Letter To Aba Pres Bellows, Apr-29-13, Re Florida Bar

Dear ABA President Bellows: Please accept my condolences on the death of Jeanne P. Gray, Director of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility. My thoughts go out to her family, friends and colleagues. Unfortunately Petition No. 12-7747 was denied writ of certiorari. As an in forma pauperis petition, it now goes to the National Archives. It gives me comfort knowing that Jeanne Gray’s letter to me February 19, 2013 from the ABA, which formed a basis for my petition for rehearing, will be preserved in the National Archives. While I did not know Jeanne well, I appreciate her professionalism and effort in this matter even as she battled cancer. When time permits, I would appreciate a response to my invitation of March 18, 2013 for the ABA to review the fifteen (15) complaints I submitted to The Florida Bar, those of other people seeking review of their matters involving The Florida Bar, as well as the Florida foreclosure mills cited by U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings in his letter to the FHFA. While The Florida Bar has since filed a complaint against David J. Stern, another foreclosure mill, McCalla Raymer LLC, continues its unethical practices, and is being sued by homeowners in Florida. Thank you in advance for your response to my invitation of March 18, 2013.
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