Industrial Deafness Hearing Loss Compensation

Compensation claims regarding Industrial deafness and tinnitus are high. Mild tinnitus with some hearing loss can bring up to £8650 in a ...
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ml teic saC n A i dc JULY 24 , 2011 RSS ARCHIVE nulaHno IdseeeL Dfsags rn r a t i i C ps! o ea mnt o i n Repetitive strain injuries and exposure to harmful materials while on the job can be cause for industrial disease claims . An individual who worked at their work place doing defective work practices, or breathed in harmful chemicals, such as asbestos mig ht end up suffering the consequences for the rest of their life. A lot of new injuries have been discovered later, after people had worked in the manufacturing industry around new materials that unexpectedly led to health problems. Some of the health problems that developed were asbestos, a lung disease caused from breathing in asbestos particles at work. T here was also a rare cancer called asbestos Mesothelioma that came about from exposure to the same particles. One other type of lung disease is called silicosis. It can be caused from inhaling silica or quartz dust in the workplace. Yet another complication that came about was called repetitive strain injury. T his condition developed mostly in the upper body of workers doing excessive, continuous repetitive movement, usually involving the hands. T his type of problem develops when the muscles are tensed for long periods of time due to repetitive motion and poor posture. Some people have developed industrial deafness, or, a hearing problem from exposure to excessive noise like machinery in the work place. Others have what is called vibration white fing er which can be caused by the use of vibrating machinery. T hree other work related injuries that have been identified include industrial dermatitis, occupational asthma, and occupational stress. If you ever start to feel any of the symptoms related to these work related diseases, or have suffered any injuries, it is important to let your employer know immediately so that it can be documented and you can receive the medical treatment that you need. T housands of workers are killed or injured every year from on-the-job or work related injuries. Sometimes these injuries can be avoided by proper safety training and preparation. Other times, it can be just a lack of knowledg e or awareness that the materials or chemicals being handled are not safe. It is very important that workers are protected while at work. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the proper safety g uidelines are posted and followed. If training is a part of that, then that should be included as well. Employers can be found liable, if proper safety performance g uidelines are not followed. Because of work related injuries, millions of people have had to suffer. As more awareness has been broug ht to lig ht about these conditions, steps have been taken to improve the working conditions for those with industrial jobs. T here has been improvement, but there is always room for more. T here are many Industrial Disease Claims that have to be processed every year. People that have had to suffer with work related injuries have had to underg o lifestyle chang es and some have even lost their lives. Remember to contact your employer and seek medical attention as soon as you feel your job has caused you undue pain or suffering . T he long er you wait, the more difficult it is to file a claim and g et you the help that you need and deserve. 3:13AM | URL: http ://tumb lr.c o m/x4v3o 7l4s 3 RSS fe e d : ht t p://t alit haolive r.t PREVIO US PO ST The me is The Atlantic b y Pe te r Vid ani fo r Tumb lr. S e a rch