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A woman (later known as Susan) is in a room. She takes off her shirt and sits on a chair facing a mirror. She stares at herself in the mirror for about three seconds and fixes her hair. She then proceeds to touch up her makeup. It is revealed that she has a few scratches on her left cheek. Cut to: (SONA. There is a lot of noise in the courtyard. It seems as if a fight is occuring and the prisoners are surrounding the two inmates. Michael is observing all this with a terrified look on his face. He sees Alex who looks lost as well. Sammy, one of the inmates (who is part of Lechero's gang), holds a wishbone by a thread and drops it on the ground, which is a signal for the fight to begin between the two unknown inmates.) Cut to: (Lincoln and a lawyer coming down the stairs in some building) Lincoln: You gotta do something. My brother is innocent. He's an american citizen. Lawyer: Well, there's nothing I can do about that. Lincoln: Of course you can. Back at the crime scene, you can... Lawyer (interrupting Lincoln): Look, I'm a night clerk okay? If you really want someone who can do something, you're going to have to wait for the consul. He gets in in the morning. I'm sorry. Lincoln: That ain't gonna cut it. (Walks away). Lawyer: Your brother...Where'd they have him incarcerated? Lincoln: SONA. (Lawyer looks down.) What? Lawyer: The worst of the worst are there... Cut to: (SONA. The fight is still going on. Michael has a frightened look on his face.) Lawyer: (Voiceover) Men, no other prison will take. They rioted so badly, a year ago, the guards pulled out. Just left them to themselves. Thousands of thieves, rapists, murderers,....The goverment just stays back. Keeps the perimeter. To them, SONA is a one way street.... (Fight is still continuing. Sammy finally breaks the other inmates neck and leaves him on the ground of the courtyard.) Lawyer: (Voiceover) .....What goes in, never comes out... unless it's dead. (Michael walks up the dead prisoner, while the other inmates disperse to their various cells. He looks frightened, looks up and away.. and we slowly zoom away from Michael.) OPENING CREDITS. Cut to: (Office of US Consul General.) Another Lawyer: (On the phone) Someone didn't do his "...."(sorry couldn't catch that bit) on this guy and we need him moved to a facility that is a little more .. moderate. Al right?... Thank-you. (To Lincoln) Alright.. the goo d news is as of yesterday, you're a free man. You got nothing to worry about. Lincoln: Just my brother. Lawyer: Right. Well, that's a heck of a story..you two. That made the news even down here. And I uh.. understand you have a son as well? LJ? Lincoln Junior? He must be ecstatic about your exoneration. Lincoln: (With a confused look) Still trying to reach him. Lawyer: Oh.. hey tell us where he is and we'll find.... Lincoln: Let me handle that, let's just focus on Michael. Lawyer: Ok, well, good news is that much of what you're saying is checking out at the crime scene. The victim did have a service revolver with US government numbers on it, and if a weapon was found then, that lends real credence to self-defense as a motive. Lincoln: Great. They, uhh, find anything else? Lawyer: Like wha? Lincoln: A bag.. Lawyer: What was in it? Lincoln: A little money. Lawyer: Sorry. Lincoln: Course they didn't. Lawyer: Whatever the case, regarding Michael, I have managed to make a little headway. I arranged for a transfer for your brother to another facility.. effective tomorrow. It's a lot safer, It's a lot cleaner. Lincoln: Great. Lawyer: And if this is stacking up like I think it is, I'd be pretty confident that the charges would be dropped. Lincoln: (With a look of hope) He'd be free? Lawyer: Why, he'd still face charges in the US. Lincoln: But out of there..? (referring to SONA) Lawyer. Yes. Cut to: (SONA. The dead prisoner is still in the center of the courtyard. The prisoners are out, walking around, sitting... etc. Looks like Michael spent the night on the floor next to the courtyard. He suddenly gets up, looks dazed and stares at the dead prisoner. His eye catches Bellick who looks beaten and is left only in his underwear. (Poor guy!). Michael starts walking towards the courtyard. Bellick: Meso you....(can't really tell what he's saying..) A few other prisoners who pass him: Meso? Bellick: Meso water. I'm dying of thirst please. Prisoner (pointing to the muddy water): There's some water. Bellick: Bite me. (The other prisoners grab him by the neck): WHat did you say? Bellick: I didn't say nothing. (The prisoners drop him to the ground.) Prisoner: You heard me? Drink.... (Bellick puts his face down towards the muddy water, but at the end, the prisoners just splash it onto his face). Another prisoner who is in his underwear goes to Bellick and helps him to his feet. Other prisoner: Hey, get used to it. Haven't eaten for days. C'mon. Cut to: (Alex Mahone is sitting around, with his hand shaking. His mind flashbacks to his son Cameron, his wife Pam, the press conference he held in season 2 episode 1, digging in his backyard to find the remains of Oscar Shales, his pills, the dead blonde agent in his car whom he killed, capturing Michael and Lincoln, killing Tweener..The last flashback makes Alex take out his black pen to get his pill, but he finds that there are none left and starts getting panicky. He sees Michael entering the hallway of SONA, and goes up to him.) Michael: What do you want Alex? ALex: That's so clever, planting the drugs on the boat, that's a big irony... wrong man in Jail. Michael: You are exactly where you belong. Alex: No, that's where you are wrong. That's where you're gonna help me. I will have a court date one of these days and you will be there.. on the stand.. and you will tell the truth that you planted this.. that you set this up. And I'm gonna go home. Michael: That's funny. I could have sworn you set this up. Alex: I set this up? I'm in here. Michael: What does the company want with me? Why Panama? Alex: Why, you think I know what they want? They had me, I did what they asked me to do. Arrest you in Panama and that's thats..... That's old news. This is the first day of the rest of our lives. How bout we work together you know? Help each other out? Michael (with a look of hatred on his face): Except, Everytime I look at you, all I can see is the man who killed my father. You're on your own. ( He walks away..) Cut to: (Outside Sona. The guards are bringing the dead prisoners out. A woman is screaming at the gates.) Woman: (In spanish) My Husband! Bring him out! I know he was killed last night. Someone called. Bring my husband out now. (Lincoln walks past her and signs in to meet Michael. Before he does, we see a nun, who signs in and enters the prison. The guard tells her to be careful. Lincoln then proceeds to sign in.) Guard: The sign here says that once inside, you are on your own by the law. You are not protected by the military incase of asault. Any attempt to assist an inmate with escape will be met with a lethal response. Lincoln: Wouldn't dream of it. Cut to: (Michael coming out of SONA to meet Lincoln. There is a fence seperating them.) Lincoln: So... Michael: So... Lincoln: Feel like I'm on the wrong side. Michael: You're on the right side. Lincoln. You're not.. Michael: (humorously) Gonna break me out? Lincoln: Too tiring.. all that running. Michael: Yea.. well maybe you should have lost the cowboy boots. Lincoln: You scared? (Michael looks down) I'm getting you out of here man. Michael: Oh... Linc. Lincoln: Look, the consul arranged you a transfer to a safer facility until the trial.. which is about a month. They say you got a good shot of walking out of here a free man. Michael: When's the transfer? Lincoln: Tomorrow. Just.. just hold on man, one more day. Michael: You know I keep waiting for you to mention a certain someone. Lincoln: I don't know where she is man. Michael: Well, you better find her. Lincoln: I will. Michael: She's important to me Linc. If anything happens to Sara.... ( he looks down...awww!!) Lincoln: It's going to be fine man..I promise. See you tomorrow. Alright? (Michael nods and Lincoln leaves with a look of hopelessness on his face). Cut to: Michael back in Sona. He's walking across the courtyard. A boy, MCGRADY walks up to him. McGrady: American right? I love America. MBA. Tracy Mcgrady shooting the ball in the hoop in downtown. Michael: Whatever you're showing, I'm not buying. McGrady: Selling? I just want to talk Basketball. Who's your team? (McGrady sees someone behind Michael and runs away. Michael turns back and sees Sammy who is with a few other inmates.) Sammy: Let's go blancko...Orientacion. Michael: Not interested. Sammy: It's not for you to decide. (He lifts up his shirt and reveals a dagger. Michael looks at it.) Cut to: Lechero's room. Lechero is the king-pin of SONA, another inmate. He has a TV in his room. (Nice!)The nun, is actually a prostitute who is changing back into her clothes. Nun: (in spanish) Guards say I have to be out in 15 minutes. Lechero: Bring em in. (Sammy brings the new prisoners in. There are about 6 of them, Michael and Alex included.) Lechero: Well, I hope they haven't been treating you too poorly. As you can tell, Sona is unlike any other place in the world. Since the riots last year, they left the place to rot. They figured that we would just destroy ourselves but instead, we've thrived. The canal now is breeding with international crime. Twenty-seven different nationalities we have here. But not one gang. Not one regionally motivated incident. It's just me. Believer's the word? Did I get that right? ALex: Right as right. Lechero: That's what practise does for you. Now is there anything you want to tell me? Any history that you bring to this place that I should know about? (Walks toward Michael) I don't think you're quite telling me the truth, Mr. Scofield. (Michael looks confused) Oh we get the news man. You are quite the superstar on CNN. Man breaks brother out, and flees to Panama. Hahahaa.... but you're not a superstar here. You realize that don't you? Michael: I'm not going to make waves. Lechero: Well, then be within your power. I heard about the two of you in the hall today. (Referring to Alex and Michael). Now you would like to sort your problems out is very simple here. When a man has a beef with the other, he makes his problem known. And then we deal with it directly .. as men. (He holds up the wishbone). Out ther (points to the courtyard). Alex: That won't be necessary. (Lechero notices Alex's trembling hand). Lechero: You always shake like that.... or just when you're scared of someone? (In spanish, to another new prisoner) What about you? Other new prisoner: (In spanish) Don't hurt me man. I don't want any trouble. (Suddenly, he starts to wet his pants. Lechero looks at this and punches the prisoner.) Lechero: (Starts kicking the prisoner) Never! Never! Never use my floor as a bathroom. Michael: I think he gets the message (loudly). Lechero: (To michael) You can go. you and me. Right here. You're a brave man.... brave man. You're lucky I've been meditating.. before I couldn't take my finger off the trigger but now, I have mind control. Complete control. Mind, body and Soul. GET OUT! (Sammy leads the prisoners out.) Lechero: GET OUT! This was a complete waste of our time. Nun: Who would've thought... a famous person in SONA. Lechero: We people rally around for him.. worship for him are blinded by it. And as you can tell, there are many weak-charactered people behind these walls. Yes, they will follow a man like this and they will put him on a pedestal. He has a charisma... right mami? Nun: He's not you. Lechero: Ahh... you don't have to pamper me mami. He's good looking right? Nun: Si. He's good looking. Lechero: He's the best looking man in the prison right? Nun: Not compare to you. (Lechero grabs the nun.) Nun: Who knows? Maybe? (Lechero throws the nun down). Lechero: (In spanish) Pack up, whore. You're gone. (She leaves and he walks to his window seeing Michael wak across the yard.) COMMERCIAL BREAK. Cut to: (SONA. Some prisoners are listening to spanish music on the radio. Some are playing cards. Some are smoking. Some are doing weights. Some are cooking. Michael is sitting in a corner, making his origami duck and having a dreamy look on his face. Flashback to his times with Sara - Sara walking past Michael in Fox River, Sara and Michael kissing in the infirmary. Aww... I love this scene.) Cut To: (Lincoln is talking with someone at the Panama District Constable's Office.) Lincoln: Sara Tancredi. She's an american.. she's missing. Guy: We don't have reports of anything like that. Lincoln: But if you do, you call me. The number's on the back. Guy: Okay, senor. Lincoln: Anything, you call me.. alright? Guy: Will do. Lincoln: Thankyou. (He leaves). Cut To: (SONA. The guy who helped Bellick is moving around.) Bellick: Where did you get shoes? (the guy looks towards the dead prisoner) Sammy: Hey.. HEY!! Time to start your grunt around here. Bellick: There's no grunt here.. It's a prison. Sammy: Keep talking. It's going up. Here. (He hands Bellick and the other guy a plastic bag) Time has started right now, Bellick: Where? Cut to: The toilets in SONA. They're filthy. Bellick: Uh uh... Hell no. Guy: Absolutely not. (Sammy punches him). Sammy: One more word from you, and I will bound you here, understand? (He hands them a mop). Now work! To the sewers when you're done. (Bellick has a look of disbelief on his face. It's pretty hilarious when you look at him). Cut to: (Courtyard of SONA. Lechero comes to the balcony. He observes everyone. He sees Michael walking about. There's a prisoner just behind michael who looks at him and then at lechero. Lechero nods at the prisoner and the prisoner nods back.) Someone in spanish: New man arrived. An american. Lechero: Anything else? Man: He's got this hand .. (And then we finally see the prosthetic hand of... T-BAG!! YAy!!!!! He comes into view. He surveys the prison. Michael is walking on the other side and suddenly stops. He sees Tbag and looks astonished. Tbag sees him as well. On top. Alex sees Tbag as well. Michael looks at Alex, tbag and then hears his name. He's got someone in visitation. He looks confused. Lincoln said that they would meet the next day). Cut to: (Outside SONA. There is an unknown man on the other side of the fence waiting to see Michael) Man: Ah, Mister Scofield. Elliot Pike. Michael: What do you want? Man: Well, to be frank, to represent you. Michael: You're a lawyer? Man: Of sorts. Michael: Court already appointed me a lawyer. Man: Then, perhaps I can be of assistance, in a different way. Michael: Somehow, I doubt that. Man: I got a lot of bug guns behind me Mr. Scofield. People you might like to have in your corner, should you ever decide say, break out of here? Michael: Who are you? Man: We can assist you in every possible way, once you get past that wall. There's a reason a guy like you with a skill-set like that, is put in here, you know? Michael: This conversation is over. (He walks back into SONA) Man: You oughta hear what I have to say Scofield. We're trying to do this the easy way. Cut to: (SONA. Some inmates are making a beat with cans and some sticks. Michael enters his cell, looks at his bed and takes off his sweatshirt. He sees the drawings all over the walls. Suddenly, the prisoner who was nooding at Lechero enters the cell and pushes Michael towards the wall.) Inmate: Where'd you take my stash? how about it you little bitch? Michael: I didn't do it. Inmate: Where is it? (Choking Michael) Michael: It wasn't me. (Sammy enters the cell and pulls off the inmate off Michael. Lechero is present as well.) Lechero: You know the rules about extra-curricular fights. It doesn't happen here. Inmate: He took something that belongs to me. Michael: He's out of his mind. Lechero: Ya, it seems pretty easy to get to the bottom of this. (To sammy referring to Michael) Check him. (Sammy checks Michael but doesn't find anything.) Lechero: Check his area. (Sammy turns Michael's bed upside down and see's the stash of drugs.) Michael: That's bull. Lechero: You are both scumbags. (He leaves the cell along with Sammy and another inmate. It seems as if this has been a set-up by Lechero). Inmate: You and me man, not done here. Cut to: (St. Alexius Hospital. Lincoln is trying to find Sara) Lincoln: You haven't seen her? (Shows someone the photo of Sara) Noone like this has checked in? Receptionist: No senor. Lincoln: You're absolutely sure? Receptionist: Si. Lincoln: Thanks. (Lincoln's cell rings.) Lincoln: Ya? Man from the constable's office: Mr. Burrows. Captain "..." from the constable's office. We found an american w oman matching the description of your friend - Ms. Tancredi. Lincoln: Where? Man: At the morgue. (Lincoln stops dead in his tracks). Cut to: (SONA. Bellick and his new friend are trying to get water). Bellick's new friend: Por forvor Senor. Random guy: (in spanish)......... Bellick: What's he saying? Bellick's NF: That we can't eat. Bellick: What are we supposed to eat? Bellick's NF: (in spanish) Please. I haven't eaten in a week since I've been here. please. (Random guy finishes his chicken and leaves the remain in the plate). Cut to: (Bellick and his friend in a part of Sona) Bellick's NF: They expect us to follage.. like dogs. I will die.. I will literally die. (He starts crying.) Bellick: Hang in there man. (Bellick walks ahead but his friend spots a window and walks towards it. He climbs up towards it and removes the grate.) Cut to: (Michael making another origami swan. Tbag approaches him.) T-Bag: Playing by yourself. Same old Pretty. Just not good at making friends, are you? Michael: We got nothing to say to each other. T-Bag: On another note, on a big picture note, them big government types that shook me down so hard, why is it they wanted you here? Was it Sona they was interested in? That's what I'm thinking. Want me to get you down here, up in this very county. What do you think it is, huh? You think it's Sona? Who'd be interested in a dump like this? (Suddenly they hear someone shout: RUNNER! Everyone runs towards the windows. Looks like Bellicks friend has made it out of the prison. He'srunning towards the fence. ) The tower Guard: (In spanish) Stop! Stop! Bellick: NO!! NO!!! (The guards finally shoot the guy...and he's dead. Michael see's this and starts to freak out. He goes back to his cell, but see's the wishbone. Seems as if the other inmate wants to duel with him. He sits on his bed and looks scared. ) COMMERCIAL BREAK. Cut to: (Panama District Morgue). Lincoln: Thanks for getting back to me. Man: No problem. The body was fished out of the pond. First thing this morning. Lincoln: Where? Man: Kayalei centas saes. Just west of Avanetao Coloon. Sir? Lincoln: That's the last place I saw her. ( he looks at the body and a wave of relief is on his face.) It's not her. It's not her. Cut to: (Lechero's room. Michael enters) Lechero: Someone's thrown the glove down on you...the gauntlet right? Michael: Yea... some people know I didn't take those drugs. Lechero: I'm not the judge. I don't deal in the claims people make. I just make sure the rules are followed.And the rules say all grievances are dealt with two men in a ring, a fight. Michael: I'll be leaving tomorrow, so that won't be necessary. Lechero: It may not be necessary to you,but it is to me. I have a duty to maintain order here an ironclad legal system that assures that no one goes independent with their grievances, as is so often the case in other prisons. Here, there is a system, and that system means order. So whether you agree with it or not does not matter to me. T here's a larger agenda than yours. Michael: What happens if I refuse? Lechero: I will come for you. And I guarantee you, that is an outcome you will not like. Michael: Tell me something. Do you always set up your fights? Lechero: (shakes head) I had nothing to do with it. Michael: Yet the only one in this prison who has a problem with me, is you. Lechero: I'd be glad to see you go down. Superstar. Cut to: (In the sewers... there is someone hiding there. Seems like he can hear everything that goes on in Lechero's room He hears a noise and looks through a brick hole. He sees Bellick) Prisoner: Go on.. keep going. Your grunts are around the corner. Move it. (The man who is hiding in the sewer whistles. Bellick looks towards the noise. He goes toward the brick hole. Man: Hey.. hey....think you can do me a favour? Bellick: Bite me. Man: I can feed you. Two weeks ago, I was in your shoes. Didn't get any food for days. And they left me to die, just like they're going to let you die. Bellick: Get back to the 'feed me' part. (Man slides a piece of some food throught the brickhole. Bellick takes it and eats it.) Bellick: Chicken. Where did you get chicken? Man: That's not chicken. Want some more? Bellick: Yea.. Man: Then you're going to have to run an errand for me. Bellick: What kind of errand? (Man passes two slips of paper to Bellick.) Cut To: (Lincoln's cell rings) Lincoln: Ya. LJ: Dad, it's me. Lincoln: LJ? Where are you? LJ: I'm in Panama. Lincoln: What? How'd you get this number? LJ: I ran into Sara. She got your number from the consulate. Dad... Lincoln: LJ....I can't hear you. LJ. Dad, do this. Meet us at the restaurant in the Garfield Price building. At the top. Lincoln: Garfield what? (Line gets disconnnected....Lincoln gets frustrated and looks out into the open from the roof of some random building in Panama. ) Cut to: (SONA. Prisoners are shifting the dead body of the prisoner from the courtyard to make room for the new fight. Michael is in his cell, getting nervous. Tbag is drinking water outside and sees Lechero and his gang walking.) Some random guy in lechero's gang: Noone wants the american. (Another inmate passes by Lechero and spills water on his shoe.) Lechero: Clean it up. (Lechero looks at him and then laughs. Looks like Tbag is up to something. He follows lechero.) Tbag: Surely, it's beneath a man of your status to be walking around like that all... sticky like.(Sammy grabs him) Lechero: (To sammy ) leave him. What do you propose? Tbag (Kneels down): Ablution. (Lechero laughs). A humble sign of friendship from a stranger who's come into your house. (tbag poins towards his knee and Lechero puts his foot on top of it. Tbag accidently drops more water on Lechero's pants. Lechero gets a wave of annoyance on his face. Tbag apologizes.) Sorry about that. Just half a man down here (shows his prosthetic hand). Lechero: Whats your name? Tbag: you can just call me "Friend". Cut to: (Michael is holding the wishbone, deeply thinking. Alex approaches him.) Alex: Go for the knee-cap. You uh.. you hit it straight on and it will buckle and will take the guy out. Michael: Fighting dirty? That's your secret? Alex: I didn't think there was any such thing as clean in a place like this. Michael: You know, I'm surprised Alex. It almost sounds like you care. Alex: You're my "Get-out-of-jail-free-card". Just survive. Knee-cap. Really hard. (He leaves) Cut to: (The courtyard. The inmates are getting aroused and circling hte central fight area. Bellick emerges from the sewers. He has the two slips of papers in his hand. Michael and the other inmate enter the fight arena. Just as he enters, bellick puts the first slip of paper in Michael's pocket without him knowing. He puts the second slip in the other inmates pocket.) Lechero: (Calling out to the other prisoners before the fight) We have a disagreement between two dogs. A drug addict and a thief. I condone neither. And I wash my hands on both of them. But they have an issue. And we have rules. And without rules we are nothing but savages. Therefore, the proper respect for the rules. This fight is engaged with only one rule; no weapons. Only man versus man, without augmentation or handicap. I'm done talking! Michael: I'm not going to fight. (When the other inmate looks towards the Lechero, Michael goes for the knee-cap, heeding Alex's advice and breaking it. Michael gives him a few punches and kicks. The other inmate falls down. Michael, thinking he's done, tries to get out of the arena, but the prisoners circling him, push him back) Lechero: I don't think you understand the rules, friend. Only one man comes out alive. (Michael looks shocked.) COMMERCIAL BREAK. Cut to: (Fight in SONA. The other inmate gets up and punches Michael. Michael punches back and the inmate falls again. He turns around, and at that moment, someone throws a knife next to the other inmate. Michael is unaware, but Alex sees this.) Michael: (To the prisoners surrounding him.) It's over. Let me through. Let me go. (The other inmate sees the knife, picks it up, heading towards Michael but is stopped by Alex, who breaks his neck. Michael turns around and is surprised.) Alex: No weapons. Rules are rules, remember? If we don't have them, we're savages. (Lechero looks disappointed and heads back into his room. Michael and Alex leave the arena.) Cut to: (Garfield Price Building. Lincoln enters and it looks like a swanky restaurant.) Manager: Oh excuse me. You have no jacket. Lincoln: Cmon man, I'm just meeting someone here. Give me a break. Manager: Well, this is a nice place. It requires jackets. Lincoln: Well I don't have a jacket. Manager: It requires jackets. Lincoln: Fine. (He heads out and enters throught the back door of the kitchen. He sees a guy with a jacket.) Excuse me. You speak english? How about american? (He takes out a few dollars from his pocket. He reenters the restaurant with the jacket and shows the manager the jacket. The manager looks dismayed. Lincoln heads towards the bar.) Can I borrow a water please? Same woman who is in the opening scene of this episode: Please tell me you did not come all the way to Panama for the water. Lincoln: Family. Woman: That's a nice jacket, Sergio. (She sees the tag on the jacket) Lincoln: It's a long story. (Takes the glass of water from the bartender) Thankyou. Woman: You're waiting for someone huh? Lincoln: uh huh! Woman: I should have known... good-looking ones are always taken. Lincoln: What happened to your face? Woman: Cat. Lincoln: Cat? That's a big cat. Woman: You push anything into a corner too far and the claws will come out. Lincoln: Your timings are all wrong lady. Woman: Oh c'mon. Hang out. Lincoln: I'd like to.. but it ain't the right time. (Starts to leave) Woman: Yes it is Lincoln..!! (Lincoln stops.) Woman: We have a lot to discuss. Specifically your brother. (She shows him a phone). I highly suggest you talk to him. Cut to: (SONA. The guards are removing the dead bodies of the inmates from SONA. The same woman who was screaming for her husband is there again. She starts screaming again.) Woman: (In spanish) The dead men inside, bring them out. I want to bury him. (Michael notices all this. The guards shoot the dead prisoners once more, to make sure that they are dead. Michael looks away, and then back at them again. The woman goes inside and talks to the grave-digger.) Grave digger: (In spanish) They will be buriend here. Unless family members step forward to make their own arrangements. (He leaves with the rest of the guards). (The woman goes through each of the dead men's pockets. It seems she isnt looking for a particular person. SHe finally finds a note which the man in the sewers had written: Versailles 1989 V. Madrid She smiles.... Michael finds the other half which reads the same thing, in SONA. He is in visitation and sees Lincoln approach him) Michael: Hey.. How are we coming with the transfer? Lincoln: (With a pained look on his face) There are some people that want you to break someone out of there. Michael: Yea I know. Some guy already approached me. I said 'No thank-you'. Lincoln: You gotta stay. Michael: What are you talking about? Lincoln: His name's James Whistler. (Shot of the guy in the sewers. Seems like he has a name after all) Michael: No no no no..Linc. I can't do that again. Lincoln: Michael.. Mike... (He shows Michael the phone which the woman had given him at the bar. He plays a video clip) LJ (in the video cliop): Dad. Dad, I'm so sorry. They got me and Sara (Michael looks pained as he hears Sara's name). Please, do what they want. Dad, please. (Lincoln looks stressed and Michael looks completely shocked). Lincoln: You got a week to find this whistler guy and get him out of there. (Michael still has a shocked look on his face.) Otherwise, they uh, Sara and LJ, (still look of Michael's shocked face) they both die! (Michael looks towards Linc and cannot believe any of this