Psycho Social Committee Report 2

post Sendong psychosocial rehab in Iligan city
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MERN ++ Task Force Sendong Psychosocial Committee Report 2 December 26-December 31, 2011 Date Decemb er 26, 2011 Activities Psychosoci al Committee Meeting Highlights Updating on PSS conducted per member organization. Identification of other volunteers for Psychosocial Support Sessions Data disaggregation Protection issues : Poor practice on hygiene of children at City Central ES. Water supply is good. Other Info Dinner with La Salle personnel at 6pm: a coordination meeting Mountaineers express membership to MERN Child Protection Cluster meeting at CDO on December 27, 2011 Sto Rosario – community affected but haven’t received any assistance KRI of MERN joined the city government Relief Distribution to Digkilaan Dec. 27, 2011 Psychosoci al Cluster Meeting Shared the presence and activities of MERNPsychosocial Committee. Secure contact details of mental health related personnel assigned in Iligan City. Learned what the other groups were doing. JAL Elementary School RASFI submitted the Luinab ES children disaggregated data. Psychosoci al Support Session Data gathering on children (BIRTH-DEV at Mahayahay and & RWCRC) Villaverde. Lyra Versoza, a Psychosocial Consultant and Life Coach trained the church workers and other individuals connected to church. Relief distribution to 28 families from Hinaplanon. Psychosocial Coordination meeting at Iligan City organized by the Command Center. BIRTH-DEV as head of MERN Psychosocial Committee is tasked to coordinate all efforts on psychosocial (information from Mitchelle Tapia and Jocelyn Pacaldo of KRI member of MERN) Dec. 28, 2011 Psychosoci al Support Session (BIRTH-DEV & RWCRC) St. Michael’s Auditorium Group session Adult participants: 14 (M-2; F- 12) Art of Living started sessions for the caregivers – staff and volunteers at Cagayan de Oro. Dec. 29, 2011 Data gathering on children at Mahayahay and Villaverde. Psychosoci Iligan City East High al Support School, Sta. Filomena Session Group session: (BIRTH-DEV Children: 132 & RWCRC (Male: 57; Female: 75) with CFSI Individual Talk: 2 (males) as the lead) Psychosoci al Support Session (BIRTH-DEV & RWCRC) City Central School Individual talk: Adult female participants: 22 Sta. Lucia, Mahayahay Individual talk: Adult: 16 (Male: 5; Female: 11) Children: 11 (Male: 8, Female: 3) Protection Cluster Meeting in Iligan. Child Protection Working Meeting in Iligan UNICEF Child Ambassador, Gary Valenciano visite Iligan City East High School, Sta. Filomena. Psychosocial Cluster meeting at DOH, Cagayan de Oro. Child Protection Working Meeting in DSWD, Region 10. Decemb er 30, 2011 Decemb er 31, 2011 Team meeting; Care for the Carers Reporting and planning. Several activities for team’s well-being were done. Sharing of insights and stories for the week’s conduct of psychosocial sessions. Luinab Elementary School: Group session Children: 118 children Psychosoci al Support SessioN (RASFI) Prepared by: Cristina V. Lomoljo Head, Psychosocial Committee Lyra Versoza came to the team meeting. She brought some materials that can be used by the team in conducting PSS. She also shared that the church will focus on the following areas for their response: Ubaldo Laya Elementary School, TOR, FFM and San Roque/Acmac Church.