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Fantasy World is an upscale agency here in London providing 100% customer satisfaction by insuring the ultimate experience. First of all we are extremely selective in terms of who we hire. All of our models go through an intensive process consisting of being interviewed to determine if they qualify and meet the standards. Soon afterwards, they must have a full medical examination done. Lastly they have their pictures done shortly afterward to insure accuracy when our clients view their profile. GET MORE DETAIL FROM :
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Welcome! TOP PREMIUM LADIES KAILIA (NEW! NEW!) MCKENNA CARMEN AMARA SOFIA ALISA ARABELLA (NEW PICS) DUO FULL CATALOG FULL GALLERY WHO'S AVAILABLE NOW? DISCUSSION FORUM ESCORT GALLERY EMPLOYMENT CONTACT QUESTION/ANSWER Why Choose Fantasy World? Fantasy World Escorts is a premium Escort Agency here in London that provides 100% customer sa sfac on by insuring the ul mate experience. First of all we are extremely selec ve in terms of who we hire. All of our models go through in intensive process consis ng of being interviewed to determine if they qualify and meet the standards. Soon a erwards, they must have a full medical examina on done. Lastly they have their pictures done shortly a erward to insure accuracy when our clients view their profile. When it comes to our clients we make sure that all of the appointments are discreet and 100% confiden al. For incalls (when a client comes to our private loca on) our models are located in high rise condos or upscale hotels. For outcalls our models dress appropriately to make sure nobody recognizes her. For instance, they all wear black dress pants and dress shirts. With this professional appearance nobody will know the reason for her visit and once again to assure confiden ality. If that wasn’t enough, Fantasy World Escorts has been established since 2008 and is one of the most reputable Escort Agencies in London and surrounding ci es for two main reasons, all of our models will exceed your expecta ons in terms of beauty, intellect and personality and our agency will exceed your expecta ons in terms of professionalism & customer service. Reasons for calling an Escort Service Have you ever been wai ng on line to get into an exclusive night club? You know; the kind where you have to prove you’re cool enough, rich enough, or important enough to get into. You’re ready to get in there, have a few drinks, dance a li le and have fun; but first you have to jump through whatever hoops are required to get inside. It’s a rather annoying process to go through each and every me you want to go have a good me. Going to the bar to meet women can be the same way. You meet a cute girl who you’d love to take home, but you have to play the game. You buy her a couple drinks, make her laugh, flirt a li le, tell her she has pre y eyes. It’s all well and good when you actually get her back to your place, but let’s be honest; that doesn’t always happen. There are some nights you spend $150 on drinks, pour on the charm, and strike out. Such is life, some will say. Some guys are happy to go out every weekend and roll the dice. Some choose to make their own luck and go get what they want. If you’ve always been the former, maybe it’s me for a change. Many guys are out there looking for Miss Right, but let’s not sugarcoat the truth; many are simply out to have a good me. If you want to skip all of the pleasantries and stop pretending to be the nice guy all the me, perhaps you should be spending your money at the escort agency instead of the bar. Wherever you go, you have to pay to play, but escort agencies offer you something no bar or club ever could; a 100% success rate. You may be hesitant to go this route out of fear of what others will think of your choice, but that’s not something you have to worry about. What you do with your escort stays between you and the agency. The business is built on discre on, and both the agency and the escorts are paid to make your privacy and anonymity the highest priority. When it’s me to re re to the bedroom, you’re free to be yourself and have your desires fulfilled. Once you tell the escort agency what you’re looking for, they’ll make sure you get it. This won’t be another boring hookup with some prude who wants to stay under the covers and keep the lights off. You’ll get exactly what you pay for- an evening of pleasure! Free VIP SIGN-UP! Username Password Remember Me Login Forgot your password? Forgot your usernam e? Create an account Escorts are professional service providers. A good escort agency will understand that any men needs the right kind of lady for a good me. They are familiar with circumstances like this, and employ ladies who are well equipped to shine in these circumstances. It is understandable that you may be hesitant to call an escort agency and inquire about their services. You’ll probably be concerned at how your date will come across. Will she be well educated? Will she have the required social graces? If you go with right agency and specify your specific needs, your companion will be perfectly matched to your desires. She will play the role that she’s assigned like a true professional, and you will certainly take a no ce. Whenever people hear of the term “escort agency” or “escort girl”, they tend to think of very nega ve connota ons, such as shady pimps or call girls. However, this ar cle aims to put this o en misunderstood business into a be er light, in the hopes that people would be enlightened as to what an escort agency really does and what the escort agency is really all about. First and foremost, an escort service is not a pros tu on ring. The girls employed in this type of industry are not paid to provide sexual favors. It is a legi mate and properly registered business that pays taxes and has all the required paperwork necessary to operate such a business. An escort agency simply provides companions for clients in social or personal gatherings. They can also arrange for their employees to tag along on holidays or converted by clients in social or personal gatherings. They can also arrange for their employees to tag along on holidays or vaca ons. It is pseudo-rela onship and companionship services that are being offered, not sexual intercourse. Also, escort agencies provide a vital service for clients who simply do not have the me or resources to get partners for social events, or to have someone to talk to when no one is available. Being in a situa on where people expect you to be with someone can be awkward, an escort services aim to fill in that need. Of course, having someone by your side that looks pre y is just an added perk. Most employees involved in escort services are elegant and intelligent women. They may be models, but they have had a good educa onal background and moral upbringing. It would be improper for us to make judgments on their character just because of the job that they do. They may be beau ful, but they are simply doing a job based on what is needed of them from their clients. Of course, some escort agencies do skirt the line between a legi mate business and pros tu on, but these are o en done between the escort girl and the client themselves. Under that premise, escort agencies have deniable plausibility in this, as no money change hands between the client and the agency, and they do also do not encourage or persuade escorts to get involved in such transac ons. Hiring escort girls can be a wholesome and very enjoyable experience for clients. Of course, there is the thrill of having a beau ful girl with you, but what can be valued more is the companionship and conversa ons that they can bring. With them, you will not have to be alone, and you will no longer have to be in an awkward or uncomfortable posi on where your gender or masculinity is ques oned. With escort agencies, you can have a beau ful, smart, and elegant woman by your side any me you want. Those who have not tried out escort services but have nothing good to say about them need to try it out first before passing judgment. Escort agencies are perfectly legal, and they provide a vital and o en neglected service – to alleviate the loneliness of their clients. Escort agencies have invested a lot of me and money to select the best escorts out there, being able to cater to different preferences and tastes, as well as for various races, sexes, or genders. Medical tests and contracts are almost always mandatory, ensuring the safety of both employees and clients, as well as of the company itself. In conclusion, escort agencies are a hundred percent legit, and they are able to provide quality services to clients from all over the world. If it’s companionship from a lady that you desire, and you have enough cash to spend on such a luxury, then hiring an escort is just the way to go. Don’t Confuse us with a Dating Service With the abundance of online da ng services now available, it may be easy to confuse them with escort services —but they are quite different. With a da ng service, you are paying to have access to their member profiles, and in some cases, to have matchmakers help connect you with women you have things in common with in the hopes of star ng a rela onship of some kind. Some of these sites are for individuals looking for casual “hookups”, but you’re s ll paying for access, not for the company of another. Escort services are different. When you hire an escort, you’re agreeing to a business transac on in which you are essen ally purchasing me and services with a model. The agreement is for some no-strings-a ached-fun—for you AND her. We want you to have an amazing me with our models, and will do everything in our power to ensure that you do. On your end, we ask that you behave as a gentleman and abide by our policies. Your rela onship with the model is strictly professional, and must remain as such. You’re looking for a good me, not someone to date or fall in love with. Models find any admission of personal feelings or a empts to see them outside of work very unse ling. It is important that you dis nguish between the fantasy and the reality of the situa on. Any behavior that suggests you are emo onally a ached to a model or seeking a personal rela onship with them is considered grounds for being banned from the agency. Fantasy World Escorts prides itself on providing top notch customer service and making their clients happy. All we ask is that you observe our policies and treat the models you book with professional courtesy. What Escort Agencies Offer Keep in mind that there are many benefits to the type of arrangement offered by escort agencies. The point is to be able to spend me with a fun, beau ful woman, have as much fun as you can handle—and then go on about your life without worrying about any of the things that make da ng such a drag some mes. You don’t have to call or text her. She won’t be wondering how you feel about her. She doesn’t care what you do with your me, or who else you see. You really get the best of both worlds here. You’ll enjoy uninhibited me in the bedroom with an absolute knockout without any of the drawbacks of actual da ng. Dating is Different There’s nothing wrong with looking for love—it’s something most of us want for ourselves in the long run—but it’s not something we, as an escort agency, offer. As men oned above, there are many da ng sites out there where you could find a partner to have a personal, las ng rela onship with. In the mean me, why spend your whole weekend si ng at home browsing da ng profiles? Give us a call and have a great me with a gorgeous model. Partaking in this kind of fun can actually make it easier for you to a ract women “in the real world”. When you’re feeling lonely and desperate in your life, women pick up on it, and converted by it’s anything but a rac ve. Women are much more likely to hook up with a guy who exudes some confidence. Having some casual fun with one of our models will help you relax and enjoy yourself more in the rest of your life, and if you are trying to find “the one”, will allow you to have the confidence and pa ence necessary to make it happen. Having an ac ve fantasy life is important, and indulging in your fantasies in a safe way is healthy. Just remember that fantasy is fantasy, and it’s meant to enhance our reality, not become part of it. If you find yourself developing personal feelings for one of our models, just remember that although feelings can be beyond our control, how we deal with them as grownups is not. Remember that you are paying for a par cular experience, and when the me is up so is the rela onship. By respec ng our rules and our models, you ensure that everybody winds up happy in the end, and that you will be able to con nue enjoying our services. Home | Contact Copyright © 2012. Fantasy World Agency. All Rights Reserved. converted by