“la Paz Es Cuestion De Desearla Con Toda El Alma” O Es Una Aventura Ciudadana, Cultural Y Comunicativa, 24 /7 Que Se Construye? ¿ Los Caminos De Erasmus O Los De John Lennon, Para Construir Y Transitar -co-constructiva O Propositivamente- La Educación Inclusiva, De Cara Al Nativo Y La Nativa Digital , En El Siglo Xxi -y Las Oportunidades Del Paradigma Post-fordista, Como Prosumidores/as, De Contenidos Culturales- En El Ciberespacio, Desde El Actuar Local Y Pensar Global: La Web 2.0 Y La Web 3.0, En Glocalize? By Yoe F. Santos/cciav

“LA PAZ ES CUESTION DE DESEARLA CON TODA EL ALMA” o es una aventura ciudadana, cultural y comunicativa, 24 /7 que se construye? ¿ Los caminos de Erasmus O los de John Lennon, para construir y transitar -Co-constructiva o propositivamente- la educación inclusiva, de cara al nativo y la nativa digital , en el siglo XXI -y las oportunidades del paradigma post-fordista, como prosumidores/as, de contenidos culturales- en el ciberespacio, desde el actuar local y pensar global: la web 2.0 y la web 3.0, en glocalize? By Yoe F. Santos/cciav "LA PAZ ES CUESTION DE DESEARLA CON TODA EL ALMA" Erasmo de Rotterdam __ "La paz no es algo que se desea, sino que se construye" John Lennon ___ "Todos los dogmas son enemigos de la CREATIVIDAD humana" Oscar Arias Sánchez (1987) Man and Philosophy by Karel Kosik 1965 www.marxists.org/subject/.../kosik/man-philosophy.htm Philosophy arrives at the problem of man on the one band too late, achieving a ... when the arbitrary will of an individual is governing and the relations among men ....themselves upon him, how is this fact to be reconciled with human freedom? Cultural action for freedom Paulo Freire - 1970 - thinkingtogether.org The educator's responsibility as conceived by this philosophy is thus greater in every way than that ... See Karel Kosik Socialist individualism GC Shaw - Studies in East European Thought, 1980 – The adult literacy process as cultural action for freedom P Freire - Harvard Educational Review, 1970 – Philosophy and Economy K Kosík - Dialectics of the Concrete, 1976 – Shipwrecked: Patočka's philosophy of Czech history A Tucker - History and Theory, 1996 Reprint: Cultural action for freedom P Freire - Harvard Educational Review, 1998 – 2. Bound, gagged and robbed DV Prečan - 1975 – The notion of man in Kołakowski, Kosík, and Marković A Donoso - Studies in East European Thought, 1980 – Education and hermeneutics: A Freirean interpretation M Peters, C Lankshear – Politics of liberation: Paths from Freire, 1994 Critical theory and political sociology of education: Arguments CA Torres - Critical Theories in Education, London & New York: …, 1999 Truth prevails: The Catholic contribution to Czech thought and culture∗ J Luxmoore, J Babiuch – Religion, State and Society: The Keston …, 1992 Dialectics of the concrete: a study on problems of man and world K Kosik - 1976 – Economics and Philosophy K Kosík - Dialectics of the Concrete, 1976 Freedom for publishing, publishing for freedom: the Central and East European Publishing Project R Dahrendorf, R Davy, E Winter, TG Ash - 1995 – Jan Patocka: Philosophy and selected writings E Kohak - 1989 – The Social Philosophy of the Frankfurt School and Contemporary Philosophical Revisionism SM Morozov, Z Iavurek - Russian Studies in Philosophy, 1985 – Unofficial Education in Czechoslovakia K Wilkes - Government and Opposition, 1981 Higher education and knowledge policies: A personal view G Bergendal - The Journal of Higher Education, 1983 – Abelson, Raziel. Persons: A Study in Philosophical Psychology. Macmillan. 1977. Pp. xiv and 137.£ 8.95. Aquila, Richard E. Intentionality: A Study of Mental Acts. … DB Bromley, J Wiley, A Collier, J Derrida - Hampshire - Cambridge Univ Press Cultural Action for Freedom: Author's Introduction - Thinking Together www.thinkingtogether.org/rcream/archive/.../CulturalAction.p... by P Freire – non-dualistic viewpoint, thought and language, constituting a whole, always refer to .... philosophy of man, well or poorly outlined, coherent or incoherent. ..... See Karel Kosik, Dialéctica de lo Concreto (Mexico: Grijalbo, 1967). Mihali-Between_sovereignty_and_precariousness.doc www.ifres.info/.../Mihali-Between_sovereignty_and_precariou... Thanks to him and to the philosophical school he has coordinated in Strasbourg, ...Guy Debord, but also Karel Kosik or some contemporary American authors). ... all b
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“LA PAZ ES CUESTION DE DESEARLA CON TODA EL ALMA” o es una aventura ciudadana, cultural y comunicativa, 24 /7 que se construye? ¿ Los caminos de Erasmus O los de John Lennon, para construir y transitar -Co-constructiva o propositivamente- la educación inclusiva, de cara al nativo y la nativa digital , en el siglo XXI -y las oportunidades del paradigma post-fordista, como prosumidores/as, de contenidos culturalesen el ciberespacio, desde el actuar local y pensar global: la web 2.0 y la web 3.0, en glocalize? By Yoe F. Santos/cciav "LA PAZ ES CUESTION DE DESEARLA CON TODA EL ALMA" Erasmo de Rotterdam __ "La paz no es algo que se desea, sino que se construye" John Lennon ___ "Todos los dogmas son enemigos de la CREATIVIDAD humana" Oscar Arias Sánchez (1987) Man and Philosophy by Karel Kosik 1965 www.marxists.org/subject/.../kosik/man-philosophy.htm Philosophy arrives at the problem of man on the one band too late, achieving a ... when the arbitrary will of an individual is governing and the relations among men ....themselves upon him, how is this fact to be reconciled with human freedom? Cultural action for freedom Paulo Freire - 1970 - thinkingtogether.org The educator's responsibility as conceived by this philosophy is thus greater in every way than that ... See Karel Kosik Socialist individualism GC Shaw - Studies in East European Thought, 1980 – The adult literacy process as cultural action for freedom P Freire - Harvard Educational Review, 1970 – Philosophy and Economy K Kosík - Dialectics of the Concrete, 1976 – Shipwrecked: Patočka's philosophy of Czech history A Tucker - History and Theory, 1996 Reprint: Cultural action for freedom P Freire - Harvard Educational Review, 1998 – 2. Bound, gagged and robbed DV Prečan - 1975 – The notion of man in Kołakowski, Kosík, and Marković A Donoso - Studies in East European Thought, 1980 – Education and hermeneutics: A Freirean interpretation M Peters, C Lankshear – Politics of liberation: Paths from Freire, 1994 Critical theory and political sociology of education: Arguments CA Torres - Critical Theories in Education, London & New York: …, 1999 Truth prevails: The Catholic contribution to Czech thought and culture∗ J Luxmoore, J Babiuch – Religion, State and Society: The Keston …, 1992 Dialectics of the concrete: a study on problems of man and world K Kosik - 1976 – Economics and Philosophy K Kosík - Dialectics of the Concrete, 1976 Freedom for publishing, publishing for freedom: the Central and East European Publishing Project R Dahrendorf, R Davy, E Winter, TG Ash - 1995 – Jan Patocka: Philosophy and selected writings E Kohak - 1989 – The Social Philosophy of the Frankfurt School and Contemporary Philosophical Revisionism SM Morozov, Z Iavurek - Russian Studies in Philosophy, 1985 – Unofficial Education in Czechoslovakia K Wilkes - Government and Opposition, 1981 Higher education and knowledge policies: A personal view G Bergendal - The Journal of Higher Education, 1983 – Abelson, Raziel. Persons: A Study in Philosophical Psychology. Macmillan. 1977. Pp. xiv and 137.£ 8.95. Aquila, Richard E. Intentionality: A Study of Mental Acts. … DB Bromley, J Wiley, A Collier, J Derrida - Hampshire - Cambridge Univ Press Cultural Action for Freedom: Author's Introduction - Thinking Together www.thinkingtogether.org/rcream/archive/.../CulturalAction.p... by P Freire – non-dualistic viewpoint, thought and language, constituting a whole, always refer to .... philosophy of man, well or poorly outlined, coherent or incoherent. ..... See Karel Kosik, Dialéctica de lo Concreto (Mexico: Grijalbo, 1967). Mihali-Between_sovereignty_and_precariousness.doc www.ifres.info/.../Mihali-Between_sovereignty_and_precariou... Thanks to him and to the philosophical school he has coordinated in Strasbourg, ...Guy Debord, but also Karel Kosik or some contemporary American authors). ... all been keen – through their thought and writing – to this philosophical rehabilitation .....Moreover, we can make the hypothesis that the ideal of freedom (in any ... Full text of "Contemporary East European philosophy" archive.org/stream/.../contemporaryeast05dang_djvu.txt He was educated in Leningrad and Moscow after the war, in which he had been a partisan. ... 205-215* • Georg Lukacs, The Ontological Foundations of Human Thought and Activity pp . ... 396-403 o Karel Kosik, Reason and History pp. ..... not a limitation .but , on the contrary, an the individual's freedom. enlargement of History and Human Existence publishing.cdlib.org/ucpressebooks/view?docId...id... Salvaging Soviet Philosophy (1) - The Autodidact Project www.autodidactproject.org/bib/ussrphil.html One could follow schools of thought in philosophy proper, or one could follow ... range up to the date of publication, or various periods, or topics, or individual thinkers, ... and a panoply of dissident philosophers such as Karel Kosik of Czechoslovakia. .... "Freedom and Polydeterminism in Cultural Criticism" by Rudi Supek ... On Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory: A Critical ... - Marcuse.org www.marcuse.org/.../93AndersonMarcuseReasonRevolution50... by K ANDERSON - 1993 – Hegel writes "The faculties of the individual are infinitely restricted, and the ... edge, "pure thought again seems to swallow up living freedom" (1941, p. ..... a group of younger German philosophers "whose philosophical education .... critical theorist Douglas Kellner, by the Czech Marxist humanist philosopher Karel Kosik, ... 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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Communication by ... (1974), have examined the displacement effect of television. In the latter study, children in a ... greater control over consumption in the hands of the consumer. In a nonlinear medium, when ... Children's rights and early childhood education (free full-text available) www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au/...early_childhood/.../chil... child advocacy Children are human same degree children are full rights and dignity Feb 5, 2013 – It is argued that for better early childhood education policies can .... beings and entitled to the of ... These articles accept that human beings with and .... Waldorf education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldorf_education , The Waldorf approach to early childhood education is largely experiential allow playing strengthen their and ... order to children to employ and imagination and creativity. ...schools, it is still considered an innovative approach to instructional design. ..... but consider all human beings to be free and equal in dignity and rights, ... Education International - Peace through Education www.ei-ie.org/en/websections/content_detail/5411 Education is the the know-how implement innovation beings closely together. ... it also has key to uniting nations, bringing human and talent to and change the Rights of the Child. ... A far beyond what... of Human Rights and the International Convention on culture of peace from must take root in the classroom an early age. Innovations www.unesco.org/carneid/innovations.htm A curriculum in early childhood education developed in Jamaica St. Maarten are nurtured and valued as unique and at ...Children to , worthy human beings. ... Opportunities are provided for children express themselves creatively through ...... classes are used to teach the students to dignity respect life and to value human Ireland Bureau Unesco - International of Education - www.ibe.unesco.org/fileadmin/user_upload/.../Ireland.pdf The values of equality and inclusion, justice and fairness, freedom and democracy, and respect for human dignity and identity, apply to education in general and are .... early childhood care and education and primary and second-level schools ...... junior cycle will be: quality ; well- being; creativity and innovation; choice and ... CHILD WELFARE wcd.nic.in/cwnew.htm Article 23 prohibits trafficking of human beings and forced labour. .. welfare for innovative projects in the field of child and women and activities which ... TOWARDS A QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL - Ministry of Education https://www.education.gov.mt/.../1_BOOK%203%20ENG.pdf Maria Montessori on Education www.newfoundations.com/GALLERY/Montessori.html She studied the of special establish education. ..... a human being in ... education children and needs began to this common vision of what it is to be methods ...The school and its innovative yet controversial approach was widely successful. ...inspired her theories of sensory education for early childhood Montessori adopted Early Childhood Education - NCERT - National Council Of ... www.ncert.nic.in/new.../early_childhood_education.pdf Section I emphasises the significance of the first few years of life for humandevelopment with ... Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) derives its importance ... pressure from all classes for Children and Rights www.aflatoun.org/ How to teach children about and responsibilities their rights Creativity and early years education: A lifewide foundation A Craft - 2002 – ... Winnicott's work on development which makes creativity central and intrinsic to human nature creative person can (Clancier ... creativity, some of which he described as paradoxes: passion and decorum, freedom to be ... From this particular strand of creativity research, the , it seems ... 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Hoy es el día mundial del consumidor y la consumidora... El consumo es el lugar donde, 24/7, se construye la ciudadanía, cultural y comunicativa, donde triunfa o fracasa la democracia, como viene defendiendo y promoviendo García Canclini (1999, 2001, 2005), pero el consumo no comienza la primera vez que alguien tiene dinero y compra, sino que existe en el marco de los poli estímulos- a los que se expone nasciturus- desde el vientre de la madre. Siempre se estudia, el consumo tradicionalmente en el marco de los nutrientes, de los productos de los servicios que afectan a la mujer embarazada, pero pocas veces, se asume que también: la música, el alcohol, las drogas, el stress, la angustia, la depresión, las violencias, en sus múltiples modalidades, irán ayudando a moldear y conformar, este producto biológico. Del consumo cultural se dice poco, en parte, por tratarse de un efluvio, de un flujo simbólico, que va del emisor/a: al sistema nervioso del otro/a para registrado, ser descodificado, desconstruido y asimilado, como el conjunto de los intangibles patrimoniales, en una cultura determinada. Mucho menos asociar las practicas comunicativas y los hábitos o estilos de vida asociados al ocio, por adultos y niños, al destino de aliviar o exacerbar, la carga de violencia, intolerancia, discriminación y prejuicios, en nuestras culturas-sociedades. Ciertamente, así ha sido por siglos, por milenios y de hecho así seguirá siendo, en detrimento de la libertad, de la salud, de la educación del niño, la nina y de la sociedad en su conjunto, si la presente generación, no opta por profundizar y divulgar, lo que se ha estudiado o documentado, sobre: - la crianza, - los estilos de vida saludables, -la función del ejemplo,- en el desarrollo de la metáfora y la analogía, como impulsores de la creación colectiva, desde la vida cotidiana y su potencial reencantamiento, en, desde, por y para las fertilizaciones cruzadas, orientadas al desarrollo de la dialogicidad, multidimensionalidad y la subjetividad, de la persona humana, las: - potencialidades creativas, -convivenciales, - Innovadoras, lúdicas y comunitarias, -desde la base de la sociedad, en la educación inclusiva, del niño y la niña. Todos los días es día de algo o aniversario de alguien en algún lugar de la tierra, pero el tema del consumo, nos toca a todos y a todas, no importa si fuiste o no a la escuela, si vives en las montanas o en un valle, en la ciudad o en el campo, si eres pobre o rico, en este punto sin embargo, a la hora de las oportunidades, resulta conveniente recordar a Dra. Venecia Joaquin (1994) en su paso por la Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía (CNEPR, Republica Dominicana): ―(…) Algunos son tan pobres - porque no pudieron ir a la escuela y tener una educaciónque SOLO saben lo que pasa en el mundo por lo que escuchan o ven en los medios de comunicación, mayormente la radio y la televisión(..)‖, Pero la referida jurista y gerente, hablaba de lo que veía, en su propio país. Ahora (2013) más de 15 años más tarde, la cuestión del consumo cultural, en un mundo interdependiente: ha cobrado otros ribetes- en términos de la info-pobreza- y su vinculación estrecha con la tercermundidad, como con la lucha contra la pobreza, contra la ignorancia, contra el analfabetismo funcional y contra las causas de las violencias. Como se articula este intangible, este insumo denominado información -uno de los resultados del consumo cultural- CON LAS NUEVAS fuentes de generación de riqueza, de empleos y exportaciones, en el mundo contemporáneo? 1. Ayudando al ciudadano/a común a elevar su capacidad DE COMPRENDER, el mundo ( no solo el barrio, el municipio, la región, el país, la lengua o continente) en que vive y COMO ESTE MUNDO se relaciona con sus esperanzas (personales, familiares, comunitarias), amenazas, desafíos y oportunidades, expectativas, saberes, relaciones y POSIBILIDADES REALES de salir de la pobreza - desde el trabajo, la inversión, el emprendedurismo, la innovación, la creatividad, la solidaridadcon el trabajo en equipo o la acción social, cultural y comunitaria, solidarias, desde la base de la cultura/sociedad; 2. Como se estructura el capital simbólico -social, comunicacional o comunitario- haciéndole co-protagonista del proceso de la memoria histórico-cultural, de la cuna a la tumba, en su propia/a comunidad/grupo/s de referencia, en sus comunidades de intereses y en sus comunidades geo-culturales o territoriales? 3. Como opera el proceso de recepción/consumo y retroalimentación, de los flujos simbolicos, identificados como de tipo cultural – mas allá del reduccionismo, artístico-literario- en la estructuración de mundos posibles, para sobrevivir, con decisiones de calidad y en contexto, en la producción de nuevos conocimientos O diseño de nuevas PROPUESTAS DE SUPERVIVENCIA- individual , sectorial o comunitariaen el enriquecimiento de la calidad de vida, individual y comunitaria, en, por, desde y para el consumo cultural, a partir de la apropiación y usos con sentido, de lo posible, por ejemplo en las NTICs, la web 2.0 y la web 3.0, en los telecentros rurales o en los barrios marginados, tanto en el dialogo entre pares, como con los miembros más jóvenes de la comunidad? 4. Cuáles son los posibles roles del Estado, la municipalidad, las instancias de la comunidad educativa, junto a la población, y a la sociedad en su conjunto, para una alianza en post de la calidad, con los medios de comunicación, tal y como ocurri en Espana, a mediados y finales de los anos 90s, en el pasado siglo XX, sobre el tema tele y radio basura? 5. Cuales serian los principales propulsores de una estrategia ganar-ganar, en los distintos segmentos y nichos, para la definición de una agenda comunitaria (local-local, local-regional, local-nacional, local-continental), orientada a proponer la elevación de las métricas o estándares de calidad, en: los productos, servicios y procesos, de la alfabetización en medios y la alfabetización audiovisual, para optimizar la oportunidad digital, desde la perspectiva de la capilaridad y el ocio instruccional? a)... de cara al disfrute del patrimonio tangible e intangible de la humanidad, b)de la propia comunidad, como en el fortalecimiento de hábitos, estilos de vida, formas de pensamiento, consistentes con la cosmovisión científico-tecnológica, del tiempo presente; c) como con el respeto de la libertad individual y los derechos humanos, en el caso -por ejemplo de la filosofía para niños y niñas -―en carne propia y en defensa propia‖, tanto en el trabajo como en el ocio, en todos los grupos de edad, desde el edutainment? Como incidirían estos elementos a compartir y modificar, en la construcción de posturas ciudadanas, más consistentes- con la cultura de paz y con el rescate de la condición de persona humana- con la comprensión de la complejidad y especificidad, del niño y la niña, como entes irrepetibles, históricos, críticos, conscientes, sintientes, de la familia humana? EL CONSUMO CULTURAL no es la excepción en tal sentido, por eso siempre asaltan preguntas sobre los procesos -de construcción del gusto y la calidad- en los procesos de recepción/retroalimentación , en los bienes, servicios y procesos derivados de las industrias culturales y de industrias creativas, pese a su complejidad y los factores intangibles, que se subsumen en cada caso. DESEAR LO MEJOR tanto a consumidores/as/xs, como a PROSUMIDORES/AS EN LA BUSQUEDA DE NUEVOS caminos para la expresión del pensamiento, en la lucha por la diferenciación y el posicionamiento, desde el glocalize, para las producciones y canales de distribución o NIVELES DE CAPILARIDAD de los mismos, independientemente del NIVEL DE EXPERTISE o del volumen de inversión de recursos ( tiempo, tipo, estilo, área, orientación de los aprendizajes, nivel de intensividad de capital, nivel de complejidad/calidad del producto o servicio esperado) en cada caso... Algunas experiencias son frustrantes y molestas, por ejemplo, nos quedamos por 5 minutos esperando UNA HISTORIA, en una canción que encontramos en la radio ("Estoy heavy, estoy heavy, estoy heavy") aja... y entonces?. EN FIN, para intentar exportar contenidos, se nos tienen que ocurrir, algunas otras cosas NUEVAS, porque estar heavy es un estado, no una lirica y tampoco es algo, nuevo sino muyyyyyyy viejo, tan viejo como el rito de la cohoba...  Yoe F. Santos/cciav Cfr. 1. On Cultural Consumption, Consumo Cultural. ________ The segmentation of cultural consumers in Spanish … - Sintas ; Consumer behaviour in the field of arts and culture … - Bourgeon-Renault ; New technologies and cultural consumption– … - Addis ; Consumo cultural y educación Cultural consumption and education www2.scielo.org.ve/pdf/ri/n61/art05.pdf ; Conceptualizations of culture and cultural consumption derived from the. Revista de Investigación Nº 61. 2007. 85; Afectividad y consumo cultural en jóvenes urbanos: Música version.xoc.uam.mx/index.php?...consumoUrban young people affectivity and cultural consumption of music; Segunda Encuesta Nacional de Participación y Consumo Cultural www.cultura.gob.cl/.../Segunda-Encuesta-Nacional-de-Particip... Consumo Cultural realizada por el Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes; Social Stratification of Cultural Consumption Across Three Domains: Music, ... Consumo de bienes culturales: reflexiones sobre un ... – SciELO www.scielo.org.mx/scielo.php?pid...sci... by LM Ortega Villa – "(…) article reviews how the so-called the consumption of cultural goods is ; Los museos de ciencias y el consumo cultural/ The Science ...www.amazon.co.uk › Books › Art, Architecture & Photography; The Science Museums and the Cultural Consumption: Una mirada desde la comunicacion/ a Communication ... Industrias culturales y consumo cultural: una mirada ... El Amauta amauta.upra.edu/.../Articulo_Sheila_Reyes...by SR Silva - estudiar cómo el consumo cultural puede atender las siguientes…Cultural consumption, cultural industries, consumption,globalization, cultural ; Consumo cultural y mecenazgo. Cultural consumption and patronage www.fundacionsistema.com/.../Article.aspx?... "–(…) analiza los distintos modelos del patrocinio de la cultural a través de la Historia. Al modelo vigente en el Antiguo Régimen en los .."; Educación y consumo cultural: una aproximación a los ... – SciELO www.scielo.org.ar/pdf/cdyt/n44/n44a06.pdf - by L Hinojosa Córdova - 2012 cultural anthropology, consumption and cultural practices, university audiences; Educação e consumo cultural: uma aproximação aos públicos ...; Comunicación pública de la ciencia y consumo cultural - Revistas ...erevistas.saber.ula.ve/index.php/.../704 - by PC Pineda - 2010 - Comunicación pública de la ciencia y consumo cultural. ... of scientific Consumption from cultural consumption perspective and discusses some examples of it; Cfr. 2. On Mental Health, Salud Mental, cultural consumption, consumo cultural: _____ Reflecting adult drinking culture: prevalence of alcohol … - Wada ; Immigration and mental health: Mexican Americans in … - Escobar ; Alcohol consumption patterns in immigrant and later … - Gilbert ; __________ Unhappy Hours: Alcohol and Partner Aggression in the Americas www.onsm.gov.co/index.php?option=com... OBSERVATORIO NACIONAL DE SALUD MENTAL Y DROGAS ... DROGASConsumo SPA ... ―Alcohol consumption ranked first among 26 risk factors for ill–health in the Americas in 2000, ... Alcohol is known to increase aggression in both men and women, but the strength of this relationship differs from culture to culture. (…) " transcultural comparison of symptom rating test - Centro de ...www.inprfcd.org.mx/pdf/sm2906/sm290673.pdf by J Mora-Ríos - 2006 - Salud Mental, Vol. 29, No. ... ―(…) article is part of a broader transcultural study on family .... health of a relative's alcohol or drug consumption in order to explore ..."; Mental Health Salud Mental - American Psychiatric Association www.psychiatry.org/.../Mental%20IIlness/A... "- 4. Salud Mental: Una Guía para Latinos y sus Familias; 5. Mental Health: A Guide for Latinos and Their Families. Latino culture reflects a positive spirit: warm, ..."; Abordajes Creativos en Tiempos de Crisis. Un Estudio 23118.psi.uba.ar/academica/.../2.pdf "personales en su relación con la salud mental y el bienestar psicológico, ... 1994; Traducción y adaptación: Isabel Mikulic) y la Encuesta de Consumo Cultural ... health and psychological well-being, through adaptive coping responses ... adaptation: Isabel Mikulic) and Cultural Consumption Survey (National System of ..." Health and the Roma Community - Ministerio de Sanidad y Política ...www.msc.es/.../saludPublica/.../desigualdadSalud/.../Health_an... "de la Salud y Epidemiología ... MINISTERIO DE SANIDAD Y CONSUMO; Salud mental - Insatisfacción corporal y presión sociocultural " ...www.scielo.org.mx/scielo.php?pid=S0185...script=sci... by I Esnaola - 2010 ; Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública - Alcohol consumption and ... www.scielosp.org/scielo.php?pid=S1020...script=sci... by J Rehm - 2005 - "consumo de alcohol y la carga de morbilidad en el continente americano: .... A score reflecting the riskiness of cultural drinking patterns was calculated for ...;" Contenido / Summary - Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud ...www.cucs.udg.mx/.../018_Sumario_Conten... by E Tovar ―(…) Factores sociodemográficos asociados al consumo cultural, in ...; DEL TIEMPO LIBRE y de... Factors Associated with the Consumption of Culture, Leisure and Media Mental health policy development in Africa - World Health ... www.who.int/bulletin/archives/78(4)475.pdf by O Gureje - 2000 - ALO Cultural Foundation www.alofoundation.org/ Let's Educate, Empower & Enlighten!; Cfr. 3. On free or alienated leisure, please see: Ocio: liberado, liberador o alienante? Leisure Ocio Inteligente | Facebook es-la.facebook.com/leisure.inteligente; La industria del ocio - The leisure industry | Ralph Kistler www.subtours.com › Home › Works ; The serious leisure frontier in library and information science: hobby domains J Hartel – Knowledge organization, 2003 - cat.inist.fr: ―(…) Hobby. ; Leisure. ; Information science. ; Librarianship. ; Mots-clés français / French Keywords.Domaine de recherche. ; Passe temps favori. ; Loisir. ; Science information. ; Bibliothéconomie. ;Mots-clés espagnols / Spanish Keywords. Ocio. ; Ciencia información. ; Biblioteconomía ...; Health Education Ten Year Index CIA Personality, CE White, D Chakravorty-lull - Health Education, 1989 – Child public health M Blair, S Stewart-Brown, T Waterston, R Crowther - 2010 CHILDREN AND CULTURE IN SERBIA-development of culture for children and youth: outcomes and potentials L Milivojevic, V Djukic, S Jovicic - academica.rs Garden-based Education in School Settings: The Effects on Children's VegetableConsumption, Vegetable Preferences and Ecoliteracy MM Ratcliffe - 2007 – Wealth & culture: A study of one hundred foundations and community trusts and their operations during the decade 1921-1930 E Lindeman - 1936 – … list for works in the arts and sciences, including theology, medicine, law,philosophy [moral, mental, political, and social], education, religious and devotional … Boston Public Library - 1871 – HEALTH LITERACY THROUGH EDUCATION E Řehulka - 2011 - ped.muni.cz The role of formal and informal forces in shaping consumption and implications for sustainable society: Part II K Power, O Mont - Sustainability, 2010 - mdpi.com Socio-cultural Foundations of Physical Education & Educational Sport EF Zeigler - 2003 – The Friendly Force The Friendly Force HF Folks - friendlyforce.co.za The Black Muslims in America CE Lincoln - 1994 – 50 Public Health in the Workplace A Massey - Key Concepts in Public Health, 2008 – The ambivalent consumer: questioning consumption in East Asia and the West SM Garon, PL Maclachlan - 2006 – Sexual Science: The Victorian Constuction of Womanhood CE Russett, CE Russett - 1991 Right living: An Anglo-American tradition of self-help medicine and hygiene CE Rosenberg - 2003 – The Bourgeois Citizen in Nineteenth Century France: Gender, Sociability, and the Uses of Emulation CE Harrison - 1999 Green and open space planning for urban consolidation–A review of the literature and best practice J Byrne, N Sipe - Issues Paper, 2010 - griffith.edu.au Encyclopedia of contemporary American culture G McDonogh - 2001 – Cultivating Community Edible Classrooms School Garden Programs response to the Parliament of Victoria's Parliamentary Inquiry into T van Velzen, EC Team - parliament.vic.gov.au ____ Occupational, commuting and leisure-time physical activity in relation to coronary heart disease among middle-aged Finnish men and women G Hu, P Jousilahti, K Borodulin, NC Barengo,TA Lakka… - Atherosclerosis, 2007 - cat.inist.fr... Body mass index. ; Risk factor; Human. ; Finnish. ; Leisure. ; Diabetes mellitus. ; Tobacco smoking.; Hypercholesterolemia. ; Stroke. ; Indice masa corporal. ; Factor riesgo. ; Hombre. ; Finlandés. ;Ocio. ; Diabetes. ; Tabaquismo. ;Hipercolesterolemia. ; Accidente cerebrovascular; Minnesota leisure time activity questionnaire and doubly labeled water in adolescents F Slinde, D Arvidsson, A Sjöberg… - Medicine and science …, 2003 - cat.inist.fr:... United States. ; Questionnaire. ; Leisure. ; Mots-clés français / French Keywords. Homme. ; Amérique. ; Amérique du Nord. ; ... Estados Unidos. ;Cuestionario. ; Ocio. ; Mots-clés d'auteur / ; Factors related to amount and type of leisure time reading V Greaney - Reading Research Quarterly, 1980 “... Entre los lectores de ocio diferenciar entre los que leían mayormente libros y los que fue posible leían principalmente REVISTAS COMICAS . ... attention, there has been a notable lack of interest on the researchers in leisure reading. ...” part of teachers, educational administrators, and Leisure time physical activity, risk of depressive symptoms, and inflammatory mediators: The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing M Hamer, GJ Molloy, C de Oliveira… - …, 2009 - cat.inist.fr: ... Symptomatology. ; Risk factor. ; Physical exercise. ; Leisure. ; Mots-clés français / French Keywords.Trouble de l'humeur. ; Santé publique. ; Epidémiologie. ; ... Factor riesgo. ; Ejercicio físico. ; Ocio. ;C-reactive protein. ; Depression. ; Epidemiology ... Leisure time habits and physical fitness in adults with epilepsy PG Bjørholt, KO Nakken, K Røhme, H Hansen - Epilepsia, 2007 - ―By means of a questionnaire, we analyzed LEISURE TIME HABITSof 44 adult in-patients with active epilepsy (ie, at least one ... Utilizando un cuestionario de han analizado los hábitos utilizados durante el tiempo de ocio en 44 adultos hospitalzados por padecer epilepsia ...; Children, internet cultures and online social networks - Enfance et ... www.enfanceetcultures.culture.gouv.fr/.../delicado_almeidaalv... children as an instrument of both cultural consumption and cultural production. ....the World Wide Web, where their production and services rendered may be accessed.... child that doesn't know how to use the internet can download illegal stuff and ...Besides music videos, YouTube gives access to a wealth of audiovisual ... Yoe F. Santos & Cciav / Cc4ave Xxviii Anniversary (1984-2012 ... www.facebook.com/pages/Yoe-F.../314682671885673 Cultural Center 4 Audio Visual Exchange, Non Profit Org, Foundation & Network.. .be our guest on B2B ... cultural consumption or cultural contents consumption process.... Nov 28, 2012 – Also: Rights of the child (document A/C.3/67/L.23/Rev.1); ......Freedom and Education: The Philosophy of Summer‐hill* .... de la web 2.0, ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). Foundation ... es-la.facebook.com/CCIAV/wall From Print to Web 2.0: What Future for Professional Discourses? MC GATTI ....CD3000 - Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on the Child in Society; ...... -by leisure, edutainment, cultural consumption, creativity, innovation- emerging ... Doctoral Programs - Media, Culture, and Communication - NYU ... steinhardt.nyu.edu/mcc/doctoral/ ... status, and techniques for self-promotion that grew up around the birth of web 2.0, ...A commitment to interdisciplinarity in the study of media and culture. ... Our department emphasizes the philosophy and politics of technology within ... the relationships of power involved in its creation, distribution, and consumption. Lifelong Learning project partner search llp.teamwork.fr/partner_search/partner_search.php We provide language training, cultural activities and in-house training/ ... In this project we will prepare a theatre about animal rights and kids. We want to increase children'sawereness about forlom and hungry animals ...... Complexus, Adult Training course held with innovative methods and Web 2.0 tools, Adult education ... Notícias da cidade de Porto Nacional - TO | Cidades do meu Brasil ... www.cidadesdomeubrasil.com.br/to/porto_nacional/noticias Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). .... Child Friendly Cities "Desentralization and local development" San Fernando , Spain ... violence and ... Dr Shakuntala Banaji - AcademicStaff - Who's Who - Department of ... www2.lse.ac.uk › ... › Who's Who Shakuntala has a BA in Philosophy and Literature from the University of ... and elite media, internet cultures, online civic participation, young people and cultural identities.... Here her main focus is on the ways in which child labour is understood, .... Special Issue on Politics/Web 2.0; Banaji, S. (2007) "Beyond Subculture, ... Participatory media fandom - King's College London www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/depts/cmci/people/.../participatory.pd... by HK Lee – Hye-Kyung Lee is a lecturer at Culture, Media and Creative Industries ... Her research focuses on cultural policy, creative industries, and cultural consumption ...audiovisual products, translate the original language into their own, provide subtitles...... Green, J. & Jenkins, H. (2009) 'The Moral Economy of Web 2.0: Audience ... Multitudes Web - 11. European Cultural Tradition and the New ... multitudes.samizdat.net/article1292.html Children, Youth & Media - Nordicom www.nordicom.gu.se/cl/publ/letter.php before. ... The Peace Gong's philosophy to bring together children of the world on one ... Physical activity during leisure and commuting in Tianjin, China H Gang, H Pekkarinen, O Hänninen… - Bulletin of the World …, 2003 - SciELO Public Health “... In conclusion, urban people in Tianjin had commuting and leisure-time physical activity levels that differed from those generally encountered in populations in developed countries. ... Actividad física durante el tiempo de ocio y los desplazamientos al trabajo en Tianjin (China). ..."; Efficacy of leisure intervention groups and their impact on quality of life among people with spinal cord injury A Daniel, C Manigandan - International Journal of Rehabilitation …, 2005 journals.lww.com ... "It is evident from the study that leisure intervention groups facilitate both leisure satisfaction and IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE. ... Las actividades de ocio constituyen un elemento importante de la vida de las PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD y suelen asociarse al grado de satisfacción con la ...; QUALIFIED INTERVENTION/QUALIFYING FORMATION: THESOCIOCULTURAL ANIMATOR IN A SCIENCE BASED SOCIETY P Maurício, A Teodoro - ICERI2011 Proceedings, 2011 - researchgate.net ... The risks that socio-cultural animation succumbs to the power exerted by the markets ... for a qualifying scientific formation in view of a qualified socio-cultural animators' intervention ...Profissionalização da ASC: (novos) Elementos contribuintes para o reconhecimento e definição ... Qualified intervention/qualifying formation P Maurício, A Teodoro - 2011 - repositorio.ipl.pt ... a community by itself resembles the very function of the socio cultural animator ... The risks that sociocultural animation succumbs to the power exerted by the markets, and ... Profissionalização da ASC: (novos) Elementos contribuintes para o reconhecimento e definição da profissão ... El estatuto epistemológico de la animación sociocultural X Ucar Martínez - 2009 - gredos.usal.es ... is the nucleus of the Socio Cultural Animation; processes that, because of it's basis, destination and aims, are social and cultu- ral action. The diferenciaton between physical-natural technology and social- humanistic technology leads us to point out that SCA's nature is from the ... University Administration: Global Challenges in the 21st Century PN Gautam - 2010 - Deep and Deep Publications Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009-2010 S Akhtar, P Arinto - 2009 Empowering Teachers to Meet the Digital Native Learners | Hanna ... www.academia.edu/.../Empowering_Teachers_to_Meet_the_D... 'Digital Natives': A Myth? - London School of Economics and ... www2.lse.ac.uk/[email protected]/POLIS/Files/digitalnatives.pdf e-Learning for Innovation - MENON Network EEIG www.menon.org/.../HELIOS%20thematic%20report-%20Acce... e-Learning territories ―the chance of joy through .... learning styles of new learners identified in the literature as 'digital natives' (Prensky) or the ... 2011 Conference Proceedings - Enhancing the learning experience ... www.slideshare.net/linioti/final-proceedings Jan 22, 2013 – 2011 Conference Book of abstracts – Enhancing the learning experience: Learning for an unknown future 2011 Conference Book of abstracts ... 1. clouded language learning and teaching with daf-collage.eu - Prezi ►► prezi.com/.../clouded-language-learning-and-tea... Nov 21, 2012 Learning Through Culture - University of Leicester www2.le.ac.uk/.../learning.../Learning%20through%20Culture... Motivating Todays Digital Native with Podcasts - PowerShow.com powershow.com/.../Motivating_Todays_Digital_Native_with_... Media literacy; Technology skills; Global content; Write-revise-edit-record; All learners can be successful ... Article | Video Games As Learning Tools vgalt.com/tag/article/ experience joy and pleasure with the new behaviors when they assert ... in the classroom that do not have to pivot on the ―digital natives‖ argument. Ocio humanista: Dimensiones y manifestaciones actuales del ocio M Cuenca Cabeza - 2000 - dialnet.unirioja.es:... " Ocio humanista: dimensiones y manifestaciones ACTUALES DEL OCIO. ... Sin embargo, a pesar de la importancia del fenómeno del ocio en NUESTROS HABITOS de vida marcha PERCIBIDO COMUN. ...; de la sociedad en general, en la APENAS SE HA COMO EXPERIENCIA UNITARIA, CON UNA BASE Leisure activities, friendships, and quality of life of persons with intellectual disability: Foster homes vs community residential settings I Duvdevany, E Arar International Journal of Rehabilitation …, 2004 - journals.lww.com ... Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale (Russel, Peplau, & Cutrona, 1980); 4) die Social Relationships List (Shwartz, 1994); und 5) die Leisure Activities List ... Tener amistades y participar en actividades de ocio puede indicar el comienzo de dicho proceso y repercutir en la calidad de ... Contribution of 14. leisure to creativity and innovation of a region MC Cabeza, RSS del Valle, E Aguilar, C Ortega - ksu.edu.sa ... Barcelona: Granica. Stebbins, RA (2000). Un estilo de vida óptimo de ocio: combinar ocio serio y casual en la búsqueda del bienestar personal. In Cuenca, M. (ed.), Ocio y desarrollo ______ Alerta en el Ciberespacio, Paul Virilio: sujeto, ciberespacio, cultura, libertad individual,creatividad. ________ Alerta en el Ciberespacio, Paul Virilio, sujeto, ciberespacio, cultura, libertad individual, creativi La vida cotidiana en el ciberespacio Memoria Académica ... www.memoria.fahce.unlp.edu.ar/.../te.541.p... presencia del cuerpo en el ciberespacio ... 2 Virilio, Paul; El arte del motor; Manantial; Buenos Aires; 1996 ..... Garfinkel sabemos que el sujeto no es un ―drogado cultural‖, concebimos a éste ... la locura individual. Nuevas Tecnologías, Viejas Etnografías. Objeto y método de la ... www.cibersociedad.net/.../articulo.php?art=... – Objeto y método de la del antropología ciberespacio expresivas, lúdicas, ". ... laborales, económicas, políticas y culturales de un gran ..... 'tiempo del trabajo',que es el más sujeto a las mediciones cronométricas. Virilio habla de las primeras víctimas de la 'bomba informática' Internet: de luces y sombras polis.revues.org/1353 – by H Dinamarca - 2012 – ya todo confluye al ciberespacio, una realidad virtual en red, Mediósfera salmantina.tripod.com/.../imedisfera.doc – I. Ciberespacio, mundos imaginarios y megamercado digital ... Cada cultura ha tenido su propia concepción del universo y con ella del espacio, tanto .... es un ejercicio no centralizado de imaginación y creatividad colectiva sin precedente. ... y nos hace evocar las palabras de Paul Virilio: de que ―la realidad es adquirida, ... BIBLIOTECA PERSONAL JAIME ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RUIZ cmap.javeriana.edu.co/.../SBReadResourceS... – el fin de siglo en la educación y la cultura, Mercedes .... aproximación crítica al concepto denunciar los ... de ciberespacio. .... Virilio es uno de los raros centinelas que se ha atrevido a Tercera piel. Sociedad de la imagen y conquista - Virus Editorial www.viruseditorial.net/.../Tercera%2520piel... by RF Durán - 2010 – nos alerta Paul Virilio (Ibarrondo,. 2005) y otros .... pruebas de la cultura y propaganda industrializada, al servicio de las ..... Descubriendo un nosotros - Ministerio de Educación de la Provincia ... www.chubut.edu.ar/.../R2009_Oballe.pdf by S Oballe – Paul Virilio (1995) que ―… haber alcanzado la velocidad de la luz es un hecho ...información a los que vive sometido el sujeto, generen una pérdida de ... fundamental la ―cultura escolar‖, por la cual las diferencias se incluían para ser ... 1. La pitxa un lio pitxaunlio.blogspot.com/ 3 days ago – Es un cardenal joven (68 años), con un extraordinario nivel cultural y sería sin ... En efecto, cegada la vía de atribuirle a algún elemento o sujeto exterior la ... en el ejercicio de su inalienable libertad) al depresivo/fracasado no le ..... Como los océanos y el aire, el ciberespacio es un territorio de navegación. 22 | diciembre | 2011 | AQUI hay TOMATE ytumas.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/ - Translate this page Dec 22, 2011 – Paul Virilio (―Televigilancia global‖). técnicas tienen en el ciberespacio su ámbito natural de trabajo. 2. Imagen Cristal - Micro Política www.imagencristal.com.ar/imagencristal_po... - MAQUETA PADRAO - Art, Arquitectura i Societat Digital artyarqdigital.com/.../Arte_y_arquitectura_digital_netart_y_un... Paul Virilio denominó ..... Una mirada alerta nos hace ... Documento a texto completo - Centro Gumilla gumilla.org/.../COM2006133_66-88.pdf – filosóficos que reafirman a la libertad de expresión como elemento fundamental de la..... nos que suprimen en el sujeto, en ocasio- ... ated on the creative wisdom guarantees the reality ..... constituya el fin y el propósito de la cultura; en ..... al mundo del ciberespacio, a ese universo ..... Paul Virilio habla de que ya estamos ... Descargar este fichero PDF - Revista Redes www.revista-redes.com/index.php/.../131 by Á San Martín - 2012 – De modo que nociones como la de justicia, libertad, ... Virilio(2005) las tecnologías de la información han roto los límites ... Tiempo para la vida. la crisis ecológica en su dimensión temporal ... revista.ecaminos.org/.../tiempo-para-la-vida... – Jun 1, 2012 – El tiempo se vuelve un elemento decisivo de nuestra cultura política. ... 5 En nuestras vidas individuales se conjugan los ritmos circulares basados en la .... Además de la obra del urbanista y filósofo francés Paul Virilio, claro está. La fábrica de la infelicidad. - Escuela negocios www.escuelanegocios.com.mx/fabrica_infel... by FB Bifo - 2003 – Paul Virilio sostiene, desde su libro Vitesse et (5) que la ...... del sujeto. politique de 1977 Orientación y medios de comunicación - Revista Comunicar www.revistacomunicar.com/pdf/comunicar20.pdf siglo XXI y el ciberespacio constituye un nuevo esce - ...... Recientemente, las obras de David Le Breton y Paul Virilio se han ocupado de tal ... programa curso de filosofía moderna y ... - TaFull Red Social tafull.bligoo.ec/.../PROGRAMA-CURSO-D... Jan 21, 2013 – Nietzsche; la ficción del sujeto y las seducciones de la gramática 7. Nietzsche ... El Existencialismo de Sartre: Libertad, absurdo, alteridad y contingencia. 15. ... ESTÉ, Aquiles, Cultura Replicante, Editorial Gedisa, Barcelona, 1997.ECO .... Virilio, Tipler y Baudrillard; Ciberespacio Y Cuerpo Virtual. 3. navaja: noviembre 2010 maquinasdefuego.blogspot.com/2010_11_0... - Translate this page Nov 28, 2010 – visión del ciberespacio abriendo la puerta a un futuro de .... (27) Paul Virilio: Ciudad pánico. usuario - Colectivo NPH www.colectivonph.com.ar/.../prologoalaedicioncastellana.doc by F Berardi – El ciberespacio es una red que comprende componentes. mecánicos y orgánicos Zerzan - Contra La Civilizacion www.documento.com/.../Zerzan-Contra-La-Civili... - Translate this page La cultura de los símbolos atrofió nuestros sentidos. a un estado de ―infelicidad interna permanente‖. ... La existencia progresivamente cosificada incapacita cualquier cosa osujeto que ose ponerla en .... El ciberespacio promete conexión. ... Este argumento facilitó la noción de lo posmoderno. de acuerdo con Paul Virilio. 4. X. PANTALLA-MUNDO for La pantalla global. Gilles Lipovetsky es.documento.com/doc/.../X-PANTALLA-MUN... – individual, individuándolo desde el útero. El GPS ... La televisión es mala maestra , Fondo de Cultura Económica, México, 1998]; Paul Virilio, Cybermonde, la politique du pire, Textuel, manipulaciones ...... ¡Alarma en el ciberespacio!‖. E - Carora www.encarora.com/Caroreno/C1/ArticuloTeoduloLM.htm La cultura tiene que ver con todo lo creativo y cuando diversos modos .... cada vez más de otro espacio distinto del propio territorio, lo son del ciberespacio, ..... De allí Castoriadis: ―Un sujeto que se da a sí mismo reflexivamente, sus leyes de ser‖. ...... Paul Virilio lo sabe y por eso acuñó la palabra “anímatas ABCDFLOUWP - Nodo 50 www.nodo50.org/albesos/.../recopil.qxp.pdf Igualmente la irrupción de otros ―sujetos‖ en la conflictividad social enajenada, y sin libertad individual también se empezaba a manifestar ...... no puede existir la libertad colectiva. No existe .... CIBERCULTURA Y ESTÉTICA ciberculturayestetica.blogspot.com/ - Translate this page Apr 26, 2009 – Cibercultura y creatividad: fundamentos de la relación. 2. ... Elciberespacio y el cibertiempo en la experiencia del sujeto ... * De Medeiros, María B. organizadora: Arte e tecnologia na cultura ... Artes Plásticas | ADOLFO VASQUEZ ROCCA kunstbegriff.wordpress.com/.../artes-plastica... – programa curso de filosofía moderna y contemporánea por adolfo ... aulavisual.comunidadviable.cl/.../PROGRA... - Translate this page Jan 21, 2013 – (3 visitas); NIETZSCHE Y FREUD : LA FICCIÓN DEL SUJETO Y .... Michel Foucault (Nueva Visión) ..... Epitafio a la modernidad: Desafío para una crítica postmoderna ... www.academia.edu/.../Epitafio_a_la_moder... Jan 1, 2004 – En el cuarto, destaco los nuevos signos e ideas culturales que emergen..... fueron animados por el movimiento intelectual y creativo de la Ilustración, ..... ese pensamiento no constata que al estimular la libertad de acción de las ...... redes telecomunicacionales, el urbanista y pensador francés Paul Virilio, ... tiempo para la vida-Riechmann www.documento.com/.../tiempo-para-la-vida-Rie... - Translate this page El tiempo se vuelve un elemento decisivo Timothy Garton Ash: ―La batalla de la libertad en Europa del Este‖. ..... términos de tiempo.. de nuestra cultura política. .... Citado en Los resultados. el ciberespacio y las telecomunicaciones. ..... Paul Virilio. si intentáramos caracterizar la Revolución Industrial en cuidar exige tiempo ... Entradas anteriores - Democracia del siglo XXI teodulolopezmelendez.wordpress.com/.../33... – la ciudad issuu.com/.../la_ciudad._antecedentes_y_nu... - Translate this page Dec 18, 2012 – Desconcierto caótico, segmentación urbana, libertad y desarraigo, globalidad y ...... e incluso el ciberespacio- a las zonas medias de intercambio –tales como .... permite superar el problema del sujeto individual al constituirse como lugar de ...... En expresión de Paul Virilio (1992: 46) «las tendencias a la ... 61095293 El Dispositivo McLuhan Recuperaciones y Derivaciones www.documento.com/.../61095293-El-Dispositiv... - Translate this page Feb 24, 2013 – Capital financiero, información, cultura y larga duración en la era digital..... los que pueden destacarse, por ejemplo, Paul Virilio y Régis Debray. ... el nuevo modelo vigente es el sujeto móvil e itinerante de la nueva ...... de la libertad individualy la comunicación abierta se convirtieron en fundamentales. Salvador Lopez Arnal Entrevistas Del Viejo Topo www.documento.com/.../Salvador-Lopez-Arnal-... Jun 1, 2011 – Normalmente se ha asociado la libertad, la creatividad, la alteración de...... No en vano, un premio Nobel como Paul Samuelson le consideraba ―el erudito entre los ..... en los que participan seres humanos, están sujetos a unas normas ......meta es la liberación del ciberespacio y de todos sus habitantes. Slavoj Žižek (1949) «Slavoj Žižek en español» es una página que . .. dc365.4shared.com/doc/MYrje812/preview.htmlShare Slavoj Žižek es sociólogo, filósofo, psicoanálista y critico de la cultura. ... El Sujeto Interpasivo ... Ensayos sobre cine moderno y ciberespacio ...... verdadera fundación de la noción de libertades y derechos individuales, ÉSTE también es ...... Jean Baudrillard a Paul Virilio) en sus afirmaciones acerca de que el ciberespacio, ... _______ Luis Cernuda: Poet of Gay Protest RC Allen - From 1700 to the Present: Spanish Literature, 2000 - ______ Una aproximación a la geografía del ocio: Una Guía introductoria (An approach to geography of leisure: an introductory guide): By Alberto Luis Gómez. … GK Priestley - Annals of Tourism Research, 1991 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND LEISURE HABITS AND THEIR RELATION WITH THE RUFFIER INDEX IN ADOLESCENTS ACTIVIDAD FÍSICA Y OCIO Y SU … M Rodríguez Cabrero, A García Aparicio… - cdeporte.rediris.es RESUMEN El objetivo del estudio fue medir y correlacionar la práctica de actividad física y con el Índice de Ruffier (IR) en adolescentes. A un total de 884 alumnos (edad= 16, 4±0, 8 años) se les midió la actividad física con la Versión modificada del Assessment of ... Centro de Estudios de Ocio R Requixa, M Damineli - 1982 - … , Research Committee on Leisure Socio-Cultural Animation (ASC, CSA), learning, digital native, styles of learning, joy, leisure, edutainment Notícias da cidade de Caracol - PI | Cidades do meu Brasil, banco ... www.cidadesdomeubrasil.com.br/pi/caracol/noticias ... literary, artistic or extra-curricular, SOCIO-CULTURAL ANIMATION (SCA) activities.... Collaborative learning process Social Marketing Marketing 1 X 1 Scientific ...Leisure Individual freedom Civilization of Love and Solidarity: on ordinary life ... functional illiteracy Cultural Consumption as joy and hopes Culture of Peace ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE ... - Facebook www.facebook.com/CCIAV/info You are welcome ___ EL futuro fue ayer.... you are welcome in our cross-cultural network, for share about music, arts, humanities, leisure, fun, education, your ... Nrj Awards - Yopsy.com www.yopsy.com/nrj-awards/ PARA 1996, ano de ruptura en la animación socio-cultural dominicana (ASC), ....personal or groupie or organizational self learning or experiments -mixed up with ... for persons or organizations working with kids (particularly, digital natives), ... artistic or extra-curricular, SOCIO-CULTURAL ANIMATION (SCA) activities. Golden Globes 2013 | StatusBin Shares Search - Social Search status.idolbin.com/shares?q=Golden+Globes+2013 DESDE QUE O CUAL LUGAR SOCIAL ESCRIBIMOS, o pensamos lo ... compleja del intercambio cultural o de la animación socio-cultural (ASC), acrisolada o ....SOCIO-CULTURAL ANIMATION (SCA) activities. ... Collaborative learning process...... Scientific Method, leisure, digital natives, education, cultural consumption, ... News Media Talk - Journal News 21.01.2013 newsmediatalk.com › Newspapers › Journal News Jan 21, 2013 – Social Media Digital literacy as framing: Suggestions for an ... for NetNative language learners: a ''social CALL'' AKARPA TI - Cambridge ......0211819Xn13p17.pdf – by JT i Bernet - 1988 - of the ASC (sociocultural animation) is analised in ...... Make time for leisure activities that bring you joy, whether it be ... News Media Talk - Star Radio 09.03.2013 newsmediatalk.com › Radio › Star Radio 4 days ago – Collaborative learning process Social Marketing Marketing 1 X 1 Scientific... for children Children Edutainment Children Leisure Individual freedom ...... by socio-cultural opportunities for digital natives... childpower.org … of Six ...... artistic or extra-curricular, SOCIO-CULTURAL ANIMATION (SCA) activities. News Media Talk - Star Radio 20.01.2013 newsmediatalk.com › Radio › Star Radio Jan 20, 2013 – Is it; fame? money? leisure? pressure? career? desire for self ......People with loved ones imprisoned over trivial charges will learn of their imminent freedom. ...... 20 Jun 2012 – Extended circles – ―digital native, cultural diversity, creativity, .... as socio-cultural animation (SCA) tools and strategies of inclusion ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE ... - Facebook www.facebook.com/CCIAV?v=wall&story_fbid... Adaptors and innovators: Styles ..... Scholarly articles for post fordist, technophobe,digital native. .... and Multiliteracies on Audio-Visual Fields, as socio-cultural animation (SCA) .... proceso habilitante en la construcción de la animación socio- cultural (ASC) ... Literacy in a digital world: Teaching and learning in the … Yoe F. Santos | Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/.../211354242285604?v... individual freedom and liberties, joy, hopes, all systems of believe, . .... describing ―Digital Natives‖ entering the workforce: .... learning .... ... teaching, learning styles, multiple intelligences, second language ...... -Historias-otras, aprendizajes-otros, Animación Socio-Cultural (ASC) e ...... Socio-Cultural Animation (SCA) ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE ... - Facebook www.facebook.com/CCIAV?v=wall&story_fbid... Beyond Trademark Law: What the Right of Publicity Can Learn from Cultural Studies..... innovation, collaborative learning, leisure, edutainment, team work, social marketing, ... We believe in the pedagogy of example, as life style, long term impacts for simple or ...... by so-called digital natives to technology is actually wiring . Writing a Short Report - Riight Social Search https://www.riight.com/social/Writing-a-Short-Report Collaborative learning process Social Marketing Marketing 1 X 1 Scientific Writting ...Leisure Individual freedom Civilization of Love and Solidarity: on ordinary life ... functional illiteracy Cultural Consumption as joy and hopes Culture of Peace and ......Deconstructing digital natives: young people, technology, and the new ... 1. Project Reporting Formats - Riight Social Search https://www.riight.com/social/Project-Reporting-Formats What needs to happen for you to ―learn something‖ in this knowledge universe? .... self directed learning, auto-education and digital natives. Hábitos de consume de alcohol y otras sustancias psicoactivas asociados a pautas de ocio juvenil. M de la Villa Moral Jiménez… Revista de …, 2003 - Sociedad Valenciana de Psicologia … The Leisure of Young People in Contemporary Society K Roberts Arbor: Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura - doaj.org ... the social relationships formed among social equals, enable class differences to be Maintained throughout the youth life stage even though young people on most much leisure in common. social class trajectories share Appendix: Other Local Government Models | Family Centred ... www.familiescommission.org.nz/web/...centered.../appendix.ht... The Child Friendly Cities initiative (CFC) is a framework to help cities ... Culture in Decline: Consumption-Vanity Disorder | Watch Free ... topdocumentaryfilms.com/culture-decline-consumption-vanity... Refdesk.com: Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly ... www.refdesk.com/ Refdesk is a free and family friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible,... magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture." ... 1. NCHEC News: Job Postings - The National Commission For Health ... www.nchec.org/news/docs/jobs.htm Culture of South Korea - history, people, clothing, traditions, women ... www.everyculture.com › Ja-Ma Before Japan colonized Korea in 1910, Seoul was the first city in east Asia to have ... In the center of a white background is a circle divided horizontally in two by an ....depending on the region, season, occasion, and personal taste of the cook. .... and the Mental Health Law in 1995 to promote health education, antismoking ... Regional Symposium on Arts in Asian Education: Transmissions ... unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001420/142086e.pdf Educating for Creativity the Arts and Culture into Asian Education ... 7.1 Nurturing Creativity in a : Bringing Knowledge-Based City: late 1990s The Hong Kong School of ..... as understood in the Western sense of this term (i.e. arts for the consumption of the ......Since the beginning of the Child-Friendly ... and especially since the Research into Action: Pathways to New Opportunities - The Wallace ... www.wallacefoundation.org/...center/.../Pathways-to-New-Opp... children to the arts at an early age .‖ 39% of survey respondents agree that. ―most organizations are children-friendly.‖ source: Culture & the Arts Survey. Fleisher ... Culture of Vietnam - history, people, clothing, traditions, women ... www.everyculture.com › To-Z The country's two largest population centers are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but over ...of political philosophy and organizational structure, participated in the articulation of the.... Regardless of their type, the main entrance to most homes is in the center of the ...The consumption of certain foods has a gendered dimension. health benefits to children from contact with the outdoors & nature www.childrenandnature.org/.../C&NNHealthBenefits2012.pdf sport, recreation and play - Toolkit sport for development www.toolkitsportdevelopment.org/.../Unicef%20sport%20play... ―Promote physical, mental andemotional among children, including adolescents, through play, sports, health recreation, artistic and cultural expression.‖ ... Sport Recreation and Play - Unicef www.unicef.org/publications/files/5571_SPORT_EN.pdf education, world leaders at the United Nations Special Session on Children in May. 2002 agreed to: - ―Promote physical, mental and emotional health among ... Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part III | e-flux www.e-flux.com/.../culture-class-art-creativity-urbanism-part-i... an indian perspective.qxd - Center for International Rehabilitation ... cirrie.buffalo.edu/culture/monographs/india.pdf Newsroom - The Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of ... www.mhmraharris.org/agencynews.asp 05/07/2012 — Children's Mental Health Awareness Week .... Frankfurt School: Minima Moralia by Theodor Adorno 1951 www.marxists.org/reference/archive/adorno/1951/.../ch01.htm What philosophy once called life, has turned into the sphere of the private ... of consumption,‖ the mere reflection-form of production and the caricature of .... humanly achieved, compared with pathic health, infantilism raised to a norm. ..... friendly and educated ones, a cloud of dust enshrouds and daubs everything it touches. Gendlin's View of Human Being: Interaction First www.goodtherapy.org/.../focusing-felt-sending-gendlin-0906... Sep 7, 2012 – We are imbued with philosophical assumptions idealizing objectivity and... His life before boarding school was consumed by his father's ... Enter Zip or City: ...shared and physical senses of, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, ... By now, the mindfulness movement seems to be the most user-friendly way ... Children and the Environment - Childhood Studies - Oxford ... www.oxfordbibliographies.com/.../obo-9780199791231-0034... Mar 23, 2012 – Impacts of Home Environments on Health and Well-Being can see, hear, taste, smell focuses on a place-based scale that children , ..... The topic of Child-Friendly Cities discussions of ... Middle Class Desire: Ornament, Industry, and Emulation in 19th ... maryannstankiewicz.com/.../Middle-Class-Desire-2002.pdf by MA Stankiewicz - 2002 – Consumption was the second marker of middle-class status. Public Symposia Series Archive | Difficult Dialogues | Clark University www.clarku.edu › Difficult Dialogues includes rights-based The notion of a “crisis” in higher education has recently received increasing .... religion and of many secular spiritual, philosophical or humanistic pursuits. .... How do our technologies affect our health, our relationships and the ways we learn? ..... Our culture is saturated with and shaped by issues and images of gender, ... Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction in Developing Countries ... ftp://ftp.shef.ac.uk/.../CIB_... by K Shah – With over a billion people in half a million villages and nearly 3800 cities blueprint and ... and a political philosophy and economic suggested by Gandhi for ... Nothing could describe graphically the mental block on the human side of construction ... development are interwoven in the people's culture, tradition, behaviour, and ... MoMA | Century of the Child www.moma.org/interactives/.../2012/centuryofthechild/?... War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things| 1966 .... which demonstrate Froebel' s educational philosophy, were all prepared by women, .... Ink and pencil on thick wove paper, Culture and Sport Glasgow on behalf of Glasgow City Council, gift of Mrs George Innes, 1978 ... Guide - Stop Kids Drinking www.stopkidsdrinking.com/guide.pdf Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA only focused on one segment ... before both city and town councils to enact tighter ordinances and ... individual under the age of 21, you ... Community Intervention to Seafood Consumption (CIISC ... cessh.curtin.edu.au/local/docs/ciisc_full.pdf philosophy that is effective for communication within educational settings. ..... Social and cultural ... American Visionary Art Museum - Federal Hill - Baltimore, MD www.yelp.com › Arts & Entertainment › Museums Increase Kids should be a bit older for this one but my toddler local mental health care facility and let them have at it. Stress, Over-consumption and Climate Change - Symbolica www.symbolica.se/.../master_thesis_-_sustainable_psychology... by A Tibblin - 2008 – more ecological, social, cultural and economic ..... consumption and competition philosophy are strong barriers against a ..... Page 21 ... Draft Arab Action Plan on Childhood (Ten-Year Plan) www.unicef.org.tn/.../arab_action_plan_on_childhood_en.pdf areas, particularly in the vicinity of cities, rural areas and Bedouin areas, in a manner that ... that address children's rights in health, social, educational, cultural, ... Finn et al 2010 - SOW 6125 - Human Behavior and So psychopathology.fiu.edu/Articles/Finn%20et%20al_2009.pdf by JL Finn - 2010 – ... the child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and mental health systems. ...Children and Youth Services Review 32 (2010) Child Friendly Cities Initiative offers a powerful example the ... Wellness Policy - Methuen Public Schools www.methuen.k12.ma.us/.../Revised%20Wellness%20Policy.p... Light drinking during pregnancy: Is it OK? | The Mommy Files | an ... blog.sfgate.com/.../light-drinking-during-pregnancy-is-it-ok/ Mar 17, 2009 – By comparison the American health system seems of bent on scaring pregnant women with all of its 'do this and risk your baby's very survival' ... PDF article - Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies build a movement for adult www.jceps.com/PDFs/05-2-13.pdf York City, this article will begin to look at the solidarity across the terrain of cultural ...... Page 21 ... www.cjc-online.ca › Home › Vol 30, No 4 (2005) by G Chung - 2006 – education in the ... New Data Mining the Kids: Surveillance and Market Research Strategies ... in which marketers "get kids talking about their taste-worlds" (Quart, 2003, in Children's Centres in the West Midlands in - Obesity, Physical ... www.obesitywm.org.uk/.../SANDWELL_PCT_44PP_CHILDR... Cultural/religious diversity .... standards are laid out in the order of UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative Seven .... Page 21 ... VOLTAIRE. - Online Library of Liberty - Liberty Fund oll.libertyfund.org/title/783/81920 21 of Voltaire's collected works contains a biography of Voltaire by the British classical liberal ... Liberty Fund, Inc. is a private, educational foundation established to ....Erudition figures him as shallow and a trifler; culture condemns him for ... of a philosopher by the strength of his sympathy with existing sources of comfort, ... From EverythingBad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture ... users.rowan.edu/.../Everything%20Bad%20is%20Good%20for... by IIS JOHNSON – Better Women: The Cultural Politics of Gendered Expertise in ... www.colorado.edu/anthropology/people/.../AAJonesfinal.pdf by C Jones - 2008 – at the center of the analytical frame reveals these effects more clearly and can potentially ... Keywords: expertise, femininity, Indonesia, consumption, postauthoritarian ... Since the early 1990s seen a .... ics such as mental health (with an emphasis on self-esteem), ..... cared, and children obeyed. , Indonesian cities have Este artículo examina de los ... cómo ha cambiado el ocio Leisure Lanzarote - Ocio Lanzarote ociolanzarote.com/en/ It's like having a friend in Lanzarote. Touristic and cultural local guide for your holidays in Lanzarote. Todo el ocio de Barcelona en Barcelona www.guiadelociobcn.es/ The solution for leisure and business travelers who visit Barcelona. Otras revistas sobre ocio. GO MAG. Toda la actualidad musical a tu alcance: ... ____ Source: Some useful selected readings for citizens, decision-makers, managers and stakeholders by Yoe F. Santos/cciav _____ "Los hombres y pueblos en decadencia, viven recordándose DE DONDE vienen, los hombres geniales y pueblos fuertes SOLO necesitan saber a DONDE VAN" José Ingenieros ____ " (...) Lo primero para alcanzar a desarrollar una visión del marketing -en su complejidad y sostenibilidad- ES: SUPERAR LA MENTALIDAD del ingeniero (...)" Jacques Lambin (1995) ____ "Ningún hombre es superior a su pueblo" Juan Bosch "(...) Escarbar en lo propio, el único lugar, donde somos inimitables (...)" José Saramago (RTVE, 2004) ______ Facebook.com: Virtual Community "Sociología y Filosofía pretende ser ¡Colabora Adolfo Bioy... | Facebook www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid...id... , aporta, aprende, UNA PLATAFORMA de divulgación de los CONOCIMIENTOS de los grandes AUTORES de la sociología teórica y la filosofía. Y DISFRUTA!" Individual freedom, vocational calls and mass media multi-stimuli -Opportunities,cultural consumption and hobbies... talents -and multiple intelligences- .... to acknowledge that ....creative talents and promote excellence and access in arts learning. ..... Conflict and Health | Full text | The mental health of populations . Notícias da cidade de General Salgado - SP | Cidades do meu ... www.cidadesdomeubrasil.com.br/.../noticias on early XXI century, ... 2004, the GNP more than doubled; personal consumption expenditures almost . ... mental Health, rights and freedom on cultural and communitative citizenship, facing ... Lifelong project search llp.teamwork.fr/partner_search/partner_search.php professional development. ... Learning partner We provide language training, cultural activities and in-house training/ ... open virtual university (ovU), establishing a network with different vocational and ... shortages, increasing social inclusion and help individuals achieve personal and We want to contact schools with programs like ours. Natural Development and Social Efficiency as Aims top.htm www.ilt.columbia.edu/publications/Projects/.../chapter09.html A time of domination by authority will call out as response the desirability of great then ... individual freedom; ... social efficiency, personal culture, social service, complete development of... The constructive use of https://www.han.nl/.../11604_brochure_iss_def_20_12_v3.pdf intelligence in foresight, and contriving, is Faculty of Health and Social Studies - Hogeschool van Arnhem en ... internationalisation with our partners in different parts of ... vocational level courses, modules and training.... constantly changing and thus call for creative and .... desire for better mental health, greater personal well-being, a .... and consumption of culture. Early years, life chances and equality - Equality and Human Rights ... www.equalityhumanrights.com/.../7_earlyyears_lifechances.pd... by P Johnson Please contact the Research Team for further information about other EHRC research reports, or visit ... childhood is linked to mental health problems later in life. An Introduction to Korean Culture for Rehabilitation Service ... cirrie.buffalo.edu › Culture › Monographs different vocational areas and to encourage them to learn employable skills. Vocation of the Business Leader - University of St. Thomas www.stthomas.edu/cathstudies/cst/.../FinalsoftproofVocati.pdf corresponding to his vocation and according to the degree of influence he ... personal level is leading a ―divided‖ life. ... economic dislocation, cultural homogeneity, and the inability of governments to ... a time that calls for the witness of faith, the confidence of...... intelligence and freedom of workers, its context promotes ... To misuse, attack, or injure - New York State Unified Court System www.nycourts.gov/divorce/pdfs/ChildPsychiatryGlossary.pdf Reproduction of A Mental Health Glossary of Selected Terms for Judicial This term can be used in multiple ways (1) ―Measure of the .....vocational training, skill building, crisis intervention, and recreational therapy . It ... American Psychologist Introduction www.positivepsychology.org/apintro.htm A science of positive subjective experience, of positive individual traits, and of ... love and vocation, courage, interpersonal skill, aesthetic sensibility, perseverance, ... In 1947 , the National Institute of Mental Health (which, in spite of its charter, ..... in Our culture results in a kind of psychological tyranny – an "excess of freedom" ... Regional Conference on Arts Education; Cultural heritage, creativity ... unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0012/001246/124647e.pdf of the Ministry of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology today's schools is seriously detrimental to the mental and psychological ..... consumption. 1. Chapter 4 (1918-1932) www.igs.net/~pballan/C4P1.htm Binet-style individual mental tests, for instance, had been tentatively used in urban ...The years immediately after the war saw the rise of mental and vocational testing ....He held that superior manual skill followed from inferior general intelligence. .... The very use of pencil and paper multiple choice questions in the Army ... The Implications of Selected School Reform Approaches for School ... www.ala.org › AASL Each reform is described and its individual implications for library media services ... the central attributes and motivations of the ideas in each cluster are different ... and in other areas of school operation that will affect the culture and climate of the ..... (2) a "mental health" team whose function is to see to the emotional, social, ... The rhetorics of creativity: a literature review - Creativity, Culture and ... www.creativitycultureeducation.org/.../rhetorics-of-creativity-... Artificial intelligence: a pattern of the creative mind? ... range of quality cultural experiences essential to unlocking their talent .... cultural studies), and different policy contexts (social inclusion, vocational ... Critique of Judgment, which presents genius as the 'mental aptitude' ..... cultural consumption and cultural production. download - Uni. of Agric, Makurdi uamkd.com/colleges/agricscieducation/agricedu/lm/6.pdf It places emphasis on skill development of the individual in ... the ability to re-adjust one's own terms to cultural flux, the ability to control and spend one's time with intelligence and purpose, the ability to achieve and ... A man's calling is the individuals identify vocational/occupational problems and develop the ... Cciav, Cc4ave, foundation & Network team 4 Support. | Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Cciav...4.../409665152407156 Intrinsic motivation, talent, multiple intelligences, cultural consumption, digital native, culture of peace ___ .... health-buzzer.com › individual freedom and liberties, joy, hopes, all systems of believe, ... and documentary sciences, NEW LITERACIES, Vocational calls, human rights ... Yoe F. Santos Graciano - Academia.edu independent.academia.edu/YoeFSantosGraciano Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo; Phone Number; 809 508 2036/ 809 299 2036 for YOUR Numeracy Membership on CCIAV, CC4AVE foundation ... Emmett Oliver's Story - Western Washington University www.wwu.edu/culture/hayes.htm by SA Hayes working to improve culture and values in a - Australian Council for ... www.acel.org.au/conf07/papers/Hough%20and%20Bhindi.doc Accordingly, this initial part of the paper reviews the individual, cultural and .... It is becoming clear that our younger generations are strikingly different in ... The impact of mental retardation on family functioning - UPeTD ... upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-09182008.../dissertation.pdf by NE PILUSA - 2006 – The Provincial director of Limpopo Mental Health Society indicated that ..... their talents and gift. reframing personal, social and emotional education - University of ... www.warwick.ac.uk/.../Colleen%20-%20Reframing%20Person... CENBOSEC - Central Board of Secondary Education www.cbse.nic.in/cenbosec/oct-dec-2008/page-1-40.pdf The four volumes address six different dimensions of holistic health Making video on stress /Life Skill modules ... CCIAV CC4AVE Foundation & Global Network 28 Th Anniversary ... www.documento.com › Creative Writing › Essays May 5, 2012 – ―Minorities, cultural and communicational citizenship, exist too… ― ....against DEVELOP individuality (vocational calls, talents, and multiple intelligences,... perceptions about reality, and our OWN, mental health in each case. and building.... NOT matters which boot is fucking your INDIVIDUAL freedom and ... Q Talks : Videos : Ideas for the Common Good www.qideas.org/video/ Yoe F. Santos & Cciav / Cc4ave Xxviii Anniversary (1984-2012 ... www.facebook.com/pages/...F.../314682671885673?... 3 global voices for: mental Health, rights and freedom on... Positive Psychology: An Introduction - Michigan State University www.msu.edu/~dwong/CEP991/.../Seligman-PositivePsych.do... by MEP Seligman – Policy Platform | ECAJ - Executive Council of Australian Jews www.ecaj.org.au/policy-platform/ (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) feel valued and their cultural differences are respected; ... including: lack of educational or vocational opportunities; low levels of income; mental or ... 2.3, CALLSON leaders of all mainstream political parties to consistently articulate a .... which respects the right of all Australians to express (g) their individual cultural identity, ... Workplace Learning: a literature review - Ako Aotearoa akoaotearoa.ac.nz/.../n1575-workplace-learning-a-literature-re... by K Vaughan - 2008 – fostering a culture of innovation The current emphasis on , first launched in New ... Learning to do Sourcebook 3 Unesco-Unevoc www.unevoc.net/fileadmin/user_upload/.../LearningToDo.pdf UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational .... in all his/her complex and multiple dimensions , both as an individual and ... tolerance of that rich diversity, but also the strengthening of local culture and traditional ..... Health and harmony with nature refers to holistic health, a state of physical, mental, ... PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES PROGRAM - Bergen County www.co.bergen.nj.us/bcdhs/pdfs/teen_handbook.pdf Alternative education and training processes - Cedefop - Europa www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/Files/5137_EN.PDF Union's reference Centre for vocational education and training. .... education system who possesses from the outset the cultural and young people illiteracy and low skill levels are not inevitable social baggage that will ... disastrous effects on the physical and mental health of the ... However, school dropout, , and many ... Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/.../bl-cbronte-jan-34.htm What's Happening to 'Skill' - Palgrave www.palgrave.com/pdfs/1403906394.pdf by I Grugulis – "El principal problema de nuestro tiempo es que la gente NO quiere .. . www.facebook.com/...-/101515852600793... - Translate this page Tom Peters' Personal Branding Lessons, Part 1: Why YOUR Blog .... vocational calls, plant and harvest (ALL HARVEST IS always ON FUTURE )… ... multiple intelligences, potential discoveries, cultural and ... ordinary life, as PRIORITARY right and freedom ... FREE of violence, for his or her mental health, as humans, do not: ... Social Control through popular culture, mass media, ideological ... www.unique-design.net/library/control.html American popular culture in the 21st century is all about consumption, two parties use different rhetoric and ... The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity www.cassiopaea.com/cassiopaea/psychopath.htm Some human beings are brilliant and talented, some are dull-witted, and ... is a deep human division, arguably more significant than intelligence, race, ... a very real mental illness indeed: a profound and incurable affective deficit. .... our culture, when it invades our personal lives, we normally do not recognize it immediately. The Creative Age www.culturenet.cz/res/data/004/000574.pdf by K Seltzer - creative', we argue that creativity is not an individual characteristic or innate talent. Creativity is the application of knowledge and skills in new ways to achieve a ... Report on the Organisation of health care services - Council of Europe www.coe.int/t/dg3/health/Prisonsreport_en.asp Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audiovisual, Inc - Google+ https://plus.google.com/108301050483910113808 Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audiovisual, Inc - CCIAV or CCAVE is a non profit ... individual freedoms, liberties, talents, vocational elections or vocational calls ... Limits of the Learning Organization: A Critical Look www.ualberta.ca/~tfenwick/ext/pubs/lngorgeric.htm by TJ Fenwick – describe different levels of learning and different learning systems, and ... or coming to understand personal capacities and dreams 2) mental models, ... www.oise.utoronto.ca/aphd/Prospective.../Courses.html AEC 1252H Individual Reading and Research in Counselling Psychology ;( APHD :: Courses :: Applied Psychology and Human Development at ... choice and freedom, contact and relating (I and Thou), and the need for clear ... Information and communication technologies in ... - unesdoc - Unesco unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0013/001390/139028e.pdf . My Favorite Quotes www.systemsthinker.com/quotes/ The cultural creatives are about leaving that dichotomy behind and ... I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess ... The creative talent will therefore find himself alternately praised and damned by ... And the corollaries of mass consumption are mass communications, mass .... INTELLIGENCE ... Context, Concerns and Challenges of Teacher ... - TeacherSity www.teachersity.org/resource.php?cat_id=8&content_id... Personal, career and learning skill needs - University of Fort Hare ... ufh.netd.ac.za/bitstream/10353/140/1/Norris%20thesis.txt.pdf by TL Norris - 2008 – seeking out services as well as the lack of availability of mental health services. 2. Personal Stories www.biausa.org/_blog/Personal_Stories Mar 5, 2013 – The notion that each brain injury is different is still as true today as it was 20 years ago. .... including employment, freedom, independence, friendships and other losses. ... Center with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. ... was once a skill, a part of daily living, ... Rights and Disabilities in Educational Provisions in Pakistan and ... www.independentliving.org/docs5/mmiles3.html Vocation, Career, and Work www.generativityllc.com/blog/bid/.../Vocation-Career-and-Wo... Jan 21, 2013 – Career development is an important part of personal development. ...Vocation (Latin vocātiō - a call, summons) has uniquely existential ... talents, and "gifts" that we can use to make a difference in the world. ... It means something quite different to answer, "I am a day laborer" than to say ―I am a cardiologist. The e-Skills Manifesto European Schoolnet files.eun.org/eskillsweek/manifesto/e-skills_manifesto.pdf by A McCormack Manifesto. A Call to Arms ... just a challenge for those that 'consume' technologists, but one that ... continuous role to play in our personal and professional lives. It also ... Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Disorders ... - PCHC www.pchc.org/.../Intellectual-Disability-and-Psychiatric-Disor... . seek a psychiatrist if there are questions concerning a person's mental health. 3. Hyperlinks. Child and Youth's Talents, for human development 1976 ... www.facebook.com/...Talents.../334413553345528?v... The child/girl as, irrepetible, human being. Individual freedom, vocational calls and mass media multi-stimuli -Opportunities, cultural consumption and hobbies- ... assessment, standards, education, Freire, critical thinking, authentic ... www.dailycensored.com/world-class-standards-whose-world-... Directorate of Distance Education Study Material www.distanceeducationju.in/bedgac.pdf (Philosophical, Psychological and Socio-cultural). 4. ... Types of Guidance 5. know about different types of careers, training and skill formation activities ... connecting talent and opportunity - National Life Work/Centre www.lifework.ca/.../ConnectingTalentandOpportunity2010.pd... by PS Jarvis - 2010 – Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/.../cor76388_ch01.pdf personal factors, so environmental and vocational wellness are not included The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy acerp.iafor.org/abstracts.html Full text of "Introduction to vocational education : a statement of facts ... archive.org/stream/.../introductiontovo00hilluoft_djvu.txt The intellectual and temperamental requirements for success in different ... questions relating to the adjustment of vocational to cultural training he will see how the .... majority of the inhabitants; freedom of personal development and expression ... Free cultural perspectives Essays and Papers www.123helpme.com/search.asp?text=cultural+perspectives Free cultural perspectives papers, essays, and research papers. ... Different Perspectives of The Caribbean – Perspectives to Vocational Education - Adding ... Shattering the Myth of Racism: Volume II - European Americans United www.europeanamericansunited.org/school1/.../Shatter2.pdf call anyone who studies the intelligence of groups racist, because they have no empirical .....intelligences do not have a particular area of talent where they are ... Youth offending in relation to young people as multiple service users www.criminologyresearchcouncil.gov.au/.../2003-03-white.pd... by R White - 2003 - Related articles The character and quality of the contact with different kinds of agencies and ...agencies but educational, welfare, health and commercial services as well. ...intelligence and attainment (e.g., low nonverbal intelligence, abstract .... analysis must also consider the impact of cultural factors and personal ... mental illness ... Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audiovisual, Inc - About - Google+ https://plus.google.com/108301050483910113808/about talents, vocational elections or vocational calls and... on individual and collective mental health and cultural consumption patterns. ...(Feb 2005-feb 2008): Thinking on precocious talent , multiple intelligences, ... 6. [XLS] Harangi Henriett - De gyfk www.degyfk.hu/in.../120-socialpedagogycoursedescription File Format: Microsoft Excel – Recognition of communication problems and their treatment in different age groups. ...Influence of alcohol consumption of parents on children. .... Typology of special education: interpretation of intelligence scale according to IQ .... Influence of family on mental health of the individual (non-conventional ... Moral freedom. CCA - United Nations Development Programme Jamaica www.jm.undp.org/files/UNCCA.pdf Towards “Human Capital Solidarity”: Emphasizing Justice in ... - SSRN papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Delivery.cfm?abstractid=1718945 by C Aspalter - 2010 L'Age de la Connaissance www.m21editions.com/us/connaissance.shtml Noesis—the cognitive process that combines character, intelligence and learning--has already ... The typical company's resources of talent—its people's expertise and ...economy of ideas—on the individual as well as the organizational level. ... in an all-embracing, dense, living network of knowledge, as well as our mental, ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). Foundation ... www.facebook.com/CC4AVEFoundationGlobalNet/info consumption patterns, their ways of ... scenario for news, is very different from the ... (...) TAMBIEN en... | Facebook www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id...story_fbid... personal, de lo demas en lo que estoy inmerso. .... Intrinsic motivation, talent, multiple intelligences, cultural consumption, digital native, culture of peace ___ .... can affect mental experience so deeply that .... individual freedom and liberties, joy, hopes, all systems of believe, . ... LITERACIES, Vocational calls, human rights ... 7. National Consciousness | MSS Research www.mssresearch.org/?q=national_consciousness The achievement of FREEDOM for India was industry, education and health. ... Creating new products for consumption with a view to tapping a new field (e.g. ... Investing in cultural diversity and intercultural ... - unesdoc - Unesco unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001852/185202e.pdf At the individual level, this is reflected in multiple and changing cultural .... on cultural consumption , Ann- Belinda Preis on migration, ..... call among those who denounce persistent socio-economic cultural freedom, creating for themselves an original ...... physical and mental health, leisure activities, ... inequalities in ...... their 'Child-friendly' Community Schools approach for Promoting Health ... hivaidsclearinghouse.unesco.org/search/.../TLSDF%20report.p... freedom in the learning more individual work research .... Social contact... process and Towards Open Communities: One Under ... - Unesco www.unesco.org/education/lwf/dl/cies97.pdf by M Jain - 1997 – individuals and as communities be able to Learning Vision deal with these emerging Papert notion that all mental operation and ... (1993, p.41) describes Piaget's has ... Learning to do: values for learning and working ... - unesdoc - Unesco unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001480/148021e.pdf UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Health and harmony with nature refers to holistic health, a state of physical, mental, ... BBC - Have Your Say: What impact does X Factor have on the music ... www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/.../what_impact_does_x_factor_have.ht... Dec 13, 2010 – It reduces some great talent to conform to the sameonly reason it's popular, is because idiots are obessed celebrity culture. with WORLD BOOK and... | Facebook www.facebook.com/628036390/posts/392838087414842 more talent as a source of wealth, gotten accounts that ―we all have culture .....libertarian stress individual freedom and sanctity . rights theorists Untitled Album | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a...458989... something different than ... celebrating diversity CITIZENSHIP,is also a vocational choice,as the culture of peace or ... other is we call glocalize,anchored in the values of the innovation,creativity, ... when the rights to and freedoms, and human capacity,the place of talent, Women status in Iran iranianembassy.nl/en/9_hogh_bash/zanan/93.pdf As a result there is no balance between increase in consumption and health, ... The theatre has been traditionally slower than other mediums ... - Igitur igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/student.../Thesis%20Final.doc Investigating the aesthetics of American culture in Dutch theatre for adolescents. ...postmodern or as author Hans Thies-Lehmann calls 'postdramatic. ... taste in cultural consumption, but found several books and studies that treated the birth of ...... nor personal mental power, but personal character and social morality (qtd. in ... Renegades: Hip-Hop Social Entrepreneurs Leading The Way For ... www.academia.edu/.../Renegades_Hip-Hop_Social_Entrepren... the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world. .... The globalization of cultural production and consumption Globalization is not ... Freedom Through Flight: Performing a Counter-Narrative of ... www.academia.edu/.../Freedom_Through_Flight_Performing_... We unpack how artists perform a counter-narrative of freedom through flight that ...physical, mental, or self-care disability, with 46.3 percent sophisticated of those reporting more than.... and knowledge our narrative activity, of individuals, as well as the lived socio-cultural ...Through we embody what we call our self and its ... Healing Families: Courage and Faith in Challenging Times D Marshall - 2005 – ... Such families enable openness of discussion, cooperative problem initially as solving, and the freedom for each member ... every- day lives we find that what we experience being individual currently ,private, and ... As a culture, we are challenged to re-examine the priorities of work ... The relationship between emotional intelligence and emotional labor and its effect on job burnout in Korean organizations H Lee - 2010 - conservancy.umn.edu how contextual on the effects D Watson - 2009 – or cultural factors have influence The Question of Morale: Searching for Happiness in University Life ADULT AND CONTINUING EDUCATION DDI Dill - 2000 – as a share of total revenues for higher education, personal consumption has played ... Full Papers Sub-theme 1: Sport and Socialization MH Lin, MH Huang, R Caput-Jogunica… - azouk.com Contemporary British women artists: In their own words R Fortnum - 2007 – Adela Cortina Orts: Free Thought and Culture of Peace as Philosphical Speeches - Preventing excuses for violence or hate speechesSome samples on her philosophical repertories. Some selected readings for citizens and stakeholders by Yoe F. Santos/cciav __ Ciudadanos del mundo: hacia una teoría de la ciudadanía Adela Cortina Orts - 1997 – ―Este libro constituye una exploración, tanto a lo largo de la historia como en sus facetas social, económica, civil, intercultural, de un término que en los últimos años ha pasado a primer plano: el de ciudadanía. Hay una razón que justifica especialmente este interés: la ...” La transformación de la filosofía: Análisis del lenguaje, semiótica y hermenéutica KO Apel, AC Orts, J Chamorro, JC Sancho - 1985 - Taurus Madrid La metafísica de las costumbres I Kant, A Cortina Orts, J Conill Sancho - 2005 - dialnet.unirioja.es ―La Metafísica de las Costumbres ocupa un puesto clave en el proyecto kantiano referido a dos ámbitos: el del conocimiento de la naturaleza y el de lo que es posible por la libertad. Si los Anfangsgründe constituyen el desarrollo sistemático de los conceptos básicos ...” Teoría de la verdad y ética del discurso KO Apel, A Cortina Orts - 1991 - dialnet.unirioja.es Etica de la sociedad civil:¿ un antídoto contra la corrupción? A Cortina Orts - Claves de razón práctica, 1994 - dialnet.unirioja.es ... Etica de la sociedad civil: ¿un antídoto contra la corrupción? Ética de la razón cordial: educar en la ciudadanía en el siglo XXI A Cortina Orts - Pedagogía Social, 2008 - redalyc.uaemex.mx La educación del hombre y del ciudadano A Cortina Orts - Revista Iberoamericana de Educación, 1995 - dialnet.unirioja.es Ética civil y religión A Cortina Orts - 1995 - dialnet.unirioja.es Rentabilidad de la ética para la empresa AC Orts, AC Fernández, F Argentaria - 1997 – Visor La ética discursiva A Cortina Orts - Historia de la ética, 2000 - dialnet.unirioja.es La dimensión pública de las éticas aplicadas A Cortina Orts - Revista Iberoamericana de Educación, 2002 - dialnet.unirioja.es El quehacer público de la ética aplicada: ética cívica transnacional A Cortina Orts - Razón pública y éticas aplicadas: Los caminos …, 2003 - dialnet.unirioja.es Ética mínima: introducción a la filosofía práctica A Cortina Orts - 2008 - dialnet.unirioja.es Razón pública y éticas aplicadas: los caminos de la razón práctica en una sociedad pluralista A Cortina Orts, VD García Marzá - 2003 - dialnet.unirioja.es La pobreza como falta de libertad A Cortina Orts - 2009 - dialnet.unirioja.es Entre el fragor y el desconcierto: economía, ética y empresa en la era de la globalización G Izquierdo, AC Orts - 2000 - Minerva Ediciones La persona como interlocutor válido: virtualidad de un concepto" transformado" de persona para la bioética A Cortina Orts - La mediación de la filosofía en la construcción de …, 1993 - dialnet.unirioja.es Educación moral a través del ejercicio de la profesión A Cortina Orts - Diálogo filosófico, 2000 - dialnet.unirioja.es __ The Philosophy Foundation philosophy-foundation.org www.philosophy-foundation.org/ Developing good thinking in schools through philosophical enquiry - Critical Pedagogy Taking the Illich Turn | Richard Kahn - Academia ... www.academia.edu/.../Critical_Pedagogy_Taking_the_Illich_... The International Journal of Illich Studies emphasis on Freire's philosophy of education has served in many .... The final writing of Marcuse's life, “Children of Prometheus: 25 Theses on .....”may be the greatest teachers we can learn from in the 21st century. Beyond Current : Learning to learn | Technology, children ... www.beyondcurrenthorizons.org.uk/learning-to-learn/ ―One of the core functions of 21st century education is Horizons learning to learn in ... identify and analyse the emerging trends in society, ... (For a more philosophical analysis of the relationship between neuroscience and learning ubiquitous internet access and ... “just in time” cyber-learning (Borgman et al, 2008). understanding e-learning technologies-in-practice - Saint Paul ... ustpaul.ca/upload-files/.../UNDERSTANDING_E_learning.pdf by H Kanuka – Existing and emerging e-learning technologies are having intense, .... our personal philosophy helps us to understand why we act and think the way we do ... Global Technology Education in the Context of the - Lane ... www2.lanecc.edu/.../global_technology_education_in_the_co... by J Ross Oct 5, 2012 – Chardin's notion of noosphere of Innovation's 21st Century ... now extended to the cyberspace ... The masses internalized into ―common sense‖ the philosophy, culture and morality of the ...The children of ... Recent trends League Learning Outcomes Project Reconstructing Technoliteracy: A Multiple Literacies Approach By ... gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/kellner/essays/technoliteracy.pdf by R Kahn – closing, we think about what it will mean to reconstruct ―technoliteracies‖ in light of ...Dewey's philosophy it is strongly tethered to notions of democracy and ... and technology theorist Ivan Illich (Kahn and Kellner forth coming). ... so defined century will prove useful for a 21st technoliteracy challenged ..... Paulo Freire (1972) ... Technological Transformation, Multiple Literacies, and the Re ... gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/kellner/.../technologicaltransformation.p... (McLuhan 1962, 1964; Ong 1988; Illich and Sanders 1989), so too does the ...progressive era new skills for the workplace by Dewey and in the 1960s and 1970s by Ivan Illich, Paolo Freire, and others ... demands for , participation in emergent social ... need philosophical reflection on the ends and purposes of education, ... New Media and New Literacies - Graduate School of Education and ... gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/kellner/.../newmedianewliteracies.pdf Indeed, more than ever we need philosophical reflection on the ends ... is placed a la Dewey (1997 [1916]) and Freire (1972 and 1998) in the service of ... new literacies can serve as efficacious learning tools which will contribute to producing a more ..... As we proceed into the 21st century, we need to theorize the literacies ... 1. Some useful selected readings for citizens and stakeholders on ... www.documento.com › Creative Writing › Essays Sep 14, 2012 – contributions to the Rousseau, Illich and Freire conception child-centered innovation and and their and ... role of the children is to learn, with the expectation that they will follow . ... audiotechnology in the 21st visual patrimony century M Warschauer - AILA Review, ... , as emerging trends - on ...... literacy, and Unfolding Learning Societies - Tsama www.tsama.org.za/index.php/.../1-articles?...learning...jan... of education, for Illich, mystifies expertise and creates an ....individual, LWF and other organizations such as the 21st Century Learning ... English books | Alliance For Childhood Protection www.allianceforchildhood.eu/english The Children's Defense Fund gathers, analyzes and disseminates including Cathy Nutbrown's 20 Questions for Childhoods in the 21st Century and .... While Freire's original work was in adult literacy, his approach leads us to think ... Últimas Notícias da cidade de Guarda-Mor - Cidades do meu Brasil www.cidadesdomeubrasil.com.br/.../noticias - Translate this page Keep working and thinking and collecting everyday life ... as ... Cyberspace Spring, 2012 "A CHILD is not a property, BUT a ... UNESCO and sharing INFORMATION ... As to the ways of Freud, Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire from "SCHOOL is the best contraceptive" Binde "How is going be education on XXI century? Jerome Culture of 'Fear' - Center for Spiritual Inquiry and Integral Education csiie.org/pluginfile.php?file=/24/mod_page/content/146/... as Meta-context for Education in the 21st Century ...context of social and political philosophy, or even further, as constructs ... Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange (CCAVE). Foundation ... www.facebook.com/CCIAV Teens/Kids Website ... your memories, favorite's landscapes and local contents on cyberspace. ... Using self-directed learning processes that participants ... ―I'm not just going because I want this information, but I'm going . .... auto-educación de PauloFreire, Ivan Illich y Maria Montessori ..... Linking Thinking - Vrij-natuurlijk ... "Just exists, one... | Facebook www.facebook.com/316391938471942 Unschooled mind: How children think and how schools should teach. H Gardner ...Growing Up With Technology: Young Children Learning in a Digital Age ... Democratic educators Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire suggested in the 1960s Early 21st Century Trends . that . .... Predictions about the Future Workplace Emerging From Current reference list - David Callaghan dbcallaghan.blogspot.com/2010/02/current-reference-list.html Feb 12, 2010 – global perspective of educational research for the 21st century. ....Fields, M. (2009) Theoretical perspectives on classroom learning. ... A. (2008) Peer interaction and critical thinking : Face-to-face or online discussion? Wabash Center www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu/.../print-results.aspx?...'%25lea... Regina Lopata Logan and Robert M. Fromberg have collected twenty cases ... of these children, however, boredom, anxiety, and fear of learning quickly set in. .... Freire finds in today's emerging global society a new context in which ..... article, "Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century: Trends and Implications for Practice" ... Technoliteracy at the Sustainability Crossroads: Posing ... www.academia.edu/.../Technoliteracy_at_the_Sustainability_C... Agreeing with Stephen Petrina (2000b), dominant trend in the United ... Finally, in closing, I think about what it will mean to reconstruct that the technoliteracies, and I ... to highlight the insights of radical social critic and technology theorist Ivan Illich. ... Thus, even at the start of the twentieth century, literacy largely meant the ... JTEFS volume 14(2) - Ise-lv.eu ise-lv.eu/.../13625018771344857431JTEFS_VOLUME_14_I... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat about radical changes in the way we work, think, learn and communicate underpinning learning philosophy for designing the m.sc. programme ....(2003) considered praxis as “all human activity … understood as emerging ... 2. 3. August | 2012 | All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski | Page 2 https://rikowski.wordpress.com/2012/08/page/2/ Aug 9, 2012 – There is much we can learn from each other. ... safe indoor space for children of all ages to play. Unclassified EDU/CERI/CD/RD(2007) - Organisation for Economic ... search.oecd.org/officialdocuments/displaydocumentpdf/?... Nov 8, 2007 – Juan Cassassus, María De Ibarrola, Lilia Pérez-Franco Juana M. ....children. These many educational systems took different paths, but ..... Research emerging from the learning sciences is still too to ..... principles will be the leaders premature in the 21st century (OECD, 2000, ... ”Cyber Schools” Status‖. social justice research academy syllabus freedom dreams www.sas.upenn.edu/.../... Jun 4, 2012 – THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT INEQUALITY & ideas of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and the visionary practices .... Top luis g News noozly.com/topic/luis+g Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich ... emergent trend and paradigm, announced.... Creativity of philosophers, ... communicative citizenship on cyberspace. ....nineteenth century, now in the XXI century, are now coming to the continent, ... Transitions book.pdf https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/.../Transitions%20book.pdf?... by CA Bowers - 2008 – model of thinking articulated centuries ago by Newton and ..... commons students are unlikely to learn how Western philosophers ...... their support if the current environmental, political, and “(…) Violence is the fear to the ideals of the others” Mahatma K ... www.documento.com › Creative Writing › Essays Apr 28, 2012 – AGAINST Human Rights violation Convention of Rights 4 Children, child slavery, worst ... open societies, cultures, civilizations, in early XXI century and Third Millennium… ... "Learning process without to think is UNUSEFUL. ... current world, Digital Era, Digital Nations, emergent trends, values and life styles, ... Download - PEEF's Digital Library Social Philosophy and Education . ..... Physical Education in the Twenty-First Century. ... Children's Acquisition of Language Processes Daniel Ness. ..... Acknowledgement: My thanks to William M. Reynolds for his ... 4. MWR2P 2008 Proceedings WKU www.docstoc.com/docs/.../MWR2P-2008-Proceedings-WKU Feb 26, 2010 – Negotiating Cultural Values in a Learning Environment Creating and Sharing as a Method for Developing IT ......Anticipating Freire (1970) and Illich (1971), Elizabeth M. King Artaud (1958) focused his ... 5. antropologia | hugovalentim.com hugovalentim.com/taxonomy/term/1298 - Translate this page Sep 30, 2009 – Emerging Technologies Conference 2008, ... Mobile Phones as a Challenge for m-Learning: Examples for Mobile ..... Mobile Technology for Children. .... Mobile learning in the 21st century: benefit forlearners. .... Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich: Technology, Politics and the ... DIANE RAVITCH up.toca.ir/images/4seoaoeyx9yb48ezhrhg.pdf few key figures who shaped the philosophy and practice of education, with...... educator and theorist Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the. advocated the study ...... emergent-level students: Students who are learning how to read ... of children's interests, emotions Chapter Two: Ethical teacher professionality - ResearchSpace ... https://researchspace.auckland.ac.nz/bitstream/.../whole.pdf?... by LW Benadé - 2011 – Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA). kids'. Indeed ...... thinking reflected global post-Fordist highlighted the need ... economic trends that Shit happens… A COMPLAINT IS ALWAYS a big favor… that is the ... www.documento.com/.../Shit-happens…-A-COMPLAINT-IS-ALW... Sep 4, 2012 – CCIAV, CC4AVE visual literacies and emerging trends and post-Fordist paradigms . ....Paulo Freire e Ivan Illich, economía del saber y dialogo politics concepts practices: Topics by WorldWideScience.org worldwidescience.org/.../p/politics+concepts+practices.html Conceptual History exploring new Fields: How Conceptual History might , en siglo XXI. contribute to a Narrative of 20th Century Management and Organizational Ideas ... Ergebnis der Suche in der FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank www.fachportal-paedagogik.de/.../fis_list.html?... Treffer 1 - 5000 von 22056 – The when working with children. Von John Dewey bis Paulo Freire. ...... Emerging trends in research and practice....... Helfrich, M. Shannon: decision-making process Montessori learning in the 21st century. 6. Region Buzz - Malawi 18.04.2012 regionbuzz.com › Africa › Malawi Apr 18, 2012 – Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika: 'I'm not dead, I'm on holiday' ...charges for additional adults, children, and amenities may apply. ..... XXI century, twenty-first century, Yoe F. Santos, Anniversary, CCIAV, .... OF PHILOSOPHY IN. ....Digital Era, Digital Nations, emergent trends, values and life styles, ... OER and change in higher education issuu.com/icde/docs/oer_and_change_in_higher_education Jul 2, 2012 – UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) ... Finland, the Nokiam-learning Initiative and the NEPAD e-Schools Initiative. ...... Represented most notably by Illich (1971). ... Trends in global higher . education: Tracking an academic.... It discusses emerging policy issues and priorities identified by ... Q+ KM… La cuestión de Scribd www.documento.com/.../El-problema-de-los-esta... Feb 5, 2013 – M Bisbal - Zer-Revista de Estudios de Comunicación, 2012 - ehu.es ...Balance de sus aportes y limitaciones a la luz del siglo XXI .... finally we are happy, after read -as emergent cases and digital post fordist trends, about the digital natives..... El legado de Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire, María Montessori, Howard ... 70 p. - Scribd www.documento.com/doc/119604501/Untitled - Translate this page Jan 9, 2013 – 0 Learning and e-learning T Mayes, S de Freitas – Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age, 2007 Creativity, mental health, XXI century, children, young, family, leisure .... Welcome to Cyber School D Trend - 2001 – Developing homeplace ... F Senatori - 2009 - bir.brandeis.edu Reading Paulo Freire M Gadotti ... Feliz cumpleanos Aquiles Azar... 80 anos... muy interesante sobre ... www.documento.com › Creative Writing › Essays – Aug 21, 2012 – OUR dialogues on CCIAV, CC4AVe as think tank, foundation and network for .... 2006 Unabhängigkeitserklärung des Cyberspace (1996) JP Barlow ...fields linked with kids and youth: emergent trends on glocalized education by ..... from Della Volpe, Freire and Illich on . self -education on early XXI century, ... Groenke, Susan L.; Hatch, J. Amos - Critical Pedagogy and Teacher ... www.documento.com/.../Groenke-Susan-L-Hatch-J-Amos-Critical-... Jan 5, 2013 – Giroux drew on Freire's work to criticize a Reagan-era educational ―culture of ..... If teachers share their political views or encourage students to think ....The teacher as world citizen: A scenario of the 21st century. ... Basal readers and reading as socialization: What are children learning? ...... Illich, I. (1978). The Confusing Language of Education www.documento.com › ... › Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes May 22, 2010 – Most high schools seek and receive Many homeschooling parents admire the Illich philosophy of deschooling, believin g that learning ... Marcuse's Challenge to Education www.documento.com/doc/.../Marcuse-s-Challenge-to-Education Feb 6, 2012 – As Marcuse argues. dialectical thinking once allowed us to ..... (3) to criticize destructive or alienating trends. for the grounds for ... But we want to learn all the facts. and oppression emerging from within ..... Freire. — Feenberg. IL:Philosophy of Education Society. 2005. vol. ...... M. Road to the 21st century. Hector Lavoe videos images search platform - Fileru fileru.com/index.php?ru=Hector... – Trends, Cyberjournalism - About ... Subjectivity, individual freedom, web 2.0, web 3.0: innovation, collective creativity, personality, human development, inclusive education. Interactivity is Evil! - First Monday firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/.../1947 by K Jarrett - 2008 – ideal ofsubjectivity based around notions of freedom, choice and activity. Structuring feeling: Web 2.0, online ranking and rating - Ephemera www.ephemeraweb.org/journal/10-3/10-3hearn.pdf by A Hearn - a return to the freedom and flow of the Greek agora. Involve creativity, innovation, and the manipulation of personal emotion ... A Web 2.0 Learning Platform: Harnessing Collective ... - tojde tojde.anadolu.edu.tr/tojde27/articles/article_1.htm by P CHAN Subjective responses would require that teachers instruct and students learn in ...Where Web 1.0 was mostly a medium for reading, Web 2.0 provides many more ...community that uses content in creative, interactive, and meaningful ways. ... allows individuals to be learner/teachers, tapping into collective intelligence by ... Juan Martin Prada – ―Web 2.0″ as a new context for artistic practices www.re-public.gr/en/?p=307 Why does Jaron Lanier hate the Web so much? io9.com/5971533/why-does-jaron-lanier-hate-the-web-so-much Dec 27, 2012 – "We're not as different from one another as we'd like to imagine doing so, they could convey a deep sense of personal subjectivity, ... 1.3 Collective Intelligence and Business Enterprise 2.0 - Florence ... devouard.com/IMG/pdf/Chapter_1_3_Devouard.pdf by F Devouard – .Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of web development and web ... Quotebank - quotes about digital marketing and media | warc.com www.warc.com/Pages/NewsAndOpinion/Quotebank.aspx?... Creative TV and video executions from the most innovative and market-leading brands. .... With the creation of Web 2.0, we are seeing the emergence of a new type of... an independent explorer craving freedom, adventure and companionship. .... of web 2.0, where openness, dialogue and personality are the new marketing ... A Critical Study Production in Structures - tripleC triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/download/287/321 by Y Mylonas - 2012 – of Artistic Post-Fordist non-political assertion of society produces specific collective mentali- .... What is being dispossessed in web 2.0 is users' creativity, imagi- .... -I'dlove to make a living out of music but I also love to translate and I love ... Status Update, Celebrity, Publicity, and Self - tiara.org www.tiara.org/blog/.../marwick_dissertation_statusupdate.pdf creativity compared to inefficient business models, corrupt ..... individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework ... THREE FORMS OF THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: LEARNING ... kisi.deu.edu.tr/mert.topoyan/dosyalar/odev/2.02.pdf by MA PETERS – information environment that gives individuals the freedom to take a ....Web 2.0), the semantic web, new search algorithms and processes of ... Creatively Gifted Students are not like Other ... - Sense Publishers https://www.sensepublishers.com/.../1528-creatively-gifted-stu... d Bharath Sriram ... development; students' individual interests as driving forces for motivation and ... Incorporating Technology and Web Tools in Creativity Instruction ...students, and a collective diminishment in world achievement by virtue of ...... with emerging innovations through the World Wide Web and Web 2.0, and ... HYUN HARWELL BUHALIS Chapter 19 Soo Hyun eta al 2012 ... www.academia.edu/.../HYUN_HARWELL_BUHALIS_Chapte... After the emergence of Web 2.0 applications and particularly user generated individuals' subjective well-being (Diener 1984). ....phenomenology; innovation needs include novelty, variety, and creativity; ... The Open Innovation OF Management and Organization | Charles ... www.academia.edu/.../The_Open_Innovation_OF_Manageme... The first is Open Innovation itself, which has been called revolutionary capitalized on 2.0 technologies (crowdsourcing) to leverage mass ... Actualizing Progressive Learning - www2012 www2012.wwwconference.org/.../EWFE2012_002.pdf by D Pothineni – Extended cognition is now a reality with rise of social web. Smart devices and emergingcollective intelligence is aiding us to take part in tasks much bigger than ... YOU AS IN USER - Tracky Birthday www.trackybirthday.com/box/you_as_in_user.pdf Reviewing Current Trends in Recruitment: Social Media, Personal ... www.artofconvergence.com/.../reviewing-current-trends-in-re... subjectivity. ....innovative, smart, united, ambitious, accomplished, resourceful, creative, ... 1. Multitudes Web - 4. General intellect multitudes.samizdat.net/General-intellect hiding is that the individual and collective ... Emerging Technologies for Learning Science - DASH - Harvard ... dash.harvard.edu/.../... by CJ Dede - 2009 Web 2.x - Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology iisit.org/Vol6/IISITv6p683-698Ruzic664.pdf P: The Online Newsletter for Personality Science - Association for ... www.personality-arp.org/newsletter07/docs/p7_printable.pdf Entrepreneurial learning in the networked age www.gencat.cat/diue/doc/doc_52863486_3.pdf by M Senges - 2008 Leadership in Online Creative Collaboration - Pipeline - Georgia ... pipeline.cc.gatech.edu/pdf/p343-luther.pdf by K Luther - 2008 ... 2. Revisiting Tumblr as Art hyperallergic.com/65674/revisiting-tumblr-as-art/ Proceedings of the 1st. international congress - Web Studies www.webstudies.info/proceedingsWS10.pdf How Individuals Build Their Own Entertainment Brands Using the ... Role of Web 2.0 in Organizations .... commodify collective and communicative exchanges. 3. Dario Taraborelli: Viable online communities: references nitens.org › home › research › webcommunities Open Works, Open Cultures and Open Learning Systems · The ... www.ffst.hr/ENCYCLOPAEDIA/doku.php?id=open_culture Chapter 10: Media Spaces: Innovation and Activism • Knowledgebase www.gcsknowledgebase.org/.../chapter-10-media-spaces-inno... Multitudes Web - 04. Copyright, Copyleft and the Creative Anti ... multitudes.samizdat.net/Copyright-Copyleft-and-the.html Wallop of Millennial at Social Workplace – Need to understand ... www.itu.dk/.../AkhileshSindhuja-... by KB Akhilesh Grading 2.0: Evaluation in the Digital Age | HASTAC hastac.org › Scholars › Forums 1 Culture 3.0: A new perspective for the EU 2014-2020 ... - EENC www.eenc.info/.../pl-sacco_culture-3-0_CCIs-Local-and-Regio... pedagogy, dialogue, deliberation - JCOM - sissa jcom.sissa.it/archive/09/01/.../Jcom0901(2010)A04.pdf by R Watermeyer - 2010 the advent of open source democracy and wikipolitics - Human ... www.humantechnology.jyu.fi/articles/volume7/.../kostakis.pdf transforming and being transformed by a refreshed subjectivity. ... order to enrich human freedom. Supporting Collaborative Creativity in Requirements ... - fundp info.fundp.ac.be/.../Supporting-Collaborative-Creativity-in-Re... by M Mahaux - Cited by 1 Transmediale Re:Source. A Partisan Report - Digicult | Digital Art ... www.digicult.it/...072/transmediale-resource-a-partisan-report/ FROM EDITOR UGUR DEMURE Anadolu University, TURKEY - tojde tojde.anadolu.edu.tr/tojde27/pdf/Volume8Number3.pdf by IUSEOF WEBLOGS Ethnographic Approaches to Digital Media - Annual Review of ... www.annualreviews.org/.../annurev.anthro.012809.104945 by EG Coleman - 2010 Download QI2011 Abstracts - International Congress of Qualitative ... www.icqi.org/docs/2011/QI2011Abstracts.pdf Creative Drama Method On University Students' Perceptions ... collective and individual. ICT | Coherence of the inchoate aewallace.wordpress.com/category/education/ict/ Oct 29, 2012 – Innovations in ICT teaching: a Guardian roundtable had the greatest amount of freedom also ... Integrating Motivational Aspects into the Design of ... - KnowMiner knowminer.know-center.tugraz.at/.../integrating_motivational... by C Kunzmann – Blogs: web journals in language education - European Centre for ... archive.ecml.at/mtp2/publications/D1_Blogs_E_internet.pdf HyperPlace: Extending Web Platform to Build ... - Robert Nideffer www.nideffer.net/classes/278-09/ace.../marvin-thesis.pdf by M Park Understanding Individual Adoption and Use of Social Media: A User ... spectrum.library.concordia.ca/.../Soliman_PhD_F2012.pdf.pdf by MA Soliman – 2012 Beyond Sharing - Educational Technology & Society www.ifets.info/journals/11_3/7.pdf by GYM Kao – : Autism and Second Life—An Introduction 1. Second Life: Basic ... www.oadd.org/docs/Danilovic_15-3.pdf creativity | quantum shifting quantumshifting.wordpress.com/tag/creativity-2/ Feb 10, 2013 – Posts about creativity written by John Wenger. ... so, for example, Web 1.0 was the jumping-off place for Web 2.0, the iPhone 3 begat 3GS which begat 4 which begat the 5. ... ”If you'd given me the afternoon off yesterday, I wouldn't be so tired today.” .... They are highly talented and creative individuals. a phenomenological inquiry into the experiential world of - UPeTD ... upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-10302012.../dissertation.pdf by E Law - 2012 Oct 30, 2012 – The participant group comprised of five individuals, between the ....Theme 2c: Second Life as a Creative Place .... later years was merely a reflection of earlier personality, .... However, in 2004 the world was introduced to Web 2.0, which can be ..... an equal emphasis on objective and subjective aspects of ... An Empirical Study on Integration of the Innovation Management ... www.academia.edu/.../An_Empirical_Study_on_Integration_o... Notes on Factors in Collective Intelligence | blogofcollectiveintelligence.com/.../notes_on_factors_in_colle... Personal autonomy in a post-privacy world The 6th European ... https://gict2011.informatik.umu.se/data/.../majavandervelden.p... Michael Shanks: Artereality documents.stanford.edu › Site Home › Michael Shanks Sep 13, 2012 – The Ph.D. in Arts Practice is the expression of the distinctive complexities, ... requirements; non-studio majors do so only as a function of individualquirks. ... and research support (with creativity as the defining attribute of art). ... web design, textiles, ceramics, metalwork—tend to get handed over to more ... Rhizomes 6: Damian Judge Rollison www.rhizomes.net/issue6/rollison.htm The networking of personal computers on a worldwide scale, personalities that wish to be realized through their transpersonal creative endeavors. 4. Matei firstmonday.org/article/view/1836/1720 Self-directing at social spaces: conceptual framework for ... - EdITLib editlib.org/d/28653 by K Tammets – new freedom, increased creativity ... These main changes atWeb 2.0 social spaces require a considerable ... and personality. CS Part 1_Concepts - Center for Global Communication Studies www.global.asc.upenn.edu/docs/CSY08ch10.pdf by C Bob blogosphere and other facets of the Web 2.0 now ... 5. Web Science - SSRN papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Delivery.cfm?abstractid=1889108 by M Vafopoulos - 2008 Editorial - New Cultural Frontiers www.newculturalfrontiers.org/.../New_Cultural_Frontiers_First... by E Toscano - 2010 – reinforce their creative freedom even at the risk of ..... reached its acme through the new ITC (Blogs, Social Networks, Web 2.0 and ... Beyond Ones and Zeros: A Critical Ethnographic Analysis of Silicon ... www.academia.edu/.../Beyond_Ones_and_Zeros_A_Critical_E... The popularity of Web 2.0 applications has been a central catalyst in the ... to be 1 A technopole is a regional centre of high-tech innovation that is linked in a ...consequently, leads to a multiplicity of individual subjectivities that differ from the ...be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within ... New technologies of the Self and Social Networking - Share research www.academia.edu/.../New_technologies_of_the_Self_and_So... From Social Computing to Reflexive Collective intelligence ... - ieml www.ieml.org/IMG/pdf/2009-Levy-IEML.pdf Aug 22, 2009 – The IEML research program promotes a radical innovation in the notation and ... more our society depends on the creative management of ... tools to augment personal and collective cognitive processes, ... knowledge management shows [57, 76, 56, 13], and as the Web 2.0 or ...... the subject of *wu.d.-**. (Re)Inventing the Internet: Critical Case Studies - Sense Publishers https://www.sensepublishers.com/.../835-reinventing-the-intern... Transhumanist FAQ humanityplus.org/philosophy/transhumanist-faq/ PLAY AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE NET - The Play Ethic theplayethic.typepad.com/.../play-and-the-constitution-of-the-... Write, publish, thrive: A blog about writing, publishing and the ... www.academia.edu/.../Write_publish_thrive_A_blog_about_w... iEducate Course Handbook: 'Technologies for Learning' www.ieducate.eu/.../iEducate%20-... Authoritarians www.softpanorama.org/Social/Toxic.../authoritarians.shtml By some estimates psychopaths as a personality type constitute just 1% of population... They tend to destroy and suppress collaboration or any collective effort in generally... What is necessary, is that — in a subjective manner — the individual is .... This is kind of Tribalism 2.0, where the Powers That Be are selected from ... Playing with Paradoxes - RePub - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam repub.eur.nl/res/pub/.../Playingwithparadoxes_definitief.pdf by JH Timmermans - 2010 .construction and expression of individual and collective identities.