Panduit Asia Pacific English Partnernews Newsletter 2013 Q2

1. Asia Pacific Partner Summit 2. AP Partner News Webinar Series 3. The New 4. LS8E/LS8EQ Hand-Held Printers 5. Net-Access Solutions 6. Signature Core Fiber Optic Solution 7. PViQ Global Networked POU 8. Redesigned J-Pro J-Hooks 9. "Enterprise Data Center" Mobile App 10. Updated DC Visio Layout Tool 11. Energy Solution Brochures 12. Enterprise Networks Editorials 13. IA 4 Post Rack 14. Integrated Network Zone System 15. Integrated Network Zone System 16. IA Visio Layout Tool Updated 17. Industrial Switch Deployment PCDs 18. In-Cabinet Ducting Solutions 19. Improve Inlet Air Temperatures 20. HCU Case Study 21. 40GBASE-T Future Proofing Risks 22. Energy Efficient Cabinet Videos 23. Copper Patch Cord Video 24. Cloud White Paper 25. Cable Assemblies 26. Metric Flex Lugs and Approvals 27. Patch Cord Reference
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Click for past issues of the Asia Pacific PartnerNEWS Newsletter Asia Pacific Edition: 2013 Q2 Asia Pacific Partner Summit AP Partner News Webinar Series The New LS8E/LS8EQ Hand-Held Printers Net-Access Solutions Signature Core Fiber Optic Solution PViQ Global Networked POU Redesigned J-Pro J-Hooks "Enterprise Data Center" Mobile App Updated DC Visio Layout Tool Energy Solution Brochures Enterprise Networks Editorials IA 4 Post Rack Integrated Network Zone System Integrated Network Zone System IA Visio Layout Tool Updated Industrial Switch Deployment PCDs In-Cabinet Ducting Solutions Improve Inlet Air Temperatures HCU Case Study 40GBASE-T Future Proofing Risks Energy Efficient Cabinet Videos Copper Patch Cord Video Cloud White Paper Cable Assemblies Metric Flex Lugs and Approvals Patch Cord Reference Asia Pacific Partner Summit Come 16th till 18th July 2013, join us for this years Panduit Asia Pacific Partner Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. This Year's summit will feature an exhibition, seminar and breakout areas. We are expecting more than 400 attendees across Asia Pacific. For more information, visit the Asia Pacific Partner Summit Landing Page now! Asia Pacific Partner News Webinar Series From April 2013 onwards, the Asia Pacific Team will be showcasing a monthly Webinar Series. There are 2 pre-recorded videos focusing on ELECTRICAL & INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION as well as NETWORK CONNECTIVITY & DATA CENTER. Each clip is approximately 10+ mins long and will be available in English, Chinese & Korean. Currently only the English version for April has been realised and the other languages will be launching very soon. For more information, please visit The New We have updated our website and Business Partner Program Portal with improved navigation and customization capabilities to provide more relevant information to our business partners. Pre-recorded webinars are available to learn about the features and capabilities of the new Partner Program portal. You can view these webinars by clicking on the tutorial links within each of the program incentive tabs. LS8E/LS8EQ Hand-Held Printers & Promotion A revised product bulletin (IDCB72-SA-ENG) highlighting the features and benefits of the LS8E/LS8EQ hand-held printers is now available. Asia Pacific is also conducting a Print Your Way to Savings Promotion from April 1st to June 30th across the theatre. For more information, visit the Asia Pacific Marketing Promotion Page! Net-Access Top of Cabinet Cable Managers, and Vertical Exhaust Duct Solutions The 48 RU Server (S-Type) and Switch (NType)Net-Access Cabinets are now available. Top of cabinet cable managers are included with all sizes of S-Type and N-Type Cabinets and are utilized instead of overhead baskets to improve speed of deployment and reduce installation costs. VED (Vertical Exhaust Duct) ready cabinets are available for all 1200mm depths of the S-Type and N-Type Cabinets. These cabinets accept several sizes of vertical exhaust ducts and allow for installation in a wide range of ceiling heights. Key Customer Benefits  Incorporates thermal exhaust ducts and containment to reduce inlet temperature and lower cooling costs  Increases the number of available rack space per square foot, reducing data center floor space Application Data Center Solution Sell Net-Contain Cold Aisle Contain and Vertical Exhaust Duct Systems and Net-Direct In-Cabinet Ducting Signature Core Fiber Optic Solution Panduit announces the Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System, a complete end-to-end solution for high speed systems, which integrates ultra high performance laseroptimized, modal and dispersion compensated multimode fiber to deliver:     Ultimate design flexibility Verified optical performance Signal integrity beyond 10/40/100 Gb Ethernet requirements Consistent performance  Reliability of critical systems The solution includes: trunk cable, interconnect cable assemblies, harness cable assemblies, cassettes and push-pull LC patch cords. PViQ Global Networked Power Outlet Units for Nexus 7.5 Power Supply PVIQ POUs are designed for the Cisco 7.5 kW power supplies employed in the Nexus switched product line (7009, 7010, and 7018). The PViQ POUs integrate with the Panduit PIM Software Platform to enable intelligent management of the in-cabinet current usage. They mount vertically or horizontally to the Net-Access and Net-SERV Cabinets or Panduit 4 post racks. Key Customer Benefits    Web-based GUI provides global network access to real-time current consumption data for analysis of current usage and trends to improve data center energy efficiency and reduce operating costs PViQ POUs provide continuous realtime monitoring via the network for enhanced system management and reliability Automates collection of real-time and accurate information improving data center efficiency and reducing operation costs Application Data Center Solution Sell Net-Access and Net-SERV Cabinets or Panduit 4 post racks Online Catalog Redesigned J-Pro J-Hooks Mounting styles affected by the bracket changes include the Ceiling Mount, Hammer-on & Screw-on Beam Clamps (360 degree rotating versions), and the Wall Plate version. New part #s will replace current part #s as inventory depletes. Current/Replacement Part # List "Enterprise Data Center" Mobile App Now Available The enterprise Data Center Mobile App is an interactive and engaging tool for the iPad which depicts Panduit as a city within the data center landscape. It contains 18 new videos grouped into 3 "city tours" that address the needs of 3 distinct customers:    Installers: Subway Tour System Integrators: Street Tour C+ Executives: Sky Tour Updated Data Center Visio Layout Tool The Visio Layout Tool has been updated to include new data center solution stencils for the Wyr-Grid Overhead Cable Routing System and new Net-Access N-Type Cabinets. This free download is available from the Panduit website.     Includes drag and drop functionality Facilitates 2D layout design Includes automated BOM generator that is able to export to Excel 2010 Fill calculator now includes the Wyr-  Grid System Updated stencil navigation window layout Energy Brochures An overarching Energy Solution Capabilities Brochure (CPCB92-WW-ENG) is now available along with brochures which target specific markets such as Wind (CPCB95-SA-ENG), Solar (CPCB93SA-ENG) and Oil & Gas (CPCB94-SA-ENG). Each brochure includes a roadmap which identifies where Panduit products can be used. Editorials on Enterprise Networks Enterprise Network and Desktop Virtualization highlights data bandwidth requirements for desktop virtualization and Panduits TX6000 Category 6 Copper Solution Enterprise Solutions for Business Video Applications - discusses current and future enterprise video transmission needs; Panduit's infrastructure network solutions are categorized into different tier levels to provide maximum ROI Enterprise Network and Zone Cabling - discusses considerations for enterprise network and zone cabling in support of In-Building Wireless and Wi-Fi deployments Industrial Automation 4 Post Rack The industrial rack is used in the Micro Data Center (MDC), where manufacturing specific compute, storage, and switching gear resides. In addition, the industrial rack allows users to follow Cisco recommended Converged Ethernet I/P architecture for manufacturing; including demilitarized zone (DMZ), with firewall appliances and redundant compute and switching. The industrial rack can replace tabletop or shelf mounting of servers, switches, and storage with state of the art rack mounting and equipment management. Refer to the spec sheet (RKSP119--WW-ENG). Key Customer Benefits   Maximizes system usability and reliability Adjustable depth can be set at 23.0" (584mm) deep for popular switches or at 29.0" (737mm) deep for server or 1 RU or 2 RU switches with brackets Application Used in the Micro Data Center (MDC) Solution Sell PatchLink Horizontal Cable Managers, NetRunner Vertical Cable Managers for 19 inch and 23 inch wide racks, and Grounding Accessories Panduit Introduces Integrated Network Zone System This system enables network communications between the control room and manufacturing floor within an industrial facility. Integrated with an AllenBradley Stratix switch, the pre-engineered, tested and validated system reduces deployment time up to 75%. Integrated Network Zone System Now Available in Configuration & Selection Tools from Rockwell Automation Panduits Integrated Network Zone System can be found in and specified from the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) and Proposal Works tools. When you log into these tools, run the CURRENT PROGRAM UPDATER to ensure the system has been included (usually prompted at logon). To learn more about these tools, visit the Rockwell Automations Configuration & Selection Tools Page. Industrial Automation Visio Layout Tool Updated The Visio Layout Tool has been updated to include new stencils for the Industrial Automation zone enclosures and accessories. This free download is available from the Panduit website.     Includes drag and drop functionality Facilitates 2D layout design Includes automated BOM generator that is able to export to Excel 2010 Updated stencil navigation window layout Popular Configuration Drawing Overview of Industrial Switch Deployment Panduit Popular Configuration Drawings (PCDs) can help you with network design and the selection of validated components. This PCD provides guidance on how to deploy an industrial switch incorporating Panduit Industrial Automation solutions. In-Cabinet Ducting Solutions A white paper explores the importance of applying a ducting solution to improve inlet air conditions and presents a test scenario on 800mm wide cabinet deployment to illustrate the benefits such as improved space utilization, reduced fan energy consumption, and an optimized cooling air flow for contained deployment. Improve Inlet Air Temperatures with InCabinet Ducting The Use of In-Cabinet Ducting to Improve Inlet Air Temperatures white paper explores the importance of applying a ducting solution to improve inlet air conditions and presents a test scenario on 800mm wide cabinet deployments to illustrate the associated benefits such as improved space utilization, reduced fan energy consumption, and an optimized cooling air flow for contained deployment. HCU Case Study The HCU case study highlights how Panduit provided HCU with a Portable Embossing System that delivers increased productivity, durability, and reliability through identification that will withstand the harsh environments well into the future. 40GBASE-T Future Proofing Risks Read the new technology brief, which focuses on the risks of future proofing with Category 7 and 7A cabling for 40GBASE-T. Standards development and industry claims are discussed along with current structured standards bandwidth versus proposed 40GBASE-T requirements. Energy Efficient Cabinet System Videos Panduit's energy efficient Net-Access N-Type and S-Type cabinets address power, cooling, space and cable management challenges. This playlist highlights key benefits showing how these cabinets are optimized to enhance the performance of switches, servers and storage equipment. Small Diameter Copper Patch Cord Video View this video to learn about the features of Panduit's small diameter UTP copper patch cords, which supports high density patch fields in data centers and telecomm rooms. Cloud White Paper with CIO Magazine In partnership with CIO magazine, Panduit recently conducted a survey on Cloud with over 100 IT executives. This white paper speaks to the survey results and how Panduit can help organizations embark on their journey to the cloud. Cable Assemblies The following product bulletins have been updated to reflect our latest offering.   Hydra SFP+ Cable Assemblies (COCB02--WW-ENG) QSFP+ Cable Assemblies (COCB03--WW-ENG)   Active SFP+ Cable Assemblies (COCB04--WW-ENG) Passive SFP+ Cable Assemblies (COCB05--WW-ENG) Enhanced Metric Flex Lugs and Approvals We have expanded our metric line to include onehole and two-hole lugs and splices for Class 5f and 6f flexible stranded conductor (dies). Additionally, existing lugs for Class 2r rigid stranded conductor have been enhanced with IEC and CE approval. Key Customer Benefits Parts are UL/CSA approved and tin-plated-plated for corrosion resistance making them a safe and reliable solution for harsh environments Application Harsh Environments Solution Sell Compression Connector Crimping Tools and Dies Patch Cord Technical Reference There is confusion in the marketplace regarding T568A, T568B, crossover (flipped) and rolled (rollover) patch cord wiring schemes and when they should be deployed. Download this technical reference which provides an overview of each wiring scheme as well as typical deployment strategies and can help you eliminate improper wiring schemes. Click for past issues of the Asia Pacific PartnerNEWS Newsletter The information contained in this page or e-mail message may contain privileged and confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or duplication of this communication is strictly prohibited. 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