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Our eco-living domes provide the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, allowing an intimate connection to nature. Expansive skylight windows reveal magnificent views of outdoor beauty, with a sturdy geodesic design and green technology to help sustain the environment for your leisure.
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ECOLIVINGDOMES PACIFIC DOMES “The power of the world always works in circles. The sky is round, and I’ve heard the earth is round like a ball, And so are all the stars.” -Black Elk Speaks Why Geodesic Domes? Domes are nature’s own geometry and provide a unique environment for every use. Since 1980, Pacific Domes has perfected the function and beauty of portable Geodesic Domes. We combine the sacred geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller with our progressively designed covers to bring you this futuristic structure. Energy Efficient Easy to Assemble Portable Structurally Sound Holds Heavy Snow Loads Handles High Winds Dome Covers All our covers are made of durable, water resistant and mildew resistant, flame retardant fabrics, which provide lasting shelter in all climates. From tropical beaches to snowy mountains, from arid wind-swept deserts to rainforests, our off-the-grid systems create comfort in every climate. Sunlite: We recommend Sunlite for humid climates. This vinyl coated, smooth surfaced polyester fabric is easy to clean. Sunlite weighs 16 oz and has a life expectancy of 8-12 years. Sunshield: Sunshield utilizes Sunlite as its base fabric but has an extra UV protection that extends the life expectancy to 12-20 years. EcoWool: EcoWool is naturally mold and mildew reistant as well as fire retardant. It is made with 100% organic felted wool and comes in natural white. Sewn to an outer shell of durable polyester, this cover can also be painted with Thermoshield. Anchoring Portability Powder Coating Dome Frames Anchoring: Pacific Domes will supply the appropriate anchors to secure the dome frame to surfaces such as concrete, earth, asphalt, or a deck. Portability: Our frames arrive in small bundles for easy count and handling. We provide illustrations and instructions for easy frame assembly. Our staff can provide on site training. Powder Coating: We offer the option to apply an extra-protective coating to your steel frame. There are many colors to choose from to both enhance the beauty and durability of your frame. Sturdy Frames: Our geodesic frames are architecturally engineered with galvanized steel tubing to be both durable and strong. Our rust resistant frames can endure heavy snow loads, tropical rains, and hurricane winds up to 100 mph. Dome frames that are intended for areas with extreme weather conditions are customized by our engineering team to ensure our frames remain of strong structural integrity. Dome Sizes 16’ 16’ Tall 20’ 24’ 30’ 36’ 44’ 60’ Portable Mandala Floor Stationary Joist Floor Perimeter Board Dome Floors We provide various free deck plans to add a cozy feel to your dome home. We offer three different deck plans: Portable Mandala, Stationary Joist, and Perimeter Board. An energy efficient radiant heating and cooling system can be installed in the floor. Portable Mandala: The initial intricate construction of the mandala floor allows for effortless assembly. This method enables assembly of the floor and disassembly under 12 hours. Stationary Joist: We recommend a joist deck for people that don’t expect to move their domes. This method is the quickest and easiest method but does not enable mobility. Perimeter Board: For domes with earthen floors, we recommend perimeter board. The perimeter board will anchor your dome and keep the fabric off the ground. It can also be used as a mould to lay tiles or pour concrete. Interior Design The open floor plan and high ceilings of the geodesic dome create a beautiful space for interior design. Add internal construction to separate living spaces or work with the existing shape to create an open interior. Second story structures and lofts can be added to any dome 20’ or larger. Round Windows Bay Window Skylight Windows From the deserts of New Mexico to the high mountains of the Swiss Alps, the elegant windows of the dome bring you closer to the surrounding nature. Sun-filled by day and star-lit by night, the dome’s open design creates a naturally luminous environment. Round Windows: Our removable round windows are made with clear marine vinyl and are extremely durable. They are included with every dome, and interchangeable screens can be purchased. Bay Window: Each dome is manufactured with an elegant and extremely durable bay window. The large window is made with marine vinyl and sewn into the dome skin, allowing the interior of the dome to be illuminated with natural lighting. Skylight: Our Optional skylight, made of UV resistant clear vinyl, zips in, replacing the roof of any size dome. It allows a wealth of additional light into the dome, and is available for purchase as an extra or as an upgrade. Doors Diamond Door: Our convenient fabric diamond door can be zipped open or closed from inside or outside. Prehung Door: Our prehung door includes modification to the frame to allow for a standard rectangular or double door. Prehung Door Diamond Door Heating With no hard corners, the dome’s natural structure allows for constant airflow, requiring 30% less energy to heat, cool and circulate air to maintain moderate air temperatures. We provide several options to transform your dome into a cozy refuge in the harshest winter climates. Thermoshield: In colder climates, heat can be reflected back into the dome with a Thermoshield coating, cutting utility use by 33 percent. Thermoshield is a non-toxic elastomeric paint containing ceramic micro-spheres that gets up to equivalent 22 R-value. Wood Stove: Our domes are built to accommodate an optional stove vent flashing and cap for wood stove installation. Most upper round windows can be used for stove vent placement. Comfortable temperatures can be maintained inside the dome while snow storms flurry outside. Wood Stove Winter Liners: All of our winter liners are flame retardant and are resistant to mold and mildew. They are sewn to match the window layout of your dome and attached to the struts to provide a secondary internal barrier of fabric between you and the outside world. Thermoshield Winter Liner Solar Fan Thermoshield Cooling Each dome is designed for maximum ventilation, letting the cool breeze flow through the shade of the dome. The removable roof option is designed to be opened partially or completely from the inside. Solar Fan: Powered by the sun, our technically advanced Solar Fan is is an environmentallyfriendly ventilation solution that will control humidity and temperature. It installs in under 30 minutes. Thermoshield Paint: In warmer climates, coating the outside of the dome reflects over 90% of UV rays off the cover, keeping it cooler inside. Thermoshield also protects the fabric from UV, extending the life of your cover. Screens: Each window can be equipped with a window screen to circulate air. In addition, base screens roll up from the base of the dome to allow for cross ventilation, while providing dazzling views of the outdoor scenery. Window Screens Base Screens 16 Foot Dome Floor Area 200 ft2 Ceiling Height 8½ ft Bay Window 5 ft. tall x 14 ft. wide Dome Weight ~ 200 lbs 6 round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 2 to 6 hours with a crew of 3 or 4 16 Foot Tall Dome Floor Area 200 ft2 Ceiling Height 11¾ ft Bay Window 8 ft. tall x 11 ft. wide Dome Weight ~ 390 lbs 8 round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 4 to 8 hours with a crew of 3 or 4 Bay Window (optional zip-off) Zip-Off Roof (optional screen or skylight) Windows (optional screens) Door Frame (optional diamond door) Base Roll-Up (optional base screen) Stove Vent or Solar Fan (optional) 20 Foot Dome Floor Area 300 ft2 Ceiling Height 12 ft Bay Window 7 ft tall x 16 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 420 lbs 8 round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 4 to 10 hours with a crew of 3 or 4 24 Foot Dome Floor Area 425 ft2 Ceiling Height 14 ft Bay Window 8½ ft tall x 20 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 490 lbs 10 Round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 4 to 12 hours with a crew of 3 or 4 Bay Window (optional zip-off) Zip-Off Roof (optional screen or skylight) Windows (optional screens) Door Frame (optional diamond door) Base Roll-Up (optional base screen) Stove Vent or Solar Fan (optional) 30 Foot Dome Floor Area 700 ft2 Ceiling Height 15 ft Bay Window 11 ft tall x 22 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 700 lbs 12 Round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 6 to 14 hours with a crew of 3 or 4 36 Foot Dome Floor Area 1,018 ft2 Ceiling Height 20 ft Bay Window 15 ft tall x 30 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 1,000 lbs 14 Round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 8 to 16 hours with a crew of 4 Bay Window (optional zip-off) Zip-Off Roof (optional screen or skylight) Windows (optional screens) Door Frame (optional diamond door) Base Roll-Up (optional base screen) Stove Vent or Solar Fan (optional) 44 Foot Dome Floor Area 1,520 ft2 Ceiling Height 22 ft Bay Window 15 ft tall x 30 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 1,500 lbs 16 Round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 10 to 18 hours with a crew of 4 60 Foot Dome Floor Area 2,800 ft2 Ceiling Height 30 ft Bay Window 20 ft tall x 48 ft wide Dome Weight ~ 2,500 lbs 18 Round Windows  2 ft diameter Assembly Time 10 to 20 hours with a crew of 4 Bay Window (optional zip-off) Zip-Off Roof (optional screen or skylight) Windows (optional screens) Door Frame (optional diamond door) Base Roll-Up (optional base screen) Stove Vent or Solar Fan (optional) Dome Uses FAMILY DWELLINGS ART STUDIOS YOGA STUDIOS GUEST HOUSING DANCE SPACE SPAS & POOLS ECOVILLAGES WORKSHOPS BIODOMES “Domes are the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet known to man.” — R. Buckminster Fuller “You do not need to struggle to change an old paradigm. Just create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” — R. Buckminster Fuller © All rights reserved. Pacific Domes International, Inc. ECOLIVINGDOMES PACIFIC DOMES [email protected] 888-488-8127