|nc| and N|che|ange|o. The v|s|L now |nc|udes an exce||enL |nLeracL|ve aud|o·v|sua| Lour. /ddress. ||a..a de| Carm|ne, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2768224 Uffizi GaIIery Th|s |s one ol Lhe greaLesL museums ol Lhe wor|d w|Lh masLerp|eces lrom Lhe I3Lh Lo I9Lh cenLury. The Uñ.| |s Lhe mosL |mporLanL and v|s|Led museum |n ||orence and |Ls mosL lamous works |nc|ude BoLL|ce|||s ¨B|rLh ol Venus¨. The name ol Lhe Uñ.| means oñces and Lhe museum was comp|eLed |n Ib8I. S|nce Lhe I7Lh cenLury, |L has oeen open Lo v|s|Lors and |n I76b |L was oñc|a||y opened Lo Lhe puo||c. /ddress. ||a..a|e deg|| Uñ.|, 6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 238 86bI |nLerneL. www.uñ.|.com GaIIeria deII'Accademia The 0a||er|a museum |s one ol Lhe mosL popu|ar museums |n ||orence. |L hosLs lamous scu|pLures oy N|che|ange|o, |nc|ud|ng Lhe |con|c ¨|av|d¨, LhaL |s b,I7 m h|gh. /ddress. V|a BeLL|no ||caso||, b8/60, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 238 86I2 |nLerneL. www.po|omusea|e.lren.e.|L GaIIeria deIIo 5pedaIe DegIi lnnocenIi 0a||er|a de||o Speda|e |eg|| |nnocenL| (|osp|La| ol Lhe |nnocenLs) |s noL on|y a ga||ery and museum exh|o|L|ng lamous pa|nL|ngs such as ¨Nadonna w|Lh Ch||d¨ oy BoLL|ce||| and ¨/doraL|on ol Lhe Nag|¨ oy 0h|r|anda|o. |L |s a|so an |nsL|LuL|on LhaL has prov|ded care ol ch||dren and |nlanLs lor more Lhan b00 years. The ou||d|ng |L se|l, des|gned oy ||||ppo Brune||esch|, |s a|so a h|sLor|c s|ghL |n Lhe c|Ly cenLre. /ddress. |. SS. /nnun.|aLa, I2, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 203 7308 |nLerneL. www.|sL|LuLodeg||nnocenL|.|L ÞaIazzo vecchio Th|s was Lhe home ol Lhe |r|or| de||e /rL|, ol Lhe S|gnor|a and a duca| res|dence. |a|a..o Vecch|o, mean|ng ¨Lhe o|d pa|ace¨ and |s |ocaLed |n ||a..a de||a S|gnor|a. The ou||d|ng |s now Lhe Lown ha|| ol ||orence. |L has |arge co||ecL|ons ol pa|nL|ngs and scu|pLures. 0n Lhe square ,usL |n lronL ol |a|a..o Vecch|o you see a copy ol Lhe lamous sLaLue ¨|av|d¨ oy N|che|ange|o. Th|s was where Lhe or|g|na| sLaLue was s|LuaLed oelore |L was moved Lo /ccadem|a 0a||ery |n I873. /ddress. ||a..a de||a S|gnor|a I, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2768224 |nLerneL. www.pa|a..ovecch|o·lam||ymuseum.|L DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 ÞaIazzo ÞiIIi |a|a..o ||LL| conLa|ns severa| d|1erenL Lypes ol museums. The oas|s ol Lhe currenL pa|ace daLes lrom I4b8 and was Lhe res|dence ol Lhe oank man |uca ||LL|. |L was Lhen ooughL oy Lhe Ned|c| lam||y |n Ib39 as an oñc|a| res|dence ol Lhe ru||ng lam|||es ol Lhe 0rand |uchy ol Tuscany. |n connecL|on w|Lh Lhe |a|a..o ||LL| you lnd Lhe Booo|| 0ardens wh|ch |s one ol |La|ys mosL oeauL|lu| gardens. /ddress. ||a..a de ||LL|, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 238 8763 |nLerneL. www.uñ.|.lren.e.|L / www.pa|a..op|LL|.|L Museo GaIiIeo - lnsIiIuIe and Museum of Ihe HisIory of 5cience ||orence, wh|ch has a |ong h|sLory ol co||ecL|ng arL and arL|lacLs ol h|sLor|ca| re|evance, opened |Ls sc|ence museum |n 20I0. The exh|o|L|ons |nc|ude a|| k|nds ol |nvenL|ons lrom h|sLory, w|Lh |nlormaL|ve v|deos show|ng ,usL how Lhey worked. 0a|||eo 0a|||e| was one ol Lhe wor|ds mosL ce|eoraLed sc|enL|sLs and gen|us, and Lhe Nuseo 0a|||eo |s a Lr|ouLe Lo h|m and a|| Lhe work he accomp||shed |n ||orence. /ddress. ||a..a de| 0|ud|c| I, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 26b 3II |nLerneL. www.museoga|||eo.|L 1uscan wine 1our Ch|anL| |n Tuscany |s one ol Lhe wor|ds mosL lamous w|ne d|sLr|cLs and ||orence |s one ol Lhe c|L|es |ocaLed r|ghL |n Lh|s area. The |andscape here |s un|que w|Lh green h|||s and v|neyards |y|ng nexL Lo o||ve groves. You can h|re a car and v|s|L one ol Lhe v|nyards on your own or oook one ol Lhe many w|ne Lours organ|.ed lrom ||orence. |nLerneL. www.Luscanw|nesoc|eLy.com lIaIian Loffee, Lappucciono and LaIIe ArI Lourses |n add|L|on Lo w|ne, co1ee |s one ol Lhe mosL |mporLanL dr|nks Lo Lhe |La||an peop|e. /L Lhese courses, he|d oy |ng||sh speak|ng Leachers w|Lh years ol co1ee exper|ence, everyone |nLeresLed |n co1ee can geL Lhe|r quesL|ons answered. /ddress. V|a de||e Lorr| bb, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 7320 049 |nLerneL. www.apr|reunoar.com/cors|/courses/ viIIa Gamberaia V|||a 0amoera|a |s mosL|y lamous lor |Ls sumpLuous |ena|ssance and Baroque gardens LhaL |s we||·v|s|Led oy gardeners and Lour|sLs lrom a|| over Lhe wor|d. |L |s |ocaLed Ib m|nuLes lrom cenLra| ||orence and surrounded oy green h|||s. /ddress. V|a de| |osse|||no, 72, ||orence |hone. ·39 0b b69 720b |nLerneL. www.v|||agamoera|a.com DlNlNG |hoLo. e0u|de Trave| Tuscan cu|s|ne |s known LhroughouL Lhe wor|d lor |Ls como|naL|ons ol lresh |ngred|enLs. Try Lhe r|oo|||La (a k|nd ol m|nesLrone), pappa a| pomodoro (LomaLo soup) and o|sLecca a||a lorenL|na (||orenL|ne T·Bone sLeak). Tuscan sLarLers |nc|ude crosL|n| and oruscheLLa, LoasLed oread w|Lh var|ous Lopp|ngs. |onL m|ss canLucc| w|Lh v|n SanLo when you |ong lor someLh|ng rea||y sweeL. LnoIeca Þinchiorri |noLeca ||nch|orr| |s an exc|us|ve resLauranL. |L leaLures an e|eganL aLmosphere, a relned menu and a w|ne ||sL lor conno|sseurs. /ddress. V|a 0h|oe|||na, 87, ||orence DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 |hone. ·39 0bb 242 7b7 |nLerneL. www.enoLecap|nch|orr|.com 1raIIoria Dmero /L TraLLor|a 0mero Lyp|ca| Tuscan cu|s|ne |s served. Some ol Lhe recommended d|shes are lorenL|na, lr|ed ora|ns, gr|||ed ch|cken, lag|o|| a| lasco and LomaLo soup. |n,oy Lhe |ove|y lood LogeLher w|Lh oeauL|lu| v|ews over Lhe surround|ng counLrys|de. /ddress. V|a ||an de| 0|u||ar| 47, |oca||La /rceLr| |hone. ·39 0bb 220 0b3 |nLerneL. www.r|sLoranLeomero.|L 1raIIoria Bordino |l you lnd yourse|l |n Lown aL |unch L|me, Bord|no o1ers you one Lhe oesL |unches |n Lhe c|Ly. |or d|nner, Lhe aLmosphere enhances w|Lh cand|e ||L Lao|es. /ddress. V|a SLracc|aLe||a, 9r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I3 048 |nLerneL. www.LraLLor|aoord|no.|L Lucina 2ibibbo Th|s |s a n|ce resLauranL on Lhe h||| ,usL ouLs|de Lhe c|Ly cenLer. |L serves or|g|na| Tuscan d|shes, a|| cooked w|Lh pass|on and ,oy. /ddress. V|a Ter.o|||na 3r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 433 383 |nLerneL. www.cuc|na.|o|ooo.com FaIIoria Ie Lave di Maiano /L Lh|s counLry house, you can en,oy warm·weaLher |unches under Lhe o||ve Lrees. The lood |s Lyp|ca| Luscan and everyLh|ng |s cooked on|y w|Lh organ|c producLs. Th|s esLaLe |s |ocaLed b km lrom ||orence. /ddress. Na|ano v|a BenedeLLo da Na|ano, II, ||eso|e |hone. ·39 0bb b99 600 |nLerneL. www.laLLor|ad|ma|ano.com AII' AnIico vinaio Th|s |s a |oca| sandw|ch oar LhaL has Lo oe seen and v|s|Led oelore you |mpose |L. The |ong queue cou|d oe a o|L daunL|ng ouL Lhere |s a reason why so many peop|e are |n ||ne. |ere you w||| geL greaL va|ue lor money, and Lhe o1er |oLs ol good vegg|e opL|ons. |l you wanL Lo avo|d Lhe |ongesL queues, make your v|s|L |n Lhe alLernoon. /ddress. V|a de| Ner| 6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 238 272 Lacio vino 1raIIaIIá Th|s p|cLuresque ||LL|e resLauranL serves |oca|, seasona| lood. /L Cac|o V|no Tra||a||a you can lee| Lhe genu|ne aLmosphere ol Lhe c|Ly, even |l |L |s we||·v|s|Led oy Lour|sLs. Nake sure Lo ask Lhe owners lor a w|ne recommendaL|on. /ddress. Borgo SS. /posLo|| 29r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2Ib bb8 |nLerneL. www.cac|ov|no.|L 1raIIoria Mario /L TraLLor|a Nar|o, Lhe sound |eve| |s h|gh and ||ve|y. |ere you w||| exper|ence a Lrue genu|ne |La||an mea| w|Lh a|| LhaL |L means. The menu |s wr|LLen on a s|aLe, Lhe p|ace |s olLen very crowded and Lhe wa|Lers speaks a|mosL on|y |La||an, ouL Lhe lood here |s |ncred|o|e. /s many oLher |La||an resLauranLs, Lhey do noL accepL cred|L cards so donL lorgeL Lo or|ng cash. /ddress. V|a |os|na, 2r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I 8b b0 |nLerneL. www.LraLLor|a·mar|o.com Nore |nlo. Corner ol ||a..a de| NercaLo CenLra|e LnoIeca ÞiIIi GoIa e LanIina Th|s resLauranL |s ou||L up lrom Lhe owners pass|on lor w|ne. They handp|ck on|y Lop qua||Ly w|nes lrom sma|| producL|ons. To accompany Lhe lne w|nes, Lhey o1er a menu cons|sL|ng ol Lrad|L|ona| and modern |La||an cu|s|ne made lrom on|y Lhe lreshesL producLs. /ddress. ||a..a ||LL| I6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I2704 |nLerneL. www.p|LL|go|aecanL|na.com DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 lI Desco Th|s sma|| o|sLro |s we||known lor |Ls warm and lr|end|y aLmosphere and |Ls de||c|ous lood. The d|shes are cooked lrom organ|c producLs and |l you have any k|nd ol a||ergy or |ook|ng lor vegeLar|an lood Lh|s |s a perlecL resLauranL Lo v|s|L. The|r open|ng hours are a o|L ||m|Led so Lh|s |s a perlecL p|ace lor |unch. /ddress. V|a Cavour bb |osso, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 288330 |nLerneL. www.||descolren.e.|L AnIica 1raIIoria da 1iIo /L /nL|ca TraLLor|a da T|Lo, a resLauranL lrom I9I3, you can order a ,u|cy and rare ||orenL|ne sLeak Lo a reasonao|e pr|ce. |l meaL |snL your lavour|Le, en,oy some ol Lhe oLher d|shes such as lresh homemade pasLas or cheeses |n Lhe ||ve|y and we|com|ng d|n|ng room. /ddress. V|a S.0a||o II2/r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 47247b |nLerneL. www.LraLLor|adaL|Lo.|L lI BisonIe ||orence |s known lor |Ls ||orenL|ne SLeak and Lh|s |s a good p|ace Lo Lry |L. Th|s new|y opened resLauranL has |Ls locus on sLeaks and d|1erenL meaL d|shes, ouL a|so o1ers a se|ecL|on ol d|shes w|Lh lsh and pasLas. /ddress. Corso |La||a, 3b, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 277 6336 |nLerneL. www.||·o|sonLe.|L Dim 5um You w||| never geL L|red ol |La||an lood ouL when you |ong lor some oLher lavours, Lhe Ch|nese resLauranL ||m sum |s a good opL|on. |omemade nood|es, sLeamed dump||ngs and ol course d|m sum are some ol Lhe d|shes you can en,oy here. /ddress. V|a de| Ner| 37/r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 284 33I |nLerneL. www.d|msumresLauranL.|L lD DsIeria ÞersonaIe |0 0sLer|a |ersona|e |s |ocaLed a o|L ouLs|de Lhe Lour|sL|c area ol ||orence, ouL Lhe promenade a|ong Lhe r|ver /rno makes |L a p|easanL exper|ence. The cu|s|ne |s |La||an and Lhe d|shes served and Lhe serv|ce ho|ds h|gh c|ass. /ddress. Borgo San |red|ano, I67 r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 933 I34I |nLerneL. www.|o·osLer|apersona|e.|L 1he Diner w|Lh a charm|ng decor |nsp|red oy an /mer|can ||ner, Lh|s resLauranL serves oage|s, ourgers, pancakes and sa|ads. |L |s mosL|y popu|ar lor |Ls orunch ouL Lhey serve Lhese spec|a||L|es a|| day. /ddress. V|a de||/cqua, 2, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 290 748 |nLerneL. www.Lhelorenced|ner.com LAFL5 |hoLo. Boo |a|| where oeLLer Lo en,oy a cappucc|no and an |La||an ge|aLo Lhan under Lhe Tuscan sun7 |n Lhe ousL||ng c|Ly ol ||orence Lhere |s w|de array ol cales Lo s|L down and re|ax on and |l you have a sweeL·LooLh, ||orence w||| noL |eave you d|ssapo|nLed. Laffe ÞasIicceria Rivoire Th|s e|eganL cale |s renowned lor Lhe mosL de||c|ous choco|aLe |n ||orence. BoLh |oca|s and Lour|sL are lrequenL v|s|Lors and |L has a perlecL |ocaL|on aL ||a..a de||a S|gnor|a. DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 /ddress. ||a..a de||a S|gnor|a ango|o V|a Vaccherecc|a, 4r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0b b2I4 4I2 |nLerneL. www.r|vo|re.|L GiIIi 0|||| |s a ||oerLy sLy|e cale ooasL|ng Nurano |amps, a lrescoed ce|||ng and archs. Th|s cale |s known lor |Ls good pasLr|es and choco|aLes. /ddress. V|a |oma I/|, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I3896 |nLerneL. www.g||||.|L Laffe Giacosa-LavaIIi Th|s |s a h|sLor|c cale owned oy Lhe sLy||sL |ooerLo Cava|||. Choose lrom a w|de se|cL|on ol pasLr|es and cakes aL oreaklasL and LeaL|me. /ddress. V|a de||a Spada, I0r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2776328 |nLerneL. www.ca1eg|acosa.|L Laffe LoncerIo Þaszkowski w|Lh more Lhan Ib0 years ol h|sLory, Lh|s |s one ol Lhe c|ass|esL cales |n Lhe c|Ly. |ec|ared a naL|ona| monumenL |n I99I, |L |s a musL lor a morn|ng cappucc|no and pasLry, where you can d|p |nLo Lhe ousL||ng ||le ol a ||orenL|an aL arms |engLh. |n Lhe even|ng, |L |s noLed lor |Ls p|ano mus|c. /ddress. ||a..a de||a |epuoo||ca 3I·3br, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2I0 236 |nLerneL. www.pas.kowsk|.|L ÞasIicceria MarceIIo /L |asL|ccer|a Narce||o you lnd a w|de range ol pasLr|es and desserLs. Try Lhe sch|acc|aLa lorenL|na and Lhe yoghurL cake w|Lh lru|Ls. ||ghL |unch |s a|so ava||ao|e here. /ddress. V|a|e |uropa, I69, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 6b3IbI0 |nLerneL. www.pasL|ccer|amarce||o.com BAR5 & NlGH1LlFL |hoLo. Ch| ||ng ||orence ooasLs a ||ve|y n|ghL||le scene. NosL oars have some sorL ol happy hour, wh|ch usua||y |asLs lor many hours and |s olLen accompan|ed oy suosLanL|a| snacks. |ance c|uos Lyp|ca||y donL open unL|| very |aLe |n Lhe even|ng and donL geL crowded unL|| 0I.00 or 02.00 |n Lhe morn|ng. Cover charges are sLeep, ouL |Ls la|r|y easy Lo lnd lree passes around Lhe c|Ly. DoIce viIa |o|ce V|La |s a c|assy oar w|Lh a |arge veranda and cosy |nner rooms LhaL reca|| Lhe h|gh·||le ol |e|||n| l|ms. They o1er cockLa|| serv|ce a|| day and sma|| exh|o|L|ons and m|n|·concerLs are he|d here. /ddress. ||a..a de| Carm|ne, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 284 b9b |nLerneL. www.do|cev|Lalorence.com Negroni Negron| |s |ocaLed oy Lhe /rno r|ver and Lhe aLmosphere |s we|com|ng, warm and ||ve|y. |L aLLracLs young ||orenL|nes DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 ouL a|so Lour|sLs. Th|s c|uo |s olLen v|s|Led oy very La|enLed |Js. /ddress. S|amo |n v|a de| |ena| I7/r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0b b90 8b0 482 |nLerneL. www.negron|oar.com 5IowIy Bar Th|s |s anoLher see·and·oe·seen ||orenL|ne hoL spoL. |ere you can order c|ass|c cockLa||s and aper|L|ls Lo dr|nk and en,oy Lhem w|Lh Tuscan·sLy|e snacks. /ddress. v|a |orLa |ossa, 63, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 264 b3b4 |nLerneL. www.s|ow|ycale.com 1enax Th|s |s one ol Lhe oesL p|aces |n Lhe c|Ly lor ||sLen|ng Lo good mus|c. ||ve concerLs and var|ous evenLs are he|d here aL a regu|ar oas|s. /ddress. V|a |raLese, 46, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 308I60 |nLerneL. www.Lenax.org DIeI RisIoIheaIre |ere you can have d|nner or eaL a p|..a and aL Lhe same L|me ||sLen Lo ||ve or d, mus|c or waLch a caoareL and oLher var|eLy shows. Th|s |s a un|que venue |n ||orence. /ddress. V|a|e 0enera|e |a||a Ch|esa, 9, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 6b079I |nLerneL. www.oLe|var|eLe.com Harry's Bar |arrys Bar |s a swanky p|ace w|Lh Lrademark Be|||n|s and lne marL|n|s. S|nce I9b3, |arrys Bar has oeen one ol Lhe mosL lamous resLauranLs / oars |n Lhe wor|d. The magn|lcenL Lerrace over|ook|ng Lhe /rno ||ver and |onLe Vecch|o |n Lhe oackground, |s a wonderlu| p|ace Lo adm|re a oeauL|lu| sunseL ||orence. /ddress. |ungarno /. Vespucc|, 22/r, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2396 700 |nLerneL. www.harrysoarlren.e.|L 5HDÞÞlNG |hoLo. e0u|de Trave| ||orences Lwo cenLra| sLreeLs, v|a Tornaouon| and v|a de||a V|gna Nuova, are Lhe oesL p|aces lor Lhe mosL exc|us|ve oouL|ques, |eaLher goods and sLy||sh shoes. |ere you can lnd mosL ol Lhe |nLernaL|ona||y known ||orenL|ne lash|on orands such as |ooerLo Cava|||, 0ucc|, Sa|vaLore |erragamo and |rmanno Scerv|no. The lash|on add|cLed shou|d deln|Le|y go Lo The ma|| (V|a |uropa 8 · |ecc|o |egge||o), 30 m|nuLes dr|ve lrom ||orence, where Lhey w||| lnd d|scounLed c|oLhes, shoes, oags and accessor|es lrom Lhe Lop sLy||sLs pasL co||ecL|ons. |l you are |nLeresLed |n or|g|na| go|d or s||ver ,ewe||ery, head lor Lhe |onLe Vecch|o and |Ls L|ny ooLLeghe orale (cralLwork shops). 0ne ol Lhe mosL renowned |s 0|o|e||er|a Car|o ||cc|n| (v|a |onLe vecch|o, 3Ir). Bes|des shops, ||orence |s r|ch |n open·a|r markeLs. |l you wanL Lo ouy |eaLher goods or c|oLhes, go Lo Lhe markeL ol San |oren.o, wh|ch |s |ocaLed |n Lhe cenLre ol Lhe c|Ly, or Lo Lhe NarkeL ol Lhe |orce|||no, wh|ch |s she|Lered under Lhe s|xLeenLh·cenLury |ogg|a de| |orce|||no. DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 ALLDMMDDA1lDN5 |hoLo. |van B|aser wheLher you are p|ann|ng a ho||day, a spec|a| weekend or a ous|ness meeL|ng, ||orence o1ers a w|de range ol accommodaL|on Lo su|L a var|eLy ol needs. w|Lh a d|verse co||ecL|ons ol modern hoLe|s, guesLhouses and |mpress|ve oouL|que hoLe|s, you w||| sure|y lnd someLh|ng LhaL appea|s Lo you. and more... BERLIN LONDON BARCELONA ROME PARIS FLORENCE PRAGUE PISA VIENNA MADRID SEVILLE VENICE NICE AMSTERDAM Where will you GowithOh? Handpicked holiday apartments across Europe’s hottest destinations DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 Dh-FIorence Take a oreak |n Lhe Tuscan cap|La| |n one ol 0ow|Lh0h hand·p|cked properL|es LhroughouL Lhe c|Ly. w|Lh over 200 aparLmenLs Lo choose lrom, you can sLay |n your des|red seLL|ng, lrom Lhe |uomo, Lhe Uñ.| 0a||ery or Lhe ||LL| |a|ace, Lhe ||sL ol ||orenL|ne aLLracL|ons goes on' |nLerneL. www.gow|Lhoh.co.uk/lorence·aparLmenLs HoIeI Lungarno Th|s hoLe| has a supero |ocaL|on over|ook|ng Lhe /rno. |L o1ers soph|sL|caLed rooms and va|uao|e modern arL co||ecL|on. |oLe| |ungarno |s Lrad|L|ona||y |La||an, yeL oeauL|lu||y |nLernaL|ona|, ,usL ||ke |Ls lounder, Sa|vaLore |erragamo. /ddress. Borgo San Jacopo, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2726I |nLerneL. www.|ungarnohoLe|s.com HoIeI GaIiIeo |oLe| 0a|||eo |s |ocaLed |n a I9Lh cenLury ou||d|ng |ocaLed |n Lhe hearL ol Lhe cenLre. |L we|comes guesLs |n a Lranqu|| and e|eganL env|ronmenL, lurn|shed |n Tuscan sLy|e. /ddress. V|a Na.|ona|e 22//, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 496 64b |nLerneL. www.ga|||eohoLe|.|L HoIeI Morandi aIIa LroceIIa Th|s |s a qu|eL and comlorLao|e hoLe| |n Lhe lormer convenL ol Lhe CroceLLa. |oLe| Norand| a||a CroceLLa |s a p|ace where you can en,oy a p|easanL and re|ax|ng sLay |n ||orence. |L |s |ocaLed |n Lhe h|sLor|c parL ol Lown nexL Lo Lhe /rchaeo|og|ca| Nuseum and ,usL meLers lrom Lhe /cademy ol ||ne /rLs. /ddress. V|a |aura b0, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 234 4747 |nLerneL. www.hoLe|morand|.|L Giada HoIeI Th|s |s a sma|| hoLe| |ocaLed |n San |oren.o d|sLr|cL, known lor |Ls ||ve|y markeL. The hoLe| |s |ocaLed on|y 300 meLers lrom SanLa Nar|a Nove||a ra||way sLaL|on and severa| ol ||orences mosL popu|ar aLLracL|ons. /ddress. V|a de| CanLo de| Ne||| 2, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 2Ib 3I7 |nLerneL. www.hoLe|g|ada.|L Locanda de' Liompi |ocanda de C|omp| |s a cosy oed and oreaklasL, s|LuaLed |n SanLa Croce, one ol Lhe o|desL quarLers |n ||orence. |ere you can en,oy a wonderlu| v|ew ol Lhe |ogg|aLo de| |esce wh|ch houses an o|d anL|ques markeL. /ddress. V|a ||eLrap|ana, 28, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 263 8034 |nLerneL. www.|ocandadec|omp|.|L Grand HoIeI Minerva 0rand |oLe| N|nerva |s a de|uxe hoLe| |ocaLed |n ||a..a SanLa Nar|a Nove||a, Lhe hearL ol h|sLor|c ||orence. |L |s ,usL a shorL wa|k lrom Lhe |uomo, |onLe Vecch|o and Ul..| 0a||ery and many oLher s|ghLs and aLLracL|ons. The hoLe| o1ers sp|end|d rooms w|Lh anL|que lurn|Lure and Lhe hoLe| poo| |s open lrom June Lo SepLemoer. /ddress. ||a..a SanLa Nar|a Nove||a I6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 27230 |nLerneL. www.grandhoLe|m|nerva.com viIIa Aruch |n Novo||, ,usL a lew m|nuLes lrom Lhe h|sLor|c cenLer ol ||orence, Lhe anc|enL res|dence V|||a /ruch prov|des exqu|s|Le aparLmenLs. Th|s |s an opL|on lor Lhose w|sh|ng Lo renL someLh|ng e|eganL dur|ng Lhe|r v|s|L. |l you wanL Lo renL a car and exp|ore Lhe specLacu|ar surround|ng reg|on, V|||a /ruch has a good |ocaL|on. The res|dence |s comp||menLed w|Lh lree park|ng, w||| and || TV. /ddress. V|a de||a V|||a b, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 076 3046 |nLerneL. www.v|||aruch.com DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 HoIeI 1orre GueIfa ÞaIazzo AcciaiuoIi The |mpress|ng |oLe| Torre 0ue|la |a|a..o /cc|a|uo|| |s a LasLelu| m|x ol o|d and new, perlecL|y |ocaLed ,usL m|nuLes away lrom |onLe Vecch|o and Lhe Uñ.| 0a||ery. |L |s |ocaLed |n a I3Lh cenLury ou||d|ng and |Ls Lerrace o1ers an |mpress|ve v|ew over Lhe c|Ly. |ach room |s lu|| ol h|sLory and characLer and w||| |s |nc|uded. /ddress. Borgo SS. /posLo||, 8, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 239 6338 |nLerneL. www.hoLe|Lorregue|la.com HoIeI Londra - Firenze w|Lh a |ocaL|on r|ghL |n Lhe hearL ol Lhe c|Ly, |oLe| |ondra o1ers I66 conLemporary des|gned rooms. The ra||way sLaL|on ol ||orence |s ,usL around Lhe corner and |L |s ,usL a I0 m|nuLes wa|k Lo geL Lo Lhe |uomo. The hoLe| o1er lree w||| LhroughouL Lhe ou||d|ng. /ddress. V|a Jacopo da ||acceLo, I6/20, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 27390 |nLerneL. www.hoLe||ondra.com HoIeI 5avoy Th|s lve·sLar hoLe| ooasLs an e|eganL decor and I02 guesL rooms lurn|shed |n sooLh|ng co|ours. |L |s perlecL|y |ocaLed on Lhe ||a..a |epuoo||ca w|Lh a|| ma,or aLLracL|ons and shops w|Lh|n wa|k|ng d|sLance. |or Lhe acL|ve guesLs Lhere |s a gym, s|LuaLed on one ol Lhe h|gher loors where |L o1ers a v|ew ol ||orences roolLops. /ddress. ||a..a de||a |epuoo||ca 7, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 27 3b I |nLerneL. www.hoLe|savoy.|L ÞaIazzo 1oIomei - Residenza D'Lpoca The Ib rooms aL |a|a..o To|ome| · |es|den.a ||poca w||| g|ve you a un|que exper|ence. The ou||d|ng daLes oack Lo Lhe I6Lh cenLury and Lhe guesL rooms and |ounge areas are decoraLed w|Lh oeauL|lu| lrescoes and |ena|ssance arL works. /ddress. V|a 0|nor| I9, ||orence |hone. ·39 32770 2386I |nLerneL. www.pa|a..oLo|ome|.|L HoIeI AmbasciaIori Th|s sLy||sh hoLe| |s a|| aoouL |Ls deLa||s. 0rey·co|oured and c|ean ||nes are como|ned w|Lh grand lurn|Lures and decoraL|ons |n caLchy co|ours. The |ocaL|on |s cenLra| and you w||| lnd aLLracL|ons and shops c|ose oy. /ddress. V|a |u|g| /|amann|, 3, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 28742I |nLerneL. www.hoLe|amoasc|aLor|.neL Residenza vespucci |es|den.a Vespucc| |s a B&B w|Lh w|Lh a perlecL |ocaL|on oy Lhe r|ver /rno. Some ol Lhe rooms o1er oa|con|es w|Lh a v|ew over |onLe Vecch|o, wh|ch you lnd ,usL a shorL wa|k away. /ddress. |ungarno /mer|go Vespucc|, 2, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 26 b4 I7I |nLerneL. www.res|den.avespucc|.|L 5ignoria AparImenIs These lu||y·equ|pped se|l·serv|ce aparLmenLs are a good opL|on lor parL|es lrom ,usL Lwo up Lo seven persons. They are |ocaLed |n Lhe c|Ly cenLre and you w||| lnd shops and aLLracL|ons |n Lhe surround|ng areas. /ddress. V|a de||a CondoLLa, I6 o|ue, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 933I492 |nLerneL. www.s|gnor|aaparLmenLs.com Grand HoIeI BagIioni Th|s e|eganL hoLe| w|Lh I93 rooms has oeen around s|nce I903. |n add|L|on Lo Lhe new|y renovaLed rooms, Lhe hoLe| o1ers Lwo oars and Lhree resLauranLs, wh|ch ol one ol Lhem |s |ocaLed on Lhe roolLop w|Lh magn|lcenL v|ews over Lhe c|Ly. /ddress. ||a..a Un|La |La||ana 6, ||orence |hone. ·39 0bb 23b80 |nLerneL. www.hoLe|oag||on|.|L DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 LvLN15 |venLs lrom N|ckes.Com FiorenIina - lnIer - FooIbaII |aLe. Ib/02/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL 20.4b /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694437 FiorenIina - Lsbjerg - FooIbaII |aLe. 27/02/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL 2I.0b /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-7292b2 FiorenIina - Lazio - FooIbaII |aLe. 02/03/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL 20.4b /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694460 FiorenIina - Lhievo - FooIbaII |aLe. I6/03/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL 20.4b /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694476 FiorenIina - AL MiIan - FooIbaII |aLe. 26/03/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL 20.4b /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694499 FiorenIina - Udinese - FooIbaII |aLe. 06/04/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL Ib.00 /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694b23 FiorenIina - A5 Roma - FooIbaII |aLe. I9/04/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL Ib.00 /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694b4I FiorenIina - 5assuoIo - FooIbaII |aLe. 04/0b/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL Ib.00 /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694b63 FiorenIina - 1orino - FooIbaII |aLe. I8/0b/20I4 |venL sLarLs aL Ib.00 /ddress. SLad|o /rLem|o |ranch|, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-694b84 MoIo GÞ lIaIien - MoIorsporI |aLe. 0I/06/20I4 /ddress. C|rcu|Lo de| Nuge||o, ||orens |nLerneL. hLLp.//www.n|ckes.com/en/|venL|nlo.aspx7evenL|d-73I609 DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 L55LN1lAL lNFDRMA1lDN |hoLo. |useo|us@Commons AirporI ||orences a|rporL |ereLo|a, |s around b km lrom Lhe cenLre. / spec|a| ous ca||ed ¨Vo|a |n ous¨ geLs you |nLo Lhe c|Ly cenLre (S. Nar|a Nove||a ra||way sLaL|on) |n 20·2b m|n. lrom 06.00 Lo 23.30, every 30 m|nuLes. Tax|s lrom Lhe a|rporL Lo cenLra| ||orence Lakes aoouL Ib m|nuLes. |hone. ·39 0bb 306 I300 |nLerneL. www.aeroporLo.lren.e.|L ÞubIic 1ransporI The oesL way Lo geL around Lhe c|Ly |s on looL. The c|Ly cenLre |s noL very |arge and |s lu|| ol monumenLs and Lh|ngs Lo see. The |oca| LransporL compan|es are /T/| and ||·N|/. / L|ckeL can oe ooughL |n oars, Looaccon|sLs or any shop w|Lh an ¨/T/|¨ sL|cker |n Lhe w|ndow and |L |s va||d lor 90 m|nuLes. /|ways rememoer Lo va||daLe your L|ckeL oy sLamp|ng |L on ooard Lhe ous. |nLerneL. www.aLal.neL 1axi The ma|n Lax| compan|es are. C0.T/.||. ·39 0bb 4390 www.4390.|L S0.C0.T/. ·39 0bb 4242 www.socoLa.|L ÞosI SLamps can oe ooughL lrom auLhor|.ed Looaccon|sLs. ||orences ma|n posL oñce |s |ocaLed. /ddress. V|a |e|||ccer|a, 3, ||orence 0pen|ng hours. Nondays·SaLurdays 08.Ib·I9.00 |hone. ·39 0bb 273 648I |nLerneL. www.posLe.|L Þharmacy ||orences chem|sLs are open lrom Nonday Lo |r|day lrom 09.00 Lo I3.00 and lrom Ib.30 Lo 20.00. /ddresses ol chem|sLs open dur|ng weekends and even|ngs are posLed on Lhe pharmac|es. 1eIephone CounLry code. ·39 There |s no area code ouL |n ||orence a|| phone numoers sLarL w|Lh 0bb. |o noL om|L Lhe .ero. LIecIriciIy 220 V DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 A11 E76 A12 E35 E78 E78 E35 E80 E80 E45 A1 A1 A14 A14d. 70 68 68 66 65 65 69 69 3b. 16 610 610 253 302 302 67 67 67 64 64 12 12 632 445 9 9 551 325 71 71 71 258 223 223 429 439 439 439 1 73 73 326 146 441 541 Bologna Prato Livorno Firenze Siena Pistoia Arezzo Imola Faenza Forli Pisa Lucca Viaréggio Capánnori S.Gimignano Abetone Lugo Poppi Bibbiena Péscia Vignola Serramazzoni Sassuolo Pavullo nel Frignano Castelnuovo di Garf. Montecatini Terme Cáscina Empoli S.Miniato Castelfiorentino Poggibonsi Sesto Fiorentino Pietrasanta Volterra Saline di Volterra Cécina S. Vincenzo Massa Marittima Montepulciano Chianciano Terme S. Galgano Cortona Pienza Sinalunga Pianella Antignano Monteriggioni il Castagno Lastra Certaldo Busana Stia Castiglioncello Montevarchi Fornoli Firenzuola Felina Pievepélago Monzuno Lama Mocogno S.Benedetto in Alpe Marradi Coniale Riola Medicina Felisio S.Piero a Sieve Borgo S.Lorenzo Dicomano S.Antonio Pontepetri la Lima Fucécchio Pontassieve Torrenieri S. Quirico d’Orcia Colonna di Grillo Monte S. Savino Rosia Suvereto Colle di Val d’Elsa Stággia Viciomággio Palazzo d.Pero Le Ville Riccio Portico di Rom. Rocca S.Casciano Strada S.Zeno Cusércoli Méldola Predáppio S.Sofia Castrocaro Terme Monte Calderaro S.Pietro Terme Ozzano d.Emilia S. Lazzaro di Sáv. Maranello Formigine Loiano Villore Fornovolasco Vezzano Piazza al Sérchio Sillano Ligonchio Ramiseto Vetto Castelnovo ne’Monti S.Giovanni Valdarno Lornano Monteroni d’Arbia Asciano S.Giovanni d’Asso Bibbiano Ribolla Monticiano Monterotondo Maritt Montieri Boccheggiano Gabellino Tatti Cura Nuova Ponteginori Monsagrati Gombo S.Giuliano Terme Vecchiano Altopáscio Ponsacco Pontedera S.Croce sull’Arno Biéntina Castel- franco di S. Stáffoli Galleno Campi Poggio a Caiano Quarrata S. Baronto Vinci Ortimino Cerbáia Vallombrosa Reggello Castelfranco di Sopra Terranuova Bracc. Loro Ciuffenna Rocca Ricc. Figline Vald. Incisa in V.d’Arno Strada in Chianti Greve in Chianti Castellina in Chianti Radda in Chianti Cásole d’Elsa Belforte Sassetta Castelnuovo di V.di Cécina Larderello Populonia Marina di Bibbona Marina di Castagneto- Donorático Castagneto Carducci Sassa Bolgheri Vada Gabbro Castellina Maritt Palaia La Sterza Casciana Terme Capannoli Sarteano Pozzuolo Castiglione d. Lago Foiano d. Chiana Castiglion Fiorention Anghiari Chiusi d. Verna Pieve S.Stéfano Rássina Pte alla Chiassa Pieve Valiano Torrita di Siena Balze Alfero Verghereto Quarto S.Piero in B. Pratovécchio Villa Minozzo Gatta Cerrédolo Rotéglia Baiso Viano Polinago Montefiorino Séstola Fanano Ospitale Bazzano Badia Sasso Marconi Zappolino Spilam- berto Marano s.P. Suviana Montepiano Barberino di M. Pietramala Castiglione dei Pépoli Mad.d.Fornelli S.Benedetto Querceto Castél d.Rio Cásola Valsénio Brisighella Modigliana Scarzana Tredozio Fusignano Alfonsine Lavezzola S.Antonio Spazzate Fluno Mordano Cotignola Russi Filetto S. Agata s.Santerno Bagnacavallo Cosina Riolo Terme Fontanélice Palazzuolo sul Sénio Casina la Vécchia Castiglione di Garf. Gallicano Barga Pescáglia Diécimo Bagni di Lucca Prunetta Lagaro Vergato Gággio Montano Castlvetro di Mod. Bucine A p p e n n i n o T o s c a n a E m i l i a T o s c o P r a t o m a g n o Cast di Brolio Semifonte Torre pendente Mausoleo di G Marconi P di Pinocchio Imola 30 km 0 V i a R i c a s o l i V d M o n t e a l l e C r o c i Via di Miniato Via dei Renai C o s t a d i S a n G i o r g i o V M a f f i a B o rg o S J a co p o V ia S S p irito B o r g o T e g o l a i o V i a G C a r d u c c i V V A l f i e r i V i a L C F a r i n i V ia P V G V G V d G P Croce V ia d S V de’ V i a d V d G io r d a n i V G B N ic c o lin i V ia d e lla C o lo n n a V ia G iu s e p p e G iu s t e V i a G i n o C a p p o n i V i a P i e r A n t M i c h e l i V ia G M o d e n a V ia V e n e z ia V i a A l f o n s o L a m a r m o r a V G i o r g i o l a P i e r a V i a S a n G a l l o V i a S a n t a R e p a r a t a V i a S a n Z a n o b i V i a S a n t a C a t e r i n a d ’ A l e s s V i a d e l l e R u o t e V i a B o n i f a c i o L u p i V D u c a d ’A o s t a V d M a r k e lla t e V C B a t t is t i V i a 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Stazione F S Campo di Marte Palazzo Pitti Museo delle Porcellane Forte di Belvedere OLTRARNO CENTRO SAN NICCOLO S CROCE LE CURE Piazza Santa Maria Novella Piazza Massiomo D’Azeglio Piazza Campanile Piazza G. Poggi Piazzale Michelangiolo Piazza della Liberta Piazza Santa Croce Piazza G Salvemini Piazza d Signoria Piazza de Pitti Piazza F G Savonarola Piazza Cesare Beccaria Piazza San Marco Piazza d Merc Centr Giardino della Gherardesca Giardino dei Semplict Giardion di Båboli 0 250 m A B C D 1 2 3 4 V|a /|lonso |amarmora B2 CI V|a de| 0h|r|anda|o |3 |4 Borgo /||egr| C3 V|a /ndrea de| CasLagno |I |2 V|a de| |orce||ana /3 Borgo deg|| /|o|.| B3 V|a /nLon|o 0|acom|n| CI V|a de||a Cerna|a /I BI Borgo de| 0rec| B3 V|a /nLon|o |ac|noLL| |I V|a de||a Co|onna B2 C2 Borgo |a Croce C3 |3 V|a /nLon|o Sc|a|o|a |2 |3 V|a de||a |orLe..a /2 Borgo ||nL| C2 C3 V|a /rno|lo |4 V|a de||a |ergo|a B3 C3 Borgo S Croce B3 B4 V|a B Cenn|n| /2 V|a de||a ||a..o|a |I Borgo S Jacopo /4 V|a BenedeLLo Varch| |2 V|a de||a Sca|a /3 Borgo Tego|a|o /4 V|a Bon|lac|o |up| BI V|a de||e C|nque 0|ornaLe /I Corso d T|nLor| B4 V|a BruneLLo |I V|a de||e |oro|c| |I CosLa d| San 0|org|o B4 V|a C BaLL|sL| B2 V|a de||e |uoLe BI B2 |ungarno /cc|a|uo|| /3 V|a C BoLLa |3 V|a de||e V|gna Nuova /3 |ungarno /rch|ous|en /3 B4 V|a C |and|no BI V|a de||o SLaLuLo /I |ungarno Benv Ce|||n| C4 |4 V|a C Narsupp|n| |4 V|a de||/gno|o C3 |ungarno Cors|n| /3 V|a Ca||ma|a B3 V|a de||0r|no|o B3 |ungarno d 0ra.|e B4 V|a Capo d| Nondo |3 V|a deBard| /4 B4 |ungarno d Temp|o |4 V|a Cavour B2 V|a de|oss| /3 |ungarno d Zecca Vecch|a C4 V|a C|maoue |3 V|a deNacc| C3 |ungarno |rancesco |errucc| |4 V|a C|ro NenoLL| |2 |3 V|a de|ecor| /3 |ungarno 0en ||a. B4 V|a Co|ucc|o |4 V|a de|ep| C3 |ungarno 0u|cc|ard|n| /3 V|a d /ngu|||era B3 V|a deTornaouon| /3 |ungarno Serr|sLor| B4 C4 V|a d /ra..|er| /I B2 V|a d| Baroano /I /2 |ungarno Torr|g|an| B4 V|a d Banch| /3 V|a d| Be|vedere B4 ||a..a Campan||e B3 V|a d Benc| B3 B4 V|a d| N|n|aLo B4 ||a..a Cesare Beccar|a |3 V|a d Cas|ne C3 C4 V|a | |ogg| /I BI ||a..a d Nerc CenLr /2 V|a d CasLe|an| B3 B4 V|a | Va|or| CI ||a..a d S|gnor|a B3 V|a d CerreLan| /3 B3 V|a |aenL|na CI ||a..a de ||LL| /4 V|a d 0u|cc|ard|n| /4 V|a |aen.a /2 ||a..a de||a ||oerLa BI CI V|a d |eon| B3 V|a ||ume /2 ||a..a | 0 Savonaro|a CI V|a d Na|conLenL| C4 V|a |ra Buonv|c|n| CI |I ||a..a 0 |ogg| C4 V|a d NonLe a||e Croc| B4 C4 V|a |rancesco 0uerra..| |2 ||a..a 0 Sa|vem|n| B3 C3 V|a d |esc|on| /3 V|a |rancesco |ucc|noLL| BI ||a..a Nass|omo |/.eg||o C2 V|a d |roconso|o B3 V|a |ra 0|ovann| /nge||co |3 |4 ||a..a San Narco B2 V|a d S 0|useppe C3 C4 V|a 0 B N|cco||n| C3 ||a..a SanLa Croce B3 C3 V|a d SLro..| /3 V|a 0 BaLL|sLa V|co |2 |3 ||a..a SanLa Nar|a Nove||a /3 V|a de Ca|.a|uo|| B3 V|a 0 Ben|v|en| CI C2 ||a..a|e N|che|ang|o|o C4 V|a de Corso B3 V|a 0 Carducc| C3 |onLe a 0ra.|e B4 V|a de NarLe||| B2 B3 V|a 0 |o|l /I |onLe a||a Carra|a /3 V|a deg|| /|lan| B2 C3 V|a 0 Nodena CI C2 |onLe |osso CI V|a deg|| /rL|sL| C2 V|a 0h|oe|||na B3 C3 |onLe S N|cco|o |4 V|a de| BasL|on| C4 V|a 0|amoo|ogna C2 |2 San N|n|aLo a| NonLe C4 |4 V|a de| CasLo||acc|o B2 B3 V|a 0|ampao|o |4 V d B |e |onne /3 V|a de| |e||a |ooo|a |2 V|a 0|no Cappon| C2 V d 0 | N|rando|a CI V|a de| 0|nor| B2 V|a 0|org|o |a ||era B2 V d Narke||aLe BI V|a de| |ando|ln| B3 V|a 0|oLLo |3 V d Tos|ngh| /3 B3 V|a de| |ena| B4 V|a 0|us Verd| B3 C3 V |uca d/osLa BI V|a de| Serv| B2 B3 V|a 0|useppe 0|usLe C2 V 0 BercheL CI V|a de| Vecch|eLL| /3 V|a 0|useppe |a |ar|na |2 V 0 |asco|| CI V|a de| Campo d/rr|go |I |2 V|a 0ue|la /2 B2 DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12 V|a 0ug||e|mo |I V|a ||er /nL N|che|| B2 C2 V|a V /|ler| C2 V|a 0u|do |I V|a ||er Cappon| CI V|a Va|londa /2 V|a 0u|do Spado||n| /I V|a ||eLrap|ana C3 V|a Vene.|a C2 V|a Jacopo Nard| |2 V|a ||eLro Co||eLLa |3 V|a VenL| SeLLemore BI V|a | C |ar|n| C3 V|a ||eLro Thouar C3 C4 V|a V|ncen.o 0|ooerL| |3 V|a |eonardo da V|nc| CI V|a |or SanLa Nar|a /3 B3 V|a|e /|essandro |I V|a |eone X /I BI V|a |orLa |ossa /3 V|a|e /nLon|o 0ramsc| C2 |3 V|a |oren.o || Nagn|lco BI V|a ||caso|| B2 V|a|e de| Cadorna /I V|a |u|g| /|amann| /2 V|a |oso||no |||o |I |2 V|a|e de| N|||e CI |I V|a N d| Savo|a CI V|a S /nLon|no /2 V|a|e |on 0|ov N|n.on| CI V|a N ||c|no CI C2 V|a S BoL|ce||| CI V|a|e ||||ppo SLro..| /I /2 V|a Naña /3 /4 V|a S Sp|r|Lo /3 V|a|e 0 /mendo|a |3 |4 V|a Nagg|o /4 V|a San 0a||o B2 V|a|e 0|acomo NaLLeoLL| CI C2 V|a Nag||aoech| B4 C3 V|a San Zanoo| B2 V|a|e 0|ovann| N||Lon BI V|a Nasacc|o CI |2 V|a SanLa CaLer|na d/|ess BI B2 V|a|e 0|ov|ne |La||a C4 |3 V|a Na.|ona|e /2 V|a SanLa |eparaLa B2 V|a|e 0|useppe C4 V|a 0rcagna |3 V|a Sc|p|one /mm|raLo |3 V|a|e 0|useppe Na..|n| |2 V|a | 0|ordan| C2 |3 V|a Te|es|o |3 V|a|e Nd Tosse CI V|a |a|m|er| B3 V|a T|moLeo BerLe||| |I V|a|e N|che|ang|o|o |4 V|a |an.an| /2 /3 V|a Tr|po|| C4 V|a|e SparLaco |avagn|n| /I BI DesIlnaIlon: F|orence Pub|lshlng daIe: 2014-02-12