Portfolio Manager's Review: Companies With Hidden Real Estate Value (excerpt)

Portfolio Manager's Review: Companies with Hidden Real Estate Value (Excerpt), dated June 19, 2009. Portfolio Manager's Review sets a new standard in idea generation for serious investors — It is the next best thing to having a direct view into the idea generation work of "super investors" such as Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman or Glenn Greenberg. As Glenn points out, "We do similar work ourselves." What is the work we do? Each month, the Manual of Ideas research team combs through equity markets utilizing our proprietary idea funnel and brings you a review of 20-25 pre-qualified investment opportunities. In addition, we apply a proprietary, quasi-quantitative scoring methodology to zero in on the 3-5 most compelling investments each month. The resulting Top Ideas are a must-read list of timely, alpha-packed stocks. The recent enhancement to the publishing schedule of PMR — from quarterly to monthly — improves the timeliness of the publication and makes it an even more valuable input into your investment process. Upon becoming a subscriber, you will receive access to the most recent issue of PMR as well as all past issues. Your annual subscription will include twelve additional issues. To learn more visit, http://www.manualofideas.com/pmr.html
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