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Michael Basso is an experienced Mechanical Engineer.
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Michael Basso Camarillo, CA 93010 (805) 484-6216 EMPLOYMENT Planetary Power Inc. - Redmond, WA Position: Powerhead Mechanical Engineer Consultant May 2012 to Oct 2014 Responsibilities: Work hand in hand with the Senior Scientists on the next generation Mobile Thermal Solar Power Generation unit. Taking their theories and concepts and working them into reality using state of the art materials, design, 3D modeling, analysis, machining, brazing, welding and manufacturing techniques. Institute, develop and maintain all files, 3D models, drawings, assemblies and subassemblies within Vault Workgroup software, remotely for the entire company. Accomplishments: Worked extensively with an Additive Material Manufacturer ( 3D printing ) to produce micro turbine and compressor impeller wheels out of Inconel 625. In conjunction with this, the 3D model had to be 100% accurate to ensure the final " print " would meet the aerodynamic specs of the impellers. This meant pushing modern 3D modeling software to its limit of accuracy in the model itself and not being reliant on a 2D drawing to convey the concept. Teledyne Imaging Systems, formally Rockwell Scientific – Camarillo, CA Position: FPA Packaging Engineer July 2005 to May 2012 Responsibilities: Take the mechanical lead in all aspects of concept, design, modeling, DFMA, rapid prototyping, schedule, cost, tolerances, ECR’s, 2D drawings, outsourced sub contractors and vendors for infra red camera designs and cryogenic vacuum dewars for military, space and civilian applications. Present status, current issues and any other necessary details to all team leads, department heads, directors, program management, subcontractors, vendors or customers during PDR’s, CDR’s, MRR’s and any other technical meetings. Work extensively with other engineering departments to assure electromechanical and optomechanical designs will meet specifications. Understand CTE mismatches and work multiple materials, flexures and other solutions to optimize concept and design to meet customer goals and specifications by working with stress, thermal and vibration analysis data, while assuring all specifications meet ASME Y14.5. Identify areas of concern or repeated failure or damage to parts throughout its life cycle and create tooling accordingly. Tooling could include, machine fixtures, shielding, assembly fixtures, test fixtures and shipping fixtures. Assist test engineers with test set up and qualification, including modifications to both tooling and software ( LabVIEW ). Work hands on with assembly and quality assurance on space flight hardware to analyze and disposition parts through TVA’s, and NCMR’s using ISO 9000 procedures. Accomplishments: Instituted the PDM vault to control all Solidworks electronic files both 3D models and drawings. Managed the CAD department setting priorities according to workload and employee skill sets. Gained in depth hands on knowledge of all FPA manufacturing processes which allowed me to design multiple modular fixtures and tools that aid in die attach, assembly, wirebond, thermal cycling and optical cryogenic test of assemblies and sub assemblies. Griplock Systems Inc – Carpinteria, CA April 2002 to Feb 2005 Position: Head Engineer / Graphic Artist / Computer Network Manager / Quality Control Manager / Customer Technical Support Manager Responsibilities: Conceptualize new product ideas. Design and produce solid models and 2D drawings for parts. Perform all file maintenance and upkeep to ensure file structure integrity. Design customer instruction sheets, assembly workbook drawings, and all catalogs and brochures. Responsible for all server and work station maintenance, including all software updates, virus sweeps and removal, file management and new user setup, new hardware installation, as well as all troubleshooting for server and workstation errors. Oversee quality control processes to ensure all procedures are followed by inspectors. Contact and discuss all QC nonconformities with suppliers and support suppliers root cause investigation and corrective action. Visit suppliers to help them improve their QC procedures and product quality. Discuss all product applications with end users as well as other companies’ engineers to ensure the best combination of parts for the customers application. Create specific assembly drawings showing all parts the customer will need and how to install the finished product. Accomplishments: Worked with customers on a real time basis while designing custom products. Created, from scratch, the entire library of company parts in Solidworks. Produced full color catalog, workbooks and multiple letters and instruction sheets to showcase product, using Solidworks, Photoshop, 3D StudioMax, Pagemaker, Publisher, and Acrobat. Created an entire quality control system and manual, which can be integrated to ISO 9000 in the future. Set up and organized a part numbering system for all company products. Kept a five year old server up and running in spite of being obsolete, out of warranty by the manufacturer and a operating system that was no longer supported. Disney, Johanson Dielectric, Ertel Cabinets, and Stanfield & Yanuck July 2000 to April 2002 Position: Contractor Responsibilities: Preformed 2D and 3D design for semiconductor and capacitor processing and handling equipment, high volume assembly line machinery, cabinets, assembly drawings, bill of materials, project management, vendor acquisition, and correspondence. As well as rock formations for amusement park rides, architecture, and landscape design. Have performed extensive 3D modeling and rendering for Architectural proposals for both clients and local governments. Ultron Systems Inc. - Moorpark, CA September 1998 to July 2000 Position: Designer/Drafter Responsibilities: Created layouts in 2D and 3D for various semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, created detailed and assembly drawings from those layouts. Updated existing drawings and incorporated manual drawings into CAD system. Made design modifications to standard machines per customers’ requirements. Had responsibilities for all documentation packages, and implementation of ECO revision system. Accomplishments : Designed multiple wafer processing equipment with emphasis on simplicity and cost reduction. Designed several parts for robotic film applicator machines (i.e. film roll dispenser, a shield recover system, silicon wafer chucks, etc.) Redrew all assembly drawings for machine manuals and for the production line. Future Automation Inc. - Moorpark, CA April 1997 to September 1998 Position: Drafting Team Supervisor Responsibilities: Managed an electrical design and drafting team. Allocated the workload according to the teams’strengths and reviewed the team’s performance. Updated schematic according to physical changes made to the machine on the production floor and built several prototype electrical appliances for the finished product. Accomplishments: Designed several portions of a high voltage silicon wafer submersion tank. Implemented O.S.H.A. safety measures dealing with high voltage machines and several graphic improvements and accuracy of the schematic for the technical manual. Kretek Imports - Moorpark, CA January 1995 to April 1997 Position: Purchasing Manager / Warehouse Supervisor EDUCATION: Attended ITT Technical Institute and obtained an A.A.S. degree in C.A.D I am currently enrolled to obtain a bachelors degree in program management and will graduate summer of 2016. Graduated Moorpark High School 1991; completed all College Preparatory courses. Completed 3 years of drafting, two years of which were CAD. COMPUTER SKILLS: I am fluent in AutoCad , Inventor, SolidWorks, PDM Vault Workgroup, LabVIEW, SolidEdge, Photoshop, 3D StudioMax, Pagemaker, Publisher, Acrobat, MS Word, Powerpoint, Project and Excel.