How to Spend a good life, Motivational
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One who has deep Iman and knowledge usually remains quiet while in times of difficulty. One who has less Iman and knowledge causes loud noise. Just like the ocean. have you ever seen the waves of a high tide, and how they clamor when they arrive at the beach and strike the rocks? Because the ocean near the beach is shallow, even a kid can challenge it, while in the depth of the sea it s quiet, peaceful and full of ma!esty. "he deeper you get in Iman and knowledge, the more peaceful you become.# — $aser Bir!as %ever do I argue with a man with a desire to hear him say what is wrong, or to e&pose him and win victory over him. 'henever I face an opponent in debate I silently pray (O lord, help him so that truth may flow from his heart and on his tongue, and so that if truth is on my side, he may follow me) and if truth be on his side, I may follow him. # — Imam ash*+hafi ee +tick to the path of guidance, and do not be hurt by the small number of people who take this path) and beware of the path of misguidance and do not be fooled by the large number of people who destroy themselves on this path.# — al*,udayl ibn (Iyad "he problem with stars is that we think they are so beautiful from far away- but in reality they are enormous balls of burning fire. +uch are our sins.# "his world is like a shadow. run after it and you will never be able to catch it) turn your back against it and it has no choice but to follow you.# — Ibn al*/ayyim +on of 0dam, you are nothing but days, and whenever a day passes away, a part of you passes away0ll things in life start small and then grow bigger. humans, animals, pro!ects, movements 1 everything. 2verything e&cept calamities, which start big and then grow smaller. +o be patient, and know that things will get better) for with every difficulty comes ease, with every difficulty comes ease-