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Sean Keasling EdTech 503 Dr. Ross Perkins Instructional Problem Report The topic I have chosen is the American art form, jazz music. My goal would be to raise awareness into the art form of jazz music and its history, and help people learn what lasting impact jazz music has had on our culture and music. A problem that exists in many school districts today is that many schools do not offer any sort of jazz instruction. Some schools may want to begin adding jazz into the curriculum, but do not know the way to go about it. In addition, interest in jazz studies needs to be raised among students who do not know much about the subject. The people most likely to benefit from the introduction to jazz music would be musicians involved in a vocal music or instrumental music program. Musicians would be able to gain a deeper understanding of how jazz music relates to our culture, in addition to music in general. Jazz music is very important to me. I have had the privilege to be involved in performing jazz music for the last fifteen years. Jazz music has always been a part of my life and has helped me become the musician I am today. It has assisted me with music sight reading skills, practice habits, and instilled in me a love for music. One of my hobbies has been collecting jazz albums from my favorite recording artists. During the evenings, I often find myself listening to jazz music while I surf the internet or even while doing homework. Instruction could take place during first fifteen minutes of a class as continuous unit, a week long unit of instruction, or as a final project of study. During this instruction students would gain exposure to jazz terminology, concepts, artists, and will be able to gain an appreciation for jazz music. After students take a jazz appreciation class hopefully interest in putting together a jazz ensemble would arise. Later on, once awareness of jazz music has increased a jazz band could be started. Depending on the number of student interested, a small or large jazz ensemble can be put together to offer experience in performing jazz music. In the future additional classes could be offered in jazz improvisation or jazz composition. The best place for instruction to be offered would be during the school day during the music class period. Instruction should probably be offered in a music classroom so availability of sound media, recording devices, and even instruments could be provided. There are many tools available to help facilitate instruction in jazz appreciation and performance. Many universities have adopted jazz appreciation classes and numerous textbooks have been written on the subject. Numerous jazz related films, documentaries, and other research materials are out there for public use. Using a combination of all these items would help to provide the best instruction. Once a resource has been chosen it needs to be decided what major areas of jazz needs to be taught during this unit of study. In addition, numerous recordings need to be provided so students can listen to examples of what is being taught. If a jazz appreciation is offered it could benefit all vocal and instrumental musicians by helping them gain an appreciation of jazz music and how it relates to our culture and the history of music. Jazz music can offer many learning opportunities for each student and while help to facilitate a music teacher’s number one goal, to instill in all students a love for music. All that is needed to start is a music appreciation unit that is offered in the music classroom setting.