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We are ABZUA manpower services from Pakistan. We have large volume of candidates (workers) for all sectors. Skilled and unskilled Labour. We can provide you 1 to 1000 candidates as per you requirements. We have excellent and experienced workers for all category, we are flexible and always want to build a long term healthy professional relationship with our clients. Could you please share your manpower requirement with us Email . [email protected] Cell and whatsaap Pakistan +923323277946 And Saudia Arabia +966599292478 Thank you
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MANPOWER The key quality of ABZUA Manpower is trust. Yes, the trust we provide. INTRODUCTION A b z u a M a n p o w e r “ Re c r u i t m e n t A g e n c y ” i s t h e m o s t t o p - ra t e d , c o m p e ve and “fast growing manpower employment agency ” in Pakistan. It supplies manpower in gulf countries and in en re Middle Eastern region, especially in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Abzua Manpower is “ Top notch human resource management”, which is outsourcing professionals since it came into being. Abzua Manpower is the recruitment agency, which has an “honor” of coming up with “professionals” to supply. The founda on of this “manpower employment service” is purely based on the op mum vision of serving clients with “trained and mul -talented professional manpower”. This “Fast growing overseas recruitment service’’ is intended to set the merit of employing dozens of experts in Middle East and Gulf region. The vision of Abzua Manpower is to furnish outstanding employment to its valuable clients and . dreams to prove “To Be the Best Amongst All” “Abzua Manpower Recruitment agency” is the most ‘’prominent human resource consultant’’ in Pakistan, which has the credibility of being steadfast, trustworthy and “licensed Manpower Recruitment agency”. It holds the genuine license of supplying manpower duly approved and stamped by Overseas and Human Resource Department, Government of Pakistan. License No License number OP&HRD/4481/RWP of this overseas employment agency can be checked and verified conveniently from Overseas and Human Resource Department, Government of Pakistan. The key factor of ‘validity’, of this “Top Rated Overseas Employment Agency” has proven to be suppor ve in gaining and increasing trust of overseas and gulf clients. “Credibility strengthens trust”, which results in long term and strong rela onships with clients. The clients, who cohesively and specifically believe in professional manpower placements, are our best resources. 2 Searching for Human Resource Employment Services? You are at Right Place “Working for excellence” is the key quality of ABZUA Manpower services which dis nctly separates it from other recruitment agencies, stamping it as a standard hallmark! Why to prefer us? Abzua Manpower is top most skilled, experienced and professional human resource consultant. It possesses real talent and demanded standard for its client during hiring professionals while providing human resource services. The right and standard selec on is the core preference of this agency on behalf of clients. Abzua Manpower Recruitment Agency holds a systema c process and high professional a tude for induc on of candidates. This process consists of test and interviews on professional scale by human resource managers. The target of this overseas employment corpora on, is to furnish and supply the best human resource services of capable and skilled experts to honorable clients in Pakistan and GCC countries. 3 CEO MESSAGE A b z u a M a n p o w e r i s fo r m e d w i t h a m i s s i o n t o u p b r i n g h u m a n r e s o u r c e s . We strive and work just on the focus of our vision to be the best supplier and top notch human resource management with rising quality and quan ty. We represent a single face with mul -talented professionals at our back in the field on compe ve environment. Abstract quali es of trust, truth, transparency, clarity and warm welcome are key specifica ons in which we believe. We deliberately have faith in open and clear deals. We have a faith to be there, when demanded. We are con nuously on our mission, of providing a “professional habitat” to skilled, talented and experienced professionals through our manpower organiza on. In the field of professionalism, we are one and we act purely as one. Integrity and Unity are the key factors of our organiza on from top to bo om. This is the reason; we deal with challenges and beat the targets through our cohesive determina on and capabili es. We are an organiza on dipped in commitment to supply manpower professionally. We do believe in our quality of our service. We properly scru nize and induct candidates on merit, through our transparent and professional mechanism of selec on. Therefore, Clients trust us and we excel in making and expanding long las ng rela onships. “Trust binds us all and unity prevails truthfully”. In the end I will say; our sa sfac on lies in client ’s sa sfac on, because our s u c c e s s c a n o n l y b e m e a s u r e d b y t h e l e v e l o f c l i e n t ’s s a s f a c o n . 4 OUR MISSION When the world requires “Real Talent”, Abzua Manpower stands there to supply it with great competency & professionalism. Abzua Man power is determined, in furnishing top rated standard manpower service to its clients, in gulf countries and overseas. Abzua Manpower dedicatedly comes up with: • Supplying and covering all kinds of staffing within s pulated period of me. • Provision of reliable, talented & trained Pakistani Na onals to its clients. • Building its own workforce and raising its standard towards expertness. OUR VISION Fast growing Abzua Manpower is striving to be “the best in the country’s Recruitment Industry”. It is intended to be the leading recruitment agency by con nuously providing highly-competent and success-driven professionals to its clients. Abzua Manpower believes in making long-term, strong bonds and trust maintaining deals with its clients. This Manpower agency is blessed with the vision to bring experienced professionals in the global market. 5 Overseas Manpower Recruitment Abzua Manpower Organiza on perfectly links the wide number of skilled and un-skilled candidates to mul -dynamic professions in different industries. It offers the best chance and supreme opportunity being an elite professional human resource group. Abzua Power guarantees the supply of every kind of worker of various categories; it is skilled or not skilled or even semi skilled. Abzua Manpower works quick and fast in providing huge number of manpower within short period of me. This manpower recruitment agency has the credibility of insured resources that follow the discipline and are 100% medically fit. The quality of recruitment done by Abzua Manpower is transparent and quick, which strengthens the trust of candidates and clients, with best suitability as per their own requirement. Abzua Manpower staff is well trained and completely professional in handling ma ers of visa processing and other related issues efficiently. To supply and provide top rated Manpower in industry, Abzua Manpower operates with talented and young team of professionals. “Welfare of employees” and “ the interest of its clients”, is the top priority of Abzua Manpower Recruitment Agency. ABZUA MANPOWER OFFERS THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS to his CLIENTS 1 Reasonable and economical Costs 2 Supply of Professionals for Different fields 3 Manpower Contracts: Short Term & Long Term 4 Managing and Resolving Manpower Issues 5 Services on Single Click 6 Managing Risk Free Labour 6 Recruitment Procedure 7 THE SIX STEPS TO OUR SUCCESS Candidate Mo va on True & Clear Briefing 6 STEPS TO SUCESS The secret to our success as one of the pakistan’s top manpower recruiters. Hard Work Dedica on Commit Ment Planning Commitrnent: Our commitment to the client’s requirements. Planning: Planning on where in Pakistan to get what type of manpower from is crucial Deduca on: Our team is completely dedicated to the rapid accomplishment of the task at hand. Hard Work: We work hard and long to provide our clients with the best service. True & Clear Briefing: No misleading informa on provided to the candidates. Honesty is the best policy. Candidate Mo va on: We mo vate our candidates to uphold the honor of their company and of Pakistan by working hard and diligently 8 OUR MARKETING AND ADVERTISEMENT STRATEGIES Facebook Our Associates Partners News Papers Linkedin Posters & Promo Materials In order to generate the quickest response to our client’s requirements, our marke ng and adver sement strategies revolve around the tools shown above print media ads are placed in newspapers and magazines. Ads on social media sites such as facebook, linkedin etc. are Ads are placed on job search sites like, etc. People constantly register themself in our office Strategic placement of info-graphice and promo onal naterial in high visibility loca ons. All informa on regarding candidates who approach us through these ac vi es is then fed into our date bank. 9 Payroll Outsourcing Services: Abzua Man power has the credit of handling and supplying Payroll Outsourcing Services to whole country specially Karachi & Islamabad along with HR Outsourcing Services. We are proud in offering payroll and payroll related service. We also dedicated in furnishing payroll, Employees Old-Age Benefit Ins tu on, Social Security, Insurance, Provident Fund and withholding tax Services Payroll Outsourcing Covers: Our work encompasses Registra on of new employee and related informa on, Payroll Calcula on, including all details, Monthly Submission of payroll sheet, Monthly Pay slip of Individual employee ,To inform client of tax withholding, Employees Old-Age Benefit Ins tu on , social security and insurance payment, Provident Fund Calcula on, Communica on to official authori es for any relevant changes to employees status, Employees open bank account. Payroll Element: Why to handover Key Part of Business which is Outsourcing Payroll to third-party? Because of a valid reason which is “Time Saving” (Time is Money save your money) Along with that we also manage compliance issues too. Payroll Services & Outsourcing in Pakistan. Abzua Manpower Payroll Management provides pure professional and the best payroll service at interna onal level. Abzua has the exper se in offering payroll, tax compliance, and human resource solu ons for employers worldwide. 10 MANPOWER [email protected], [email protected] Office # 7, 1st Floor Ali Arcade 6th Road Satellite town Rawalpindi.