Meljun Cortes Jedi Slides-2.2 Oo Process Model

MELJUN CORTES JEDI Slides-2.2 OO Process Model
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Object-oriented Software Engineering Object-oriented Process Model TOPIC TWO Software Engineering 1 Object-oriented Process Model Planning Communication Risk Analysis Determine Candidate Classes D Evaluation C B A OO Analysis & Design Coding & Release Look for the Classes in the Library Build New Class A. B. C. D. Initial Software Project Maintenance of New Software Enhancement of Software Development of another interrelated system Get the Classes Put New Classes in Library Build the nth Iteration of Software Software Engineering 2 Features of the OO Process Model ● ● ● It follows an evolutionary spiral path. By nature, it is iterative. It supports the concept of reusability through a componentbased process in engineering. It focuses on an architecture-centric approach by identifying and using an architecture baseline upfront. ● Software Engineering 3 Software Architecture ● M. Shaw and D.Garlan [SHA95a] – Software Architecture refers to the overall structure of the software and the ways in which that structure provides conceptual integrity for a system. Software Architecture is about making decisions on how the system will be built; it controls the iterative and incremental development of a system throughout the life cycle ● Rational Rose – Software Engineering 4 Package ● It is used as a general purpose mechanism for organizing elements into groups. It is a model element that can contain other model elements. It can be used: – – ● ● to organize the model under development to serve as a unit of configuration management Software Engineering 5 Subsystem ● It is a concept that combines the definition of a package, ie, it can contain other elements, and a class, ie, it has behavior (interacts with other elements or systems). It realizes one or more interfaces which define behavior. ● Software Engineering 6 Component ● It is a replaceable, non-trivial and nearly independent part of the system. It fulfils a clear function in the context of a well-defined architecture. It may be: – – – ● ● source code component runtime component executable component Software Engineering 7 Subsystem and Component ● ● Components are physical realization of an abstract design. Subsystems can be used to represent the component in the design. <> Component Name Component Interface Software Engineering 8 Summary ● ● ● OO Process Model Features of the OO Process Software Architecture – – – Packages Subsystems Components Software Engineering 9