Narconon Colorado

Materials form a promotional packet produced by Narconon First Start, a re-branding of the Scientology drug rehab center Narconon.
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• Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Programs FORT COLLINS NEW LIFE CENTER Fort Collins New Life Center is a modern facility designed to accommodate residential treatment services, located within view of the scenic Rocky Mountains in the beautiful town of Fort Collins, Colorado. This highly successful treatment program is recommended for all drug and alcohol addiction cases, and has also proven to be successful for cases that have been resistant to conventional treatment methods. Positive outcomes are guaranteed with a free return program review within 6 months ofgraduation. It is the facility that provides the comfortable environment and amenities necessary to carry out the program and it features park-like grounds, a sauna, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, fitness area, ping pong table and pool table. However, it is the rigorous physical and mental rehabilitation methods that are responsible for the 76% success rate of the program. CALL US NOW TO SPEAK TO A REGISTERED ADDICTION SPECIALIST INTAKE OFFICE 225 W. Broadway, Suite 400, Glendale, CA 91204 Tel: 855-734-2223 Fax: 818-243-7956 855-734-2223 WWW.DRUGREHAB.COM INNOVATIVE REHABILITATION AN INNOVATIVE PROGRAM that handles both the physical and mental aspects of addiction with alternative rehabilitation methods, providing much higher success rates than conventional methods. Throughout this holistic approach to treatment, nutritious meals and added vitamin supplements are provided to restore general diet, health and sleep. Originally founded by William Benitez using the rehabilitation methods and technology of L. Ron Hubbard, the program 's drug free rehabilitation technology at Fort Collins New Life Center resolves addiction by removing drug residuals from the body and restoring a person's ability to confront and resolve their underlying problems which lead to their addiction. THE NEW LIFE DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM utilizes sauna detoxification therapy to eliminate the potentially stimulating drug and alcohol residues that are stored in the body's fat cells by accelerating the body's natural perspiration process, while a special vitamin and mineral therapy is applied to aid detoxification and replenish nutritional deficiencies. THE LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM is an intense eight part educational program that restores communication, awareness, understanding, ability to confront, responsibility, integrity and honesty. This gives each participant the tools they need to resolve their addiction, regain control of their lives, repair their relationships and accomplish their future goals. SERVICES-FEATURES-FA CI LIT I ES SERVICES/PROGRAMS: Family Consultation Services Legal Liaison Services New Life Detox Program Life Skills Program Internship Program FEATURES: 76% Success Rate Six Month Guarantee Successful Alternative to 1 2 Steps Residential/Long Term Care Serene Therapeutic Environment RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: Sauna Fitness Area Sand Volleyball/Basketball Court Ping Pong Table Pool Table SUCCESS STORIES "Since doing the program, I have gained so much! I have self -esteem; I'm incredibly comfortable with myself and others; I can communicate with others without any problems or hesitation; I can focus on what I want and retain information that I learn; and I can apply it to my life. I also have a much better relationship with my family, since going to Fort Collins New Life Center. I honestly feel better, healthier and stronger than I have in years. It is an amazing feeling that I was afraid that I wouldn't get to experience again. This place saved my life and I thank my family everyday for sending me there. I am finally happy again!" -].G. "This is the third rehab I have been to and is by far the best! Sauna was amazing and is the first FULL detox, that I have completed. It addressed the physical aspect of my addition and significantly reduced my anxiety and depression. The books helped me address the mental and spiritual part of my addiction. Once I completed handling the suppressive people in my life, I had a breakthrough moment and felt a sense of peace. I have noticed my drug cravings have virtually disappeared, which is something I never thought would happen." - S.S. CALL US NOW TO SPEAK TO A REGISTERED ADDICTION SPECIALIST 855-734-2223 WWW.DRUGREHAB.COM