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“We should become tri-lingual as a country. Learn English well and connect to the World. Learn Filipino well and connect to our country. Retain your dialect and connect to your heritage." - Philippine President Benigno Aquino III MTB-MLE programs also bridge the gap between the culture at home and that at school and mainstream society. They not only improve learning, they also broaden outlooks, increase tolerance and foster a respect for cultural diversity. These programs are one of the most effective ways through which we can promote a culture of peace and build equitable and inclusive societies. -Kyungah Kristy Bang, Bangkok This reminder is simple enough: Mother language counts. And it counts because there is no way we can ever shortchange our learners by making them aware of the world around them through a language that is not theirs. -Aurelio Solver Agcaoili “At first, I thought it (MTB-MLE) was just language but when I visited schools, I realized that it was about young people speaking from the heart, it’s about teachers trying to contextualize their lessons, and more importantly, it’s about a nation in search of its own identity.” -Bro. Luistro Armin “English, therefore, is not the solution to poverty in the country but may actually be part of the cause of the poverty. The use of the mother tongue will not only improve the quality of education but may actually be the tool to learning and improving English.” -Dr. Patricia Licuanan “We should allow Filipinos to nurture their own mother language and share this with other Filipinos or even the world. As we begin to appreciate the rhythms and cadences, the humor and the wisdom, in each of our many languages, we just might be able to overcome parochialism and regionalism and build a nation strong in its multicultural foundations.” -Dr. Tan Michael