quotes from all four twilight books. due to lack of comments & reviews, i will not be publishing stories this often.
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I know I promised to write another entry, but there have been no comments. So I wrote down some of my favorite quotes from all four Twilight books. Enjoy and PLEASE comment. TWILIGHT QUOTES; "I want to go," I lied. I'd always been a bad liar, but I'd been saying this lie so frequently lately that it sounded almost convincing now. -Bella Swan. "Edward Cullen — he was standing right next to me." -Bella Swan. "Edward Cullen is staring at you," Jessica said, finally breaking through my abstraction with his name. "I wonder why he's sitting alone today." -Jessica Stanley. "I may not give you back, though," he said with a wicked glint in his eyes. -Edward Cullen. "So, in plain English, are we friends now?" -Bella Swan. "Tell me one theory." -Edward Cullen. "Wow, you're green, Bella." -Mike Newton. "You already know how I feel, of course," I finally said. "I'm here. . . which, roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you. I'm an idiot." -Bella Swan. "Okay, then. No throat exposure." -Bella Swan. "I thought maybe that Mike Newton . . . you said he was friendly." -Charlie Swan. "Mind over matter." -Edward Cullen. "Carlisle, Esme. This is Bella." -Edward Cullen. "Hi, Bella!" -Alice Cullen. "It. . . has a certain charm." -Bella Swan. "Take care." -Billy Black. "I said, Mike kissed me! Can you believe it?" -Jessica Stanley. "I love you. It's a poor exuse for what I'm doing, but it's true." -Edward Cullen. "She's diabolical." -Emmett Cullen. "We'll catch him, Bella." -Alice Cullen "Yes, you're little friend. I was surprised to see her there in the clearing." -James "I think that boy is in love with you." -Renee. NEW MOON QUOTES; "Your radio has horrible reception." -Edward Cullen. "It's not his fault. You'll tell him that I'm not mad at him, not at all, won't you?" -Bella Swan. "Maybe I should hold on to her." -Sam Uley. I did not resurface. -Bella Swan. You're just . . . lifeless, Bella. I think that's the word I want." -Charlie Swan. "Where are you going? There's like, two minutes left." -Jessica Stanley. "You're like a little doll. A porcelain doll." -Jacob Black. "Sometimes I cheat." -Laurent. "And now you've seen the light. Hallelujah." -Bella Swan. "Victoria is the red-haired female?" -Jacob Black. "Jeez, Paul. Get a grip." -Jared. "Help! Oh, that's likely! I'm sure the leech-lover is just dying to help us out!" -Paul. "Your truck is slow." -Embry Call. "You guys hungry?" -Emily. "The hardest part is feeling . . . out of control." -Jacob Black. "Keep swimming!" -Hallucinatory Edward. "It's Carlisle's car! It's the Cullens. I know it." -Bella Swan. "Speaking of which, would you like to explain to me how you're alive?" -Alice Cullen. "Danger magnet, remember?" -Bella Swan. "How bad was it, Charlie?" -Alice Cullen. "Slumber party?" -Jacob Black. ECLIPSE QUOTES; "We're home, Sleeping Beauty. Time to awake." -Edward Cullen. "Sorry. I don't have any leeches on my speed dial." -Jacob Black. "So let's just say my bad luck did crash the plane. What exactly are you going to do about it?" -Bella Swan. (notes to Edward) "Hey, Bella!" -Billy Black. "There was nothing to forgive." -Bella Swan. "Edward left me last fall because he didn't think I should be hanging out with vampires." -Bella Swan. "Thank you. I can't believe I was such a jerk." -Jacob Black "Not because you're afraid." -Edward Cullen. "So what's the latest pack scandal?" -Bella Swan. "Well . . . I was wondering . . . do you . . . y'know, kiss him?" -Jacob Black. "Hey, Edward. Ditching, Bella?" -Emmett Cullen. "I'm in love with you, Bella." -Jacob Black. "Jasper's going to win the bet." -Rosalie Hale. "Admit it. I'm a lifesaver." -Alice Cullen. "Kidding, Bella." -Jacob Black. "Don't be silly. Do you want to go to the Lodge?" -Charlie Swan. "Let's get this stupid party over with." -Bella Swan. "Exuse me?" -Alice Cullen. "I know you worry about her." -Jasper Hale. "I'll try not to break anything." -Emmett Cullen. "Ew! Gross, Jake!" -Bella Swan. "How can you stand it? I want her." -Bree Tanner. "Just checking. No harm done, apparently." -Jane Volturi. "Not the same? Impossible!" -Victoria. BREAKING DAWN QUOTES; "Um, a Mercedes, right?" -Bella Swan. "You're pregnant! You're pregnant, aren't you?" -Charlie Swan. "Does he make you happy, Bella?" -Renee. "You'd think I was shoving bamboo splinters under your nails." -Alice Cullen. "Never changing... never moving forward." -Edward Cullen. "Ha. What a load." -Leah Clearwater. (thoughts) "Bella's giving you a headache?" -Jacob Black. "Renesmee. So. . . beautiful." -Bella Swan. "Um. . . carefully, Bella. Ow." -Edward Cullen. "Doesn't. Speak. Yet." -Bella Swan. "She hasn't gone for his throat even once." -Carlisle Cullen. "Don't freak, Bella." -Seth Clearwater. "I told you she likes me too." -Jacob Black. "What is that dog doing that has erased my schedule for the entire day?" -Alice Cullen. "You assume way too much." -Bella Swan. "She's. . . she's, well, she's a beauty." -Charlie Swan. "Woo! Go Gators!" -Emmett Cullen. "Watch, please." -Renesmee Cullen. "It must be a heady thing to be chosen." -Kate Denali. "Back off for a minute, Kate." -Edward Cullen.