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The following portfolio shows the professional work of Alfredo Zertuche, divided in four sections: -Architecture -Competitions/Publications -Furniture -Photography Architecture H1 House in Tijuana, Mexico. 2005/Project Architect T38Studio Team. H2 House in Tijuana, Mexico. 2006/Project Architect T38Studio Team. VA House House in San Pedro, Mexico. 2006/Project Architect - Builder Privet Housing complex in Tijuana, Mexico. 2007/Project Architect T38Studio Team. G1013 Art Gallery in Monterrey, Mexico. 2005/Project Architect. Art could be read as a translation of what’s going on inside an artist brain. This translation could have different ways to be shown or interpreted. When we take this journey to the artist mind we are under he’s complete disposition, caught between his thoughts and his way of viewing life. Although, the creative, decides if he gives us the necessary tools to handle those thoughts and feelings, or simply let the spectator. Here is when the audience is practically on the artist’s hands, and he is the only one that has a plan on how he wants this audience to react. He decides if his translation is going to be permanent or ephemera. Therefore, being inside his mind, even if we believe we own his thoughts, we are being handle and our attention is where he wants it to be. • 3,770 sf for exposition and workshop area • 540 sf for reception • 300 sf for office space • 250 sf of storage • 10 parking spaces • 1 lift / elevator • Restrooms • Machinery room • Maintainance room Cross section Isometric view Perspective view Perspective view PHND Prefab house with sustainable characteristics, Mexico. 2009-2010/Project Architect. Thesis project. The self-construction subject, is a normal issue in Mexico, many people live in informal settlements. Almost all of them are constructed and renovated by themselves, by a neighbor or a relative related to that field. The main idea of this project was to make a house prototype that could be prefabricated in the shop, transported in truck to the site and get it built by 4 people with not specific skills or backgrounds. They just need to be able to work with regular hand tools. With this instructive, mixed with the self-construction culture, many families can be provided with a decent home, that respond to an orientation, that has industrialized components, and the most important is that every piece of the house could be replaced, reused or recycled. Every component of the house is modulated to the 4 x 8 panel, so the waste of materials is minimum. There’s also only stock materials used on the house; therefore if anything needs to be replaced, it could be easily done. A A B B' B B' Metal bases are being placed Concrete slab is poured Metal posts are being placed A' Frist floor plan Second floor plan A' Beams are being placed in posts 2nd floor posts and beams placed Beams for the 2nd floor placed Section A-A’ Section B-B’ Plywood for the 2nd floor Metal sheets for the roof Wall panels and windows December 21st December 21st, 7:45am June 21st, 7:45am June 21st 7:45am 7:45am Natural light studies shown above reveal the main idea of taking the best advantage possible of the natural resource on two crucial days of the year. The longest day of the year (June 21) and the shortest one (December 21). In the winter time, we let the sun come inside, this way we heat the house as much as possible, although in the summer, we try to protect some areas from direct exposure during the day, such as the kitchen, the studio and the bedroom trying to maintain certain temperature without loosing the benefits of natural light. 9:45am 9:45am 12:45pm 12:45pm W Complex Holtel, office and comercial space in Monterrey, Mexico. 2007/Project Architect. Located in the most prestigious zone of commercial and retail space in Monterrey. A mix of office space, restaurants, a private club and spa and a hotel equipped with business center, and banquet salon. The mixed use of the land keeps busy the complex at all time, injecting more activity to the neighborhood and raising the economy of the area. The buildings adapt to the terrain, responding to the sun and the winds, separating the main views of the hotel which are directed to the mountains (south), from the ones that come from the offices which are directed to the complex itself on a east west axis. Solar study Street view Wind study Street view Transit analysis Isometric view Cross Section DS Housing prototype Social housing prototype in Monterrey, Mexico. 2007/Project Architect. On this project the goal was to make changes to a specific prototype of social housing. A project was given and the task was to modify the shape of the house, (the less possible) so it can be more energy efficient. Nothing in the original structure was modified, just some minor changes to the heights of the slabs and the apertures of windows. This way the house could ventilate naturally, and depending on the orientation, we would have shaded rooms in the summer, and by letting the sun inside in the winter, we reduce the use of heaters. Original project Plot size: 7 x 15m Total: 105 m2 House size: Solar analysis Cross Section 1st floor 47.5 m2 2nd floor 56.5 m2 Total: 104 m2 March 21st 4:30pm 1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan July 21st 4:30pm September 21st 4:30pm December 21st 4:30pm El Moral Shopping plaza in Guadalajara, Mexico. 2011/Project Architect T38Studio Team. Shopping center located in Guadalajara Mexico, next to a social housing complex, gives the community the infrastructure needed, raises the economy and provide a good public space for the area. The project was mostly planed with the pedestrian in mind. Since most of the aimed market is from the surrounding housing areas, we thought that green open space and corridors would be necessary to the project to work friendly with the community. Plot size: 3,900 m2 30 Shopping spaces in two levels 41 Parking spaces Isometric view Competitions Publications Boletín Informativo del Instituto de la Vivienda No. 16 Julio / Agosto 2010 Botanical Garden ARPAFIL Competition Guadalajara, Mexico 2011/Architect T38Studio Team Nuesto Espacio Social Housing Magazine #16 July/August 2010 Article: Ecological Development Pages 22-25 Source: http://www.nl.gob.mx/ Nuesto Espacio Social Housing Magazine #19 January/February 2011 Article: Social housing policies in Spain Pages 21-24 Source: http://www.nl.gob.mx/ In 2010 we colaborate with the Chilean firm Elemental, to make this housing project in Mexico. Is the first progresive social housing prototype of kind in the country. It was made by the *IVNL in colaboration with Aravena’s firm. Social Housing National Housing Competition Mexico, D.F. *IVNL stands for Instituto de la Vivienda de Nuevo León. (Department of State Housing) 2010/Architect with IVNL* Furniture The Sand Table H1 House, Tijuana, Mexico. A series of tables that could be on cantilever. I started making experiments trying to achieve that the tables not only standed for them selves on any side, but also to support some kind of weight on top of them. 2007/Carpenter/Designer The Re-Table Experimental project Monterrey, Mexico. A table that was made with waste materials, re-using most pieces of wood from previous jobs. All made from solid woods, assembled without nails, no glue just screws. 2007/Carpenter/Designer A Simple lamp Experimental project Monterrey, Mexico The simplest shape I could think for a lamp. I started experimenting with wasted materials, put it them toghether as a puzzle, but always trying to minimize the shape at the most leaving the wood to speak by itself. Having a “reflector” on top of it, emphasizing the sobriety of it’s form. 2009/Carpenter/Designer The Beatles Series Experimental project Monterrey, Mexico A furniture project based on some Beatles classic songs, using the names and adapting them to furniture terms 2007/Carpenter/Designer Bathroom furniture for VA House/Monterrey, Mexico 2007/Carpenter/Designer Bathroom furniture for Privet housing complex/Tijuana, Mexico 2007/Carpenter/Designer Experimental project/Monterrey, Mexico 2008/Carpenter/Designer Bathroom furniture for Privet housing complex/Tijuana, Mexico 2007/Carpenter/Designer Photography about.me/alfresco ~Alƒresco December - 2011