Jeffco Email Re Standley Lake Hs Capital Construction Contract

JeffCo Superintendent Cindy Stevenson's email response to BOE Director Laura Boggs on the $4 Million no-bid contract
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From: To: Cc: Subject: Date: Attachments: Neal Helen E Boggs Laura; Stevenson Cynthia M. Noonan Paula E.; Johnson Robin; Dahlkemper Lesley; Fellman Jill RE: 6.07 Standley Lake HS Thursday, January 17, 2013 10:41:00 AM image001.png Board members – please find Cindy’s response to Laura’s request for additional information below. Helen Tell Our Stories of Building Futures Helen E. Neal | Chief of Staff Superintendent/Board of Education |Jeffco Public Schools 1829 Denver West Dr., Bldg. 27, 4th Fl. | Golden CO 80401 | 303-982-6801 | fax: 303-982-6806 [email protected] | From: Boggs Laura Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:50 AM To: Stevenson Cynthia M. Cc: Neal Helen E; Noonan Paula E.; Johnson Robin; Dahlkemper Lesley; Fellman Jill Subject: 6.07 Standley Lake HS Cindy Could you please provide us with the details of the RPF which Haselden won which takes their contract from the about $2.5 million - if I remember correctly) that we approved in March to the over $6 million you are asking for now Thanks Laura In March 2012, the Board approved the CM/GC contract for HVAC scope of work funded from the fiscal year 2012 capital transfer in the amount not to exceed $2.3 million. Additional priority 1 and 2 deficiencies, as identified in the Facility Assessment Condition Tracking System (FACTS), were funded as a result of the FY 2013 capital transfer and the successful voter approved bond. Tonight’s recommendation for action by the Board is for the additional scope of work as an addendum to the current Haselden contract. This will complete the work as efficiently as possible and minimize disruption to the school. Listed below is the scope that was added via the respective funding sources: Additional scope (FACTS priority 1 and priority 2 deficiencies) added from the 2013 transfer Site ADA access issues Site Paving and Re-striping Site Curb and Gutter Sidewalks Site Drainage Additional scope added per Voter Approved Bond Electrical Switch Gear Replacement Exterior Door Replacement Exterior Door Paint Public Address/Paging Security System Replacement Emergency Exit Signage Main Gym Bleachers replacement The new combined scope of work totals $6.5 million. The final contract addendum amount will be known in the next three to four months after subcontracting has been completed by Haselden as the contract manager/general contractor. Please be aware that all direct scope of work which is completed by subcontractors is competitively bid to multiple subcontractors for each trade.