Junk Orchestra Rhythms



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    December 1969
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WMTA Workshop on using a Junk Orchestra Sheena Howard – Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College Useful Junk Orchestra Rhythms/Main Groove (samba) IIIII’m a funnnn-ky mum (funk samba) Ketchup, love ketchup, I looooove lots of ketchup (love) (ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup etc) Cake, lots of cake, I looooove, some Ketchup and chips Lots of keeee-tchup and chips, I love E – liz – a - beth loves Lots of cus-tard The Break/Unison Gap - Chips - - - I want some chips - - May – onn – aise - with lots of chips - Or: IIIIII’ve got cuuuuu-stard, in my underpants Rumble Everyone rolls – possibly use a crescendo. Silent Gaps After a signal, everyone rests for 4 Instruments: Large storage bins (blue) – cut out holes for drain pipes to rest inside the holes. Then attach buckets, small storage containers etc on the drain pipes Beaters – blue water drainage pipes with tennis balls gaffa tapes on. Bamboo sticks – gaffa tape the ends so they are not dangerous) Metal bins hung around the neck (use padding – pipe lagging) Metal flue gas pipes rested on to traffic cones. Shopping trolleys make good snares/cymbals. Inside of car tyres (metal “frames”) rested on traffic cones. Brushes. Metal dust pan + brush. Stainless steel sinks hung around the neck (with padding) Clothes rail with tubes hanging on it (preferably plastic water drains as they are bendy – if not cardboard tubes – eg from a carpet shop). Metal bin lids (hit with bamboo sticks) Plastic bread crate with metal pipes hung on bungee leads