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    December 1969
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PHOENIX HOME RULES Concept and General Rule This set of rules applies (and has been play-tested) only to (with) these figures:  Phoenix (Jean Grey L.E.)  Dark Phoenix (Convention Exclusive) The aim of these rules is to make them playable and balanced in modern-age Heroclix environment, while remaining as close as possible to the newest (GSX and GG) official figures of this type. As a basic concept, this set of rules cancels and replaces all previous booklets/spreadsheets (except for the current core rulebook and PAC) with  Up to date wording for Colossal Stamina and Great Size ability  No special immunities, Capture or Multi-attack outside of specific traits As a result of these changes, each of these figures has a revised cost, keywords set and some additional traits as found on the next page. Those are the equivalent of their individual character cards. (Note : sometimes they have lost some point cost variation in the process). Rules Clarifications Phoenix and Dark Phoenix have the Great Size and Colossal Stamina ability (below) indicated by the damage symbol on their bases. They also have standard symbols. GREAT SIZE: This character can’t be knocked back. When this character makes a close combat attack, it may target characters on higher ele vations. This character ignores the effects of hindering terrain, elevated, and outdoor blocking terrain on movement and can move through squares adjacent to and occupied by smaller opposing characters. Smaller characters do not block line of fire to or from this character. This character may draw lines of fire (and have lines of fire drawn to it) as if the character occupied the elevation equal to or greater than the elevation it occupies, using the elevation level with the least restrictive line of fire. Characters with the combat symbol are smaller than those with the combat symbol who are smaller than ones with the symbol. This ability can’t be countered. COLOSSAL STAMINA: This character automatically breaks away and can make ranged combat attacks against non-adjacent opposing characters when this character is adjacent to opposing characters. (Once per turn) when this character has two action tokens, it can be given a non-free action. If you do, after this action resolves deal this character 1 unavoidable damage and do not clear action tokens from it at the end of the turn. This ability can’t be countered. These figures also stay on a multi-base and use all the official rules for multi-base characters in the current core rulebook, as summarized below:  Taking up 4 squares (2x2) on the map and having 12 adjacent squares,  Attacking and drawing a line of fire to or from any one square it occupies,  Chooses any square it occupies to begin counting movement,  Cannot move through an opening between walls that is only one square wide. More precisely, in this set of rules, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix  are dealt pushing damage normally (except if a team ability says otherwise)  can’t be carried (being fliers)  can’t be affected by Force Blast and Plasticity (being and multi-base)  can’t be moved by Telekinesis (being multi-base)  can’t use the Capture ability,  can’t use the Multi-attack ability (except if a trait says otherwise),  don’t have any other special immunities (except if a trait says otherwise)  can’t be assigned more than two action tokens (they use the standard Colossal Stamina instead) PHOENIX Keywords: Cosmic, Psychic, X-men Trait (250 points only) – UNTAPPED POTENTIEL: Phoenix cannot be healed past click number 7 (her initial starting position at this point cost). Trait – PSIONIC FIREBIRD: When Phoenix Flight combat ability is not countered; Phoenix can use Poison and Energy Shield/Deflection. Trait (500 points only) – COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Phoenix can't be the target of other character's Exploit Weakness, Incapacitate, Mind Control, Poison, Psychic Blast or Shape Change. Cost:   ROOKIE PHOENIX (starting line + 6 clicks ) = 250 points o o Comic Accuracy : From when Phoenix awakens to being manipulated by Mastermind (Uncanny X-Men #101 to #131) Comic Accuracy : From dueling Mastermind to being overwhelmed by her darker side, getting better and back corrupted again (Uncanny X-Men #132 to #134, then also in #136 and #137) EXPERIENCED PHOENIX (starting line) = 500 points DARK PHOENIX Keyword: Cosmic, Deity, Past, Future Trait – STRUGGLING FOR CONTROL: Dark Phoenix cannot attack character(s) named Cyclops except if there is no other opposing character left on the map. When Earthbound is showing on Dark Phoenix’s dial, all combat abilities, traits, team abilities and symbols (outside of standard symbols) on Dark Phoenix are ignored. Trait – COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Dark Phoenix can't be the target of other character's Exploit Weakness, Incapacitate, Mind Control, Poison, Psychic Blast, Shape Change, Steal Energy or Support. Trait – PSIONIC FIREBIRD: Dark Phoenix can use Poison and Energy Shield/Deflection. Trait – PHOENIX FORCE: Dark Phoenix can use the Multi-attack combat ability (below). MULTIATTACK: Once per turn, give this character a power action. Modify this character’s damage value by -1 to a minimum of 1. It can be given any two actions as free actions. Resolve the first free action before giving it the second. This ability can’t be countered. Free actions gained from this power can’t be used to activate this power. Cost:  DARK PHOENIX (starting line) = 900 points o Comic Accuracy : From being overwhelmed by her darker side to sacrificing herself on the moon (Uncanny X-Men #134 to #137)