Medical Marijuana Delivery Services In Ca

The new medical marijuana delivery service industry in California: Questions and Answers
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Q & As regarding medical marijuana dispensaries _______ Why should I organize a collective? Cooperatives and collectives must be organized with adequate structure so as to ensure nondiversion of marijuana or any other non-compliance with all laws and regulations. Who pays for what? Marijuana grown by collective members for medicinal purposes may be sold to members based on fees that are calculated to cover overhead and operating expenses. Store front? The CA Attorney General has stated that a properly organized and operated collective or cooperative using a storefront to distribute its product is lawful. Collectives should make sure that its patients are safe and that the neighborhood is not negatively impacted by loitering or the like. What is a primary caregiver? For the latest law on this subject, you can google People v. Mentch, 195 P.3d 1061 (Cal. 2008). What s the deal with Federal government? First, google People v. Tilehkooh and read the good news, which is that California does not enforce Federal criminal statutes; or you can read Garden v. Superior Court, where the court says, [i]t is not the job of the local police to enforce the federal drug law as such. The so- called bad news is that the Federal law imposes minimum mandatory (meaning 85%) sentences with draconian consequences, such as five years for 100 plants or 100 kg of processing marijuana, and ten years for 1,000 plants or 1,000 kg. So-called is used because without this grey coloring of the industry the profit would not be the same, or even exist, at least for small operators. How about children and marijuana? Child Protective Services will almost always be involved in any criminal proceeding involving a parent. Keep marijuana, as any drug, out of children s reach; if you grow indoors, it is important to restrict access. When picking up your child, remember it is a crime to take a toke within 1,000 ft. of a school. Guns? As an old criminal defense lawyer I can tell you: if anything goes wrong and you get caught with a gun, it is going to be worse. You don t need a gun. Lose the money and the medicine. Keep your life. Honey oil v. Bubble hash? Bubble is treated the same marijuana (water processed), as is honey oil for purposes of consumption but for with respect to manufacturing, honey oil is treated the same as meth and is punished severely. They took my stuff when I got arrested for a DUI. It is a violation of due process for the cops not to return medical marijuana to a patient; so said the court in Garden Grove v. Superior Court in 2007. Indicia of illegal sales? When investigating collectives or cooperatives, as may happen from time to time, law enforcement officers will be alert for signs of illegal sales. Indicia of such include: weapons, illicit drugs, evidence of distribution outside CA or sales to non-members. I am on probation/parole; can I smoke dope? You can request court approval to use medical marijuana and the court may or may not give you that approval. It is your right as a patient to ask for compassion. My clients? The psychology of the medical marijuana dispensary client includes nice people and also paranoid, lazy, and even threatening people. Success and happiness in this trade may require you to let some of your clients go their unhappy way. Move on when you need to, hopefully with little financial impact. How to buy? Learn about or find someone knowledgeable about mildew, mold, ph, temperature, ventilation, flushing and minimum heat stress. Vaporizing is only the last and best part of the bio assay experience.