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Portable Empires Everyone desires it, some pursue it and more now are living it. The freedom and ability to make money - Anywhere you are, while allowing you to do what you love and yet being able to at a moments notice, up , move and continue making money when your not around & even when your fast asleep. Sound like a fat pipe dream? Sound like its only possible for a few lucky individuals? Well it’s not and I’m confident by the time you have finished this report, you will have changed your mind too. I aim to show you in the next 20 minutes not only how but also help you to get out there and make money anywhere while doing what you love. This report was specifically created for people who need Cash! And they need it Now! The Conversation Back in July of 2007, I sat down with a manager at the Bank and got into a conversation which kind of sparked the whole idea for this report. I think you will either Love this or Hate it, either way I think you will find it hard pressed to not agree with what I am going to suggest as a viable solution to people trying to make money online, when they don’t have the patience or know how to do what many online business owners do. The bank manager really had no intention anyway of leaving his full time job to pursue an online business but he was interested in supplementing his full time income with something he could do a few nights a week. I had gone in there to open up a business account and get some bank checks, obviously when you open up a business account. You have to provide details of what it is you do for a living. At this point I usually see a blank look on people’s faces. Like, What?? I get the impression people thinking I’m making it up, that basically im doing nothing except surfing porn all day. It Reminds me of that scene in the movie “ About a Boy “. Hugh Grant is living off the Royalties of One Christmas song that his Dad wrote back in 1958, and that had become quite famous, called Santa’s Super Sleigh. Each time he is asked what he does for a living.. you cant help but laugh. “ So what do you do Will? “ “ Me? “ - Nothing - well before, then “ What do you mean, before I did nothing? “ I did nothing “ You’ve never worked?” I’ve done the odd day here and there, but, no. It’s a great movie, go rent it you’ll have a good laugh.. Anyway so after several years of getting blank faces or looks of “ Ok he sits on his ass all day “ I decided to spice up the usual reply. This of course has always been the moments I tell people “ I am a special agent for the FBI and on a covert mission to catch bad guys on the internet “ or “ You know that DVD that sells on tv called “ Girls gone wild “ yeah.. that’s my company.. I can’t resist thinking of wild and insane replies. Honestly though I think my neighbours must think I’m a lazy bum or betting on the horses Over time instead of telling people I make money online doing Internet Marketing. I usually resolve to explain that I am in “ The Advertising Business “. I mean in reality most if not all Internet Marketing in one way or another is dealing with advertising, whether that’s a product, service or yourself. Most people know what advertising is, and so giving them that answer usually prevents a barrage of further questioning. :) It was kind of funny, because I don’t think he was meant to be discussing in depth what it was I did for a living, because his voice became a little bit quieter and every now and again he would swivel in his seat and lean his head out the door, as though he was on the look out  Anyway, I explained as best as I could some of the things I do from Affiliate Marketing, membership sites, software, to information products and detailed how long it took me to go from doing it part time to working full time from home . His interest level just kept getting higher and higher. it was like he was almost in awe at the fact that anyone today could make even $1 on the internet Heck, I have been doing this now full time for close to 6 years and I’m still amazed. He said that it all seemed like it might take a while to get going before any money is coming in, and that he wasn’t sure If he had the patience or the time to figure out the ins and outs of how to go about doing it. Now that sounded familiar. I agreed, it’s not for everyone and while some things take longer than others to see revenue, there are the exceptions but he probably was at least getting a good dose of reality. Yet he kept questioning me “Isn’t there something I could do tonight which would allow me to earn some money tonight or at least by next week? “ Wow!, Now if I didn’t feel as though I had been put on the spot, I mean, man he might as well had a glaring Spot light on me and shouting “ Where is the Body?, Come on.. I know you can tell us “ Alright he wasn’t shouting but he was hammering me for an answer. I could see his point. He wanted to skip A to Y and jump to Z Today! Once again it reminded me of that famous scene from the Movie Jerry McGuire where the guy starts off speaking slow and gets louder "Show me the money Jerry" (pause) Show. Me. The. Money. Finally I said to him, after realizing I had been in his office for the past 40 minutes. “ You have email right? “, “ I will let you know what I can come up with, if I come across something. “ Honest to God I just wanted to get the account setup and get on with my day, but I couldn’t help thinking to myself about the question. Damn, I had the same question myself back when I first started, and had I known what I’m going to share with you I would have been as grateful as a lemon in a glass of iced tea. ( By the way, that’s grateful  ) The Silver Bullet See, Here’s the thing: At some point you may have heard the term “ The Silver Bullet “ most of the time people relate it to the “ One thing “ to get the job done, to kill the werewolf, to put cold hard cash in your hands and most if not all the time you hear it used online, its within the context of “ There is no Silver bullet “ but.. wait a minute! I remember early when I was got started online hearing and reading numerous people use the phrase “ There is no silver bullet “ in response to new people wanting to make money on the internet. And of course people are very guarded about what they will share concerning what is working for them, so its usually a case of you got to pay your dues and if your lucky and work hard, maybe 6 months to a year from now you might be able to make a $100 Crikey o Riley!, 6 months to a year?, No silver bullet? No wonder people don’t have the time or patience to get any level of momentum going online. Not everyone but a lot more people now days are aware that there are numerous ways to make money online, most if not all are offshoots from Your Own Product or Service ( Yourself, Wholesale, info products, Membership sites, Software, Advertising, Blogs ) Someone Else’s Product or Service ( Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Joint Ventures ) Show Me the Bloody Money I swear I could almost imagine peoples blood beginning to boil as they read the replies on forums from people telling them “ There is no Silver Bullet “ or “ If your not patient, Go get a 9 to 5 Job ! “ Now while that might be sage advice and even humorous it probably is something they already know or already have and so there likely just going to get annoyed and trash talk the so called “ Gurus “ or quit before they have even started I don’t want YOU to quit! As I never and if I can do this online stuff, So can YOU! Most if not all are asking the same question as the Bank Manager: “ WHAT CAN I DO RIGHT NOW, THAT WILL GIVE ME MONEY, IN THE NEXT WEEK or AT MOST IN 2 WEEKS……..NOT 3,6, or 12 MONTHS FROM NOW!!!!!! C’MON! “ Sure your going to get your Potato chip lazy ass bum who thinks the world owes them a living and complains from morning till night, regurgitating the same old self defeating excuses, but here it is.. Most of the people I have chatted to are genuinely not Lazy people, they are honest, sincere and willing to do whatever it takes, but they need something they can sink their teeth into immediately, something which gives them some finances to work with and some degree of hope, that they can do it. It’s the same feeling a person gets when they make their first sale online. People want the springboard, the rocket, the cold hard facts, the truth!, not some cherry coated, woo woo, sarcastic ass, late night flicking infomercial speal They want to take a step which will catapult them forward towards having an extra $100 or $500 dollars in their hands at the end of a week How and where they go from there is entirely up to them. If they are smart they will put some of it back into their online business to pay for domains, templates, websites, education, advertising and building a solid online presence. Living the Dream I’m going to show you how to put that extra $100 or $500 dollars in your pocket at the end of a week but first, I want you to see the potential that extends beyond that. I don’t have any idea where you are at, but lets see... Maybe you’re completely new to the online world and you use the internet only for email and surfing, beyond that you have a regular job. Maybe you use the internet to check email, chat on Facebook and blog and that’s it. Maybe you have taken some courses, gone to a few internet seminars and you have multiple websites that are filled with affiliate links and other monetizing tools but your strapped for cash. Maybe you have your own product and you’ve got some new ideas for a new product but you just cant come up with funds to pay someone to do it Maybe you have a service, but you don’t have enough clients to keep the wheels in motion and your looking for some extra cash to offset the slow periods. Whatever, whoever and wherever you are at, this is a viable solution for you. The internet has literally transformed the way people make money and manage business. The vast options you have available to legitimately have a business that runs like clockwork is only increasing as the internet continues to expand in its diversity. This is not where the challenge lies for you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now, Oh unless of course you’re a info junkie, in which case enjoy the fix  For those who are ready to put down the TV flicker, roll up their sleeves and build something, know this… others have started in exactly the same position you are in right now. Yet, it can feel like a real struggle to get out of the starting gate, and attempting to get out of the job that you might have or the financial dilemma you might be in. I used to come home from 8 to 12 hour shifts and contemplate doing more work to make money online and it really stretches you, its so much easier to slump down in front of the Mind Tube and pretty much settle for defeat because your too tired, or frustrated that people are telling you its going to take a while before you see your first $100. Yet, you’ve got to dig deep, let go of the excuses if you want to provide something for yourself and family. No one is an exception; everyone is in the same Melting pot and has gone through the same fires that are experienced prior to creating momentum and reaping any rewards. But, But, But, But, But, But, I’m tired I have lots of commitments I don’t have supportive friends and family I don’t know where to start I don’t have the right skills I can’t afford everything I hear what your saying and I have listed to the same mental mind chatter and feedback from myself and others. You don’t lack any resources; you require a shift in attention. Most of the time people aren’t aware of what is available to them Creating Momentum All Ideas and no action, I’m sure you have met people who tell you about their “Next great idea, or ideas “and when asked which one is working out for them. They reply “Non, I haven’t started! “ A year later you meet them and they are back at it again, telling you their next great money making idea. You Miss 100% of the shots you never take – Wayne Gretsky Most of the non action boils down to a lack of self confidence, doubt and a fear of failure You’ve got to have an unbending belief in yourself and in realizing that “ If he or she can do it, I can too ! “ Later on, when you have followed through with the steps I will be outlining which will allow you to earn that extra $100 or $500+ a week, your going to want to expand from there, and your likely to have a lot of ideas of where you could go, as you now have some cash in your pocket. Select one of your ideas or grab all of them and prioritize them, find out who is already providing that product and service and find out if they are making money. This requires you to dive into a little bit of Market research, all of which you will pick up as you continue to educate yourself. I had and still have tons of ideas that come to me, yet I take action and that is what allows me to keep the momentum going in my business. Sustaining Momentum Why the hell are you speaking about Momentum? Just give me the goods on making money. Because I want you to realize, that your going to need to push through some of the Junk that your carrying around in your head about what you will or wont do, or cant do. The challenges that people face looking to make money online are 1. What can I do right now that works? 2. Why does it have to require so much Effort? What You can do right now, I will get to that in a moment, but the reason it requires so much effort is because initially your trying to build momentum, your trying to shake off some of the self defeating, I cant, I don’t know how, and this isn’t going to work crap! Every single vehicle requires more effort initially in the beginning stages to get going, or lift off.. everything may start shaking, things might feel a little uncomfortable, inconvenient and stretching. These are the signs that your actually moving. I Know, I know it sounds as though im talking to someone who can barely walk.. but the case is when it comes to starting out online, unless your making money you are barely walking. What I intend to do though is shorten and reduce the effort that is required by providing you with a vehicle and enough fuel to get you going from where you are right now, to the direction you want to head in. From there you can adjust your own course as you see fit. This applies to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a young mom who is juggling 2 tots It doesn’t matter if you work 8-12hrs a day It doesn’t matter if you live in some foreign country It doesn’t matter if your not entirely technical minded It doesn’t matter if you only want to have a few bucks in your pocket This can work for you! The Beauty of this, is it allows you to live and work anywhere in the world, it’s not restricted by time, and you can choose how much or as little of your time you wish to give to it. Think of this Solution like a Launching pad, I’m going to show you how you can both get some money in your pocket and then even further. So here is what I told the Bank Manager… After I got home and began thinking about my conversation with the bank dude… It dawned on me when I got home what he could do, so I shot an email off to him and here are the details I gave him. **************************************************** Steve, We chatted earlier and you set me up with a business account. You wanted to know what you could do a few evenings a week from home on your computer, where you could immediately start earning some money. I have a solution for you. Join for free an Outsource service online, there are a few out there but one that is simple to use is Integritylance There are people all around the world that work from their home and offices every day doing jobs for people remotely. They are called “ providers “ or “ Freelancers “ And Steve, BEFORE YOU say “ I cant do that! “ You’ll be fine, anyone can do it and here’s how it works. Buyers ( Business and individuals ) post projects on these sites for things that they want to get done from as complex as needing software built through to the most simplest as need articles written. Steve, you’ve written an article before? They literally give you the topics you need, tell you how many words and off you go, surf the internet, gather the information you need, and in your own words, uniquely provide an informative and helpful article. Pretty simple! You could easily make $100 doing one project. If you don’t write articles which I would have to say is kind of strange as most people at some time or another when they were at school did things like that. But in the rare case that you’re different What about, translating into text someone’s audio file?, or creating a website?, or answering emails? Have you done any graphic work before? Or what about writing a few blog posts for someone? Or writing posts on a website forum? You would be astonished at how many people are looking for people who can do those and many other things for them. In fact, there are over 170 categories on Integritylance where you can find tasks that need to be done. You don’t work for Integritylance, you simply do work for Buyers. You would be called a Provider Anyway, what about some of these? Data entry Sending emails Replying to Emails Getting links into a website Office management Research – This is simple Travel planning Virtual assistant Presentation formatting Legal Accounting Graphic Design Programming Website Creation Photography and Editing Video and editing Audio and Editing Legal Sales and Marketing Training and development Writing Books Editorial Press releases Newsletters Sales Copy And this list just goes on and on…. I think, you could easily find multiple things that you could do Anyway, I have to drop by again on Friday, if you got stuck, just let me know and I’ll show you but you’ll see it’s very easy to use. You have to register for a free account here http://www.integritylance.com/registration.php Just remember to select “ Provider “ and after you have confirmed the email that it sends out to you by clicking on the link in the email, Login to your account, go under “ My Integritylance and on the left hand side there is a link which says “business profile”, click that and fill in your details, select the categories that you want to be found under when buyers are searching for providers. Once you’ve done that, start surfing the jobs and find one that appeals to you. You can do that by going under the menu called “ Find Jobs “ Or by using the search option, if you want to get specific http://www.integritylance.com/search.php If you find one that you think you could do, most of them will show you their budget range, just click the “ Place bid “ button, tell them how much you will do it for within their budget range and how long it will take and any other details and submit it. Usually buyers will wait until they have received enough bids before they make a choice. If they end up selecting you, then you will get a email telling you that you have been accepted and that all funds are now are in escrow and you can proceed with doing the task. This is kind of nice for both of you as it means the buyer can’t get at the money and well neither can you until the job is completed and approved. It’s a safe pay escrow option. Once you have done the work, upload the files in the private message area of the project and, once they approve it. The buyer will release the funds to you 100% or if the project you have bid on is something that is going to take months, you may have agreed upon setting up some milestones, in which case, after you have submitted the work for the first milestone and they have approved it, they will release that percentage amount of money from the full escrow total. It’s a great way to get some extra money, fast and there is something for anyone to do, and the whole thing is online so, if you wanted to do a project while you’re travelling, you can do that easily. Let me know how you get on. Hope that helps yah Regards Jon p.s Oops I forgot. When you’re under your Business profile, click the check box below the categories you chose and hit Update at the bottom, it makes sure that your profile is found by buyers if they search for someone who has your expertise. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE This is by far the most viable solution available to people who are looking for cash fast, who are looking to get started online and then expand from there. It’s a great place to develop a portfolio of work which you can use to show other future clients offline or online. If you have read this far, you can do this! Believe in youself! Like I said, If you are a young mom and are at home with your kids in the day, how easy would it be for you to jump on Integritylance in between the time you put the kids down for a nap and bid on a few tasks like Article writing and then when you get accepted, work on the articles in while the kids are playing or in the evening. People are willing to have you write an article anywhere from $7 to 20 dollars. Obviously the more projects you complete successfully, the more glowing feedback you will see on your profile history and.. this means you will be able to command more money based on your history. If you’re a techy who has experience, creating websites or anything similar, you could land some high paying jobs which could easily be in the $500 to $20,000 range per project. If you’re good at creating Graphics, why not offset your current day job by doing some freelance on the side and build up a nice portfolio of work which you could turn around and use to show future clients on a website where you offer various services to Internet Marketers and Businesses, such as Logos, Graphics, Ecovers, Banners, Headers. You could easily make $100 + If your good at writing in anyway. There are people looking to get ebooks created, novels, short stories, reports, press releases, articles and more. It’s a perfect place to find paying work while your writing your novel or doing anything else you love. If your good at PHP, C++, VB or any other language that deals with programming, scripts, and software coding this place is ideal for landing projects which could turn into ongoing and repeat business. Maybe you are interested in being a Virtual assistant and answering phone calls or replying to emails from home. No matter what skills you have, there is something for anyone and the beauty of it is you can do it remotely right from the comfort of your home! The Entire Process 1. 2. 3. 4. Sign up for a Free account here – Select Provider Receive email, click link in email to confirm registration Login to the website and go under MyIntegritylance Click on Business Profile on the left, select categories of expertise 7 steps to ‘ Git er done! ‘ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Receive an Invitation from buyer or search for jobs to bid on. Bid on a Project, Get Accepted Complete the work, submit it to the buyer Buyer approves Delivered work Receive payment Rate and review the Buyer Withdraw Your Money – Request Video Walkthroughs Download and Watch all the Videos ( zip file ) ESCAPING THE 9 to 5 – Taking THINGS FURTHER What I have done Above is to provide You with a bridge, a launching pad, a means to be able to transition over from making no money online to making money online. Along with the videos which take you through the steps of using Integritylance Outsource Service I want to guide you a little bit further into the Online World of Business by giving you some ideas which would allow you to take things even further and for some of you, could mean transitioning over completely and leaving the regular 9 to 5 Whatever you end up choosing to do through using Outsource services like Integritylance Why not turn it around and create your own product or service Examples Writers – If you are a big time writer and you just love to write. How about creating your own Private Label Rights membership website where you offer each month access to a large selection of Topical Articles which online marketers can use in various ways. Or how about, creating a service where you create press releases and articles and submit them to article directories and press release places on behalf of clients Web Designers – If your big time into web development, why not create a site where you have a monthly membership which provides wordpress and joomla templates Graphic Designers - Or how about, creating a service where you develop Ecovers, Headers and Footers this is a service which is in high demand on the internet. Programmers – The software market is extremely lucrative both for sellers and coders. How about starting a monthly membership site where you create small applications and plugins for blogs, and social network platforms which Marketers can use Audio/Video Experts – How about creating products which show people how to create, edit and market themselves using audio and video There are so many ways you can transition over to the point of where you could end up working full time from home online. You now have a way to begin, a legitimate solution that you can sink your teeth into to start making money anywhere while continuing to do what you love. I hope you have enjoyed this report, found it useful, informative and encouraging, If you have please feel free to pass it on to a friend or family member. The bottom line is: YOU CAN DO IT! TAKE ACTION TODAY I Support You 100% Take Care, Jon Mills P.S If you found this valuable, email it to a friend P.P.S While this can’t be sold, You can give away this Free report to Your subscribers or website visitors.